Continental Congress collection

The collection consists of eight Georgia-related Continental Congress pieces. The pieces are: 1.) D.s. by Noble W. Jones and Joseph Clay, a printed certificate for the "sum of twenty-shillings, being issued for the purposes mentioned in an Act entitled 'An Act for granting to his Majesty the sum of Four Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety-nine Pounds,'" dated "Georgia, 1773"; 2.) D.s. by General Samuel Elbert, March 15, 1785, certificate for bounty of land; 3.) D.s. by Benjamin Andrew, Savannah, June 22, 1785; 4.) A.L.s. by Joseph Clay, Savannah, March 4, 1773, on commercial matters including the sale of salt; 5.) L.s. by W. Gibbons, Joseph Clay, and US Senator George Jones, Savannah, March 12 [14], 1798, regarding the appointment of Tax Collector for Chatham Co.; 6.) D.s. by Edward Telfair, April 6, 1784, regarding land warrents; 7.) Two autograph receipts, signed by William C. Houston, April 15, 1786, on verso of a bill for legal fees; 8.) D.s. by Joseph Wood, on verso of a bill rendered to Georgia by James DeVeaux, January 19, 1777, bill is for boat hire for the "use of the detachments doing duty on the Skidoway & Hoseba islands."

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