McClatchey family papers, 1838-2005

Marvin McClatchey Jr. (1916-2002), son of Marvin McClatchey (1886-1939) and Juliet Neel McClatchey (1885-1960), and Sally Bruce Blackford McClatchey (1922-2015) are the main focus of the genealogical compilation. Various research files trace the McClatchey line back to John McClatchey from Ireland in the mid-18th century, but original documents are not present until reaching files from the late 19th century. Family line connections are present in genealogy and research files, with some focused files on individuals. Correspondence focuses on Marvin and Juliet before switching to their children, particularly Marvin Jr., in the 1930s. Photographs show family lines in the late 19th century, continuing through to descendants in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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