Levi and Jewell Terrill Collection

Levi Maurice Terrill (b. 1899) was born in Moberly Missouri. He joined the Walnut Grove Baptist Church and remained a member there until he came to Atlanta, Georgia in 1922 to enter Morehouse College. He worked in the ministry throughout his career at Tremont Temple Baptist Church, Union Baptist Church, First Bryan Baptist Church, and lastly the Zion Hill Baptist Church in 1943. He remained at Zion Hill until his death, January 31, 1971. His activities aside from the active pastorate include serving as Vice President of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia. He was also the first Director of the Morehouse School of Religion for several years, and Professor at the Interdenominational Theological Center from 1953-1962. Jewell Evelyn Middlebrooks (b. 1907) was born in Griffin, Georgia. She was a normal student at Atlanta University where she graduated with a certificate and attended Savannah State College for one year. For forty two years she was a faithful pastors wife, the first lady of the Tremont Temple Church, Savannahs First Bryant Church and Atlantas Zion Hill Baptist Church. For twelve years she was the first lady of the 500,000 member General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. She established a strong record of service, being president of the Womens Department of the Atlanta Baptist Association, among many other organizations. She died in 1984.

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