David Roberts Oral History Collection

The David Roberts oral history collection was created by Roberts, an Atlanta University student, in the summer of 1973. The interviews were for a history seminar taught by Dr.Clarence Bacote (HIS 406: Introductory Graduate Course in United States History). Roberts interviewed members of Atlanta’s African American community who were born in the late 19th century. Most of the subjects were Georgia natives and a few were graduates of Atlanta University Center schools. He asked them to discuss their memories of various prominent African Americans and events, as well as living conditions for African Americans in the first half of the 20th century. He generally asked them the same questions and let them elaborate at will. He was especially interested in segregation and race relations, and asked about the way African Americans were treated in the justice system, hospitals, and in the workplace. He also asked about their memories of Atlanta specifically, including the riot of 1906, Ku Klux Klan visits, and Booker T. Washington High School, the first high school for African Americans in Atlanta.

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