Fly for business and why [Fall/Winter 1929]

Fly for Business
and Why
BUSINESS is on the wing. Ground trans-
portation has proven too slow to meet the
needs of a new epoch in human affairs.
Flying has passed the stages of experimentation,
barnstorming and stunting, and is now as stable
and reliable as railway communication. Planes of
questionable safety and airworthiness have given
place to swift cargo and passenger carrying cabin
ships, equipped with all the luxuries of the
motor coach, flying on regular schedules with
clock-like precision.
Traveling by air delivers the business man
safely at his destination in one-third to one-half
the time required by railway schedules. It cuts in
half the costliest waste in business- time lost in
travel. It doubles productive hours, speeds sales
and increases pro.fits.
One of the Fleet
Air l\fail
Proves Stability
Those who question fly-
ing for business as practical
will find air transport and air
mail records most convincing.
Regular transport companies
carried 52,934 passengers
(mostly business men flying
for business) more than ten
million miles in 1 9 2 8. This
year a hundred thousand bus-
iness men will travel twenty
@Jchedule Jtops
Emergency .l:andiny l'ie!ds
million miles by air. Thus the impressive figures
of last year are being doubled. The records of
the Air Mail show that in 192 7 U. S. Air Mail
pilots flew 2,583,006 miles, proving that air
transportation is practical and reliable. Last year
the percentage of safe deliveries of Air Mail letters
was as high as the percentage of safe deliveries of
letters dispatched by .train.
The Cold Logic of Figures
Suppose, for example, your office is in Dallas.
You find you must run over to Jackson, Missis-
sippi. Your time is worth $10 an hour to your
firm. By plane, you make the trip twelve hours
quicker than the fastest train schedule. Counting
both ways, you save twenty-four hours of travel
time, at least two full working days. You save on
hotel bills and Pullman fares. Add these items to
the value of of your time saved. Subtract the differ-
ence in air and railway fares and you will still have
a net saving of more than $100. A digest of air
travel over principal transport routes shows that
80% of passengers are business men. Business men
are air-minded and enthusiastic about the highly
profitable results achieved through air travel.
Delta Air Service
A Model Air Transport Line
The personnel of the Delta Air Service, Inc., is
widely experienced in air transportation and allied
activities. For the past five years the Company has
operated the most complete cotton-dusting air serv-
ice in the South and Southwest, its activities ex-
tending from Virginia to Texas. Simultaneously,
members of the organization pioneered in the devel-
opment of commercial aviation in Central and
South American countries, including the establish-
ment of air mail and passenger lines that are now a
part of the famous Pan-American Airways. The
company is amply financed, soundly established and
ably manned. Its officials include men of substan-
tial business interests throughout the cotton belt.
The development of the Delta Air Service
Transport Line was the natural outgrowth of these
intensive activities. The operation of cotton-dust-
ing planes requires a high degree of skill on the part
of the pilots. The planes fly only a few feet above
the ground, scarcely higher than a man's head, and
at a speed of about one hundred miles per hour.
Landings and take-offs must be made in temporary
landing fields of small size, lacking the safety and
equipment of the modern airport.
Pilots of Unusual Skill
Licensed by U. S.
Department of Commerce
Naturally the flying of
cotton-dusting planes devel-
ops pilots of unusual ability
and highest technical skill.
They become virtually as
much a part of their ships
as the engines and propellers.
The most experienced of
these seasoned men are at
the controls of Delta Air Service transport planes.
They are licensed by U. S. Department of
Commerce for transport passenger service. They
are too modest to court publicity for their accom-
plishments, yet among who's who in aviation
their names are chalked up among the country's
finest pilots.
Daily Schedules
Through Four States
Delta Air Service is a nationally recognized pas-
senger transport company, licensed by U. S.
Department of Commerce. Its planes make avail-
able the maximum in safety, comfort, speed and
convenience between the cities of Dallas, Texas ;
Shreveport, Louisiana ; Monroe, Louisiana; Jack-
son, Mississippi; Meridian, Mississippi; Tuscaloosa,
Alabama ; and Birmingham, Alabama. Connec-
tions are made at Birmingham, Jackson, Shreve-
port and Dallas with other important air trans-
port lines.
DeLuxe Enclosed Cabin Planes
Before operation of the line began, months
were spent in laying plans, mapping routes, se-
lecting best and safest equipment and thoroughly
organizing all details of the new service. Every-
thing was in perfect readiness before the first
plane took off on its initial passenger flight.
Delta Air Service ships are the safe, swift
Travel-Air enclosed cabin planes, equipped with
300 horsepower Wright Whirlwind motors.
They bring a new luxury and comfort to air
travel, undreamed of even five years ago. Each
plane seats five passengers and pilot and provides
ample space for luggage, wash room and toilet.
These planes take-off, fly and land with remark -
able ease and smoothness and there is a notice-
able absence of minor discomforts. Passengers up
for the first time experience a feeling of absolute
security, confidence and relaxation that is agree-
ably surprising. Planes arrive and leave each
airport on the line on exact schedule.
