Polk's Albany city directory 1925 containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens--a miscellaneous directory of city, county and state officials--public and private institutions, banks, churches, courts, etc.--a street and avenue guide and a complete classified business directory "the buyer's guide." Volume II

Albany, Georgia City Directories
Polk's Albany city directory 1925 containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens--a miscellaneous directory of city, county and state officials--public and private institutions, banks, churches, courts, etc.--a street and avenue guide and a complete classified business directory "the buyer's guide." Volume II
R.L. Polk & Co.
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Albany (Ga.)--Directories
Dougherty County (Ga.)--Directories
United States, Georgia, Dougherty County, Albany, 31.57851, -84.15574
city directories
1925 city directory for Albany, Georgia containing information that identifies Albany residents, their occupations and local businesses.
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Dougherty County Public Library

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208-212 North Washington Street

Dougherty County - Central





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CUN1 AINING ANpr?vateBEot^ns ARRANGED LIST OP business firms and
Classified Business Directory "The Buyers' Guide"
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The 1925 edition of the Albany City Directory is herewith presented to patrons. The publishers feel as sured that the work affords a complete and comprehensive epitome of the diversified interests and activities of the city--civic,, social, commercial and industrial.
In the present volume all of the essential features contained in previous issues have been retained and am plified and improvements added as suggested by experi ence, in order to add to the value and usefulness of the Directory.
The publishers enjoy the prestige and advantage of a complete organization and thorough system essential in the production of Directories, and the additional advant age of having the courteous co-operation of citizens in furnishing information. These factors added to the lib el al support of patrons as shown by the advertisements displayed upon the printed page were vital to the success of the publication.
The several essential departments of the Directory are set forth in the order following:
THE MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENT, pages 13 to 20, include data concerning State, city and county Offic ials, public and private institutions, banks, cemeteries, churches, clubs, courts, hospitals and homes, libraries, parks, schools, public buildings and secret societies.
THE BUYERS' GUIDE, pages 25 to 32 contains the advertisements of the leading and progressive business men and concerns, alphabetically arranged under head ings adapted to the class of business conducted. This fea ture is printed on tinted paper. This is a new feature in this Directory.
THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES OF CITI ZENS, business firms and corporations is embraced in pages 33 to 204.
THE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is in cluded in pages 239 to 256, and shows the various man ufacturing, mercantile and professional occupations, com piled under headings appropriate to the class of business pursued. This department will be appreciated as a special trade list. The Directory is the common inter mediary between buyer and seller.

The Progressive Capital of Dougherty County, A Review
of its Physical Attributes, Achievements,
Citizenship and Varied Activities
The City of Albany is located in the heart of south west Georgia, at the head of navigation of the Flint river and is on the Dixie Highway and the Florida Short Route Highway, and the Old Indian Trails Highway. The Dixie Highway is paved its entire length through the county, a distance of 14 miles. Through passenger service on seven lines of railways gives Albany direct connection with the East and Middle West and with the Atlantic and Gulf Seaboard. Hundreds of traveling men make Albany their headquarters, which is largely due to these excellent facilities. Two modern fireproof hotels were built in 1925.
ALBANY'S BUSINESS LIFE Albany manufactures cotton goods; fertilizers; brick, cotton seed products, hydro-electric power, lum ber, sash, doors and blinds, hardwood products, cigars, soft drinks, peanut and pecan products, ice cream, ice, bread, canned goods, candy, foundry products, peanut planting and harvesting machinery, shuttle blocks, crates and boxes, automobile machinery, screen doors and win dows, hog cholera serum and other biologies, bread and cakes, cars and locomotives, books and stationery, stock feed, meal, tombstones and roofing. Albany jobs dry goods, farm machinery, mill supplies, hardware, auto accessories, cigars, groceries, mules and horses, ice, printing, buggies and wagons, cotton seed pro ducts, oil, furniture, automobiles, stock feed, drugs, paint, produce, millinery, paper, bagging and ties, electric sup plies, builders' supplies, lumber, packing house products, pecans, peanuts, candy, cut flowers and greenhouse prod ucts, pecan nursery stock, crackers, breads and cakes, flour, guano, brick, fruit. It is the distributing center for its territory of four of the leading American automobile tire manufacturing companies.
CLIMATE Albany's temperature and precipitation by seasons, average taken for twenty-two years is as follows: Mean temperature, Winter months 50.1 degrees, Spring months 67.6 degrees, Summer months 82.01 degrees, Autumn months 64.3 degrees; average for year 66.8 degrees. Mean precipitation: Winter Months 13.27 inches, Spring months 13.24 inches, Summer months 16.12 inches, Autumn months 7.65 inches. Heaviest precipitation occurs during the Summer months when it is most needed.



REAL ESTATE As Albany has grown, real estate values have in creased. Remarkable instances of increase of value of central property are recorded. There is ample room for the extension of the residential section. Several subdi visions are now under way of completion. The Majority of city property is owned by local people. Large farm tracts have been bought by individual companies and are
being developed.

PUBLIC UTILITIES Albany owns her waterworks system, the electric light
and gas plant, abbatoir and auditorium theatre. The city secures its water supply from artesian wells, the best and purest water in the world. There are deep wells on all farms hereabout and to this fact is attributed the excellent
health of our rural population as well as our own.

MANUFACTURING SITES Albany offers exceptional advantages for manufactur ing enterprises. Cheap sites for industrial plants can be secured, while an abundance of hydro-electric power at reasonable rates is a great factor in lessening the cost of production. Being the distributing center of a large and prosperous territory and enjoying splendid transportation facilities Albany is the ideal location for factories and manufacturing plants. Raw material for a variety of manufacturing products are within easy access.

SCHOOLS Albany is justly proud of her school system, with trained and experienced teachers, 3,500 pupils enrolled annually, four modern and commodious grammar school buildings recently completed, selective courses in the High school leading to graduation, including the literary, scientific, general, domestic arts and commercial, a labor atory adequately equipped for High school science, our school facilities compare favorably with those of any city in the State. One of the finest High School buildings in the state was completed in 1925. Albany is the home of the Georgia Chautauqua (the original Chautauqua of the
South) founded thirty years ago.

AMUSEMENTS Albany is the amusement center of South Georgia. Patrons of their magnificent theatre enjoy the same at tractions as Atlanta, Savannah and other cities many times the size of Albany. This city has beautiful parks, country club, golf links, fine automobile roads and League ball club. The famous Blue Springs situated three and one-half miles from Albany on the Dixie Highway, is one of the finest pleasure resorts in the South. Among the attractions offered at this popular resort are bathing, boating, dancing, bowling, roller skating, etc. While its cafe is famous all over the country for its old fashioned
southern cooking and Georgia barbecue.




The railroad systems entering Albany are: Central of Georgia, Seaboard Air Line, Atlantic Coast Line, Georgia
Southwestern and Gulf and Georgia Northern, with their
branch connections. Forty passenger trains run in and out of the city daily. Albany is the largest fruit center in South Georgia. The Central of Georgia and Georgia
Southwestern maintain shops here. In Albany's trade territory there are 298 miles of railroads.

Albany is the home of the Albany-South Georgia Fair the third largest in the state; this plendid plant, built in 1919 at a cost of $100,000 is, in many respects, the most complete and up-to-date exposition property in the south. Annual fairs are held featuring agriculture, live stock, manufacturing, the arts, the highest type of amusements, including horse racing, auto racing, magnificent free acts, fire works, midway, etc.

Albany is the center of that part of Georgia in which is produced a greater variety of valuable crops than in any section of similar area in the United States. The princi pal farm products are cotton, corn, hay, oats, peanuts, watermelons, tobacco, peaches, sweet potatoes, canta loupes, pecans, vegetables and hogs. Modern and up-todate stock yards afford a year-round market for hogs and cattle. Farm lands are advancing very rapidly in price, owing largely to the rich yields of pecan groves, for which the soil in this section seems to be perfectly suited. Excel lent sand, clay and paved roads afford exceptionally fine avenues for travel for the farmers.

(Furnished by Albany Chamber of Commerce) Population, Federal census 1923, 15,000, present esti mate 16,000; area of city 3.79 square miles; altitude 210 feet above sea level, assessed valuation (1921) $9,693,031.74; bonded debt $505,000; tax rate $19.00 per $1,000; miles of streets 36.63; miles of paving 3.4; miles of public sewers 23.45; miles gas mains laid 10; parks and parkways 5, acreage 275.37, value $110,000; water works: capacity 724,000 gallons, daily average number of gallons pumped 800,000 in winter, 1,250,000 in summer, miles of mains 25, value of plant $116,788.96; fire department: number of men 14, stations 1, autos 4, engines 1, hose and chemical wagons 2, hook and ladder trucks 1, value of buildings and lots $40,000, value of apparatus $52,183.00; police department: number of men 15, stations 1; public schools: number 6, teachers 60, pupils 2,500, value of property $200,000; other schools; kindergarten 1, state normal school (colored) and 2 small private schools; books in public library 7,300; post office receipts (1924)



$92,183.88; banks and trust companies 4, average deposits (1925) $4,000,000; theatres 3; hospitals 1; hotels 4; fac tories 51, operatives 2,200, wages paid annually $2,000,000,
value of annual output $10,000,000.

THE ALBANY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Albany Chamber of Commerce is a live organiza tion which has had much to do with the progress of the city and is responsible for many of its more modern ten dencies. It is representative of the commercial, profes sional and manufacturing interests of the city and had its inception in a desire to promote their growth in home building, in manufacturing industries, in civic improve ment and in commercial importance. Since such inception this organization has been behind every forward move ment for community betterment and it has achieved suc cess in extending the commercial interests of the city. One of its principal purposes is to bring the citizens of the community together in real co-operative effort to com prise all differences of effort and to work harmoniously
for community advancement.


Advertising Albany
An important function of the Directory is to set forth the characteristics and advantages of the city as a place of residence, as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. The Directory acts as a mirror, reflecting all that is noteworthy in the city in the above respects. In order to spread this information regarding the city broadcast over the country the pub lishers place copies of this issue of the Directory in Direc tory Libraries which are maintained in all the larger cities of the country, where they are readily available for reference use by the public. There they serve as perpetual advertisements of Albany for business men the country over realize that the City Directory represents the com
munity as it really is. The publishers take this opportunity of thanking the
citizens for valuable assistance rendered in the way of furnishing information concerning themselves and their friends for this Directory, and also the public-spirited and progressive business and professional men for support given in the way of patronage.
R. L. POLK & CO., Compilers and Publishers



Abattoir Division--Superintendent, W D Osman Sanitary Division--Superintendent, W C Howard

Department of Education
Carnegie Library Trustees -- Chairman, D H Redfearn Secretary and Treasurer, D Gortatowsky; J P Champion, T H Milner, Mrs I J Hofmayer, Mrs W L Davis

Standing Committees of Council, 1925
Finance--W B Haley, Chairman; F H Bates and W M Wilder
Sinking Fund--W M Wilder, Chairman; Thad Huckabee and F H Bates
Fire--E H Bates, Chairman; E A Fry and E Mallard Public Safety--W B Haley, Chairman; Thad Hucka-
bee, Elliott Mallard
Health--E A Fry, Chairman; W M Wilder and W B Haley
Licenses--E A Fry, Chairman; W B Haley, E H Kalmon
Contracts--Thad Huckabee, Chairman; E A Fry, W H Bates
Public Safety--Thad Huckabee, Chairman; W B Haley, Elliott Mallard
Printing--W M Wilder, Chairman; W B Haley, Elliott Mallard
Dockets and Records--W M Wilder, Chairman; El liott Mallard, W B Haley
Ordinances--Elliott Mallard, Chairman; E A Fry F H Bates

Superintendent Roland E Brooks; office, Broad St School Building
Albany Grammar School--N Monroe cor Society Toy Spence prin
Albany High School--1000 N Jefferson Broad Street Grammar School--Broad, corner Madi
son; Stella Kalmon, Principal Flint Street School--603 Flint; Minnie Pate, Prin
cipal Monroe Street School--605 North Monroe; Annie
Mock, Principal Mulberry St School--se cor Mulberry and West; Mrs
Mattie Perry Principal
Georgia Normal and Agricultural School--End Old Blue Springs Road; J W Holley, President
Mercer Street School--440 Mercer; A C Holmes, Principal



Court House, 225 Pine County Jail in rear County Commissioners meet first Monday of each
month. A J Lippitt, Chairman; H W John

son, N F Tift County Board of Tax Equalizers--E R West, Chair
man; H A Tarver, J A Davis County Board of Health--Meets first Thursday of
each month. A J Lippitt, chairman; Dr J M Bar
nett, S R de Jarnette
Sheriff--O F Tarver Deputy Sheriff--Aaron Denson Treasurer--Albany Exchange National Bank

Coroner--C W Thomas Tax Collector--P H Jones Tax Receiver--R L Barnes Supt of Schools--S R de Jarnette
Supt County Roads--W J Pinson
Surveyor--C G Bennett Health Commissioner--Dr Hugo Robinson
Game Warden--J W Nesbitt

Superior Court--Meets fourth Mondays in March and September. Judge, Wm V Custer; Clerk, How ard Clark; Deputy Clerk, John S Clark; Solicitor General, B C Gardner, Camilla, Ga
City Court--Meets in Court House second Monday of each month. Judge, Clayton Jones; Solicitor, R H Ferrill; Ordinary, Thos M Nelson
Justice Court--J R de Graffenried Presiding Judge Meets third Tuesday of each month in Court
House. Constable, J S Bell

State Capital--Atlanta Governor--Hon Cliff Walker Adjutant General--J Van Holt Nash Attorney General--G M Napier Commissioner Commerce and Labor--H M Stanley Commissioned of Pensions--J W Lindsey Comptroller General--Wm A Wright Department of Agricultue--J J Brown, commis
sioner Deptartment of Banking--T R Bennett, supt Department of Public Welfare--Burr Blackburn, sec
Secretary of State--D G McLendon United States Senators--Thos E Watson and Wm J
State School Supt--M L Brittain, ex-officio sec
Treasurer--Wm J Speer State Medical Board--Dr T F Abercrombie, sec Game and Fish Commissioner--T J Rhodes, commis



U S OFFICIALS Deputy Collector--J M Smith Deputy Marshal--C E Hibbard Commissioner--W G Martin Post Office Inspector--W B Brannan U S District Court--G F White, deputy clerk U S Department of Agriculture--J L Pelham, asst

BANKS Albany Trust and Banking Co--211 Broad. Capital
and surplus, $120,000. A P Vason, pres; P J Brown, v-pres; C L Newman, cashr
Albany Exchange National Bank--Washington cor Broad. Capital and surplus, $300,000. P J Brown, pres; A J Lippett, v-pres; E H Kalmon, v-pres; H E Davis, v-pres and cashr
Georgia National Bank of Albany--Board cor Court
av. Capital and surplus, $450,000. F F Put ney, pres; E E Wetherbee, active v-pres; W M Baldwin, cashr; J J McLendon, asst cashr

CEMETERIES Oakview Cemetery--408 S Jackson Riverside Cemetery--End of S Jackson

COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS Freeman Business Colleges--145% Pine
Georgia Normal Agricultural School (Colored) (E Albany)--J W Holley, prin

Albany Baptist Church--400 Pine. Rev Jas B Tur ner, pastor
Albany Methodist Church--300 N Jackson. Rev J N Peacock, pastor
Byne Memorial Baptist Church--N Jackson cor So ciety. Rev E M Altman, pastor
First Presbyterian Church--N Jackson cor Flint Rev L G Henderson, pastor
Methodist Chapel--453 Johnson av St Paul's Episcopal Church--N Jefferson cor Flint.
Rev J M Walker, rector
St Theresas Catholic Church--315 Residence. Rev Leo Geenan, pastor
Temple Bnai Israel--200 S Jefferson. Rev E A Lan dau, rabbi
(Colored) Arcadia Baptist Church--1210 N Jackson. Rev R C
Crouch, pastor
Bethel A M E Church--217 S Washington. Rev S M Zeigler, pastor
Beulah Baptist Church--S Jefferson, Ragsdale. Rev S B Oates, pastor
Church of God--412 South. Rev C G Goode, pastor Cutliff Grove Baptist Church--833 Broad



Eureka Baptist Church--307 S Jackson Evergreen Baptist Church--River rd Friendship Baptist Church--716 Broad. Rev Tilmas
S Sims, pastor Jackson Grove Baptist Church--524 Highland av Moore's Presbyterian Church--404 S Monroe Mt Hebron Baptist Church--326 Water. Rev T J
Simpson, pastor Mt Pilgrim Baptist Church--625 Society. Rev G E
Hall, pastor Mt Zion Baptist Church--330 South. Rev W J Jenk
ins, pastor Shiloh Baptist Church--525 South. Rev G W Irvin,
pastor St Andrews C M E Church--408 N Madison. Rev M
A Davis, pastor St Johns Episcopal Church--501 Madison. Rev Q E
Primo, rector Union Baptist Church--Isabella al, E Albany. Rev
Jordan Merritt, pastor

CIVIC CLUBS Albany Chamber of Commerce--234y2 Pine. J A
Davis, pres; J P Champion, v-pres; P J Brown,
treas; Hattie Hardy, asst sec Albany Retail Merchants Association Inc--307 Davis
Exchange Bank Bldg. R L Jones, pres; I B Calloway 1st v-pres; W T Sadler, 2d v-pres; J S Etheridge, sec; Mrs R C Dillingham, asst sec Kiawanis Club--Meets every Friday at Gordon Hotel.
George Jones, pres; R H Ferrell, sec Lions Club--Meets Gordon Hotel every Wed 1:05
pm. S K Simon, pres; W M Pryse, sec Merchants and Manufacturers Traffic Association--
J S Etheredge, sec Rotary Club--Meets every Thursday at 1:10 p m at
Gordon Hotel. L J Hofmayer, pres; J J West,

CLUBS AND MISCELLANEOUS ORGANIZATIONS Albany District Pecan Exchange--North cor Wash
ington, W P Bullard pres-mgr, F H Wood v-pre?, A D Galt, sec; J W Gillespie, treas
Boys Scout of America--Notchaway Council, Woolfolk Bldg 1451/2 Pine. J H Gillon, executive
Business Womans Club--Mrs Beulah Wakeford, pres * r TVTvc R Pirlrrnn gpp
Salvation Army--247% Broad. Capt Albert Bartlett
officer in charge Travelers Aid Association--Albany Terminal Station.
Mrs Annie T Muse sec Young Men's Christian Association--405 Pine. C
Westbrook, pres; E E Wetherbee, v-pres; J L Sumter, treas; J J West, sec of bd; J C Johnson, gen sec; EM Mooney, physical director

Carnegie Free Library--215 N Jackson. Mrs E W Menko, librarian
Fair Grounds--cor 8th and N Jefferson Ingrams Park--Society and N Monroe Riverside Park--end S Jackson Tift Park--1201 N Jefferson
POST OFFICE Postoffice--Broad cor Jefferson. Mrs N B Brimberry
postmaster P O Inspector--W B Brannan Asst Postmaster--R L Kearsey Supt of Mails--E H Heidt Money Order Clerk--L E Roan Clerks--A G Askin, J R Heidt, M B Robinson, R A
Scott, A J Whalen, Mamie R Griffin, Eloise Dann S I Geiger, F L Johnson, L Matthews, R E Thorn ton jr, J C Horsley sub Letter Carriers--J H Lee, J H Martin, J S Montgom ery, A J Newsome, T S Page, G J Sinton, R W Wadkins, W D Carnegie, Henry Hall, C W King T W Phillips, L C Reynolds, sub carrier Rural Carriers--T P Malone, P P Sutton, W B Cason, Mrs B S Thomas, sub Janitors--C H Lundy, Charles Sapp, Mrs Indiana Mims
Chamber of Commerce--234% Pine Champion Bldg--126% Pine Citizens First Natl Bank--225 Broad City Hall--246 Pine County Jail--rear Court House Court House--Pine cor Flint av Davis-Brown Bldg--114% N Washington Davis-Exchange Bank Bldg--104 N Washington Eatman Bldg--208% Pine Elks Home--212 Pine Federal Bldg--Broad cor N Jefferson K of C Hall--Pine cor N Washington K of P Hall--121% S Jackson Liberty Theatre Bldg--242% Broad Masonic Temple--200% Broad Masonic Hall--310 S Jackson Municipal Auditorium--N Jackson cor Pine Post Office--Broad cor Jefferson Supreme Circle Bldg--121% S Jackson Ventulett Bldg--109% N Washington Welch Bldg--201% Broad



Westbrook Bldg--242% Broad Woolfolk Bldg--1451% Pine

RAIL ROADS Albany Passenger Terminal Station ft N Front

Masonic Albany Lodge No 24 A F & A M--Meets first and
third Monday at Masonic Temple. Rutledge Meadows W M, Daniel Mayer Sec Daugherty Lodge No 591 A F & A M--Meets first and third Fridays at 201% Broad. W M Pryse W M, J H Osteen, Sec Albany Chapter No 15 R A M--Meets second and fourth Mondays Masonic Temple. J G Inman H P, W A Bierman recorder Emeth Lodge of Perfection No 2--Meets second and fourth Tuesdays Masonic Temple. J G Inman VM, Sigmund Sterne Sec St Paul Commandery No 24 K T--Meets second and fourth Fridays Masonic Temple. R W Barmun com, H W McClure recorder Myrtle Chapter O E S--Meets first and third Thurs days Masonic Temple. Mrs Rutledge Meadors

Elks Albany Lodge No 713 B P O E--Meets every Wednes
day at Elks Home, 212% Pine. C W Thomas
E R, R L Kearsey Sec

K of C Father Prendergast Council No 2057--Meets second
Tuesday at K of C Hall. J H Lynch G K, Petro
Stephens Sec, B M Conaghan Rec Sec

K of P Flint River Lodge No 296--Meets second and fourth
Tuesdays 201% Broad. J J Burditt G C, C L
Cox K of R and S

Cedar Camp No 21--Meets every Monday at 201% Board. O B Bozeman C C, W D Manning Sec
Woodmen Circle--Meets second and fourth Fridays, 201% Broad. Mrs J E McCurdy S G, Mrs W D Manning Sec

Evergreen Lodge No 65--Meets every Thursday 201% Broad. Joseph Hall N G, Ben Adams Sec

Camp Wm Slaughter No 971--Meets first Wednesday of each month in Court House. R D Coleman Com, B F Brimberry Sec


The Buyers' Guide contains the advertisements and busi ness cards of the most progressive business men and firms in our city, classified according to lines of business. The habit of using these Classified Lists will save the buyer large sums of money. It is the modern and up-to-date method of finding what you want and who sells it.
R. L. POLK & CO.




Consolidated Motor Co.





Sales Phone 739

Corner Pine and Jackson Sts. Service Phone 628




Garage-Storage, 112-118 Pine

Phone 676


Don't Use an Old Directory!
One Address taken from an old Directory may send you miles out of the way and waste a whole day's time. You take pride in keeping a fresh stock of merchandise on your shelves--
Why not avail yourself of fresh information for your daily use ?
(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S



P. J. BROWN, Pres. E. K. KALMON, Vice-Pres.

A. J. LIPPETT, Vice-Pres. H. E. DAVIS, Vice-Pres. and Cashr.

Capital and Surplus $300?000.0Q

The Georgia National Bank of Albany

Where Your Account is Appreciated
Broad and Court Ave.

Phone 633

The City Directory
is the most effective and most economical method of reaching all the people all the time. Those who buy without looking at the list of those who sell do them selves great injustice. The classified lists in the Business Directory form the best Buyers' Guide on earth. A modern, up-to-date method of getting what you want.



Building Materials Paints -- Glass







313 N. Washington St.

Phone 846


1. A. Rosenberg & Co.

Clothing --- Shoes Hats and Furnishings
For Men and Young Men

222-224 BROAD ST.

(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

232 PINE ST.



Albany Housefnrnishing Company

Phone 1,20


226-228 Broad St.


ALBANY, GEORGIA Fireproof--European--115 Rooms--115 Baths
An Albany Enterprise, Owned by Albany Business Men JOHN B. WADDILL, Manager
Who's Who, and Where?
Such questions can only be answered by the Directory, and that is the place where people look when they want to buy.
Are you properly displayed ^ therein to get the business





DAN L. GIBSON, Manager Leaders in All Kinds of Insurance

145 Pine Street

Phone 30

Night Phones 258-391


W. C. SINGLETON, Dist. Mgr.

Insures against Accident, Sickness and Death Our Special $5.00 per annum Auto Policy pays $1,000.00 for
Accidental Death and $25.00 per week Indemnity for Disability


PHONE 1083






RUG cleaners

General Lumber Company

Lumber, Sash, Doors Builders, Materials, Etc.


PHONES 28-1038
(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S



Eatman Plumbing Company



Residence Phone 1036 ALBANY

Business Phone 36 CAMILLA


Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting All Kinds of Plumbers' Supplies









D. L. BEATI E, President

230 Pine

Members Albany Real Estate Board


Albany Undertaking Co.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers






Lady Attendant -- Parlors and Chapel

Phone 701

Distinctive, Dependable Service

304 Broad St.

B. B. IVEY, Pres.

L. H. AVERITT, JR., Mgr.

Directories Compiled froma Door-to-Door Canvass Are The Cornerstones
Of All , Good Mailing Lists
(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Albany Exchange National Bank
Capital and Surplus, $300,000.00




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. department dom . domestic iffUisn ..draftsman eleetn . electrician eng . engineer hlpr . helper

inspr. Isspeotor ins . iamtyawps

lab . laborer

sob . machinist

mgr .. manager

mlnr . milliner

msngr . messenger

pdlr . peddler



phone opr.. telephone operator

phys . physician

plmbr . plumber

pres . president

prin . principal



slsldy . saleslady

limn . salesman

srnstrs . seamstress


supt . superintendent

tchr . teacher

tel opr .. telegraph operator

trar slsmn. traveling salesman

treas . treasursr

uphol . upholsterer

wid . widow


Abr . Abraham

Ales . Alexander

AJi . Alfred

Arch . Archibald

Aug . August

ItaJ. Benjamin

data . Catherine

. Charles

1 . Daniel

. Bd ward


. Elisabeth . Eugene

redk . Frederick

. Oeorge

Jas . Jas_ Jos . Joseph Kath . Katherine Margt.Margaret Mlchl . Michael Patk . Patrick Richd . Richard Robt . Robert Sami . Samuel Sol . Solomon Steph. Stephen Theo . Theodore Thos . Thomas

Alphabetical List of Names
Abraham Etta emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Abrams Chas (Hattie) waiter h611 Residence Acker Louie D (Pearl M; L D Acker Co) hlll4 N Jefferson Acker L D Co (L D Acker) office supplies 115 N Washing
ton Acree Hattie cook h635 Std Oil al Adams Annie L lndrs r310 Westbrook av Adams Benj C (Ella A) elk Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co h
421 Highland av

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
O. H. MoDENIX>N. B. C. S.. Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street. Albany. Ga.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO/S

Adams Chas (Evaline) waiter h314 Westbrook av

Adams Clayton P hlpr r421 Highland av

Adams David W (Mary E) cashr Am Ry Exp Co h207 N


Adams Ella cook h427 Cherry

Adams Embrie E monotoype opr Albayn Herald r331 Broad

Adams Emma opr Sou Bell T & T Co r511 Residence

Adams Eug B driver City Water Wks r421 Highland av

Adams Geo E slsmn Union Gro Co r Hotel Gordon

Adams Joel E (Aledia; Dougherty Elec Co) h205 Com-


Adams John (Laura M) mill hd Flint River Cot Mill h 10th

and N Madison

Adams Jos (Leta) electn r305 Commerce

Adams July r318 South

Adams Louise lndrs h310 (205) Westbrook av

Adams Nick J elk Hotel Gordon Co r do

Adams Remer N (Thelma) formn Swift & Co h302 7th

Adams Walter (Bertha) filling sta 212 S Jackson h508 S


Adams Wm lab h507 N Davis

Adcock N David (Emma) formn h304 4th


Adcock Victor elk Atlantic Ice & Coal Co r304 4th

Addison Leonard lab rl33 Flint

Addison Lucinda lndrs rill Flint

Adkins John W H (Lucy P) elk J E Helms r426 Pine

Adler Benj (Blanche) pecan dir hAliy2 Broad

AETNA INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts,

145 Pine

African Methodist Episcopal Church 527 Cotton

Ainsworth Harris A (Lottie) mgr h215 S Madison

Akins Thos C (Maggie) switchmn ACL h212 4th

Albany Baptist Church 400 N Pine

Albany Battery Co (C V Newell and C G Plunket) 305


Albany Candy Co C M Shackelford prop 204 E Broad


P Champion V-Pres, P J Brown Treas, 234^4 Pine

Albany Clothing Co (S W Rubin) 218-220 Broad


226 North, Phone 236 (See stencil edges)

Albany District Pecan Exchange Wm P Bullard pres-mgr

F H Wood v-pres A D Galt sec J W Gillespie treas

211-13 North

ALBANY DRUG CO, W T Sadler Mgr, Prescription Drug

gist, Toilet Articles, Cigars, Candies, Garden Field

and Flower Seeds 200 Broad, Phones 860 and 861


Pres, A J Lippett Y-Pres, E H Kalmon Y-Pres, H E

Davis V-Pres-Cashr, Washington, ne cor Broad, Phone

63 (See right top lines and page 27)



Albany Grammar School Toy Spence prin N Monroe cor Society
ALBANY GROCERY CO, C E Fryer Pres, W F Fryer SecTreas, G J Callaway V-Pres and Genl Mgr, Whol Grocers 117-121 Pine, Phones 914-915
Albany Hardware & Mill Supply Co C W Rawson pres B B Manning sec 135 Pine
Albany Hat Cleaning Co (Harry Roussos) 218 Pine Albany Hebrew Congreation se cor S Jefferson and Com
ALBANY HERALD THE (Daily), Herald Publishing Co Publishers, H M McIntosh Editor, 188 Pine, Phones 60 and 600 (See page 2)
Albany High School 1000 N Jefferson
ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO, B B Ivey Pres, F F Faulk Asst Mgr, Ivey's Place 226-228 Broad, Phone 120 (See right center lines and page 29)
ALBANY INSURANCE AGENCY, Dan L Gibson Mgr, All Kinds of General Insurance 145 Pine, Phone 30 (See front cover and page 30)
ALBANY LAUNDRY CO, Dawson Owens Pres-Mgr, Launderers, Dry Cleaners, Dyers, "The Daylight Plant" 230-232 North, Phone 39 (See backbone and page 30)


Phone 120


226-228 Broad St.

Albany Loan & Finance Co Dawson Owens pres Thos W Ventulett v-pres H D Bell sec-treas 148 Broad
Albany Methodist Church Rev J N Peacock pastor sw cor Jackson and Flint
Albany Oil Co W H Schroder mgr 614 N Washington Albany Outdoor Advertising Co (L B Gortatowsky) 119^
N Washington
Albany Paint & Wall Paper Co (Pearl Manning) h248 Pine Albany Paper Co (Inc) J C Mason pres B W Simon v-pres
I C Gortatowsky sec-treas 234 North
Albany Passenger Terminal Co R E DLavis ticket agt Clem McDaniel sta mstr foot of N Front
Albany Peach & Pecan Co The E S Lorenz pres, K K Lo renz v-pres W M Vancise sec-treas 420 Society
Albany Peanut Co The G W Jones jr mgr 618 North Albany Produce Co E H Kalmon mgr 218-20 North
ALBANY RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION INC, R L Jones Pres, I B Callaway 1st V-Pres, W T Sadler 2d V-Pres, J S Etheredge Sec and Traffic Mgr, Mrs R C Dillingham Asst Sec, 307 Davis Exchange Bank Bldg
Albany Tailoring Co (R C French) 119y2 N Washington

More*goods arc bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S____

Albany Trust & Banking Co A P Vason pres P J Brown v-pres C L Neuman cashr 211 Broad
ALBANY UNDERTAKING CO (C W Thomas, Mrs Viola Vannucci), Funeral Directors and Embalmers 125 N Jackson, Day and Night, Phone 97 (See page 32)
Albany Warehouse Co A P Vason pres R E Champion v-pres J P Champion sec-treas cotton and tobacco
whse 118-122 Pine Alder Ben (Blanche) slsmgr Pecan Sales Co h411 Broad Alderman Corlett slsmn Dougherty Hdw Mill & Supply Co
r317 Flint Alderman Curtis bkpr Virginia-Carolina Chem Co r312
Flint Aldred Walter J (Grace) spl agt h205 S Monroe Alexander Clarence (Virgie) lab h206 5th al Alexander Frances dom h413 Cherry Alexander Lillie lndrs rl38 Compress al Alexander Muriel cook rl38 Compress al Alford Tillman L r409 N Washington Alfriend Lillian P r530 Broad Alice Mary J cook r523 1st al Allen Bertha lndrs h203 South Allen Daphine hll4 Broad al Allen Edmund A (Grace C) lmbr h526 Broad Allen Edmund A jr student r526 Broad Allen Emma cook h504 S Jefferson Allen Erastus (Rosa) trucker Ga Sw & G R R h714 Tift
Allen Essie B lndrs h212 S Davis Allen Gilsey lndrs r419 N Madison Allen Henry r212 S Davis Allen Isabelle maid r216 Davis Allen Ivey M (Rachel) elk Presant Bros h307 Commerce Allen Jas O (Bessie M) ins 224i/2 Broad h423 Mulberry
Allen Jerry lab r627 Society Allen John lab C of Ga r212 S Davis Allen John jr lab r212 S Davis Allen John E (Alba) mech Haley Motor Co h411 North
Allen Lelia M lndrs r212 S Davis Allen L J (Willie B) lab r627 Society Allen Martha W (wid Jas H) h715 N Jackson
Allen Matilda lndrs r206 South Allen Mollie lndrs r212 S Davis Allen Percy (Eula) candymkr Bobs Candy Co h627 Broad
Allen Peter (Maud) lab hl20 Broad al Allen Resden T (Sallie) lmbr h703 Park av Allen Wm (Rachel) wtchmkr Bell-McAfee Jewelry Co r
610 Commerce Allen Willie B maid R P Stripling r627 Society Allison Apartments S B Lippitt prop 408 Pine
Allison J F r St Nicholas Hotel
Allman J J firemn City

V. R. BUSH & CO.
Complete Line of Alfocorn Guaranteed Feed* in Dollar Mark Bags--CHICKEN, HORSE and MULE, DAIRY



Alls Jas (Pearl) presser Albany Lndry Co r508 1st al Almon Ernest (Rosa B) lab rlOO Commerce ALRIS ALBERT H, Pres Hotel (Jordon Co, res Jackson
Miss Altman Ernest M Rev (Eulah M) pastor Byne Memorial
Cb h801 N Jackson Alverson Rachael r309 Highland av Alverson Wilber porter r309 Highland av Alverti Dorothy elk Carnegie Free Library r211 N Monroe American Peanut Products Co The D S Crandall pres Leon
Perry v-pres C M White sec 108 North AMERICAN RAILWAY EXPRESS CO, W H Strickland1
Agt 238 Pine, Phones 21 and 743 Americus Grocery Co Hollis Lanier mgr 333 N Washington Ammons Chas R (Ruth) capt Fire Dept h418 Flint Amonette Jos I (Oma L) trav h711 N Jackson Amos Russell P (Mignon) supt park and cemetery h Park
Anderson Annie cook h626 Broad Anderson Annie R rl06 Broad al Anderson Clarence lab r203 Oil Mill al Anderson Coleman (Lizzie) gro 622 Newton rd h706 S
Jefferson Anderson Cora r706 S Jefferson Anderson D W eng City of Albany r Y M C A Anderson Evelyn student r214 Residence Anderson Geneva lndrs r220 Holly Anderson Henry (Lucille) potrer Flint Drug Co r River rd
Anderson Ida (wid Jos) dom h214 S Davis Anderson Irene maid r606 Society Anderson Madison J (Rosa E) yd formn h410 N Monroe Anderson Nicholas (Ida) h220 Highland av Anderson Oscar D (Lahra) tel opr h214 Residence Anderson Robt (Lula) butcher F W Nicholson h505 Eu
reka al Anderson S W (Mary) slsmn Morris Implement Co h225
N Jackson Anderson Wm r214 S Davis ANDERSON WM H (Nina; Mell Printing Co) h Slappey
drive Andrews John W (Irma) cond h304 Tift Anglin Jonnie M maid r310C, S Jefferson Anthony Chess (May) lab h417 N Madison Anthony C C pres Thad Huckabee Auto Co res Sasser Ga
Anthony John (Ella) lab h308 Fleishers al Anthony Paul meat ctr J B Barbre r208 6th Apostle John A mgr Royal Cafe r204 S Washington Arcadia Mission Baptist Church Rev R C Crouch 1210 N
Archer F L h507A, N Washington Armour Clarence lab r424 Corn Armour Priscilla dom h424 Corn






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Armstrong Eliz V (wid John) h429 Commerce Armstrong Eug P (Lottie) farmer h426 Residence
ARMSTRONG JAMES W (Mary) Clerk and Treas City of
Albany, h503 Commerce Armstrong John (Annie) lab rl07 Fleishers al Armstrong Richd F (Anne) slsmn Albany Produce Co h
405 S Madison
Armstrong Rosa lndrs r631 Tift Armstrong W D (Viola) lab h210 Lewis al Arner Jas lab r305 Flint al Arnold Chas mill hd r310 Highland av Arnold Dock (Ruth) lab Garretts Garage r214 N Davis

