Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 2021 July 30








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duced to abolish the Market Bulletin. There has also been introduced
another bill that would separate the Bureau of Markets and the Mar-
- ket Bulletin completely from the Department of Agriculture.

I have beenwriting editorials in the Market Bulletin for the /past
__Aour years.
some very vital matters in these editorials. Some large interests would
be very much pleased if the Market Bulletin should be abousked, or
- separated entirely from the Department of Agriculture.

Have you received any benefits from the Market Bulletin?

Tf you have, now isthe time to write your Representatives and your
Senators and tell them of the benefits you have received from the Mar-
eat Bulletin. You will find that your Representatives and your Sena-
tors will want to keep anything going that is really serving a good pur-
- pose.
ey are the only witnesses from whom this information can be ob-

~-The Market Bulletin is published at the expense of the fertilizer
tax, which only farmers pay.

o . Most farmers are very reluctant to write letters. This is a serious
fault with us. All other business men are prompt and quick to write let-
- ters when their business interests are affected.

Do not put this off. Write to the Representative of your County
-and your Senator to-day, and let them know if the Market oe is
of any benefit to the farmers of Georgia. |

From the letters I receive daily I am convinced that this is the one
direct aid to the farmers of this State. A letter to me des not serve
the purpose.

Your Representatives and your Senators are the only men who Have
the authority to save the Market Bulletin for you.


x z Do not delay. This: matter is going to be voted on in the next few
= = Gays. <


: In that time numerous tobacco warehouses have been built in different

sections of south Georgia.
The buyers come to these warehouses and bid on the tobacco. The

t, is five weeks, With-

Georgia are in operation, with these buyers prese
and eon es little

an this time the tobacco is rushed to the marke

| The Market Bulletin Of as ee To You?

At the present session of the peices ee fae been a bill intro- |

It has become my duty, during this time, to talk plain on |


The tobacco industry in Georgia is a growth of the last 15 years, ;

game buyers go all over the tobacco sections of the United States and
buy the tobacco. The length of time that the tobacco warehouses in

This is entirely to .

of it is gathered and cured before the market opens.
The time eo

short a time to market the tobacco crop in Georgia,
be extended at least three weeks.

Last year the tobacco crop in Georgia sold for an average of $9. 86
per hundred pounds. Of course, this was below the cost of production.
Very few tobacco farmers made expenses last year. -I hope this will not
be repeated this year.

A short time after Christmas there appeared in all the daily papers
some very prosperous sounding regard to the tobacco industry,

which included the fact that the President of the American Tobacco
Company made over a hundred million dollars last year in salary ce
bonus, for himself alone.

Ot course, this hundred million dollars could buy this man a fleet
of automobiles. It could buy him yachts to sail the seas and carry him
to foreign countries. He could have all the luxuries of a king.

4 I wish this man could be in the tobacco fields a short time and see
the people work to gather and cure the tobacco, and see them sitting up

-all night around little smoky barns. I wish he could see the children of
these same tobacco farmers wanting new dresses and shoes, and some of
the bare necessities of life and see their disappointment when the father.
came home and told them how his tobacco. was. practically taken away
from them at the market.

Recently they have raised the price on cigarettes. You know that
they say that a cigarette is too small for a man to smoke, too big for x
a boy to smoke, and just about fits the ladies. A great. number of our ~

- jadies have- taken up smoking. They are encouraged in this habit by
talks over the radio stressing the fact that you should Protect your
Adams apple and telling of a particular brand that will give you a
pretty Adam's apple. Wherever you go on the highways you see the
big signs of big men smoking cigars, prosperous good looking men, ad-
ae satisfy, and beautiful women who are warned to Keep

All of this is helped along by the a on the farm toting cans of

_ Prince Albert around in their hip pockets, business men smoking big z
cigars and all of us farmers squirting tobacco juice everywhere. |

~ This advertising over the radio, on the big bill boards, and tin the

newspapers costs the five aloe tobacco manufacturers of America $20,-

000,000.00 a year. i

The farmers that grow SBecno ave supporting a - great many other

lines of business. It has not been profitable to the men who grew the

tobacco. I hope things will be different this year, and that those who,

- bid on the tobacco will realize that they had best not kill the Boose :
that lays the golden egg.

July 28, 1931. VES


EUGENE TALMADGE, Commissioner. _

_ Prevailing Wholesale Prices July 28, 1981. Always Subject to Variuen 7 ce es r aoe
Baby Chicks For Sale ............ ceo 3
Atlanta Mase < acaiaanh Augteta Cdiumhus Valdoua: Baby Chicks Wanted... ee
Eggs, Rextva? 0g. es $ 21 $ .25 $298 $ .23 K-22 $ .23 ie ees. TOr Bele. coe. cei ade ay aatiget
_ Eggs, ee tas XS = ee ao Cee a ay a Farm Help: Wanted 2.2...2..00.0. Ee
. Eggs, Ga., ,trade, doz. x 6 = 52" Z : : cas
Hees, Yard Run, doz... 33 20 31 20 21 mG. BEeguchs: Bor Bale sty.
Gtdes, ies. a ees 14 16 16, 10 13 Ga. Products Wanted ................
SPienS, 10. ee - 18 ae 14 13 Live Stock for Sale ................
Roosters, Ib. : .10 12 ~ 10 08. Live Stock Wanted 0...
vPrienrs, 3b. cues 25 25 25 .23 18- Miscellaneous for Sale .................. os
DUCKS De a ee 15 15 apes .20 10: Miscellaneous Wanted ......... pian em ah
erecse. = Ve fe cr. Recs b 12% 12 14 ee 10 Positions Wanted pe
Turkeys, lb... : 29 20 20 .20 30 Poultry for Sale
Capons, lb. ; te 25 = ere = Poultry Wanted
Field Peas, mixed, bu. . 1.75 1.50 1.40 reed 40% ae Plants. for: Sale 2.2 os
Field Peas, not mixed, bu. ... 2.00 2.00 | 1.75 1.65 ee ates AVS Plants: Wanted S252 8
Country Butter, Best Table, Ib... .30 220.4 .30 3 | 388 30 Seed for Sale 2 a
Ear Corn, (80 Ibs. to bay bu... .70 Bug 70 80 18 Seed Wanted: =o es
3 i 2nd Hand. Machinery Wanted .
No Hogs Sold During Week Hecinning July 20, 1931, at Cooperative Sales. Car TeOts ance esc eeecieenceeessteeeee
_ No. 1, Grade Spanish Peanuts, $70.00per ton, Delivered, Subject to Correction.
aaa = See eee eaae acer reer erence


- 100 frying size Anconas, wt. 1-2 Ibs.
- @a. ready for market Sept. 5, from
bloodtested stock. Make best offer
FOB Adairsville. J. M. Wood, Adairs-
Povile, Rt. 1,
- $heppard strain Ancona cockerels,
large perfectly built, five point combs
- cocks 5 mos old, $2.50, 3 mos old, $1.-
_25; about 30 Sheppard Ancona hens
60c ea; and 6 cocks $1 ea. Mrs. Jep-
tha Pullin, McDonough.
~ 500 Sheppard Anconas and white
leghorn hens 65c ea; 200 white Eng.
_ Leghorn pullets 4 mos old, 75c ea; 200
Tansey W. L. and Sheppard Anconas
mixed 35c ea. for the 200 from 4-6
oe FOB. I. W. Walker, Tifton,
_ All colors Bantams, splendid layers,
half grown pullets, 35c; 4-6 wks. old

_ chicks, 20c ea; cockerels, 25c; hens,
-40c. Miss Emily Harrison, Boling-
~ broke. :


o 6 Cochin hens, two cocks, 10 half
- grown pullets, 75c ea. E. D. Edmund-
son, Dahlonega.


_ Australorp cockerels Osborne strain,
_April- hatch, $2.50; May hatch, $2.00.
_ Johnson Crowe, Cartersville.

Golden Seabright ockerels,
Olin B. Moore,

2 mixed bantam cockerels, March
_hatch, 50c ea. or 2 for 75c. Mrs. W:
R, Chasteen, Locust Grove.
1 Jap Silkey bantam hen, 1 yr. old,
md laying, $2. Hermon Mize, Amer-
cus. N
_ 4 Seabright cockerels half grown,
50c ea; other party to pay shipping
charges. Money order. Mrs. J. T.
Lambert, Forest Park.

ce 0:
$1 del. in Georgia.

- Pure Golden Sebright bantams,
eect per pair. C. Bowers Guann,

2 bantam hens, 3 pullets, 2 roosters
very small type, mixed breed, 25c ea;
hen with 8 two weeks old chicks, $1
FOB. Mrs| J: M. Sessions, Rome, Rt.


. Bantam hens, 50c; cocks 40c; pul-
lets 40c; eggs, 50c per 15. H. M. Ad-
ams, Douglasville.

-1 large 1 yr. old pure bred light
Brahma rooster, $2; 10 pure bred
Golden Seabright cockerels, 75c ea; 2

G. Seabright roosters, $1 ea. Tom
Cade, Elberton, Rt. 4.
Bantam cockerels for sale, Black

and Buff cochins, Blacktail Japanese
3 ea; ord wee Pheasant cocks
ea. WR andall, LaGr ;
=. Box 13: a
Japanese game bantams ready to
Jay in early . fall, 50c ea.. Dudley
Spiers, Lincolnton, Rt. 2.
_ Golden Seabright bantam cockerels,
_ Apr. hatched, $1 ea. \B. C. Pope, Tal-
lapoosa, Rt. 3.
_ Few half grown genuine Buff Coch-
in bantam cockerels, $1 ea. O. H.
_ Wright, 515 Peters Bldg., Atlanta.
_ Brown leghorn bantam cockerels

and 2 mixed ones at 50c ea. C. H.
Overby, Columbus, 22-11th St.
Mixed bantams, good layers this

years hatch, 50c ea.
port, Acworth.


_ Pure Thompson Ringet Barred
Rock cockerels, March{ hatch, $1 ea;
es 1or $3.50: FOB.-- Mrs R. T:. Mabry
Canon, Rt. 2.
Several 3 mos old B. R. cockerels
from Kenmore hatchery, Mo., $1 ea;
6 for $5 FOB. Mrs. J. L. Burk, Tifton
_15 8 wks. old purebred B.-R. chicks
40c ea. cash. Mrs. C. G. Wheeler
Cumming, Rt. 4.
i an ae Holterman strain B.
i. cockerels, 85c-ea. Mrs. N. G.
Waycross, Rt. 4. ae
__ Pure bred B. R. cockerels, Thomp-
Son strain Mar. hatch, 80c ea; also
pullets same strain, 80c ea. Mrs. S.
_.W. Cain, Auburn, Ga.
ey eo R. roosters, 2
- 0: - wt. $1 ea. Mrs. :
Clifton, Millen. oo
1 Park strain B. R. 1 yr. old cock
_$1 del. $1.50. Mrs. L. igbie,
- Shellman, are
_. Thoroughbred gold seal B. R. roos-
ters, direct from Weber $3 ea. All
March hatched and April hatched,

1.50-ea. Charlie Griffin, Pavo, Rt.

Fay T. Daven-

pe ane Buff Rock chickens, pure nug-
et strain, will exch for. nice young
co cow. Write what you have.
Ss. G. L. Trimble, Adairsville. -
Thompson Imp. Ringlet B. R., cock-
erels, Apr, hatch, first. pen, $1,50 ea.

2nd pen, $1.25 ea. 2 or more, $1 ea.
Mrs. J. E. Steadam, Bainbridge, Ga.

Pure bred white rock Fishel strain
Apr. hatch cockerels, $1.80 ea. Will
be $2.50 ea. When grown. Mrs. Clar-
ence Waldrep, Forsyth, Rt. 1. -

Aristocrat D. B. R, yr. old cock, ex-
tra quality, $2.25. Also April hatch
cockerels frem prize winning stock, $1
ea. H. A. Stahl, Valdosta.

Young B. R. cockrels, $1.25 del. 1
B. R. cock $1.75 del. Also fine red
combed mixed hens, $1.15 del. and big
mixed fryers 35c lb. del. Having fry-
ers all along now. Mrs. A. S. Paulk,

15 pure bred Thompson Ringlet B.
B. pullets, Apr. hatch, 65c ea. FOB
Oakwood. Also 12 young hens same
strain 85c ea. or $10 for lot FOB. Mrs.
S. S. McMillan, Oakwood.

Holtermans Aristocratic B. R. cock-
erels and pullets Feb. hatch, $1.50 ea.
W. B. Lacey, Rome, Rt: 2.


40 pure bred B. R. pullets, certified,
bloodtested several cockerels, March
hateh, $1-ea:. Mrs. Hi: -B:. Ford, La-
vonia. 3

Pure bred white rocks, $1.25 each.
Miss Florene Ray, Fort Valley, Rt. 5.

Pure Thompson Ringlet B. R. Mch.
cockerels, $1 ea. 4 for $3.50 FOB. Mrs.
R. L. Mabry, Canon, Rt. 2.


Thoroughbred Buff Rock ,pullets
from carefully culled, bloodtested
stock 10 wks old,.75c ea. Mrs. Janie
E. Goings, Waynesville. ;


6 Dark Cornish pullets and. coeKer-
el 10 wks old, the lot for $4 FOB. Will
exch for real leghorn pullets 12. wks
Tom Miller, North Calhoun,

May hatch white Cornish, $1 each,
FOB Ocilla. Paul E. Law, Ocilla.

Canadian R. O. P. and Holterman
early hatched pullets. and. cockerels,
$1.25 ea; $1 ea. in lots of 10. Simon
Peterson, Douglas, Ga.

Have 6 games will sell for $6. Clos-
ing out stock at bargain. Robt. Jef-
ferson, Albany. |

Pure bred dark Cornish cockerels,
Master Bred grain, Apr. hatch, $1.25
ea. May hatch, $1 ea.
Norwood, Dewy Rose, Ga.

Pure bred Dark Cornish Indian
game cockerels, $1.50 ea. March hch.
J. R. Gardner, Locust Grove.

Two 14 mos old Jersey black giant
roosters, Royal Purple. strain. Will
exch. pr. for 25 ten wks old R. I. Red
pullets. Mrs. Rice Porter, Milner, Rt.

Good fat Jersey giant hens, for ta-
ble use, 25c lb. FOB. Mrs. F. R. Vin-
cent, Fruitland, Ga.

Jersey white giants, April. hatch,
$1.75 ea. Reg. permit 190. Marcys
Exhib. and egg production, Madison
Square Garden prize winner parents.
W. T. Buggs, Douglas.


1 Cornish cock 1930 hatch, $1.50
FOB. R. J. Holland, Empire, Ga.
- 1 pure bred dark Cornish game
rooster,-14 mos old, $1.50 FOB. Mrs.
G. M. Holt, Roopville, Rt. 2. -

One dark Cornish 15 mos old: cock,
$2 del. and:2 cockerels wt. around two
Tbs. ea.
Gresham. :
Will exch for Shawlneck or Round-

1 Gin grey cock 1 1-4 yrs. od, $1.50.
head. H. M. Adams, Douglasville.

1 pair Black game chickens, $2.50;

| FOB 1 yr. old. Mrs. J. O. King, La-

vonia, Rt. 3. l

35 Pure bred dark Cornish week old
chicks, $5, mother hen $1.50, young
roosters five and seven pounds, $1.50
ea. Mrs. C. O. Sikes, Sylvester.

2 pit game cocks, one 2 yrs old, one
14 mos old, $3 ea., or exchange the
two for 4 pit game hens. Carl Grif-
fin, 85 Oak St., Gainesville.

Game chickens for sale, wt. 2 1-8
Ib., $1 ea. Guarantee satisfaction. 1
pair Ginn greys, 9 mos old, $2.25 FOB.
J. A. Crumley, Demorest.

prize pen, L. J. Smith strain, $2.50 ea.
ee C. Moore, Decatur, Rt. 2, Box 207

1 cock mixed with full blooded Cor-
nish game and full brown leghorn
about 3 mos old, 75c or exch for wheat
seed. Mrs. D._F. Sewells, Rochelle,
Care. Eee: King Rt. 1.

3 W. Leghorn hens, 1 cock; pedi-
greed, yr. old, Tancred strain, $3.20
for the lot. Johnson Crowe, Carters-



FOB. Woe

$1 ea. del. H. W. Thurmond, |.

2 White Cornish cockerels from lst |


5 S. C. Brown leghorn cockerels at
60c ea. or exch for nice dried apples
or peaches for canning, or anything I
can use. J. W. Williams, Wrightsville
Rt 4: 7

16 S. OC. W. L. pure bred, 2 yr old
hens, extra layers, 75c ea; Tancred
cock 16 mos old, $2. All good. for
breeders. Miss Audrey Ivey,
son, Rt. 4.

