1850s to 1870s Indenture Papers

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1850s to 1870s Indenture Papers
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Indentured servants--Georgia--Bartow County
Child labor--Georgia--Bartow County
African Americans--Georgia--Bartow County
United States, Georgia, Bartow County, 34.23786, -84.8405
Scroll down for scans of documents. 1850s: Date: 1857. Soloman, William, Indentured. Telford, William B., Buyer. 1870s: Date: 1879. Cofer, Matthew Lee, Minor, Indentured. Goodson, Monroe, Bound to. -- Date: 1877. Cofer, Matthew, Minor, Indentured. , Son. Cofer, Evaline, Mother. Goode, J. J., Bound to. -- Date: 1878. Cofer, Matthew, Minor, Indentured. Johnson, Lindsey, Bound to. -- Date: 1873. Brown, Mariah, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Jones, J. J., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Brown, Martha, Minor, Indentured. Enlow, J. D., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Cofer, Laura C., Minor, Indentured. Cofer, James, Father. McDaniel, J. O., Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Watkins, Caroline, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Quarles, Moses, Bound to. Quarles, Sarah An, Bound to. Watkins or Wodcan, Janey, Mother. -- Date: 1875. Robertson, Dinah, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Robertson, Harriet Ann, Mother. Sayre, Mary J., Bound to. -- Date: 1875. Shaw, Eliza, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Shaw, Georgia, Mother. Candler, Mrs. Martha B., Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Emanuel, King, Minor, Indentured. Milam, Hal, Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Watson, Charlie, Indentured, Colored. Rodgers, James G., Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Cullen, Mariah, Minor, Indentured. Cullen, Charles, Minor, Indentured. Cullen, Tomey, Minor, Indentured. Cullen, Emma, Minor, Indentured. Leake, Bryant T., Bound to. -- Date: 1873. Slatten, Oceola, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Fite, Madison, Bound to. -- Date: 1873. Templeton, John, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Speer, Robert, Bound to. -- Date: 1873. Leake, Millie, Minor, Indentured. Leake, Edward, Minor, Indentured. Leake, Dolly, Mother. Johnson, Andrew, Bound to. Date; 1873. Ray, Susan, Mother. Ray, John, Minor, Indentured. Ray, Clarissa Jane, Minor, Indentured. Rogers, T. A., Bound to. -- Date: 1873. Brown, Duke, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Mickens, Lewis, Bound to. -- Date: 1877. Barnes, B. M., Father. Adams, James S., Adoptive Guardian. ?, Carrie, Child-- Date: 1874. Yarborough, Joe, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Yarborough, Sallie, Mother. Rogers, D. M., Bound to. -- Date: 1872. WatSon. , Charles, Indentured. Rogers, James, Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Hargis, Handy, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Hargis, Charley, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Hargis, Thomas V., Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Leak, Sallie, Minor, Indentured. Leak, Cilla, Minor, Indentured. Leak, Lucinda, Minor, Indentured. Leak, Luther, Minor, Indentured. Leak, Emma, Minor, Indentured. Elliott, John, Bound to. -- Date: 1872. Ginn, Jesse F., Minor, Indentured. Ginn, Elizabeth, Mother. McMahan, Thomas, Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Allen, Asbury, Minor, Indentured. King, William H., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Allen, Mary, Minor, Indentured. Vincent, Susan, Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Allen, William, Minor, Indentured. Hendrix, J. L., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Smith, Nancy, OrphanScofield, B., Guardian. Rodgers, Hulda, Woman of Ill Repute. Allen, Puss, Woman of Ill Repute. -- Date: 1871. Morris, Ann, Mother. Morris, Edward H., Minor, Son. Stiles, William H.-- Date: 1870. Bates, John, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Bates, Ludy, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Bates, G. H., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Brown, Charley, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Brown, JefferSon. , Minor, Indentured, Colored. Brown, D. A., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Strong, Lucy, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Oglesby, G. W., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Smith, Nancy, Minor, Indentured. Scofield, B., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. Brandon, Bash, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Wallace, Thos. L., Bound to. -- Date: 1871. McAfee, George, Minor, Indentured, Colored. Leak, John S., Bound to. -- Date: 1870. Hester, Freedgirl, Minor, Indentured. Monk, James B., Bound to. -- Date: 1870. Hitt, William L., Indentured. Thompson, J. A., Bound to. -- Date: 1870. Burge, Rine, Minor, Indentured. Burge, Peter, Bound to. -- Date: 1870. Cobb, Alice, Minor freed girl, Indentured, Colored. Waldrup, P. C., Bound to. -- Date: 1877. Ginn, Jesse F., Minor, Indentured. McMahan, Thomas, Bound to. , Deceased. Robinson. , Joseph, Bound to. -- Date: 1878. Morris, Catharine, Minor, Indentured. Boman, Sarah, Bound to. Devins, James, Uncle. -- Date: 1878. Skinner, Agustis A., Father. Skinner, William A., Minor, Son. , Indentured. Jones, R. H., Bound to. -- Date: 1876. Roseborrough, Anna, Mother. Roseborrough, Liddie, Minor, Daughter, Indentured. Nicholson , Samuel, Bound to. Nicholson , Margaret, Bound to.
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