Arnold Fannie lndrs r410 Eureka al Arnold H L mgr ret dept Genl Lmbr Co r Leesburg rd
Arnold Otie carp h507 Planters Arnold Sidney (Millie) wood dir h310 Highland av

Arnold Stella lndrs r515 Cotton Arnold Winters blksmith h Newton rd Arterson John (Rosa L) porter Churchwells h507 N Davis Artesian Drug Co (John H King) 117 S Jackson Arthur Carrie B (wid Harry) v-pres Empire Produce Co r
1104 N Jefferson
Arthur Paul (Mae) hay and grain 319 N Washington sectreas Empire Produce Co h Dawson rd
Arthur Riley R (Anna E) pres Empire Produce Co hll04
N Jefferson
Artis Henry emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Asberry Willie B tchr h428 Pine al Asbury Henry A (Dilsey) elk Artesian Drug Co h608 Resi
Ash Janet C r204 Commerce Asher Dora sten Milner & Farkas r504 Commerce Asher Eva (wid John) h504 Commerce Asher Isaac K elk r504 Commerce Asher Rossie B slsldy R L Jones Co r504 Commerce

Ashley Sarah lndrs h511 1st Askin Addison G (Fannie) elk P 0 h611 Pine Atkins Albert K (Josephine) bkpr Farkas Filling Sta r
619 Pine
Atkins Frances M (wid Frank) r510 North Atkins Mary J lndrs hl09 West Atkins Ulysses (Ethel L) plstr r212 N Davis Atkinson Beulah D (wid Shade A) h415 North
Atkinson Frank (Nancy) gro Newton rd h do Atkinson Martin R desk sergt Police Dept rll7 2d Atlanta Mutual Insurance Co H G Pughsley dist mgr 113y2
S Jackson Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co R E Davis ticket agt Al
bany Pass Terminal Sta




Atlantic Coast Line R R Co Coml Agt & Frt Depot H C Cameron coml agt J M McLellan frt agt 218 N Wash
ington Atlantic Coast Line Ry Shops C S Logan genl formn end
E Broad Atlantic Coast Line R R yard office D V Holt ydmstr end
E Broad Atlantic Ice & Coal Co C 0 Brooks mgr 117 Society ATLAS ASSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts,
145 Pine AUDITORIUM THEATRE, Gortatowsky Bros Mgrs, sw
cor Jackson and Pine Austin Clemmie Indrs r215 South Austin Janie r Sami Johnson River rd Austin Oscar lab r216 Old Springs rd Austin Wm M waiter New Albany Hotel h314 S Jackson -Autrey May (wid Wm A) slsldy Rosenberg Bros r406
Broad AVERITT LUCIUS H JR (Lucille), Mgr Ivey Funeral
Home 304 Broad, h do, Phone 701 Averitt Maude opr Newcomb Beauty Parlor r418 Pine Averitte Florrie (wid Jas) r304 N Jackson Axum Sarah elk Guaranty Life Ins Co h509 1st Aycock Myrtle slsldy Rosenberg Bros r909 Rawson cir
Aycock W B firemn City B & F Garage C E Boynton prop 219 E Broad Babbitt Clarence L r617 Pine Babbitt Ernest L (Mary C) plmbr h617 Pine Babbs Mercer M (Bertha) blrmkr h309 Commerce Bachelor Francis lab American Peanut Products Co r500
Bacon Albert S (Lottie) phys 301-2 Davis Exch Bank bldg hllOl N Jefferson
Bacon Eug (Rosa) switchmn r405 S Washington Bacon Jas L (Kate) pass agt Central of Ga Ry Co h907
Madison cir Bacon Wm E (Jeanie) police City h423 Flint Bagley Annie (wid Jacob) r607 2d Bagwell Atwell C mech Thad Huckabee Auto Co Bailey Alma r314 South Bailey Alonzo W (Mary L) slsmn h210 S Madison Bailey Arth auto repr J C Ingram Bailey Arvol E auto mech r508 Highland av Bailey Cricket truck hlpr Chero Cola Bottling Co res E
Albany Bailey Danl lab r639 Flint al Bailey Eliza smstrs h741 E Broad Bailey Festus (Cora) lab h314 South Bailey Jas washer lndry rll3 Grady Bailey Janie tchr r314 South Bailey John elk Petro Stephens r331 Broad

Automobile owuers are select prospects lor

man j kinds of merchandise. Send to Headquar

ters for all kinds of Automobile Lists. Our new

Catalog; contains much valuable data. Ask for




(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Bailey Leila lndrs rllO Compress al Bailey Lilia (wid Jos) h420 Mulberry Bailey Lucille opr Sou Bell T & T Co r331 Broad Bailey Lula cook h409 South Bailey Robt r434 South Bailey Sami A (Eula) mach h527 E Broad Bailey Wm r527 E Broad Bailey Wilmer student r314 South Bain J Frank (Lillian) prop Bain Peanut Co h503 N Jeff
erson Bain Peanut Co J F Bain prop 7th nr N Washington Baken Edw (Nancy) lab h710 Tift Baken Wm (Annie) lab h708 Tift Baker Chas prsr Standard Pressing Club r514 Mercer
Baker Hardy lab r705 N Madison Baker Mary tchr Ga Normal & Agrl School Baker Mille L cook r Florence Watson Baker Minnie cook h430 South Baker Myra smstrs r Wm Lynch Newton rd Baldwin Alice (wid W R) r New Albany Hotel Baldwin Claude T (Leila) cotton buyer h602 2d Baldwin Henrietta lndrs h606 Society Baldwin Oscar (Lucy) lab hl307 N Washington Baldwin Mose (Florence) cashr r514 Pine BALDWIN WM M (Florence), Cashr Georgia National
Bank of Albany, r New Albany Hotel Bales C Ollie (Florrie) gro 700 Pine h307 4th Bales John H (Nannie M) elk h905 N Washington Balkom Maisie opr Sou Bell T & T Co r603 N Washington
Ball Fredk M civ eng r413 North Ball Fredk R (Carrie) cond h413 North
Ball Russell L r413 North Ball Turner I student r413 North Baniacas Steve G (Constina; Royal Cafe) h204 S Wash
ington Banister Jason A slsmn Haley Motor Co r209 Commerce Bankers Health & Life Ins Co J C Findley mgr 118 Eat-
man bldg Banks Anna lndrs h607 Newton rd Banks Annie lndrs r211 Residence al Banks Bertha maid r207 Oil Mill av Banks Daisy Lee emp J H Macklin Peanut Co h645 Pine al
Banks Emma r519 South Banks Jas B (Ouida) slsmn Churchwells h213 N Madison Banks Jesse A (Alma) formn Lanier Iron & Metal Co h514
Banks Jessie maid r207 Oil Mill al Banks John (Ola M) plmbr h Newton rd Banks Maria r415 Odon (Ragsdale) Banks Mary lndrs h618 Pine al Banks Norman (Mary) lab h501 Corn




PHONES 28-1038



Banks Ozie r415 Odon (Ragsdale) Banks Robt (Ida) lab h405 S Washington Banks Wash (Jessie) trucker C of Ga r207 Oil Mill al Banks Wm (Bertha) lab h207 Oil Mill al Bankston Byron E (Velma) linemn City Water Wks h218
Barbee Basil F (Emmie) mfrs agt 112 N Jackson r314 Society
Barbee C N mgr hi Colonial apts Barber Ella Mrs elk Crescent 5 & 10c Store h213 4th Barber Jos (Annie H) lab h510 Dorsey (Ragsdale) Barber Louise Indrs r621 Pine al Barber Mark (Mary L) brksmn h530y2 Mercer Barber Walter (Minnie L) hlpr h216 N Davis Barbra Clara M emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Barbra Essa Mae emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Barbra Joe emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Barbre Claud B (Julia) slsmn Hilsman & Tift h514 N
Barbre Cliff (wid J W) r706 N Washington Barbre Jos B gro 601 Tift h do Barbre Julia S Mrs r514 N Jackson Barbre Primus J formn r601 Tift Barbre Ray gro Leesburg rd h514 N Jackson Barbre Richd (Leola) chauf h314 Highland av Barclay F F pres Georgia-Alabama Power Co res Balti
more Md
Barefield C D overseer Flint River Cotton Mill r 11th Barfield Jasper R (Alice) h521 North
Barfield J Walter (Mary L) ins agt Life & Casualty Co of Tenn h301 N Broadway
Barfield Marie L cook r679 Flint
Barfield Walter E (Matilda) elk Central of Ga frt depot r521 North
Barker Edw (Curly M) lab h612 C M E al Barksdale Irene cashr S H Kress & Co r208 5th Barlow Ida Indrs hl20 S Front Barlow Sallie Indrs h305 Wilson Barner Alice Indrs h419 N Madison Barner David lab r419 Madison Barnes Barnett plmbr r236 Flint Barnes David (Lula) lab hl09 N Davis Barnes Gora (Rosa L) mill hd r Alf Mattox S Monroe Barnes Hayes (Virginia) gardener h622 S Washington Barnes Haywood driver r411 S Jefferson
Barnes Jamie T (Mary) ship Albany Produce Co h420 2d
Barnes Nella H r429 North Barnes Polly maid r606 C M E al
Barnes Roy L (Dorothy) State and County Tax Receiver h429 North


" 112,-:1118LPi1n7e SSttrreeeetst.

j. walker Telephone



Authorized Ford Service

Ga8> ^Workmanship*" Guaranteed on All Mahes of Cara

(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S
Barnes Wm E sec Morrow-Cook Furniture Co r319 Pine Barnett Henry (Veronia) truck driver r40B South al Barnett Jas M (Gladys) phys and surg 102-4-6 Eatman
bldg h522y2 Pine Barney Mollie lndrs h741 Broad Barnum Chas W skip elk Ga Mill Supply Co r5J4 Barnum Robt H sec-treas Ga Mill Supply Co r514 Pine

Barr AngusS clkAlbany Passenger Terminal r214 3d
Barr Celeste r214 3d Barr Jos A (Anne) formn b214 3d Barr Martha slsldy The Carter Co r431 Broad Rarran Annie M lndrs r Alf Spurling River rd BARRETT ALYA W (Marilu), V-Pres Consolidated Motor
Co, h208 S Jefferson, Phone 282 Barrett Elijah (Lizzie Lou) lab h521 Holloway T^nrrptt F1 "L stkmn S H Kress & Co Barrett Wm C (L D S) barber Cadler & Bass h309 Com-

ZZl ChaMLeuTbaker Rucker's Bakery r527 Resid-

ence Barron Julia (wid Jas G) h211 Commerce Rfirrnnton Aaron R (Selma) swtchmn h211 2d Bartlett Albert F (Bessie N) officer in cbg Salvation Army

Hall h411 N Washington Bartlett Arth E (Eva) h208 Society Bartlett Arth E jr mach opr r208 Society Bartlett Edw B emp City Stables r208 Society
Bartlett Fred E mach opr r208 Society Bartlett Ruth student r411 N Washington
Barton Mattie L r306 Westbrook av

Bass see also Baas

v rQOQ

Bass Bloomer B (Coralee) mgr Piggly Wiggly No 2 r909

N Monroe Bass Byron C (Beulah) credit mn r311 Pine

Bass C J slsmn r310 Pine Bass Edw (Alice) chauf h416 South Bass Ernest L lab rll07 N Washington
Bass Eug E (Sadler & Bass) h223 4th Bass E P slsmn Haley Motor Co h Dawson rd
Bass Fannie (wid Geo W) r223 4th Bass Nettie slsldy Rosenberg Bros r223 4th Bateman Reucia B elk Ga Natl Bk of Albany Baten Chas L mech Shepherd Garage r311 Planters Bates Farr H (Mary P; Ventulett & Bates) commr City of

Albany h518 Pine Baton Albert S (Lottie) phys hllOl N Jefferson
Battey Frances Mrs r607 N Jefferson Battle Alf (Ida) carp h707 Society Battle Frances L r414 Commerce

Classified eBusiness Lists IN THE CITY DIRECTORY



Battle Hester lndrs h207 North al Battle Laura cook r206 Residence al Battle Malinda h425 Pine al Battle Toy lab r603 Tift Batty Oscar W flagmn r317 North
Baughen Elam A (Willie B) U S N r310 Commerce Baxter Ray S drummer Gortatowsky Bros r YM C A Beach Chas (Essie) lab h416 Planters Bealle Annie nurse r338 Broad
Beaman Jas (Jeannette) blksmith Mrs J G Bolton h New ton rd
Beasley Ada lndrs h608 Crugers al Beasley Buford repr Underwood Typewriter Co r414 Pine Beasley Jas elk Pure Food Meat Market r236 Flint Beasley Robt (Bessie) formn Tenn Chem Co h709 N Wash
BEATIE DAVID L (Catherine C), Pres-Treas Farmers' Land, Loan & Title Co, h831 Highland ar, Phone 719
Beaton Rosa L cook r707 (704) S Jackson Beatty Chas (Emma) hl31 N Broadway Beauford P J tchr Ga Normal & Agl School Bedenbaugh Eva elk Ga Natl Bk of Albany r410 Pine Bedenbaugh Howard elk Ga Natl Bk of Albany h411 Pine Beecher Elmira cook h420 Mercer Beeman Jeannette tchr r322 Mercer Belcher Bernard prsr h Dewey
Belcher Bryant (Grace) armature winder White & Walker h405 Residence
Belcher Hattie Inds r Dewey Belcher Manard dry clnr D M Harper res E Albany Belcher Wm D r Dewey
Belin Jas B (Martha) prop Owl You Drive It Co r509 N Washington
Bell Ada lndrs hl215 N Washington Bell Alonzo lab r513 S Front Bell Annie dom h507 Holloway Bell Annie B cook rl215 N Washington Bell Bessie lndrs hll6 S Front Bell Chas (Sarah) lab h631 Broad
Bell Chas (Mattie) lab r716 Pine
Bell Comer C (Lillian) sten H H Tarver r418 Residence Bell Cornelius lab r725 Pine Bell Emma lndrs h418 (414) S Washington Bell Ernest B (Blanche) agt h428 Cotton Bell Gerti slsldy F W Woolworth Co Bell Henry (Alice) lab h513 S Front Bell Henry jr porter r513 S Front
Bell Henry D (Etta) pres Morrow-Cook Furniture Co sectreas Albany Loan & Finance Co h404 Broad
Bell Jas (Linnie) pntr h732 Pine Bell Javine r732 Pine


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S ___

Bell Jesse lab rl36 Old Blue Spgs rd

Bell Jesse S constable Justice Court

Bell Jos lab r209 North al



Bell Julia sec Union Aid of Benevolence Society r409 b


Bell J D slsmn Flint Drug Co


Reliable Goods Only, Watch, Clock and Jewelry Re

pairing of All Kinds 123 N Washington, Phone 617

Bell Mamie maid r502 Planters Bell Marcus (Edith L) inspr r618 Mercer Bell Mattie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co
Bell Rosa lndrs h605 Crugers av Bell Sallie lndrs h414 N Madison Bell Susie M nurse r314 Water Bell Theo student r428 Cotton Bell T L (Bell-McAfee) res Americus Ga Bell Wakefield student r428 Cotton
BELL WALTER F (Sue), Lawyer 602 Davis Exchange Bank Bldg, Phone 1162, h316 Flint, Phone 1326-W

Bell Wm (Mary) lab h609 Grady Bell Wm C (Bessie) eng City Water Wks h517 Residence Bell Wm W (Aline) trav slsmn r208 Commerce Bell Wilton A (Leola C) carp r316 South Belleau Arth W sis mgr Internatl Agrl Corp r402 N Jeffer-

son Benham Austin (Josephine) lab h804 Broad Benjamin Elmer (Frances) h313 S Jackson
Bennett Carrie cook r631 Commerce Bennett Chas G county surveyor r207 N Jefferson
Bennett John R (Elsie) shp elk h519 North Bennett Josephine cook Henyr Tarver r Broad Bennett Lutilda lndrs r511 S Jefferson Bennett Maggie (wid W B) h610 Pecan Bennett Sami S (India T; Pope & Bennett) h223 3d

BENSON NORMAN E DR (Lillie F), Sec Lee's Pharmacy (Inc), Physician 230^ Pine, h715 N Jefferson, Phone

41 Bentley Aurelia dom h525 Mercer
Bentley Sylvester porter New Albany Hotel Benton Austin (Josie) lab Lanier Iron & Metal Co h814


Berkman Mamie elk N Y Bargain House r625 Commerce

Berman Cecile r519 Highland av


Berman Louis (Frieda) collr Estate of Sami Farkas h519

Highland av Bernheim Henry W (Retina) r500 Commerce
Berry Andrew lab hl05 Flint Berry Anna maid r404 South al Berry Asia (Willie M) chauf r502 Com







Berry Chovine janitor Y M C A h732 Pine

Berry J A mech Thad Huckabee Auto Co

Berry Sarah lndrs r425 Water

Berry Thos (Eliza) h Newton rd

Bess Andrew (Flowers) lab h609 Society

Bess Isaac (Ludie) lab r530y2 Mercer

Bessmer John J Rev asst pastor St Therese Catholic Ch

r313 Residence

Best Mollie lndrs h633 Society

Best Sami lab r712 Tift

Beetar Geo (Manhattan Fruit Co) r402 Highland av

Bethel A M E Church Rev S M Zeigler pastor 217 S Wash


Bettison Ira meat ctr Love Bros r Dixie Heights

Beulah Baptist Church Rev S B Oates pastor 802 S Jeffer


Bierman Walter A (Clara) sec-treas Flint River Cotton

Mills h507 3d

Bigham Ned (Malinda) lab r615 N Madison

Billings Alberta lndrs h617 North

Billings Lula lndrs h708 Pine

Billingslea John S (Hattie) pres Georgia Cotton Co h422


Billingslea Lucy A (wid Wm A) h400 N Jefferson

Billingslea Sallie E r400 N Jefferson

Billingsley Jas (Lubertha) barber h530 Holloway

Billingsley Rosa B lndrs h707 (704) S Jackson

Billingsley Tarver (Della) lab h Dewey

Billingsly Martha lndrs h629 Flint

Billups Jos S (Mary) dist mgr Ga Mut Industrial Life &

Health Ins Co h309 S Jackson

Binion Winnie (wid Robt) h310 Commerce

Bishop Edmond (Ella) gardner h610 Society

Bishop J E (Kathleen) elk Haley Motor Co r210 S Madi


Bishop Kathleen sten C of Ga frt depot r210 S Madison

Bishop Pearl sten Haley Motor Co r431 Broad

Bishop Stella cook h604 N Madison

Bishop Thos lab r312 Water

Bivens Katie mill hd r411 S Jackson

Bivens Mollie lndrs h608 Crugers av

Bivins Allen (Lessie) lab h306 Flint al

Black Benj (Annie L) hlpr h 1 rear 138 Compress al

Black Jas M (Minnie) carp h528 North

Black Lou lndrs h512 Grady

Black O E jr asst sis mgr Palmyra Co

Black Robt E (Annie R) R M S h615 Commerce

Black Susie dom h429 Corn

Black Wm carp r318 Highland av

Blackburn Geo L (Alice) bkpr Albany Warehouse Co h204


Classified Business Lists -IN the-


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Blackburn Harvey (Alice; Wizard Bakery) h212% Broad
Blackshear Ethel Indrs r617 Tift Blackshear Henry lab r630 Crugers al Blackshear Katie Indrs h630 Crugers al Blackshear Leonard lab r630 Crugers al
Blake Eli firemn r459 E Broad Blake Eliza dom h400 Browns av Blakey Minnie canvasser r310 Commerce Blakeley Eula Mae Indrs r308 Fleishers al Blalock Jas B (Margt) stero Albany Herald h507 Com
merce Blanchard Helen E supt Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp
r do Bland Eliza (wid W B) hll8 Oak Blanton Wm (Nettie) lab hlllO N Washington Blattner Hennie (wid Sami) h406 Highland av Blattner Herman truck driver r406 Highland av Blattner Ida cashr Globe Department Store r406 Highland
av Blattner Jennie r406 Highland av Blattner Mary r406 Highland av Blocker Rosa h608 Newton rd Blocker Sylvester porter St Nicholas Hotel Blount Florence instr Ga Normal & Agl School
Blount Jas (Lizzie) r302 Mercer Blount Josephine Indrs h218 Highland av Blount McNeil O (Nannie R) trav slsmn rl09 N Jefferson Bluethe Morris (Blanche) v-pres Hofmayer Dry Goods Co
r Hotel Gordon Blunk Josephine smstrs r407 (410) Grady Boatwright Albert W (Marie) printer Bosworth Printing
Co rl30 S Washington Bob Sarah dom h414 Grady Bob's Candy Co (Inc) J A Magill pres Bob McCormack sec-
treas 111-115 S Washington Bobbitt John T (Lois; J T Bobbitt Roofing Co) h913 N
Monroe Bobbitt J T Roofing Co (John T Bobbitt) 110 Pine
Boggs Julia r Major Curry S Jefferson Bohannon Clarence D (Susie) trav inspr h204 Tift Boland Robt L (Lula) bkpr Vicks Medicine Co h408 N
Jackson Bolder Mamie Indrs h308 Mercer Boling Augustus (Anna) barber Thos Wakefield r425 Pine
al Bolton Abbie Mrs (wid J G) pkr Flint Drug Co h205 Resi
dence Bolton Fannie L r205 Residence Bolton Jas r205 Residence Bolton Jetta L Mrs bkpr Johnson-Brown Co r414 Pine Bolton John M (Jetta) mgr The Schwob Co h414 Pine





Bolton Nathan student r205 Residence Bolton Ora (wid Junius M) h414 Pine Bolton Sami R (Gussie M) auto mech Lincoln Sales &
Service Co h208 Residence Bond Julius lab h602 Crugers av Bonds Albert (Rainie) lab r212 Lewis al Bone Mae C slsldy Churchwells r404 Broad Bone Wm H (May C) special represntative Penn Mutual
Life Ins Co r404 Broad *Bonner David (Essie) lab h531 Ball Park av Bonner Henry porter Americus Grocery Co Book & Gift Shop The (Mrs Beulah Dickson) 121 N Wash
ington Bookens Janie lndrs r625 Broad Booker Eliz smstrs h205 S Front Booker Ella R (wid P N) h430 Society Boomersbine Frank (Essie) mgr Metropolitan Life Ins Co
h523 2d Born W H 2d v-pres Natl Pecan Growers Exchange res
McRae Ga Bostick Chas (Rosalie) swtchmn ACL Ry h505 Mercer Bostwick Russell (wid Fred) slsldy Churchwells h319 N
Jackson Bosworth L Brooks (Emma L; Bosworth Printing Co) h
504 N Jackson Bosworth Printing Co (L B Bosworth J L Reeves) 115 N
Washington Boswell Jesse H r816 Highland av Boswell Martha (wid Wm) r816 Highland av Bothwell Hattie (wid Wm) h209 N Madison Bothwell Hattie R student r209 N Madison Bovee Wm M (Helena) wtchmn Tenn Chem Co hlll5 N
Washington Bowden Gussie C (wid J B) r217 Society Bowden Leola dom h658 Flint al Bowen Wm T (Eliz) supt Bain Peanut Co h411 N Jackson Bowie Henry (Kath) driver h410 Eureka al
Bowman Danl L r414 Pine Boy Scouts of America 145^ Pine Boyd Betty lndrs hl24 Fleishers al Boyd Clarence J (Anna) janitor h676 Commerce Boyett Walter (Julia) swtchmn A C L Ry r205 4th Boynton Chas E (Flora) prop B & F Garage h708 N Jack-
Boynton Margt cashr F W Woolworth Co r708 N Jackson Boze A Walter lab h202 (649) Boze av Bozeman Elijah M (Martha I) gro 1005 N Washington h
205 3d Bozeman E J elk Liberty Pharmacy r808 N Washington Bozeman Hiram J (Josie) ldrywkr Albany Laundry Co h
808 N Washington

CONSULT THE Classified r Business Lists CITY DIRECTORY


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Bozeman Leon D (Helen) condr h316 Residence Bozeman Nellie student r217 Society Bozeman 0 Benj (Naomi) lndrywkr Albany Laundry Co
h217 Society Braddy Herschel porter Southern Specialty Co h Front Braddy Lizzie waiter rl07 State Bradford Ernest elk Atlantic Ice & Coal Co r219 5th Bradford Jas M (Hester E) condr h214 2d Bradford Robt L (Laura) carp h219 5th Bradley Barney hlpr r510 Highland av Bradley Carrie elk Globe Department Store r510 Highland
av Bradley Charlotte dom h731 Pine Bradley Eliz hlpr rl07 Highland av Bradley Henry lab rll4 Broad al Bradley Jas J (Lelia) carp h510 Highland av
Bradley Jane dom rll4 Broad al Bradley Mollie nurse rl209 N Washington Bradley Robt (Rosa L) lab hl30 Fleishers al Bradshaw Allie C (Louella) pntr h519 Residence Bradshaw Chas R (Frances) tinner Riley & Mills h301
Cherry Bradstreet Co The Russell K McLean supt 203 Davis Ex
change Bank bldg Brady Ida cook r617 N Madison Brady Irwin Rev (Jane) pastor h617 N Madison
Brady John trucker C of Ga Bragg Alonzo r317 Highland av Bragg Julius B (Minnie) mgr hl25y2 N Jackson Bragg Lee (Bell) gardner h223 North al Bragg Matthews trucker C of Ga r214 S Washington
Bragg Nora lndrs h317 Highland av Bragg Wm (Mattie) pntr h512 Planters Bragg Wm R (Hattie W) mech Consolidated Motor Co
h408 N Jefferson Bramlett Robt H (Rosa) eng h814 N Jackson Branch John D (Mamie) slsmn Home Supply Co r631 Pine
Branch Stacey trav slsmn r400 Broad BRANCH TRENT C (Lena; T M Ticknor Realty Co), r713
N Jefferson, Phone 64 Brand A P r201 N Broadway Brandon Dinah cook h317 South al Brannon Cullen A (Ida B; Brannon & LaGreve) h Raw-
son's Circle Brannon Frank W (Lucille) slsmn h405 N Jefferson
Brannon Henry (Vinie) porter r402 S Jackson Brannon Service Station (Brannon & LeGreve) 300 N
Brannon Steph G (Kate O) train mstr h510 N Jackson Brannon Wm B inspr P O r New Albany Hotel Bransford C Addis (Ross) farmer h Dawson rd

Albany Exchange National Bank

Capital and Surplus, $300,000.00

P. J. BROWN. President A. J. LIPPETT. Vice.President E. H. X ALIVION. Vice-President H. E. DAVIS. V.-Pres.-Cashier



Bransford Inus C elk T M Mays rC A Bransford Brantley Annie E (wid Thos B) elk Albany Hdw & Mill
Supply Co r415 North Braswell Perry r246 E Broad Bray Amanda cook r420 (416) S Washington Bray Willie M lndrs r420 (416) S Washington Brayman Cecil H (Eva) mgr h207 S Monroe Brazil Kathryn student r425 Residence Brazil Wm J (Mary K) auto battery repr 100 N Front h
425 Residence Brazil Wm J jr elk r425 Residence Breedlove Albert (Ryna) r319 Mercer Breedlove Rina maid r State Breitenbach Wm (Lennie) lndrs h533 Tift Bridges Flynn A (Vida) stkmn Morris Implement Co r
310 Commerce Bridges Leonard porter r406 S Jackson Bridges Lucy M nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Bridges Robt B (Cath) slsmn Hofmayer D G Co h408 N
Jefferson Bridges Shedrick (Mandy) h604 Flint Bridges Ulysses lab r603 Crugers al Brier LeRoy lab Tri State Milling Co Brier Postell lab Tri-State Milling Co Briggs Emma cook h321 Flint al Briggs Hattie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Bright Harry (Millie) gro 832 Broad h do Bright Henry S (Rebecca) taxi driver h Dewey
Bright Lee gro 115 Old Blue Spgs rd rll8 do Bright Maggie lndrs h205 S Front Brightwell Lucille cashr Roop Snow rl09 S Jefferson Brinn Melvin I elk Ga Cigar & Tobacco r207 S Jefferson
Brimberry B Frank Major (Juliette) r311 Pine Brimberry Halbert B elk Ga Natl Bk of Albany r521 Broad Brimberry Marion F (Mildred G) trav slsmn r521 Broad BRIMBERRY NELLIE B MRS, Postmaster City of Albany,
h521 Broad Brinkley Frank (Callie) lab h609 Tift Brinson Fannie mill hd h205 S Washington Brinson Templeton (Carrie) brkmn hill Commerce
Brisbois Chas E elk r416 2d Brisbois David student r416 2d Brisbois Henry F r416 2d Brisbois Kathleen student r416 2d Brisbois Victor E (Kate) ydmstr h416 2d
Brisbois Victor J elk r416 2d Brisbon Jas (Belle) h405 South al Bristol Clifford mech r European Hotel
Britton John C (Alta E) h432 3d Broad Street Grammar School 602 Broad
Brooks Bessie G (wid W Christie) h406 N Monroe

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
o H MN. B. O. S., iPrea., Blown Buildingr. Washington Street. Albany. Ga.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S _

Brooks Columbus O mgr Atlantic Ice & Coal Co r219 Resi-
deuce Brooks Danl L asst bkpr Inman Grocery Co r405 N Jack-
son Brooks Eliz G student r406 N Monroe Brooks Geo condr rl08y2 S Jackson Brooks I E (Odie) sec formn h427 7th Brooks Jessie lndrs h302 S Jackson Brooks Mary (wid Minard) r506 Flint Brooks Ralph W (Ruth) special agt h712 N Jefferson Brooks Robt E (Agnes) gro 301 E Broad h410 2d Brooks Roland E (Janie) supt r800 Highland av Broome Henry E (Leila) mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill
r Mill Village Broome Lacy mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill h35 Mill Vill
age Broome Leonard mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill Broomfield Green H (Essie M) mil lhd h605 Newton rd Brosnan Agnes L tchr r214 Commerce Brosnan Danl slsmn Bobs Candy Co r210 Commerce Brosnan Danl J (Bridget) restr 242 Broad h210 Commerce Brosnan D W chf fire dept City of Albany h do Brosnan Mary L tchr h214 Commerce Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen W J Collins General
Chairman, 242i/2 Broad Brown Adolphus H (Leila) h319 Society
Brown Alward r701 Pine Brown Anderson (Carrie) mill hd hl20 West Brown Anna B cook rfill Grady Brown Anne E r430 Society Brown Annie cook r315 Eureka al Brown Annie mill hd hll2 3d Brown Annie M (wid Hulett R) h527 Flint Brown Annie M elk Southern Specialty Co r527 Flint
Brown Annie M dom h654 Flint al Brown Bertha cook r820 Broad Brown Bertha emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Brown Bessie cook r516 S Jefferson Brown Bush (Maxie) porter Lees Pharmacy (Inc) h407 N
Madison Brown Carrie cook r604 Flint Brown Chas waiter Metropolitan Cafe r202 S Washington Brown Clarence D (Pearl) mech Haley Motor Co r307
Residence Brown David (Bertha H) pres and mgr Brown Guano Co
v-pres and mgr Shackelford-Brown Co h416 Broad Brown Dessie T (Justine) saw mill h900 N Washington Brown Dock (Edna) barber 101 Court av r River rd Brown Earl C (Florrie) lab Lambe Auto Service Co h304
N Jackson Brown Edw (Camilla) carp h709 Society




Brown Edwina r304 Residence Brown Ellen cook hl05 Commerce Brown Emma r313 Mercer al Brown Essie M cook r611 Grady Brown Estella maid r528 Tift Brown Fred (Dessie L) r418 S Front Brown Fred (Minerva) lab h424 Pine al Brown Green (Mollie) lab h529 Ball Park av
BROWN GUANO COMPANY, David Brown Pres and Mgr, E W Urbanneck Sec and Treas, Mfrs of High Class Fertilizers and Importers of Potash Salts and Nitrate of Soda 102 Pine, Phone 109
Brown Hattie h218 N Davis Brown Hettie mill hd r411 S Jackson
Brown H Albert (Willie B) elk Tennessee Chemical Co h 601 Pine
Brown Jas (Georgia A) lab r705 Tift
Brown Jerome H (Rosalie) sec and treas Brown Lumber Co h Madison Ter apts
Brown John (Jonnie M) r301 Mercer Brown John janitor r223 North al Brown John (Ethel) plstr h River rd Brown Jos lab r236 Holly



Phone 120

226-228 Broad St.

