House supplemental rules calendar, 2024 March 21A


Mr. Speaker and Members of the House:

The Committee on Rules has fixed the calendar for this 38th Legislative Day as enumerated below:


Pursuant to House Rule 33.3, debate shall be limited to one hour on all legislation. Time to be allocated at the discretion of the Chair.

Modified Structured Rule

SB 230 SB 293 SB 373 SB 374
SB 420 SB 433 SB 503 SB 505

Programs and Protection for Children; foster parents bill of rights; revise provisions (Substitute)(JuvJ-Wiedower-121st) Brass-28th County Boards of Health; operational policies and procedures of the Department of Public Health apply to local personnel; provide (Substitute)(PH-Cooper-45th) Watson-1st Licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy; issuance of expedited licenses by endorsement for marriage and family therapists; provide (Substitute)(RegI-Powell-33rd) Walker III-20th "Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Act of 2021"; land surveyor interns and professional land surveyors; change provisions (Substitute)(RegI-Jasperse-11th) Walker III-20th (Rules Committee Substitute LC 36 5871S) Agriculture; acquisition of possessory interest in certain land by certain foreign persons and entities; prohibit (Substitute)(Judy-Pirkle-169th) Anavitarte-31st (Rules Committee Substitute LC 55 0320S)) Nonprofit Corporations; enact "Donor Intent Protection Act"; provide definitions; charitable organizations from violating the terms of charitable contributions; prohibit (Substitute)(Judy-Kelley-16th) Cowsert-46th Residential and General Contractors; the general contractor license as a commercial general contractor license; rename (RegI-Powell-33rd) Brass-28th Hospitals and Related Institutions; required publication by hospital of certain financial documents on its website; provisions; revise (Substitute)(Hth-Knight-134th) Tillery-19th

Bills and Resolutions on this calendar may be called in any order the Speaker desires.

Respectfully submitted,

_________________________________ PARRISH OF THE 158th, CHAIRMAN