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Piedmont College Library's Online Archives is dedicated to preserving historical photographs and documents that are important in the long life of the institution, established in 1897.

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Name Description
Anglo-Saxon Congregationalism in the South History of Congregationalism in the southeastern United States from the 1870s through 1908 written by Rev. Dr. Frank E. Jenkins, a prominent Congregational minister of his time.
Centennial History of Piedmont College, 1897-1997 The centennial edition of Piedmont College History, 1897-1997 by Dr. Mary C. Lane. The Centennial History is very important for its chapter on 1990-1997, but the earlier text's deeper and broader treatment of earlier times makes it the essential version of that earlier history.
College Records - The Academy The Piedmont College Register, handwritten record books from 1903 to 1911 and 1911 to 1918 that contain attendance and grade records, annual lists of students who received academic and other school awards, and minutes for both Academy and College faculty meetings.
History of Piedmont College, 1897-1990 History of Piedmont College from 1897-1990 written by Dr. Mary Charlotte Lane.
Johnny Mize Collection Correspondence and photographs dating from the 1936 to the 1981 related to professional athlete Johnny Mize, a National Baseball Hall of Famer, Demorest native, and collegiate player at Piedmont College.
Lillian E. Smith Collection - Magazines A quarterly literary magazine published by Lillian Smith and Paula Snelling from 1936 to 1945 under the titles Pseudopodia, North Georgia Review, and South Today. The magazine encouraged writers, black or white, to offer honest assessments of modern Southern life, to advocate for social and economic reform; and it criticized those who ignored the Old South's poverty and injustices.
May Ivie Valise Collection Correspondence, printed programs, military documents, and a composition book dating from 1928 to 1970 found in a valise belonging to May Ivie, an alumna of Piedmont College.
Piedmont College Bulletin, 1938-1990 Quarterly newsletter produced by Piedmont College administration from the 1920s through the 1990s.
Piedmont College Graduates Make Good Short biographical sketches of people who had been significant in the life of the College from the earliest days of the College to 1982, including students, faculty and staff, members of the Board of Trustees and of the local community.
Protropian Society Minute Book Handwritten record book from 1910 through 1915 of the Protropian Society, a men's debate group at Piedmont College that discussed topics such as women's sufferage, changes to immigration law, the proper place of athletics in colleges, and whether whether the death penalty should be abolished.
The Hustler The Hustler was the first student newspaper of Piedmont College published from 1908 to 1909 with content including news articles and editorials about the college and the Demorest area.
The Mountain Lantern Piedmont College's first known student yearbook, The Mountain Lantern, published between 1912 and 1914.
The Padded Hammer The Piedmont College student newspaper from September 1917 to February 1919 that provided both College and local area news.
The Piedmont Owl The Piedmont College student newspaper from 1919 to 1986 and included both College and local area news.
The Yonahian Piedmont College's student yearbook, the Yonahian, published from 1920 to present.