Brown Jos shoe repr 428% Cotton r528 do Brown J Hardy (Cleavy) mstr mech Tenn Chem Co h701

Brown Lessie h728 Pine Brown Lewis trucker M W Tift Grocery Co

Brown Louis (Silver Moon Cafe) h245% Broad Brown Lucius (Rosa) lab h208 Oil Mill al Brown Lumber Co David Brown pres L J Hopmayer v-pres
Jerome H Brown sec and treas 143% Pine

Brown Mack waiter D J Brosnan r803 Broad

Brown Maggie M r301 Planters

Brown Margt M slsldy r344 Broad

Brown Mariah cook r215 Residence al

Brown Marvin (Janie) lab h310 Water

Brown Mary J (wid J C) r233 E Broad

Brown Matilda lndrs r616 Highland av

Brown Matthew (Lillie) lab r621 Pine al

Brown Mattie cook h404% Cotton

Brown Mercer (Johnson-Brown Co) r313 Flint

Brown Mollie r422 South

Brown Nasissa lndrs h214 Lewis al

cj } /

Brown Nathan (Ollie) lab h506 Mercer

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory gay other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Brown Nellie Indrs r632 1st


BROWN PAUL J, Pres Albany Exchange National Bans,

Flint River Brick Co, Treas Planters Oil Co and Man

ager Albany Insurance Agency, h480 Society

Brown Pete G prop Metropolitan Cafe r202 S Washington

Brown Robt (Belle) hlpr h517 Mercer

Brown Robt B (Susie) trav h313 Flint

Brown Rosa cook h521 Mercer

Brown Rudolph (Emma R) driver h625 First

Brown Sami lab r425 Flint al

Brown Sami (Estelle) lab h404 Mercer

Brown Stella sten r601 Pine

Brown Steve N (Elks Cafe) r202 S Washington

Brown Sylvia Indrs hl24 S Front


BROWN S B CO, A J Lippitt Pres, E R West Sec-Treas,

General Merchandise 112-114 S Washington, Phone

Brown Thelma cashier U Save It Store r527 Flint Brown Thos (Mattie) mill hd h310 S Washington

Brown Thos (Lily M) wtchmn r302 Mercer

Brown T D (Viola) lab r609 Grady Brown Valeria cook r424 Pine al Brown Washington (Lula) lab h315 Eureka al Brown Wm blksmith 209 E Broad h522 Mercer

Brown Wm (Rebecca) lab h675 Flint Brown Wm A (Thelma) slsmn Steele Furn & Hdwe Co r

527 Flint


Brown Wm H (Lucile; The Magneto Shop) h408 Tift

Brown Wm T (Mary) cond hl(/9 S Jefferson

Brown Willie cook r503 N Madison Brown Worthy E (Francis) condr h304 Residence Browning D Thos (Eliz) agt Industrial Life & Health Ins

Co h303 Westbrook av

. ,T

Browning H Gordon (Lilia) agt Industrial Life & Health

Ins Co h313 5th Brownlow Arth student r420 Residence Brownlow Luella student r420 Residence Brownlow Obed A (Lucy M) eng h420 Residence
Broxson Chester mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill

Broy Postell (Gussie) lab r418 Planters Broyles Lemmie (Carrie) hl207 N Washington

Bruce Green W (Elmira) carp r425 Flint Bruce Lucius (Willie M) lab h610 Standard Oil al

Bruce Wm lab r610 Standard Oil al

Brumby Hardy butler T A Hall r do


Bruson John (Minnie) porter Albany Grocery Co h518

Residence Bruton H J v-pres sec and treas Georgia Southwestern &

Gulf R R res Bainbridge Ga
Bryan Herbert (Ruby) h715 Pine Bryant Chas L steward r200 S Washington

V. R. BUSH & CO.
Field Seed--Oats, Rye, Vetch, Austrian Winter Peas, Cotton Seed, Corn, Velvet Beans and Cow Peas, Grain and Hay
Bryant Emma r428 Cotton Bryant Geraldine tchr Ga Normal & Agl School Bryant H B mech Haley Motor Co Bryant Jas (Gertie) h222 South Bryant John (Cornelia) lab h end E Broad Bryant Louis (Rhoda) h310 Planters Bryant Mack (Augusta) firemn h407 Corn Bryant Maggie cook h603 Pine al Bryant Ola M cook r410 Residence al Bryant Sami waiter Royal Cafe Bryant Sarah cook r615 Broad Bryant Steph B lab h404 South Bryant Wm M phys 137% Broad h200 S Washington Bryer LeRoy r325 Mercer al Bryer Lucinda dom h325 Mercer al Bryer Lucinda lndrs r412 Planters Bryer Willis (Minnie) driver h412 Planters Buckhalt LeRoy (Willie) car inspr h502 Highland av BUICK AUTOMOBILES, Consolidated Motor Co Inc Dis
tributors, 208-212 N Washington, Phone 310 Bulbos Steve (Cook & Bulbos) r European Hotel Bull Annie H bkpr Western Union Telegraph Co r408 S
Madison Bull Dolly (wid W S) h408 S Madison Bullard Foster slsmn Bobs Candy Co r404 2d Bullard Homer T (Melba) slsmn Hofmayer D G Co h422
Pine Bullard Lougenia student r404 2d Bullard Walter D (Eva) condr h404 2d Bullard Walter D jr student r404 2d Bullard Wm P pres-mgr Albany District Pecan Exchange
and Natl Pecan Growers Exchange h Leesburg rd Bunch Geo L (Emma) gro 149 E Broad h816 Highland av Bunch Marie bkpr Dr N E Benson r816 Highland av Bunch Martha asst H H Williamson r816 Highland av Bundrick John M florist r813 S Jackson Bundrick Minnie (wid A J) florist designer h813 S Jack-
son Bunny Viola hlpr Bobs Candy Co r310 S Washington Buntin Henry V (Ila) butcher h411 Highland av Buntin Jos W (Annie) agt Buntin Medicine Co hl32 N
Broadway Buntin Medicine Co J W Buntin agt 217 E Broad Buntin Una student rl32 N Broadway Bunting Alf L gro and meats E Pine r218 Residence Bunting Chas r317 Flint Bunting Fred student r418 Residence Bunting John B (Ola) attndt Palm Billiard'Hall h418
Residence Bunting John B jr elk r418 Residence punting Wm W (Lula) meats 119 Broad h218 Residence






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Bunts Geo (Leola) carp r620 Broad

Bunts Mary dom h705 Broad Burch Corbett C (Octavia) porter Union Grocery Co h431

Flint al Burch Homer (Mattie) waiter New Albany Hotel h322

Highland av Burch Otis waiter New Albany Hotel r219 State Burdeshaw Jos T elk G S W & G R R r Old Blue Springs rd

Burdett Al (Goldie) auto mech h502 Commerce

Burgamy Byrd slsmn Steele Furn Hardware Co rill S


Burgamy Jeff J r Y M C A

Burge Chas N bkpr Home Supply Co r607 Pine

Burge Clarice sten Home Supply Co r607 Pine Burge Newton (Hattie J) mgr Home Supply Co h607 Pine

Burk Horace (Ceola) lab h409 N Madison

Burk Leola nurse r324 Mercer Burks Chas E (Melissa) groRFDB Box 14 Newton rd h

do Burks Ida M cook rl09 Commerce

Burke Jay r216 Old Blue Springs rd Burks Lucius M (Chappell) upholsterer 300% S Jackson

h312 Planters

Burks Margt lndrs rll5 Commerce

Burks Wm rllO South

Burnett Jas R trav slsmn r514 Pine

Burnett Nathan (Alma) meter rdr h218 4th

Burns Caroline r414 S Monroe

Burns Chas (Emma) cook r416 Planters

Burns Margt cook rl029 E Broad Burns Wm B Rev (Amanda) pastor h230 Old Blue Springs

Springs rd Burns Wm B Rev (Amanda) pastor h230 Old Blue Spgs

rd Burns Wm L (Maggie) carp hl029 E Broad

Burrow Lettie lndrs r631 Society Burt Walter H (Julia P; Lippitt & Burt) hll05 N Jeffer-



BURTON HOTEL, Miss M J Burton prop, Rooms $1.00 a

Day and Up, 122% N Jackson, Phone 549-W

Burton Margt J prop Burton Hotel r do

Busbee Chas C elk J Ehrlich & Son r211 N Jefferson

Bush Estelle cook r211 Residence al

Bush Henry brkmn C of Ga h River rd Bush Jas W (Annie Lou) mgr J W Bush Motor Co h905

Madison Circle BUSH J W MOTOR CO, J W Bush Mgr Dodge Brothers

Motor Vehicles, Parts, Tires and Automobile Access

ories 128 Pine, Phone 1260

Bush Lee (Alberta) shoemkr P G Johnson h418 Pine al

Bush Mattie lndrs h425 North al

BUSH PAULINE MRS (V R Bush & Co), r602 Pine, Phone 978
Bush Steph E (Sallie; Bush & Jarrard) h523 Pine Bush Usua J elk J W Bush Motor Co r310 Pine BUSH VICTOR R (Pauline; V R Bush & Co) r602 Pine,
Phone 978
Field Seeds and Feeds, Distributors of Alfocorn, Guaranteed Feeds 235 Flint, Phone 637 (See right top lines and page 31) Bush Wm barber Sadler & Bass r414 Pine Bush & Jarrard (S E Bush L M Jarrard) gros 110 N Jackson
Busha Jas S eng r309 North Business Womans Club 315 Pine Bussey Chas elk r211 N Jefferson Bustle Jessie r709 N Washington Butler Chas truck driver r213 S Jackson Butler Hooks N ship elk Hofmayer Dry Goods Co r415
Butler Pinkie nurse r639 Commerce Butler Sallie cook r504 Mercer Butler Solomon (Maria) carp h639 Commerce Butler Wm (Lillie) lab h312 Mercer Buttrey Georgia hlpr r507 S Jackson Butts Annie lndrs h402 Eureka al Butts Arth lab r728 Pine Butts F W r310 Pine Butts Josephine cook r402 Eureka al Butts Miles lab r613 Newton rd Butts Patience cook r303 Highland av Buxbam Chas H (Mae B) dept mgr Rosenberg Bros h.500
Buxton Georgia hlpr Sami Fields r507 S Jackson Byne Memorial Church 701 Jackson Bynum Jesse porter Albany Passenger Terminal Co Bynum John (Emma) porter Roop Snow h624 Broad Bynum Wallace (Pearl) hlpr hl02 S Davis Byrd Henry W mgr W E Hickey Co Ins r424 Tift Byrd Jesse (Mattie) lab r310 Westbrook av
Byrd Mattie lndrs h679 Flint Byrd Tena dom h621 Flint
Cadenhead Leona Mrs elk Crescent 10c Store r314 Com merce
Cadenhead Nadine sten Daugherty Elec Co r314 Commerce Caeser Carrie mill hd r427 Flint al Cagle Rebecca cook h433 Corn Caldwell Aaron prsr New Albany Pressing Club r622 High-


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S


Caldwell Chas carp h622 Highland av Caldwell Hattie lndrs r203 North al Caldwell Henderson (Ella) porter Albany Passenger Ter

minal Co h421 South Caldwell Hortense maid R L Jones Co r421 South Caldwell Sami porter R E Scott r622 Highland av Calhoun Eug H sergt Police Dept rl30 S Washington

Calhoun Luther E (Lula) porter h421 South Callaway Geo J (Anne) v-pres and genl mgr Albany Gro

cery Co h408 Pine Callaway Henry I r420 Broad Callaway H Ritch agt Industrial Life & Health Ins Co



Callaway Irvin B pres-treas Steele Furniture & Hardware

Co r420 Broad

Callaway Jas R mech r Y M C A Calloway Rosa lndrs h rear 206 North al

Calloway Winnie maid 520 Broad Calvin Charlotte dom h514 S Washington Calvin Letly porter American Peanut Products Co

Cameron Douglas (Mary L) r408 S Madison Cameron Ernest A elk Tennessee Chemical Co r Highland

av Cameron Georgia sten Internatl Agrl Corp r408 S Madison
Cameron Henry C coml agt Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co h

906 N Jefferson

Cameron John (May) linemn City Water Wks r906 N


Cameron Mattie B r906 N Jefferson Cameron Robt D batterymn Farkas Filling Sta Camp Clifford (Bessie) slsmn Virginia-Carolina Chemical

Co h518 3d

Camp Willie B (wid Walter) h409 Highland av

Campbell Chas (Sallie) lab h327 Mercer al Campbell D Cull (Ruby) police City h707 N Washington

Campbell Ernest sten r431 Broad Campbell Eva lndrs r512 N Madison Campbell Florence student r506 Flint

Campbell I Boyce elk A C L Ry r North Campbell John M (Hattie) formn Gen Lbr Co h313 Com


Campbell Martha lndrs r406 Eureka al Campbell Otho M bkpr Robinson Drug Co r313 Commerce Canady Sarsaparella emp J H Macklin Peanut Co

Cannon E M (Fannie) h314 Commerce Cannon Fannie Mrs elk Sample Shoe Store r314 Commerce

Cannon Geo W (Montine) flagmn r208 3d Cannon Henry S (Eula M) cond h903 N Jackson Cannon Jesse E (Johnnie) gro 524 North h do Cannon J Nolan mech Haley Motor Co r524 North





PHONES 28-1038



Cannon Lee B (Forest) elk Morrow-Cook Furniture Co h 515 N Jackson
Cannon Pearl r414 8th Cannon Willie G r515 N Jackson Capers Walter (Ethel) firemn ACL rl07 Commerce Capps Wm L (Inez) auto tops 332 N Washington h909 N
Washington Carden Winwright D mgr Standard Oil Co r Old Blue
Springs rd
Cargell Neal (Katie M) r812 N Washington Carlton Claude D (Bertha) mech h306 N Madison Carlton Irby (Bessie) elk h203 Residence
CARNEGIE FREE LIBRARY, Mrs Emma W Menko Li brarian, 215 N Jackson, Phone 473
Carnegie Wm D sub carrier P O h519 Planters Carwell John porter Americus Grocery Co r Slappy dr Carr Annie lndrs h623 Tift Carr Bennie lab Garrett's Garage Carr Butler lab r615 Crugers al Carr Felix (Rosa) hl23 Fleishers al Carr Isaiah lab r623 Tift Carr Walter M genl traiffc agt Ga Sw & G Ry h Dawson rd Carroll Frank (Lida B) eng hllO N Davis Carroll Jas B (Irma) br mgr L W Rogers Co res Sylvester
rd Route A
Carter Bertha lndrs h513 1st Carter Chas (Della) lab h622 Crugers av Carter Chas C (Lula) barber New Albany Barber Shop
h409 Highland av
CARTER COAL CO, (C S and J E Tarpley), The Company With the Coal and The Service, Exclusive Agents for Montevallo Star Block Blue Ribbon 217 Flint, Phone 17
Carter Co The (W E Carter) 106 N Washington Carter Dinah lndrs h714 Pine Carter Dora M opr Sou Bell T & T Co r248 E Broad Carter Edw L (Lona M) clothes clnr 111 Broad h404 Cot
Carter Eliz lndrs h311 S Washington Carter Emma (wid Geo) r420 Highland av Carter Henry lab Consolidated Motor Co r714 Pine Carter Herbert H electn r421 North Carter Hurley lndrs h636 Crugers av Carter Jack hl211 N Washington Carter Jas driver Nugrape Bottling Co res Ragsdale Carter John B (Minnie) gro 300 E Broad h304 do Carter Louis gro 205% Front rlOO Commerce Carter Louvinia r514 S Washington Carter Mamie student r601 N Washington Carter Mary A opr Sou Bell T & T Co r248 E Broad



112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 670

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorised Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Carter Minnie L (wid Hiram) h316 2d Carter Missouri lndrs h617 Residence Carter Robt L (Florence) mail elk h421 North Carter Rosa cook h526 Residence Carter Ruby student r421 North
Carter Ruth sten r316 2d Carter Sarah (Carter & Swain) hll4 S Front
Carter Sellie r410 Planters Carter Wiley J slsmn Marshall Ice Cream Co h248 E Broad Carter Wiley O (Mary A) r248 E Broad Carter Wm (Mercedes) pntr h629 Society Carter Wm E (Lillie; The Carter Co) hlOl N Madison Carter Wm E jr cashier The Carter Co rlOl N Madison Carter Wm I (Maxie) buyer h812 N Washington
Carter Wm M (Myrtle) h314 2d Carter & Swain (Sarah Carter, David Swain) restr 114
S Front
Casey Andrew lab r503 N Madison Cason W B rural carrier route B P 0 h Sylvester rd Casper Hulda (wid Sami) r524 Commerce Cassel Herman farmer r413 Broad Cassel Max h413 Broad Cassel Sarah r413 Broad Cassidy Susie R (wid J C) r Burton Hotel Castleberry Wm (Pearl) lab h212 South
Cater Cindy cook 616 Pine Cates Jack prop Palm Cigar Stand r202 Commerce Cates Russell R (Nina B) mgr Union Gro Co h712 N Jef
ferson Cato Rogers lab r410 Grady Cato Wm (Leola) lab h410 Grady Causey Jos S dist mgr Guaranty Life Ins Co r316 South
Causey Thos J r902 N Jefferson Ceaser Jesse lab r408 Eureka al Ceaser Tempie lndrs rl09 (208) Church Ceazer Anderson (Carrie) farmer h719 E Broad Central of Georgia Railway Co J L Bacon pass agt J S
Jarris com agt G T Phelps frt agt 207 Pine Central of Georgia Ry Co (ticket office) Albany Terminal
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, See Albany Chamber of Com
merce, City Hall
Chambers Wm L (Beulah) emp h616 Newton rd
Champion Building 126^ Pine Champion Jas P (Eloise) sec-treas-mgr Albany Warehouse
v-pres Palmyra Co and Albany Chamber of Commerce
h427 Society
Champion Randolph E (Kath) v-pres Albany Warehouse
Co h517 Commerce Champman Jos msngr D M Harper res Ragsdale




Chance Jas eng r211 Residence Chancy General A (Ruby) inspr h217 5th Chandler John F bottler Nugrape Bottling Co r300 3d Chandler Julia A Mrs r310 4th Chandler W Max eng r311 North Chaney Dorothy cook r212 Lewis al Chaney Lonie h209 Old Blue Springs rd Chapesaw Tony cigarmkr r310 Commerce Chapman Chas rl36 Old Blue Springs rd Chapman Columbus (Jessie M) driver h402 Planters Chapman Sebe (Kittie) blksmith h420 Dorsey Chapman Myra slsldy F W Woolworth Co Chapman Wm T asst cr mgr Swift & Co Fertilizing Wks
r527 Flint
Chappell Andrew (Mattie) trucker C of Ga h222 N Davis Chapuzot Toney cigarmkr Lasca Cigar Co r310 Commerce Charrob Robt lunch 119 Flint r409 Patterson al Chastain Addison H r502y2 N Jackson Chastain Homer bgemstr r214 Tift Chastain John M (Drusilla) h502)4 N Jackson Chastain J Henry elk r502y2 N Jackson Chatfield Millie Indrs r627 Tift Chatham Mutual Life & Health Ins Co E W Langston dist
agt 12114 S Jackson
Chatman Chas (Annie M) r310 S Jackson Chatman Herman L (Alta) carp 11211% E Broad Chatman Jos r406 Corn Chatman Katie r406 Corn Cheaver Anna Indrs hl08 Holly Cheek Jos A (Mabel) gro 307 S Jefferson h313 Commerce
Cheek J M ptrnmkr r629 Pine Cheever Jas H dentist 113% S Jackson r309 South Cheevers Patience r309 South Cheevers Romeo B (Settie) auto repr 120 N Front h815
Cheevers Thos (Nettie) porter Hotel Gordon Co h309 South Cheney John W elk Hofmayer D G Co r624 Pine Chero-Cola Bottling Co W R Grovenstein mgr 110 North Cherry Adelaide (wid Walter G) h414 N Monroe' Cherry Richd E bkpr Albany Herald r414 N Monroe Cherry Roy V (Florence) mech Haley Motor Co h317
Johnson av
Cherry Wilbur I presmn Albany Herald r414 N Monroe Chesnut Gilford S carp r525 North Chesnut Lucy P (wid Jos) h525 North Chester Annie L h314 S Washington Chester Cherrie L Indrs r208 Lewis al Chester Emory H (Eva) wtchmn White & Walker r610
Pecan Chester Nicey h205 Browns av



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Chester Roy r610 Pecan Chester Vallie lndrs h208 Lewis al Chester Wade H elk r411 Pine Childs Pestus R (Minnie) elk American Ry Exp Co h401
S Madison Childs Ida smstrs h416 Cotton Childs Lizzie lndrs h214 North al Childs Mary r413 Holloway Childs M D mill hd r209 Highland av Childs Taffie (Fannie) truck driver h S Jefferson Chiles Ida S housekpr Hotel Gordon r do Christian Janie cook h607 Society Christian Lee F (Maude) eng h202 Society Christie Clarence (Annie) waiter h402 S Jackson Christo Anastasios P (Antoinet; Royal Ice Cream Parlor)
h507 N Washington Christo Louis P (Royal Ice Cream Parlor) prop Purity Ice
Cream Co r507 N Washington Christopher Clarence waiter New Albany Hotel r402 S
Chunn Frank bkpr Danl Mayer r Old Blue Springs rd Church of God Rev C G Goode pastor 412 South Churchwell Jesse L slsldy F W Woolworth Co
CHURCHWELL'S, C A Mott Mgr, Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions, Shoes, Hats, Millinery, Ladies' Ready-toWear 110 N Washington, Phone 1003
Chuyler Chas porter r309 S Jefferson Chuyler Nemiah (Jennie) horticulturist r309 S Jefferson Cirven Lonely slsldy Mrs Hollie Pinson r607 N Jackson CITIZENS INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency
Agts, 145 Pine
City Barber Shop P H Sirmans prop 1007 N Washington City Clerk and Treasurer Armstrong J W City Hall City Drug Store F T Coleman mgr 1001 N Washington
City Fire Dept 242 Pine CITY HALL, 246 Pine City Garage & Shop (City of Albany) Fred Smith formn
foot Commerce
City Stables 101 Commerce City Water Works H S Kerby supt 314 North Clanton Major lab h709 Tift Clanton Tessie h219 South Clanton Wm (Alber E) lab r622 C M E al Claret Jas (Susie B) draymn r92 S Front Claret Robt (Carrie B) lab h92 S Front Clark Arth (Hattie) lab r711 Broad Clark Corinne lndrs h515 1st Clark C Burnel flagmn r415 Residence CLARK EDWIN G, Asst Cashr Ga Natl Bank of Albany,
r421 Residence, Phone 687







Clark Eloise C Mrs sec Ga Sw & G R R r421 Residence Clark Emma dom h209 North al Clark Eug R (Eileen) cotton h400 Broad Clark Eugenia (wid Chester M) h400 Broad Clark Henry W (Addie) bkpr Hofmayer D G Co h414 3d Clark Howard C elk Superior Court r308 Residence Clark Hugh M (Burie) h312 7th Clark Hunter (Eloise) r421 Residence Clark Jack (Lutie) lab h723 Pine Clark Jefferson (Ollie) firemn hl07 Highland av Clark John (Bernice) lab h511 N Madison Clark John S dept elk Superior Court h308 Residence Clark J T (Leata) trav r312 7th Clark M L (Mattie) block setter hl204 N Jackson Clark Phillip J (Mary E) h809 Highland va Clark Ralph D (Rosalee) trav hlOl (108) 9th Clark Sami D (Maggie) garage end Pine h do Clark T B mech Haley Motor Co Clark Victoria lndrs r614 Society Clark Walter D (Gladys) mech Haley Motor Co h404 Pine Clarke Ella lndrs h800 S Jefferson Clarke Hattie cook rl03 S Davis Clarke Herbert D (Laura) slsmn r809 Highland av Clarke Jennie cook r410 Planters Clarke Jessie cook r505 S Jackson Clarke Mack F (Mannie Lou) mgr Roop Snow h316 Com
Clarke Robt (Henrietta) lab h620 1st Clarke Ruth r331 Broad Clarke Simmon (Lizzie) mill hd h311 S Jefferson Clarke Thos J (Henrietta) carp h220 South Clarke Wm J (Willie) farmer h312 Commerce Clarry Fredk A (Harriet) mgr Silicia Brick Co r Gordon
Claxton Jas Rev evangelist Baptist h708 N Jackson Clay Adolph (Angeline) firemn r529 Tift Clay Alberta emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Clay Arth (Martha) lab r708 Tift Clay Classie dom h618 Flint al Clay John W (Classie) lab h736 Broad Clayton Richd (Katie) r213 South Clegg Wm E ('Della) butcher Packing Co Market h315 N
Clement Octavia C h618 C M E al Clement Tony lab h614 C M E al Clements Truman (Ruby) slsmn The Carter Co r422
Highland av
Clemm Eug (Mary) barber h404 S Jackson Clemmens Osborne r302 4th Clerkin Alf porter r203 Oil Mill al

4 CONSULT THE Classified Business Lists CITY DIRECTOR V


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO-'S___

Clerkin Emma lndrs h203 Oil Mill al Cliett Lucius C (Mattie) jwlr 326 N Washington h626

South Cliette Hattie B Mrs (Suitorium) r424 Tift Cliette Horner C (Hattie B) mgr Western Union Tel Co

h424 Tift Clim Eug barber Ben Warren r Jackson Clipstein Domingo (Rachael) mech hl06 8th

Coachman Evalina maid r510 Cherry Coachman Sol (Pearl) cotton sampler h312 S Jefferson

Coan Florence S (wid Albert) mlnr 123 N Washington b

408 Commerce Coan Gladys student r408 Commerce Cobb Jefferson D (Mamie) flagmn h704 N Washington

Cobb John W (Thula) mach r31iy2 Residence

Cobb Lula (wid J D) r425 Highland av


COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO, See Albany Coca-Cola Bot

tling Co Cochran Benj (Bessie) carp h510 Planters

Cochran Elvira cook r526 Highland av Cochran Jos E elk L W Rogers Co r411 Flint

Cochran Mary cook W J Collins r River rd Cochran Washington carp r Thomas Jeffers River rd

Cody Wm F (Johnnie) cond h309 North Coffee Jas H (Sarah) desk sergt Police Dept h417 Flint

Coffey Mineral Well 203 Commerce Cogburn Mamie tchr h428 Planters Cohen Dorothy D sten Mann & Roddenbery r415 Com-

nierce Cohen Jos M (Lillian) h415 Commerce

Cohen Mark elk r415 Commerce

Cohen Rae rill S Monroe Cohn Ben (Florrie H; Cohn Bros) hill N Monroe Cohn Bros (M S and Ben Cohn) clo 125 N Washington

Cohn Lillian student r408 Commerce Cohn Marcus S (Cohn Bros) r215 S Jefferson

Cohn Rose (wid Marvin) h408 Commerce Cohn Sami (Sadie) slsmn The Underseller h402 N Jef

ferson Colbert Fleming (Clemmie) lab h504 Water

Colbert Martha r417 Corn

Colbert Mattie dom h417 Corn Cole Chas porter r224 Highland av Cole Cornelia A Mrs bkpr City of Albany r Sunset Vista

Cole Edw lab r421 Corn Cole Gene (Ella) farm hd r621 Residence Coleman Alf F (Eugenia) tchr Ga Normal & Agl Sch h228

Old Blue Springs rd
Coleman Carrie cook h209 S Washington Coleman Eugenia tchr Ga Normal & Agl Sch r228 Old

Blue Springs rd



Coleman Franklin M (Laura) barber Sadler & Bass h304 Mulberry

Coleman Franklin T (Ella M) mgr City Drug Store h302 4th

Coleman Freeman (Fannie) lab r306 S Madison Coleman Horace V city eng r Y M C A Coleman Horace V jr eng City of Albany r Y M C A Coleman Lessie M lndrs h606 Crugers av Coleman Lula lndrs h516 S Jefferson Coleman Luvisa lndrs r603 Tift Coleman Marie dom hl26 Compress al Coleman Mary lndrs h606 S Washington Coleman Richd D Dr r401 Broad Coleman Sallie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co r214 S Wash
Coleman Vastie lndrs r613 Newton rd Coles Dock (Willie L) mill hd r900 S Jefferson Coley Dempsey lab hill Flint Coley Lifford G (Mittie) elk h510 2d Collier Benj H r415 Pine Collier Benj L bkpr I Kieve & Co r415 Pine Collier Henry (Mamie) lab Lanier Iron & Metal Co h604
Newton rd

Collier Jasper (Morrison & Collier) r210 S Jackson Collier Mandy dom rl06 Broad al Collier N Belle h415 Pine Collins Ernest r European Hotel Collins Greely (Cora) hlpr h420 (416) S Washington Collins Jefferson (Berta L) r Burton Hotel Collins J Bishop (Vera) r European Hotel
Collins Ralph K (Wilma A) malariologist Internatl Health Board r208 N Jefferson

Collins Sara emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Collins Sulibia (Ommie L) mech Fire Dept city rl09 S

Collins Wm J (Ruby) genl chrmn Brotherhood of R R Trainmen h209 1st

Collins W Homer (Pearl) slsmn The Carter Co r307 Com merce
Colonial Apartments Sami Weldon prop 414 Broad Colored M E Church 408 N Madison Colpen Osia dom r608 Tift Colpen Rebecca dom r608 Tift Colson Jos J (Mary) eng h806 N Jackson Commander Jas E (Nettie) elk Am Ry Exp Co h215 N

Commercial Car & Machinery Co J A Meyer prop 124-126 Pine
Conaghan Barney M (Jennie) wtchmn h211 Residence

1 jV


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S


Conaghan Bernard M (Ruby) elk Am Ry Exp Co r311 Residence
Cone Perry O (Lena) slsmn Haley Motor Co r411 High
land av
Conger Bishop (Melissa) emp City h603 N Washington Connor Willie P cook rl06 Broad al Conoly Drusie V (wid Cephas L) h401 Flint Conoly Mary L r401 Flint Conoly Sarah B student r313 North Conroy Edw R (Clara C) mech Thad Huckabee Auto Co
h411 7th
CONSOLIDATED MOTOR CO (INC), E Gilbert Usborne Pres, A W Barrett Y-Pres, E B Young V-Pres, M F Garrett Sec-Treas, 208-212 N Washington, Phone 319 (See front cover and page 26)
Conyers Mose C lab h 4th av Cutliff addn Cook see also Kook Cook Chas (Maria) porter hl021 E Broad Cook Jas H F (Demarius A) wtchmn h902 N Washington Cook John (Cook & Bulbos) r European Hotel Cook Richd C (Agnes H) mgr U Sav It Store h318 Broad Cook Sidney J (Blanche C) elk Morrow-Cook Furn Co h
108 S Monroe
Cook Sidney J jr rl08 S Monroe COOK WM S (Faye), Physician and Surgeon Ventulett
Bldg, Office Phone 110, Res 194, h812 Flint
Cook & Bulbos (John Cook and Steve Bulbos) cafe and billiards 322-324 N Washington
Cooper see also Kuiper Cooper Essie M dishwasher Royal Cafe Cooper Eug firemn rl09 Flint Cooper John L (Corrie) car inspr h814 N Jackson Cooper Lillie M elk Supreme Circle of Benevolence r608
Cooper Mary cook r306 Mercer Cooper Mary cook r600 North Cooper Nealie dishwasher Royal Cafe hl08 Highland av Cooper Ollie maid h516 South Cooper Oscar (Lillie) lab h608 Planters Cooper Sophie M rllO Highland av Cooper Winnie lndrs hl09 Flint Copeland Bertha cook h709 N Madison Copeland Jas porter r709 N Madison Corbett Barney (Lillie) lab r216 S Washington Corbett Jordan (Maggie) h224 Browns av Corbett Nathan lab r224 Browns av Corbett Thelma nurse r224 Browns av Corbitt Jas R (Dassie) cond h300 Residence Corley Jack (Mattie) lab h602 North

Albany Exchange National Bank

,,Capi.tal, and, S,, urplus, $3'00,000.00





2 X P J. BROWN. President LIPPETT. Vice.President E. H. KALMON. Vice-President H. E, DAVIS. V.-Pres.-Castiier



CORNELL JOSEPH C (Mae M) Mgr Georgia Cigar & To bacco Co, hllO N Monroe, Phone 741
Cornell Roy (Margt) electn Elec Service Co r307 Com merce
Cornwell Maggie W Mrs cashr Robinson Drug Co r306 Tift
Corrin Minnie (wid A B) r310 Pine Cosby Jas (Alice) lab hll8 Mooneys al Costina John lab r413 N Madison Cothran Ida dom r606 Flint Cothran Mose lab h606 Flint
Cottle Cleveland (Annie W) brkmn r316 Highland av Cottrell Mattie restr 210 S Washington hllO Highland av
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, A J Tippitt Chairman, H W Johnson, N F Tift
County Coroner C W Thomas 125 N Jackson County Deputy Sheriff A J Denson Court House County Game Warden J W Nesbitt Court House County Health Commissioner Dr Hugo Robinson Court
County Jail rear 225 Pine County Sheriff O F Tarver Court House County Supt of Roads W J Pinson Court House County Supt of Schools S R DeJarnett Court House County Surveyor C G Bennett Court House County Tax Collector P H Jones Court House County Tax Receiver R L Barnes Court House County Treasurer Albany Exchange Bank 104 N Wash

Courson Cary M (Minnie) cond h307 Residence COURT HOUSE, Pine cor Flint av Courtley Oscar cook rl27% Broad Courtney Preston auto repr W R Hunter Cover Dora cook r208 S Davis Covey Josephine maid hll7 Grady Covin Jas (Georgia) plmbr hlpr h616 Residence Cowan Arth C pecan grower r310 Pine
Cowan Emory S (Hettie) lieut Police Dept h233 North Cowan Hollis student r233 North Cowart Beulah R (wid W J h207 S Jefferson Cowart Geo B (Clara; Cowart & Durden) h612 N Jef
Cowart Russell student r207 S Jefferson
COWART & DURDEN (Geo B Cowart, Adie N Darden), Attorneys-at-Law 224% Broad, Phone 1161
Cown C Hollis press fdr Mell Ptg Co h235 North Cox Alf C (Bertha W) bkpr So Eastern Comp & Warehse
Co h517 2d Cox Benj L (Lorine) eng h607 3d s Cox Cecil L elk Chas Lonsberg r607 3d

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
O. H. MeUHNDON. B. O. S., /Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street, Albany. Ga.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Cox Emory S barber C F Johnston r236 E Broad Cox Essie mill hd h637 Standard Oil al Cox Frances E cashr New Albany Barber Shop r811 N
J PiffftTson Cox Henry C (Lucille) slsmn Hofmayer D G Co h711 Park

av Cox Jas M (Helen) cond h525 Highland av Cox Larry H (Estella) pntr h236 E Broad Cox Wm (Laura) lab r505 S Jackson
Coxwell Raphoe R (Anna) formn hll5 2d COZY THEATRE, Gortatowsky Bros Props, 127 N Jack-


Crafton Aaron (Carolina) lab h420 North al

Crafton Burrell lab r420 North al


Crafton Jas (Tilla) hlpr U S Rubber Co r416 N Madison

Craig Eula cook r646 Pine al

Crandall David S pres American Peanut Products Co r

Gordon Hotel

Crane Minerva lndrs h308 S Jefferson

Cranford Herbert T violinist Gortatowsky Bros r Y M C A

Crawford Alice lndrs r208 5th al

Crawford Jas (Arvilla) lab h209 Hobson

Crawford Jas soft drinks 715 E Broad

Crawford Lou lndrs r212 Lewis al

Crawford Wm lab r639 Flint

Crawford Wm L (Norma) real est r223i/2 Broad h712 N


Crawford Wm L jr student r712 N Jackson Cray John Rev (Willie) pastor r530 Holloway
Creddick Willie R lndrs r819 Pine Crescent 10c Store (Harry Prisent) 213 Broad Cresswell Miller O (Mae) slsmn h424 Highland av Cribb Richd C (Anna) millwright r902 N Washington
Crine Amelia L sten Met Life Ins Co r409 Commerce Crine Clara (wid Louis J) h409 Commerce
Crine Jos trav r409 Commerce Crine Lazarus J r409 Commerce Crine Leopold L trav r409 Commerce Crittenden Eula W (wid F Reid) r309 Pine Crocker Jas (Lula) cook h422 Pine al
Cromer Calvin r413 S Jackson Crosby Chas bkpr r201 N Broadway Crosby Homer S (Ethel) barber New Albany Barber Shop

r201 N Broadway Crosby Lester E (Lila) elk J Ehrlich & Son r211 N Jeffer

son Crosby Lila Mrs sten Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co r211

N Jefferson

Crosby Louise (wid S M) hl02 8th Crosby McKinley baker Rucker's Bakery rl02 8th

Cross Annie L tchr r311 Tift

natural by-product of the Directory busmen k the compfekm of Mailing Lists. If interested, ask for oar Rue Lbt of Mailing Lists." R. l. POUC & CO., DMt



Cross Chas H (Annie) farmer h311 Tift

Cross Florence tchr r311 Tift

Cross Eug lab rll05 N Washington

Cross Dock (Sophie) sta firemn h River rd

h915 N Madison

^rSJackson ^Birdie^ office mSr Rosenberg Bros h408 N
Cross Halcia student r311 Tift Cross Henry C (Carrie) plstr h415 Mercer Cross Julia dom hll05 N Washington Cross Lester r311 Tift
Cross Nelson (Rose) firemn hl206 N Jackson Crowder Willie B Indrs r202 South Crowley Daisy cook hll2 South Crowley Eug lab r629 Residence Crowley Jas gro 713% Broad h835 do

*16 Mercer0 (AnI"e W'' Standard Posing Club) b Crozier Nancy V (wid N J) r429 Tift

CrySNorLhtel & afe (A Skondonus> E Miller) 100-102

Culbert Frank (Lee) lab hl34 Old Blue Springs rd

Culbreath Fannie r507 N Davis



Phone 120 _

226-228 Broad St.