10 Ferris strain March hatch pull-

for the lot. R. J. Holland, Empire.

100 14 wks old Tancred W. Leghorn
pullets, 90c ea. or $80 for the lot.
Floyd C, Payne, Rome, Rt. 5, Box 102.

2 pure bred Everlay strain B. L.
cockerels, 4.mos old $1 ea. Will ex-
change for 2 pullets each same age.
Mrs. Ervin Clack, Montezuma, Box

hatched average wt. 4 lbs. $1 FOB.
Paul Harris, Oakman.

25 W. L. cockerels, AAA mating
from Roselawn poultry farm, $1 each
and up. L. G. Ricketts, Decatur, RFD

About 50 pure Barron W. L. cock-
erels, 8 and 10 wks. from vigorous
stock, $1 ea. FOB or exch. C. G. Col-
lins, Rising Fawn, Rt. 3.

50. healthy mixed breed hens and 5
roosters, 65c ea. at my yard or exch
for Buff white or brown leghorn or
anything can use. H. I. Martin, Bar-
nesville, Rt. 1.

10 pure bred brown leghorn cock-
erels, April hatch, 75c ea.-FOB. Mrs.
W. T. Howard, Zebulon, Rt. 2.

4 fine English strain white cocker-
els for breeding at $1 ea. Mrs. Piety
Forbes, Brooklet.

25 pure Tancred W.,L. pullets, Mar.
hatch from ped stock, $1 ea. Mrs. J.
R. Lanier, Graymont, Rt. 1.

300 white leghorn pullets Tancred
strain Apr. hatch, just right for hea-
vy fall and winter production, heal-
thy. Write for price. M. C.. Buff-
ington, Pendergrass.

3 black leghorn hens and one 10 wks
cockerel to exch for 3 white Cornish
pullets and cockerel 10 or 12 wks. Tom
Miller, North Calhoun.

About 200 Tancred W. L. year old
hens 70c ea FOB Macon. A. T. Sher-
wood, Macon.

Purebred Everlay light B. L. yr. old
rooster, direct from Tormohlen, $1 or
exch for equal value. Ernest P. Eth-
eridge, Auburn, Ga. ;

75 Tancred strain White Leghorn
hens, 15 mos old, no culls, 80c ea. No
checks. -W. H. Hart, Plains, Rt. 2. > .

100 Tancred S. C. White Leghorn
hens, Mch. 1930 hatch, 65 per cent
now laying, $75 for the lot. R. N.
Wright, Alto.

3 pure bred brown leghorn hens,
laying every day, $1 ea; 1 cock same
breed but not related, $1.25 ea. or all
for $3.75 FOB. Mrs. C. T. Williams,
Dallas, Rt. 6.

6 pure bred white leghorn pullets 4
mos old, 75c ea. or $4 for the lot FOB
Alto. J. E,. Davidson, Alto, Rt. 1:

50 white leghorn fryers, 1 1-2 to 2
lbs. 50c ea. Cash with order. Harold
V. Wright, Winterville, Rt. 2.

Pure bred Kerlin S. C. W. Leghorn
hens, $1.25 ea: 2 one yr. old cocks,
$1.50 ea. C. W. Page, Norcross.

Everlay brown and Tancred white
leghorn pulets, 8 wks. old 80c ea. FOB
D. F. Thomas, Odum. /

Knapps high grade Buff Leghorn

Will exch for corn or wheat of same
value each to pay delivery charges on
value exchanged. Raymond Parsons,
Americus, Box 295. | :

10 white leghorn pullets, Mar hatch,
$6 FOB. 2 white leghorn roosters, 2
yrs. $1 ea. Mrs. J. W. Giddens, East-
man, Rt 6. :

10 pure bred buff leghorn pullets, 8
wks. old and 1 cockerel, $4.98.
Lynn, Waycross, Rt. 2.

10 W. L. hens, 2 roosters, Mar. hat-.
ched 2930, $1 ea., 25 pullets, 2 cocker-
els, spring 1931 hatch, 60c ea. All
pure tancred strain. G. H. Jones,
Doerun, Rt. 4. 4

Thom- |

lets and 1 cockerel pure bred, $7.50.

Pure bred Tancred cockerels Mar.

cockerels for sale or exch at $3 ea.


Thursday; July 30, 1931.
Trio giant black Minorcas, $7.50,
eggs, $2.25. O. H. Wright, 515 Peters
Bldg., Atlanta. _ fre
-4 Black Minorca cocks, Feb, hatch,
pure bred, $1.25 ea, or $4 for all. Wili
exch. for good thrifty pig, corn, oats,
or cotton seed at market prices. J.
H. Mosley, Rockmart, Rt. 5. :
1 purebred rose comb black Minor-
ca cockerel, 2 1-2 to 3 lbs., $1 party
to pay postage. Mrs. E. E. Moore,
Rydal, Rt. 1. :
Pape strain S. C. Black Minorca
hens, $1.25 ea.. FOB Bartow, Mal-
colm McMillan, Bartow. ue x
24 hens, 2 cocks, Anderson and--
Pape strain Apr. hatched pullets and
cockerels, good heavy stock for sale or
exch. L. S. McLean, Sharpsburg, Ga. -
7 Pape strain black Minorca early
hatched cockerels, $1 ea. Mrs. J. M.
Hall, Calhoun, Rt. 5. : rg ee
Minorca roosters, Booths strain
white, direct, 3 mos. old, flea. GT.
Bohanan, Conyers. : Me
50 Pape str. black Minorcas, pure |
bred, March hatch, pillets 4 lbs. ea.
and cockerels, $1 ea. Mrs. H. B. Ford,
Lavonia, Rt. 1. oe

Nice fat fryers 1 1-2 to 2 lbs. Make

best offer. Mrs. S. W. Sloan, Auburn,
Ga. Sapte 2

10 frying size chickens, 1 1-2 lb. to

2 1b. eae . No checks. Mrs. J. C.

Tribble, Hillsboro, Rt. 2. ~ :
100 eight wks. old heavy mixed
chickens for sale 35c each. Mrs. J. _
S. Berryhill, Cochran, Rt. 5. - ae
The Spencer turken Wonder bird,
trio young fowls, $5; baby chicks 25c
ea.; also eggs $2 per setting of 15, 2
for $3.75. Mrs. J. F. Anderson, Blue
Ridge. Ti

Golden Buff Orpington fryers for
sale, 30c lb. FOB; also pullets and.
cockerels for sale, pure Golden Buff
$1 ea., FOB. Mrs. F. R.- Vincent,
Few white Orpington hens and
mos old rooster, hens $1.50 ea. male
bird. $2.50 FOB. Mrs. B. F. Harrison,
Bolingbroke. es
Pure Buff Orpington pullets and
cockerels, March and April hatch, 75c
each, FOB. Please send money or-.
der. Mrs. J. G. Rhodes, Crawfordville.

White Muff Tumblers, $2 pr; clean
leg tumblers, $1.50 pr; Birmingham
rollers and Ringneck doves, $2 pair;
black Carneaux and yellow Carneaux, |
$2.50 pr; write for other information.
Herman Mize, Americus. ~ ees oe
Several hundred extra high grade
pigeons in lots or as a whole. Mrs.
Ike Winship, Halcyon Lake White |
King Pigeon Farm, Macon, Rt. 4.
White Kings, Cerneau Maltese, wht.
Muff Tumblers, Blue Tumblers, owls,
ring neck doves, all $2 pair. Herman ~
Mize, Americus. - eae y
Several hundred white king pigeons,
for sale cheap for cash or will exch ~
for chickens. O. W. Holmes, 869 Mul-
berry St., Macon, Ga. : ae
15 pr. Giant White Kings, mated ~
and working for sale or trade. Make
me your best offer. B. C. Brown,
ort Gaines. | a eae
20 White King pigeons mated, ban- _
ded and working, less than five pair,
$1.50 pr. more than five pair, $1 pr. ~
Squabs, 50c ea. Cash with order. BE.
C. Cureton, Jr., Moreland, Box 55.) |
Carneaux pigeons for sale or will
exch. for White Kings, also some ex-
tra roosters to exch. for White King
Dillard Munford, Cartersville. oe
White Kings: Best of strain, also
red and yellow Carneaux show bird.
strain, mated pairs or single birds.
Prices reasonable. J. H. Deaton, .Co-
lumbus, Box 853. ie
Pure bred Homer pigeons, mated,
banded and working, fine squab rais-
ers, $2 per pair. . H. Overby, Co- ~
lumbus, 22 1ith St. ae


1 fine Donaldson red ~blood-tested
rooster, March 1930 hatch, $1.25 or
exch for Donaldson March ~ hatch
cockerel. Mrs. W. R. Chasteen, Lo-
cust Grove. \

100 white leghorn hens, $75 at farm
Would consider fresh cows, 3 gals. or
W. S. Mixon, Griffin, Box 419.

Well developed 10 wks. old Tormah-
len leghorn pullets, 60c ea; 14 wks. old
combs inch high, $1 ea. FOB. Mrs. J.
B. Collier, Cochran.
100 Ferris W. L. hens, direct, 1930

hatch for sale at once. Make best of-
fer, Mrs, N. L. Maddox, Willard.

Mrs. S. H. Harris, Mauk,

|B. Peterson, Vidalia. ;


Large dark red Jan., Feb. hatch
pullets, $1.25 prepaid, cockerels, $2.00.
ea. coop returned. Mrs. J. E. Sikes,
Cochran, Rt. 1. Boe

160 .R. I. Red; hens 18 mos old, $1 -
ea. at my yard. No checks accepted.

20 pure R. I. Red hens,'1 yr. old,
$1 ea; 20 biddies 6 to 8 wks. old 50c
ea; R. I. Red- roosters, 1 yr. old, $2 ea.
C. D. Williamson, Plains. :

2 Donaldson AAA cocks 1929 hatch,
direct from Mrs. Donaldson, best
grgade, $2.50 each, postpaid: Mrs. M.

Thursday, July 30, 1931. ea
; Poultry For Sale

Senaldson strain S.-C 4.

< two vr. old cock, $5; one $3. Mrs.
> M. Hall, Calhoun, Rt. 5;

Pure bred Donaldson dark reds

from Star Pen 3 mos old pullets, $1
a; cockerels extra $1.25. Mrs. R. J.
Fleming, Lincolnton.

full R. I. Red hens at. $1.35>ea. or
xch for Red Bliss Irish potatoes. Will
accept cash or money order. Mrs. E.
Pp, King, Rochelle, Rt. 1.

} pure bred Owen Tompkins RAE,
d_cocks 1 yr. old, $2 ea. hens, $2, ea.
W. Page, Norcross,

at pure Donaldson 2 yr*old R. I. Red
ooster free with 8 mixed heavy breed
ne and two yr. old hens, $1 ea. Mrs.
F. Johnson, Dawson, Rt. 3:

10 R. I. Red pullets, Feb. hatched,
Donaldson strain, $1 ea. Mrs. T. E.
ey Bluffton.

: Red pullets and several cock-
an ae bred, March hatch for sale
exch for a shoat or anything can
Mrs. H. B. Ford, Lavonia.

8. Hellman, Boston.

R Red, hens; Tc yr. old; or: -B:
aches or apples. each to pay ship-
ing charges. Mrs. W. G. O ae

} grown turkeys and 7 baby turkeys
-mos old for sale. Make best offer.
I ne L. Maddox, Willard:
mS pr. big blue Toulouse geese,
i. full feathered and fine, C.. W.
pure bred white Pekin drakes and
ducks. ready to pick for first time,
0c ea. Party to pay n iiteae Mrs.
Moor, Rydal, R
head white ee aioles 4 grown
es at .$1 ea; 4 young ones 40c ea;
exch for brown leghorn hens, 1930;
tech. Mrs. J. J. Sapp, Arco, Box 53.
Toulouse geese $4.50 pr; $7 trio FOB
Williams, Ty Ty, Ga.
Have 4 ducks, 3 drakes, Mar. hatch
most grown 75e ea. Will exch. for
ng pullets or baby chicks. Write
Ee nteee Mrs. Myrtis. Swann, Li-
honia, Rt.
Wild Rica ducks, large, beautiful
irds for sale cheap for cash. Write
or information and prices. Lamar W.
fefferson, Albany.
1 trio improved Maryland Muscovey
ul 8, $7; young ducks, 4 wks old, $1
trio B. Rocks 18 mos old, $5. Mrs.
. O. Fussell, Brunswick.
28 white Pekin ducks for sale or
ch for W. L. pullets or hens. Mrs.
H.. Edwards, Rt. 2, Box 409-B, At-

ne 16 mos old M. B. eobbler. $7.
frs. J. M. Hall, Calhoun, Rt. 5.
ducks and 1 drake, Mammoth
oe eC oe $6.25; also one setting
: Mrs. Piety Forbes, Brooklet,

Indian Runner ducks and drakes
grown, 75c for drakes, $1 for hens
3; 2 white Pekin ducks, male and
ale, $1 ea. FOB. Faye Daughtry,
Pure white Indian Runner ducks
and drakes, $1 ey. G. N. Thomas,
omasboro, Ga.

20 Rouen ducks and drakes, most of
them grown, $1 ea FOB. Will sell all
any number. Mrs. J. oe Lambert,
st Park.

Ss select Fishel strain white Wyan-
lotte hens and 7 select cocks, all 1 yr.

aa, offer the lot for $100 FOB. Dek:
mas, Odum.
Regal Dorcas white Wyandottes,

ar. hatch pullets an@ cockerels from
est winter layers, $1 ea. in lots of
five. Special prices on larger -lots.
April hatch, 90c ea. Mrs. W. L. Guil-
ebeau, Lincolnton, Rte 5:
55 pure bred S. L. Wyandotte hens
rom prize winning stock now. laying,
1 yr. old $1 ea; also Mch. and April
hatch cockerels, $1; 2 lb. fryers 50c ea.
iss Lyda Gibbs, Uvalda.
10 pure bred White Wyandotte fry-
ers, 2 1-2 lbs. ea. $6.50 for the lot FOB
fine pure bred white
rooster from prize stock, $1.25 FOB;

Mattie McPherson, Rabun Gap, Ga.

4 Silver Lace Wyandotte hens for
sale. Exch for 2 mos old pig, must
-be healthy. Mrs. Ida Sanders, Rock-

faett Rt: 3.

: 4 pullet and 1 rooster, pure bred
pecdat Wysndottes 2-3 grown, $1 ea.
OB Ee W. T. Adams, Lavon-
; BOX: 381.

Se Lace peyousaites 6 ica

-Seabright pee


dian game cockerels,

Dail exch for 6 bu. Elberta |.

| eggs, 50c setting.

mixed hens, all laying, $7 FOB. Mrs.

M AeA -BU-h i BY N

wt. 1 1-4 to 2 1-4 Ibs., 1 rooster wt.
4 Ibs. nice thoroughbred $5 for the
lot. Clarence Brown, Helena, Rt. 2. -

Poultry Wanted

Want to exch trio pure bred R. I.
Red, Tompkin and Donaldson strain
May hatch 2 pullets and cockerel for.
pair half grown white Jap. Silkies or
Christine Jones,

Lula, Star Rt.

Want 15-20 pure Bantam hens and
cock, Buff Cochins preferred. Will ex-
change. W. P. Kay, Cartersville.

_Wanted: Bantams and pheasants.
Price must be reasonable. C. P, Ed-
aoe 386 Ponce de Pee Ave., At-

Want this years heithed pure
blooded, white and black Cochin Ban-
tams, also white. crested black Polish
No cull ~ wanted: J... 2.
Van Horne, Monroe.

Want to buy or exchange for same
age and strain, 3 Dark Cornish In-
Berry strain,
Res Haten.. 3B. 6: Pope, Tallapoosa,


Want to buy leghorn and white Mi-

na, Bt - Claude Stas eat Smyr-

Want trio turken chickens. Write
me your prices. Mrs. C. C. Mason,
929 Cascade Ave., Atlanta.:

Want to exch $50 value for 25 white
or buff hens or white or buff orping-
tons. and 3 roosters. Write. H. I.
Martin, Byromville, Rt. 1. \ ;

Want good Eng. Ringneck male
pheasant. State,cond., age, size, price
David Jennings, Americus, Box 84.
Want peafowls, young or old stock;
also eggs. David Jennings, Americus,
Box 84 : Se

Want pigeons, 1 pr. homers, 1 pair
tumblers, 1 pr. swiss mondaines, one
pr. Fantail, must be banded, working,
pure bred and cheap. J. Jt Harvard,
Hawkinsville. : :


Want white and black Muscovey
ducks.. State age and lowest price.,
Dillard Munford, Cartersville. -

Want to exch 1 pair puddle ducks:
fora pair of Belgium hare rabbits or
N.S: red. +3: VE: OKelley, BOs Cir-
cle, Rt. 2!

