Requiem for Mass, Vonda Lee Quinn, October 10, 1951 - January 7, 2020

October 10, 1951 - January 7, 2020
Saturday, January 18, 2020 1:00 P.M.
Father Vernon Knight, Pastor
Ms. Vonda Lee Quinn was born on October 10, 1951 to the late Percy LeRoy Quinn and
Constance Connie Marie (Brown) Quinn in Augusta, Georgia.
She was baptized at Immaculate Conception Church in Augusta, Georgia. During her
childhood she was a member of Immaculate Conception Church and later attended the
Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. As an adult she also attended Saint Mary on the Hill
Catholic Church and St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, Roman Catholic Church in Las
Vegas, Nevada.
Vonda spent her formative school years at Mrs. Cobbs Mother Goose Nursery School
and the Bethlehem Community Center for kindergarten. Vonda then attended
Immaculate Conception Academy from 1st through 10th grade. Even in elementary
school, she excelled in athletics, especially baseball and basketball. This was evidenced
by her playing street baseball with the neighborhood boys where she was usually the
only girl on the mound. After 10th grade she transferred to Aquinas High School where
she graduated in 1969. She was an active member of the high school and played
Womens Varsity Basketball where she was a pivotal part of the conference champs,
even taking them to the State Championships for the first time.
Upon graduation, Vonda made her way to New Orleans to attend Xavier University, where she was a
standout player for the Womens Gold Nuggets and where her free spirit could flourish. This is where
Vonda fell in love with the food, music, multi-cultural events and the Mardi Gras Festival held in the
city commonly known as the birthplace of jazz. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health
and Physical Education. Vonda also earned her Master of Educational Studies from Nova University
and a Master of Administration from UNLV.
After graduating from Xavier University, she was recruited by Clark County School District, Nevadas
largest school district, to a new mega school...Eldorado High. With her new moniker, Coach Quinn
became a popular Health & Physical Education instructor and the Head Coach of the Varsity
Womens Basketball team. Under her leadership from 1973-1989, the schools Womens Basketball
program became one of the most competitive schools in the state. Just four years into her tenure
Eldorado High won its first State Championship! Her first group of ball players became the first of a
long legacy of competitive and successful young ladies both on the court and in life.
Vondas legacy was established early, as she never missed a family gathering, graduation, holiday,
or wedding, especially if it involved exceptional cuisine. Her loving and lasting memories will be
cherished by her sisters Melody Denise Quinn Kenner (Thomas) of Stone Mountain, Angelus Marie
Quinn Abraham (Michael) of Martinez, Georgia, and her devoted nieces & nephew Nichelle Protho
and Traci Browne (Rosh); and Brian Kenner (Sylvie). She loved to be around her great nephew,
Mason Browne and great niece, Kendyl Browne both of Stone Mountain, Georgia.
She will be forever remembered by a host of additional cousins, relatives, dear friends, which are too
numerous to name, and her girls from the Eldorado HS Womens Basketball team who will never
ever forget her.

Rite of Entrance
Blessing of the Body
Placement of the Pall & Cross on the Casket
Entrance Hymn..............................
Opening Prayer
Liturgy of the Word
First Reading Daniel 12:1-3................
Responsorial, Psalm 23.....................
Second Reading, Romans 6:3-9...............
Alleluia Verse
Gospel, Matthew 11: 25-30 .................
Prayer of the Faithful
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Presentation of the Gifts..................
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Instrumental)....
Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
Traci Angelus Browne
.Brian Thomas Kenner
........Father Knight
.......Father Knight
Mason Kenner Browne & Kendyl Lillian Browne
.........................................Andrew Barrick
Eucharistic Prayer
Holy, Holy
Communion Rite
Lords Prayer
Sign of Peace
Holy Communion
Communion Hymn..............................................Ave Maria....Mrs. JoAnn Allen Cook
Concluding Prayers
Prayer after Communion
Eulogy..............................................William Mays, Chris OMeara, Thomas Kenner
Invitation to Prayer
Song of Farewell.................................................................Andrew Barrick
Prayer of Commendation
Processional to the Place of Committal....................................Precious Lord, Take My Hand
Interment ~ Cedar Grove Cemetery ~ 120 Watkins St, Augusta, GA 30901
Repast ~ Candler Memorial Library, Paine College Campus ~ 1235 15th St, Augusta, GA 30901

