Celebrating the Giving Life of Louise Tarver Jackson Sunrise May 10, 1923 Sunset June 4, 2017

and'Yf&uer ^eanen?
The Stewards and Trustees
of Williams Memorial C.M.E. Church
Others Lord, yes Others, let this my motto he.
Help me to live for Others so that I may live for Thee
fflun ^/^an^t
The family wishes to acknowledge with deep appreciation
the many acts and expressions of love, concern and kindness
shown to them during their time of bereavement. We thank
you very much and may God bless you all.
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Augusta, Georgia
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May 10,1923
June 4, 2017
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Eleven Oclock in the Morning
1630 Fifteenth Street
Augusta, Georgia
Bishop Kenneth Carter, Officiating
Presiding Bishop, Sixth Episcopal District
Reverend Marcus Rogers, Pastor
On June 4,2017, God called home, his faithful servant, a cheerful
giver and made her another one of his angels of mercy. Louise
Tarver Jackson became that angel.
Louise Madelyn Tarver was born, May 10, 1923, the younger
of two girls of Gartrell Lee and Ollie Brown Tarver in Blythe,
Georgia. Louise was an active and playful child, raised mostly
by a single widowed father, who loved to follow behind her
older sister, Rosa Mae Tarver, and her many aunts. Louise was
educated in private schools and graduated at the top of her class
both from Paine High School (1939) and from Paine College
(1943). Louise joined Williams Memorial CME church as a
college student and has been committed to her church and her
faith throughout life.
As Louise started her initial teaching career right out of college
in Augusta at Peter H. Craig, within a year she was recruited
to the graduate school of education at Wayne State University.
Upon graduation from Wayne State, Louise was offered, a job
to be an Assistant Principal of a school in Michigan, but she
turned it down to be with her father, sister and the extended
Boggs - Tarver family and to hold one of the longest consecutive
teaching careers in Richmond County.
As a young teacher, Louise was mentored by several of
Augustas most admired teachers like Ms. Garvin and Ms.
Lucy Craft Laney. She was certainly a teacher ahead of her
time who instilled confidence and academic excellence in her
3rd and 4th graders by exposing them to the world outside
of the classroom as often as possible. Although a respected
disciplinarian, she was loved both by her students and their
parents. She was known for taking her class on field trips,
hosting May Day fairs and producing school talent shows. After
teaching for 45 consecutive years, she has trained over 1000
students from Augusta who have become many of our nations
most respected lawyers, doctors, engineers, entertainers and
If Louise Tarver wasnt advocating for Paine College then she
was certainly enjoying her dear friends of Les Mademoiselles
social club as well as her friends at the YWCA and her
volunteerism at the USO.
In 1958, she married Lawrence Joseph Jackson of Cleveland, Ohio
and finally they had one offspring, Anita Louise Jackson. After
having a child and becoming a mother Louises life and mission
were forever transformed. She was no longer just a mother to her
3rd or 4th graders but she now had a life to guide and inspire all
her own.
Louise Tarver Jackson and her only daughter, had more than a
mother - only daughter relationship - they were truly best friends
who loved and supported each other unconditionally. Louise
loved to travel, a natural trait she gained form her father honestly.
Other than her annual trips to New York to see her great aunts,
or a trip to Cuba to see Nat King Cole with the Omega Fraternity,
she and her daughter set off to see the world. She has been to
Africa, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ecuador, and most of Europe.
This travel added to her quest for lifelong global learning.
Throughout life was always politically astute and a vocal student
activist. She was a life member of the NAACP and she had the
opportunity to speak at several NAACP summits as a young adult
and meet our historical greats like Dr. Gomillion and Thurgood
Marshall. Dr. Gomillion was especially fond of Louise Tarver
because they both shared an endless love with their alma mater,
Paine College. During a Paine College Board of Trustees meeting
Dr. Gomillion had charged all alumni to actively raise money to
support their alma mater. In one day, Louise walked the streets
of Augusta, asking every business she encountered that day and
raised $6,000 in cash which she humbly brought to the meeting in
a brown paper bag. Dr. Gomillion was so surprised and honored
by her tireless efforts that day' he then in turn honored her; they
were friends from hence forth. It was this mentorship bond
that committed Louise Tarver to Paine College and thus led her
to become their largest single individual donor to date. Louise
Tarver Jacksons legacy lives own through Paine College - through
the students housed at the Louise T. Jackson Honors Dorm and
the Annual Louise T. Jackson Scholars who should demonstrate
both academic excellence and the selfless giving spirit of their
alumnus. Paine College lives through her as they honored her
with an honorary doctorate in 2007.
Dr. Louise Tarver Jacksons legacy will actively continue through
her offspring. She is survived by her only daughter, Anita L.
Jackson, MD, MPH; two adorable grandsons, Christopher Tarver
Jackson (age 6) and Alexander Joseph Jackson (age 2); nieces,
Rosa (Herman), Kathy, Cheryl, Betty Jean, and Jennifer (Jeffrey);
nephews, Eric (Patricia) and Evan; and a host extended family
and friends.
Reverend Cecelia Johnson, Presiding
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As a Loving Daughter - Anita L. Jackson, MD, MPH
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