Want ten 12 wk. old poults, no toms
Quote best price. F. C. Dodgen, Nor-
cross, Rt. 1. .

Fags F or Sale

Eggs from Thompson Imp. Ringlet
strain 90c per 15 del. No C. O. D.
shipments.~- Mrs. C. A. Wilbanks,
Commerce, Rt. 5.

Fall C. I. G. eggs for sale, $1 for 15
or $1:75 for 30. Mrs. E.R; King, Ro-
chelle,. Rt.- 1.

Pure bred Donaldson Red eggs from
Star mating, $1.25 per 15; Bantam
Mrs. R. J. Flem-
ing, Lincolnton.

Pure bred Thompson B] R. eggs for
sale at 60c doz. prepaid, all cartons
to be returned. Mrs. G,. C./Clifton,

Pure bred giant pain light Brah-
ma eggs, $1 per setting of. 15, crates
returned. Mrs. W. T. Paul, Lexington

Blue Speckled guinea eggs, 60c for
28 del. Miss Leona es Culver-
tons >."
White Australian guinea eges, $1.-
25 per 15 del. L. E. Williams, Ty Ty,

Day old select white leghorn eges,

30c postpaid lots 12 doz. G. D. Fain,
Eggs Wanted
Want fresh market eggs in any

quantity from 1 to 100 cases every
week. Will pay top market price.
Write before starting shipments. E.
R. Adlington, 510 Piedmont Ave., Atv

Want game eggs of the Irish red,
also Irish grey.. Must be full pit game

>| del.

and cheap for cash. J. A. Crumley,



Baby Chicks For Sale

Leghorns or Anconas, 7c; Reds or
Rocks 8c; bloodtested 100 per cent live
guaranteed. Imported Barron
white leghorns 10c; also 8 wks old

pullets. Sam Brown, 316 Whitehall St.,

e Pure bred, selected, Reds, Rocks, $8
per 100; heavy assorted, $7. 50 per 100;
Leghorns Anconas, $7. 50 per 100. E.
te oo 510 Piedmont Ave., At-

25 or more buff rock baby chicks 1
mo. old, very thrifty and in fine cond.
growing, 25c ea. Mrs.G. L. Trimble,

Heavy breeds, $7.50; light breeds, $7
Will continue to hatch on thru the

year. Write or wire your order. H.
R. Gaskins, Americus.
Baby Chicks Wanted
Wanted 100 to 1,000 baby chicks,

any breed to raise on halves to twelve
weeks. You pay shipment both ways.
S. F. Beard, Graham, Ga.

Want 50 chicks to raise on halves
to 10 weeks old, any large breed. Rev.
Jay B. White, Rt. 1, Box 77, Garfield.

Several hundred. baby chicks to
raise on halves to 12 wks .old. Mrs. J.
fe Burk: -<Titton.-beb.. oh:

Want 500-600 baby chicks to raise
to 8 wks. old, party to furnish all
feed, I to care for them and keep.
third of what I raise. Prefer Buffs,
Reds or -B.<R.<- Mrs, Dovie Li: Ginn,
Commerce, Rt. 3.

Want 100 chicks to raise on 50-50
basis to 10 wks. old. Any large breed
party to pay postage. Miss Estelle
Hendrix, Sparta, Rt. 2.

Want 200 baby chicks to raise on-
halves, any kind besides. een C.
M. Sapp, Ohoopee, Ga.

Want about 250 baby chicks to raise
on 50-50 basis to 3 mos old, any str.
C. B. Goldsmith, Lavonia, Rt. 2)

Want 100 - 300 day: old chicks on
50-50 basis. Ref., satisfaction, games
preferred, other breeds accepted. No-
tify before shipping. Mrs. Sam Rog-
ers, Claxton, Rt. 2.

Want 500 heavy pure bred chicks to
raise to 2 lbs. for 2-3 or to 8 wks. for
half guarantee 2 lbs. at 3 mos old.
Mrs. J. C. Chesser, Dacula, Rt. 2.

Live Stock For Sale


3 young improved beef type bulls
for sale. Too fine to beef. See them
at once. B. O. Fussell, Brunswick.

4 bull yearlings, 1 steer, 2 cows, soon
to freshen, 5c lb. FOB Bartow. |Mal-
colm McMillan, Bartow.

1 cow 6 yrs. old, 3 gal. milk a day
on common feed, 1 lb. butter, T. B.
tested, $50. C. H. Grier, Alto, Rt. 1.

Fresh in cow for sale, gentle, sound,
good milker, $30 cash. _ Eric Walker,

Fresh in grade Jersey cow with 3rd

calf, now giving about 4 gals per day.
Also grade Guernsey cow fresh in
With 2nd.-calf, 4 gals. per day. T.. H:

Howell, Ball Ground.

Guernseys, cows, heifers, young bull
calves, all reg: fine breeding, reason-
able prices. Will exch bull calves ae
feed. J. A. Ewing, Ashburn.

2 highly bred bull calves 2 and 9
mos old. Write for pedigree and pri-
ces. B. F. Lester, Conyers, Rt. 4.

3 COWS and. calves for sale, ews
and gentle,one if fed, will give 3 1-2
or 4:gal. per day. B. P. Parker, Ha-
hira, Rt. 2.

Registered Hereford cattle, both
sexes. Apply E. T. Boswell, Jr., Si-

1 good blue Jersey cow, calf 3 mos
old. Will sell without calf for $30.
Charlie Johnson, Pitts, Rt. 1.

One fine Jersey heifer, 3 mos old,
from cow not registered, $10 FOB; one
1 mo. old Jersey bull calf $5 FOB or
exch it for 10 March pullets, large
breed. Mrs. S. P. Jones, Lula, Star Rt.

5 Duroc pigs for sale, 3 mos old, not
stunted, $4 ea. Dudley Spiers, Lin-
colnton, Rt. 2: x

1 reg. Duroc boar, 13 mos old, large
type, $75; 1 reg. boar wt. about 225 lbs
$35; reg. sows, $40; reg. pigs, $10, ea. -
8 wks old. All papers furnished. Wil-
liam H. Barfield, Louisville, Rt. 2.

Duroe Jersey poar 22 mos old 200
lbs. $25 reg in buyers name; 1 Duroc
gilt $30; 2 duroc Jersey sow pigs 10
wks old, $12.50 ea or $20 for the pair
ree. L. H. Edenfield, Stillmore, Rt.
1 Box sl.

1 . P.-C. sow, farrow in August,
good cond, $35. Loyd Barrett, Alto,
Its 1, z


20 Duroe pigs, 6 wks old, $3 ea, or
$2.50 ea. for the lot. Will deliver only
to truck at my barn. Jas. M. Luck,
Wrightsville. %

Pure bred Duroc J. pigs, 9 wks old,
thrifty and growing, bred from. Big
Majid; 2nd, $10 FOB, -T. Pz Thain,
Metter, Rt. 2. :

2 sows, one 1-7 Poiana: China and
1-2 Hampshire, one Spotted Poland
and Duroc, $25. for both at my place.
M. Ho Floyd,;-Cochran;Rt: 6: 4a

10 pigs 2 mos old in good cond, $20
for the lot at my farm. W. C. Bras-
sell, Gibson, Rt... 2:

Good Jersey milch cow, $45. cash.
Can be seen at B. L. Kerseys nursery,
Brunswick. Alfred Harris, Box 49, St.
Simons Island, Ga.

Registered Jersey male calves, 3- 9
mos old, $25 to $35 ea. with reg. pa-
pers; also 100 milch cows, Jersey, and
number of reg. heifers for sale. L. O:
Benton, Monticello.

For sale, interest in herd of beef
cattle for cash only, to increase bus-
iness. Will take from $2,000 to $5,000.
Come and see me. S. M. Seaborn,
Brunswick. *

1 black Jersey bull, 14 mos old. Will
exch for heifer about same age. Good _
stock. Jasper J. Miles, Harlem.

Three reg. Jersey cows. Will sell
cheap. O. W. Moseley, Greensboro,

2 nice Jersey male calves, 1 female,
$20 or exch. for wheat, oats, or rye.
Joe M. Brown, McRae, Ga. 3

Young pure Jersey male 900-1000 |
lbs. for sale. Has best marks, good
dairy stock, also younger one about
6 months, very fine, at reasonable
price for quick sale. Lewis E. Tabor,
Albany, Gillionsville Rd. Ne

Guernsey calves, both sex, 60 days
to 1 yr. old, best breeding from $50
up. Good notes accepted. F. S.. Bai- >
|ley, 35 Linden Ave., N. E., Atlanta.

Poiled Hereford bull, good breeding,
ready for service, $75: also Herefor
bull with horns ready for service good
breeding, $75; Hereford heifers alrea-
dy: bred; $75. to S$85, J. C. Collier,

1 Jersey cow fresh in, $35 at my
barns = Mirse od bis Smith, Chipley, Rt
1 ne

1 cream colored Jersey cow, 3rd
calf, giving 2 1-2 gals milk a day and
1 1b. butter, $40 at my barn. Calf af
days old. Ww. F. Clark, Canon, Rt.

1 fresh Jersey cow, 4 gal. cap. $50.
K. D. Sanders, Eatonton, Re. 22.

Thoroughbred Jersey cow, 3rd calf,
4 wks. old and a good milker for sale, -
or will exch for 25 bu. of good seed
rye or 60 bu. of oats. G. A HOTIRG
Dublin, Rt. 6.

3-4 Eng. Jersey bull 18 mos old, $25
or exch for 25 R. I. Red hens, ot yr
old. Mrs. Rice Porter, Milner, Re ale

Registered Polled Herefords, severa.
nice young heifers, one extra good, ei
mature herd bull. "Perry E. Lunsford

Black heifer 3-4 Jersey 1-4 Holstein
been fresh 6 mos, giving 1 1-2 gal. $40
Cream heifer full Jersey, freshened
June 1, 2 gal. $50. James Ezzell,

1 nice Jersey calf, 3 mos old mixe
with pure bred Guernsey. Will exch.
for 25 pure bred of any kind of fry-
ers except leghorns. Mrs. H. B. For
Lavonia. ; Eee

2 good Jersey cows giving 3 1-2 gal
per day $50 ea. or exch one for Jersey
heifers and part in good sound wheat
Mrs. E. L. Wright, Yatesville.

2 Jersey heifers full stock but no
reg., 11 mos old, $25 ea; also 1 Guerr
sey heifer calf full stock not reg. 10
wks. old, $25. All crated FOB Lavo:

fresh in, $35 without calf or
with calf, giving about 3 gals. per day.
EL: Patterson, Talking Rock, Rt. ok
Box: 13;

1 Jersey cow, heifer, first calf, fresh
for quick sale, $35. C. T. King, _
ville; Rt i,


8 extra good Spotted Poland China
boar pigs at $15 ea. FOB here, reg. in
buyers name. Ww. D; Wilbanks, Cav
Springs,.Rt. 2.

Pure bred big hone -P. C. gilt, thre A
mos old, thrifty and in good ne 9.
Wiley C. Couch, Turin.

8 pigs O. I. C. and Duroc Jers
crossed 7 wks old, $6 ea. FOB. UA. E
Eaverson, Roswell, Reis

2 mos old O. I. C. pigs, $8.50, each
Pedigree papers or reg. in buyer
name for $9.50. A. T. Rigsby, Sale

is half breed Spotted Poland China
pigs, 6 wks. old, $250 and 9 pure

Spotted Poland China 7 wks. old,
ea. Jess Wilson, agrees ;

ublished Weekly By The
Arthur D. Jones, Director

Department Of
Eugene Talmadge, Commissioner

Be THURSDAY, JULY 30, 1931.

Entered as second class matter
begebruary 15, 1922, at the Post
Office at Atlanta, Georgia, un-
der the act of June 8, 1900. Ac-

| cepted for mailing at special
|| rate of postage provided for in

3 oT. 1103. Act of October 8,

. Notice of farm produce and ap-
tenances, admissible under
~ postal regulations, inserted one
_ time on each request, and re-

rhamental Nursery Stock no-
es are published in Monthly

_ Supplement which appears on
the first Thursday of each

_ published at intervals anne the
Y ar. Advance notices of these
itions appear from time to
time advising advertisers when

to mail us these types of notice.

: imited space will- not permit
|| insertion of unimportant no-
tices. Under Legislative act the
Market Bulletin does not as-

sume any responsibility for any
- notice appearing in the Bulletin
r transaction resulting there-

second- Hand Machinery


wants second-hand

quick buster, working only,

horse |


Pure bred Spotted Poland
E. T. Boswell, Jr.,


ure bred Berkshire 8 wks. old $10
or $12.25 reg. T. C. Charping,

-1 sow and six pigs about 6 wks. old,
both in good cond. J. M. Taylor Cuth-

uroc- Jersey boex pigs, 6 mos old,
nmmune for life against cholera and
in buyers name at $12.50 ea. Will
<ch for appler seed oats at reason-
e price. L. M. Kennedy, Collins.

, mos old, well developed, S. P. C.
s, 75 lbs. either-sex reg. in purch-
sers name, $10 ea. Pairs, $18. J. T.
mmage, M. D,, Pine View.\ 7

ed, 6 weeks old, average we. 12 lbs.
now, $5 each. M. S. Tanner, Flowery

: two
oice sows and pigs for sale; also
young choice Hampshire sows for sale.
B. P., Parker, Hahira, Rt. 2.

thoroughbred Duroc Jersey pigs,
for the lot at 6 wks. old Sept. 1.
ae. 515 Peters Bldg., At-

pure, full blooded P. C. male about
mos old $20-at my barn. Mrs. G.
oo Millen...

16 fine 8 wks. old P. C. pigs, $4 a.
or exch 2 for 1 pure bred Jersey bull
calf. C. A. Vaughn, Sylvan Grove,

Essex boar reg. wt. about 200
$20; S. P. C. pigs. sub. to reg. 12
old, $10 ea. Joe M. Brown; Mc-

gs from good fattening sows, sir-
reg. Duroc Jersey boar, $4 to
t barn. E. H. George, Madison.

uroc Jersey pigs 9 wks old, Orin
sherry King strain, entitled to reg. $6
at pr; reg. in eee name, a

MAR Eo Pin oe TEN ew

ea. $13 pr. FOB. Julian J. Blanch-

ard, Appling.

Five 3-4 Duroc Jersey pigs, 7 wks.
old, $2.75 ea. Cash with order. Ma-
con Walden, Gibson, Box 49.

Reg. big bone black essex for sale.
W. J. Bargeron, Sardis.

3 reg. Duroc sows with pigs cheap
for cash. 1 reg. Duroc boar 6 mos old
double inoculated, $15; 4 Duroc Bar-
rows, 75 lbs. ea. double inoculated
reasonable. H. L. Harper, Prescott
Street, Waycross.

z solid orange colored 3 yr. old reg.
Jersey bull not vicious ,Sybil breeding.
I, T. Wyatt, Farrar, Ga. ~

Oe Ce pigs full but not reg. life
treated 10 wks. old, now. ready tor
shipment, $10 pr. Have 25 head. W.
B. Cadle, Mt. Vernon.

2 nice black sows, 1 yr. old April,
brought 15 pigs. Will weigh about 10u
lbs. Each cheap for cash or will exe.
the two for 1 dry cow or 1 heifer
yearling 8 to 10 mos old any breed.
Mrs. Jo Stewart, Gardi.

One sow with or without 4 pigs for
sale or exch for Chinchilla _ rabbits.
J. D. Blitch, Ellabell.

Spotted P. C. Gilt, wt. about. 125
lbs. farrow sometime between now
and killing time for sale or exch for
large breed pullets. Mrs. B. F. Will-
ard, Baxley.

4 mixed breed ae stock pigs, six
wks. old, $10 for the lot, $2.70 ea. FOB
crated and Cholera treated. Mrs. Mit-
tie Harper, no address given . _

5 pure-bred fat feeder P. C. pigs, 2

1 mos. old, $5 ea; 1 pure bred P. C. boar

1 yr. old, $20; 1 Duroc gilt, 8 mos old,
$15. Mrs. C. O. Sikes, Sylvester.

8 wks. old Hampshire, Red Jersey
cross for sale. W. H. Story, Appling,
Rt,-2: Box OF

. Duroc Jersey boar pigs, 6 mos old,
reg. in buyer's name at reasonable
prices. Wil exch .for Appler seed
oats. L. M. Kennedy, Collins.

