Funeral services for Mourning Louise Allen Walker, Saturday, February 13, 1988, 2:00 p.m., Lindsay Street Baptist Church, 881 North Avenue, Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, the Reverend Anthony A. W. Motley, pastor

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Saturday, February 13, 1988 --2:00 P.M.--
|Etnftgag j^ trert ^Baptist fflijurrfy 881 North Avenue, Northwest Atlanta, Georgia
The Reverend Anthony A. W. Motley Pastor


Mourning Louise Allen was born on January 17, 191 5 to Richard and M ildred Elizabeth A llen of A tlanta! Georgia. Louise was raised in the Lindsay Street area and attended Booker T. W ashington High School.
Louise was united in holy matrimony to the late W alter Jonah W alker, also of Atlanta, on November 2, 1935. Eleven children were born to this union, Myron, Jeanette, Ruby, Samuel (who preceded her in death), Emanuel, Paul, Patricia, W alter, Jr., Rollena, Stephen and Richard; fourteen grandchildren, tw o great-grand children; tw o sisters, Florence and Ruby; other relatives and friends.


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Lincoln Memorial Cemetery Atlanta, Georgia

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Friends of The Family
Friends of The Family
With deepest gratitude, the family acknowledges the many expressions of sympathy shown through your prayers, flowers, cards, and many other kindnesses during the passing of our loved one.
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