Georgia Tech Living History

A collaborative project of the Georgia Tech Library and the Georgia Tech Living History Program begun in 1974 encompasses videotapes of recollections and memories of the Georgia Tech family concerning campus and town life from as early as 1915 as well as reflections on the interviewees' own professional and personal lives after leaving the university. Interviewees include national leaders such as Jimmy Carter, Ray Davis, Ed Harrison, Marvin Shoob, and Daniel Webster; former students, Edward Hammond, John O'Neill, Alton Rogers, Chester Roush, and Morris Russo; campus luminaries such as George Broadnax, Don Chapman, Bill Curry, Wink Davis, C. B. Drennon, Bud Foote, and Frank Willet; innovators and entrepreneurs such as Garry Betty, Martial Honnell, Paul Mitchell, Glen Robinson, and Vladimir Slamecka; and campus integrators such as Barbara Carpenter Chambliss, Paul Stevenson Humphreys, Haywood Solomon, Bill Stanley, and Mikki Zurow. They discuss such topics as the 1983 Cuban Freedom Flotilla, the Korean War, the integration of the university by African Americans and women, campus life, technological innovations such as personal computers, the internet, and television, as well as campus figures such as Coach Bobby Dodd, George Burdell, and Dean Griffin.

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