Cuibreth^Chas A ship elk Hodges Builders' Supply Co r410

J C"niLhrreS? ?Elll?aeGsT*t G forWmmn rE4)10r4R0e7sRideesnicdeence

Residence ( ilHe) ^ Atlantic Ice & Coal Co h407

CnlhrSh Leonard (Bessie) gro h421 Residence u breth Natalie slsldy Rosenberg Bros r410 Pine

dr6ence a"d0,Ph lk Royal Scream PariorrtlO Resi-

Culbreth R Linton (Bessie) gro 500 Flint h421 Re^iHan^a

Culbreth Stella M student r407 Residence


Cullefer U D bkpr r236 Flint

Culpepper Essie Mrs elk Liberty Pharmacy r201 Commerce

Culpepper Mabel elk Western Union Telegraph Co r211 N Monroe

Culpepper Oris D (Annie L) slsmn Swift & Co Fertilizing Works hl200 N Madison
Culpepper Robt A (Essie) county policemn r201 Commerce Culpepper Roland L repr J W Bush Motor Co r Old Blue
Springs rd
Culpepper Wm L (Lura) carp h425 7th Culpepper Willie Mrs h238 E Broad

More goods are bought and sola through the

Classified Business Lists of the Directory than


anv other medium on earth*


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Culver Chas ship elk Hodges Bldrs Sup Co r410 Residence Culver Terrell trucker C of Ga r207 North al Culver Wm G trav h410 Residence Cumming Sami (Janie) lab h619 North Cumming Sy (Katie) lab h621 North Cummings Orrie cook r412 Mercer al Cunningham C H (Fleming & Cunningham) r Burton

Curb Market 308 Commerce Curry Major (Viola) soft drinks S Jefferson h do Curtis Ray elk Manballan Fruit Co r207 4th Curry Wm M barber Sadler & Bass r414 Pine
Curtis Waver U (Inez) mach h207 4th Custer Wm V Hon Judge Superior Court Cuthbert Mose r604 S Washington
Cutliff Amelia r319 Society Cutliff Grove Baptist Church 833 Broad
Cutliff Nellie H h319 Society Cutliff Jerry G (Isa) dentist 610 Davis Exchange Bank
bldg h802 N Jefferson

Cutliff Ragan J (Pauline S) mgr Postal Telegraph-Cable Co h714 N Jefferson

Cutts Albert (Anna) lab h313 Mercer Cutts Benj (Louise) lab h310 Mercer Cutts Marie maid r211 Residence al Cutts Oscar (Ethel) chauf h716 Tift Dallas Thos (Isabella) shoe repr h711 Broad Damm Jesse stock room City Water Works Danforth Rogers porter r834 Broad Daniel Edw L (Annie S) fruit dir hl37 Oak Daniel Ella B lndrs h624 Crugers av Daniel Ivey lab r507 (501) Water Daniel Josie cook r205 S Front Daniel Nora lndrs h725 Pine Daniel Philip lab r507 (501) Water Daniel Robt (Maggie) truck driver h507 (501) Water Daniel Steph (Mary) lab h519 (518) S Front Daniel Viola dom rl35 Old Blue Springs rd Daniel Youel waiter New Albany Hotel r822 W Broad Daniels Essie Mrs mlnr r211 N Jefferson Daniel Essie W asst bkpr Rosenberg Bros r211 N Jeffer-
Dann Eloise F elk P O r810 N Jefferson Dann Jesse L (Louise) ins agt 501 Davis Exchange Bank
bldg h810 N Jefferson Dann Jesse L jr elk r810 N Jefferson Darby John J (Alma) slsmn Ferrell-Wight Co 425 Pine Darden Lawrence D (Ruth) trav hl06 S Jefferson
Dasher Anna L (wid Arth L) h528 Broad Dasher Cicero (Hattie) mill hd rill Highland av ^
Daugherty Henry (Mary) lab h420 South

Daughtry Addie M (widd Claude) r412 N Jackson Davis Ada Indrs rl2, 138 Compress al Davis Ada Indrs hl33 Flint Davis Ada Indrs h River rd Davis Adeline r414 (410) S Washington Davis Alexander (Georgia) gro 10011/2 E Broad hl003
(102) do
Davis Alice (wid Litt) h530 North Davis Areola E slsldy Munnerlyn Shop r310 Pine Davis Beatrice sten Brown Guano Co r412 Residence Davis Bertha cook r308 Flint al Davis Beulah Indrs h611 Crugers al Davis-Brown Building 114% N Washington Davis Buford (Pearl) mill hd h506 S Washington Davis Burnie L auto repr R B Cheevers h517 Cotton Davis Carrie Indrs rll5 Commerce Davis Chas (Mary) h723 E Broad Davis Chas r811 Newton rd
Davis Chas (Pearl) lab rll5 Highland av Davis Chas (Beatrice) lab h529 Society Davis Cleveland G (Mattie) truck driver h513y2 South Davis Conrad stock boy S H Kres & Cos Davis Cora dom r517 Cotton
Davis C E (Daisy) lino opr rl30 S Washington Davis David cook r836 W Broad Davis David cook r414 (410) S Washington Davis David (Carrie) gro 701 N Madison r529 Society Davis Dennis D (Lollie) slsmn h521 2d Davis Donald G (Bertha) timekpr h424 Pine Davis Douglas (Sarah) r517 Cotton
Davis Duncan mgr Garrett's Garage res Lee County Davis Edith Indrs r529 Society Davis Edwina G student r611 N Jefferson Davis Edwina L r611 N Jefferson Davis Eliza hlOO Commerce Davis Ellen r318 Planters Davis Emily dom hlOOl E Broad
Davis Emma Indrs rlOO Commerce Davis Emma Indrs hll8 South
Davis Eug (Janie) trucker h418 Planters
Davis Eug T blksmith hlpr W F Satterwhite r320 South Davis Exchange Bank Building 104 N Washington Davis E C firemn city
Davis Frank (Alice) firemn hll7 Highland av Davis Frank J day elk St Nicholas Hotel r do Davis Fred lab J T Bobbitt Roofing Co rlOOl E Broad Davis Geo (Dolores) concretewkr h513 N Madison
DAVIS HARRY E (Lucia), V-Pres-Cashr Albany Exchange National Bank and Thad Huckabee Auto Co,
Davis Hattie h421 Flint al
Davis Irene dom rl34 Old Blue Springs rd






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Davis Isaac (Mary) lab h422 Water Davis Jas C (Mary Q) purchasing agt Ga-Ala Power Co
h210 4th Davis Jas porter Steele Furn & Hardware Co
Davis Jas W lab r819 Pine Davis Jefferson (Katie) carp h Newton rd Davis Jefferson (Lillie B) ins agt h S Monroe Davis Jefferson lab rl02 Commerce Davis Jerry (Verona) mach r209 S Monroe Davis John lab h614 Residence Davis John (Edwina) lndry wkr rll2 2d al DAVIS JOHN A (Agnes), Business Mgr Herald Publish-
ing Co, Pres Albany Chamber of Commerce, hS23 Pine,
Phone 797 Davis John D Rev (Nancy) pastor h601 N Madison Davis John L city electn City Water Works r607 N Wash-

Davis John T (Ida) cabinetmkr W A Stokes h307 5th Davis Jos (Fannie) hlpr Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co h
109 (208) Church Davis Jos A barber 236 Broad rill Commerce Davis Jos B (Cordelia; J B Davis & Co) h900 N Madison Davis Josiah (Mary F) mech hlOO 9th DAVIS J B & CO, J B Davis Mgr, Mfrs of Pure Gum Spirits
and Rosin, 208^ Pine, Phone 176 Davis J Irwin (Lois F) county agt Albany Chamber of
Commerce h905 N Jefferson
Davis Katie gro Newton rd h do Davis LeRoy r308 Mercer al Davis Lilia Indrs r509 Mercer al Davis Lillie (wid Jas H) h608 N Jackson Davis Louis C sheet metalwkr J T Bobbitt Roofing Co
Davis Lucy maid h526 Tift Davis Lucy A (wid Henry L) r915 N Madison
Davis Lula dom h313 South Davis Lula Indrs h631 Commerce Davis Mack A Rev (Hattie) pastor Colored M E Church
h404 N Madison
Davis Mamie cook r405 S Jackson Davis Mary h6l8 Planters Davis Mary cook r319 South al Davis Mary dom h819 Pine Davis Mary Indrs r417 N Madison Davis Mattie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Davis Mose (Emma) hoister hllO 2d al Davis Moses porter J B Barbre r601 N Madison
Davis Newman D h203 North al Davis Oscar (Kath) lab r97 S Front Davis Oscar L (Lucy) farmer h344 Broad Davis Richd (Josephine) lab h317 Eureka al Davis Richd (Annie) lab r511 Grady




Davis Robt (Lillie M) lab h317 Flint al Davis Robt E (Sarah) tkt agt Albany Pass Terminal Co h
1005 N Monroe
Davis Roxie hlpr Bob's Candy Co h600 S Washington Davis Ruth r307 5th Davis Sallie r506 S Washington
Davis Sami (Addie) waiter St Nicholas Hotel r314 Mercer Davis Sarah lndrywkr Joe L Ton h316 South al Davis Sidney (Sarah) brkmn h305 7th Davis Superior lndrs r231 Old Blue Springs rd Davis Susan dom h River rd
Davis Sweetie L maid h618 Crugers Davis Tempie cook r304 Eureka al
Davis Thos E lino opr Albany Herald rl30 S Washington Davis Vine (Lucy) driver r529 Society Davis Virginia r412 Residence Davis Wilbert lab rlOO Commerce Davis Will lab W A Stokes r403 S Jackson Davis Wm lab r Ada Davis
Davis Wm (Anna) wood 628 Crugers av h do Davis Wm L (Anna W) phys 200i/2 Broad h611 N Jeffer

Davis Wm N (Genie) carp h412 Residence Davis Willie B lndrs rlOO Commerce Davis Wills student r313 South
Davis W Robt slsmn Standard Oil Co r514 North Dawson Alice domb r644 Pine al
Dawson Levi barber J A Davis r Newton rd Dawson Noy porter Sadler & Peass rll3 Commerce Dawson Oliver (Nettie) carp h619 South Dawson Pearl nurse rill Fleishers al
Dawson Ralph L atty Ventulett bldg r Dawson rd
Dawson Rosalie sten Empire Produce Co r Dawson rd Day Geo (Abbie) porter hl45 Old Blue Springs rd Day Jas lab Albany Laundry Co Day Susie lndrs hlOl Flint
Dean see also Deene and Deen
Dean Alf (Minnie) h320 Broad al Dean Harry elk G SW & G R R h501 North
Deaton W R mgr Standard Stove Co h514 Broad
Decker Geo C (Loras) entomologist State r801 N Monroe Deckle Wesley R (Thelma) mech Haley Motor Co h431

Dees Alf (Sudie C) cashr Albany Produce Co h608 N Jef ferson

Deese Chas E (Alice L) elk J T Peritz h313 N Jefferson Deese Jas elk Albany Ex-Natl Bank h610 N Jefferson deGraffenried John R (Nettie J) judge Justice Court h314
deGraffenried J Stovall slsmn r314 Pine DeHaven Jas A dept mgr Rosenberg Bros h4 Colonial apts


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S__

DeJarnette Henry R (Louise) pres Ga Peanut Growers' Co

operative Assn r310 Pine

DeJarnett Sidney R (Norabel) County Supt of Schools h

406 Tift

Dekle Alma slsldy S H Kress & Co rll4 N Davis Dekle Gladys candy wrapper Bob's Candy Co rll4 N Davis

Dekle Ira R (Allie) collr John A Edge h315 N Jackson

Dekle Mildred rll4 N Davis Dekle Odell (Lola) carp hll4 N Davis
Dekle O B student r315 N Jackson Deloach Asa ^Mattie G) blrmkr r413 Flint

DeLoach Melissa (wid Harry) r404 2d

Dempsey Diana rill N Davis

Dempsey Mattie r513 South Dempsey Robt lab r525 Ball Park av Denby T Grady (Gladys) h273 E Broad

Denison Alice R (wid E H) h412 Tift

Denison Eliz r412 Tift Denison Helen r412 Tift Dennock Benj lab r207 6th Dennock John (Willie M) lab h207 6th Dennock Lucius (Sarah) lab hll6 3d Denson Aaron J (Lena) dep sheriff h509 N Washington

Denson Ada (wid Robt M) h622 Commerce Denson Eula L (wid J M) gro 409 N Washington h do
Denson Eunice elk Crescent 10c Store r607 N Washington


Denson Jos I (Flora E) filling sta end Pine h do

Dent Andrew (Luella) shoe repr h531 Cedar

Dent Jas carp r419 South Dent Metha lndrs r419 South Deriso Frank J (Evelyn) pharm Hilsman Drug Co r310


Derrick Thos (Annie) brkmn h223 Old Blue Springs rd

Dette Janie sten Pope & Bennet r315 N Jackson

Devane Frank H (Lillie) elk h204y2 Tift

DeZohn Wm r237 Flint Dezon Willie lndrs h405 S Jackson

Dickey Fred pntr r305 Commerce

Dickinson Mattie nurse r517 3d Dickson Beulah (Book & Gift Shop The) r Mayo apts

DICKSON KENNETH M (Beulah G), Sec-Treas Herald

Publishing Co, hl07% S Jefferson, Phone 961

Dickson LeRoy cook r416 North al Dill Jas A (Susie M) cashr C of Ga frt depot h219 Society

Dillard Chas W (Fannie) eng hl019 (1015) N Washing


Dillard Patsie r601 S Jefferson Dillingham Sarah (wid R C) asst sec Albany Retail Mer

chants Assn r308 3d




PHONES 28-1038



Dismukes Ross H (Eliz) elk Globe Department Store h429 Johnson av
Dismuth Wm lab hl03 Fleishers al Dison Ella L nurse h425 Water Dison Lula B maid rill Flint Dison Ora L nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital r430
3d Dison Wm E waiter D J Brosnan r432 Planter Divine Hugh student r801 N Washington Divine Wm T (Irene; Divine's Machine Works) h801 N
DIVINE'S MACHINE WORKS (Wm T Divine), Genl Re pairing, Cylinder, Crank Shaft Grinding 315 N Front, Phone 720
Dixie Army Store (Isaac Minsk) 325-327 N Washington and 127 Broad
Dixie Highway Garage O M Welch prop 105-7 Old Blue Springs rd
Dixon Edw lab r326 Mercer Dixon Fannie M cook C R Gleaton res Ragsdale Dixon Freeman lab h711 E Broad Dixon Mary lndrs hll4 Grady Dobbins Mayne bkpr r408 N Jackson Dobbins Rosa L cook rl35 Flint Dobison Alf (Lelia) lab h610 Highland av Dodson Eug (Aurilla) brkmn rll7 Highland av Dodwell Nancy E r500 Pine Dogwood Willie Mae emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Donald Roosevelt lab r301 Planters Donaldson Wesley flagmn r309 North
Dorsett Jos W (Nannie) dentist 513 Davis Exchange Bank bldg r311 Pine
Dorsey Jessie B cook r213 Oil Mill al Doster Norman C aud Gen Lmbr Co r310 Pine Dougherty see also Daugherty and Doherty
DOUGHERTY COUNTY OFFICIALS, See County Officials Dougherty Electric Co (J E Adams, E B Young) 126 Court
Dougherty Hardware & Mill Supply Co J D Weld mgr 135 Pine
Douglass I C lab r210 North al Douglass Lucy cook r413 Pine al Dowling Emmaline gro 405y2 Corn h405 do Downs Jas M cornetist Gortatowsky Bros r310 Pine Doyle Cora lndrs r521 (503) 7th Doyle Lacosie lndrs r714 Pine Doyle Louise lndrs h521- (503) 7th Dozier Henry C trainmn r425 Highland av Dozier W Clyde (Dilsie) slsmn Albany Coca-Cola Bottling
Co h412 Highland av Dozier W Perry slsmn Inman Gro Co res Dawson Ga






113-118 Pine Street

Telephone 676

Gas. Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Drake Kate r418 Residence

Drake Waddie E (Minnie) burial vault mkr 304 North h

Draper Dock (Arilla) lab h634 Standard Oil al

Draper Richd lab h406 S Jackson

Draper Rosa L lndrs h656 Flint al

Draper Willie Ann hll6 South Drew Julian R (Tempa) mgr r414 N Jefferson

Driggers Matthew M (Alice M) jwlr 122 Court av h503 7th

Driskell Arth M (Mary L) concretewkr rll2 N Davis

Dublin Georgia lndry r630 Crugers al

Dublin Jas (Mattie) hlpr h211 S Davis

DuBois Henry C (Lelah) mgr F W Woolworth Co h528


Duckett Lloyd R trainmn r213 Residence

Dudley Mary L maid Henry Tarver r704 Gift

Dudley Robt (Mary L) firemn r704 Tift

Dugan Bridget hsekpr r European Hotel

Dugan N F prop European Hotel r do

Duggleby Ethel Mrs sten Hofmayer D G Co r211 N Jef



Duggleby Wm (Ruby) mach r528 Flint

Duheart Pearl maid r521 Mercer

Duke Emmett h812 Highland av Duke Irene Mrs cigarmkr Lasca Cigar Co r310 Commerce

Dukes Edw (Minnie) truck driver r218 South

Dukes Nettie restr 709 E Broad rll5 Old Blue Springs rd

Dukes Wm (Euoria) carp h517 S Jefferson

Dunaway Anderson (Stella) porter r207 South

Duncan Albert W chf elk Vlrginia-Carolina Chemical Co

r310 Pine

Duncan Alf (Nellie) plstr r206 Highland av

Duncan Bert A (Louise) formn ACL Shops h407 2d

Duncan Calvin carp h904 S Jefferson

Duncan Eldridge student r407 2d

Duncan Eliz maid h806 S Jefferson

Duncan Emma lndrs h610 1st

Dunford Marie nurse r404 Broad

Dunn Clara lndrs r639 Tift Dunn Grover C jwlr eng Bell-McAfee Jewelry Co r Y M


Dunn Henry (Frankie) lab rllO Commerce Dunn Jefferson (Ella) porter hll8 Commerce Dunn Louise cook r613 N Madison Dunn Neal slsmn r310 Pine Dunn Ozelle rll8 Commerce Dunn Wm D lab r613 N Madison Dunnell Garfield (Emma) lab r313 S Washington Dunson Steph (Amy) hlOll E Broad Dunwood Anderson porter Sadler & Bass r207 South Durden Adie N (Gertrude; Cowart & Durden) hl302 N



4m Classified Business Lists




Durham Chas (Sarah) firemn hll6 Highland av Durham Dollie lndrs h213 Residence Duval Robt (Mamie) porter r310 South Dyer Arth (Corrine) lab h905 E Broad Dyer Daisy B cook r905 E Broad
Dyer Essie M cook r905 E Broad Dykes Florine cook h301 Planters Dykes Manchester lab r326 Mercer Dykes Willie C Mrs h236 Flint Dysart Rosa cook r741 Broad
Dyson Delia maid r621 Broad Eady Ella r424 Planters
Ealey Eliza lndrs r406 North al
Early Corrine dom h420 Holloway
Early Moses (Malissa) lab r209 Oil Mill al Eatman Building 208^2 Pine

EATMAN PLUMBING CO (R C Eatman), Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fitters, All Kinds of Plumbers' Sup plies, Repair Work Given Prompt Attention, rear 221 A Jackson, Phone 36 (See back cover and page 31)
EATMAN ROSCOE C (Zackie; Eatman Plumbing Co), h 221 N Jackson, Phone 1036

Echols Pearl hygenist 511 Davis Exchange Bank bldg r430 Pine

Economy Grocery Co Isaac Hayes prop 111 Broad
Eddleman Augustus (Myrtice) saw filer h404 N Jackson Eddleman Jack W (Mabel)' lumbermn h801 N Jefferson Eddy Pauline cook h610 C M E al
Edgar Callie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Edgar Georgia A lndrs r610 Society Edgar Susan lndrs h623 Society

Edge Elijah L (Jeffie) 2d hd furn 119 Court av hl28 S Washington

Edge Hoyt elk Ga Natl Bank of Albany r423 Highland av Edge Jas C (Callie) elk E L Edge h605 Pine
Edge John A (Daisy) gro 300 Commerce h423 Highland av

Edger Wm (Fannie) lab r207 S Front
Edgerly Raymond J (A E Ittner Co) r Sloppy rd Edings Julian B (Zellah) transfer elk h316 N Jefferson Edker Lancaster (Ossie) lab r508 N Madison
Edmondson John C (Emma L) pres and genl mgr Standard Equipment Co h419 Society

Edmund Hilman (Julia) farmer hist av Cutliff Addn Edward Lavonia cook r319 S Davis
Edwards Carrie lunches 115 Court av h do Edwards Clara B (wid John A) r217 Society Edwards Fannie (wid Felix) h531 Flint Edwards Frank lab r211 North al Edwards Frank (Sarah) lab h524 Residence Edwards Geo (Louise) lab h622 Society

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Edwards Gussie slsldy The Carter Co r425 North
Edwards Jessie r419 Planters Edwards Lucius lab r739 E Broad Edwards Major (Anna B) lab h419 Planters Edwards Spencer (Lucy) lab h501 Cherry Edwards Wm (Annie) soft drinks 425i/2 Planters h425 do
Edwards Willie M r413 Holloway Ehrlich Isaac G (J Ehrlich & Son) r910 Madison cir Ehrlich Jos (J Ehrlich & Son) r910 Madison cir EHRLICH J & SON (Joseph and I G Ehrlich), Established
1869, Successors to Joseph Ehrlich, Men's, Women's and Children's Fine Shoes, Men's and Children's Hats,
214 Broad, Phone 147
Eidson Murtis tchr r413 2d Eidson Wm R (Stella I) trav h413 2d Electric Service Co (H J VonWeller) 113 N Jackson Elks' Cafe (Steve Brown, George Matsios, James Rom-
bos) 216 Pine
ELKS' CLUB, B P 0 ELKS, C W Thomas Exalted Ruler, R L Kersey Sec, 212% Pine, Phones 13-9128
Elks' Home F M Mulholland steward 212% Pine
Ellerbee Lula D tchr rllO S Monroe Ellerbee Nannanelle tchr rllO S Monroe Ellerbee Susie B (wid John H) hllO S Monroe Elliott Beauford steam ftr r236 Flint Elliott Thos G (Bessie; Elliott's Funeral Home) h515
Elliott's Funeral Home T G Elliott Prop 512 S Jefferson
Ellis see also Alles Ellis Chas W bkpr Ga-Ala Power Co r520 Broad Ellis Edw porter Rosenberg Bros r421 Cotton
Ellis Howard (Julia) pntr hl08 N Davis Ellis Jaran prsr Son Miller rl08 N Davis
Ellis Jos (Martha) lab h315 Mercer
Ellis J T elk r417 Flint Ellis Lizzie lndrs hll2 Highland av Ellis McCarthy (Leila) pntr h703 Broad Ellis Mamie cook rll2 Highland av Ellis Sidney (Hennie) pntr h715 N Madison Ellis Squire (Addie) firemn h209 Oil Mill al Ellis Walter (Jennie) h322 Planters Ellison Bartley taxi driver r605 Grady Ellison Janie nurse r500 Water Ellison Luvenia cook r631 Broad Ellison Mary J h605 Grady Ellison Maybelle r422 E Broad Ellison Sallie lndrs h810 S Jefferson Ellison Willie M maid r621 Society ELMORE PAUL (Hattie), Plumbing, Steam and Gas Fit
ting, Estimates Cheerfully Given, 126 S Washington, h do, Phone 1016 (See back cover and page 31)







Empire Produce Co (Inc) R R Arthur pres Mrs C B Ar tur v-pres Paul Arthur sec-treas 317 N Washington
Empire Smelting Co P A Keenan mgr 112-14 N Front English Eunice sten Ga-Ala Power Co r425 Pine Enterprise Market (C L May) 110 S Jackson Epps Jas lab Consolidated Motor Co Equitable Life Assurance Society E F McDaniel dist mgr
504 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
Erkhart Louis (Lutie) bottler Chero-Cola Bottling Co r 208 South
Erkins John (Algertha) porter h316 S Washington Erwin Golightly (Queen) carp r214 N Davis Erwin Harry H (Annie C) bkpr Rosenberg Bros h507 N
Erwin Richd (Annie) lab r710 N Madison Erwin Wm A (Margt) mgr Southern Mach Wks h408 4th Etheredge John S (Vesta) sec Albany Retail Merchants
Assn and sec Merchants & Mfrs Traffic Assn h403 Highland av
Etheridge Edw lab h410 Odon (Ragsdale) Eureka Baptist Church 307 S Jackson Eureka Drug Co S L Thompson mgr 133 Broad European Hotel N F Dugan prop 113V2 N Jackson Evans Anna rll5 Old Blue Springs rd Evans Carrie dom rl36 Old Blue Springs rd Evans Cornelia smstrs D M Harper r311 Wilson Evans Dinkier lab r310 Planters Evans Eliz cook rl04 Highland av Evans Flora lab r517 South Evans Henrietta rll5 Old Blue Springs rd Evans Isaiah (Emma) lab r315 S Washington Evans Janie lndrs h300 Water
Evans Lewis lab h310 Broad al Evans Parthenia r310 Planters Everett Howard baker Rucker's Bakery r Highland av Everett Mattie M (wid Jas J) r512 North Everett M Ruth elk Globe Department Store r512 North Evergreen Baptist Church River rd Faber Edw J student r802 N Monroe Faber Milton J (Aileen) slsmn Hofmayer D G Co h802 N
Fain Amos P (Mary C) slsmn Hofmayer D G Co hl05 S Jefferson
Fain Chas driver Marshall Ice Cream Co Fain Evelina lndrs r413 N Madison Fain Jas (Fannie) chauf h613 N Madison Fain Mattie cook r613 N Madison Fain Paulina waitress r413 N Madison Fain Sami (Teena) lab h413 N Madison Faircloth Georgia dom h!05 Highland av


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Faircloth Wm Y (Una L) pharm Albany Drug Co hl07 S Jefferson
Faisoxi Charity cook Edmond Jackson r402 Planters Faldon Robt (Lula) firemn h824 Broad Farcas Geo W (Anise M) h526 Commerce
Farkas Edwin (Edna; Estate of Sami Farkas) h525 Com merce
Farkas Erma rill S Monroe
FARKAS FILLING STATION INC, Leonard Farkas Pres, Sigo Farkas Y-Pres, J F Hegenwald Sec-Treas, Gas, Oil and Accessories, 309 Broad, Phone 717
Farkas Leonard (Estate of Sami Farkas; Milner & Far kas) pres Farkas Filling Station r328 Broad
Farkas Mack (Estate of Sami Farkas) r328 Broad Farkas Paul (Estate of Sami Farkas) r328 Broad Farkas Sami Estate of (Mack, Paul, Sigo, Leonard, Frank
and Edwin Farkas) Horse and Mule Market 102-120 Broad
Farkas Sigo (Altene; Estate of Sami Farkas) v-pres Far kas Filling Sta h Hilsman Heights
Farmbur Lucius elk Oliver Orse res E Albany Farmer Fortune F (Anna B) h422 2d Farmer Howard L (Clarice) car inspr h424 2d Farmer Isabelle lndrs h710 Commerce

FARMERS LAND LOAN & TITLE CO, D L Beatie PresTreas, C R McLeod Sec, Real Estate, Farm Lands, Insurance, Farm Loans a Specialty 230 Pine, Phone 139 (See front cover and page 81)
Farrish Roxie cook hll9 Commerce Farrow H B mech Haley Motor Co
Fason Minnie smstrs h509 South
FAULK FRANK F (Annie L), Asst Mgr Albany Honse* furnishing Co, h801 N Monroe
Feingold Hinda (wid L) r212 S Monroe
Feingold Philip (Dora; Globe Department Store and The Undersellers) h212 S Monroe
Felton Delonie rl06 N Davis Fenn Pleas G (Margt L) elk h412 N Jackson Fennell Benj sten r203 S Jefferson
Fennell Florence cashr Gortatowsky Bros r203 S Jeffer son

Fennell Mary usher Gortatowsky Bros r203 S Jefferson Fennell Thermell r203 S Jefferson Fennell Winnie (wid Wm) h203 S Jefferson
Ferguson Alice cook J C Freeman r Brunswick av E Al bany

Ferrell Edw ship elk Ferrell-Wight Co Ferrell Jas E elk r504 Flint
Ferree Lawrence L (Jean) genl mgr Georgia-Alabama Power Co h308 Society
Ferrell Lee R mgr Ferrell-Wight Co r Rawson Circle

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.



Ferrell Ralph H (Belle W) atty Ventulett bldg h909 N Madison
Ferrell Rufus 0 (Frances S) div mgr r431 Pine Ferrell-Wight Co LR Ferrell mgr 104-06 North Few Hope student r515 S Madison Few Julius C (Virginia) RMS h515 S Madison FIDELITY & CASUALTY CO, Albany Insurance Agency
Agts, 145 Pine (See front coyer and page 30) Fielding Edw rate elk Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co r309 N
Fields I Camden (Jane M) elk Tennessee Chemical Co h 317 Tift
Fields John M (Martha A) wtchmn h511 Residence Fields Martha opr Sou Bell T & T Co r511 Residence Fildes Mildred r422 3d Fields Nannie E sten Tennessee Chemical Co r611 N Jeff
Fields Sami (Sadie) cafe 222% South hll6 Commerce Fields Sami J shoe shiner New Albany Barber Shop rll6
Commerce Fields W Edwin (Pearl) grocer 606 N Monroe h209 S Jeff
Fields W Foy (Addie) pilot eng h422 3d Fillinger W 0 prsmn Albany Herald r422 2d Findley John C (Pearl W) mgr Bankers Health & Life
Ins Co h409 Flint Finley Mattie r512 Mercer Fire Department 242 Pine First Baptist Church 400 Pine cor N Jefferson First Presbyterian Church Rev L G Henderson pastor se
cor N Jackson and Flint Fish and Oyster Market (Peter, Manuel, Stephen Lauke-
tis) 123-25 and 239% Broad
Fisher see also Fischer Fisher John lab rllO Highland av Fisher Leah W (wid M C) r411 Society Fitts Mary S (wid Robt C) r412 Flint Fitzgerald Harvey r208 S Monroe Fitzgerald J Ralph elk I A Rosenberg & Co h208 S Mon
Fitzgerald S L gro 117 Broad r 5th cor Jackson Flagg Jacob gro 127 Highland av rl21 do Flagg Jane r711 (707) S Jackson Flagg John (Easter) driver h711 (707) S Jackson Flagg Randolph lab r305 S Jefferson Flake Gertrude J maid h501 S Jefferson Flanagan Donald elk r301 5th Flanagan Ethredge saw filer r301 5th Flanagan Wm E (Delphia) br mgr Dixie Army Store h301
5th Flanders John (Maggie) lab hll6 Fleishers al

Classified Business Lists


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Flanders R G elk Albany Passenger Terminal Co Flannigan Mary E slsldy F W Woolworth Co Fleetwood Susie (wid A J) r408 Highland av Fleisber Apartment 202 Commerce Fleisher Sami (Clara) barber 143 Broad h204 Commerce Fleming Fannie C (wid Dennis) h338 Broad Fleming Garrett A (Marie; Fleming & Cunningham) h208
Fleming Henry (Georgia) lab h River rd Fleming & Cunningham (Garrett Fleming; C H Cunning
ham) billiard hall 111 S Jackson Flint Drug Co (Inc) C D Robinson pres-mgr L N Sterne
sec-treas 318-20 N Washington Flint River Cotton Mill Nursery 903 12th Flint River Cotton Mill School 602 11th Flint River Cotton Mills F F Putney pres E E Wetherbee
v-pres W A Bierman sec-treas 11th and N Monroe
FLINT RIVER PECAN CO, Derrnot Shemwell Pres, H H Hedrick V-Pres, J W Parker Sec-Treas, Pecans, Pecan Groves and Nursery 223J4 Broad, Phone 1074
Flint Street School Minnie Pate prin 603 Flint Florence Augustus lab r621 (709) S Monroe Florence Bertha maid rl35 Flint Florence Mariah dom h201 Old Blue Springs rd Flowers Jas M (Allie) police h206 Tift Flowers Thada cashr r206 Tift Flowers Thos E (Ophelia) carp h246 E Broad Flownoy Mase (Annie) lab hll4 3d Floyd Burton L (Trudie) carp r210 Tift Floyd Dorris r211 Tift Floyd Frank r211 Tift Floyd Hannah lndrs h213 6th Floyd H C foremn A E Ittner Co res Bainbridge Ga Floyd Jos (Mary J) carp h426 Water Floyd Lewis M auto repr 117 N Front r211 Tift Floyd Ozelle (Louise) firemn r424 Mercer Floyd Rebecca dom r719 Pine Floyd Sarah E (wid H A) h210 Residence Floyd Thos (Mattie) r530 Highland av Floyd Victoria dom h601 Pine al Floyd Wm M (Ida) supt h211 Tift Fluellyn Alf (Zora) lab r723 E Broad Flukers Archer (Eliz) mill hd h811 (641) E Broad Ford Alf porter Standard Oil Co rll5 Commerce
FORD AUTOMOBILES, Haley Motor Co Authorized Deal ers, 300-302 Pine
Ford Caroline r622 S Monroe Ford Jasper (Nellie) lab h610 Crugers al Ford John lab r214 S Washington Ford John F (Maude) slsmn Std Oil Co h611 E Broad Ford Laura r622 S Monroe

Albany Exchange National Bank

PCapi.tali andj Snurplius, $A300,000.00

bROWN, President


Vice. President

R; KALWON, Vice-President



Ford Luther mill hd rll06 N Washington Ford Robt (Nellie) plasterer h507 South Ford Virginia lndrs h615 Crugers al
Ford Wm (Estella) firemn hll06 N Washington Ford Wm (Lois) serum man h207 Commerce
Forehand David C (Hilda) osteopath 610 Davis Exchange Bank bldg r511 Broad
Foreman Eug (Lou) lab C of Ga hl313 N Washington Forrest Wilma rlOO 8th
Foster Lige (Anna) lab h702 N Madison Foster Susie dom h307 Eureka al
Fouche Cato soda dispenser Albany Drug Co r Y M C A Fouche Romel sten The Jefferson Farms r Sylvester rd Fountain Henry J hlpr Fleming & Cunningham r6Vo Tift Fountain John L (Bruce) foremn A C L Ry h425 Johnson

Fouts Wm L (Lida W) Imbr h519 3d Fowler John lab h829 Broad
Fowler Mildred slsldy S H Kress & Co
Fowler Rebecca emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Fowler Robt L bkpr Bain Peanut Co r407 2d Fowler Sarah J midwife r310 S Washington Foy Jas r400 Broad

FOY & SHEMWELL INC, Dermot Shemwell Pres, H H Edrick Y-Pres, J W Parker Sec-Treas, 223% Broad, Phone 1074

Frances Isadore cook r619 Residence Francis Edw (Theresa) lab h607 Grady Frank Ella r417 Residence
Frank Oscar P (Marjorie V) shoemkr P G Johnson h506 S Madison
Franke Marjorie S elk Supreme Circle of Benevolence r506 S Madison

FRANKLIN AUTOMOBILES, Consolidated Motor Co Inc Distributors, 208-212 N Washington, Phone 319
Franklin Chas fertilizer r216 4th
Franklin Jas (Lizzie) farmer h820 Broad Franklin Jas porter Standard Pressing Club r620 Crugers

Franklin John H Rev (Ella) pastor h62 (709) S Monroe Franklin Louise lndrs h801 N Madison Franklin Mary lndrs rl28 Compress al Franklin Mary lndrs h620 Crugers al Franklin Ned (Anna) lab r625 1st
Franklin Noah (Carolina) lab r527 Society Franklin Rona maid h412 Corn
Franklin Susie h620 S Washington
Franks Chas B (Naomi) slsmn Rosenberg Bros r426 Pine Frazier Alice cook r403y2 S Jefferson Frazier Fred plmbr r236 Flint Frazier John h440 Johnson av

McLendon commercial college
A Modem School of Commercial Arts
O. H. MaLIENIDON. B. O. S., iPres., Brown Building, Washington Street, Albany. Ga.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Frazier Roy J (Susie) optical mech J L Mathis h440 John

son av Freeman Albert H (Annie) foremn h410 Highland av Freeman Alex R (Sara) v-pres Freeman Business College

r413 Society Freeman Alwin H student r410 Highland av
Freeman Austin (Veronia) lab hl40 Copress al Freeman Business College J C Freeman pres A R Freeman

v-pres C B Freeman prin 145^ Pine Freeman Clifford B Mrs prin Freeman Business College r

413 Society Freeman Fredk (Blanche) adv mgr Rosenberg Bros h714

N Jackson


Freeman Gertrude T (wid Sami E) r714 N Jackson

Freeman John C (Clifford) pres Freeman Business Col

lege h413 Society Freeman J Lawrence (Katie) car repr h231 N Broadway Freeman Otis B (Kath) elk A C L Ry h801 N Jefferson

Freeman Pauline elk J A Edge r410 Highland av Freeman Robt M (Clara) whol distributor h901 N Jackson

Freeman Sara Mrs tchr Freeman Business College r413


Freeman Susie cook h633 (627) Flint

Freeman Vonie lndrs hi rear 117 Flint

Freeman Wilhelmena student r410 Highland av

Freeman Wm T ship elk Ga Mill Supply Co r517 Pine

French Hannah tchr r411 Planters

French Jasper student r411 Planters French John J cook r2D9 S Washington

French Julia r416 S Front
French Matilda student r411 Planters French Morton (Hannah) porter Hotel Gordon Co h411

Planters French Robt driver Sanitary Mkt & Gro r733 Broad

French Roscoe C (Albany Tailoring Co) r411 Planters

FRIEDSAN EDWIN D (Minnie H), Sec-Treas Georgia

Cigar & Tobacco Co, h308 4th, Phone 1282-W

Friendship Baptist Church Rev T S Sims pastor 716 Broad

Frost Frank lab r313 S Jefferson Fry Edgar A (Mary) commr City of Albany h310 Pine

Fryder Andrew truck driver r644 Pine al FRYER CLARENCE E (Sarah), Pres Albany Grocery Co,

h411 Pine, Phone 105

Fryer Georgia K h410 Pine Fryer Herman O (Maude) ship elk Albany Grocery Co h

105^2 S Jefferson

Fryer W Fred sec-treas Albany Grocery Co r410 Pine

Fudge Jerry H barber Ben Warren h302 South Fudge Newton barber Ben Warren r302 South

Fulenwider Cleveland (Dollie M) h410 3d Fulford Jos C v-pres Ga Mill Supply Co r514 Pine

More good8 are bought and sold through the
Liassihed Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.

TMler Chas H (Willie) chf elk C of Ga frt depUhllO Flint
U PineWe C trimmer G ^ Stevenson Son & Co h836
Fuller Ella cook r613 N Madison Furlowe Docia cook r416 Water Furney Alvarada (wid T N) h251 E Broad Furney Detimus opr Sou Bell T&TCo r251 E Broad
FurSrt29?23QUSReelside(nHceelen) asst auditor Ga Alabama Power Co Fussell Jas A elk Central of Georgia frt dept r504 Flint Fussell Sallie C (wid Bony R) h504 Flint Gables Bertha lndrs h212% S Washington
Gag^tMonroeenry ^Rosa') wtchmkr J W Gaggstatter h5ll
GA6GSTATTEE JOHN W (Ivey Lee), Manufacturing Jeweler and Optician 129 IV Washington, Phone 127, r 511 JV Monroe'
Gaines Chas (Ida) carp r212 6th Gaines Clifford (Alice) firemn h512 S Madison Gaines Ira L (Louvonia) lab r808 S Jefferson Gaines Monroe (Alice C) farmer h625 Cotton Gaines Rudolph r625 Cotton Gaines Susie r210 South


Phone 120


226-22S Broad St.