Bump Em
When mama and daddy put me in the playpen and said, Stay there! I said to myself, Bump urn!
There is so much to see and do on the other side.
When I would beat the boys at their ball games and get into fights on the playground, the nuns called
mama to the school, I said, Bump urn, I played better ball than they did and I knew it.
When mama and daddy said I could ride my bike , they did not know I would go over the 13 th street
bridge into South Carolina and buy firecrackers to bring back over the bridge into Georgia then one day
start a fire that spread in the neighbors yard, to have daddy jump the fence to try to put out the fire,
then call the fire department, I said Bump Urn, I know mama and daddy love me unconditionally and
praise me for my biking skills and ingenuity to know I could do this and not get hurt. But I had better not
set the neighbors yard on fire again!
When I went to Las Vegas and they said that the other team was stronger than my Sundevils, I said,
Bump Urn, I know my girls can win this. They won the State Championship.
When cancer knocked on my front door and MS knocked on the back door I said, Bump Urn, and did
the chemo and took the pills and wore the ice pack vest. When they kept knocking and getting louder, I
said I will fix you, I will take your strong chemo and see your doctors and be stronger.
When I got weaker and weaker, I said Bump Urn, thats ok cause now I will see mama and daddy again
and they will say, bump urn, my baby is coming home to Us.
-Sister, Melody Denise (Quinn) Kenner
My Sisters Keeper
Merriam Dictionary states the definition of a sister is a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons other
parents. How incomplete! My definition is much more apropos and deeper than that. I always thought that God
put me on this earth to protect and watch over you. Yet, you showed me that you wanted to watch over me.
So, we came up with a happy medium and looked over each other. Due to our mutually strong DNA, we held
each other up through good and bad; and the good times fortunately outweighed the bad.
I admired you for your zeal for life. I admired you for taking chances and reaching for the stars. Everyone loved
you and they made it known, as you were often referred to as Percy Quinns Baby Girl Vonda.
As I sit here bawling and reflecting, I think about how we always managed to laugh, sing and dance about life.
From living in Las Vegas with you in the early years, to when you followed me (and my young family) to Japan and
Germany where I had begun a new life. *
Some say love is earned and you earned it! And your love was always unconditional, a feeling that some folk never
get to experience. Vonda, my baby sister, I salute you in making me feel loved as your sister. Ill carry you in my
heart forever! Save a spot for me in heaven and may God look over you for always.
-Sister, Angelus Marie (Quinn) Abraham
Moving Forward
Moving forward is hard. My great hope is that I can laugh as much as I cry. Maya Angelou suggests that the deep
hurt that we feel when losing a loved one is a testament to the brilliance of that individual's life. My hurt is immensely
deep and indeed you lived a brilliant life of joy, adventure and love. I hope to emulate that. Thank you for loving me and
inspiring me. Im living for us both now!
- Niece, Nichelle Marea Protho
My Aunt
Vonda was my aunt, my friend, and one of the first role models I had in my life. She had a confidence about her and
lived her life to the fullest and on her own terms, always. While fiercely independent, I cant remember her not being
present for every family function or being there for her family when needed. Vonda made it feel easy and joyous
to be her family. I fee! blessed to have had her in my life and will never forget her.
- Nephew, Brian Thomas Kenner
Free Spirit
Free spirit, explorer, adventurer and my auntie, Vonda. When I think of you so many different things come to mind.
Your sense of humor and wittiness was undeniable as was your ability to keep it moving" and not sweat the small stuff.
Wow. I have learned so much from my aunt. To name a few, be your own person. Dont let people tell you what to do
or think you should do. Dont let circumstances define who or what you are and to think outside the box. I love you and
will of course miss you auntie. But most of all, I honor you for giving this thing called life The Good Fight in spite of what
the situation was.
- Niece, Traci Angelus Browne

Marshall Abraham
Thomas Kenner
Ryan Thompson

Brian Kenner
Rosh Browne
Willie Navarre
Immaculate Conception Academy, Class of 1969
Aquinas High School, Class of 1969
Xavier University, Class of 1973
Eldorado HS Womens Basketball Team 73 - 89
The family wishes to express our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation
for the many acts of kindness and comforting expressions of sympathy.
Dr. Karen Jacks, MD, Comprehensive Cancer Center of Nevada
Dr. Maria Adolfo, MD, Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Matthew Pugliese, MD, University Health Care System, Augusta, GA
Dr. Miriam Atkins, MD, Augusta Oncology, Augusta, GA
The family requests that any donations be made to the
Georgia Cancer Center or Catholic Social Services Augusta, GA.
W. H. Mays Mortuary
Professional Service ~ A Family Tradition Since 1922
1221 James Brown Boulevard
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 722-6401
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