Senate general calendar, 2024 March 14


SB 41 SB 88 SB 117
SB 125 SB 142 SB 143 SB 154
SB 186 SB 201 SB 221
SB 255

Watercraft; completion of a boater education course for registration of a watercraft; require (Substitute) (PUB SAF-25th)
"Parents and Children Protection Act of 2023"; enact (Substitute) (ED&Y-13th)
State Employees' Assurance Department; the assignment of certain group term life insurance benefits to pay for funeral services of a deceased individual who was a member; provide (RET-25th)
Landlord and Tenant; Code Section 44-7-19; repeal; restrictions on rent regulation by local governments (UAff-35th)
Dog Ownership; the definition of dangerous dog; revise (Substitute) (I&L-24th)
Appellate Court Judges; eligibility for retirement benefits; decrease the age (RET-17th)
Sale or Distribution of Harmful Materials to Minors; provisions of Code Section 16-12-103 shall be applicable to libraries operated by schools; provide (Substitute) (ED&Y-27th)
"Georgia Landowners Protection Act"; enact (Substitute) (I&L-27th)
Torts; revival of claims for damages available to victims of human trafficking; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-6th)
Primaries and Elections; the language that must be used on absentee ballot applications distributed by persons or entities; revise (Substitute) (ETHICS-23rd)
Gambling; provisions relative to dogfighting; revise (PUB SAF-54th)

- 1 -

SB 283 SB 346
SB 365
SB 378
SB 379 SB 381 SB 383 SB 391 SB 393
SB 394 SB 400
SB 411
SB 413

"Pregnancy Protection Act"; enact (Substitute) (JUDY-17th)
Department of Administrative Services; companies owned or operated by Iran to bid on or submit a proposal for a state contract; prohibit (GvtO31st)
Education; notification to parents and legal guardians of public school students of the right to receive email notification each time their child obtains school library materials; provide (ED&Y-27th)
Trafficking of Persons; increased sentences for persons convicted of trafficking a minor or a developmentally disabled person for sexual servitude; provide (JUDY-16th)
"School Chaplains Act"; enact (Substitute) (GvtO-16th)
"Assuring Quality in Government Act"; enact (Substitute) (GvtO-16th)
Sales and Use Tax; special district mass transportation; requirements for intergovernmental agreements between counties; revise (FIN-49th)
Health, Local Government, and Property; regulations and protections of cemeteries and burial grounds; provide (JUDY-25th)
County Boards of Health; requirements to qualify as a soil classifier to conduct soil investigations and prepare soil reports; change (SLGO(G)45th)
"Restricting Explicit and Adult-designated Educational Resources (READER) Act"; enact (Substitute) (ED&Y-45th)
Special License Plates; supporting the advocacy and promotion of strict interpretation of the United States Constitution with a portion of funds collected; establish (Substitute) (PUB SAF-48th)
Elections; preferential treatment during advance voting to voters accompanied by children five years of age or under; provide (ETHICS25th)
Elections; provisions relating to dates for certain special elections related to sales and use taxes; revise (Substitute) (ETHICS-29th)

- 2 -

SB 418
SB 423 SB 432 SB 444
SB 459 SB 462 SB 466 SB 470 SB 471
SB 475 SB 481
SB 489 SB 501

Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council; basic and inservice training courses on animal fighting and recognition of animal abuse; establish (Substitute) (PUB SAF-25th)
Education; maintenance and placement of one or more automated external defibrillators in certain public schools; provide (ED&Y-39th)
"Quality Basic Education Act"; provisions; recess for students in kindergarten and grades one through eight; require (ED&Y-40th)
Alcoholic Beverages; retail dealers to offer discounts to consumers through premiums, coupons, or rebates; authorize (Substitute) (RI&U31st)
"Civics Education and Portraits in Patriotism Act"; enact (ED&Y-45th)
"Defend the Guard Act"; enact (I COOP-53rd)
Obscenity and Related Offenses; limitations of defense that a sexually exploitive visual medium is digitally altered; provide (JUDY-50th)
Proceedings Against Intruders; notice of vacancy; create (Substitute) (PUB SAF-37th)
Professions and Businesses; certain licenses and certificates issued by certain professional licensing boards; change the expiration and renewal dates (Substitute) (RI&U-25th)
Labor and Industrial Relations; provisions relating to the disposition of fines, penalties; change (APPROP-52nd)
Georgia Health Care Professionals Data System; establishment; definitions; collaboration with state licensing boards; provide (H&HS3rd)
State Symbols; blueberry as the official state berry; designate (ED&T8th)
"Foundations of Law Act"; enact (GvtO-16th)

