Celebration of Life for Mr. Howard Ealie Hardy

Order of Service
Reverend Troy Nipper, Presiding
Prelude........................Bro. Roosevelt Simpkins
Processional...................Bro. Roosevelt Simpkins
Selection........Valley Fair & Mt. Cannan Baptist Churches
(Combined Choir - Musician ... Bro. Lionel Williams)
Scripture Reading
Old Testament
New Testament
Prayer............................Dea. Carl Mims
Acknowledgement.................Sis. Pinkey Todman
- Sis. Kelly Kanches ~
~ Bro. Jeffery Anderson ~
~ Aiken Seniors/Church Golf ~
~ Reverend Louise Rice ~
~ Sis. Jonne Johnson ~
Selection.........................Preston & Weston
"A Life To Be Remembered".............Read Silently
(Soft Music)
Words of Comfort.........Reverend George L. Brightharp
Selection..............................Preston & Weston
Eulogy........................Brother Booker T. Holmes
Recessional............................Combined Choir
Interment.....................Sunset Memorial Garden
Church Fellowship Hall
You have loved, laughed, and cried. You were a
Husband. You were a Father. You were Parent to
the Fatherless.
Hard worker not always because of like for the
job at hand; because of the sheer necessity to
Godfearing because he's your father and you knew being rooted in
your faith showed your children the picture of leading by example.
You embodied the spirit of Abraham, the obedience of Noah and saw
your days with sprinkles of Moses.
Many saw you tested and tried. You let them wonder. But when asked
directly you shared words of wisdom. Silent man but when he speaks
the echoes of knowledge stir and inspire generations.
You have sowed seeds of plenty. Those seeds brought forth all that you
represented; Truth, Hope, Wisdom and Love.
So today you are honored for the deeds you have displayed
throughout this journey we call life.
With this reflection may it bare the blessing that your sowing seeds
will multiply.
Pallbearers Moral Attendants
Family and Friends Usher and Friends
Bro. Lionel Williams Bro. Roosevelt Simpkins
(9ui cSf/iceze Cf/p/jzedafio/i
The family wishes to thank all who have been so very kind
to us in our hour of sorrow. We have sustained a great
loss, and your kindness, prayers, and words of con-
solation are comforting to us. At this time, we extend our
sincere appreciation. May God continue to bless each of
Professional Services Entrusted To:
Q. . ffi>dqfttfuvcp <C Sons A/honbuwty,
Aiken, South Carolina
August 1,1941
March 27,2017
1 :00
Valley fair baptist
Graniteville, South Carolina
Reverend Proy Jtipper, Pastor
brother looker T. Holmes, Officiating
"// f'JJe To Be Remembered"
Howard Ealie Hardy entered into eternal rest on Monday, March
27, 2017 at the age of 75. He was born on August 1, 1941 in
Lawrenceville, Virginia to the late Clarence E. and Willie Mae Hardy.
He married Carolyn L. Hardy on August 4, 1979. They moved to
Graniteville, South Carolina in 1996.
Howard was baptized and grew up in Zion Baptist Church, Hampton,
VA under Rev. Dr. J. Dett Marshburn. He graduated from Phenix
High School (Hampton, VA) in 1959. Later that year in September,
he joined the United States Air Force. He served 26 years faithfully
and honorably till he retired October 1, 1985 as a Master Sergeant.
While serving, in 1973 he was nominated to be one of a few that
would help write and type the Paris Peace Accords.
Howard loved golfing and cooking. He golfed with Aiken Seniors and
Church Golf. He never missed a day playing on the golf course
unless he really had too. In earlier years, Ealie as he is known by
family and close friends could be found anywhere his Dad could be
found. Which meant numerous fishing outings, Hampton Institute
Pirate football games, tending to the gardens, and how could we
forget his culinary skills. There are many scrumptious dishes that he
will be known for, some of our favorites include his succulent BBQ
ribs, Smoked Turkey, Stuffed Peppers, Spaghetti and his famous hot
wings and then there was the Macaroni and Cheese challenge,
Jonne finally surrendered her recipe to him and he claimed it as his
He loved his children. He was known for always toting his daughters
Jessica and Angelica around. He would take Jessica and her friends
to concerts out of town, take Angelica and her friends to all of the
school games. He would try to charge a nickel each time but
non-payment did not stop him from taking them the next time. He
enjoyed making them laugh and giving out life lessons.
If you were ever having a bad day, it only took him to say a few
words and youd be laughing and would soon forget about why you
were down. He had a story for just about every situation in life. Did
you know he was a Wordsmith? A consultant for Scrabble? Well, he
wasnt, but we never let him know that he wasnt. There were no
better comedy than to watch him play scrabble with his two sisters
and his niece, Kesha. Oh the words we all learned. Howard will be
remembered as a natural giver always giving unselfishly of himself.
Whatever the need, he was determined to provide. His mantra, No
Sweat and No Problem. He was affectionately referred to as
"Sugar" and "Bad Penny" by family and friends. You may have
known him as Hardy, Ealie, Buddy, Howie or maybe you didnt know
him at all, he never encountered a stranger and welcomed everyone
into his presence with a smile, handshake, a joke, or a laugh. One
thing was certain, you would walk away with an unforgettable
Howard E. Hardy experience and a new friend.
He was preceded in death by his father and mother, Clarence E. and
Willie Mae Hardy. Surviving family members include his wife Carolyn
L. Hardy; three daughters, Jonne Hardy-Johnson (Eric) of Hampton,
VA; Jessica Hardy and Angelica Hardy of Graniteville, SC; two
sisters, Phyllis Porter of Hampton, VA. and Gayle Hardy of
Richmond, VA. Also surviving are his two grandchildren, Oscar
Johnson and Eric Johnson Jr. He remained close to his very dear
friend, Bertha Hardy. Counted among his survivors is a niece, Kesha
Porter; a nephew, Jayon Porter, two sisters-in-law, Sylvia Lake and
Theresa Lake, his church family, neighbors, and many very dear