Georgia State University Yearbooks

Students at Georgia State University and its predecessors edited annual yearbooks from the 1930s into the 1990s. The first yearbook, NOCTURNE, featured the 1934 class of the newly independent Evening School of the University System of Georgia. (Previously, the school had been a unit of the Georgia School of Technology and had appeared in its yearbook.) In 1935, the institution became the University System of Georgia's Atlanta Extension Center, with separate Day and Night Divisions. NOCTURNE continued as the yearbook of Georgia Evening College (the Night Division) through 1946. Atlanta Junior College (the Day Division) published its own yearbook: SURVEY (1937), JUNIOR COLLEGE (1938/39, not a student-edited publication), and GATEWAY (1939-1946). In 1947, when the University System Center became the Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia, GATEWAY and NOCTURNE combined as RAMPWAY. The yearbook continued to be published as RAMPWAY when the institution was known as the Atlanta Division (1948-1955), Georgia State College of Business Administration (1956-1961), Georgia State College (1962-1969), and finally Georgia State University (1970-1992, 1995-1996).

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