- 3 -

SB 510
SB 518 SB 523 SB 524 SR 122 SR 221 SR 352 SR 454 SR 482 SR 538
SR 619 SR 623
HB 53 HB 82

Safety Belts in Passenger Vehicles; occupants of a passenger vehicle, whether in a front seat or back seat, shall be restrained by a seat safety belt; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-16th)
State Symbols; state floral emblem to the Sweetbay Magnolia; change (ED&T-25th)
Offenses Against Public Order and Safety; criminal offenses related to material support of terrorism; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-50th)
Health; the certification of community health workers; provide (Substitute) (H&HS-31st)
"The Veteran Anthem"; official song of Georgia service members, veterans, and their families; designate (RULES-15th)
Joint Study Committee on Run-off Elections; create (RULES-23rd)
Atlanta Public Schools; commend (RULES-39th)
Right to Register and Vote; clarify -CA (ETHICS-25th)
Sergiy Samchynskyy and Yuliya Basarab; honor (RULES-47th)
Sports Betting; Georgia General Assembly provide by law for sports betting and casino gambling in this state by July 2, 2025; authorize and require -CA (Substitute) (ED&T-13th)
Senate Public Utility Once Source Billing of Local Governments Study Committee; create (RI&U-15th)
Dept. of Natural Resources, Dept. of Economic Dev., and Dept. of Community Affairs; cooperate in crafting strategies to promote outdoor recreation; encourage (ED&T-5th)
State Board of Registration for Foresters; independent state agency; provisions (AG&CA-8th) Corbett-174th
Income tax; limit eligibility for rural physician tax credit to physicians who qualify on or before December 31, 2023 (Substitute) (FIN-23rd) Jackson-128th

- 4 -

HB 119 HB 143 HB 158 HB 167 HB 181 HB 185 HB 204 HB 206 HB 218 HB 220 HB 269 HB 279

Uniform rules of the road; procedure for passing stationary vehicles; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-14th) Corbett-174th
Community Health, Department of; include continuous glucose monitors as a pharmacy benefit for Medicaid recipients; require (Substitute) (H&HS-49th) Mathis-149th
Courts; change name of Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit to DeKalb Judicial Circuit (JUDY-42nd) Mitchell-88th
Motor vehicles and traffic; standards for issuance of limited driving permits for certain offenders; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-29th) Momtahan-17th
Controlled Substances; mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine are Schedule I; provide (Substitute) (H&HS-28th) Townsend-179th
Education; provide for HOPE Inclusive Postsecondary Education (IPSE) grants (Substitute) (H ED-16th) Gaines-120th
Georgia Municipal Court Clerks' Council; create (JUDY-37th) Yearta152nd
Local government; creation of Commercial Property Assessed Conservation, Energy, and Resiliency Development Authorities; provide (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-47th) Sainz-180th
Evidence; sexual assault hearsay for disabled adults and 17 year olds; provide (JUDY-56th) Hilton-48th
Property; means of enforcement of condominium and property owners' association instruments, rules, and regulations; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-17th) Leverett-123rd
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; authorize local workforce development boards to conduct meetings via teleconference (GvtO-20th) Blackmon-146th
Insurance; discount for property owners who build a new property that better resists tornado, hurricane, or other catastrophic windstorm events; provide (Substitute) (I&L-29th) Gambill-15th