Gaissert Chas A (Mamie) elk Palms Cigar Stand h214 4th

Gaissert Geo A (Minnie) restr h214 4th

Gallaway Jas R battery mn Albany Battery Co r Y M C A

Galt Archabald D (Viola) mgr Georgia Paper Shell Pecan

Co sec Albany District Pecan Exchange h221 1st

Gammage H M h211 4th


Ganer Wm (Lillie) lab r206 Oil Mill al

Ganick Henry lab h304 Wilson

Gantney Emory lab r722 Tift

^^Tift11^ BerniCe W slsmn Tri-State Milling Co r220

Gardner Aimer (Dora) lab r414 Grady Gardner Arth (Essie) lab r607 Crugers al

n C s!*Itor Gen SuPerior Court res Camilla Ga G Heights R (Eugenia) prop St Nicholas Hotel res Dixie

Gardner John C (Emma) carp r205 Tift Gardner John D (Emma) truck driver h206 Society Gardner Katherine cook O G Hall r612 Society
Garland ?Rohsna flndiLrsohis6)21slsTmifnt A]bany Cdy Co h511 Broad
Garner Eug candymkr Bobs Candy Co r705 S Jefferson Garner Evelyn lndrs h2 rear 138 Compress al

More goods are bought and told through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Garner Jas (Willie M) cdy mkr h704 S Jefferson Garner Jas (Mary) lab rll3 Commerce Garner Selina dom h204 Marshall Garner Willie T nurse r704 S Jefferson Garrett Flossie nurse r308 Mercer GARRETT MARVIN F (Sophia; Garrett's Garage), Sec-
Treas Consolidated Motor Co, res Slappey rd Garrett Mary lndrs h627 Standard Oil al Garrett's Garage (M F Garrett) rear New Albany Hotel
Garritt Oil Co Leesburg rd Gartner Edna Mrs bkpr Ga-Alabama Power Co r407 Com
Gary Annie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Gary Arth L (Alice) driver h409 S Jackson Gary Eliz lndrs h316 Water Gary Frank (Essie) soft drinks 607i/2 N Madison h605 do Gary Mack (Mattie) lab hl03 Commerce Gary Paul taxi driver r405 S Washington Gary Sarah lndrs r318 Water Gary Spann (Beatrice) sta firemn r311 Highland av Gary Wm firemn r311 Highland av Gates Oscar eng r211 Residence Gatewood Adelle cook h835 Broad Gatewood Ella cook h641 1st Gatewood Frank carp r311 South Gaudin Sylvia lndrs h507 S Jefferson Gaughf Chas C (Nadine H) bkpr R L Jones Co h619 3d
Gay David (Mary) lab h408 Cotton Gay John H lab r311 Planters Gay Loren auto pntr A W Stone r427 Residence Gay Quincey porter Morrow-Cook Furn Co r311 Planters Gay Sherry (Virginia) janitor r311 Planters Gayle Wm (Julia) firemn h224 Highland av Gee Carl inspr Nugrape Bottling Co r201 N Broadway Gee Chas L (Carrie B) slsmn Nugrape Bottling Co h201 N
Broadway Gee Robt W (Larue) bkpr Ferrell-Wight Co r201 N Broad
Gee Wm D elk Arth Feed Co r201 N Broadway Geers Alga C wtchmn r311 N Jackson Geiger Sydney T elk P O r511 Commerce Geise J Erie (Anna Lou) office mgr Palmyra Co h31P
Society GENERAL LUMBER CO, Clyde Pooser Pres and Mgr,
Leesburg rd, Phones 28 and 1088 (See right top lines
and page 30)
Geoghegan Bonnie N sten Albany Loan & Finance Co r830
Highland av
Groghegan Nannie (wid R B) r830 Highland av Geoghegan Roy (Dora) slsmn Albany Hdw & Mill Supply
Co h830 Highland av

V. R. BUSH & CO.
Field Seed--Oats, Rye, Vetch, Austrian Winter Peas, Cotton Seed, Corn, Velvet Beans and Cow Peas, Grain and Hay



Geoghegan R B student r830 Highland av George DePrank (Belle) cond h329 N Jackson George Mabel L Mrs sten R H Warren & Sons h311 N Jeff
George Sylvester (Lula) lab h616 C M E al Georgia Agricultural credit corporation W C Scovill sec-
treas 211 Broad

GEORGIA-ALABAMA POWER CO, F H Barclay Pres, L L Ferree Genl Mgr, Hydro Electric Power 221 Broad Phones 1064-1078
Haley V-Pres, E D Friedsan Sec-Treas, 318 N Washington, Phone 846 (See page 28) GEORGIA COMMISSION CO, Sidney Sterne Pres, Lee Sterne Sec-Treas, Brokers and Food Distributors Flint Alley 2 w of N Washington, Phone 873 Georgia Cotton Co J S Bilingslea pres M M Shaw v-pres O E Waddell sec-treas 126% Pine Georgia Peed Co J C Stanton prop 321 N Washington GEORGIA HOME INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine

Georgia Mill Supply Co T H Milner pres J C Fulford v-pres R W Barnum sec-treas 314-316 N Jackosn
Georgia Mutual Industrial Life & Health Ins Co J S Bill ups dist mgr 113 % S Jackson
GEORGIA NATIONAL BANK OF ALBANY, F F Putney Pres , E E Wetherbee Active Y-Pres, W M Baldwin Cashr, Broad cor Court av, Phone 633 (See front cover and page 27)
Georgia Normal & Agricultural School J W Holley pres end Old Blue Springs rd
Georgia-Northern Railway commercial office J D Weston jr genl agt 312 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
Georgia Northern Railway R E Davis ticket agt Albany Passenger Terminal Station
Georgia Paper Shell Pecan Co Archibald D Galt mgr 242% Broad

Georgia Peanut Growers Co-operative Association H R DeJarnette pres P J Brown 1st v-pres R McCarthy sec-treas 307% N Washington
Georgia Peanut Growers Assn warehouse 425 E Broad Georgia Southwestern & Gulf Ry Ticket Office Albany
Passenger Terminal Station

GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN & GULF RAILWAY, W M Legg Pres and Gen Mgr, H J Bruton Y-Pres, Sec-
Treas, G R Sherwood Freight Agt, General Offices 221 Flint, Phone 409

Gerst Herbet S (Jeannette) slsmn hill S Monroe Gibbons Wm firemn St Nicholas Hotel
Gibbs Andrew P (Rachel) r801 N Monroe Gibbs Horace (Eliza) h844 Broad






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Gibson Chas W (Cora) foremn Atlantic Ice & Coal Co h700 N Washington
Gibson Chas W jr appren Divine's Machine Works r700 N Washington
GIBSON DAN L (Lillian), City News Editor The Albany Herald and Mgr Albany Insurance Agency, 501 N Jef ferson, Phone 258
Gibson Dora lndrs r413 S Jackson Gibson Eliza nurse r705 S Jackson Gibson Estelle cook 515 Pine Gibson Inez slsldy r700 N Washington r Gibson Jas (Ellen) firemn h318 South Gibson Jas (Mary) lab h304 South al Gibson Lottie lndrs h705 S Jackson Gibson Mattie smstrs r509 Planters Gibson May lndrs r304 South al Gibson Walter S (Rose) h612 2d Giddens Buford N (Gertrude) mgr Standard Oil Co Filling
Sta h202 Residence Giddens Charlotte Mrs cashr r619 Commerce Gilbert Edw lab r633 Tift Gilbert John pntr r629 Society Gilbert Jos I (Maude) yd master Ga Sw & G R R hl207 N
Gilbert Lucinda lndrs r616 Society Gilbert Mary r609 Planters Gilder Minnie slsldy Rosenberg Bros Giles Benj S (Louise) credit mgr Tennessee Chemical Co
r801 N Monroe
Giles Betsy dom h rear 223 3d Giles Levi (Lula) brakemn h208 5th al Gilford Lindsey (Mamie) mill hd rl23 Mooneys al Gilford Wm (Stella) lab hl23 Mooneys al Gill Kittie Mrs slsldy hll4 2d Gill Mary slsldy F W Woolworth Co Gillespie John W (Mary) treas Albany District Pecan Ex
change h509 N Jackson
Gilliard Rais (Lucy) gardner h615 Residence Gillis John A (Mamie) collr Jackson & Co h512 Commerce Gillison Callie dom h603 S Jefferson Gillison Robt (Mattie) trucker Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co
r411 S Monroe
Gilmer Fred R (Vera M) carp h213 2d Gilmore Laura lndrs r608 Planters Gilmore Major porter St Nicholas Hotel Gilreath Chas (Mary) driver r629 Residence Ginsberg Morris (Sophie) h522 Highland av Givens Eliz maid r408 Eureka al Givens Hannah dom h427 Planters Givens Hertie M maid hi rear 130 Compress al Givens Jas (Gertrude) lab h208 South


lists of names

4Mt ntADE


j EteSigW.,,

^%> OBKamc)



Givens Mary Indrs h828 Pine
Givens Minnie Indrs h2 rear 126 Compress al Givens Richd emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Givins Jack lab r638 Flint al Givins Jennie maid r638 Flint al Givins Robt (Sallie) lab h638 Flint al Givins Sami (Emma) porter r317 Flint al Glass Bryan elk r903 N Monroe
Glass Carl slsmn Nugrape Bottling Co r903 N Monroe Glass J Wesley rep White & Walker r903 N Monroe
Glass Roy J (Maude) gro 701 N Washington and 218 S do h903 N Monroe
Glass Sam trucker C of Ga

Glass Wm A (Carolina) flagmn h422 Residence Gleaton Amy (wid W D) h705 N Washington
Gleaton Clarence R (Annie) farmer h323 Residence Gleaton Estelle opr Sou Bell T & T Co r705 N Washington Gleaton Floyd mill hd r705 N Washington Gleaton J T mill hd r705 N Washington
Globe Department Store (Philip Feingold, N B Schine) 205-207 and 129 Broad

Glover Boyd barber Fred Mitchell r N Washington Glover Clarence porter Albany Grocery Co r622 C M E al Glover Clarence student r300 Mercer Glover Eug (Cora) trucker Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co h
300 Mercer

Glover Everett L mgr The Union News Co h514 Broad Glover Henry chauf r708 S Jefferson Glover Howard asst mgr r601 Commerce Glover Howard waiter rll3 Madison
Glover Leon (Evalina) porter h708 S Jefferson Glover Morris (Eva) grocer 609 S Jefferson r411 do Glover Polly J r708 S Jefferson Glover Rena student r300 Mercer Glover Sidney r708 S Jefferson Glover Talmadge lab r513 Cotton Glynn Anna M maid r509 N Madison *
Godbee Raiford L (Ida B) mgr Singer S M Co h507 N Jef ferson

Godwin Claire A (Winifred) elk h213 N Madison Godwin Frank W (Annie W) h229 N Jackson Godwin W Frank (Alice T) electn r412 Tift
Goff Wm F (Lethia) elk Ry M S h307 South Gogarty Rebecca (wid Thos) h507B N Washington Gogarty Thos eng r507B N Washington
Golden Alford shoe repr J O Golden rl08 y2 S Jackson Golden Jos O (Gussie) shoe mkr 114 S Jackson I1IO814 S

Golden Mary rl09 Commerce Golden Richd (Fannie) waiter Fish & Oyster Market r
Thachers al


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Goldsmith Martin (Celia) mgr Prisant Bros Dept Store h
604 Highland av Goode Adeline lndrs r205 S Front Goode Chas G Rev pastor r321 Highland av Goode Sami M (Bessie) eng h628 Pine Gooden Lucinda nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
h505 Planters Gooden Willie B dom hl03 Decatur Goodgame Lucile tchr G A Normal & Agl School Goodin B J porter r917 E Broad Goodrich B F Rubber Co The L M Lipsey local mgr 300 N
Washington Goodwin Bascom C barber New Albany Barber Shop r431
Broad Goodwin Mattie dom hll6 Pine al Goodwin Walter F electn Standard Equipment Co r307
112-14 North, Phone 881 Gordon Beverly (Mary) shoemaker 103 Court av h S Jeff
GORDON HOTEL, Hotel Gordon Co Props, sw cor Pine and Flint av, Phones 1470-1472-1478 (See back cover
and page 29) Gordon Willie waitress rll2 Compress al Gorman Quince (Willie B) h620 Broad GORTATOWSKY ADOLPH C (Gortatowsky Bros), Mgr
Gortatowsky Insurance Agency, r530 Commerce,
Phone 142 GORTATOWSKY BROS (Adolph C and Isaac C), Mana
gers Liberty and Cozy Theatres and Auditorium, Lib
erty Bldg, 242*4 Broad, Phones 142,.202 and 607 Gortatowsky David sec-treas A W Muse Co r432 Commerce Gortatowsky Henry (Stella) pres A W Muse Co h432 Com
GORTATOWSKY ISAAC C (Gortatowsky Bros), SecTreas Albany Paper Co, r530 Commerce, Phone 142
GORTATOWSKY INSURANCE AGENCY, A C Gortatow sky Mgr, General Insurance, Liberty Theatre Bldg 242?4 Broad, Phones 202 and 607, Res 142 (See page

3) Gortatowsky Joel bkpr Gortatowsky Bros r432 Commerce Gortatowsky Leon E (Hilda; Albany Outdoor Advertising
Co) h426 Broad
Gosha Jessie lndrs r631 Broad Goshen Nellie cook r605 Residence Gosier John (Alien) r Burton Hotel Goss A Sidney electn r504 3d Goss Maggie (wid Jesse W) h413 Flint Goynes Jesse D (Ola) wtchmn h711 N Washington Grace Jos L (Anna) truckdriver Paul Arthur r408 Mercer



Grace Russell L (Bessie) dentist 511 Davis Exchange Bank bldg h906 N Madison
Grady Annie Mrs mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill rl02 8th Graham Frank (Pearl) lab h706 Tift Graham Jas (Vienna) rll3 Grady Graham John driver Nugrape Bottling Co Graham Oscar K collr Haley Motor Co r307 Commerce Graham Rachael cook h213 South
Graham Ralph waiter r210!/2 S Jackson Graham Vienna emp J H Macklin Peanut Co rll3 Grady Granger Lula (wid John W) r405 North Granger Mattie sten r405 North Grant Cora L asst E S Portis r422 Mercer Grant Frank (Novilla) lab r311 Planters Grant Fred (Henrietta) driver Marshall Ice Cream Co r
418 S Front Grant Jas (Mary) carp h613 Tift Grant Jas (Cora) ins agt h422 Mercer Grant Lucinda lndrs r725 Pine Grant Plunk lndrs rl213 N Washington Grant Primus lab r623 First Grant Sami lab Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co h rear 140 Com
press al
Grant Wm (Lelia) lab r407 S Jefferson Granthan Wade H (Julia) condr h316 Residence Graves Bessie slsldy Rosenberg Bros r426 Pine Graves Jas elk Hofmayer D G Co r404 Broad Gray Audria T r310 7th
Gray Audry J (Bessie A) h310 7th Gray Ethel dom h311 South Gray Jos carp r311 South Gray Madison tchr Ga Normal & Agl School Grayson Mollie lndrs h215 Oil Mill al Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The W H Youmas mgr gro
230 Broad and 332 N Jackson
Green see also Greene Green Adeline r418 Mercer
Green Andrew (Lula) auto mech r618 Pine al Green Annie cook r845 Broad
Green Annie L opr Sou Bell T & T Co r609 N Washington Green Beatrice tel opr r609 N Washington Green Chas (Lucinda) swtchmn h602 N Madison Green Eliza lndrs h632 Crugers av Green Emma cook r407 Mercer Green Esther lndrs h419 Water
Green Eug B (Myra) electn Electric Service Co r208 S Madison
Green Geo (Elisa) carp h313 Planters Green Geo jr r313 Planters Green Hattie lndrs r604 Grady Green Israel lab r407 Mercer






112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 670

Gas, OH and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Green Jas r311 Planters Green Jas E (Katherine) eng h403 N Jefferson Green Jas E jr r403 N Jefferson Green Jas G (Fannie) mgr Sami Fleisher h611 W Planter Gren Jerry (Parilee) carp h703 Tift Green John (Corine) r410 (406) S Washington Green John (Lucinda) lab h652 Flint Green Jos L student r403 N Jefferson Green Julia Indrs r221 South Green Julia L opr Sou Bell T & T Co r603 N Washington Green Leona opr r609 N Washington Green Louis (Luella) drymn h306 S Washington Green Mark lab r410 Residence al Green Mary r528 Highland av Green Mary cook h410 Residence al Green Mattie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Green Minnie nurse h313 S Jefferson Green Mose (Ida) mill hd hll08 N Washington
Green Nellie smstrs r2101/2 S Jackson Green Osia Indrs h704 Tift Green Sarilla Indrs h310 Fleishers al Green Sol (Gertrude) waiter r418 Mercer Green Sumner R (Daisy) trav slsmn r311 Pine Green Wm (Lucile) lab r652 Flint Green Wm W (Ruby; Sanitary Market & Grocery) h211
N Monroe
Green Wm W jr elk Sanitary Market & Grocery r211 N Monroe
Greenawalt Jos W (Amelie) slsmn The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co h608 2d
Greenstone Flossie slsldy Rosenberg Bros r215 S Jefferson Greenstone Hattie (wid Harry) slsldy Rosenberg Bros h
215 S Jefferson
Greenstone Josie sten Albany Trust & Banking Co r215 S Jefferson
Greenstone Sidney elk r215 S Jefferson Greer Anna B (wid Archibald P) h415 Flint Greer Bertha Indrs r408 Eureka al Greer Linton L elk Lee Whidby r415 Flint Greer Richd truck driver r316 South al Gregory Hobson elk r209 Commerce Gregory S H elk Hofmayer D G Co r Commerce Gremmer Berta Mrs elk r412 Flint Grice Margt hl24 Old Blue Springs rd Grier Jesse (Maria) lab h620 S Monroe Griffin Ben H (Mattie) condr h513 2d Griffin Clyde A pntr G W Stevenson Son & Co r Old Blue
Springs rd
Griffin Edwin (Marie) mill hd) h212 N Davis Griffin Eliz tchr h430 Flint Griffin Hettie M slsldy r506 Flint

Classified -Business Lists -- in theCITY DIRECTORY



Griffin Hugh V (Daisey) repr White & Walker h323 North Griffin Hugh V jr (Sara) acct Swift & Co Fertilizing
Works r323 North Griffin Isaac lab rl209 N Washington Griffin Jas W (Mamie) h208 S Madison
Griffin John porter Steele Furn & Hardware Co r603 Grady
Griffin Lamar r208 S Madison
Griffin Leonidas C asst div mgr Tennessee Chemical Co Griffin Macy student r506 Flint Griffin Mary (wid Robt L) r606 N Jackson Griffin Masie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Griffin Ruth M elk P 0 r208 S Madison Griffin Sami (Ella) lab r420 Odon (Ragsdale) Griffin Wm A (Willie M) trav slsmn h530 North Griffith Wm (Annie M) bicycle repr W A McLarty hll8
Highland av Griger Vinie cook h602 S Washington Griggs Chas (Mary) gro h635 Society Griggs Dock (Irene) lab h615 North Griggs Wm (Nellie) lab r709 Broad Grimes C Douglas elk ACL Shops r423 Residence Grimes J W elk Atlantic Ice & Coal Co Grimes Tobe (Flora) mill hd hl309 N Washington Grimms Bealie cook h216 S Washington Grimsley Jos S (Senora) bkpr J W Bush Motor Co h422
Grissett John N (Bertie) cond h408 N Monroe Groom Kalmar lab h831 Broad Grosser Frances hl38 Compress al
Grovenstein Wm R (Carl) mgr Chero-Cola Bottling Co h 202 Commerce
Grover Eliz cook h506 S Jefferson
Guaranty Life Ins Co J F Causey dist mgr 121 y2 S Jackson

Guest Belle nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Guest Danl (Irabelle) r512 Cherry Guest Julia nurse h512 Cherry Geresh Sami carp r304 South
Guice Chas B lab h606 North Guice Eliz maid r606 North Guice Ethel cook r606 North
Guice John (Willie) porter r606 North Gulf Refining Co C B Whitchard mgr 448 E Broad Gullett Clara waitress r424 South Gullett Geo (Phyllis) h424 South
Gunnells M H (Belle) gro 321 7th h do
Gunnels Bamma (wid Harold) slsldy Rosenberg Bros r 405 North
Gunnels Chester D r405 North
Gunnels Raymond E asst sec Y M C A r405 North

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Gunnels Whitfield (Louise) trav slsmn r425 Pine Gunnels Wm H (Julia B) trav slsmn h524 Broad Gunter Ross r425 7th Gunter Wm r425 7th Gurley Alonzo (Rosa) lab hill Fleishers al Gusick Isadore (Ida) elk Prisant Bros h514 Highland av Hadden Chas F (Alice 0) formn A E Ittner Co h811 N
Jefferson Hadden Roy L eng r406 N Jackson Hagan May A drsmkr 316 Commerce r do Haganwald Jas E (Adora) h528 4th Hagenwald Jas F sec-treas Farkas Filling sta r 4th Hagner John B lab r612 C M E al Haines Frances r Thos Jeffers (River rd) Haines Jos (Estelle) lab h604 Grady Haines Mattie M cook h508 Pine al Hale Emma milliner R L Jones Co rllO N Monroe HALE SIGN SERVICE, Wm Hale Prop, Sign Painters 122
N Jackson, Phone 778 Hale Wm (Eva P; Hale Sign Service) h Dixie Heights Haley Apts 408 N Jackson HALEY JOEL T (Mabel L), Pres Haly Motor Co, h915
Rawson Circle, Phone 1051-J Haley Joel T jr elk Lincoln Sales & Service Co r915 Raw-
son cir
Haley John (Mattie) lab rlOO Commerce
HALEY MOTOR CO, J T Haley Pres, L L Newell V-Pres, J S Inman Sec, C D Pritchett Treas, 300-02 Pine, Ser Phone 628, Sales Phone 739 (See right top lines and page 26)
HALEY W BANKS (Vernon), Pres Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co and V-Pres Georgia Cigar & Tobacco Co, h506 N Jefferson, Phone 405
Hall Alexander (Lannie) lab hll9 South Hall Alice emp Ruckers Bakery h822 Pine Hall Anna May Mrs nurse I W Irwin h512 Mercer Hall Annie F bkpr Churchwells r410 2d Hall Arth (Lillie) lab h514 Grady Hall Avon elk Robinson Drug Co r215 Commerce Hall Camilla r514 Grady Hall Chas B cashr Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co res E Al
Hall Chas R (Lois) carp hl06 Oak Hall Chas V elk rl06 Oak Hall Charlie bkpr Empire Produce Co r622 Mercer Hall Clara Mrs sten City of Albany r303 Society Hall Enoch lab r503 Grady Hall Farmer E (Pearl) farmer h620 Pine Hall Geo B ship elk Empire Produce Co r622 Mercer Hall Grover T (Kathleen) agt Bankers Health & Life Ins
Co h303 Mulberry


r-- -I-Z








Hall Geo T (Susie) farmer h622 Mercer

Hall Grant Rev (Lizzie) pastor Mt Pilgrim Baptist Ch h 733 Pine
Hall Harry taxi driver h513 7th

Hall Hazel lndrs h603 (500) S Monroe Hall Hazel tchr r620 Pine Hall Henrietta lndrs h634 1st

Hall Henry (Anna M) carrier P O h512 Mercer Hall Jas (Paralee) lab h508 Cotton

Hall Jas porter Albany Produce Co

Hall Jefferson (Winnie) plstr r321 S Davis Hall Jesse porter r303 N Front

Hall Jesse E tailor D M Harper rll9 South Hall Jessie slsldy Munnerlyn Shop r622 Mercer Hall Joel E (Addie) eng h316 Johnson av Hall John r303 Society Hall John r303 Society

Hall Johnnie porter Bush & Jarrard r733 Pine Hall Johnson lab r315 S Washington

Hall J T overseer Flint River Cotton Mills h 11th

Hall Kenneth elk Albany Ex Natl Bank r211 N Jefferson Hall Madeline slsldy S H Kress & Co rl06 Oak Hall Margt lndrs h506 Pine al
Hall Margt student r622 Mercer

Hall Mary h413 Planters Hall Mary E (wid Wm J) h212 3d

Hall Mildred E tchr r215 Commerce

HALL MINNIE L, Sec General Lumber Co r410 2d, Phone 855

Hall M Ethel sten r406 Pine Hall O Garrett (Clara) h303 Society

Hall Pauline D public health nurse City h618 Commerce Hall Richd cook r216 S Washington Hall Robt P r303 3d Hall Seab M (Della) RMS h215 Commerce Hall Susie O slsldy R L Jones Co r212 3d Hall Thos A (Lida D) condr h303 3d Hall Thos P r620 Pine Hall Vinnnie r503 Grady Hall Virgil O police City h206 Commerce Hall Walter (Theola) porter New Albany Hotel r834

Hall Wilma student rl06 Oak

Hall Wilmer A (Erma) emp h313 Mulberry

Halliburton Fred (Stella) lab hill Highland av Hallman Jesse J(Annie) firemn r307 Residence

Halsey A Grady (Ethel) carp h601 N Washington

Halsey Robt L hlpr Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co Halstead Jos O car hlpr r210 First Halstead Kenneth (Mary) carp h311 N Madison

Halstead Wallace B (Taughty) carp h210 First



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Halverson Cecelia (wid C L) r411 7th Hambrick Imogene waitress r311 N Madison Hambrick Katie L Mrs r3111 N Madison Hamil Jos A (Annie) hl005 N Madison Hamilton Lonnie C (Pearl) ins agt h525 Planters Hamilton Lula nurse h306 Water Hamm Jas B (Lena M) gro 215 S Jackson h do Hammack Chas (Gertie) ins solr rll4 S Jefferson Hammock Annie M r623 Commerce Hammock David (Julia) porter h216 Highland av Hammock Eunice student r424 Cotton Hammock John B (Nora) mach h623 Commerce Hammock Oscar (Katie) lab h424 Cotton Hammond Joel r304 3d
Hammond Lewis (Jaqueline) flagmn h305 N Monroe Hammond Lewis L (Ida) condr h303 3d Hammonds Clara cook hll3 Decatur Hampton General L lab r305 Planters Hampton Harry trucker C of Ga
Hampton John (Phyllis) lab h305 Planters Hampton Mattie Indrs r526 Tift Hampton Nemi tmstr r526 Tift Hamrick G C revenue tax r310 Pine Hancock Aubra E Rev (Mary L) asst pastor h506 Flint Hancock Jas M slsmn r216 Commerce
Hancock Lovett H (Lallah) mgr h427 Residence Hancock Winfield S (Alma) slsmn Commercial Car &
Machinery Co h425 Flint
Hand Geo F (Vassie) mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill h7 Mill Village
Hand Ollie firemn rl09 Flint
Handy Jesse (Frances) draymn r324 Mercer Hanks Service Station Wm A Hanks mgr 514 S Jefferson Hanks Wm A (Fannie; Hanks Service Station) grocer 718
(618) h do
Hanson Hans A (Edna) cond h417 North
Hardcastle Excel elk Central of Ga frt depot r204 Resi dence

Hardin Henry (Maud) asst mstr mech Swift & Co hl04 8th Hardin Sallie dom h423 Flint al Harding Janie cook r817 E Broad
Hardrich Henry (Bertha) plstr h515 Planters Hardwick Andrew (Melissa) lab h211 Residence al Hardwick Moses (Rena) plstr h324 Planters
Hardwick Willie maid r211 Residence al Hardy Annie M cigarmkr Lasca Cigar Co rl26 Washing

Hardy Eileen sten Gortatowsky Bros r406 Commerce Hardy Hattie K asst sec Albany Chamber of Commerce r
406 Commerce
Hardy Herman (Annie M) plmbr rl26 S Washington

natural hypcodnet of tfce Dira^tocy bmknt is the compilation of Maying Lasts. S interested, ask tor our Free "List of Mailing Lists." r. l. POLK & CO.. Detroit



Hardy King (Mamie) mgr Texas Co Filling Station h406 Commerce
Hardy Madison (Julia) lab h409 S Jefferson Hardy Minnie lndrs h304 S Jackson Hardy R Frank ticket sir Albany Passenger Terminal Co
r406 Commerce Hargraves Otis barber C F Johnston r230 Flint
Harkins Archie D (May) grader Ga Peanut Grocers Co-op erative Assn r423 Tift
Harmer Jarvis lino opr Albany Herald r610 Commerce Harmon Lucy M foreldy Bobs Candy Co r419 Pine Harp auto slsmn r209 Commerce Harper Annie B dom r607 Flint al
Harper David M (Rushia B) tailor 109 S Jackson h328 Mercer
Harper Dorothy A student r510 Broad
Harper Henry S (Willie L; Warde-Harper Horse & Mule Co h510 Broad
Harper Marvin H student r510 Broad Harper Sylvester (Ruth) lab h625 Tift
Harrell Callie B sten McArthur-Spence Co rl09 S Jefferson Harrell Chas W (Mayme) foremn Garretts Garage h319
Harrell Floyd (Josephine) gro 226 South h613 Planters Harrell Hugh L mech r216 1st Harrell Jas G trav slsmn r216 1st
Harrell Jos C (Johnnie) asst foremn Albany Coca-Cola Botling Co h208 Tift
Harrell Sadie student r526 Mercer
Harrell Thos M (Rosa B) gro 428 Mercer h526 do Harrington Iona elk New Albany Press Club r230 Flint Harrington Jas C (Mattie) flagmn h309 Commerce Harrington Mary I r230 Flint
Harris Mattie cook r220 Highland av Harrington Sarah M Mrs h230 Flint Harris Abbie lndrs h614 S Monroe
Harris Agnew (Angeline) lab h416y2 Water Harris Andrew (Ethel) truck driver rll7 South Harris Annie L cook 324 Mercer Harris Arene r324 Mercer
Harris Arth L trucker r505 S Jefferson Harris A Eug bkpr r305 Residence
Harris Benj J (Dorothy) barber Sadler & Bass r310 N Madison
Harris Calbraith B (Evie) lmbr inspr h306 North Harris Camilla cook r324 Mercer
Harris Carolina lndrs h530 Society Harris Chas blrmn Hotel Gordon r Susan Harris Harris Chas (Rena) janitor h515 N Madison Harris Chas J (Wylene) eng h527 North
Harris Clyde slsldy Churchwell's r209 Commerce

Classified Business Lists -in theCITY DIRECTORY


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Harris David lab r209 6th Harris Dempsey porter F J Morris rl206 N Jackson Harris Dora (wid Philip) r504 Commerce Harris Edna slsldy Rosenberg Bros r211 N Jefferson Harris Edw (Bessie M) driver W A Stokes hl02 Commerce Harris Eliz r213 Commerce Harris Eliz Indrs h S Monroe Harris Eliz lndry wkr Joe L Ton h606 Tift Harris Ella Indrs hl02 S Front Harris Ella Indrs h505 S Jefferson Harris Esterlee (Janie) lab rl35 Flint Harris Frank rl24 S Front Harris Frank mill hd hll6 Mooneys al
Harris Gussie r422 Commerce Harris Hannah cook rlllO N Washington Harris Hattie Indrs h211 North al Harris Henry (Elsie) lab h528 Highland av Harris Henry (Ruby) porter Cook & Bulbos r305 Mercer Harris Herbert (Minnie) real est h209 Commerce Harris India h207 South Harris Irene emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Harris Janie cook hill (207) Church Harris Janie maid rl35 Flint Harris Julian S (Emmie) frt agt h213 Commerce Harris Julian jr elk Albany Hdw & Mill Supply Co r213
Harris Joshua J (Pearl) lab h Dawson rd Harris LeRoy (Mozelle) mill hd h River rd Harris Lester T lab W A Stokes r530 South Harris Lindy Indrs r305 Mercer Harris Lou E hl36 Old Blue Springs rd Harris Lula Indrs h616 Society Harris Mamie E smstrs h503 S Jefferson Harris Marie cook r503 Grady Harris Mary rll6 Mooneys al Harris Mary Indrs h418 S Front Harris Mattie cook r220 Highland av
Harris Mattie Indrs h618 Crugers al Harris Murtha W (Ossie) agt h305 Residence Harris M Ruth sten S B Brown Co r306 North Harris Nellie r Augustus Mack River rd Harris Norbert elk Standard Equipment Co r419 Society
Harris Patsy h208 5th al Harris Philip r401 Commerce
Harris Phillip rll5 S Jefferson Harris Polly cook h719 Pine Harris Rosa B dom r611 Flint Harris Ruth slsldy Churchwell's r209 Commerce Harris Ruth slsldy The Book & Gift Shop r213 Commerce
Harris Sami lab r503 Grady

Albany Exchange National Bank


-P. J. BROWN. President

Capital and Surplus, $300,000.00 g; fciKKJ KS?


H. E, DAVIS. V,-Pres.-Ca8hiqr



Harris Sol lab r324 Mercer Harris Sue J cashr Churchwell's r209 Commerce Harris Susan dom h S Jefferson Harris Sylvia emp J H Macklin Peanut Co r324 Mercer Harris Teavers lab r304 Wilson Harris Thos B trav U S Rubber Co r419 Society Harris Wm (Eliz) lab City h427 South Harris Wm M student r305 Residence Harris Willie M lndrs r435 Corn Harrison Fannie mill hd r822 Pine Harrison Landrum M (Margt) trav r210 Commerce Harrison Lewis H (Evelyn A) flagmn h415 North
Hart Albert (Rossie) carp r429 Johnson av Hart Annie W student r209 S Davis Hart Chas (Mary) h209 S Davis Hart Chas lab h817 Pine
Hart Fred K photog 420 Pine h do Hart Rossie Mrs elk Crescent 10c Store h429 Johnson av Hart Sami (Cora) mstr mech Swift & Co h304 7th Hartsfield Gilbert hlpr rll5 2d
Harvey Mary lndrs h526 Society Harvey Wm lab r526 Society Harwitz David elk Globe Dept Store Haston Carroll S (Pauline) formn h606 2d Haston Gordon student r606 2d Haston Hugh (Hazel) h909 N Jackson Hatfield Jack emp Foy & Shemwell h211 N Jefferson Hatcher John (Fannie) trucker hll3 South Hatcher Rachael lndrs r734 Broad Hatcher Wesley (Mary A) rl37 Oak
Hatton Roy (New Albany Pressing Club) r406 N Jackson Hatton Thos N (Bertha) carp h420 Johnson av Hattrich Marie sten Consolidated Motor Co r213 Residence Hawk Ella lndrs h500 Water
Hawk Wm orderly Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp r do
Hawkins Bessie lndrs r426 Mercer Hawkins Curry emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Hawkins Ella lndrs r207 North al Hawkins Emma h425 Corn Hawkins Emma lndrs h426 Mercer Hawkins John lab h River rd Hawkins Mary D cook h427 Corn Hawkins Mittie L mill hd r John Hawkins River rd Hawkins Rufus C slsmn Hofmayer D G Co r St Nicholas
Hay Ethel candy wrapper Bobs Candy Co rl09 Oak Hay F C slsmn Consolidated Motor Co Hay Homer E (Jennie) wtchmn hl09 Oak Hay India samplemkr Bobs Candy Co rl09 Oak Hay Ruby r!09 Oak

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
ti. H. McUENDON, B. C. S.. Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street. Albany, Ga.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Hayes A E slsmn Home Supply Co r Newton rd Hayes Chas (Mary L) lab r618 S Monroe Hayes Flora rl403 S Jackson Hayes Garrison (Clara) lab h529 Dorsey (Ragsdale) Hayes Geo (Lily M) gro 500 S Washington h504 do Hayes H K r709 Pine Hayes Isaac (Versie; Economy Gro Co) r430 Mercer Hayes Jas R barber City Barber Shop rll7 2d Hayes Jesse (Pearl) h616 S Monroe Hayes Jessie dom h403 S Jackson Hayes Jessie lndrs h318 Mercer Hayes John mill hd r221 Old Blue Springs rd Hayes John A elk Hofmayer D G Co r Commerce Hayes John A jr barber C F Johnston r513 North Hayes Lawrence (Luella) mill hd rl211 N Washington Hayes Lewis (Leila) lab h809 N Washington Hayes Mary lndrs r300 Water Hayes Preola maid r403 S Jackson Hayes Robt wtchmn r244 E Broad Hayes Rufus carp rlOl Flint Hayes Sidney O (Martha) wtchmn W A Stokes h244 E
Hayes Wm carp r322 Mercer Hayl Alvin (Eunice) r Mrs Minnie Simmons Haynes Ada tchr r210y2 S Jackson Haynes Jas brickmason r210^ S Jackson Haynes Martha rooms 210 S Jackson h do
Hays Chas A wtchmkr Bell-McAfee Jewelry Co r Y M C A
Hays J B lab r609 Standard Oil av Hayslip Mary r413 Johnson av Hayslip W Earl elk r413 Johnson av Hayslip W Thomas (Mary A) r413 Johnson av
Haywood Mary lndrs rll9 Commerce
Hazel Andrew (Pearl) lab h303 Highland Hazel Camilla lndrs hl23 Highland av Hazel D C lab r634 1st Hazel Lee lab r217 Highland av Hazel Leon lab r634 1st Hazel Susie cook h619 Tift
Hazier Annie dom h609 Std Oil al Hedrick Harvey H (Bessie) v-pres Foy & Shemwell h816 N
Monroe Hegenwald Jas F sec-treas Farkas Filling Sta h524 4th Heidt Emmet H supt mails P O r Sylvester rd Heidt Jos R (Erma) elk P O h414 Residence Heindel Willard L (Mamie) dept mgr h520 Flint Heisler Sarah slsldy Rosenberg Bros r414 N Jackson Helm W R timekpr Tenn Chem Co r Munnerlyn apts Helms John E (Mary E) gro 241 Broad h413 N Jackson
Helms Ross supt r310 Pine

for lists of namf^s



Henderson Ada B r304 Mercer

Henderson Agnew (Lillian) h Newton rd

Henderson Anna rll2 Commerce

Henderson Annie (wid Jas L) r313 N Jefferson

Henderson Bertha M Mrs gro end of E Broad

Henderson Edw (Mary Lou) pntr h417 South

Henderson Evelyn dom h219 Highland av

Henderson Jas R press fdr Mill Ptg Co r Y M C A

Henderson John carp h406 Water


6 Ch S4LNEJ0aycksoneV "" `nSpr C'ty 0f Albany Howard Wm C jr r N, 107 N Madison
Howe Donald I (Ethel S) trav h407 Flint Howe Ulysee porter C D Kenny Co r Pace av Howel Thos (Agnes) truck driver r425 7th