Skilled Ground Service
During five years of successful operation,
Delta Air Service bas developed a ground service
unit that is one of the most complete and efficient
in the United States. Between trips each plane is
thoroughly overhauled by this skilled ground
Interior of Cabin
crew. They inspect minutely each part from tail
to "prop". They give it the care' bestowed upon
a promising young thoroughbred being groomed
for the Derby. Nothing is left undone to assure
mechanical perfection, safety and airworthiness.
Master mechanic and chief pilot give the .ship a
final inspection before it takes off on each flight.
All seats are reserved. Tickets should be pur-
chased in advance to be sure of space reservation.
Reservations may be made through any office or
representative of the company, or through tour-
ist agencies and porters at leading hotels in all
cities on the line. Cancellations not accepted later
than twenty-four hours before departure of
plane, unless there is unsold space remaining at
time of requested cancellation.
Special Parties
Delta Air Service planes may be chartered for
special trips anywhere within the United States
or Canada. The charges are reasonable and in line
with similar tariffs of other responsible air trans-
port companies. Ask our nearest representative,
write or wire Delta Air Service, Inc., Selman
Field, Monro~. Louisiana, for full details.
Monroe, Louisiana
Read Down Read Up
Lv. 8:30 A.M. Dallas - ----- --
Ar. 4:00 P. M.
Ar. 10:40 A.M. Shreveport __ Lv. I :50 P.. M.
Lv. 10:45 A.M. Ar. I :45 P.M.
Ar. 11 :55 A.M. Monroe Lv. 12 :35 P. M.
Lv. 12: I 0 P.M. Ar. 12 :20 P.M.
Ar. I: 25 P.M. Jackson Lv. 11 :05 A.M.
Lv. I :35 P.M. Ar. 10:55 A.M.
Ar. 2:40 P.M. Meridian
- -- --
Lv . . 9 :50 A.M.
Lv. 2:45 P.M. Ar. 9:45 A.M.
Ar. 3:45 P.M. Tuscaloosa Lv. 8:45 A.M.
Lv. 3 :50 P. M. Ar. 8:40 A.M.
Ar. 4 :30 P.M. Birmingham Lv. 8:00 A.M.
.., .. s
~ "'
= = 0 ..c
"' ""
.. .s "'
"' " 0 :il :c
~ > ~
.. s
" = -"
-~ ~
.. ~
0 ~
" = ~
..c ::.:
::.: iii
Q "'
o.w. 1$ 21.501$ M.001$47.251
$ 58.251$ 68.75[$ 74.75
R. T. Save 38.00 62.50 90.00 110.00 130.00[ 140.00
O.W. $21.50 I
I 12.501 25. 751 36.751 47.251 53.25
R.T. 38.00 Time 20.00 46.00 67.50 90.00 100.00
o.w. 34.001 12.501 1 13.251 24.251 34.25I 40.25
R. T. 62.50 20.00 Travel 21.50 43.50 63.00J 75.00
Jackson O.W . 47.251 25.751 13.251
11.00[ 21.501 27.50
R.T. 90.00 46.ool 21.50 By 20.001 38.00[ 50.00
o.w. 58.251 36.751 24.251 11.001 I 10.501 16.50
R.T. 110.001 67.50I 43.50[ 20.00 The 19.00I 30.00
o.w. 68.751 47.251 34.25I 21.501 10.501
R.T. 130.00 , 90.00 63.00 [ 38.00 19.00 Air 10.00
o.w. 74.751 53.251 40.251 27.501 16.501 6.00[
R.T. 140.00 100.00 75.00 50.00 30.00 10.001 Line
Children occupymg seats will be charged full rates. Twenty-five
pounds of baggage carried free of charge for each passenger. Exce::os
baggage at rate of 25c per pound on each division. No animals
carried on planes.
Express Service
All Delta Air Service Transport planes carry
express parcels between the cities served. The
charges are reasonable and delivery is much quicker
than by any other method of shipment. Special
care is taken to see that packages are handled
promptly and delivered at once from the airport to ,
which they are addressed. Full information about
express service upon request.
Weather Reports
Weather conditions for flying the year around
are as nearly perfect along the Delta Air Service line
as can: be found anywhere in the world. The open
winters assure practically no snow, ice and sleet
at all airports and in the air itself. Weather reports
are furnished Delta Air Service pilots at each airport
when they land and before they take off on the
next stage of their flight. We have the full coopera-
tion of the U. S. Weather Bureau in furnishing
adequate, reliable and up-to-date reports.
To and From Airports
Bus or taxi service between leading hotels and
airports in each city on the line is provided and
included in the price ,,of each ticket. This service
takes you to the airport just before the takeoff and
after landing speeds you quickly downtown with
a minimum loss of time at both ends of your trip.
Full information about bus and taxi service can be
secured from leading hotels in each city, where
Delta Air Service tickets are on sale, or from our
pilots, representatives or home office.
Selman Field-Phone 1631