1 reg. pure bred P. C. sow, 10 mos.
old, ,farrow Sept. 1st, bred to pure-
bred boar, same breed. G. W. Ran-
dall, Lavonia,

1 nice. shoat in good cond., 10c lb.
or exch for nice thrifty pigs, 2 mos
old. Mrs. E. Wright, Yatesville.


Good mule for sale $35 cash, Miss
Louise Daniel, Winder.

10 yr. old roan mare, wt. 1250 lbs.
good cond. for sale cheap. J. T. Eth-
eridge, W306 Walton Bldg., Atlanta,
Walnut 7799.

Want Shetland pony, gentle. Bor:
tha L. Underwood, Marietta, Rt. 1.

1 large mule, about 12 yrs. old,
strong, healthy, gentle. Will exch for
good milk cow. Jasper J. Miles, Har-

4 yr. old black shetland pony mare,
sub. to reg. gentie. Willis Harper,

1 mare wt. about 1200 lbs. works as
well as a mule anywhere, also 1 good
mule wt. 1000 lbs. for sale. Write
B. P. Parker, Hahira, Rt. 2.


Giant N. Z. White pedigreed stock,
$3 ea. 5 does and one buck, $15. Ali
does with young or bred. DuPree
Jordan, 418 Ponce de Leon Place, De-
catur, Phone Dearborn 2301-R.

2 does, 1 large buck Chinchilla $3.50
or will consider exehi:: GN. Hodges,

10 thoroughbred Chinchilla does
and 3 bucks to exch for good white
Leghorn: hens, basis 1 rabbit for two
hens. W. C. Moore, Decatur, Rt. 2,
Box 207B.

Selling out. If you want some fine
standard chinchillas or New Zealand
white rabbits, write at. once. T. C.
Griffin, Valdosta.

3 New Zealand white pink eyed 9
wks. old rabbits, $1.25 for the lot or
50c each COD. Herbert James, Li-
thia Springs. -

New Zealand white, 3 bucks and 4
does, 6 mos old, 1 buck 10 mos old,
$1.25 ea. Money order with order.
Miss Naomi Allison, Lithia Springs.

Chinchilla rabbits that will increase
your profits... Write us. H. R. Gas-
kins, Americus.

19 Chinchillas, 5 breeding does, 1
buck, 13 young about 3 wks old, 2 does
registered, rest sub to reg. $10 for lot.
Robt. E. Elam, Pineora.

Chinchilla rabbits, Stahls gold cer-

tificate, bred does for $5; bucks, $2.-
50 young rabbits, $1. J. A. Ewing,
Ashburn, Ga.

Stahls H. W. gold certificate chin-
chillas, also white Flemish and N. Z.
whites all from reg. stock, pedigreed
papers furnished. H. A. Stahl, Val-

1 pair grey chinchilla rabbits 15 mos

old good breeders, $2 or exch for 3


good hens, any~ kind. FOB Bruns-
wick. Mrs. A. V. Harrison, Sree
2006 Reynolds St.

White rabbits, wt. 7-8 lbs pink eyed
$1 ea; buck or doe or both in a pair.
Lee Walters, Lavonia, Rt. 3.

6 mos. ped. Chinchilla bucks, $1 ea.
Mrs. W. R. Thompson, Lawrenceville,


Giant N. Z. Whites, 5 does, 1 buck
for $15.1 doe with young, other four
bred, All pedigreed and sub. to reg.
DuPree Jordan, 418 Ponce de Leon Pl.

2 does and 1 buck, Silver certificate
Chinchillas unrelated, .direct from

Stahls in April, $10 for the 3 or exch

for 10 pure bred B. R. or W. L. young
hens, no culls. A. B. Ray, Macon, Box

N. Z. reds 3 mos old, $1.50 pr; also
N. Z. Reds and N. Z. whites mixed,
same price. J. M. Sheridan, Jeffer-
son. :

4 trios N. Z. white rabbits, 1 trio
Chinchillas all from reg. stock, pure
bred, 6 mos old, $7 per trio or will ex-
change. J He Smith, Milner, Rt. 2.

Chinchilla rabbits for sale, stand-
ard wt. 8 mos old from reg. stock,
bucks $1; doe eligible to reg. $2. Ped-
igrees given.
$2. C. J. Cleveland, Hartwell.

Pedigreed Chinchilla does, pedigree
papers furnished for sale or exch for
choice white or brown leghorn hens.
J. E. Simpson, 676 Tifton St., N. W.,

Chinchilla and Nw Zealand white
| pedigreed rabbits, both does and
| bucks. Write for prices. A. W. Mel-
ton, Thomasville.

Erminerex, (Whiterex) junior bucks
at bargain prices. A chance to rex
your white rabbits at prices that will
be hard to equal. H. H. McDavid,

Pedigreed Chinchilla weaned does,
young does bred for. first litters. Bred
does 17 mos to 30 mos. old, papers
furnish for sale or exch. for leghorn
hens. James Simpson, Atlanta, 676
Pifton. St. NeW.

Write for prices on pedigreed New
Zealand white and red rabbits; also
pedigreed Chinchilla breeders, does
and bucks. Prices reasonable. A. W.
Melton, Thomasville.


Southdowns, 3 ram lambs wt. 100
lbs. by reg. sire and high grade ewes,
$15 crated fob Eatonton. Also few
ewe lambs for sale. K. D. Sanders,
Eatonton, Rt. 2.

a hornless Nubian doe, light brown
5 mos old, reg. $15; also other reg.
Nubians and Toggenbergs mixed. J.
L. Adams, East Point, 104 Lorose St.

Reg. Nubian buck kid 100 per cent
pure from doe giving 4 1-2 qts. and
extra fine buck, $10 at 2 mos old with
reg. certificates. Fred E. Grubbs,
Demorest, Rt.~1.

42 yews, 5 rams and 29 nice wea-
J. E. Hall, Soperton.

Pair Nubian buck kids, born May 4,

extra fine; 2 buck kids, mixed Nubian

and Tog. for sale or. exch for leghorn
hens. Edwin Simpson, 676 Tifton St.,
N. W., Atlanta.

3 fancy Angora goats, 1. male and
2 female, also 1 young buck _ sheep
from reg. stock for Sale or will exch
for cow or heifers. Arthur D. White,
Rt. 3, Savannah.

Pure Nubian buck 2 mos old with
papers for registration, for - sale or
exch. Mrs. W. P. Hunter, College
Park; 515 Lee St., Phone Cal. 2809-J.

4 choice milk "goats, bucks, kids
from heavy milking dams, by Reg.
Nubian sire, for sale or exch. for reg.
Nubian bucks, 3 does, heavy milkers.
oe eee Atlanta, 676 Tifton

Live Stock Wanted

Want to buy 2 young Guernsey

Seas Cc. H. Mauldin, (Pahlonega,
| Ga
Want young milk cow. Will exch

pure bred S. C. Buff Leghorn pullets
8 wks old for same. B. L. Lynn, Way-

Want to exch. value of $80. fora:
heifer with first calf from a cow that
never goes dry, and that will give 2
1-2 gals. a day and butter in propor-
tion. J. A. Crumley, Demorest.

Want to exch. value of $100 for
fresh in cow 2 or 3 gal. and calf. D.
M. Borders, Warrenton, Rt. 1. .

Want one or two fresh cows, 3 gals
or better| in exch for Duroc boar, leg-
horn hens or heifers. W. 8S: Mixon,

Griffin, Box 419.

1 pr. reg. doe $3; buck |;

Native sheep at $3 per head.

| guaranteed. Geo. L. Green, boas Sk

as 100 Ibs. Cash with order. Li2R;
Strange, Swainsboro. Neen
Country cured oak wood smoked

Thursday, July 30, 1931. ee

Want some good cheap brood sows,
must be cheap for cash, black P. C.
or Berkshire preferred. Jas. A. Ben-
nett, Sta. A, Atlanta.

Want 2 B. P. C. hogs. Will pay cash |

State lowest price. E. L. Upchurch,
Locust Grove, Box 175. : =
Want to raise on shares, hogs, a

chickens or pigeons. C. D. Bartlett,

Atlanta, Rt. 4.

Want thoroughbred Pp. C. gilt. bred
to farrow last of Oct. Must be reas-
onable for cash. J. H. Waters, Oliver.

Want to exch. $7 value for 3 nice 8 ee
or 10 wks. old pigs. Mrs. E. L. Wright es
Yatesville. * abe


Wanted to.exch mule wt.: around.
1000 lbs. for good serviceable jack, not.
over 12 or 14 hands high or would -
exch. 5 gal cow. I. G. Thompson,

Want pr. of Chinchilla rabbits | oss
good stock cheap. Write. C. W. Goa ees
graves, Jr., Atlanta, Rt. 5, Box 563. ~~

Georgia Products For Sale

- 15 Ibs. very fine bunch Eng. peas at a
30c lb. Mrs. Piety Forbes, Brooklet.

Iron field peas, $2.50 per bu. in- Ves
small lots; $2 per bu. in 5 bu. or more. :
No checks. E. N. OQuinn, Odum,
Ga. 2
Good sound Ky Wonder seed beans,
free from weevils, 30c lb. del. C, F. ee,
Maddox, Buford. tee a

100 lbs. or more Willets Wonder oe
peas for fall planting, frost proof, 30c
Ib. FOB del if all are taken. J. L.
Burk; Tifton, Rt. 7:

Bunch Eng. pea seed, prolific and
long bearing, 50c qt. or $1 50 gal. Half
gallon Winter bean seed, 75c del. Mrs.
C. F, Watson, Dawson, Rt 2. 4

6 wks. white table peas, extra for ~
fall- planting, -3 qts.-$1 del.- Ten to = =
one white nest onions, $1.50 per peck. =
Pearl Aderhold, Lavonia. =

35 lbs. black and White crowder
peas, sound and clean, no weevils, 8c
lb. or $2.50 for the lot del. in first
zone, Cash with order. Geo. ree
Green, Jasper, Rt. 3, Box 38.

4 bu. unknown peas, sound and
clean, $2.50 bu,- prepaid. Thos. E,~
Baggs, Jonesboro.

No. 1 Laredo soys, $3.75; No. 1 Ma-

thew soys, $3.50; Remittance with or-
Per = Dee. Strother, Ft. Valley.
) Willetts Wonder frost proof English
pea seed, 1931 crop, guaranteed pure :
and sound, 1 to 5 lbs. 22c, 10 lbs. or
more, 20c lb. postage paid to any
point. A. S. May, Warrenton.

Frost proof very prolific English
peas or garden peas, 25c lbh. FOB or
exch for abruzzi rye or vetch. Mrs. J.
O. King, Lavonia, Rt. 3. ge

Willets Wonder cold proof garden 3
peas, best flavored, 30c lb. I have 1
DU. irs. Ts May, Warthen, Ga.
- 8 lbs. Willet Wonder Eng. pea seed,
new crop, 35c lb., $2.75 for the lot del.
Mrs. J. E. Latham, Carrollton, Rt. 5.

1931 two crop speckled seed peas,
saved without rain, $2.50: bu FOR
Pearson. C. A. Lastinger, Pearson.

Extra early yellow crowder peas, 8
per lb. $4 per bu FOB Ocilla. A. L.
Law, Ocilla, Rt. 3.

E Austrian winter peas, $5 per bu fob.

Adairsville. M. F. Lewis, Adairsville,

1 qt. of 1931 little streaked halt.
runner snap bean seed, 35c gathered
before any rain. Miss Omie Farmer,
Milan, Rt.-2, Box 34.

Several bushels of Whippesrll
peas, new seed, slightly mixed at $2.-
50 bu. FOB. Pembroke. Cash with OF,
der. pA Gy Bhith, bulabell-*--

10 bu. 1931 crop field peas, $2.25 pu.
FOB here. Sample on request. J. S._
Murray, Odum, Route A. eG


Will have for sale 2,000 dozen ears
pone land white corn around the
15th -of August. Truck buyers advis-
. to communicate or come and see
H. H. Arnold, Austell. 2
300 bu. best quality white milling
corn, $1 bu. FOB Tate. Satisfacton


"Rees BOX 38.


Smoked, clear of- insects, side meat

for sale, 18 Ib. Wil] deliver as much

meat, Sides, $17 per hundred, should-
ers, $16, hams, $25, Malvin ae

sday, July 30, 1931.

eorgia Products For Sale


Oakwood smoked hams,
ndred; sides, $17; shoulders,
wivin Collins, Whigham.

Sountry cured hickory smoked
at; hams 30c 1b; shoulders, 20c Ib.
ley C. Couch, Turin.

k smoked hams 12 to 15 lbs. 25c
FOB Free from bugs. B. B. Strange
isboro, Rt. 5.
ive smoked hams 10 lbs. ea. no
5 or Skippers, 22c lb. postpaid. G.

in, Edison.
ks County smoked hams, 30
W.' W. Williains, Quitman,


ples for sale, good cooking and

ing, $1\ per box. Cash with or-

_ Miss Ruby Webb, Ellijay.

uck loads, green peas, watermel-

summer apples, LeConte pears.

Stafford, The Rock.

y of orchard, $1

pu; also horse apples and, press

hes for pickles same price, Bers
ore, Appling.

forse apples and other good eating

ooking apples medium to large,

per box del by P. P. thru Aug.

ept. 5 box lots at $6 del. Cash

order. J. J. Mooney, Quill.

$25 per

i $14.

box. M. Webb, Ellijay, Ga.
jelly, "360s qt. if you furnish
Postage paid on 1 gal. Mrs. W.
ompson, Lawrenceville; Rt. 1.
ane. bu. Hale and Elberta peaches
Sunset Orchards near Cornelia.
ecial prices to peddlers. James
eal, Mt. Airy, Ga.
Grapes now. ripe, large table grapes,
for. ee jelly and jams. Make
- 1. ener On: Dublin, Rt.

an, Ga. :
New crop nice sun dried apples, ae
jorms and peeling 12c lb. del.
parcel post. No checks. Mrs.
iy Fowler, Roy, Ga.

urple tinted sugar figs, nice for
erving 50c per peck. Cash with
er by express or parcel post. Mrs.
H. Pace, Boston, Rt. A.

or 6 hundred bu. of pineapple
rs for sale ready to ship soon.
frite for particulars. Mrs. Eugenia

well worked, 50c bu. at orchard or
nge for corn. Get them between
J. L. Erwin, Adairs-
aw eundried peaches, 15c per lb.
prostage with order. Eva Burell,

orders, Warrenton, Rt. 1.
jars are replaced. Mrs. ities
mstelle Ris 2s =

arge, clean, picked popscherres:
qt., $3 bu. FOB Reidsville. H. E.
ert, Reidsville.

oncord and Ives grapes, 75c pk.
ces, $1.50 gal. at my home hear
adras. Will be ripe August 5th. W.
oore, Madras.

make fig preserves on halves,
party to furnish sugar and jars.
James Ezzell, Rockmart.


C 00 Pe and cooking apples, $1 |

erta peaches, extra good, sprayed

, 10 Ib. D. M.
pe jelly, 30c pt. FOB, or $3.25

grown rye for sale, $1.25 per bu.
Patterson, Talking Rock, Rt. 1,

ine North Ga. seed rye, $1.25 per
OB shipping point. Cash with
- Frank Byers, Blairsville.
ghum seed oats, saved without
in, good, bright heavy seed, 90c bu
B. Oat straw, good and bright,
led by power press, $10 ton FOB.
iugh F. Arundel, Quitman.
wheat, Blue stem, from high
Ugegs $1. 25 bu; seed oats, Ban-
cr and hundred bu. from heavy
elds, 75e~. bu, recleaned. das. = 3B;
Wo ds, Brooks.
Turf. oats treated for smut spores,
per bu. Stand the winter freeze.
. Duncan, Cornelia, Rt. 1.
: ra fine seed rye, $1, 75 bu. or will
ell in 50 bu. lots at $1.50. All FOB
Station. B. T. Temple, Rydal, Rt.

Nice clean mountain tall rye, $1.25
u.~ FOB Mineral Bluff. J, P. Aaron
Mineral. Blufie =
ood Ga. grown blue stem seed
at,.$1.25 bu. .Ned Bey Cass

Station. -

pedigreed seed, bought last October,.
$2.50 bu. FOB. EL H. Georgia, Mad-

Seed wheat, Redbast from Cokers


Pure Bancroft oats in new bags,
guaranteed free from wild onions and
other obnoxious seed, 65c bu. under

25 bu; over 60 bu. FOB Royston. No

100 per cent pure Appler seed. oats
75c bu. FOB. Walter J. gure
Jefferson, Rt. 1.

