Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 1942 July 8

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Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 1942 July 8
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Phere has been so much effort to muddy the water and

vent a clear understanding of. parity and ceiling prices that
eat part of the reading public is very much confused.

When you go into a house you walk on the floor and the

You cannot go any lower than the floor nor can you go
any higher than the ceiling.

When we say that a floor has been placed on the price
a commodity we mean that the price of that commodity can-


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for baking peaches.

Th Georgia Market Bulletin belongs to the farmers of the

tate. It is paid for entirely by the farmers and does not |
co t other taxpayer a nickel.

F resh F ruits and A Veccbice

July 3, 1942. Atlanta

$ .60-$1.00
50- 1.50
$0: 90
Tes 185
.25- .50
ib- 20,
1.00- 1.50.
1.00- 1.50
1.15- 1.40
25- 50
50- .90
-75- 1.00
1.25- 1.50
25- 3.25

eons (Lima), bulk per. bu.
Beans (Snap), per bu. hprs.
eets, per doz. bunches. .
intaloups, bulk per bu.
llards, per doz. bunches
Corn (Green), per doz. ears
Cucumbers, per bu. hprs.
kra, per bu. hprs.
mions (Dry), per 50 lb. sacks
Peaches, bulk per bu.
Peas (Field), bulk per bu.
Squash, per bu. hprs.
et Potatoes, bulk per bu.
omatoes, repacks, 50- 1b. certs, unwrapped,
Tu nip Salar, per bu. hprs. 2...

_ price.
mills cease buying except to supply their needs from day to day

Ww ermelons, each .20- -40


Following are quotations by wholesale dealers in Atlanta and other cities (FOB. points mentioned) as furnished by the State Bureau of Markets. - Prices
nly, Grades B and C and Current Receipts (yard run) are quoted by wholesalers from 2c to 5e per dozen below these -

quoted are for Georgia Grade A eggs 0

Eggs, Large, White, Grade A, Doz. Be ee ts
Eggs, Medium, Grade A, Doz, _-________
ggs, Small, Grade A, Doz, ________.
r.ens, Col., 444 Ibs. 9 ates +
Hens, Leghorn, lb. .
Roosters, Ib.


That is the floor or the bo

not go any owen than that figure.

~When.a ceiling price has been fixed on a cpnunouie th
means that the price cannot go any higher than me ihe T
ceiling is the top price.

The floor is the bottom price. The ceiling is the top p ce

Actual parity for cotton today as provided in the A YI:
cultural Adjustment: Act is aound 35c per pound. A minim
ceiling price on cotton in the Bill creating the office of Price X

-ministrator is around 22c per pound.

_This means that the Price DN dairistentor can fix a ceilin:
at 22c on cotton. 22c is 13 cents less than actual parity.
Under the price control law Henderson is authorized
fix a ceiling on cotton at 13c less than parity.
ose Le fixing of a ceiling does not guarantee the farmer tha
the ceiling price will be paid. The fixing of a ceiling mer

guarantees that the price will not be higher than the ceiling


As the market price approaches the ceiling price evel 'y
factor of the market becomes bearish and prevents a rise in t ne
As the price of cotton approaches the ceiling price, the

There is no incentive for mills to stock up cotton aroun
the ceiling price because they know that cotton will not go an
~~ Speculators on the Cotton Exchanges sell cotton as. i ap-
proaches the ceiling. No. man would buy cotton near the ceil-

(Continued on Fase Two)

Livestock Sales, Georgia Auction


Bacar received at this office show. following average prices paid

. for No. 1-hogs at the Live Stock Auction Markets named: _
ee few July 3, 1942. Per. cwr
June 25Valdosta $s
- June 26Cordele
June 29Sylvester |
June 30Arlington
June 30Macon
July 1 vVidalia

June 25Valdosta ee

June 26Cordele
June 29Sylvester
June 30Arlington
June 30Macon- :
July 1Albany
July _1Vidalia

-12.00- 12.50
10.30- 11.00.
11.00- 12.50
12.00- 12. 60

= 12.10.


Always subject to variation, ae


July 3, 1942.

i Columbus


30 | Second-Hand Muehincey Wanted Sah 2
-18 } Second-Hand Machinery for Sale 2 -
-16 | Incubators and Brooders for Sale__ 2 |
10 | Flowers and Seed for ene =. eae Bee
16 | Seed for Sale Se ee
24 | Corn and Seed Corn for Sale ae
-12 | Beans and Peas for Sale Se ee
10 | Plants: for Sale = 6 = 9-3 |

20 Miscellaneous Wanted

eld peas, mixed, bu. eee =
eld peas, not. mixed, bu. {=

Miscellaneous For Sale
Honey Bees and Bee Supplies
Fresh and Cured Meats for Sale __ 3



- Sweet potatoes, Per 100 Ibs.



