Celebration of Life for Mrs. Lucille Billingslea Moughorn Barnes, Saturday, October 14, 2000, Two O'clock P.M., Tremont Temple Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia, Reverend James Louis Bumpus, Host & Officiating Minister, Reverend Marshell Stenson, Eulogist

Don J! spend too uutch tirne in tnournhtf{ 'l~ar arefor tit sad;
ll~ft to be ruith Jesus, and
17tat should lllake)'01l glad.
Don 't U'aste) (lltr hour~5 in g;r ieving
:\o ncetlto feel distress I_,'" Iried oj'l~fe~sJntstralions
I had to get soute rest.
Don 't vex )'OUrself!vith questions ()r l1y to rea.wrn lohy,
LUeherefor rne 'lO(lS endtd
It cante rny tinu; to die.
J)on '!lose the love I gave y(nt...
Feed it urit!t care (;nno it zuitlt d~rr,otion, and
Sjn-erul it everyu,here.
[)on 't.J1r:t because rny leaving,
Cante. in such a U'a}; ~Ve ll luare another tneeting
In GOi)'s Elental Day.

l~ullb ear erE


Oscae Tharpe, Jr.

Dennis Ray Lee

Rennazo Nl. Tharpe

Paul Finley

Capt. Hamart1-ya V. Tharpe Desmond Brown

~nnorary Jtalll1earers

Oslen Ware

James Louis lVIerriweather

Jessie Miller

Carl Brantley

Jerry Daniels, Sr.

Willie James Jackson

Charles Cofer, Sr. Leroy S. Wiley

Willie James Brantley
oscar Tharpe: Sr.

David Ford

William Bryant

lF.lotucr i!leurcrs


Bettina Lee

De'ja Brown

Cecelia Lee .

Tierra Tharpe

Sabrina Lee

Tierra Gary

Jasmine Wright

De'f\ngela Pitts

The family of the late Lucille Billingslea lVIoughorn Barnes is more than appreciative for all love shown during the illness and passing of our loved one. Kindness, concern and thoughtfulness are virtues expressed by real friends. May God be with each of you.

Arrongemenn Entru~ted To
271 4 Montpelier Avenue Macon, Georgia 31 204
(912} 7 42 -0952

Qtcl.l'bration of illifa? fur

~- -

il1r.s. Lucille Billingslea AJouglzorn Ba17les

SATURDAY, OcTOBER 14, 2000 Twa O'clo'ck P.NI.
Macon, Georgia
Host &Officiating Minister

uFor we hnow that if our ea rthly house, l his tent is destroyed, z.ce have a building front God, a house not 1nade toith hands, eternal in the heavens."
Lucille Billingslea Moughorn Barnes' life began l\'larch 27, 1918 in Rockdale County, Conyer , Georgia. The daughter of Randolph A. Billingslea and Louise Gray Billingslea, deceased, and ended on Tuesday, October 10, 2000 at the l\lfedical Center of Central Georgia.
She joined the St. Luke Baptist Church at an early age. She received her education in Bibb County Public Schools. She resided in Atlanta, GA. She \vas retired from Spralin Clinic of Atlanta, GA after 32 years. She lived life to the fullest extent. During her life she touched tnany lives.
She leaves to cherish her m -maries: Two devoted daughters, Louise M. \Viley and Bettye J. Tharpe of 1'1acon, G1\; stepdaughter, Ms. Jes ie Tuff of t\1acon, GA: 2 stepsons Zeader Barnes of Riverdale, GA and Dr. Richard Barnes of Florida; sister and bt~other, Robert Billingslea (Lois) of Philadelphia, PA and E1nn1ie L. Davis of Macon, GA; adopted daughter~ Ellen T. Lee (Dennis) of Stone .IVlountain, GA; 2 goddaughter , \Villie M. Huff and Chri tine Ha_rper of Macon, GA; godson,Gregory Robinson of Atlanta, GA; 5 grandchildren, DeZannie C. Tharpe of Atlanta, GA, Ellen T. Lee , Oscar Tharpe, Jr. of Stone l\'1ountain, Gi\ , Rennazo M. 'rharpe of fvlacon, GA and Capt. Hamartrya V. Tharpe of Buford, SC; 11 great-grandchildren 1 niece, Tonic Stewart of Daytona Beach, FL (Johnny); 5 nephews, \Villie Davis (Je sie) of East Lansing, IV1I. Harry Davis (Dorothy) of Lansing, MI, .Larry Davis (Joyce) of Arbor Hills, 1\II, Robert E. Billingslea, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA and Donald Billingslea of Lillehammer, Nor\vay; a host of cout:lins and friend s.

LUCfLLE was different, , he \Vas special, unique in a thou and \vays. LUCILLE was giving, she was loving, and we'll miss her all our days.
There are those \Vho covet fame, and court it like a beau. There are those who covet \vea lth , kneeling in its glo\v, but LUCILLE \vas different.. ...
There are son1e \V ho strive for praise; they yearn for \Vorld applause. There are son1e who chase sweet comfort as their one and only cause, but LUCILLE was different. ...
There are son1e \vho race for power, sure it will bring them joy. Sorne \vho long for pleasure, seeing tin1e an endless toy. But LlTCILLE was different .....
Her legacy \vas friendship, she was so giving all the while. Her bequest was her faith in God, her kids, grandkids and her lovely sincere srnile.
1\nd so, instead of mourning, as we remember her in this hour, \ve really should be celebrating the blooming of a flo,ver.
But forgive us, Lord for pining, for wishing she was here. It's hard to give up sotneone we have come to love so dear.
Because you sec-- LlJCJ LLE \vas different, she was special unique in a thousand ways, she \Va::> loving, she was giving <:tnd we \vill miss her, n1iss her. mi s her, all our days.

Q)rl:Lcr of ; crttit c
Reverend James Louis Bun1pus, Presiding
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