Pure Bancroft seed oats 75c bu. 50

} bu. corn $1 bu. Riley C. Couch, Tu-


About 125 bus. Abruzzi rye, $1 50
bu; 100 bu. Ga. rye, $130 bu. J: R.
Hames, Clarkesville, Ga.

200 bu. seed oats and also any quan-

tity of ripe tomatoes for sale. . A.
_Goodman, Chipley, RFD.
About 25 bu. each Fulghum and

Bancroft oats free from onions, 75c
bu; 3 bu. genuine Abruzzi tye, $2 bu.
All FOB Cash with order. J. Q. Pat-
ten, Danielsville, Rt. 3.

Recleaned Abruzzi rye, $1.50 per bu.
FOB. Adairsville. M. F, Les, Ad-
airsville. :

100 bu. genuine bright Soria seed
rye, free from all pest weeds, $2 per
bu. in bu. lots in 10 and above bush-
a lots, $1.75 FOB: J.

D., Pine View.

yee Fulghum seed oats, 100 bu. lots
50c bu. Remittance with order. G.
A. Fagan, Ft. Valley.

50 bu. new home grown tall seed
rye, $1.50 bu. Remittance with or-
der. D. C. Stzother, Ft. Valley.

Bancroft seed oats, recleaned 75c
bu. Blue Stem seed: wheat, $1.25 bu.
from high yielding strains. Jas. B.
Woods, Brooks, Ga.

Abruzzi rye, $1.50. bu. FOB: Cler-
mont. W. J. Grier, Clermont.

70 bu. of fine mountain seed rye,
guaranteed absolute pure $1.25 bu fob.
Cornelia.. J. H. Rice, Cornelia.

Good Ga. grown blue stem seed
wheat, $1.25 per bu. FOB. Ned Finley,
Cass Station.

1800 bu. pure Fulghum seed oats
from yield per acre of 50-70 bu. 70c
per bu in car or $1 bu. Small lots
FOB Quitman. F. Shore, Quitman.

No. 1 recleaned Yall growing North
Ga. seed rye, $1.25 per bu del. R. W.
Nichols, Mineral Bluff,

North Ga. recleaned Abruzzi
$1.50 bu FOB Adairsville.
is, Adairsville.

.. French rye, $2.50 per bu. in 5 bu.
lots. J. Thos. Sewell, Lavonia,


Good grade of Gallberry white
comb honey, packed in 60 and 10 lb.
cans, 15c lb. FOB Baxley. Murl J.
Merris, Baxley, Ga.

New crop honey in No. 10 can, $1.-
50; No. 5 can 85c; case of 24 lb. sec-
tions, $4; bulk 75 lb. tin, $9, all del.
Will exch. for anything of equal val-
ue I can use. L. H. Edenfield, Still-
more, Rt. 1.

New honey, good flavored extract-
ed on chunk 12 1-2c lb. in 10 Ib. buck-
ets, FOB Valdosta. J. W. Stallings,
Valdosta, Rt. 5, Box 92.

Nice bright new 1931 chunk honey,

M. F. Lew-

5 Ib. cans, 75; 10 lb. cans, $1.50 post-

paid, cash with order.
Ludowici, Rt. 1.

Several hundred gallons extracted
honey, also comb honey in 2 1-2 lb.
and 5 Ib. pails. Satisfaction guaran-
teed. Write for prices on quantities.
Will exch. honey for country cured
meat, etc. J. E. Martin, Jesup.

Pure honey for sale in 5 lb. cans, $1
del.. Mrs. F. R. Vincent, Fruitland.

Good honey in 5 lb. pails, strained
or in comb 65c del. B. P. Wilson,
Moultrie. *

6 1-2 Ibs. nice clean yellow beeswax
$1.25. Add postage. Mrs. Effie Ral-
ston, Ella Gap.

18 modern bee hives 8 and 10 frame
each with supers well filled $5 ea. at
yard; 10 1-2 gal. fruit jars good qual-
ity chunk honey $1 ea. FOB my home.
Cash with order. Geo. L. Green, Jas-
per, Rt. 3, Box 38.

Few hundred Ibs. new Gallberry
chunk honey, 8c Ib. in lard cans or
extracted in gal. cans, $1 gal. FOB.
Joseph Harrison, Rockingham.

Fresh new Galberry extracted or
chunk oe five lbs. 85c; 10 lbs. $1.-
50 del. D. Thomas, Odum.

New crop ee honey, fancy
quality comb or extracted; 5 lbs. del
by mail 90c; 10 lbs. $1.75; per case of
twelve 5 Ib. pails, $8.40; 24 2 1-2 lb.
pails, $8.90 Case and bble. prices are
FOB Lakeland. John W. Berryhill,

Several lard cans chunk honey, 80
Ibs. net at 9c lb FOB here. L. N.
Hodges, Oliver.

New. honey for sale, 10c Ib. Mrs; P;
J. Byrd, Fitzgerald, Rt. AS o 4

New bright honey 10 lbs. bucket,

i; G.-HeSeott,

comb or SRA $1.25 per bucket;

< Bee

ak : Z

T. Gammage, ,

also new gallberry 10 lb. comb, $1.50.
per bucket. All postpaid. Cash with
order. R. W. Browning, Dublin, Rt. 3.

10 Ibs. pails 6 to case $6.30; chunk
honey, 6 to case $7.25; two 10 Ib.
pails, extracted, $2. 105 postpaid. 1 pail
postpaid, $1.40. Jno. A. Crummey,
Doctortown. :


Main stock Red bliss seed Irish po-
tatoes.$1 bu. Eating, No. 1,:2 1-2c lb.
FOB Hazlehurst. Ship in sacks or
crates. 15c extra for crates. W. B.
Attaway, Hazlehurst.

Main stock Red Bliss seed Irish po-
tatoes, $1 bu; eating No. 1s, 2 1-2c Ib.
FOB Hazlehurst. Ship in. sacks or
crates, 15c extra for crates. W. B.
Attaway, Hazlehurst.

200 bu. No. 1 Irish cobbler potatoes
for sale. A. T. Milteer, Quitman.

Yellow and red plum trees for sale
at 50c per 100, or exch for home made
grape juice. Will sell as many as re-
quired. James Sumner, Stockton, Rt.
3, Box 66.


Best grade Pure Ga. cane syrup in
cases of 12 half gal. cans, $4 per case
frt. prepaid. on 2 cases or more. J. T.
Ponder, Whigham.

Strictly A-1 sugar cane syrup, 12
half gal. cans to case, $4 per case.
Malvin Colins, Whigham.

Best grade pure Ga. cane syrup in


cases Of 12 half gals. cans, $4 per case.
Freight prepaid on 2 cases or more.
J. T. Ponder, Whigham.

Pure Ga. cane syrup 12 1-2 gals. to.
case, $4.25 per case. Guaranteed best
grade. Malvin Collins, Whigham.


Fancy green beans, $2 per hamper, -
FOB Cornelia. Orders filled pee
ly. J. C. Erwin, Cornelia, Rt. 1.

White nest onions, 60c gal; toma- .
toes, 50e gal; also peaches and apples
40c gal. Maude Hamby, Greenville,
Rix Sy

I have more peas for sale, about 1M _
s lIb.each week, also some beans and
okra. Come and bring your truck.
Cannot use COD orders. eo
Hicks, Adel, Rt. 1. 2

Georgia Products Wanted


Want 20 bu. Brabham or Iron peas
Will exch 75 lbs. tin nice chunk.
comb honey for 5 bu. I to pay charg-
es on peas you on honey. L. H. Ed- :
enfield, Stillmore, Rt. 1. Sih

Want to exch. 1 pt. salad seed, a
qt. pea seed, 1 qt. bunch butter. bean
seed for beet or any kind of garden

bunch bean seed. Mrs. Isabell Hard-
in, White, Rt. 1.

Want large supply Crowder peas.
Send sample and best price. Will pay
for, sample..15 Ib. WJ:

Ochlochnee, Rt. 3. Pa

; S {
Mr. Eugene Talmadge,


cometh: when no man can work.

working si

could firs ride in a bug:



State Commissioner of Agriculture,

Tam writing you regarding the worlds condition today. I dont
believe in women taking authority over the men, but as the old say-
ing goes, two heads are better than one sometimes, if one is.a goats.
So my husband asked me to write you as it might benefit someone.
There are so many people takes the Market Bulletin and reading :
and searching everything but the Bible trying to find out how to jf
make a living and trying to find jobs with work all cut out.
might see that God did not intend everybody to be Lazarus.
had He would not have taken the mans talent that only had one and
given it to the one that had ten and cast him into outer darkness,
where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. He said to.
them that hath shall be given, to them that hath not shall be taken ~
It is all right for.a man to have what he works for and he
will have it-if he will do the will of the Lord. He said get your liv-
ing by th sweat of your brow, work while it is day for the night

~ has always come good times and bad ones. God gives us knowledge to

prepare in the years of plenty for the years of famine. ;

do that, but people have to crawl and then walk and if they will |

marry at the age of 21 and go to work like God meant them to do.
days in the week, saving ind laying up for old age they
, then a car then an airplane and at last
the old ship of Zion. But instead of choosing the right way they are |}
starting out; who can get an old car is \riding and them that cant an
are riding around trying to beg or beat and some even stealing.their |}
way through life and at last die in a worse a than Lazarus, for ara
have served the devil all the way through. -

Of course the wealthy man loves to cramp down on the poor,
but they are not all to be blamed if they will take life like the cat
eating the grindstone, till they can be their own boss, and do Gods
will, the big man wont get so much out. of their labor.

The best way out of trouble is never to vet in.

If you want to publish this letter please dont use my name as I.
am just a plain farm lady, the mother of nine children and have |
more than I can do without taking the worlds affairs on my hands
and meddling where I have no business.
wild about education. I am not opposed to that, I believe in send-

ing children to school, but they ought to know how to read the Bi-
ble. There are so many preachers out today leading people astray. But
everybody cant live off of their pen and ink, somebody has got to till

-the soiland there are so many thinking their child too good to work
and when they grow up they dont know how and dont know how to
have it done and they do most every way but right and some land
in the chain gang, where they cant stand the fare and soon die. ae

<Ehis is not bringing up the way they should gO.

Rt. 2, Canton, Ga.

Canton, Georgia.
July 8, 1931.

Six days shalt thou labor. There

If we would

But the world has gone


=< Dear: Sir:

letter you can do so.

If you think it would be of any benfit to the world to publish my

I feel like it might be a little out of order for

me to write such things but it is my religion to do all the good I can

any way I can. I did not take any pains, I just tried to give you a :

few thoughts, but I could take time and write a book on this.
So you can use your own pleasure about this.

MRS, I. M.
Rt. 2, Canton, Ga.


-Canton, Georgia,
\ July 8, 1931. -





Georgia Products: Wanted


- Want Austrian peas. Quote price.
Davis Jennings, Jr., Box 84, Americus.
- Want 2 tons Austrian peas, can in-
-oculation with each bag delivered El-
-javille. Make best price. H. F. Dix-
on, Ellaville.


Want Keiffer pears by truck load
lots or contract the orchard at so
much a bushel. Price must be right.
State price and when ready in first
letter. Want Elberta peaches also. J:
O. Lunsford, Talking Rock, Rt. 2.

' Want to make jelly, apple butter,
ple sauce on halves. Mrs. Ben R.

Fr Clarkesville, Rt. 3.

Want to buy wheat for chicken
feed, and feed oats. Claude Eubank,
Smyrna, Rt. 2.

Want to make apple jelly, peach
_ preserves on. halves. Party to furnish
all sugar and their part of containers
nd delivery charges edch way. Write
first. Mrs. H. H. Sullivan, Carrollton
ub. o: pee


Want to buy 2 bu. Lookout Mtn.
seed Irish potatoes. W. L. Wilson,
Sparta, Rt. 3.
Want some seed Irish potatoes for
fall planting. Lookout Mt. preferred..
as. A. Benett, Station A, Atlanta.
Want 1-2 bu. Lookout Mountain Ir-
ish potatoes. Will pay reasonable
price. M. F. Norman, Richland, Rt.
5. -Box.71.
- Want best price on Green Mountain
ytatoes for planting. J. C. Scruggs,

Pinite For Sale

St. Augustine grass cuttings, $1.25
per bu. Well rooted. Price FOB Al-
ma. Miss A. Dixon, Alma. ,
Wakefield and Flat Dutch cabbage,
eading collard, New Stone and Bal-
timore tomato plants, 20c per 100, $1.-
0 per M del. 5M or more 50c per M.
irs. Aggie Crowe, Col. Gainesville.
Thousands of tomato plants ready
for early fall tomatoes 50c per 100;
early fall cabbage plants, 25c per 100.
No orders filled for less than 200. H.
V. Franklin, Register.

Flat Dutch and Jersey Wake. cab-
bage and collard plants, 20c per 100,
$1.25 per M postpaid. Amos Williams,
Collard plants for sale or exch. for
tomato plants of large variety. Each
to Mrs. O. Richardson,

Cabbage, collard and tomato plants.
5c per 500,$1.225 per M. A. P. Sex-
ton, Valdosta.
New Stone fall tomato plants 75c
- per M; Porto Rican potato vine cut-
tings, $1.50 per M. Cash with order.
. M. Barber, Baxley.
Nice sage plants, good roots, 6 for
25c; 40c doz; Red Rock tomato plants
20c per 100, 50c per 300 postpaid. L.
. Vollrath, Winston.
McDonald or Advance earliest of
all Blackberry plants, Premo and. Lu-
cretia dewberry plants, $1 per 100, $9
per M; celestial fig, Concord grape.
eee for prices. J. W. Toole, Macon
Rt. 2:
St. Regis raspberry plants, 40c doz.
arden gooseberry bushes 2 for 25c;
age same. Dill seed, 8c pkg. Jessie
L. Eaton, Dahlonega, Rt. 1.
Tomato and collard and cabbage
plants, 50c per 300, $1.10 per M del.
8m for $3 del. Mrs. Calvin Sorrett,
nk wood, Rt. 1. < :
- Tomato and_ collard plants, 75c per
600, .$1.25 pr M. moss packed, post-
paid, basket free. Lee Waldrip, Gain-
Leading varieties cabbage. tomato
or collard plants, 25c per 100, $1.25
per M. del. 5M or more, $1.10 per M
FOB: Mrs. Cora Lee Crow, Gaines-
ville, Rt. 1. :
- Cabbage, collard, New Stone and
reater Baltimore tomato plants 65c
er 500, $1.10 per M del. Large nice
egg plants, 40c per 100, $1.50 per 500.
Mrs. F. E. Happoldt, Lewiston.
~ Hot and sweet pepper plants 20c per
100; dried sage 40c lb. G. B. McLane
Hartwell. -
. Stone and Baltimore tomato, head-
ing collard plants, 50c per 300; $1.25
per M postpaid. Lady Thompson and
-Everbearing strawberry plants, 25c
per 100, $1.75 per, M del. H. P: Crow,
ainesville, Rt. 2.
Cabbage, collard and tomatoes, $1.-



Hot pepper plants, 30c per 100, $1.75
per M prepaid. Will exch for head-
ing collards and late cabbage, honey
peas. C. W. Page, Norcross.

New Stone, Baltimore tomato plants.
collard plants, 30c per 200, 95c per M.
del. R. C. Thompson, Cumming, Rt.

Grater Bal. New Stone tomato, col-
lard plants, 30c per 200, 95c per M
del. T.| J. Thompson, Flowery Branch.

Nice cabbage plants for fall head-
ing, Wakefield and Flat Dutch, ready
now; $1 per M. Andrew Clark Thom-

Late spring and summer cabbage
plants, 60c per 500, $1 per M postpaid.
Mrs. Lillie Stokes, Fitzgerald.

Ga. cabbage, sweethead collards,
Wakefield, Dutch, and Drum = head
cabbage, Globe, Marglobe, Baltimore

tomato plants, delivered to you at $1
per 500, $1.50 per M. Mrs. H. L. How-
ell, Valdosta. :

Napier grass plants and roots. Im-

ported from Africa. Gives more green
forage than any other known grass.
S. T. Smith, Cuthbert.
- Cabbage-collard plants 50c per 300,
$1.25 per M. Tomato plants leading
varieties 50c per 300; $1.25 per M del.
Mrs. W. N. Lott, Braselton.

Wakefield cabbage plants, heading
and Ga. collards, new stone and Bal-
timore tomato plants, 25c per 300,
$1.25 per M del., 5M_or more, $1 per

M, col. Lee Crow, Oakwood, Rt. 1.
New sensational, heavy bearing
Youngberry selected, heavy rooted

plants, bloom first year, supply limit-
ed. $5 per C FOB. N. Rosene, Ft.
Valley, Box 44.