Fruit and Butter for Sale
Grain and Hay for Sale
Potatoes and Vegetables for Hee

~ Peanuts and Pecans for Sale

T50. 1.75 | Syrup for Sale


Cabbage, (Green), Per 100 lbs.


Eggs for Sale

150. 175 Poultry Wanted

Cabbage, (White), Per 100 lbs.
Hay, No. 1, Peavine, per ton
Hay, No, ce Peanut, per ton
Spanish peanuts, No. 1, Ton,


Poultry for Sale
Livest6ck: Wanted 5 2.3 SS
Cattle: for: Sales ee ay
FLOPS TOY Sale ko i ee es



- (Del. Shelling Plant)
Cottonseed (Prime) $56.00 ton in car
lots FOB Shipping Point

Cot onseed meal, 8 per cent
onseed meal, 7 per cent
Peanut meal, 45 per cent

Horses and Mules for Sale 3
Sheep and Goats for Sale ._ 3-4

Rabbits and Cavies for Sale 0. 4
Positions Wanted
Farm Help Wanted


Notices of farm produce and appurtenances admissable under
postage regulations inserted one time on each request and re-

_ peated only when requst is accompanied by new copy of notice

_ Limited space will not permit insertion of notices containing
_ nore than 30 words including name and address.

Under Legislative Act the Georgia Market Bulletin does not

assume any responsibility for any motice appearing in the
_ Published Weekly at
214-122 Pace St., Covington, Ga.
_ By Department of Agriculture
_ Yom Linder. Commissioner
Executive Office. State Capitol,

: Atlanta. Ga.

3 Publication Office
114-212 Pace St.. Covington, Ga.
Editorial and Executive Offices
State Capitol, Atlanta. Ga.

Notify: on FORM 2578Bureau of
Market, 222 State Capitol,
act Atlanta, Ga.

ered as second class matter
gust 1, 1937, at the Post Office
Covington, Georgia, under Act
of June 6, 1900. Accepted for
mailing at special rate of postage
provided fer in Section 1103, Act
of October 8, 1917.

Ceilings and Parity

(Continued from Page One)

ing to make money because he knows that the price
annot go beyond the ceiling.
_ It is but human nature for the speculators to sell
0 ton short around the ceiling price. The speculator
tuaranteed against loss when he sells cotton short.
otton cannot go up to make him lose. If it goes
own he wins.
_ The speculator is practically guaranteed a profit
by the Government if he will get on the bearish side
of the market and sell the farmer short.
_ The fake parity fixed by Wickard on cotton is
72 cents. This is 3 cents under the ceiling and it
is 16 cents under parity as provided in the Agricul-
iral Adjustment Act. Wickards fake parity is $80.-
0 per bale less than actual parity.
Actual parity on cotton is 35.
2c. Wickard fixed parity as 18.72 cents. The Gov-
ynment loan on cotton is 85% of Wickards fake
ity, which is 16 cents.
~ The only guarantee that the farmer has as to the
price of cotton is the Government loan. Since the
overnment loan on cotton is 16c the Governmet is
nly guaranteeing the farmer 16c of the 35c actual
parity for his cotton crop. The Government only guar-
antees the farmer 45% of actual parity.
_ So long as the Government owns stocks of cotton
it is impossible for cotton to go very much above
Wickards fake parity because the Government in+
bly threatens to dump Government stocks on the
jarket whenever there is an advance in prices.

Isit any wonder that farmers who have struggled
ith their families for years trying to pay taxes, in-
yest on land bank mortgages, etc., are being con-
inually driven from their homes? oe
.. Think of the United States Department of
riculture going to South America and guarantee-
he cotton growers of South America a market for
sir cotton for the next five years when the Ameri-
can farmer is only being protected to the extent of
of his cost of production.
Think of the general public in the United States
being continually told through the newspapers, over
the radio, in motion pictures, and through every medi-
| of propaganda at Government expense, that the
mer is swimming in gravy. That he is causing in-
flation. That he has banded himself together to force
mreasonable prices for farm production. | That the
armer is responsible for the high cost of living of
y dwellers. oh
Think of the farmer being slandered, and hav-
to furnish his own money to the United States De-
vent of Agriculture to pay for this slander.
n the United States Senate the forty-eight states
t on complete equality. Each state has two Sena-
regardless of the size of the State.
This year thirty-two of these Senators must stand
lection. You have their records. Some of their
ecords shine forth as patriots who should be return-
d without fail. Some of them have fallen by the
jayside. Some of them are straddlers.
Boards and Bureaus in Washington are under
ntrol of the United States Senate. We have re-
atedly asked the qquestion, What will the Senate

| Let it be remembered that Senators are under
tr of the people at the ballot box. We now ask


| sonable price.