- 5 -

HB 285 HB 290 HB 300 HB 301
HB 306 HB 327 HB 349
HB 362 HB 375
HB 404 HB 434 HB 436 HB 456

Employees' Retirement System of Georgia; total percentage of funds invested in alternative investments; raise limit (RET-16th) Franklin-160th
Revenue and taxation; county tax commissioner duties; revise provisions (Substitute) (FIN-52nd) Scoggins-14th
Solar Technology Trust Fund; fund within state treasury; establish (Substitute) (RI&U-46th) Kelley-16th
Motor vehicles and traffic; revise amount of civil monetary penalty for violations of improperly passing a school bus or speeding in a school zone (Substitute) (PUB SAF-56th) Ridley-6th
Education; energy cost savings measures; revise definition (Substitute) (ED&Y-45th) Fleming-114th
Crimes and offenses; incest; include step-grandparent and step-grandchild relationship (JUDY-54th) Cameron-1st
Barbers and cosmetologists; repeal Chapter 10 and enact a new chapter that reorganizes, modernizes, and clarifies current regulation (RI&U46th) Williams-168th
Insurance; benefit provider to disclose certain payments to a treating healthcare provider; provide (I&L-16th) Mathiak-74th
Guardian and ward; authority of conservator and cooperation with guardian or other interested parties; define gross settlement (Substitute) (JUDY-25th) Leverett-123rd
Safe at Home Act; enact (Substitute) (JUDY-52nd) Carpenter-4th
Georgia Composite Medical Board; licensing for radiologist assistants; provide (Substitute) (RI&U-56th) Hawkins-27th
Surface mining; revise maximum criminal penalties for violations (NR&E-11th) Corbett-174th
Local government; increase term for municipal court judges from one year to two years; provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-50th) Gunter-8th

- 6 -

HB 461 HB 472 HB 499 HB 500 HB 509 HB 524 HB 546 HB 589 HB 617 HB 643 HB 804

Revenue and taxation; proceeds to local government regulatory fees be used to pay for regulatory activity and not general operations; require (Substitute) (RULES-4th) Thomas-21st
Employees' Retirement System of Georgia; allow certain sworn law enforcement officers to be eligible for retirement benefits at age 55; provisions (RET-25th) Crowe-118th
Domestic relations; authorize child support and insurance policies for certain disabled children; provisions (Substitute) (C&F-17th) Hitchens161st
Crimes and offenses; offense of arson of law enforcement vehicle; provide (JUDY-56th) Silcox-53rd
Crimes and offenses; burglary; include an act of family violence (C&F54th) Ballinger-23rd
Motor vehicles; issuance of Class C driver's license to operators of certain three-wheeled motor vehicles; provide (TRANS-32nd) Ridley22nd
Georgia Pharmacy Practice Act; pharmacy care; revise definition (H&HS-52nd) Jasperse-11th
Audits and Accounts, Department of; require certain financial disclosures from entities performing work related to fiscal notes (Substitute) (GvtO16th) Cheokas-151st
Highways, bridges, and ferries; development and maintenance of a statewide freight and logistics implementation plan; provide (TRANS-27th) Jasperse-11th
Georgia Judicial Retirement System; certain state court judges of Fulton County participating in other retirement systems; repeal prohibitions (RET-29th) Bruce-61st
Motor vehicles; issuance of a distinctive license plate for owners of ambulances; provide (TRANS-25th) Seabaugh-34th

- 7 -

HB 808 HB 814 HB 825 HB 871 HB 872 HB 874 HB 878 HB 883 HB 884 HB 896 HB 905 HB 906

Ad valorem tax; increase a statewide exemption for tangible personal property (FIN-56th) Cheokas-151st
Income tax credit; certain manufacturing and telecommunications facilities; qualified investment property; revise definition (Substitute) (FIN-51st) Camp-135th
Judicial Retirement System; require certain counties to supplement retirement benefits paid to the circuit's superior court judges and district attorneys; require (RET-24th) Fleming-125th
Ad valorem tax; qualified disabled veterans; clarify applicability of homestead exemption to spouses and minor children (FIN-54th) Pirkle169th
Medical professionals; rural assistance; expand service cancelable loan program for health care providers to include dental students (H&HS32nd) Hawkins-27th
Schools; automated external defibrillators; require (ED&Y-1st) Hawkins27th
Uniform rules of the road; proper procedure for passing a postal service vehicle; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-56th) Lumsden-12th
State government; county boards of health to conduct meetings via teleconference; authorize (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-20th) Seabaugh-34th
Douglas Judicial Circuit; provide for a fourth judge (JUDY-28th) Alexander-66th
Domestic relations; process by which individuals may change their married surname to previous surname following divorce; provide (JUDY31st) New-64th
Zoning procedures; provisions authorizing administrative officers to exercise zoning powers; repeal (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-45th) Reeves-99th
Tifton Judicial Circuit; provide for a third judge (JUDY-13th) Yearta152nd

