Juliette Gordon Low Correspondence, Series India Letters

This collection is about Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA. The papers pertain to a trip Juliette Low made in 1908 to northern India and what is today, Pakistan, with her 18 year niece, Elizabeth Parker and friend, Grace Carter. Juliette wrote letters to her family describing her experiences and impressions and, using carbon, copied the pages into a journal. The letters were mailed to various family members and the carbon copy remained intact in the journal and is in the archives at the Wilson Library, UNC. The Juliette Low collection contains the original annotated letters written in pencil that correspond to journal pages 21 – 87 and begins after the group had traveled from Calcutta to Benares. Additionally, the letters contain notes to family members, and in some instances have a second letter written on the back of the page. She describes her visits with high ranking British military officials in India, interactions with locals and observations on life and travel in India.

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