Celebrating the Life of "Felex" Kafele Bush

Mr. Kafele Antonio Bush was born on May 18,1995. Kafele, who was affectionately
known as Felix, was a 2014 graduate of T.W. Josey High school. He also attended
Augusta Technical College.
He was proceeded in death by his maternal grandmotherdneather "Ann" Green), his
maternal grandfather (Stanley Lee Rolland Sr.), and his paternal grandfather (Freddie
Bush Jr.).
He leaves behind his mother (Shavettor Green), his father (Kafele Bush), his son
(Kyvon Monroe), his sister (Shynetra Bush), and two nephews (Johnny and Jeremiah).
He also leaves behind his uncles; Stanley (Kebra) Rolland Jr., Charles (Tia) Green,
Shelbon Perry of Augusta, GA and Marion (Samantha) Rolland of McDounough,
GA and aunts; Melissa (Sims) Walker Augusta, GA, Ondria (Hardley) Rolland
McDonough, GA and two grandmothers (Gloria Bush of Augusta, GA and Mary
Rolland of McDonough, GA.).Lastly, he leaves behind his close friend Unishea Monroe
and a host of cousins, family, and frl
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Musical Selection
Eunice Byrd
% m 'Mmm
Pastor Bobby G. Williams Jr.
Closing and Benediction
SATURDAY, September
Pastor Bobby G. Williams
Musical Selection
Decorrius Hazel
Tanya Rolland
Monte Green
Eddie Burch
Marquashia Burch
Alton Johnson
Felex Bush
My son, her brother, his father
The last time I seen you You was on your
way walking up the street without a thing
to say
Not knowing it would be your last day
Last time I seen you walk away
And you hear me say Felix come back, ride
with me
It's going to be a good day
He did his body movement like not today
I smiled
And he went on his way
I said he'll be back like always
But some mean lil boys decided to take
your life away.
It ruined everything on my mother's death
date.And we was having such a good day.
But I guess he on his way To be with Ann
Green for better days Knowing he's with
her I know I'll be okay
And for you to see her I know it's a great
day cause Ann is all you talk about
anyways And still love Pookey as if it was
Not once you wasn't on my mindl even
rode around the wayl didn't see you.So I
thought you were straight You always
come back home.So I was okay
Not knowing that day my heart would