- 8 -

HB 907 HB 910 HB 912 HB 934 HB 946 HB 957 HB 970 HB 992 HB 996 HB 1001
HB 1010 HB 1017

Motor vehicles; responsibilities for encountering funeral procession on two-lane highway; revise (Substitute) (PUB SAF-4th) Franklin-160th
Minors; civil remedy for damages against commercial entities that distribute material harmful to minors without performing age verification; create (Substitute) (JUDY-31st) Jasperse-11th
Motor vehicles; define multipurpose off-highway vehicle; subclassify for ad valorem tax purposes (TRANS-27th) Anderson-10th
Self-service storage facilities; enforcement of unsigned rental agreements under certain circumstances; provide (JUDY-31st) Momtahan-17th
Special district mass transportation sales and use tax; intergovernmental agreements; revise requirements (FIN-49th) Hawkins-27th
Water, ports and watercraft; penalties for failing to remove abandoned vessel; revise (Substitute) (TRANS-48th) Petrea-166th
Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH) Scholarship; victims of human trafficking are eligible; provide (H ED-4th) Dickey145th
Houston Judicial Circuit; provide for fourth judge (JUDY-18th) Blackmon-146th
Penal institutions; provide jailers with arrest powers (Substitute) (JUDY33rd) Vance-133rd
Motor vehicles; presentation of a driver's license in a certain electronic format satisfies the requirement to possess a driver's license while operating a motor vehicle; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-48th) Pirkle169th
Public officers and employees; increase number of hours permitted for paid parental leave (Substitute) (C&F-17th) Jones-47th
Georgia Squatter Reform Act; enact (JUDY-37th) Seabaugh-34th

- 9 -

HB 1035 HB 1044 HB 1052 HB 1054 HB 1069 HB 1072 HB 1083 HB 1090 HB 1122 HB 1123 HB 1124 HB 1146

Pharmacies; board regulates sale and supply of opioid antagonists through vending machines; authorize (Substitute) (H&HS-32nd) Cooper45th
Contracts; increase dollar value of certain public works contracts exempt from provisions relating to retention of contractual payments (GvtO-11th) Anderson-10th
Revenue and taxation; limitation on leased property as to certain entities; remove (Substitute) (FIN-50th) Cannon-172nd
Motor vehicles; issuance of refusal to sign citation; provide (JUDY-56th) Neal-79th
Ad valorem tax; assessment of standing timber; authorize disclosure of records to State Forestry Commission (FIN-3rd) Cannon-172nd
Health; drug repository program; revise definitions; provide for pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratios (Substitute) (H&HS-28th) Cooper-45th
Community Health, Department of; adult residential mental health services licensing; extend grace periods (H&HS-1st) Williamson-112th
Income tax; contributions to foster child support organizations; expand tax credit (Substitute) (FIN-28th) Newton-127th
Education; provide for funding requirements to apply to local agencies; charter schools; provisions (Substitute) (ED&Y-28th) Hilton-48th
Handicapped persons; require establishment of an Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Multidisciplinary Team in each judicial circuit (JUDY18th) Barrett-24th
Education; needs based financial aid program; provide for a definition (H ED-3rd) Martin-49th
Natural Resources, Department of; EPD to issue water permits to private companies in areas where no public service can be provided within a period of 12 months; require (NR&E-1st) Stephens-164th

