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The Rabun County Public Library provides educational, civic, cultural, and recreational resources for Rabun County citizens and visitors.
The Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies serves as a center for research and study of the modern American political system with particular emphasis on public policy, the role of the U. S. Congress, and the dynamic relationships of local, state, national, and international politics. The primary mission of the Russell Library is to collect, preserve, and make available archival and manuscript materials of individuals and organizations that fully document Georgia's modern (1900-present) political history, policy, and culture.
The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library offers a wide range of unique services and programs that aim to optimize research, education, and clinical care processes throughout the Woodruff Health Sciences Center with reliable and sustainable access to and utilization of data, information and knowledge.
Founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1927 as a polio treatment center, the Roosevelt Warm Springs Vocational Rehabilitation Campus is a comprehensive rehabilitation center dedicated to service, technological advancement, program diversity, research opportunities, continuing education, and future development on behalf of persons with disabilities. Each year the Roosevelt Warm Springs Vocational Rehabilitation Campus serves approximately four thousand individuals with all types of disabilities. The Roosevelt Warm Springs Vocational Rehabilitation Campus is one of only eight state-managed rehabilitation centers in the country, and the entire campus is a National Historic Landmark District.
The mission of the Roswell Historical Society is to collect, preserve, share, and promote the history of the city of Roswell and environs.
The Rylander Theater in Americus, Georgia provides community and area visitors a theatre and meeting hall for dramatic and musical stage performances, motion pictures, and lectures, with its unique architecture, artistic legacy, and social history to be interpreted through tours and other educational presentations.