Stone and Baltimore tomato and
Ga. collard plants, 75c per 500, $1.25
per M del. Winfred Waldrip, Flowery

Cabbage plants, 65c per 500, $1.25
per M; New Stone tomato plants 75c
per 500, $1.25 per M: All orders post-
paid J. B. Bennette, Flowery Branch
Rt ds .

Jersey Wakefield and Flat Dutch
cabbage heading collard plants, 25c
per 100; 75c per 500, $1.25. per M.
Marcus Williams, Gainesville, Rt. 2.

Cabbage collards and tomato plants
65c per 500, $1.25, per M. Cash with
a Virdice Jordan, Flowery Branch
RG te :

Thousands tomato plants ready for

early fall tomatoes, 50c per 100; ear-
ly fall cabbage plants, 25c per 100.
No orders filled for less than 200. H.
V. Franklin, Register.
State inspected and treated red skin
Porto Rican potato plants, seed grown
from vines, 60c per M. del in Ga. Le-
land Lightsey, Odum, Rt. 2.

State inspected, and treated Imp red
skin Porto Rican potato plants, seed
grown from vines, 50c per M del. W.
D. Lightsey, Odum, Rt. 2. ;

- Leading varieties cabbage and to-
mato and collard plants, 90c per M
del. O. F. Crow; Gainesville, Rt. 1.

Vine cuttings from genuine red. skin
Porto Ricans, $1.25 FOB, $1.50 del.
anywhere in Ga. W. G. OQuinn,
Surrency, Ga. .

Wakefield and Flat Dutch cabbage,
Baltimore tomato, heading collard
plants, prompt shipment, 20c, 50c, $1
per M. Obie Crow, Gainesville. Rt. 1.

Greater Baltimore and New Stone
tomato plants, 60c per 500, $1 per M.
Now ready. Dewey Mathis, Flowery
Branch, Rt. 1.

New Stone, Greater Baltimore to-
mato plants, Ga. and heading varie-
ty collard plants, 60c per 500, $1 per
M, del. Guy Waldrip, Flowery Branch

Cabbage plants, $1.25 per M; G. B.
tomato plants, $1.25 per M;_ collard
plants, 75c per M. Genuine Bermu-
da onion sets, 90c gal. Multipliers, 75c
gal. Cader Stephens, Flowery Branch

New Stone tomato plants, 20c per
100;' $1.10 per M. Steve Howard,
Flowery Branch. Rt. 1.

Stone and Baltimore tomato plants
$1 per M del. G. E. Waldrip, Flowery
Branch. ety Se ;

New Stone and Baltimore tomato,,
true Ga. and heading collards, $1.10
per M del. W. O. Waldrip, Flowery
Branch. , .

Plant collection for fall crop, 200
cwbbage, 200 collards, 200 tomatoes, 50
pepper, 50 egg plants for $1 postpaid.

| Mrs. Gertrude Branan, Lewiston.

Chas. W. and Flat Dutch cabbage,
Stone and Baltimore tomato, 20c per
500, $1.25 per M; collards, $1.10 per
M del. Amos Williams, Gainesville.
State inspected P. R. plants good
size, 50c per M FOB cash or will sell
in 5M lots at 40c per M. R. F. Lewis,
Baxley, Rt. 4.

P. R. plants with good roots, 50c per

M, 5M or more, 40c FOB. Satisfac-

ab aa Pa RAE any Sy eR ee ee Sy ae ie a BS Sat Kgee ee 5 SLs See eee
Loe aA ce ee :
3 oe he f ; ee : ; .
= : ,
ee , : - 5 25 Sag
PAGE SIX MAREK ET BU LIT BRN Thursday, July 30, 1931.
25 per M. Bill Crow, Gainesville, Rt.| tion guaranteed cash. J. F. Lewis, | Now ready. Dewey Mathis, Flowery


State inspected P. R. potato plants
well rooted 50c per M FOB. Cash with
order. Guy Lewis, Baxley, Rt. 4.

Late Flat Dutch and Jersey Wake-
field cabbage plants, also true Ga.
collard plants, 25c per 100, $1.15 per
M-del. Prompt shipment. W. L.
Wright, Alto, Rt. 2.

Well: rooted Stone tomato plants,
Chas. Wakefield cabbage, Ga. and
cabbage heading collard plants, 5c
per 300, $2 per M postpaid. C. R.
Burell, Auburn.

Well rooted improved Stone tomato
plants, 70c per 300, $1.90 per M post-
paid. Roots moist packed, prompt
del. Lamar Burell, Auburn.

Guaranteed 8 in. New Stone Balti-
more tomato plants, 50c per 300,, $1
per M del. Collard plants same price.
Rafe Thompson, Flowery Branch, Rt.

Hot pepper plants, 35c per 100;
sweet. pepper plants, 50c per 100. L.
E. Harison, Dublin.

Genuine cabbage, heading collard
and Chas.~W. cabbage plants grown
from Long Island seed; good plants,
full count, 60c per 300, $1.50 per M
postpaid. C. F. Maddox, Buford.

Lady Thompson and progressive ev-
erbearing strawberry plants, 35c per

'100, Mastadon everbearing strawberry

plants, 60c per 100, also peppermint
and garden gooseberry 10c ea. Wiil
exch. Roy A. Grindle, Dahlonega, Rt.

Chas. W. cabbage plants, 20c per
100, $5c per M, 5M and up, 75c per
M del. Mrs. G, L. Childers, Flowery
Branch, Rt. 1.

New Stone and Greater B. tomato
plants packed in ventilated boxes 75c
per 500; $1.25 per M. 8- 10 M, $1 per
M postpaid. J. B. Nix, Flowery Branch
Riso: ee

Chas. W. cabbage plants, 85c per M
5M up, 75c del. Mrs. R. L. Smith,
Flowery Branch, Rt. 1. . ee
Thousands of nice Gov. inspected
Imp. P. R. plants from vine seed, 50
per M, FOB or 75c M del. Red and
pink skin. J. W. Hodges, Odum, Box
42. :

Late Flat Dutch and Chas. W. cab-
bage and Ga. collard plants each 15c
per, 100,. $1.25 per .M. New Stone and
G. B. tomato plants, 20c per 100, $1.75
per M. Prompt shipment.
Crowe, Cumming, Rt. 4. .

Heading collards and Baltimore to-
mato plants, 20c per 100, $1.15 per M.
postpaid. Klondike and everbearing
strawberry plants 25c per 106, $2 per
. postpaid. L. A. Crow, Oakwood,

Leading variety. of collard plants,
20c per 100, $1 per M del., 5M or more.
85c per M-col. Mrs. E. B. Wether-
ford, Oakwood, Rt. 1.

Premium late drum head cabbage
plants, $1.40 per M. All season cab-
bage plants same price. Lady Thomp-
son strawberry plants, 40c per 100, $2
per M. Mrs. Hubert F. Turner, Cleve-
dad RG A NS

Chas. J. Wakefield, Flat Dutch cahb-
bage, collards, tomatoes, 60c per 500,
$1 per M. Sweet pepper and egg
plants 50c per 200, $1 per 500 postpaid.
Miss Rosa May, Lewiston.

New Stone and Baltimore tomato
heading variety and Ga. collards, $1.-
25 per M del. 5M and up, $1 per M.
ee Ovie Crowe, Gainesville, Rt.

Well rooted New Stone and Balti-
more tomatoes, Chas. W. cabbage and
Ga. collard plants, 75c per 300, $1 per
M. $1.50 per M postpaid. Satisfaction

guaranteed. Prompt shipment. FE. A.
Hayes, Buford, Rt. 2. :
Chas. Wakefield Late Flat Dutch

cabbage, New Stone Greater Bal. to-
mato, Ga. collards, guaranteed full
count, prompt shipment, 65 per 500,

$1.10 per M. No checks. J. C. Cham-
| bers, Gainesville, Rt. 1. ;
Cabbage plants for fall heading,

Flat Dutch and Wakefield tough field
grown, 60c per 500, 90c per M del.
postpaid. 5M $2.50 exp. collect. Cab-
bage heading collards same price. F.
-F. Stokes, Fitzgerald.
Hot pepper plants, 35c per 100 or.
will exch for tomato plants or white
chicken feed sacks. Hastings heading
cabbage collard plants, $1 per 500.
aire: Johnnie F. Myers, Hartwell, Rt.

Cabbage, tomato and collard plants
$1.25 per M del. H-.W. Doda, Gaines-
Vile, Rt. 2.7 ben?

Cabbage and-collard plants now
ready, 85c per 500, $1.50 per M, to-
mato plants same price. Mrs. R. E.
ae 603 E. Savannah Ave., Val-


New Stone and Greater Baltimore
tomato plants, 65c per 500, $1 per M.

Ts x e ~

| per 500, $1.25 per M; cabbage collards, 3 eS

Branch, Rt. 1. =

Sure heading collards tomato plants
20c per 100, $1.10 per M. Prompt del.
J. C. Allen, Gainesville, Rt. 2.

Peppermint plants, 30c doz. Miss
Maude Hamby, Greenville, Rt. 3.

Stone tomato plants, $1.10 per M
or D. A. Waldrip, Flowery Branch,
, All season cabbage plants, 20c per
100, $1.15 per M del. No checks. T. ~
W. McDonald, Oakwood.

Wakefield and Flat Dutch cabbage,
Greater Baltimore tomato, heading
variety collard plants, prompt ship-
ment, 25c per 100, $1.20. per M del. 5M
or more, express col, $1 per M. Obie
Crow, Gainesville, Ga. Nee ek

Vine cuttings*from Pink skin Porto
Rican potatoes, $1.10 per M, or $1 per
M for 5M or more FOB. J. W. Brown
Dawson, Rt. 2. Saga

New Stone, G: B. tomato plants, 75c

60c per 500, $1 per M. Wakefield cab-
bage, $1.25 per M; Bermuda onion
sets, $1 per gal. Aug. del. Cader Ste-
phens, Flowery Branch. . Rs dary
Porto Rican potato vins, any am-_
ount, $1 per. M not prepaid. F. A.
Windham, Kite. age
Heading collard plants, ,and Stone
tomato plants, 20c per 100, $1.20 per
M; Klondyke and Everbearing straw- _
berry plants, 25c per 100, ,$1.75 per
M. All del. L. A. Crow, Oakwood. |
200 cabbage, 200 collards, 200 toma-
toes, 50 pepper, 50 egg plants, post-
paid for $1. Mrs. Gertrude Branan,
Lewiston. oe
Heading collards, 60c per 500, $1.10 .
per M. Tomato plants, Same price.
Wakefield cabbage plants, 75c per 500,
$1.25 per M. Theresa Allen, Gaines-
ville, Rt. 2. : ace
New Stone tomato plants, 25c per
100, $1 per M. Steve Howard, Flowery
Branch, -Rt.-1. 2 oe
New Stone and Baltimore tomato
plants, $1 per M del. G. E. Waldrip, |
Flowery Branch, Rt. 1. i ES

Plants Wanted |


roots for 1,000 plants, up to 600 roots

Claude Eubank, Smyrna, Rt. 2. :

| inson, Greenville, Ga.

Ponder, Whigham, See

Want about 100 Ga. heading collard
plants, good strong plants, will not
accept other plants or seed. Write
what you want in exch. Mrs. T. H.
Darrell, Jasper, Rt. 1. :

Want to exch Napier grass roots for
potato vines or good strong plants, 100

ship collect at once.
Americus. ae =

Want best prices on 6,000 tomato
plants, Stone or Livingston Globe. N.
S. Faircloth, Cordele. cae
Wanted to buy celery plants. State
size, variety and price per hundred.

M. M. Murray, i

Seed For Sale

Large nest onions, 60c gal: burr clo-
ver seed, $1 per bu. Mrs. B. L. Rob- |

Collard seed for sale at 75 lb. Cash >
by order. J. D..Brown, Donalson-
ville. ES

Make best offer on 25 lbs. clean 7
top turnip seed. Not mixd and guar-
anteed to be good. A, T. McNeely, 545
Ontario Ave., S. W., Atlanta.

New Ga. collard and Ferry-Morse
purple top strap leaf and purple top
white globe turnip seed, 50c Ib; 5 lb.
lots, 45c lb. No orders less than 1
lb. B. J. Head, Alma, Ga. ae

Unmixed 1931 seven top turnip seed
30c Ib.. V. C. Roark, Clermont. = =
_ Several] gallons nice white nest on-
ions, this year onions. Mrs. W. G._
Morgan, Toccoa, Rt. 2. ee es
White multiplying nest onion sets,
60c per gal. or $4 per bu. Add postage.
W. P. Gardner, Fairburn, Rt. 2. |

1 lb. 1931 curley mustard seed, ga- _
thered before any rain, 5c. Miss |
Omie Farmer, Milan, Rt. 2, Box 34. |

Old fashioned shellots 65c gal. del.
buttons 50c qt.; Bunch winter Eng.
pea seed, 45c Ib. i ip 10G; 2

garden bean seed. Miss Eva Cogburn
Alpharetta, Rt. 2. aa {
Purple. top and seven top turnip
seed, slightly mixed, 10c snuff. box
full; +3: for 25c,;-35<. lb; Lawrence
Wright, Alto, Rt. 2. ca re
_ Collard seed, blue stem, also head-
ing variety, $15 per 100 lbs. or smaller.
lots, 18c. Also red nest onigns, $2 per

bushel. Malvin Collins, Whigham, Ga.

1931 mustard seed, smoothe leaf,
slightly mixed with curled, 2 tbls. 10c.
Cash with order, no checks. Mrs. Py. |
S. Rowland, Vienna, Rt. 2. ee

New crop true Ga. collard seed, re-
cleaned 15c lb. FOB Whigham, J. T.

Thursday, July 30, 1931.

_ Seed For Sale

KE. J. and Copenhagen cabbage seed
10c oz; $1 lb. cheaper in larger quan-
tities. Will exch for early English
pea seed or setting of AAA quality
jeghorn eggs. F. H. Windham, Kite.

White multiplying or nest onions
xr eating or planting, nice and clean,

$3.50 bu. in sacks FOB. Mrs. Ada

Summerville, Dallas, Rt. 6.
Purple top turnip seed, nice and
an, 30c lb. postpaid. F. N. Bragg,

Van Antwerps new delicious tender
Old fash-

ghellots 65c gal. del. Buttons 40c
qt. Mrs. Mary Spruell, Alpharetta, Rt.

Old fashioned shellot buttons, large
nd healthy, 50c gal. or will make bet-
er price on larger lots. Money order
y. Mrs. J. T. Lambert, Ferest Park.

erennial nest onions, good yielder,
eeper and mild flavor 50c gal. Add
ostage. R. P. Steinheimer, Woolsey,

lbs. Hastings improved variety
ading cabbage collard seed, $1 or
will exch some for good beet seed
uitable for planting in July. Mrs.
johnnie F. Myers, Hartwell, Rt. 4.
even top turnip seed, 25c lb. Mrs.
. Smith, Flowery Branch, Rt. 1.
top turnip seed, 25c lb. or 20c

you take the lot of 171 Ibs. Send
we. Mrs. G. L. Childers, Flowery
ne Rie 1: ;
cum collard seed, 40c lb. 3 lbs.
r $1. L. E. Harrison, Dublin.
Castor bean seed, 25c lb. H. B. Til-
Care B. O. Fussell, Brunswick.
lifornia beer seed, 10c start post-
id; Dixon turnip seed 2 tblespoons
or 10c postpaid. Mrs. J. T. Hill, Mt.
iry, Ga. a i :
gal. beet seed, large variety, $3 per
al; 75c qt; 25c large teacupful. One
arge teacupful well developed May
erry seed, 25c. Mrs| C. G. Wheeler,
Cumming, Rt. 4.

Hastings Big Seven turnip seed col-
lection mixed with Sho-go-in 35c lb.
el, Yellow crookneck squash, mam-
moth okra seed, 3 tablespoonsful 15
el. No COD shipments. Mrs. C. A.
Wilbanks, Commerce, Rt. 5. ;

California beer seed -10c per. pack.