- 10 -

HB 1149 HB 1150 HB 1165
HB 1170 HB 1183 HB 1185 HB 1188 HB 1190 HB 1199 HB 1201 HB 1203

Local government; require local constitutional officers to annually report audits of discretionary funds to the General Assembly (SLGO(G)-48th) Mainor-56th
Motor vehicles; fingerprints shall not be obtained for offenses relating to window tinting; provide (JUDY-30th) Collins-71st
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council; replace chairperson of the Governor's Office of Children and Families with the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (Substitute) (JUDY-56th) Mainor-56th
Public Health, Department of; require certain state government buildings, courthouses, and university buildings maintain and make accessible opioid antagonists (Substitute) (H&HS-1st) Hawkins-27th
Education; local school systems to provide certain information to parents and guardians of students in grades six through 12 on Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes; require (ED&Y-48th) Dempsey-13th
Revenue and taxation; statewide homestead exemption from ad valorem taxes when current year assessed value exceeds the inflation rate; provide (Substitute) (FIN-52nd) Camp-135th
Peace officers; extend time frame for which reimbursement of total training expenses by a subsequent employer may be sought (Substitute) (PUB SAF-30th) Lott-131st
Secretary of State; division director to issue licenses in certain instances; authorize (RI&U-30th) Collins-71st
State government; auditor produce certain monthly and annual reports ; replace requirement (GvtO-11th) Pirkle-169th
Criminal procedure; vacating of sentences of victims of trafficking; provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-17th) Gaines-120th
Dispossessory proceedings; authorize landlords to use certain off-duty sheriffs, constables, or marshals to execute writs of possession; provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-50th) Kelley-16th

- 11 -

HB 1218 HB 1223 HB 1235
HB 1237 HB 1239 HB 1240 HB 1241 HB 1251
HB 1267 HB 1318 HB 1326
HB 1330 HB 1335

Wills, trusts and administration of estates; notice to beneficiaries of a testate estate; provide (JUDY-50th) Leverett-123rd
Georgia Soil Amendment Act of 1976; provide for a new prohibited act (Substitute) (AG&CA-24th) Leverett-123rd
Motor vehicles; vehicle registration of special mobile equipment that are self-propelled cranes in order to authorize operation of such upon public highways; provide (TRANS-19th) Meeks-178th
Agriculture; agricultural commodity commissions; revise a definition (AG&CA-11th) Cannon-172nd
Motor vehicles; operation of miniature on-road vehicles on certain highways; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-30th) Collins-71st
Uniform Commercial Code Modernization Act of 2024; enact (JUDY18th) Reeves-99th
Smyrna, City of; revise compensation of mayor and councilmembers (SLGO(G)-33rd) Stoner-40th
The Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia; duties related to review and approval for travel expenses; transfer from state auditor (JUDY-4th) Leverett-123rd
Georgia Tax Court Act of 2025; enact (Substitute) (JUDY-17th) Martin49th
Georgia Rail Passenger Authority Overview Committee; repeal Chapter 10 of Title 28 (TRANS-32nd) Holcomb-81st
Crimes and offenses; Schedule I, Schedule III, and Schedule IV controlled substances; provide certain provisions (H&HS-1st) Stephens164th
Mableton Development Authority Act; enact (SLGO(G)-33rd) Stoner40th
Health; personal care homes, assisted living communities, and memory care centers; revise staffing requirements (H&HS-1st) LaHood-175th

- 12 -

HB 1337 HB 1344
HB 1407 HR 598 HR 804
HR 854 HR 1021
HR 1164 HR 1215

Mableton, City of; levy an excise tax (SLGO(G)-33rd) Cummings-39th
Behavioral Health Coordinating Council; allow for certain officials on to be represented by a delegate or agent (Substitute) (RI&U-32nd) Dempsey-13th
Local government; establishing service delivery strategies; revise provisions (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-47th) LaHood-175th
Georgia Tax Tribunal; vest judicial power; provide for venue and jurisdiction - CA (JUDY-17th) Martin-49th
Local government; temporary loans are payable from end of calendar year to 12 months of initial funding date; change date - CA (FIN-56th) Martin-49th
Keith Jackson Memorial Intersection "Whoa Nellie"; Carroll County; dedicate (Substitute) (TRANS-27th) Huddleston-72nd
Local government; option to offer a state-wide homestead exemption from ad valorem taxes when current year assessed value exceeds base year value; provide - CA (FIN-4th) Stephens-164th
Honorable Richard H. Smith Memorial Interchange; Muscogee County; dedicate (TRANS-29th) Hugley-141st
Speaker David E. Ralston Interstate Connector; Fannin County; dedicate (TRANS-51st) Jasperse-11th

- 13 -