Fred L. Howe 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition Photographs, 1895

This collection contains photographs taken by Fred L. Howe at the Cotton States and International Exposition. Photographs in the collection contain images of buildings and grounds, and exhibitions featuring advances in transportation, electricity, forestry, agriculture, and art. Other photographs of exhibitions feature Confederate history, African American and Native American culture and history, and the Liberty Bell on loan from the city of Philadelphia. The collection also illustrates exhibitions showcasing cultures from Africa and the Middle East. Included among the images are those of the Exposition's officers, including it's President, Atlanta banker Charles A. Collier, as well as the President of the Woman's Board, Mrs. Joseph Thompson. Other photographs feature amusement park rides, a procession of the New York Press Club from the Georgia State Capitol building to the park, and an image taken during the visit of President Grover Cleveland on October 23rd.

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