The ceiling is

army can fight ne

better than the farmers in the field
| fight. farm w
no. field work in moder
try home. .$14.00. mo.. bo:
Give references, ful] particu
in Ist. letter. Mrs. bes

Want exp. Dairy hand to look |
after small dairy. Prefer set-

small family. Located between

Welborn Rd. Come see. H. M.
Christie, Lithonia, R. 3.

Want white woman for light
farm work, no field work. Room
board, small salary. Mrs. Frank
Stovall, Union Point.

Want. woman for ligh .
work, no field work-for he
and salary. Wouldnt.o
| 1. child. Sarah C. Morrow,
lanta, fea Cooper St. :

Want family of 5 or S j
ers beginning Aug. 1, or
ier to help harvest and
1500 A. peanuts in Coo

Want settled, clean, healthy,
white woman. for light farm- |}
work, no field work. Good home,
modern conveniences. Mrs. G.
H. Hand, Morrow.

: ty. ee according to
raat: good unencumbered! Gan do. . E. Whisnant,
white woman to do light farm} Rt, 2.

work, no field work nor milk-
ing. Live as one of family with
elderly couple. Small salary.

- Want eniie eouple. to. live
oe place: man be
with farm animals and k
how to.-care for shrubbery
garden: Woman, light.
work, no field work.
willing workers | meee
| Good home, all. food
fuel, conveniences

Want col. man and aie Tor running water, $40.00
farm work. Woman do light | to right parties. 0. ES
farm work, no field work. Savannah, Rt. 3 c
Frank D. Benton, Savannah, R.

- Want colored man and. wife
io work on farm. House and
wood furn. .H. D. _McDonald,
College Park, R. 2.

Want middleaged, reliable, | 5
no field work nor. mi
Small salary. Nelso

Trask, Rising Fawn.

work: milk cow, vegetable
garden and yard work, poul+ |


try, etc. Both work. . $25.00
mo. Must be sober, willing to| Want nice clean young
work and with . satisfactory -

man, col. or white, to he

Want col. woman. wi
to help on fruit farm, no *
work. Pleasant work. O.
Norton, Fairburn.

- Want small | Taatlls to cals
finish crop and gather 15 A.

eral farm work. Elbert Cain,

Want: a nice Gaalthy country

good home to live with me and

field work. Room, board. s
salary. Mrs. . M. Arnold, A
lanta, 501 Central Ave. Ph

do light farm work, no field JA. 2858-W. %

work. Small salary. Mrs. ae
Lali McIntosh, Douglasville, Want iorenehly - capab
Rt. reliable, young or middl

eol. woman to live on plac
do light farm work, n
work, family of 3. Mu
ret. 33.50 wk. Mite.
Bearden, Roswell.

Want young: or middleaged
woman to live in home and do
light. farm= Smalk 4
farm work. Good home. No| board. E. T. Goodma
| objection to partial disability ; City, Rt. 1. yes

if able to work. $15.00 month,| Want settled, white

more if capable and willing | cheerful, good charact
worker. Geo. Normandy, At-| disposition to live as
lanta, Georgia Power Com-

family and do light farm
no. field work, Small sal
1 Mrs. S. O: pee Atia
622 Hansell St.,

Want ae
man and wife fof poult
Give age, sub
| ref., size of family when
Ee J, etnies See

pany, Engineering Dept.

Want: 1 farm hand with wile.
white or col. Furn. house,
wood, vegetables, milk, butter
and: $1.25 day. W. R. Gore,-
Atlanta, Rt. 8 Adamsville.
Barber Shop.

_ Want at once nice christian
woman whois capable to do
tignt farm work, no field work.
White or colored. Room, board
and salary. Middleaged pre-
ferred. L.,C. Cagle;.Gaines-
Ville; Ri; 45. Box 85.

- Want col. man for yr. round

tric ce used. House
garden and: electric |
furn. F. Ss. Jones, _Mansfiel

Want nice mid eag
man to: live in

Must be good milker and un-
der 50 yrs. old. No whiskey |
drinker. M. L. Jones, Key |)