H0"Ts (Erma T) cashr Sou Bel1 Tel Co h108 s

HOl"nJv?llen rd "Str "eCh F"nt River Cotton Miu r G1>-
Howell Jos R (Ida) truck driver rll5 2d Howell R A (Lillie) car inspr h316 Flint Howell W S motor police Police Dept r417 Flint Hubbard Thos A (Georgia) h208 3d Huckabee Eloise Mrs elk Interantl Agl Corp r406 Broad Huckabee Thad (Maude L) genl mgr Thad Huckabee Auto
Co and pres Palmyra Co h533 3d
HUCKABEE THAD AUTO CO, C C Anthony Pres, H E Davis Y-Pres, Thad Huckabee Genl Mgr, W C Smith Sec-Treas, Hudson, Essex, Packard Automobiles, Tires and Accessories, N Washington and Pine, Phone
Huckaby Esther Mrs sten The Bradstreet Co r416 Resi-
Huckaby John W (Mary) pntr h235 North Huckaby Louise sten The Bradstreet Co r235 North Huckaby Simmie F (Esther) ydmn h416 Residence Hudley Boggan (Pauline) r800 S Jefferson Hudson Alex (Lelia) lab hl014 N Washington Hudson Carrie cook h204 Highland av Hudson Cleveland (Rebecca) lab r308 S Jackson Hudson Donnee T (wid John R) h401 N Jefferson Hudson Eliz T r401 N Jefferson Hudson Jessie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Hudson John C (Ola) elk Glenn Thornton h209 Tift Hudson Nancy Indrs h206 Lewis al Hudson Theres opr Sou Bell T & T Co r209 Tift Hudson Thos L billiards r209 Tift






112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 8T

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Hakes of Gars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Hudson Verdell dom r206 Lewis al Hudson Willie r204 Highland av Hudson Willie B lndrs r217 Highland av Huel John (Mamie) lab r806 S Jefferson Huff Robt L (Janie) driver Gulf Ref Co hl36 Oak Hughes Alberta r219 Highland av Hughes Lemuel R (Ruth) elk Central of Georgia frt depot
h503 N Jefferson Hughes Sonny E (Polly) carp h603 N Madison Hull Chas R (Fritzi) printer Mill Printing Co h305 Com
Hull Edw r305 Commerce Hull John W (Mary) trav h427 Flint Humphrey Annie M sec L G Marchman r622 Broad Humphrey Clyde (Gertrude) porter Albany Herald h624i4
Highland av Humphrey Eloise r624y2 Highland av Humphrey Jas H elk L W Rogers Co r618 Mercer Humphrey Lular (wid Bert) r905 N Washington Humphrey Major h622 Broad Humphrey Major jr porter New Albany Barber Shop r403
Humphrey Margt (wid Wm D) h618 Mercer Humphrey Robt D car repr r618 Mercer Humphries Brantley (Agnes) formn h311 N Broadway Hunt Esna lndrs h600 Newton rd Hunt Fayette lab H H Tarver r407 South Hunt Fred chauf r407 South Hunt Freeman (Leila) lab h205 South Hunt Hannah cook r407 South Hunt Ida lndrs r640 Pine al Hunter Ellen cook h404 South al
HUNTER JOSEPH H (Stella), Sec-Treas Hodges Builders Supply Co, hl006 N Madison
Hunter Leila h712 N Madison Hunter Lucy dom h215 Old Blue Springs rd Hunter Thos (Agnes) h210 South Hunter Wm R (Mattie M) auto repr 403 N Washington h
308 North Hunter Wyatt blksmith 302 Commerce r318 Highland av
Hurd Lula r206 Mooneys al Hurley Tobe (Willie) h316 Planters Hurley Wm porter New Albany Hotel r316 Planters Hurst"Emory H (Mamie A) flagmn h517 3d Hurt Henry (Laura B) firemn hl205 N Washington Hurt Wm (Ella) firemn h216 6th Hurwitz Dora B r301 S Madison Pluston Kenneth appr Albany Herald r404 Highland av Huston Steph F (Meta) yd formn W A Stokes h404 High
land av

s CONSULT THE Classified Business Lists -IN THE . CITY DIRECTORY



Huston Vardman barber r414 Pine
Hutchings Wm E (Theresa) supt h814 N Jefferson Hutchings W Ernest jr flagmn r814 N Jefferson Hutchins Henry (Nealie) shoe repr hl40 Oak Hutto Classie dom h420 Odon (Ragsdale)
Hutto A Elmer tchr Freeman Bus College r201 Residence Hutto John D (Arie E) barber 300% N Washington h201
Hysler Chas E (Winnie) eng h212 1st
Industrial Life & Health Ins Co S J Sheffield mgr 304% Broad

Ingram Chas B h419 South
Ingram J Carlton (Anna) auto repr 403 N Washington h508 Highland av
Ingram Lucious (Rena) lab h639 Tift
Ingram Zachry P (Oreba) pharm Hilsman Drug Co h213 S Jefferson
Inman Dovie S Mrs v-pres Inman Gro Co r502 Broad Inman Drusie (wid Jas H) r325 N Jackson Inman Fruit & Produce Co (Inc) Joel G Inman pres 516-
518 N Washington
Inman Grocery Co (Inc) Joel G Inman pres Mrs D S In man v-pres 512-14 N Washington
Inman Jas I (Lola) slsmn Inman Grocery Co h429 Tift Inman Joel G (Dovie S) pres Inman Fruit & Produce Co
and Inman Gro Co h502 Broad

INMAN JOHN S (Eloise), Sec Haley Motor Co, h Slappey dr, Phone 309

Inman Marjorie student r502 Broad International Agricultural Corporation T J Prince br mgr
A W Bellau sales mgr 603-4-5-6 Davis Exch Bank bldg Irvin Albert r705 Broad
Irvin Anna M maid Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp r710 N Madison

Irvin Benj (Pearl) janitor h406 N Madison Irvin Geo W Rev (Eugenia) pastor Shiloh Baptist Ch h
705 Broad
Irvin Wm (Elda) firemn h212 6th Irvin Nelson Rev (Ella) pastor h River rd Irving Belle Indrs h202 South Irving Johnson (Lucy B) lab hl20 South
Irwin Isham W (Beatrice) phys 303-304 Davis Exchange Bank bldg hl207 N Madison
Irwin Thos L (Mattie) carp h206 Commerce Isbell Henry mill hd r613 Flint Israel Travis B mach h621 Pine Ittner Arth E (A E Ittner Co) r319 Pine

ITTNER A E CO (A E Ittner, R J Edgerly), General Con tractors and Engineers, Champion Bldg 126% Pine. Phone 722



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Ivens Florella emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Ives May sten Hofmayer D G Co r406 Broad
IVEY BENJ B (Lyda), Pres Albany Housefurnishing Co, li402 N Jefferson
IVEY FUNERAL HOME, L H Averitt Jr Mgr 804 Broad, Phone 701 (See front cover and page 82)
Ivey Jos (Hazel) cond h415 2d Jackson Abr (Alberta) lab h418 Water Jackson Alonzo blmn rl08 Commerce Jackson Anna cook r618 Broad Jackson Bertha Indrs r611 Newton rd Jackson Bettie r706 S Jefferson Jackson Cath B (wid Benj) h409 N Jackson Jackson Carrie B h511 Odon (Ragsdale) Jackson Chas lab h206 Mooneys al Jackson Chas (Mary) lab h730 Pine Jackson Chas H student r603 Residence Jackson Cleve (Rosa L) porter Rosenberg Bros h521 N
Jackson Danl (Cora) lab h Isabella al Jackson Edmund W (Hortense) bkpr M W Tift Gro Co
h305 Society Jackson Edw (Polly) carp h513 Dorsey (Ragsdale) Jackson Edw jr lab r513 Dorsey (Ragsdale) Jackson Eliza cook h712y2 N Madison Jackson Elnora dom r203 North al Jackson Elsie H gro 504 Mercer h do Jackson Emanuel (Willie P) press hlpr Albany Herald r
610 S Monroe Jackson Ernest janitor Y M C A r826 Pine Jackson Essie hairdrsr h319 Highland av Jackson Essie lab h425 South Jackson Essie M cook h709 (708) S Jackson Jackson Ethel cook r308 South al Jackson Geo (Sallie M) h517 N Davis Jackson Geo (Pearl) lab h508 Grady Jackson Geo (Ruby) porter Albany Pass Terminal Co h
510 South
Jackson Geo W (Minnie L) carp h603 Residence Jackson Gilbert lab r615 Flint Jackson Grove Baptist Church 524 Highland av Jackson Harriett lunch rm 1303 N Washington h207 5th Jackson Hector (Grace) drymn h519 South Jackson Henry (Annie) lab h713 Broad Jackson Henry (Cora L) lab h304 S Madison Jackson Henry lab r622 S Monroe Jackson Irene h649 Broad al Jackson Isaac (Stella) lab h624 South Jackson Jas (Lessie) brkmn h612 Crugers av Jackson Jas (Emma) lab h425 Flint al







Jackson Jas (Rosa) lab h615 Flint

Jackson Jas waiter New Albany Hotel r229 Highland av Jackson Janie lab American Peanut Products Co

Jackson Jessie C (Annie) vulcanizer 119 N Jackson r236 E Broad

Jackson John lab rl26 Compress al
Jackson John lab h507 Odon (Ragsdale) Jackson John soft drinks 511% S Jackson

Jackson Jos (Mattie B) candy hlpr Bobs Candy Co h317 S Washington

Jackson Jos (Eliz) lab h504 Odon (Ragsdale) Jackson Jos (Annie B) wtchmn r523 Cotton Jackson LeRoy (Viola) porter Rialto Saloon Co r627
Highland av Jackson Lewis (Rosa) lab hl06 Holly

Jackson Lonnie bellboy New Albany Hotel rl08 Commerce Jackson Louella Indrs h644 Pine al
Jackson Louella student r603 Residence Jackson Lucy cook h604 S Washington Jackson L G (Bertha) lab hll7 Holly

Jackson Mada Indrs h631 Tift Jackson Maggie cook h521 1st Jackson Maggie cook h319 Mercer

Jackson Mary emp J H Macklin Peanut Co h315 S Jeffer son

Jackson Mary J r310C, S Jefferson Jackson Mattie Indrs h607 Crugers al Jackson Mattie L cook h308 Flint al

Jackson Maud cook h646 Pine al Jackson Missie h714 Broad

Jackson Nettie Indrs h207 North al

Jackson Oliver (Mattie) mill hd h224 Old Blue Springs rd Jackson Peter (Sarah; Jackson & Jennison) h521 Cotton Jackson Rosa emp J H Macklin Peanut Co

Jackson Safronia r713 Broad Jackson Sallie Indrs h638 Highland av

Jackson Sallie slsldy R L Jones Co r814 N Jefferson

Jackson Sampson porter Albany Pass Terminal Co Jackson Sarah Indrs h623 1st

Jackson Simon (Jonnie) plstr h411 Holloway Jackson Stella gro 624% South h624 do Jackson Stonewall (Eliz) lab h615 Society Jackson Sue Indrs r511 1st

Jackson Thos (Florence) carp h304 S Jefferson

Jackson Toney (Amanda) lab h422 (418) S Washington Jackson Ulysses student r624 South

Jackson Wm cook St Nicholas Hotel r509 South Jackson Wm (Blannie) drymn h412 Grady Jackson Wm (Frances) lab h828 Broad Jackson Wm lab r221 Old Blue Springs rd

Classified Business Lists
HO _(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S
Jackson Wm (Adeline) lab h River rd Jackson Wm (Paxie) trucker C of Ga h314 Planters Jackson Wm J waiter St Nicholas Hotel r221 Highland av Jackson Wm M (Victoria) mach h S Jefferson Jackson Willie L dom r511 Odon (Ragsdale) Jackson W Benj r409 N Jackson
JACKSON & CO, W E Phillips Mgr, Loans, Collections and Discounts 119% N Washington
Jackson & Jennison (Peter Jackson and Sami Jennison) blksmiths 303 S Jackson
Jacobs Alto L (Forna) agt Industrial Life & Health Ins Co hll9 Oak
Jacobs Anna lndrs h607 C M E al Jacobs Bessie B lndrs h414 Mercer Jacobs Irene r710 Broad Jacobs Isaiah (Addie) hlpr hll04 N Washington Jacobs Olin (Chealan) driver h N Madison James Essie M emp J H Macklin Peanut Co r634 Standard
Oil al James Evelyn student r319 Pine James Jack (Eva) lab h513 Cotton James Janie lndrs h812 S Jefferson James Jubie gdnr r209 Hobson James Mabel H Mrs (wid Claude) sten Ga Sw & G R R r319
James Owen blmn r513 Cotton James Pieman (Bessie) elev opr Davis Exch Bank bldg b
513 N Davis
James Reuben (Mary) firemn h522 Society James Rubie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co James Rosa student r319 Pine James R O linemn Western Union Tel Co rl27% Broad Jameson Lucy nurse girl r410 N Madison Jameson Sami lab h409 North al Jarcia John (Aline) cigarmkr Lasca Cigar Co r Burton
Hotel Jarrard Bessie r519 Commerce Jarrard Lillard M (Dora; Bush & Jarrard) h519 Commerce Jarrard Mary A h425 Residence Jarris Julian S (Emma) coml agt Central of Ga Ry Co
h213 Commerce
Jarvis Harmer J (Mae) lino opr r610 Commerce Jarvis Susie (wid Greenberry N) h610 Commerce Jeffers Katie lndrs h417 South al Jeffers Laura lndrs r639% Highland Jeffers Thos (Nella) lab h River rd Jefferson Alice lndrs hll8 Old Blue Springs rd Jefferson Carrie nurse h215 Highland av Jefferson Farms The (W F Jefferson) 230% Pine Jefferson Franklin r821 Highland av



Jefferson Judge (Louvenia) h518 Cherry Jefferson Lamar r821 Highland av
Jefferson Wm F (May P; The Jefferson Farms) h821 Highland
Jeffords Alvada elk Prisant Bros r236 Flint Jeffords Cedessa sten Claude Payton r236 Flint Jeffries Ella asst W M Bryant r411 S Jefferson Jemison Alberta cook r205 S Davis
Jemison Sami (Mary; Jackson & Jamison) h620 Muse al Jenkins Anna cook h503 N Madison Jenkins Archie stm ftr r236 Flint
Jenkins Barnum L (Kate B) bkpr Brown Guano Co h706 N Monroe
Jenkins Carrie lndrs h418 South
Jenkins Clyde sten Ga Peanut Growers Co-operative Assn r315 North
Jenkins Frank (Bertha) blksmith r317 Highland av Jenkins Frank (Vendie) storage 132 Broad h305 S Wash
Jenkins Hettie h308 Mercer al Jenkins Isaiah (Eliz) lab rll8 Old Blue Springs rd Jenkins John h706% N Monroe Jenkins Lewis (Carrie B) lab r530 Tift Jenkins Lula cook r220 Highland av Jenkins May dom r606 Flint
Jenkins Robt A (Nannie) jeweler h217 N Broadway Jenkins Wm (Fluellen) r96 S Front
Jenkins Wesley J Rev (Emily) pastor h404 S Jefferson
Jenks Dinah lndrs h917 E Broad
Jennings A Ray sten Globe Department Store rl08 S Jef ferson

Jernigans Lula lndrs r645 Pine al Jessop Carolyn sten r310 Society Jessop Chas L student r310 Society Jessop Sarah r310 Society Jessup Ike porter r831 Pine Jessup Julia cook h831 Pine Jessup Nancy lndrs rill Flint Jessup Wm L lab r206 Lewis al

Jester A D (Florrie) baggage mstr h804 N Jefferson Jeter Minnie lndrs r205 North al

Jinks Sami (Arjesta) lab r232 Old Blue Springs rd

Johns Ada cook h739 Broad

Johnson see also Johnston

Johnson Aaron (Mattie) lab hll5 Holly

Johnson Adeline lndrs h208 Holly

Johnson Adell ndrs r626 Standard Oil al Johnson Alberta lndrs r613 First

Johnson Alf (Carrie) lab h616y2 Standard Oil al

Johnson Alf (Osie) pecan wkr h422 E Broad



Classified * Business Lists

----in thm---



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Johnson Alva (Corinne) h314 4th Johnson Alvah (Nannie) swtchmn h609 Pine Johnson Anna maid r210 S Washington Johnson Arnold (Eliz) sta firemn r312 S Washington Johnson Arth (Annie) pntr h511 Grady Johnson Asbury (Clara) trucker C of Ga r311 S Jefferson Johnson Augnese maid r319 S Davis Johnson Augustus S (Victoria) lab h319 S Davis Johnson Bert S (Ruth C) slsmn rl08 S Monroe Johnson Betty r406 Cherry
Johnson Beulah emp Rucker's Bakery r Newton rd Johnson Beulah lndrs h527 Holloway Johnson-Brown Co (J A and C W Johnson, Mercer Brown)
brokers 126% Pine
Johnson Buster (Annie) driver Carter Coal Co h616 Pine al
Johnson Chas (Mary) lab h513 Planters Johnson Chas F (Louetta) barber 226 Pine h216 4th Johnson Chas R (Eliz) gro 812 N Madison h530 2d Johnson Chas R jr (Billee) formn h808 N Madison Johnson Chas W (Georgia; Johnson-Brown Co) h317
Johnson Clara cook r306 S Jefferson Johnson Crawford (Mary) firemn h234 Old Blue Springs rd Johnson Dewey (Nettie M) carp r416 Johnson av Johnson Eleanor cook r524 Cotton Johnson Eliz cook h2 rear 130 Compress al Johnson Eliz V student r405 Flint Johnson Emma cook r411 North al Johnson Esco elk Oliver Orse r414 (410) S Washington Johnson Esco lab rl031 E Broad Johnson Estine Mrs bkpr Flint Drug Co r207 S Jefferson
Johnson Eug lab r639 Flint al Johnson Fannie r524 Cotton Johnson Floyd L (Annie) elk P O h216 Commerce Johnson Frank (Eula) carmn Swift & Co h411 Water
Johnson Geo (Lula) lab r526 Cotton Johnson Geo B student r219 Residence Johnson Geo C eng Atlantic Ice & Coal Co r219 Resi
Johnson Georgia A r211 S Davis Johnson Governor porter Albany Tailoring Co r424 Plant
Johnson Harry (Isadora) emp J H Macklin Peanut Co r 702 N Madison
Johnson Henrietta dom r205 S Davis Johnson Henrilee mill hd r414 (410) S Washington Johnson Henry (Anna) lab h911 Broad Johnson Hudson (Lula) lab h420 Cedar (Ragsdale) Johnson H W county commissioner res Sylvester rd

Albany Exchange National Bank

C_ apital and Surplus, $300,000.00

5 i P J. BROWN, President Vjce.President t. H. KALMON. Vice-President H. E. DAVIS, V.-Pres.-Cashier



Johnson Irene lndrs h612 Crugers al Johnson Jas (Pearl) lab rill Decatur Johnson Jas (Lucy) lab h619 Society Johnson Jane r500 Water
Johnson Jimmie L student r620 Residence Johnson John lab rl02 Broad al
Johnson Jonnie M cook r304 S Jefferson Johnson Jos (Frances) mill hd h500 S Front
Johnson Jos A (Johnson-Brown Co) r323 Residence Johnson Jos A lab r621 Society
Johnson Jos B (Sallie M) slsmn Churchwells h615 Pine Johnson Josephine maid h412 Water Johnson Josephine student r609 Pine Johnson Josie cook h313 Eureka al Johnson Julia (Freida B) lab r524 Cotton Johnson Julia lndrs r302 Water Johnson J C elk Hotel Gordon Co r do
JOHNSON J C, General Secretary Young Men's Christian Assn, h712 N Jefferson
Johnson J Pink (Lillie) elk Ga Sw & G R R h31iy2 Resi dence
Johnson Kath maid r311 S Washington Johnson Katie r420 Dorsey Johnson Leslie lndrs rl08 Highland av Johnson Levy H (Ruby) carp h443 Johnson av Johnson Lewis (Magnolia) lab h206 Oil Mill al Johnson Logan J (Lula) lab rll3 Decatur Johnson Lucinda lndrs h605 C M E al Johnson Lucinda lndrs h406 Cotton Johnson Lucinda lndrs r621 Society Johnson Lucy cook h620 Residence Johnson Lucy L student r620 Residence Johnson Lula lndrs h524 Cotton
Johnson Major Rev (Pearl) pastor h414 (410) S Washing ton
Johnson Mamie cook r208 Holly Johnson Martha lndrs r506 S Washington Johnson Martha student r530 2d Johnson Mary h416 Mercer al
Johnson Mary J Mrs slsldy R L Jones Co r511 Pine' Johnson Mattie r419 N Madison Johnson Maybelle r420 Dorsey
Johnson Minnie lndrs rl35 Old Blue Springs rd Johnson Mollie lndrs hl26 Fleishers al Johnson M H carp r230 Flint
Johnson Onis (Leslie) r318 Highland av Johnson Paudo G shoe repr 137 and 235 Broad h do Johnson Paul porter St Nicholas Hotel Co Johnson Pearl cook 509 S Jefferson Johnson Phil (Mary) lab h624 Crugers al Johnson Ralph elk Robinson Drug Co r420 Johnson

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts Ga. O. H. MoDENI>ON, B. O. S., Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street. Albany.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Johnson Ralph H (Estelle)



PATRIOTIC INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 1445 Pine
Patterson Doris R student r607 N Jefferson Patterson Felix guard rl05 Highland av Patterson Freeman lab r622 S Monroe Patterson Hannah r703 N Madison Patterson Homer (Louise) lab W A Stokes r612 S Monroe Patterson Jardine C (Belle) trav slsmn h712 N Jefferson Patterson John (Viola) lab r719 Pine Patterson Jos R (Mildred) cond h607 N Jefferson Patterson Junior Mrs hll7 Old Blue Springs rd Patterson Mary lndrs r619 Residence Patterson Richd (Susan A) h311 Flint Patterson Sarah lunches 109 Court av h do Pattison Mary E r415 N Jefferson Pattison Richd T chf eng City Water Works h415 N Jeffer
Pattison R F trav slsmn r319 Pine Pattison Sarah A r415 N Jefferson Pattison Thos L h415 N Jefferson Patton Carolyn sten Internatl Agrl Corp r213 Residence Patton Minnie (wid R M) h213 Residence Paul Andrew lab rl09 Commerce Paul Jennie lndrs rl021 E Broad Paul Lula lndrs h608 Tift Pawley Arth W (Mattie) firemn City r705 N Washington Paxton Mollie cook rl06 Highland av Payne Algie E lab h4th av Cutliff Addn Payne Richd (Katie) carp h312 Eureka al Payne Richd W (Annie) contr 113% S Jackson h315
Payton Claude (Mary M) lawyer 602 Davis Exchange Bank bldg h423 2d
Payton Della cook r627 Highland av Payton Ella cook r517 1st al
PEACOCK HERBERT A (Helen), Attorney-at-Law, Pea cock Bldg 234% Pine, Phone 684, I16II 3d, Phone 290
Peacock Herbert jr elk r611 3d Peacock Jas N Rev (Annie L) pastor Albany Methodist
Church h305 Flint Peacock Lamar student r305 Flint Peacock Lewis A student r611 3d Peacock Oriska (wid L A) r510 2d Peare Mary Mrs r230 Flint
Pearsall Edith sten Hotel Gordon Co r212 Residence Pearson A G (Louise M) carp h527 Mercer Pearson Eleanor r518 3d Pearson Freddie lndrs rll4 3d Pearson W Oscar h518 3d Pecan Sales Co The Ben Alder sales mgr 143% Pine






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Pee Annie lndrs h302 South Peed F M firemn City Peed T B firemn City Peede Floyd A (Marie) wks h615 Mercer Peeples Chas lab r312 Highland av Peoples Mandy cook rl06 Broad al Peeples Sallie dom r205 S Front Pegus Geneva tchr Ga Normal & Agrl School Pelham Jesse L asst U S Pomologist Penderman Anthony farmer h200 Wilson Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co Wm H Bone special rep
resentative 20014 Broad Penn Wm J (Hester) trav slsmn h218 Tift Penney J C Co C N Barbee mgr dept store 122 N Wash
ington Pennington Beulah bkpr Warde-Harper Horse & Mule Co
r430 Pine
Pennington Chas dom h525 Dorsey (Ragsdale)
PENNSYLVANIA INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency, 145 Pine
Peoples Grocery Co (W C Terrell) 113 Broad Peppers Fremont (Mamie) carp h401 S Monroe Perit Julius I (Fannie) gry gds 206 Broad h401 Com
Perkins Hattie cook r208 S Davis Perkins Leilia lndrs h402 South Perkins Stella lndrs h320 Flint al Perkins Thos (Julia) pntr h613 Crugers al Perry Ada S (wid Ralph H) slsldy R L Jones h309 N Jeff
erson Perry Alex S (Florida) horticulturist h824 Highland av Perry Bessie lndrs h520 Residence Perry Clarence D elk r310 Pine Perry Edw (Alice) carp h804 S Jefferson Perry Gertie student r421 Planters Perry Holcombe H (Amsie) trav slsmn h408 Pine Perry Jas (Florence) cook h421 Planters Perry John M sten ACL Shops r219 1st Perry John S (Ella) restr 210 S Jefferson h403 S Jeffer
son Perry Jos lab rl031 E Broad Perry Kathleen r824 Highland av Perry Lawrence opr Supreme Circle Pub Co rl21 Com
Perry Lee (Bessie) lab rl21 Commerce Perry Leon v-pres Am Peanut Products Co res Camilla
Perry Lester V gro 211 E Broad r233 do Perry Lloyd (Frances) brkmn r422 Mercer Perry Lucile elev opr Rosenberg Bros







Perry Mary J (wid 0 L) h233 E Broad Perry Mattie M (wid John 0) prin and tchr Mulberry
St Sell h219 1st
Perry Rollings (Rosa) firemn h525 Holloway Perry Sarah dom h212 Highland av Perry Wm student r525 Holloway Person Clyde lab r304 Water Person Toy lndrs h304 Water Person Wm (Annie) carp h509 Mercer
Petersen Albert (Channie) butler h712 N Madison Peterson Allen (Polly) wood 631 Residence h do Peterson Arth (Ruby L) brkmsn h734 Pine Peterson Frank r313 Mercer al Peterson Lucy lndrs r308 Mercer al Peterson Pinkie r311 Wilson Peterson Rubin emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Peterson Wm lab Thad Huckabee Auto Co Peterson Zora dom h218 North al
Petit Henry A (Alma) eng r417 Flint Pettigo N E (Mary) golf professional r310 Pine Peyton Frances nurse r812 S Jefferson Phelps Grover T (Addie) frt agt Central of Ga Ry Co r
Sylvester rd
Phillips Aurilla lndrs r307 Mercer Phillips Bozeman (Inez) brkmn h909 E Broad Phillips Edmond (Carrie) carp h428 South
Phillips Fannie M lndrs r621 1st Phillips Flossie cook r412 N Madison Phillips Gaston porter r621 1st Phillips Henry (Fannie) h519 N Davis Philips John (Mary E) lab h621 1st Phillips John jr lab r621 1st Phillips John B (Willie) driver Gulf Refining Co h303
(305) N Broadway Phillips Lillie cook h413 S Jackson Phillips Lottie waitress r431 Flint Phillips Lula r Jennie Mosely River rd Phillips Oscar (Bertha) carp rl015 (1011) N Washing
Phillips Theresa (wid John) r611 Mercer Phillips Thos W (Selona) sub carrier P O h513 South Phillips Trudie V Mrs drsmkr 431 Flint h do Phillips Wm E (Amye) mgr Jackson & Co h611 Mercer
Philpott Bert L (Georgia) formn h517 7th Phipps Mattie lndrs r419 Pine al Phipps Wm H tchr r516 Mercer Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital 1001 N Jefferson Phoebe Putney Hospital Nurses Home 430 3d
Pickard Berta r519 Pine Pickard Wm E (Neva B) slsmn Rosenberg Bros h519 Pine

Automobile owners are select prospects for

many kinds of merchandise. Send to Headquar

ters for all kinds of Automobile Lists. Our new

Catalog contains much valuable data. Ask for



152 _(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S
Pickens Oscar (Essie M) carp h609 Newton rd Pickett Anna dom h210 North al Pickett Hattie cook r608 Crugers al Pickett Minnie L lndrs r210 North al Pickett Orangie (Willie A) truck driver r217 Residence
Pickles Elmira lndrs h527 Society Pickron Clara Mrs elk r912 N Jefferson Pierce Inez Mrs slsldy Rosenberg Bros r410 Pine Pierce Sylvester (Almira) mill hd h209 S Front Piere Loverd E (Susan) r426 Pine
Piggly Wiggly No 1 Rook Snow prop gro 240 Broad Piggly Wiggly No 2 B B Bass mgr gro 115 Broad
Piland Ida slsldy S H Kress & Co Piland Wm E (Adele) adjustor r531 Commerce
Pilcher Della smstrs Churchwells r205 Commerce Pilcher Etta (wid Richd L) h405 North Pilgrim Health & Life Ins Co D L Marshall dist mgr 113%
S Jackson
Pilot Lucy dom h River rd Pinkston Carline rl07 S Monroe Pinkston Caroline J (wid J R) hl07 S Monroe Pinkston J Ray (May) teller Albany Ex Natl Bank h517
Pinkston Martha R rl07 S Monroe Pinkston May Mrs bkpr Ga Natl Bk of Albany r517 4th Pinkston Milbrie slsldy The Carter Co r423 Commerce Pinkston Russell A elk Central of Ga frt depot r415 Resi
Pinkston Sing B (Mary) trav slsmn h423 Commerce Pinkston Tressie L silk ctr Hofmayer D G Co r423 Com-
Pinkston Walter D (Service Grocery Co) r423 Commerce Pinson Hollis Mrs flowers 123 N Jackson h Slappy rd Pinson W J county supt of roads Pison J Luther vulcanizer Lambe Auto Service Co r Pine Pittman Alford flagmn r300 Residence Pittman Chas (Sara) h207 S Front Pittman Chas C trav slsmn r408 Pine Pittman John (Henrietta) lab h515 Mercer Pittman Leila cook h317 S Jackson Pittman Mildred r624 Commerce Pittman Primas (Annie) truck driver h624 Commerce
Pitts Alf J (Louise) meat ctr Lane Bros rl27 Oak Pitte Chas (Willie M) mill hd rl309 N Washington Pitts Ethel lndrs h508 N Madison Pitts Robt L (Minnie L) ship elk h611 Commerce
Plant Jas D (Janet) steward Hotel Gordon Co h310% Flint




PHONES 28-1038



Planters' Oil Co Harold Hirsch pres A J Lippit v-pres R G Riley sec and mgr P J Brown treas C D Stiles asst mgr 224 and end E Broad
Plaza Cafe (Gust Thomas, Andrew Sfinas) 119 N Wash ington
Pleasant Robt (Carrie) mill hd r Emma Walker River rd Plonsky Eva (wid Louis S) h.418 Commerce Plonsky Hyman E (Estelle G) mgr Men & Boys Shop r
418 Commerce Plonsky Jos S elk Albany Produce Co r418 Commerce Plummer Dempsey (Louisa) lab h616 Flint al
PLUMMER H VINTON', Attorney-at-Law, General Coun sel Headen Motor Co, Room 110 Supreme Circle Bldg, 121)4 S Jackson, r515 S Jefferson
Plunket Clarence G Albany Battery Co r310 Pine Police Headquarters 246 Pine Polk Burl (Anna) lab hll9 Monneys al Pollard Earnest brkmn r303 N Front Polstein Jacob (Anna; New York Bargain House) h625
Commerce Ponder Gordon H rBertha) turpentine r309 Pine Ponder Henry (Callie) drymn h396 (225) Brown av Ponder Lynn h733 E Broad Ponds Aid Society Hall 221 Old Blue Springs rd Pone Forrest lab rl25 Old Blue Springs rd Pone Jas A gro 400 S Washington hl25 Old Blue Springs
Pone John A (Mary) lab hl25 Old Blue Springs rd Poole Edith M student r312 Society Poole Louis B (Stella H) pub acct 145)4 Pine h312 Society Poole Thos gro 1201 N Washington h do
j?OOSER CLYDE (Emmie), Pres and Mgr General Luin\ ber Co, h419 Commerce, Plione 82
Pope John D (Alice H; Pope & Bennett) h515 Pine Pope Julia r310 Pine Pope Walter D r European Hotel
POPE & BEMET (John D Pope, Sam S Bennet), Attorneys-at-Law 200)4 Broad, Phone 307
Porter Alberta mill hd r621 Pine al Porter A F barber New Albany Barber Shop r Sylvester rd Porter Chas porter r515 Cotton Porter Dolphus (Elmina) lab r416 Mercer Porter Edw (Sallie) lab h504 E Broad Porter Eliz Indrs h509 S Jefferson Porter John (Annie) mill hd hll07 N Washington Porter John porter Albany Produce Co r508 Cotton Porter Jos (Louise) carp r516 Mercer Porter Julia r515 Cotton Porter Leroy porter S K Simon h515 Cotton Porter Lilia dom h624 Flint al






112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 678

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Porter Mary lndrs r509 S Jefferson Porter Thos lab h621 Pine al Porter Virdell h226 Holly Porter Willena r416 Mercer Portis Edwin S (Clara W) phys 113% S Jackson h810
Pine Posey Helen r609 2d Posey Henry bkpr Ga Peanut Growers Co-operative Assn
r609 2d Posey Louise r609 2d
POST OFFICE, Broad cor Jefferson av
POSTAL TELEGRAPH-CABLE CO, K J Cutliff Mgr, 143 Pine, Phone 42
Postell Robie lndrs r210 S Washington Potette S W brklyr 11319% N Washington Pottle Jas R (Jottle & Hofmayer) r Hotel Gordon
POTTLE & HOFMAYER (J R Pottle, I J Hofmayer), Attorneys-at-Law 230% Pine, Phone 186
Potts Augustus (Lulu) lab h510 Grady Pouncy Jas W (Leola) gro h205 6th Pouncy Maggie lndrs 618 1st al Pouncy Shelley (Mannie) gro 400 Cotton h518 1st al Powell-bkpr r307 Commerce Powell Belle (wid S H) r514 2d Powell Dewey driver Rucker's Bakery Powell Ella lndrs h221 South Powell Fannie (wid J B) hl09 2d Powell Florine slsldy The Carter Co r431 Residence Powell Henry T (Georgia A) slsmn h527 Planters Powell Julian C (Mattie S) mech Thad Huckabee Auto
Co r616 Pine
Powell Mary slsldy S H Kress & Co h408 South Powell Nellie Mrs elk Wizard Bakery r216 Commerce Powell Thos O sheet metalwkr J T Bobbitt Roofing Co r
911 N" Monroe Powell Wm (Rebecca) gro 1019 Broad hl017 do Powell Wm (Eva) lab h624 Standard Oil al Powell W B (Jessie M) brkmsn h608 C M E al Powers Mat (Mattie) lab h909 Broad Prater Oscar porter European Hotel Prather Mable cook r702 S Jefferson Pray Cora M (wid John K) h503 Pine Prescott Raymond L (Maggie D) supvr Atlantic Coast
Line Ry Co r Blue Springs rd Pressley Levi piano tunner r518 South Prevatte Alma F sten r709 N Jefferson Prevatte Crawford J (Maggie) bkpr J B Davis & Co h709
N Jefferson Prevatte F Louise sten New York Life Ins Co r709 N Jef

Price Eliz E (wid W C) h207 Society Price Frances r419 Highland av Price Jas (Elnora) Indrs h609 Residence Price Ola M r310 S Jackson Price Pearl r419 Highland av Price Percy A (Agnes) representing New York Life Ins
Co h608 Pine Price Steph F (Lula) h419 Highland av Price Sterling A (Bessie) trav slsmn hll3 S Madison Priddige Carl (Isabella) h424 3d Primley Jessie nurse r305 Highland av Primo Quinton E Rev (Alvira) rector St John Episcopal
Ch h607 Residence Prince Chas (Bobbie) lab r208 S Washington Prince Henry lab h4th av Cutliff addn Prince Mary nurse r516 S Jefferson Prisant Bros (Isadore & Harry Prisant) dept store 215-
217 Broad
Prisant Harry (Mary; Crescent 10c Store; Prisant Bros; Sample Shoe Store) 607 Commerce
Prisant Isadore (Annie; Prisant Bros; Sample Shoe Store) h506 Commerce
Prisant Louis (Sarah) jwlr 219 Broad h213 S Monroe Prisant Martin (Dora) mgr Crescent 10c Store h521 High
land av
Prisant Michl r521 Highland av Prisant Myron I student r506 Commerce Pritchard Alice r522 Mercer
PRITCHETT CARL I) (Isabelle), Treas Haley Motor Co, h424 3d, Phone 1242
Prize T Marvin teller Albany Ex Natl Bank h311 N Jackson
Proctor Maud Mrs elk Globe Dept Store r515 North Proctor Westbrook D (Maude C) barber 102 North h 515
do Profitt Adeline cook r721 Pine Profitt Isolee cook r212 Lewis al Profitt John (Sallie L) lab r212 Lewis al Progress Market Corbet McAlister prop 243-245 Broad Protho Emma h216 Old Blue Springs rd Pryse Kenneth lino opr Albany Herald r311 N Jackson Pryse T Marvin student r311 N Jackson
PRYSE WM M (Alice), News Editor The Albany Herald. h311 N Jackson, Phone 627
Pucilli Fred clarinet Gortatowsky Bros r31'0 Pine Pughsley H G dist mgr Atlanta Mutual Ins Co res Bain-
bridge Ga Pullen Jas T (Sara) sten Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co r501
N Jackson Pullen R L night elk St Nicholas Hotel r do

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Pullins Ida Y tchr Ga-Normal & Agl Sell Punch Bowl The S H Marshall mgr 117 N Jackson Pure Food Meat Market (L R West) 315 N Washington Purity Ice Cream Co L P Christo prop 405 N Washing
ton Purvis Arth M (Sadie) eng Atlantic Ice & Coal Co h.305