Burr clover seed, double screened,
d cleaned, 8c per lb; sample for
-10c. Large round white nest onions,
$1.per gal. L. M. Aderhold, Lavonia.
Burr clover seed uncleaned, 1 1-2c
OB, John N. Lewis, Hartwell.
0 lbs. Early Surprise English pea
seed 20c in 10 lbs. and up; 15c by hun-
dred, FOB. A. T. Milteer, Quitman,

f. beer seed, 10c per start, 2c
: an : gue. Carrie McCully, Logan-
Hes Tub. 0, -

arron, Acworth, Rt. 1, Box 115.
Burr clover seed $25 ton. Clean seed
2c lb. Milton Meeler, Hartwell.
Old fashion red shellots, not scul-
ions, 4c Ib FOB Alto. Harwell Gail-
y, Alto, Rt. 2. SNe
ne lot of cabbage, late Flat Dutch
Irumhead, 75c lb. del in good cond.
No checks accepted. R. L, Self, Al-

retta, Rt. 3.

Id fashion seven top turnipseed,
@ per 2 tablespoonsful or 25c per
aulf lb. Purple top turnip seed 40c

ecleaned burr clover seed, 6c lb.
ere. S. B. Kinard, Jackson. 3
Red and white nest onions, new
rop, sound, 60c gal. 2 cupfuls purple
Op yellow globe mixed turnip seed,
5c cupful del.
. Sullivan, Carrollton, Rt. 5.
Collard seed, 25c 1b. 5 lbs. for $1;
cabbage seed $1 lb; tomato seed, 75c
Th. postpaid. Lee Waldrip, Gaines-
lle RED. =
Red multiplying onions, 50c gal. del.
rs. F. E. Happoldt, Lewiston.
White nest onions, dry and sound,
$3.80 bu., $18 per 5 bu. del, new crop
Op turnip seed, 30c lb. or exch. for
burr clover seed. Mrs. R. F. Terrell,
Greenville, Rt. 3. z
_ Burr clover seed in the rough, pest
free, 1 1-2c lb. sacked FOB. Sample
A eee L. G. Sanders, Dewy Rose

Mrs. O. E. Shore, Scottdale. o

No stamps. Mrs. H.:

sets to plant this fall for early on-
ions 20c qt; 3 qts., 50c postpaid. L. J.
Vollrath, Winston.

White nest onions, 1931 crop, sound
and free from trash, 50c gal. No
stamps. Mrs. Myrtis Swann, Lithon-
ja, RED 1. }

5 gals. this years large white nest
onions, 50c gal. del. Mrs. J. T. Cole,
Barnesville, Rt. 2.

Collard seed, 40c lbi FOB. Mrs. H.
M. Watson, Preston, Rt. 1.

Scullion buttons 10c qt; or will exch
for white feed or flour sacks or any-
thine .can use. = irs. oW....G. . irk,
Draketown. :

Old fashion nest onions, the muti-
plying kind, 50c per gal. postpaid. R.
M. Corley, Barnesville, Rt. 1.

New Ga. heading collard seed and
winter curley mustard seed, 10c pkg.
or exch..for spinach seed. Mrs. R. Q.
Miller, Acworth, Rt. 2.

1-2 ga. bucket full of new crop quill
curled mustard seed, $1.50 del. or 10c
per large spoonful. Will exch. for ru-
tabaga globe and purple . top turnip
seed, dried peach seed. Make offer.
Mrs. Sam Rogers, Claxton. me
- Turnip seed purple top slightly
mixed with white globe new crop in
good cond., 3 Ibs. .40c lb. or $1 for 3
Ibs. del. No checks. Grady C. Tay-
lor, Alpharetta, Rt. 3. :

globe, purple top frost kind and rape.
Make best offer. C. W. McDaniel,
Calhoun, Rt. 2. eee
-50 lbs. new crop turnip seed, most-
ly seven top and purple top, 30c lb.
5 lbs. $1, mustard seed, mostly curled
variety, same price, all del. Miss L.

| M. Davis, Silver Creek, Rt. 1..

200 Ibs. purple top turnip seed, nice
and clean, 30c lb. del. Cheaper in
large lots. F. N. Bragg, Hawkinsville.

turnip seed, 35c lb. Leading varieties
cabbage seed, $1 lb. Flat Dutch tur-
nip seed, 35c postpaid. W. W. Will-
iams, Quitman. .

Hastings pure purple top turnip
seed, cabbage collard seed and purple
top turnip and rape seed mixed 40c lb.
or 30c lb. in bulk. Mrs. E. C. Bagley,

| Suwanee, -Rt. 2. ;

Purple top globe, seven top Shogoin
turnip seed, all 1931 seed, 35c lb. 2 lbs
60cep. p. mixed or unmixed as you
ewant them. Walter Jones, Ramhurst,
Rte. sore er

Hastings 100-bu. seed oats, bright
and sound, 60c bu. in 50 or 100 bu. lots
if taken at once. J. C. Ragan, .Pel-
ham. ; Ne ee
- 1 gal. Elberta peach seed for sale or
exch for garden peach seed. Mrs. D.
F. Sewells, Rochelle, Care E. P. King,
Route 1.

New crop graded collard seed, 25c
Ib., white Spanish peanuts, good seed,
5c lb. Cash with order, FOB here. W.
J. Jackson, Ochlochnee, Rt. 3.

Rape seed, Thomas Laxton Early
Alaska peas, 15c lb. Purple top white
globe cow horn, yellow globe, curled
mustard, Ga. collard seed, 45c lb. del.
W. H. Waddelle, Pearson. :

Cabbage seed $1 lb. Cheaper in
large quantities. F. H. Windham,
Kite. .

Burr clover seed, recleaned, 6c Ib.
FOB Jackson, J. P. Thaxton, Jackson,
Rt. 3: Rogen

1931 crop true Ga. collard seed, 15c
lb FOB Whigham. J. T.~ Ponder,
Whigham. -. :

Red nest onions for seed or eat-
ing, $1.50 per. bu. Also collard seed,
heading variety, $15 per hundred lbs.
or smaller lots, 18c Ib., or 1 |b. lots,
30c postpaid. Malvin Collins, Whig-
ham. :

Seed Wanted

Want to exch. at once half lb. of
heading collard or mustard seed for
same of purple top turnip. Mrs. A.
S. Paulk, Ocilla..

Miscellaneous For Sale

20 Ibs nice clean goose feathers, 50c
lb. or $6.50 for the lot. C. D. Will-
iamson, Plains.

Tobacco, new crop, sweet leaf, brt.
and yellow, put up in boxes at 5 Ibs.
for 75c; 10 lbs. $1.50, delivered 5 Ibs.
for $1, 10 lbs. $2. Dana Campbell,
Baxley, Rt. 2.

20 ibs good grade cream colored
cotton to exch for equal value. Mrs.
C. G. Wheeler, Cumming, Rt. 4.

Barn cured tobacco, bright leaf for
chewing or smoking, put up in boxes,
75 per 5 lbs. FOB, $1.50 per 10 lbs.
Claud Felter, Surrency.

White nest onions 15c qt. 45c gall.

Chewing tobacco, yellow and strong,

also shellott or scullion buttons or

8 lbs. extra good turnip seed, yellow |

Collard seed, purple top white globe |



bright leaf at 15c lb. FOB, 5 and 10
Ib. lots. -Philip Davis, Care A. Camp-
bell, Surrency. -

Old yellow sweet leaf tobacco, in 5
and 10 lb: boxes, 5 lbs..'75c, 10 Ibs. $1.-
50 FOB. A. Campbell, Surrency.

Dry sage, 50c lb.. Mrs. Bessie Rich,
Byron, Rt. 3.

Ground oyster shell for large and
small. chickens, $1 per 100 lbs. FOB
a eae: W. A. Smith, Savannah,

a. :

\ Nice broom straw, enough for two
oreo: $1. Iowa Woodring, Alto, Rt.

Nice clean dried sage, 60c lb. del.
This years crop, Mrs. J./ E. Yawn,
Rhine, Rt. 1, Box, 115.

Fresh water ground graham flour,
made from selected, recleaned, slick
wheat, $3 per 100 lbs. FOB Adairs-
ville. M. F. Lewis, Adairsville.

Flue .cured tobacco for sale, 10c lb.
FOB. Mrs. Ralph M. Bennett, Sur-

About 35 lbs. of best quality goose
feathers in good container, used but
in excellent cond. $15. Sample on
request. Mrs. E. B. Cotton, Palmet-
to, Box 47.

Shade dried sage, new and clean,
60c lb. Spearmint plants, 5c ea. Mrs.
Ralph Williams, Cumming, Ga.

Blackberry and grape jelly, 2 pints,
65c; 1 doz. $3.75 FOB. Will exch for
pint and half pint jelly glasses with
tops or qt. mason jars. Write stating
ae Mrs. Sam Smith, Austell, Rt.

30-100 lb size strong white chicken
feed sacks, 10c ea. Cash. Miss Belle
Timmerman, Bronwood, Box 83.

New shade dried sage, 40c lb. Mrs.
L. B. Taylor, Rydal.

Walnut kernels, 80c lb; also Colum-
bia beer seed, 10c start. Del. M. A.
Cochran, Protection. oh

Will make jelly and pear preserves
on shares. Party to furnish sugar and
her part of containers. Sat. assured.
Mrs. W. T. Bryan, Sharpsburg, Rt. 1.

Sassafras, 5 lb $1; poke root, 15c lh.
mustard, 30c 1b; Spial wood, 45c Ib.
Add postage. Miss lLyndia Stancil,
Alpharetta, Rt. 3. ae

Will make fig preserves on halves.
Party to.furnish jars and sugar. Mrs.
James Ezzell, Rockmart.

100 burlap sacks, majority. cotton
meal and hull sacks, $5: Mrs. D. Whid-
don, Chula.

_ Pure apple vinegar for sale at 40c
per gal. del. D. W. Jarrard, Alto, Rt.

48 lb. flour and meal sacks. Will
exch for anything can use. Mrs. Isa-
bell Hardin, White, Rt. 1, Box 33. _

Nice clean new feathers, 40c lb. or
will exch for ehickens. No name or
address. :

500 pieces of hot house glass 8x10
size for sale or exch for farm produce
or live stock. Walter Hunnicutt, Tal-
lulah Falls.

_100 Jute sacks, $5 or will exch for
rape seed, chickens or what you have.
W. S. Mixon, Griffin, Box 419.

Sweet flue cured tobacco 10 and 12
1-2c lb. No orders filled less than $1.
W. Jennings Steward, Baxley, Rt. 4.

Miscellaneous Wanted

Want to hear from party who has
ginseng roots. Give lowest price and
oes Buford Satterfield, Lula,

Want North Ga. celery plants. W.
J. Josey, Americus.

Want peaches, apples, huckleberries,
honey, syrwp, canned fruit, sweet po-
tatoes, oats, wool, in exch for equal
value. Mrs. A. J. Jansen, Atlanta,
RFD 7; Box 68, Belmont, 1427-R.

Want 50 or 100 fruit cans to fill on
halves, with apples, peaches, tomatoes
beets, beans, etc. Cans to be del my
home. Mrs. Sarah Grindle, Dahlon-
ega, Ried.

Farm Help Wanted |

Want a man to help with general
farm work whois able to burn char-
coal. A. T. McNeely, 545 Ontario
Ave., S. W. Atlanta. :

Want lady not over 40 yrs. of age
and not more than one child to help
with poultry and other light work on
small truck farm near Atlanta. J. W.
Rowe, Atlanta, Rt. 1, Box 332.

Want a settled unincumbered wo-
man to assist with chickens and milk-
ing. Mrs. C.-M. Parsons, Rt. 2, Box
21, Duluth.

Want honest, clean industrious man
30-45 yrs. to work on farm for wages,
balance of year and live as one of
family, to begin work .at once. F. M.
Walden, Vienna, Ga. Rt. 6. ~

Hartwell. .

Want white or colored woman t
live in country and do light far

work. Mrs. D. H. Byrd, Lawrenceville
Rte 4 .

Want healthy unincumbered white
woman twenty-five or thirty years
old to live as one of family and do
light work on farm. Good home for
a good woman. J. H. Moorhead,


. a
Want an experienced gin man who
can keep up machinery and run gin.
Give price and experience in first let-
ter. TB Noble Vienna. 4 = :

Want some experienced tanner
tan two large cow hides on halve
L. M. Kennedy, Collins.

Want strong, healthy, industrious,
honest married man, exp. with riding
cultivator, $1 per day. Rough small
house and garden. W. H. Waddelle,
Pearson. "

Want woman 40-45 yrs. old to as-
sist in light farm work and poultry.
Will give a good home to right party.
No children wanted. Must be heal
thy and give good reference. S
Sarah T. Bales, LaGrange, Rt. 5, Box
55; Soe

Want 2 families to gather crop of
cotton. Have two good houses to live
in, plenty of water and in a healthy
climate. R. F. Longino, Vienna, Rt.

Want at once a family of peop
able and willing to work to pick 700
lbs. of cotton a day. Have peanuts
also to be gathered and can give work
until Christmas. Reasonable wages
Eugene Powell, Fitzgerald, Rt. 2.

{Positions Wanted

tobacco farm in So. Ga. 1932. 25 years
experience. Can give A-1 ref.
handle any kind of crop and labor.
L. Olive, Wrens, Rt. 2. nye
Refined widow 25 yrs. old, pleasing
personality, good education wan
place on farm doing light farm wor
small salary. D. M. Claxton, Roc
ledge, Rt..1, Box 55. a
oung widow with two girls wants \
home on farm with family or live on
place party to plow for me to hoe
Can move now. Honest and indus-
wees. Mrs. Annie Heard, Cumming,
Daughter and mother able to wor
want job milking cows, feeding hogs.
Seas etc. Mrs. Julia Nutt, Sevi
Man past middle age wants crop
50-50 basis for 1932, good land, stock
and tools, life time on farm. C. L
Bradford, Lithonia, Rt. 1.
_ Want a 3-5 horse farm on 50-50 ba-_~
sis, party to furnish land, mules, and
tools, and half the guano, I to furnis
the other half and do work. J. R
Bae Toe. Box 627. ison
ant -part of crop with good part
for 1932 near Roswell on Marietta,
Have wife and two children, sober
honest. Want to hear from party a
H. G. Crowe, Canton, Rt. 1. _
Want job as farm manager, lifetime
experience, genera] farming, specializ
in truck and produce. Best of refer-
ence. S. I. Duncan, Jonesboro, Rt.
Want a job with good man. Can
any kind of farm work, run any kind
on pore a ee a carpenter wor
wife. . .C! Me \
ae Mer ii Nae
ant to run cotton gin. | Ready to
start as soon as possible, 5 yrs. ye
J.T. Finch, Winder, Rt. 2. arias
Refined widow 34 yrs. old with
child wants work on farm, dairy work

wi give good referen ~
Mrs. Lula Duglas, Adrian, Rt. t ee ;
D. T. Sanders. :


on 50-50 basis andgood mi
furnished. Wife and 6 id pea

dress your corn rock to make whole
wheat flour. Write for parties
pide Smith, 259 Garnett St., Atlas

farm gathering crop
South Georgia. : i 1
tn ee g W. E. Herring, Elbe

Want a job on farm, dairy or stock
farm, or grist mill. Can tee es
either. Age 54. Can give ref. Well ex-
pereneed, C. L. Coursey, Ty Ty, Gen
Want job as ginner. Write salary fi
first letter. Can go anywhere. Gq 5
Fanchton, Pavo, Rt. 1. hee

Want work to do for the rest of

Want job as first class miller, Can

Want job on

1931, 2 in family. Lonni
Chester; Rt\ 2. a * ee :


EIGHT > tes s d Ee

place, prefer feeding and looking after
stock with good people. Will work
for $10 mo., board and laundry. B. B.
Benton, Ft. Valley, Rt. 4.

Want a crop to gather, 3 hands to
_ work. Would prefer a 2 horse crop for
mig38;- de dD. Burell, Atlanta, 570 Cand-

Elderly gentleman 35 yrs. exp. on
rm, good manager, good poultryman
wants to manage small farm for a

y. Salary no object. J. A. Jones,
\tlanta, 1240 Druid Place, N. E.
Man 50 yrs. of age want job on
farm with some good man near At-
Janta. Able to do any kind of farm
work, raised on farm have no_ had
habits. Can start at once. J. D.
- Thompson, Colquitt, Rt. 3.

2 young men 22-and 30 yrs.
want job at once on farm or dairy or
any kind of general farm work. Hard
orkers, no bad habits. $1.50 per wk.

Want job helping gather crop and
ood 2 horse farm for 1932 on 50- 50
asis, or would like job on peach farm
= _ Have had experience. Have wife and
children. Write what you have to
er: B. M. Coulter, Columbus, Rt.
, Box 408.

halves and raise hogs on halves with
the crop. Would like to raise tobacco
to pay for fertilizer. If interested,
write at once. G. W. McGehee, Uval-

e people who appreciate good, hon-
est, hard labor.
rm work, 20 yrs. exp. Can come
-once. James William Holt, Sum-
erville, Rt. 1, Box 47. |

Want place on farm. Can do most
nything on a farm, Am middle aged
good health, do not dissipate or loaf.
Compensation arranged by owner.
Harris Hurst, Atlanta, 302 Mortgage
Guarantee Bidg.

