Bailey-Grantland family papers

The Grantland and Bailey families are from Baldwin, Butts, and Spalding counties, Georgia. Seaton Grantland was a U.S. Congressman (1835-1839), an attorney in Milledgeville, Georgia, presidential elector (1840), and planter. David Jackson Bailey was a U.S. Congressman (1851-55), state senator, an attorney in Jackson, Georgia, president of state senate (1861), colonel of the 30th regiment, Georgia, volunteer infantry, and planter. Seaton Grantland II was a businessman in Griffin, Georgia, a member of the state legislature, and owner of the Griffin Manufacturing Company. The collection consists of papers pertaining to the Grantland and Bailey families, ranging from around 1818-1966. Notable items include extensive genealogy research and biographical information, Georgia land grants, and political correspondence including, Joseph E. Brown, Howell Cobb, Herchel V. Johnson, Alexander H. Stephens, and P.M. Compton. Other letters relate to the Second Seminole War and early settlers in Florida, letters from Dr. James S. Gilliam, surgeon, U.S. Navy, aboard the U.S.S. Macedonian on one of the Commodore Perry's trips to Japan and the U.S.S. Levant exploring the South Pacific and South America, 1849-1850.

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