PUTNEY FRANCIS F, Pres Georgia National Bank of Albany and Flint River Cotton Mills, res Putney, Ga

Putney Gin h209 S Jackson Pye W A swtchmn A C L r Sylvester rd Pyles Anna lndrs r609 Crugers al Quillan John (Daisy) lab h212 7th Rabun Zack T (Emmie) trav aud Ga Peanut Growers Co
operative Assn h310 4th Rachels Robt (Lucy) trav slsmn h515 North Rachals Wm A (Frankie) formn Albany Herald r416 Resi
Rackley Otis D dentist 608-609 Davis Exchange Bank bldg r312 Flint

Raffield Atys M (Nannie) flagmn r914 N Jefferson

Ragan Jos W (Edith C) mgr h624 Pine

Ragsdale Meat Market Thos Berry prop Newton rd

Raiford Everett E (Verna) car inspr h303 S Madison

Raiford Iris r303 S Madison

Rains Edgar (Willie) lab h704 N Madison S

Rake Emma lndrs r204 North al


Rakel Wm J (Carrie) formn Albany Lndry Co h609 2d

Raley Alberta lndrs h523 1st al

Ramsey Alice cook r641 (700) Flint al

Ramsey A Eug (Geo E) auto mech Garretts Garage h210


Ramsey Dollie lndrs h641 (700) Flint al Ramsey Earl A (Ora) truck driver h209 Society Ramsey Fred P (Mary) carp r810 N Washington Ramsey Geo W student rl22 N Broadway Ramsey Hattie dom h709 Broad Ramsey Jas A (Lois) slsmn Standard Oil Co h217 4th Ramsey Jas G supt Bobs Candy Co r401 Broad Ramsey Lizzie B rl22 N Broadway Ramsey Myrtice slsldy rll4 2d Ramsey Otis E (Hattie V) carp r711 N Washington Ramsey Pfeamon H (Minnie) carp h403 Mulberry Ramsey Quincy T (Lottie) whsemn Gulf Refining Co h205

Ramsey Rush D (Belle) driver Gulf Refining Co h611 N Washington
Ramsey Wesley r403 Mulberry Ramsey Wrh M (Eliz) hl22 N Broadway Randall Carrie student r415 Cotton







Randall Emma student r415 Cotton Randall J C (Willie) wks rill South Randall Mata E dom h845 Broad Randall Neal (Susie) driver h415 Cotton Randall Oscar (Cornelia) firemn h503 Grady Ranew Arie (wid C N) h318 2d Ranew Lucile r318 2d Ransom Anna Indrs r627 Highland av Ransom Bogus (Essie M) lab r423 Flint al Ransom Edna cook h215 Residence al Ransom Eliz Indrs r316 Mercer Ransom Emma dom h627 Highland av Ransom Essa M emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Rau Jos L slsmn r729 Highland av Raven Anna B Indrs hl06 Broad al Rawlins Preston N elk Royal Ice Cream Parlor r331

Rawson Chas W (Mary C) pres Albany Hdw & Mill Supply Co h602 N Jackson
Ray Cawley (Ethel) lieut Police dept h706 N Washing ton
Ray Chas carp r504 Holloway Ray Chas Q auto repr L M Floyd r706 N Washington Ray Ella (wid J E) rll6 2d Ray Emma (wid Frank) r407 North Ray Jos rl27V2 Broad Ray W W jr elk Haley Motor Co Raymond Mattie cook St Nicholas Hotel h529 Tift Reader Ike orderly Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp r do Reames Marion M (Glenn) eng h412 Flint Redden Eliza dom r506 N Davis Redden John (Mary) firemn h610 Crugers av Redick Bertie rlOO 8th Reddick Jennie (wid H J) hlOO 8th Reddick Lillian dom hl21 Fleishers al Reddick Mary Indrs h509 Grady Reddick Rosa Indrs rl23 Highland av Reddick Steph h504 Grady Redding Mollie r804 S Jefferson Redding Peter (Lizzie) lab r310 Mercer Redfern Jas A (Eleighfare) phys 108-114 Eatman bldg h
523 Broad
Reed see also Reid Reed Amelie Indrs r206 Residence al Reed Buster (Peggy L) hlpr Albany Coca Cola Bottling
Co r303 Mercer
Reed Ella dom hll2 Commerce Reed Golden W (Ethel) condr h623 2d Reed Mayson student r623 2d Reed Robt (Lou) lab h304 South



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Reeder Isaac (Russie) hll9 Highland av Reese Adolphus pntr r320 Highland av Reese Geo lab h316 Flint al Reese Hettie maid r309 S Jefferson Reese John T fish 323 N Washington r431 Flint Reese Ky gro 807 S Jefferson r320 South Reese Norman (Lillie M) pntr h400 South Reese Pinkie cook r96 S Front Reese Roberta maid rll8 S Front Reese Wm J (H M( phys 121% S Jackson h619 Broad Reeves Dempse A (Gertrude) mgr L D Acker Co h808 N
Madison Reeves Jas L (Morlena; Bosworth Printing Co) h408 N
Monroe Reich Sami (Ceclia) h515 Champion Reid see also Reed Reid Allen (Thelma) bkpr h223 Residence Reid Prince P Rev (Willie) pastor h517 1st al Reid Warren (Eliz) chauf r400 South Reid Wm A (Carrie I) slsmn Churchwells h413 High
land av Reid Wm A jr mailer Albany Herald r413 Highland Reiney Geo K (Gertrude) trav slsmn h220 Tift Reiney Geo K jr student r220 Tift Reiney Gertrude student r220 Tift Renfroe Gertrude waitress Royal Cafe rl37y2 Broad Reynolds Albert B (Florence) sawyer r507 3th Reynolds Arth L (Effie) Buick Repair Service Station h
317 Monroe
Reynolds Bernice elk Supreme Circle of Benevolence r 424 Planter
Reynolds Chas fish mkt 113 Old Blue Springs rd r225 do Reynolds Chrystana elk Eureka Drug Co r225 E Blue
Spring rd
Reynolds Collin (Lottie) gro h225 Old Blue Springs rd Reynolds Gordon E (Octavia) h412 5th Reynolds Gussie housekpr Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp
r430 3d
Reynolds Jack D B (Clance) printer Albany Herald h507 N Jackson
Reynolds Julian W (Gladys) mfrs agt 145y2 Pine r412 5th Reynolds Lucius C sub carrier P O r Old Blue Springs rd Reynolds Mary Mrs h311 Commerce Reynolds Minnie rlOO Wilson Reynolds Paul (Helen) sales mgr Swift & Co Fertilizer
Works h813 W Highland av
Reynolds Walter lab h608 Flint Reynolds Wm clo prsr 407 N Washington hl20 Mercer Rhodes Calvin C (Berta) gro 701 Broad h do Rhodes Edmond (Lucy) lab h.212% S Washington

A natural by-product of the Directory business is the compilation of Mailing Lists. If interested, ask for our Free "List of Mailing Lists." R. L. POLK & CO.. Detroit



Rhodes Jacob M (Clara E) filling sta 841 Pine h do Rhodes Wm M (Annie L) slsmn Albany Coca Cola Bot
Co r219 Society Rhymes P H trav slsmn r205y2 Residence
RIALTO SALOON CO, Props The Rialto, Charles Marks Pres, Joseph Marks Sec, Billiards, Soft Drinks and Cigars 216 Broad, Phone 9126
Rice Maggie M cook r414 Grady Rich Eliza A coach clr hll4 Compress al Richards Abr (Pinkie) farmer h406 Cherry Richardson Adline emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Richardson Anna r806 S Jefferson Richardson Chas (Eva) farmer h810 Newton rd Richardson David (Jessie) lab h416 S Front Richardson Ernest (Clara) lab h701 Tift Richardson Ernest E (Delia) mech Haley Motor Co h418
Johnson av
Richardson Eug (Mary) Pressing Club 1305 N Washing ton r417 Cherry
Richardson Evelyn h316 3d Richardson Frank trucker M V Tift Gro Co Richardson Geo lab h526 Holloway Richardson Jas C (Sadie) condr h407 Society Richardson Mary lndrs rl08 Commerce Richardson Mattie lndrs r605 Residence Richardson Pinkie waiter Sarah Paterson r Ragsdale Richardson Rosa mill hd r416 S Front Richardson Wm B jr (Thelma) lino opr Albany Herald r
407 Flint Richardson Willie M student r417 Cherry Rickard Belle (wid Wm O) r511 7th Ricks Elijah (Della) lab h River rd Ridley Ellen cook h630 1st Ridley Max hlpr Brannon & LeGreve r630 1st Ridley Robt hlpr r630 1st Riggins Adeline lndrs h513 Mercer Riles John (Pinkey) lab h643 Pine al Riley Augustus drymn h508 S Washington Riley David lab r528 Society Riley Elanor r418 Society Riley Elbert R Rev (Mary) h818 Broad Riley Frank (Riley & Mills) r265 E Broad Riley John (Rebecca) lab rl06 Holly Riley Jos (Susie) mill hd h210 Hobson Riley Marguerite (wid G O) r265 E Broad Riley Mary emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Riley Mary lndrs h208 S Davis Riley Ralph L slsmn Planters Oil Co r418 Society Riley Robt G (Emmie S) sec-mgr Planters Oil Co h418

Classified Business Lists


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Riley Robt G jr student r418 Society Riley Wm S student r418 Society Riley Wright (Lizzie) tmstr h624 Residence Riley & Mills (F Riley & W D Mills) tinners 321 Broad Rivers Effie maid r214 North al Rivers Jos r609 Crugers al Rivers Mary Indrs h609 Crugers Rivers Mary L Indrs h211 South Rivers Ozie Indrs r214 North al Rivers Sena waitress rll6 South Rixey Helen mus tchr 412 N Monroe h do Roan Eug elk r511 Broad Riley Robt G (Emmie S) sec-mgr Planters Oil Co h418
Roan Leonard E m o elk P O h511 Broad Roan Lucinda r Davey Roberson Andrew (Minnie) lab Lincoln Sales & Service
Co rll4 Pine av
Roberson Laura Indrs h213 Oil Mill al Roberson Wm (Ludie) lab r703 Society Robert Addie (wid Al) h616 Pine Robert Cath r616 Pine Robert Ryer r616 Pine Roberts Agnes Mrs elk Hofmayer D G Co r510 Broad Roberts Chas ins r210% S Jackson Roberts Frank (Willie M) linemn h210 Society Roberts Herschel B (Mattie O) sec to A H Hilsman h216
Roberts Joel r209 S Monroe Roberts J E (Agnes) mech r510 Broad Roberts Matilda Indrs r503 Holloway Roberts Tobe (Alberta J) b.529 North Roberts Waddy C (Alma) elk Albany Housefurnishing Co
h209 S Monroe
Roberts Wm P r314 Commerce Roberts Willie cook r516 S Jefferson Robertson Corrine maid r717 (716) S Jefferson Robertson Dinah Indrs r710 S Jefferson Robertson Eug (Elsie) farmer hll8 S Front Robertson Eug lab r310c S Jefferson Robertson Evalina Indrs rll6 2d al Robertson Frances cook h313 S Washington Robertson Herbert (Marie) meat ctr V E Slappey r208
Robertson Jas (Lillian) hlpr h511 y2 South Robertson John (Melissa) carp h717 (716) S Jefferson Robertson John (Laura) gardener h321 Eureka al Robertson Jos (Nellie) mill hd h710 S Jefferson Robertson Laura rl203 N Washington Robertson Nellie Indrs r400 Water

Albany Exchange National Bank

Capital and Surplus, $300,000.00



P. J. BROWN. President
g; * "JESS
H. E. DAVIS, V.-Pres.-Cashier




Robertson Nelson lab r909 Broad Robertson Phil E (Canoy) trav slsmn h225 Society Robertson Reuben lab hl203 N Washington Robertson Susie rll2 South Robertson W J (Jack) lab rl06 Highland av Robie Annie L rl20 Fleishers al Robie Chas (Mary) lab hl20 Fleishers al Robinson Andrew mech rll4 Pine al Robinson Angie hlpr Bobs Candy Co rl02 Highland av Robinson Annie M lndrs r308 S Jefferson Robinson Butler (Rea) carp h421 Water Robinson Chas lab Garretts Garage Robinson Chas (Berta) waiter St Nicholas Hotel h515 N
Robinson Chas D (Carrie; Robinson Drug Co) pres-mgr Flint Drug Co hlliy2 N Monroe
Robinson Delia emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Robinson Drug Co (C D Robinson, L N Sterne and S C
Sterne) 127 N Washington and 103 Old Blue Springs rd
Robinson Eaddy R cashr National Life & Accident Ins Co r510 N Jackson
Robinson Geo (Lillie M) lab h209 6th
Robinson Hugo (Louise) county health coifis h404 S Mad ison
Robinson Julia emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Robinson Julian B slsmn Inman Grocery Co r315 Com
Robinson Justin M trav slsmn r315 Commerce Robinson J (Fannie) r510 N Jackson Robinson Mary cook r210 North al Robinson Minta (wid Chas H) h.315 Commerce Robinson Mortimer B registry elk P O r404 S Madison Robinson Nathaniel (Clifford) lab r616 1st Robinson Roughen T (Hattie) lab W A Stokes h628 Cru-
gers al

Robinson Thos (Henrietta) tmstr h616 1st Robinson Thos S elk Ga Natl Bk of Albany r315 Com
Robinson Wm (Katie) lab r627 Residence Robison Janie cook r741 Broad Robison Wm (Georgia) lab rll6 3d Rochester Mary M r520 Broad Roddenbery Robt C jr (Lucy; Mann & Roddenbery) h
217 y2 Tift
Roddy Jenkins lab h901 E Broad Rodgers Earl L flagmn r317 North Rogers Alice hlpr h408 Corn Rogers Caroline nurse r530 Mercer Rogers Florence cook r623 Broad

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
O. H. McLJENDON, B. C. S., Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street, Albany, G-a.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Rogers John (Anne) lab. hl025 E Broad Rogers Lucy (wid J C) r225 Society Rogers L W Co J B Carroll br mgr gros 249 Broad Rogers Margt dom h419 Corn Rogers Patsie rl025 E Broad Rogers Patsie cook rl07 Fleishers al Rogers Samantha dom h623 Broad Rogers Shiloh h317 South Rogers Sophie dom h509 Planters Rollerson Luke (Emma) drymn h607 N Madison Rombos Jas (Elks Cafe) r216 Pine Rollings Buster prsr rllO South Rollins Roby R (Eliz) br mgr Star Pawn Shop r304 North Rollins Rosa L student rll5 Highland av Rollins W Lawrence br mgr Globe Department Store r307
Commerce Romeo Jas J (Vincenza) asst chf fire dept City h223 Com
merce Rood Bessie (wid Cleiland M) h706 N Monroe Rooks Alice M nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
r430 3d
Roper S Grady (Laura) agt Bankers Health & Life Ins Co h413 Johnson av
Rose Butler lab r615 Crugers al Rosedale Floral Co Inc E A Allen pres Dan Mayer treas,
Paul Brown v-pres-treas F H Bates sec A T Spies mgr
S Jackson
ROSENBERG BROS (Jacob Rosenberg), Department Store 128 N Washington, Phone Office 330, 1st floor 361, 2d Floor 362, 3d Floor 393
ROSENBERG ISADORE A (Madeline; I A Rosenberg & Co), h402 S Madison, Phone 43-J
ROSENBERG I A & CO (Isadore A and Meyer Rosen berg), Clothing, Men's Furnishings, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Leather Goods, Etc 222-224 Broad, Phone 113 (See page 28)
Rosenberg Jacob (Annie; Rosenberg Bros) h412 Com merce
Rosenberg Jos slsmn Rosenberg Bros r412 Commerce Rosenberg Marcus (Gertrude) gen mdse 141 Broad h427
do Rosenberg Marjorie r412 Commerce
ROSENBERG MEYER (I A Rosenberg & Co), r427 Broad, Phone 410
Rosenberg Moses (Annie) dry gds r427 Broad Ross A Jackson (Virginia) carp h514 Mercer Ross Bula emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Ross Fannie tchr r514 Mercer Ross Harold carp r429 Flint Ross Jewel (Sadie) lab h425 Odon (Ragsdale)




Ross Lula dom h426 Cedar Ross Maxie lndrs hl35 Flint Ross Mildred E dancing tchr 511 Flint r do Ross Mingo (Alberta) lab h216 7th Ross Minnie nurse r511 Mercer Ross Randall (Beulah) lab h214 South
Ross Thos E (Bessie) slsmn R L Jones Co h511 Flint
Rothwell Neville planter r420 Pine Rothwell Wm E (Bettie) planter r420 Pine

Rountree Boisy porter Bush & Jarrard r604 N Madison Rountree Hennie dom hll6 2d al Rountree Janie maid rll6 2d al Rountree Victoria dom rll6 2d al

Rouse Lannis H bkpr Ga Natl Bk of Albany r423 Pine Rouse Leon A (Minnie) h423 Pine
Rouse Minnie A Mrs elk Ga Sw & G R R r423 Pine

Roussos Harry Albany Hat Cleaning Co r Y M C A Rowan Melvin (Louise) lab h429 Flint al
Rowe Annie M maid hl21 Commerce Rowe Lizzie mill hd h rear 112 3d Rowe Wesley barber Ben Warren r221 E Broad Rowe Wesley barber Ben Warren r221 E Broad


ne 120


226-228 Broad St.

Rowell Anna R h306 6th

Rowls Dave (Addie L) lab h836 Broad

Rowls Eddie dishwasher r410 S Washington

Rowsey Apartments 309 Pine

Rowsey Frank r311 Pine


Rowsey Wm E (Bennie) cond h311 Pine

Royal Arney (Mattie) live stock hl27 Oak

ROYAL CAFE (S G Baniacas), Most Popular Place to Eat Meals, Sea Food a Specialty 204 Pine, Phone 315
Royal Geo student rl27 Oak Royal Ice Cream Parlor (L P Christo, A P Christo) 250

ROYAL INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine

Royal Jas farmer rl27 Oak
Rozier Barney L (Capie) trav h500y2 N Jackson Rozier Sue sten rl09 S Jefferson
Rubin Rae elk Albany Clothing Co r609 Commerce Rubin Simon W (Rose; Albany Clothing Co) h609 Com
merce f

Rucker Clifford C collr Yorke & Co r European Hotel Rucker Eva maid h527 Residence

More^goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Rucker Henry W (Fannie; Rucker's Bakery) hll8 S


Rucker Wm baker Rucker's Bakery rll8 S Jackson

Rucker W C collr r European Hotel

RUCKER'S BAKERY, Henry W Rucker Prop, Wholesale

and Retail, 116-118 S Jackson, Phone 874

Reese Major lab Thad Huckabee Auto Co

Rush Hattie cook r302 S Jackson

Rush Lena cook r603 Grady

Rush Ruby h210 S Washington

Rush Wm h515 S Front

Rushton Herbert N bldg contr h311 N Monroe

Russell Andrew firemn rl09 Flint

Russell Emma r620 Highland av


Russell Jesse (Maria) mill hd h808 S Jefferson

Russell Ocie maid hRFDB

Rust Evie H (wid Jewell C) h308 N Jefferson

Rutherford Anna dom h315 South al

Rutherford Frank (Fannie) lab hll3 Grady

Rutherford Frank baker Wizard Bakery r732 Broad

Rutherford Helen r732 Broad

Rutherford Kitty h732 Broad

Rutherford Millie cook h517 South Rutland Thos C (Daisy) elk Central of Ga frt depot h518


Ryals Mary mill hd r643 Pine al

Sadler Chas E (Mary E; Sadler & Bass) h400 Broad

Sadler Wm T mgr Albany Drug Co r334 Broad

SADLER & BASS (C E Sadler, E E Bass), Georgia's Fin est Barber Shop, 113 IV Washington, Phones 674-

9125 St Claire Robt mgr Underwood Typewriter Co rl6, 310

Pine St John Episcopal Church Rev Q E Primo rector 501 Mad

ison ST NICHOLAS HOTEL (G R Gardner), Hot and Cold
Water and Bell Telephone in Every Room, 304 N

Washington, Phones 980, 981, Long Distance 9104

St Paul's Episcopal Church Rev J M Walker rector 220 N



Pastor, 315 Residence, Phone 211

Salter Jos H wtchmn Gen Lmbr Co rill 2d

Salter Lester G (Bamona L) wtchmn rill 2d

Salter Lillian (wid D E) rill 2d Salvation Army Hall A F Bartlett officer in charge 411 N


Sample Shoe Store (Isadore and Harry Prisant) 219


Sampson Abbie dom h517 Planters

Sampson Fannie gro 415 Grady h do


V. R. BUSH & CO.
Complete Line of Alfocorn Guaranteed Feeds in Dollar Mark Bags--CHICKEN, HORSE and MULE, DAIRY



Sampson Jos (Willie M) h309 7th Sampson Myra L student r420 Mercer Sampson R Lee r420 Mercer Samuels Susie dom h406 North al Sanburn Chas 0 (John) hl207 N Madison Sanders see also Saunders Sanders Annie r607 S Monroe Sanders Cynthia r407 South al
Sanders Eddie sten Electric Service Co r202 Commerce Sanders Emmett (Della) slsmn Albany Coca-Cola Bottling
Co h212 5th
Sanders Ermine M sten Tennessee Chemical Co r202 Com merce

Sanders Geo Rev h607 S Monroe
Sanders Henry (Maggie) lab h309 Highland av Sanders Homer B (Annie P) flagmn h501 Commerce Sanders Lula M cook r607 S Jefferson Sanders Lydia elk Prisant Bros r212 5th Sanders Omar div mgr Tennessee Chemical Co r Jefferson Sanders Robt (Carrie) lab r309 Highland av Sanders Wesley carp r317 Flint al
Sanders Wm (Janie) drymn h607 S Jefferson Sanders Wm Q (Alice W) bkpr Albany Cdy Co r421 Pine Sandwich Nevada (wid Walter D) h414 N Jackson Sanford Ceola mill hd r803 N Madison Sanford Edw (Stella) taxi driver h end E Broad Sanford Ellen r Charles Jones Sanford Emma Indrs h616 Broad Sanford Pinky Indrs r619 Broad al Sanford Warner lab r620 Flint al
Sanitary Market & Grocery (W B Spillers, W W Green) 237 Broad
Sapp Chas janitor P O h609 Planters
Sapp Clarence C v-pres-treas Southern Specialty Co r510 Commerce
Sapp Ernest trucker C of Ga Sapp Forrest D (Annie J) carp h312 2d Sapp Hardware Co (James E Sapp) 142-144 Broad Sapp Jas E (Claudia W; Sap Hardware Co) h517 Broad Sapp Jos P h510 Commerce Sapp Luray cook r422 (418) S Washington Sapp Mildred elk Southern Specialty Co r510 Commerce Sasser Jesse D collr Haley Motor Co
Satoures Andrew confr 128 N Jackson hl27V2 Broad Satterwhite Wm F (Julia B) blksmith 118 N Front h507
S Madison

Sauls Jack D (Bessie) swtchmn h607 N Washington Sauls Jack D jr electn r607 N Washington
Saunders see also Sanders Saunders Richd B r522 Pine Saunders Walker r302 7th






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Saunders Walter A acid mkr Tenn Chem Co h418 Resi
Savage Edw (Mary L) lab r204 7th Savage Frank R baker Rucker's Bakery rll6 S Jackson Sawyer Amy lndrs h603 Crugers al Sawyer Anna cook r617 North Sawyer Jas basketmkr h626 Standard Oil al Sawyer Pearl tchr Ga Normal & Agrl Sch Sawyer Thos (Mariah) lab h223 6th
Saxon Albert student r New Albany Hotel Saxon Burney G nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp r
430 3d
Saxon Mary hsekpr New Albany Hotel r do Saye Garnett W (Ella) slsmn Southern Realty Co h40S
Highland av
Saye Lillie asst R L Grace r408 Highland av Saye Mattie E slsldy Rosenberg Bros r410 Pine Saye Newton T (Norrin) credit mgr Virginia-Carolina
Chem Co h414 Society
Saye Stewart D electn 242% Broad r Y M C A Saye Susie L sten Southern Realty Co r408 Highland av
Scarbrough Sami E trav r514 Pine Scarbrough Louis R (Willie) eng hl013 (1009) N Wash
ington Scarbrough Rosa L cook r620 S Monroe Scarbrough Thos (Lela) eng rl013 (1009) N Washington
Schine see also Shine Schine Nathan B (Celia; Globe Department Store; The
Undersellers) h301 S Madison
Schroder Wm H mgr Albany Oil Co Schwab Co The John M Bolton mgr clothing 227 Broad

Scott Addie maid r815 Pine Scott Anderson lab r216 S Washington Scott Archie M bkpr r307 Commerce Scott Carrie lndrs hl07 Fleishers al Scott Daniel M auto mech r517 Society Scott Eug (Lucile) lab r619 Society Scott Eva h503 Mercer Scott Evaline lndrs h311 Highland av Scott Fannie r618 Commerce Scott Geo (Willie B) r411 South Scott Geo ins agt r410 Planters Scott Henry (Hattie) lab h213 S Davis Scott Louvenia lndrs r503 Mercer Scott L Edgar cond r213 Residence Scott Malachi (Essie M) h503 S Jackson
Scott Mary lndrs h rear 110 Compress al Scott Mary lndrs r307 S Washington Scott Mollie lndrs h618 Society Scott Nellie lndrs r211 Residence al




Scott Robt E (Ruth) meals 107 S Jackson h804 Highland av
Scott Rosa emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Scott Rufus A (Mary) elk P O h512 Tift Scott Sallie (wid Archie M) r307 Commerce Scott Susie lndrs h307 S Washington Scott Tempie lndrs h433 Flint al Scott Thos (Charlotte) lab h601 Society Scott Wm (Luella) r605 Newton rd Scoville Wm C sec-treas Ga Agrl Credit Corp rl302 N
Scroggin Ora maid h Cutliff addn Scroggins Adam (Mary; Standard Pressing Club) h511 N
Scroggins Burrel (Rosa) h523 7th
Scroggins Ella B lndrs rll05 N Washington Scroggins Henry rll05 N Washington Scroggins Macie lndrs r523 7th
Scroggins Thos (Florence) lab r214 Lewis al
Scrutchin Sami E (Nannie C) jwlr repr 113 Court av h 210 Residence
Seaboard Air Line Railway (at crossing) G Sw & G R R agts 221 Flint
Seaboard Air Line Railway Co R E Davis tkt agt Albany Pass Terminal Sta
Seabrooks Angeline lndrs h634 Crugers av -Sealey Helen P slsldy R L Jones Co--rtf'PB ^Pfhe ^ `yK't Seamore Susan lndrs h309 Water Searles Thos (Dicena) hlpr h600 North Seaver Carrie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Seay Eug porter r Sandy Bottom
Seigler Percy A (Lucille) lino opr Albany Herald h416 3d Seiter Clifford T trav Tomlin & Sponcler r310 Pine Sellers Hebbie cashr The Albany Peanut Co rl09 S Jef
Sellers Lewis L (Georgia) auto mech r701 Pine Sellevert Frances cook r416 Mercer Service Grocery Co (W D Pinkston, C L Wagner) 106 N

Sewell Alex barber Sadler & Bass r209 Commerce Sfenas Mike waiter Metropolitan Cafe r202 S Washing

Sfinas Andrew (Plaza Cafe) rll9y2 N Washington
Shackelford-Brown Co C M Shackelford pres David Brown v-pres E W Urbanneck sec-treas watermellons etc 102 Pine .

Shackelford Chas M (Mary) pres Shackelford-Brown Co and prop Albany Candy Co h613 N Jackson
Shackelford Hugh W student r613 N Jackson Shackleford Eliz nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp r
430 3d

Automobile owners are select prospects for

many kinds of merchandise. Send to Headquar

ters for ail kinds of Automobile Lists. Our new

Catalog contains much valuable data. Ask for




(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Sharman Varner ice cream mkr Marshall Ice Cream Co Shaver Alex lab rl35 Old Blue Springs rd Shaw Jas (Janie) lab h319 South Shaw Lotrick (Ida) carp h315 Hobson Shaw Mark M (Mamie) v-pres Georgia Cotton Co h307
Society Shaw Miranda r511 Adon (Ragsdale) Shaw Ruth student r319 South Sheeley Lord (Marie) mill hd rll4 N Davis Sheely Emma cook r710 Tift Sheets Walter (Anna) mus dir Gortatowsky Bros h312
Sheffield Alma sten Ga Mill Supply Co r425 Pine Sheffield Chas (Mary) lab h626 Crugers av Sheffield Lula h429 Flint Sheffield Robt (Hattie M) lab h634 Crugers al Sheffield Roland elk Piggly Wiggly No 1 r Dawson rd Sheffield Snowden J (Emelyn) mgr Industrial Life &
Health Ins Co h219 Residence
Sheffield Theresa E tchr r429 Flint Sheldon Wm (Mary L) lab h611 Flint Shelley Pauline tchr r506 N Jefferson Shelman Buster trucker Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co Shelman Henry (Laura) lab h603 Cruger av Shelman John (Ophelia) lab h604 Crugers av Shelton Caleb rl26 Compress al Shemwell Dermot pres Foy & Shemwell res Dawson rd
SHEMWELL DERMOT CO (Dermot Shemwell, H H Hed rick, J W Parker), City and Farm Lands 223*4 Broad, Phone 1074
Shepherd Albert (Shepherd Garage) rear 514 S Jefferson
Shepherd Jane lndrs h317 Planters Shepherd Wiley (Louvenia) lab r205 South
Sheppard Bonzie r313 Tift Sheppard Effie r313 Tift Sheppard Ella (wid G L) h205 4th Sheppard Ida cook h612 Standard Oil al Sheppard Mabel elk Western Union Telegraph Co r205 4th Sheppard Mack A (Ruby) elk Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co
r205 4th
Shepperd W L police city r Old Blue Springs rd Sheridan Jos (Minnie) lab h527 South Sherman John lab r902 S Jefferson Sherman Lucinda dom h902 S Jefferson Sherman Mary cook r205 S Front Sherman Mercer student r310 Tift Sherman Robt student r902 S Jefferson Sherman Warner ice cream mkr r230 Flint Sherwood Chas R (Alma C) frt agt Ga Sw & G R R h311
Residence Shields John O (Myrtle) trav h323 North




PHONES 28-1038



Shiloh Baptist Church Rev G W Irvin pastor 525 South Shine see also Schine Shine Eunice M student r629 Pine Shine Henry W (Maude K) asst san dept City of Albany
h629 Pine Shipp R Perry flagmn r409 N Jackson Shirley Jas W (Jessie) mgr h211 Society Shirley Jos (Eliz) r211 Society Shirley Wm student r211 Society
Shiver Columbus C (Lorene) slsmn Chero-Cola Bottling Co h216 Commerce
Shiver Effie L slsldy Churchwells r218 Commerce Shiver Eug (Ethel) slsmn Nugrape Bottling Co h218 Com

Shiver Iverson L barber New Albany Barber Shop r216 Commerce
Shook Carrie tchr h323 Flint Shorter Alex lab h503 Water Shorter John lab r623 Flint Shortie Susan h702 Commerce Shulman Sami (Esther) slsmn h210 S Monroe Shuman Sarah maid B B Manning r705 N Madison Silica Brick Co F A Clarry mgr 412 Davis Exchange Bank

Silver Moon Cafe (George Katsikes, Louis Brown) 247 Broad
Silverman David r310 Pine Simmons Edw (Annie) lab r609 Newton rd Simmons Edw (Ollie M) lab h606 Residence Simmons Elvada lndrs h208 S Washington Simmons Ethel M maid Bell-McAfee Jewelry Co r208 S

Simmons Frances rll9 Fleishers al Simmons Ira student rll4 First Simmons Mack P (Virda) car inspr hll4 First Simmons Minnie Mrs gro Cutliff addn h do
Simmons Munford (Pearl) auto pntr A W Stone rill High land av

Simmons Libbie lndrs r201 Old Blue Springs rd Simmons Wm M (Mary) waiter St Nicholas Hotel r429
Simon Annie M student r718 Tift Simon Apartments 909 N Jefferson Simon Benj W (Gertrude) v-pres Albany Paper Co h524
Simon Eugenia lndrs r523 Society Simon Eugenia student r718 Tift Simon Gertrude sten Albany Paper Co r524 Commerce Simon Major pntr h523 Society Simon Robt (Annie) pntr hr718 Tift






112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 678

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Simon Saul K (Rosalie B) pecans and insurance 132 Pine h517 Highland av
Simons Rosa emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Simpson Albert C (Alma) slsmn h523 North Simpson Carrie dom h411 North al Simpson Eady r307 Eureka al Simpson Flora B maid O D Mackley r406 Mercer Simpson John A (Daisy) barber New Albany Barber Shop
h205 Commerce Simpson Jos carmn Swift & Co r 7th Simpson Otis E carp r310 Commerce
Simpson Thos J Rev (Stella) pastor Mt Hebron Baptist Ch h406 Mercer
Simpson Velma student r406 Mercer Simpson Vera elk Guaranty Life Ins Co r406 Mercer Sims Jas L (Mary) carp r225 North
Sims Oscar (Annie M) lab h210 Old Blue Spgs rd Sims Pearl M rl21 Fleishers al Simson Lee emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Sinclair Flossie Mrs sten Albany Warehouse Co r202 Com
Sinclair Wm A (Flossie) elk h202 Commerce Singer Sewing Machine Co R L Godbee mgr 238 Broad
Singleton Clara V r506 S Madison Singleton Douglas (Laura) carp hll7 Commerce Singleton Eldridge A (Ruby) ice cream mkr Purity Ice
Cream Co r315 S Madison

Singleton Eliz lndrs h407 Mercer Singleton Josephine lndrs h217 Highland av Singleton Maggie lndrs r613 Newton rd

SINGLETON WM C (Eugenia), Dist Mgr National Cas ualty Co, h807 Commerce, Phone 1083
Singleton Eugenia Mrs boarding 307 Commerce r do Sinton Griffith J (Emma) carrier P O h505 South Sinton Huston (Laney P) plstr r207 S Front
Sinton Hugh r505 South Sinton Martha student r505 South Sirmans Hazel slsldy S H Kress & Co r236 Flint Sirmans Patk H (Johnnie) prop City Barber Shop r217
5th Sirmans Robt E (Carrie) ins agt h212 N Broadway Sistrunk John W formn rll7 2d Skelton M H slsmn Purity Ice Cream Co Skondanus Andrew (Crystal Hotel & Cafe) r Blue Springs
rd Skondanus Paul (Aglaia) elk Crystal Hotel & Cafe r Blue
Springs rd Skrine Raymond cook Royal Cafe Slappey Alton student rl03 N Madison Slappey Dolores L student r406 Pine Slappey D Arth (Mary E) farmer h!03 N Madison

Classified (Business Lists



Slappey Emmette W (Rebecca) elk h406 Pine Slappey Thos G (Georgia) slsmn M W Tift Gro Co r420
Highland av
Slappey Vivian E (Mattie) gro and meats 228 (226) South h211 S Monroe
Slappy Mark F (wid Henry J) r509 N Jackson Slater Annie M lab American Peanut Products Co r500
Slaughter Gainno (Katherina) carp rl05 Highland av Slaughter Josie slsldy F W Woolworth Co Slaughter Viola rl05 Highland av Silman Alex r222 Commerce Sliman Kelley mgr Thomas Sliman r222 Commerce Sliman Thos (Nora) dry gds 229 Broad h222 Commerce Slinker Jesse (Clara) h801 S Jackson Small Danl (Lettishaus) lab h622 Residence Small Edw (Eugenia) brkmn h523 Mercer Small Geo clo prsr Suitorium r South Small King (Jennie) lab h707 Tift Small Roosevelt porter J B Barbre r707 Tift Smart Danl lab Consolidated Motor Co Smirnoff Julius bkpr S K Simon r Y M C A
Smith Abbie sten Georgia Paper Shell Pecan Co r514 N Jackson
Smith Asa D mech h Palmyra rd Smith Augustus J (Julia) gro 1101 N Washington h421
Smith Benj F (Annie) gunsmith repr 127 Court av h213 S Jefferson*
Smith Blanche phone opr Gordon Co r do Smith Bros Service Station (Carl and Frank) sw cor Flint
and Jefferson
Smith Callie r Major Curry Smith Chas (Osceola) shoe repr hl06 N Davis Smith Chas C (Mary) installment office h528 Flint Smith Chas D (Josie) bldg contr h431 Pine
Smith Chas D jr mech Consolidated Motor Co r431 Pine Smith Chas E (Rosa E) mgr National Life & Accident Ins
Co hll2 S Jefferson

Smith Clayton asst mgr F W Woolworth Co r432 Flint Smith C Augusta r516 Flint Smith C Eug (Rose) mgr hll2 S Jefferson Smith David pecan wkr r310 S Jackson Smith Dennis (Mary) lab h S Jefferson Smith Dona lndrs h220 North al Smith Edw shoe repr 310 S Jackson r Eureka al Smith Edw L (Clemmie) mach opr r211 2d Smith Edwin H treas Southern Engineering Corp r213 S
Smith Eliza asst W J Reese r224 State Smith Eliz lndrs h719 (619) S Jefferson