Car bce

One car bright oat straw, well baled
per ton; also car nice wheat straw

ce and bright, $8 per ton. Jas. B.
Woods, Brooks, .

1 car nice bright well . baled oat
straw, $8 ton; also car good baled:
wheat straw, $8 per tone das. B.
Woods, Brooks, Ga. as

- Poultry For Sale


well developed Australorp .cockerels |

April hatch, $2 del. W. C. Davidson,

Spring hatch Brahma pullets and
sa ockerels, healthy, 3 pullets and one
cockerel, $2.50 FOB. M. E,: Warren,
Hartwell, Rt. 1. :

Bantam hens; pullets and young

_cockerels, 25c ea. up. Satisfaction
- guaranteed. James Rice, Douglasville,

cd pair grown mixed Bantams 15;
also 3 months old pullets, 25c ea. Mrs.
Robert Tuggle, Carrollton, Rt. 6.
Golden Sebright bantams,
1930 and 1931 hatch, cocks, $1 ea; pul-
lets. 50c ea. FOB shipping point. Cash
ith order. J. R. Stuart, Fair Mount.
8 common Bantam hens laying, 50c
ea. 1 grown rooster, 40c; several roos-
ers, 23 grown 35c ea. not del. 1 Gold-
en Seabright rooster: crowing, $1. Mrs.
oy E. Wallace, Hapeville.
$8 bantams; <1 rooster and % hens,.
H0ce"ea. Mrs. ah F.
eeet. ol,


Barred Semaine Rocks, $1 ea. or

exch to prevent inbreeding. Pullets
and cockerels. Mrs. Geo. T, Bagwell,
_ Abbeville.
20 Barred Rock, May hatched pull-
ets from blood tested flock, 70c each
FOB Madison. Mrs. Ez. as Wood, Mad-
- Grade A White Rocks, flocks cull-
ed and bred for egg production, type
and color for past five years. 10 wks.
old 60c, 12 wks. old 70c. Mrs. J. Z.
Hudgins, Clermont.
11 large white rock hens and 1 roos-
ter, 2 yrs. old, Fishel strain, $15 for
* the lot. No checks. Mrs. D. H. Rain-
weet, Douglasville, Ro. 6.

with board. and laundry. aes Clay,.

Want a one horse farm for 1932 on

Single man 34 wants position with |

Can do any kind of;


-| less. than 90 Ibs.

spring |

Tillmon, Glenwood :


Thoroughbred Cornish game pullets
at $1.25 ea; also rooster, $1 ea. Send
money and postage with order. Mrs.
J. M. Strength Sylvester, Rt. 3.

Twenty game hens and 1 cock, 1929.
and 1930 hatch. Ali fat and_ fine,
thoroughbred Bacon Warhorse, 75c ea,
if all taken together. Mrs. Mollie Mc-
Cain, Haylow.

1931 spring hatched purebred dark
Cornish game young roosters, 2-3 Ibs.
$1 each. Berry strain. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Mrs. C. A. Patterson, Ty
TY Rb be

Pure bred dark Cornish Tndfan
game pee ab a March and April heh.
$1 eae: DRcA oD: Bennett, Douglas.


40 W. L. pullets, May 12 hatch, Fer-
ris strain, 50c ea. or exch for Jersey
heifer ready bred. Mrs. W. A, Gid-
dens, Chester, Rt. 2.

50 Apr; 15 hatch Russian W. L. pul-
lets, 50c ea FOB. Cash with order.
J. O. Attaway, Suwanee.


Pure Buff Orpington opullets and
cockerels, March and April hatch, 75c
ea. FOB. Send money order. Mrs. J.
Y. Rhodes, Crawfordville. - _
Golden Buff Orpington pullets and
cockerel, $1 ea. FOB. Also a few fry-
ers at 30c lb FOB and large fat hen
at 25c lb. Mrs. F. R. Vincent, Fruit-

Pure bred Apr. 1 hatch cockerels, $1.
ea. FOB. Roy D. Tankersley, Ap-

6 Buff Orping roosters hatched May
11 from the best A. A. Byers strain,
$1 ea. FOB. J. H. Loyd, Milan, Rt. a5


Young pigeons 25c pr. Shipped
prompply: James Rice, Douglasville,
Rt, 2.

200-250 White King pigeons, 50c ea.
FOB Springfield, 50-75 Blue Homers,
few mixed, 25c ea. A. B. oe

About 50 R. I. Red Mar. hatch pull-
ets;.70c ea in lots of 5 or more. No
checks. S. J. Seale, Douglas, RG;


2 turkey hens, 2 yrs. 1 tom 2 yrs.
12 Avril hatch turkeys, all for $25.
Mrs. @2 As. Dial, Bishop, Ri. te

14 M. B. and Bourbon red mixed 2
1-2 mos. old, healthy turkeys, $1 ea.
Hen to carry $3. _Cash or money or-
D. L,. Branch, Mystic, Rt. 1.

M..B. baby turkeys, 35c ea. July del.
Mrs. E. S: Ward, Fayetteville.

4 Toulouse geese, pure bred for ex-
change for meat shoat to weigh not
Mrs. -@4 A. Black,

The Rock, Rt. 1.

23 slightly mixed Indian runner.
ducks and drakes, Apr. hatch, 75c ea.
drakes: $1 ea. ducks. Also 2 white Pe-
kin ducks, male and female, $1 ea.
Faye Doughiry, Metter.

Mammouth white Pekin ducks, Mar
hatch, now laying, $1 ea; last yr. hch.
$5 trio; Mallard ducks, $1 ea. just
grown, old. ones, $1.50. Mrs.
Smith, Savannah, Rt. 3:

White African guinea rooster for
sale or exch for Feb. or March hatch
dark red rooster, good strain for
den Mrs. Milton Minshew, Wal-

Baby Chicks Fo or Sale

Reds and

Leghorns, Anconas, is
Rocks, 8c;
live del. guaranteed.
ron white leghorns, 10c;
old pullets.
hall St., Atlanta.

Live Stock For Sale


Bull calfSire Sultans\ Raleigh
whose dam made 543 lbs. fat; combi-
nations Premier. Dam is grand dau-
ghter Xenias SultanMasterman of
Oaklands, $35. A. L. Mason, Acworth.

Guernsey and. Devon mixed cow 5th
calf, T. B. tested, good cond. 4 gal.
milk per day on right feed, $50 at
my barn. Mrs. C. A. Randolph, Tuck-
er, RFD, Box 77.

Good 4 yr. Jersey cow giving 2 1-2
gals. milk, 1 lb. butter daily, $65; also
5 mos Jersey bull. calf, $10. Both
sired by Maggies Sparkling Sultan
No. 247679. R. F. Sikes, Sylvester.

Reg. Polled Hereford bulls and hei-
fers, bulls old enough for service for

Imported Bar-
also 8 wks.

sale. E. Ts Boswell, Jr., Siloam.


|Z. white doe bred, $3:

do De

ploodtested 100 per cent. ey, Alto.

Sam Brown, 316 White- |

A good milk cow for ie. or exch.
for pigs. R. C. Brewer, Lula, Rt. -


Thoroughbred white spotted Poland
China shoats, 2 1-2 mos old, $8 ea. or
2 for $15 FOB here. Subject to: reg:
Mrs. Jimmie Johnson, Dixie.

Pure bred P. C. hogs for sale. Mrs.
Geo. T. Bagwell, Abbeville.

1 reg. Duroc boar, 13 mos old, big
bone, large type, 447 Tbs: -$75; 1: ree;
Duroc boar, $35; 6 reg. Duroc sOwWS,
$40 ea. Ref. Duroc pigs, $10 ea. at
8 wks. old. William H. Barfield, Lou-
isville, Rt. 2. #

-Duroc pigs by reg. sire, also Duroc
and: 0, I, . cross-and full One:
for sale or exch. for milk cow or year-
lings. R. C. Brewer, Lula, Rt. 2.
rok BPG. anid Berkshire sow, wt. 150
Ibs. six P.. C. pigs, 50 lbs. ea. all for
$45 or $5 ea. for pigs. J. M. Chance,

Macon, Rt. 3, 3808 Houston Ave.

1 Duroc Jersey sow with porkers
bred to P. C. wt. 300 Ibs. if fat. Will
sell or exch. for Guernsey or Jersey
heifer. Mrs. T. L. Adams, Douglas.

Pure bred spotted P. C. pigs. Write
for prices. E. T.. Boswell, Jr., Siloam.

P. C. pigs, 8 wks. old, large and
thrifty, $4 ea. at barn. G.. E. Kirk,
Texas. :


3 mules for. sale cheap. W. B. Sut-
ton, Adairsville.

Fine Percheron mare without blem-
ish, sound, work to. anything, gentle,
for sale or trade. Ss. Thomas Jeffer-
son, Nashville, Rt. 3.

1 brown mule, wt. 1250 lbs. 9 yrs.
old, good for all kinds of work, heal-

thy and fat, $100 cash. Mrs, O. L.

Brown, Riverdale.

2 or 3 red does ped. 1 yr. old, $3 ea;
both $5. June Chinchillas nearly :
yr. old, $2 ea. or $2.75 pr. E. T. Al-
mon, Columbus, Rt 22;
6 pure bred Chinchillas 3 mos old,
$1 ea. or $5 for lot. 1 pure bred N.

W. A. Flow-
ers, Morganton.
8 mos Ped. Chinchilla bucks, $1 ea.
if taken at once. W. R. Taompaon,
Lawrenceville Rt. 1.


1 reg. harmless 2 yr. old buck, good
size, gentle, won blue ribbon at State
eae 1930, $30. L. N. Patten, Abhe-

Seed For Sale | :

5 age here. S. L, Thornton, Dewy ao

1 SDu:

Dixon variety turnip seed, fine=va-
riety for turnips, Also -beer seed, 10c
att Ralph Hill, Mt. Airy, Rt. 1. Box

acven top turnip seed, 25 lb. or 20c
Ib. for lot of 17 lbs. Send postage.
Collard seed, 25c Ib. 5 lbs. $1; cab-
bage seed, $1 lb. 25c extra if checks
are sent. Lee Waldrip, Gainesville.

Purple top and seven top 1931 crop |

turnip seed, mixed about 50- 0. 20c lb
del. Pound lots and up. -F.-. Hers
od, Kathleen.

5 lbs. beet seed, dark red, very ae
15 AD. $3.50 for the lot: = Mrs. C:
Moon, Cordele, Rt. C.

Burr clover seed in rough, 2c lb. 60
per cent clean seed FOB. Roy Lewis,
Hartwell, Rt.. 1.

Hastings Shogoin,. new Japanese
turnip seed, 25 lbs. at 45c Ib. del. 1931
crop. We order our seed direct from
Hastings last fall. Edward Robinson,
Nicholls, Rt. 3.

Old fashion red shellots, not scul-
lions, 4c 1b. FOB Alto. Harwell Gail-

Crimson and burr clover seed
prices, and instructions from 35 yrs.
experience on request.
ton, Dewy Rose, Rt. 2. :

Seven top turnip seed, 1931 crop 20c
cupful. Coy Willis, no town given.

Turnip greens 2 tablespoonsful 10c
prepaid. Mrs. J. T. Hill, Mt. Airy, Rt.
t DOx.3o.

Clean Seven Top turnip seed, 30
prepaid. Frank Dunn, Tennga, Ga.

Calif. beer seed, 10c per start, 2c

Besar: Carrie McCulers, Loganville
12 1-2 lbs. of winter turnip seed,

-20c lb. or if whole lot is taken 15c Ib.

R. C. Harrington, Gainesville, Rt. -4.

Seven top and white globe new tur- |
nip seed mixed, 4 tablespoonsful, 25c.


50 Ibs. Seven top turnip. seed, 40c
lb. or exch. Robt. T. Allen, Riverdale:
600 lbs. burr clover seed with suffi-
cient soil for inoculation, $3 per C..or

Sidda Southerland, Ellijay, Rt.

R. L. Smith, Flowery Branch, |

| son.

pods, the right way to seed, sample,

S. L. Thorn-

| to plants, $1.25 per M. Moss packed,

a ee zat poraeeese July 30, 1931.
exch. 50 Tbs. seven top turnip seed,
40c lb. or exch. Robt. T. Allen, River-

Burr clover seed, recleaned or un-
clean. Write for prices and sample.
Cheap for cash. Eugene Harper,
Hartwell, Rt ck.

800 lbs. burr clover seed, hand clean-
ed, 4c lb. Add postage on small or-
| ders, M. L. Cotton, Martin, Rt. 2.

16 lbs. seven top turnip seed at 20
Mrs. John Watkins, Cornelia, Rt.

Large red nest onions for fall plant-
ing, 15c Ib. or $1-per. gal. Postage paid
on 50c orders. White nest onions 60c
gal. Mrs. W.. V.. Robbs,
Branch; Rts 1.

2 bushels nice dry Se nest on-
Fions, 35c gal. Party to pay postage.
Mrs. W. G. Morgan, Tococa, Rt. 2.


Georgia Products For Sale


Blue Stem wheat for sale,

FOB Locust Grove. S. HT:
Locust _Grove.

About 150 bu. Abruzzi rye, $1.50 pu.
sacked 100 bu. Ga. rye, $1.25 bu. sack-
ed FOB. J. R. Hames, Clarkesville.

Pure Bancroft seed oats, 75c bu. Ri-
ley C. Couch, Turin.

Abruzzi seed rye, free of wild on
ions, $1 bu. .FOB. Cash with order
E. V. Loudermilk, Mt..Airy, Rt. 1.

2 bu. good rye with small amount o:
vetch, $1.25 bu FOB. Clarkesville.
Ralph Hill, Mt. Airy; Rt. 1, Box 35.

100 bu. blue stem seed wheat, in-
spected in field and certified by Ga
crop Improvement Assn. Harvested
and threshed without wetting, $1.50 bu

1.10 bu.

Bancroft seed oats, pure, * bus
W. Williams, Quitman.


Tenn. green pod stringless black and
red Valentine, Refugee, golden. wax
beans, 15c per lb. Sugar crowders,
12 1-2c- plus postage. W. Hz. Waddell,

20 bus. new crop Tillman two crop
peas, excellent cond fine for eating or
hay, wonderful bearer, $2.50 bu FOB.
Cash with order. No checks: -O: : Lis
Williams, Egypt, Rt. L. :

8 bu of 1931 seed peas, speckled peas
known here as Jim Murray pea, $2.25
FOB. here Cash with order. J.
O. Ward, Blackshear.

Vickers. peas for sale $2 bu. Heavy
bearezs, no vines, sound 1931 crop
J. H. Brantley, Nicholls, Riot as


Shelled corn, free of weevils, guar-
anteed first class, 90c bu. FOB cars.
F. L. Beasley, Reidsville.

Very best corn meal from band se-
lected corn every grain Sound and
sweet, $1.50 bu FOB here. Small mil
and extremest care used to proauce
very best. G. M. Williams, Almon

100 bu. No. 1 Red Bliss Irish. pota-
toes, 2c lb. in 150 lb. bags FOB here.
Cash with order, no order filled for
less than 2 Base OW. HL Purvis, Pear-

y Green peas, corn, cantaloupes, an
other vegetables for sale
loads. J. H. Price, Plains.

Plants For Sale :

Sure head cabbage plants, $1 50 per
M at bed, or $1.75 mailed. Now re
dy. Sage rooted, 6 bunches 50c. An
Grindle, Dahlonega, Rt. 1, Box, 58,

Lady Thompson and Condon Mas-
tadon everbearing strawberry plants,
40c per 100; black and red everbear-
ing raspberry plants, 75c doz; pep-
permint plants, 20c doz. Add postage,
Miss C. L. Turner, Cleveland, Rt. 4.

Collard, lettuce, cabbage and toma-

_basket free postpaid.
check is sent.
Charleston Wakefield cabbate and
New Stone tomato plants. 65c per 500,
or $1.25 per M. Prompt shipments.
All orders postpaid. J. B, Bennette,
Flowery Branch, Rt. 1.
New Stone, G. Baltimore tomato
plants packed in ventilated boxes, $1.-
25 per M. 8 to 10 M $1 per M vost-
oae J. B. Nix, Flowery Branch, Rt.

Chas. W. cabbage plants, 20c per 100
85c per M, 5M up 75c del. Se Be ox
Smith, ee Branch, Rt. 1.

BoC extras ie
Lee Waldrip, Gaines-