The Red and Black: An Archive of the University of Georgia Student Newspaper

The Red and Black debuted in 1893 with a front page devoted to Georgia's game with the "burley" Vanderbilt football team and reporting, "Fine Playing by Our Team Despite the Score." Turning inside, the disappointed fan of 1893 found the student editorial staff affirming that the new paper would be "devoted to matters of interest to the students and friends of the University." Such has been the objective of the Red and Black, first as a University of Georgia publication and, since 1980, as an entirely independent publication aiming to, "provide a training ground for students interested in gaining experience in various aspects of newspaper publishing and to produce a high quality daily newspaper for the University of Georgia community." Covering "matters of interest" at the University, as well as the world beyond the Arch, the electronic version of the Red and Black offers remarkable access to history in the form of news reporting. Equally informative is the advertising, documenting trends, fashions and daily life. Issues will continue to be added to the database, increasing its scope.

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