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Smith Elvira h203 Browns av Smith Felicia sten Ticknor Realty Co r514 N Jackson Smith Felicia A (wid Robt M) h514 N Jackson Smith Francis W (Irene) mgr Davis Exchange Bank bldg
r311 Society Smith Frank r907 N Jefferson Smith Frank hlpr Marshall Ice Cream Co Smith Frank (Willie B) swtchmn hll5 Commerce Smith Franklin L r908 N Jefferson Smith Hack (Raiford) auto mech r400 Broad Smith Hattie car clnr h303 N Front
Smith Helen F sten Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co r528 Flint
Smith Henrietta lndrs h413 South Smith Henry elk U-Save-It Store r417 North Smith Henry driver St Nicholas Hotel Smith Henry F sergt USA Recruiting Station r331 Broad Smith I (Mollie) lab h208 Boze av
Smith Jack J elk Hofmayer D G Co r408 N Jackson Smith Jas (Ella) hlpr Marshall Ice Cream Co r640 1st Smith Jas (Ozie B) lab h511 S Jefferson Smith Jas (Lizzie B) lab hll5 2d al Smith Jas M (Anna) gro 606 S Monroe h608 do Smith Jeffie M (wid Jas J) h408 N Jackson Smith Jesse (Evelyn) chauf r219 Highland av Smith Jessie O asst O D Mackley r417 North Smith John (Rose) lab h414 Cotton Smith John (Frances) lab h424 Water Smith John H (Minnie) lab hl05 Fleishers al Smith John T (Blanche) elk Hotel Gordon Co r do Smith Johnnie lab r303 N Front Smith Jos M r431 Pine Smith Jos R Rev r313 Residence Smith Juliette lndrs r430 Cherry Smith J Fred formn City Garage & Shops r629 Pine Smith J M dept U S Collector res Columbus Ga Smith J Summer (Nora) elk American Railway Express
Co h501 N Jackson Smith Lester C supt Tenn Chemical Co plant h908 N Jef
Smith Lester S mgr The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co r 310 Pine
Smith Lindsay (Lubertha) waiter h428 Cherry Smith Lois sten W A Stokes r411 North Smith Lottie B emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Smith Louis mill hd r214 N Davis Smith Louvenia r214 S Washington Smith Lucinda lndrs r830 Broad Smith Lula cook hll9 Fleishers al Smith Lula lndrs h605 Crugers al Smith Mamie dom h413 Pine al







Smith Marie elk Andrew Satoures r211 2d Smith Marie lndrs rl30 Fleishers al Smith Mary cook r516 S Jefferson Smith Mary lndrs h309 S Jefferson Smith Mary maid r618 Crugers Smith Mary W (wid Hon Wm E) h516 Flint Smith Mody lab h734 Broad Smith Mollie lndrs h318 Planters Smith Myrtle opr Sou Bell T & T Co h342 Broad Smith Nellie cook h641 Highland av Smith Nemiah (Annie B) lab h410 Cotton Smith Nunally T pres Southern Specialty Co r241 Pine Smith Ola lndrs hl04 Commerce Smith Olie M (wid Henry C) r417 North Smith Pearl cook h635 (623) Flint Smith Richd S (Eugenia) bldg contr h419 Pine Smith Rosa smstrs h310A S Jefferson Smith Roosevelt porter r303 N Front Smith Ruth h422 Corn Smith Samantha cook h 1 rear 140 Compress al Smith Sami lab r618 Crugers al Smith Sami lab r220 N Davis Smith Sheldon (Eliza) pntr r224 Highland av Smith Silas (Dolly) taxi driver h508 South Smith Stafford slsmn Dixie Army Store r319^2 N Wash
Smith Susie mill hd r411 S Jackson Smith Tiny emp J H Macklin Peanut Co h214 N Davis Smith Toy R (Gertrude) flagmn h315 N Monroe Smith T H firemn Thad Huckabee Auto Co Smith Wm (Charlotte) lab h608 Grady Smith Wm C (Gertrude) flagmn h513 2d Smith Wm H (Eva M) meat ctr Piggly Wiggly No 1 h426
Johnson av
Smith W Carl (Cleo H) sec-treas Thad Huckabee Auto Co
h907 N Jefferson
Smother Geo baker Rucker's Bakery r314 Mercer Sneed Jas (Carrie) carp r610 S Washington Sneed Rebecca dom h610 S Washington Snider Barney L (Mary) lumber h202 5th Snider Lorena sten Union Plumbing Co r208 5th Snider Oscar N (Beulah) solicitor Albany Laundry Co h
208 5th
Snipe Paul lab h625 Standard Oil al Snipes Frances emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Snipes Frank (Frances) lab h603 Tift Snipes Henry (Lucille) lab h310 Mercer al Snipes Tommie L emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Snow Roop (Mary E) gro 251 Broad h909 Rawson cir Solomon Dorothy cook r320 Highland av Solomon Geo (Mattie) lab h217 Residence al




|r Classified Business Lists |l||


1 --- m the-





(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Solomon Victoria lndrs r421 Corn Solomon Victoria maid h310C S Jefferson Solomon Wm (Lena) lab h617 Society South Georgia Public Service Co F H Barclay pres L L
Ferree genl mgr Hydro Electric power 221 Broa Southeastern Compress and Warehouse Co C J Whitehead
supt e end 3d
Southerland John E (Ola M) cond h301 N Jefferson
SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE CO, P J Nix Mgr, 124 N Jackson, Phones 9000 and 9010
Southern Bell Telephone & Tel Co Warehouse 139 E Broad Southern Engineering Corporation Emmett Killebrew
pres Edwin H Smith treas James T Murphy sec 206% Broad
Southern Machine Works W A Erwin mgr Leesburg rd Southern Realty Co W W Pace jr mgr 302 N Washington

SOUTHERN SPECIALTY CO, N T Smith Pres, Clarence C Sapp V-Pres-Treas, House Furnishers, 104-106 Pine, Phone 2062
Southwell Otis L (Jennie) formn h521 2d Spady U S instr Ga Normal & Agrl School Sparks Geo W elk Service Grocery Co r608 N Jefferson Sparks Ruth (wid Jos) cashr Hotel Gordon Co r309 N
Sparling John N (Jessie R) sec Palmyra Co h915 N Mon roe
Spears Carolina cook h207 5th Spears Mittie gro 1301 N Washington h207 5th Speller Thos (Mabel) genl mgr h901 N Washington Spence Annie R (wid Wm N) h425 Society Spence Dorothy ttclir r425 Society Spence Grant (Pearl) porter h216 South Spence Henry T (McArthur-Spence Co) r425 Society Spence Hiram W U S N i420 Broad
Spence Robt E L real est and loans 230% Pine r Dawson rd

SPENCE ROBERT E L JR (Rebecca J), Attorney-at-Law 230% Pine, r409 N Jackson, Phone 112
Spence Sebe R (Winnie) elk Progress Market h713 Pine Spence Susie r425 Society Spence Toy r425 Society
Spence Wm C (Louise C) bkpr Steele Furniture & Hard ware Co h420 Broad
Spies Augustine E (Minda) mgr Rosedale Floral Co h S Jackson
Spikes Emma lndrs h214 6th Spillers Ashford r443 Johnson av Spillers Margt student r508 2d
Spillers Wm B (Frances; Sanitary Market & Grocery) h 508 2d
Spring Georgia Mrs slsldy Churchwells r218 Commerce




Spring Vera candy wrapper Bob's Candy Co res Route C Spruell Jacob (Mildred) r627 Highland av Spruel Welch (Carrie) gro 615 First h do Spurling Alf (Lillie B) lab h River rd Spurling E J cook Metropolitan Cafe Spurling L r Henry Fleming Spurlock Eliz slsldy Kress r416 Johnson av Spurlock John (Laura) h907 S Jefferson Spurlock Lillian slsldy S H Kress & Co Spurlock Lizzie cook C W Johnson r901 S Jefferson Spurlock Martha E (wid T J) h416 Johnson av Stalling Edw (Letitia J) coml agt Ga Sw & G R R h421 2d Stallings Edw J (Dixie) bkpr h503 N Jefferson Stallings Letitia I student r421 2d
STANDARD EQUIPMENT CO, J C Edmondson Pres and Genl Mgr, B C Thigpen Sec-Treas, Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Supplies, Wholesale and Retail 232 Broad, Phone 206
Agency Agts, 145 Pine
Standard Oil Co Inc F B Holley mgr 612 North, 223 E Broad and 201 N Washington
Standard Pressing Club (J C Crowley, Adam Scroggins)
121 Court av Standard Stove Co W R Deatom mgr 238 Broad Stanford Carrie r Schley Stanford Mattie r Schley Stanford Mattie cook rl09 Commerce Stanford Wm (Estelle) carp h Schley Stanley Jas (Lizzie) lab h304 Mercer Stansell Jas A r405 Johnson av Stansell John (Ozie) bldg contr h405 Johnson av Stansell Margt h405 Johnson av Stanton Bessie sten Ga Peanut Growers Cooperative Assn
r903 N Monroe Stanton Jas C (Kate; Georgia Feed Co) h301 N Monroe Stapleton A E mech Haley Motor Co Star Pawn Shop R R Rollins br mkr 135 Broad Stark Jos (Nancy) truck driver h621 South
Starks Carrie r412 Corn Starks Ernest (Delia) lab h River rd Starks Ira (Eliza) lab h635 Tift Starks Israel (Rachael) h302 S Jefferson Starks Mat lab r407 North al Starks Matilda r412 Corn Starling Arpha r Otho Starling Starling Dyruff welder Sou Mach Wks r Otho Starling
Starling Edith r Otho Starling Starling Otho (Ida) welder h end Monroe Statham Alice W slsldy Rosenberg Bros r414 N Jackson Statum Julia r514 S Washington

Classified Business Lists


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Statum Susie elk Ky Reese r310 S Jefferson Steadman Louise Mrs sten rl09 N Jefferson
STEELE FURNITURE & HARDWARE CO, I B Callaway Pres-Treas, Wholesale and Retail Furniture, Hard ware, Stoves, Sporting Goods, Electrical Goods, Grates, 118-120 N Washington, Phone 174
Stembridge B Frank (Onie) slsmn Thad Huckabee Auto Co h612 N Jefferson
Stephens see also Stevens Stephens Annie L maid r505 Eureka al Stephens Brown (Mary E) mill hd h305 S Jefferson Stephens Henry gard h604 Tift Stephens Isaac lab h Dewey Stephens Jas (Ella) h406 S Washington Stephens Julia B (wid John W) r524 Broad Stephens Lula lndrs h505 Eureka al Stephens Margt r605 Highland av Stephens Petro gro 231 Broad r605 Highland av Stephens Rosa dom h605 Highland av
Stephens Wm (Fannie) letter carrier h223 Commerce Stephens W Eug (Pauline T) bkpr h601 Pine Stephenson Erwin (Emma) drymn hl09 Highland av Stephenson John (Anna) lab r705 E Broad Stephenson Thos (Elsie) lab h302 Water
Stern G M buyer Hofmayer D G Co r St Nicholas Hotel Sterne Delora Mrs r524 3d Sterne Dorothea R tchr r504 Pine
Sterne Lee M (Carolyn G) sec-treas Georgia Commission Co hill N Monroe
Sterne Settie music tchr 606 Pine h do Sterne Lionel N (Robinson Drug Co) sec-treas Flint Drug
Co r504 Pine Sterne Sidney C (Robinson Drug Co) pres Georgia Com
mission Co r504 Pine Sterne Sigmund ins Flint al 2 w N Washington h504 Pine Stevens see also Stephens Stevens Chas (Lou) lab h306 Mercer Stevens Nancy cook h.510 N Madison Stevenson Emma lndrs r620 Residence Stevenson Geo T (Louella; G W Stevenson Son & Co)
h512 Commerce

Stevenson G W Son & Co (G T Stevenson, A C Oliver) auto painting 120 Broad
Stevenson Mary G opr Sou Bell T & T Co r512 Commerce Stevenson Rachel r414 N Madison Stevenson Rosa r414 N Madison Stewart Chas (Ida) electn h206 7th Stewart Effie cook Claude Mosley h505 S Jackson Stewart Jas M (Emma) eng h206 3d Stewart Jennie (wid Fred) h214 Society Stewart Jessie (Arie) mill hd r209 Highland av

Albany Exchange National Bank
"----_"--------"""~--"-- P. J. BROWN. President
Capital and Surplus, $300,000.00 h k/Tlivton' Vice'presVdcnt
_-_H. E. DAVIS. V.-Pres.-Cashier



Stewart Laura h4171/4 Planters Stewart Mollie lndrs rll2 Highland av Stiles Cleo D (Clara) coal 429 E Broad asst mgr Planters
Oil Co h603 N Jefferson Stiles Cleo D jr student r603 N Jefferson Stiles Sim lab rll9 2d al Stiles Wm (Isabelle) mill hd r601 S Jefferson Stillmon Ulysses (Sylvia) drymn h900 S Jefferson Stilmon Rosa L student r613 First Stilmon Saul (Vinie) lab h613 First Stilmon Saul jr lab r613 First Stoker Geo r615 S Monroe Stokes Aaron (Pearl) blpr Walter Adams h615 S Monroe Stokes Carrie r510 N Madison Stokes Carrie hllO South al Stokes Geo (Corine) plstr h729 Pine Stokes Jeff lab r729 Pine Stokes John (Lula) lab h323 South Stokes Lee lab r729 Pine Stokes Robt (Eliz) h318 Water
STOKES WM A (Bunch Graham), Lumber, Paints and Oils, Cement, Lime and Brick 101-109 Pine, Phone 164, '425 Pine, Phone 651 (See page 3)
Stokes Wm A (Cleo W) cond h313 N Monroe Stone Arth W (Lena) auto pntr rear 332 N Washington h
317 Commerce
Stoner Danna L sten J O Allen rl25 N Jackson Storey Edw (Annie M) lab r208 Oil Mill rd Storey Jas L flagmn r415 Residence Storey Marie cashr Piggly Wiggly No 1 r305 Commerce Storey Rufus L (Frances) h305 Commerce Storey Rufus N carp r305 Commerce Story John E elk Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co r415 Resi
Stovall Enlis firemn rll5 Flint Strawder Jos A plmbr Eatman Plumbing Co r236 Flint Strawder Oreal (Arlie) plmbr r236 Flint Strecher Mamie r317 S Washington Street Pinkie lndrs h512 1st Strickland Jas A (Lula) lab hl371/2 Broad Strickland Lula foreldy Bob's Candy Co rl37V2 Broad Strickland Mack (Annie L) whol meats h202 3d Strickland Mattie Mrs hl37% Broad Strickland Paul D cashr Hofmayer D G Co r514 Broad Strickland Roy E (Helen) mech Haley Motor Co h208 S
Madison Strickland Troy R firemn r412 N Jackson Strickland Vincient J (Sarah) hl30 S Washington Strickland Wm H (Emmie) agt American Railway Ex
press Co h309i4 Residence Stringer Amos (Verdell) firemn h403 South

McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
O. H. McLiENDON, B. O. S., Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street, Albany, Ga.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Stringer Cluden (Flossie M) bottler r613 Residence Stringer Forystene porter r637 Tift Stringer Harrison hlpr Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co r613
Residence Stringer Marshall (Jennie) lab h637 Tift Stripling Chas R (Theodosia) cond h306 Tift Stripling Robt P (Corinne) acct Swift & Co Fertilizing
Works h509 2d Strober Inez lndrs r523 7th Strong Julia lndrs h626 Highland av Strong Mack lab hl30 Wilson Strong Wm (Belle) lab h426 Mercer al Strother Aquilla cook r rear 703 Tift Strother Jake (Lula) lab h229 Old Blue Springs rd Stuart see Stewart Stubbs Anna lndrs r616 Society Stubbs Cath dom b.710 Broad Stubbs Charlton r309 Planters Stubbs Cornelia cook Old Folks Home r do Stubbs Edw (Lula) carp r309 Mercer Stubbs Lorenza lab r710 Broad Stubbs Mary A bkpr Albany Hdw & Mill Supply Co r424
Stubbs Mildred cook h305 Flint al Stubbs Rosa tchr Ga Normal & Agrl Sch r710 Broad Stubbs Walter clo prsr Albany Tailoring Co r710 Broad
Stuckey Dora smstrs b.423 Corn Sturgis Geo E mill hd Flint River Cotton Mill rl09 9th Sturgis Mary (wid Robt) rl09 9th Suitorium (Mrs Hattie B Cliette) clo clnr and prsr 220
Pine Sullivan Adella lndrs hl06 Fleishers al Summerfield Frank (Hattie) porter Union Grocery Co h
411 S Monroe Summerlin Beulah B Mrs sten Ga Agrl Credit Corp r310
Pine Summerlin Clarence J (Beulah) bkpr Ga Natl Bank of
Albany r310 Pine
Summerlin Jas L bkpr Tennessee Chemical Co r310 Pine Sumner Eliz (wid Wm D) r306 North Sumner Robt O (Josie) slsmn h810 N Washington Sumter Mabel tchr Ga Normal & Agrl Sch Sumter Wm A (Annie) cashr Ga Sw & G R R h318 Broad Sumter Wm D Ga Natl Bank of Albany r318 Broad Supreme Circle Building 121% S Jackson Supreme Circle Hall 410 South
SUPREME CIRCLE OF BENEVOLENCE, Fraternal Order Insurance, Mrs CIO Thompson Sec, Supreme Circle Bldg 121% S Jackson, Phone 998
Supreme Circle Publishing Co J H Watson mgr rear 115 N Jackson




Sutton Apartments 503 N Jefferson
Sutton Harrison E (Mae) supt Marshall Ice Cream Co r 244 E Broad
Sutton John contr r404 Broad Sutton Mae slsldy The Punch Bowl r244 E Broad Sutton Perry P rural carrier Rt A P O h Pecan City Swails John lab h219 North al Swain Chas (Jessie M) lab h506 Grady Swain David (Carter & Swain) rll4 S Front Sweat H D water dept City Water Works r431 Broad Sweat Mack (Cleon) firemn h431 Residence Sweat Warren V (Fleta) engr h702 N Washington Swift & Co Fertilizer Works Paul Reynolds sis mgr 509
Davis Exchange Bank bldg end of N Jackson and N Washington Sweat Warren V Fleta) eng h702 N Washington Sykes Claud O (Minnie) elk A C L Ry r426 Residence Talley Arth trucker M W Tift Grocery Co rl05 Commerce Tallman Henry L pianist Gortatowsky Bros h309 Pine Tanks Pauline Indrs rll7 First al
Tanner Wm B tel opr Postal Telegraph Cable Co r405 N Jackson
Tapper Wesley lab h627 Tift


Phono 120


226-228 Broad St.

Tarpley Collin S (Minnie F; Carter Coal Co) h527 4th Tarpley John E (Carter Coal Co) r527 4th Tarpley Neal (Bessie) lab r604 Tift Tarver Buster (Julia) lab h632 Highland av Tarver Caroline sten r409 Tift Tarver Dora waitress Cook & Bulbos r418 Grady Tarver Dorothy tchr r409 Tift Tarver Eliza r403 South al Tarver Eliza r403 South al
Tarver Ezekiel,(Laura) draymn h637 Commerce Tarver Fort poAer Americus Grocery Co r637 Commerce Tarver Frank (Mary) h709 Newton rd
Tarver Hartwell H real est 232y2 Broad r518 Commerce Tarver Hattie rl20 Wilson Tarver Henry (Dora) auto mech h418 Grady
Tarver Henry A (Fannie) Co Bd of Tax Equilizers h409 Tift
Tarver John porter Son Miller r621 Residence Tarver O Fort (Mildred) sheriff h B, 532 3d
Tarver Roosevelt (Annie L) candy hlpr Bob's Candy Co h406 Mercer al
Tarver Shack lab h628 Broad Tarver Wm lab h305 Holliday

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Tarver Wm porter r638 Crugers av Tarver Wm S r416 Tift Tarver Zeke porter Americus Grocery Co Taylor Alf contr r307 Commerce Taylor Allie I opr Sou Bell T & T Co r709 N Washington Taylor Chas E (Corine) fruit grower r209 Tift Taylor Docia r709 North Washington Taylor Eliz cook h316 Mercer Taylor Ellen rl016 N Washington Taylor Eula lndrs rll2 South Taylor Frank W (Ma^ge) supt Planters Oil Co h521 Broad Taylor Harofd B sec-treas Natl Pecan Growers Exchange
res Putman Ga
Taylor Isaac (Kate) lab h403 N Madison Taylor Jas S (Bessie B) firemn hill 2d Taylor Janie cook h205 North al Taylor Janie lndrs r307 Water Taylor John (Leola) clo prsr 101 Court av h River rd Taylor J Alf (Louise M) pntr h305 Commerce Taylor J Robt (Berta) ydmstr h715 N Jackson Taylor Lesley (Allie) lab h629 Tift Taylor Lizzie cook Arth W Wood r316 Washington ' Taylor Pearl lndrs h528 Tift Taylor Richd switchmn ACL r219 Society Taylor Rosalie maid r516 S Jefferson Teague Walter G (Ruby) mgr Nugrape Bottling Co hll5 S
Teasley Mack C (Berter) h242 E Broad Teasley Texas C dom hl017 (1013) N Washington Tedders W L warehousemn Ga Sw & G R R r431 Broad Tell Walter (Mary) trucker M W Tift Grocery Co h308
(316) Westbrook av
Tells Josephine cook r202 South Tells Louise lndrs r202 South Temple Blanche r411 North Temple Crawford M (Nell) eng h411 North Tennessee Chemical Co Omar Sanders div mgr 404-406
Davis Exchange Bank bldg and Leesburg rd
Terrell Gertrude lndrs r619 Society
Terrell Janie lndrs hll9 2d al Terrell Lee R (Sue) h Rawson cir
Terrell Lilia lndrs hll5 1st al Terrell Ollie (Louise) lab h River rd
Terrell Rena r414 S Monroe Terrell Rena h River rd Terrell Robt (Julia) h313 Westbrook av Terrell Wm C (Amanda; Peoples Grocery Co) r514 S Mad
Terry Eva cook G W Reed r223 6th Terry Jacob C (Carrie) asst supt Bankers Health & Life
Ins Co r Dawson rd

V. R. BUSH & CO.
Field Seed--Oats, Rye, Vetch, Austrian Winter Peas, Cotton Seed, Corn, Velvet Beans and Cow Peas, Grain and Hay



Texas Company Plant A S Brannon agt 1000 N Washing ton
Tharin Louis S (Cora G) bgemstr h214 Tift Thayer Prances flagmn r300 Residence
Thigpen B C sec-treas Standard Equipment Co r419 So ciety

Thomas Alex (Hattie) firemn h603 North Thomas Alice maid Henry Tarver r rear 409 Tift Thomas Annette lndrs r624 Commerce Thomas Annie dom h613 Flint Thomas Annie mill hd h633 Standard Oil al Thomas Bertha S Mrs sub rural carrier P O r Pretoria rd Thomas Bessie lndrs h414 Pine al Thomas Bessie I elk Supreme Circle of Benevolence r414
Thomas Bonnie lndrs r735 Pine Thomas Booker (Eula) gro 614 Newton rd h Pine Thomas Calvin (Pinkie) lab h420 Water Thomas Celia cook r615 Residence Thomas Chas (Rosa) waiter St Nicholas Hotel h627 So
Thomas Charlotte cook h614 Highland av Thomas Charlotte A (Gladys) butler r625 Tift Thomas Claude shoeshiner New Albany Barber Shop r613

THOMAS CLYDE W (Viola; Albany Undertaking Co), Iil25}4 N Jackson, Phone 97
Thomas David (Louise) lab rl09 Commerce Thomas David (Nellie) tester hll2 2d al Thomas Della lndrs h629 Broad Thomas Dillard (Viola) lab r420 Water Thomas Draine (Lucy) hackmn h310 South
Thomas Edw lab r202 5th al Thomas Edw (Abbie) lab h500 Odon (Ragsdale) Thomas Edw (Brunette) lab h601% Tift Thomas Edw (Minnie) lndrs h710 N Madison Thomas Elbert T Rev (Rachel) pastor h525 Residence Thomas Ella lndrs h631 1st Thomas Elzy (Mary) lab h515 South Thomas Emma lndrs r405 South Thomas Emma lndrs r313 S Washington Thomas Ephraim (Acie) wtchmn Marshall Ice Cream Co
r 424 South
Thomas Estella lndrs r709 Tift Thomas Evaline cook h414 Planters Thomas Fannie r407 S Washington Thomas Geo (Lucretia) h318 Highland av Thomas Geo lab h429 Planters Thomas Geo porter R L Jones Co Thomas Gust (Plaza Cafe) rll91/^ N Washington






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Thomas Guy H (Rosalind) dentist James Cheever r308 South
Thomas Hattie maid r525 Residence Thomas Henry (India) r211 Highland av Thomas Inez student rl25!/2 N Jackson Thomas Jack (Lula) janitor h627 Residence Thomas Jacob lab r407 South al Thomas Jas (Annie) carp r319 S Davis Thomas Jas (Docia) lab h312 Water Thomas Jas porter Robinson Drug Co r E Albany Thomas Jessie cook r627 Flint Thomas Jewel rll2 N Davis Thomas Jewell cook r629 Residence Thomas John (Geneva) lab h522 1st al Thomas John (Mary L) r514 Grady Thomas Jordan lab r414 (410) S Washington Thomas Jos lab r513 N Madison Thomas Judge lab hl06 Highland av Thomas Julia lndrs hll6 Broad al
Thomas Lucy M lndrs r416% Water Thomas Lula lndrs h614 Society
Thomas Mamie cook r513 N Madison Thomas Mandy cook r504 Water Thomas Maria lndrs rl24 Fleishers al Thomas Martha cook h618 Broad Thomas Martha dom r619 Flint Thomas Marvin hlpr r324 Planters Thomas Mary lndrs r413 S Jackson Thomas Matthew chauf Dr J M Barnett r212y2 S Jackson Thomas Mattie cook h205 S Davis Thomas Nicie lndrs r613 Residence Thomas Nick (Ophelia) presser Albany Laundry Co h320
Thomas Ocie trucker C of Ga Thomas Olivia lndrs h307 Mercer Thomas Olson lab r424 Corn
Thomas Rachael lndrs h421 South al Thomas Randall (Margt) electn h716 Pine Thomas Rebecca lndrs hl031 S Broad Thomas Richd r205 S Davis Thomas Rosa cook h714 Pine Thomas Roxie mill hd h705 E Broad Thomas Sarah r407 South al Thomas Sol lab r609 S Jackson Thomas Stonewall lab rll6 Broad al Thomas Tomolin B (Eula) gro h331 Broad Thomas Walter lab r309 S Davis Thomas Wm (Lizzie) carp h639 Highland av Thomas Willie maid r609 S Jackson Thomas Willie M dom h304 Wilson Thompson Babe r530 North




Thompson Cornelia I G Mrs sec Supreme Circle of Benev olence h501 South
Thompson Ella Indrs h432 Planters Thompson Plattie r311 Mercer Thompson Jane (wid Jos) hl015 (1011) N Washington Thompson John (Cornelia) carp h501 South Thompson Myrtle sten Ferrell-Wight Co r241 Pine Thompson Romolus M (Ada) mech h809 N Jefferson Thompson R A trav frt agt Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co r
310 Pine
Thompson Sami L (Josie D) mgr Eurdeka Drug Co h600 Planters
Thompson Sami M (Tizzie) collr h506 N Jackson Thompson W J press opr Albany Herald r Y M C A Thompson W Lawson (Belle) blksmith h308 E Broad Thornton Calfrey L (Lillian) slsmn Ferrell-Wight Co r509
N Jackson
Thornton Carey J (Mattie) slsmn Albany Produce Co h 411 2d
Thornton Chas trucker Central of Geirgia Thornton Clarence C elk Ga Peanut Growers Cooperative
Assn r401 Broad
Thornton E Helen sten Swift & Co Fertilizing Wks r414 N Jefferson
Thornton Glenn S (Palace Billiard Parlor) billiards 139 Broad r411 2d
Thornton Lervy (Mamie) lab h630 Standard Oil al Thornton Robt E (Lillie) r414 N Jefferson Thornton Robt E jr elk P O r414 N Jefferson Thornton Thos R trav r204 Commerce Thornton W Alex slsmn Haley Motor Co r204 Commerce Thornton W Pleasant ship elk Inman Gro Co r405 N Jack-
Threatts Emanuel (Essie M) lab h528 Cotton Threlkeld Harry H attndt Smith Bros Service Sta r910 N
Jefferson Threlkeld Howell H (Lydia) gro 510 S Jefferson h910 N
Jefferson Throp Crissie r301 Planters Thrower John (Rosa) lab h528 Society Thweath H H firemn Ga Normal & Agrl Sch Tibbs R C asst supt Tenn Chen Co plant h213 4th Ticknor Ann E r521 Flint
TICKNOR THOMAS M (Lucy D;TM Ticknor Realty Co), h713 N Jefferson, Phone 64

TICKNOR T M REALTY CO (T M Ticknor, T C Branch), 501-2 Davis Exchange Bank Bldg, Phone 172 (See front cover)
Ticknor Wm N (Carrie) bkpr A E Ittner Co r521 Flint Tift Chas W h603 N Jackson Tift Jas M (Julia G) real est h208 N Jefferson


Automobile owners are select prospects lor

many kinds of merchandise. Send to Headquar

ters for all kinds of Automobile Lists. Our new

Catalog contains much valuable data. Ask for




(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Tift Maurice W (Lula; M W Tift Grocery Co) h310 Tift Tift M W Grocery Co (M W Tift) 405-407 Front Tift Nelson (Minnie) farmer r311 Society Tift Nelson F county commissioner h311 Society Tift Park ws 1200 block N Jefferson Tift Richd (Eliz; Hilsman & Tift) h403 Broad Tift Sami (Ona) h319 Society Tift Sami H (Ona) cotton broker 242% Broad h319 So
Tift Vera (wid Asa) h325 N Jackson Tillman David (Cornelia) lab r527 South Tillman Isabella cook r431 Flint al Tillman Mary lndrs rl016 N Washington Timley Chas (Cora) pntr h623 South Timlick Viola lndrs h610 Tift Timmons Annie B (wid Robt) rl217 N Washington Timmons Maude gro 1217 N Washington h do Tinsley Shinnie lndrs r517 1st al Tipton Della sten Hofmayer D G Co r311 Pine Tipton Jennie h800 N Monroe
Tison Belle maid h705 N Madison Tison Benj F (Mary) lmbr dir h512 North Tison Crue L lab r708 Pine Tison Henry (Alice O) prsr D M Harper h705 Isabella rd Tison Jas J (Ethel) sawmill h E Pine Tison Jas L mach h J J Tison Tison John H (Lula) lmbr dir h E Pine Tison Marvin W servicemn W E Hickey Co Inc r J J Tison Tison Robt lab r708 Pine Tobin Jesse (Mary) firemn h.415 S Monroe Toby Jesse (Mary) h501 Mercer Toby Mance (Annie G) lab r206 5th al Todd Judge T (Mattie) plmbr h630 Broad Todd Ruth student r630 Broad Toggery The (S W Kendall) men's furngs 111 N Washing
Tolbert Benj (Belle) h617 Broad al Tolbert Fred L elk r204 Society Tolbert Jos D (Martha) gro h204 Society Tolbert Susie sten South Specialty Co r204 Society Tolbert Wiley (Sarah) draymn h523 Dorsey (Ragsdale) Tolbert W Clifford elk r204 Society Toliver Gale C (Lola) veterinary 200 n Front h817 W
Highland av
Tolson John (Ellen) lab r207 Old Blue Springs rd Tomlin John (Mattie) lab h204 7th Tomlin John E (Alice; Tomlin & Sponeler) h301 N Mon
Tomlin Wm M (Ada) sawyer h902 N Jefferson Tomlin & Sponeler (John E Tomlin) mfrs agts 123 Pine Tomlinson Barney B (Ethel) truck driver h525 North




PHONES 28-1038



Tomlinson C C firemn City Tomlinson Jas M (Susie) naval store opr h313 Tift Tomlinson Lois r313 Tift Tomlinson Mattie L r313 Tift Tomlinson Wm M r313 Tift Tompkins Darien P (wid E F) sten Georgia-Alabama Pow
er Co rl07 S Monroe Tompkins Lucius (Janie) lab rll4 Commerce Tompkins Whitfield bkpr Albany Ex Natl Bank rl07 S
Ton Jos L lndry 108 N Jackson r do Tondee Thos (Mary) porter Ga Mill Supply Co r204 South Toney Hennie dom r734 Pine Toney Washington lab r734 Pine
Toombs Fannie lndrs r225 Old Blue Springs rd Toomer Art (Bessie) lab r202 South Toomer Ella cook St Nicholas Hotel Toomer John (Ella) lab hl07 Commerce Torbert Annie M elk Hilsman Drug Co r216 Flint Torbert Louise r210 Society Torbert Reba nurse r430 Pine Tounsley C Douglas reporter Albany Herald r422 High
land av
Tounsley Lelia (wid S S) nurse r422 Highland av Tourists Hotel Mrs Luta Walters prop 127V2 Broad Tower Ida lndrs r623 Society Towns Mary J (wid Andrew J) h334 Broad Tracy G P lab r422 Pine al Trent Carmen E student r527 Mercer Trent Moses E student r527 Mercer Tresher Grace (wid Val) cashr Sadler & Bass h511 7th Tripp Milton H r236 Flint Trippe Jas R (Nelia) eng City Water Wks h315 North Trippe Mittie (wid Jas B) h431 Broad Tri-State Milling Co (G A McArthur, H T Spence) flour
600 N Washington

Trowell Ulysses lab r311 Planters Trueman Arth W bass violinist Gortatowsky Bros r Syl
vester rd

Truett Betty Mrs rl37V^ Broad Tucker Ella lndrs h421 Corn
Tucker Hettie h412 N Madison Tucker John slsmn Standard Oil Co h216 Commerce Tucker W J carp r310 Commerce Tuggle Acie (Orrie) lab rl02 S Front Tuggle Rudolph D (Carrie) brkmn h524 Mercer Tumlin Ida hl22 F.leishers al
Tunson Anna mach opr r722 Tift Turner Augustus (Jane) drymn hll3 West Turner Bessie lndrs r412 Water Turner David lab r217 S Front



112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 670

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars

186_(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Turner Ella cook h213 Highland av

Turner Emmett (Mary) lab r311 Mercer al

Turner Estil C (Margt) chf opr Gortatowsky Bros h307 N


Turner Florence lndrs r415 Grady

Turner Jacob (Janie) pntr h300 Planters

Turner Jas B minister First Baptist Ch h504 N Jefferson

Turner Julia r414 S Monroe

Turner Lester R (Madge) printer Albany Herald hl05 N


Turner Mary cook r304 Eureka al

Turner Mattie cook r506 Pine al

Turner Moses (Tealie) trucker Ga Sw & G R R h River rd

Turner Ozell (Rosa) porter Albany House Furn Co h408



Turner Sandy D (Mattie) hlpr Walter Adams r506 Stearns Turner Sylvia emp J H Macklin Peanut Co h509 N Davis Turner Thos (Mary) lab h204 South Turner Wm (Annie B) carp h.516 Holloway Turner Wm D (Dora) mech h219 North Turner Willis A r212 Residence
Turnipseed Marvin F (Sarah) officemn Americus Grocery Co h308 Flint

Turpin Benj bellboy Hotel Gordon Co Twiggs Hattie h Isabella al Twiggs Wm (Flora) lab h619 Flint
Twitty Oscar B (Virginia) slsmn Haley Motor Co r323 Flint

Tyler Chas B (Dolly L) bkpr Georgia Commission Co r308 ' 3d

Tyler J Benj (Ethel) mgr Tyler's Still h423 Tift Tyler Leon turpentine stiller r423 Tift Tyler Mary A (wid C B) h308 3d Tyler Mildred student r423 Tift Tyler's Turpentine Still J B Tyler mgr end of Flint Tyner Richd A classer Georgia Cotton Co r241 Pine Tyson Adelaide cook h317 S Davis Tyson Clifton C auto repr L M Floyd r211 Tift Tyson Henry (Eliz) lab h627 1st Tyson Kate M tchr Ga Normal & Agrl School Tyson LeRoy lab r317 S Davis Tyson Rena dishwasher r317 S Davis Tyson Shea lab r317 S Davis Tyson Willie B cook r317 S Davis U-Save-It Store R C Cook mgr 210 Pine Undersellers The (N B Schine, P Feingold) 112 N Wash

Underwood I Meri (Mabel) h907 N Madison Underwood Kath r907 N Madison
Underwood Typewriter Co Robert St Claire mgr 145y2 Pine




UNION AID OF BENEVOLENCE SOCIETY, W J Jenkins Pres, R W Wadkins Treas, Mrs Julia Bell Sec, 121% S Jackson, Phone 26
Union Baptist Church Rev Jordan Merritt pastor Isabella al E Albany
UNION GROCERY CO, R R Cates Mgr, J A Hamil SecTreas, Whol Grocers, A Specialty of Cigars and To bacco, 235 Flint, Phone 378
UNION INSURANCE SOCIETY, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine
Union News Co The E L Glover mgr Albany Passenger Sta Union Plumbing Co (Carl Howard) hl20 Court av
UNITED PECAN CO THE, Dermot Sheinwell Pres, H H Hedrick Y-Pres, J W Parker Sec-Treas, Pecans, 223% Broad, Phone 1074
United States Army Recruiting Station, H F Smith ser geant 141% Pine
UNITED STATES POST OFFICE, Mrs N B Brimberry Postmaster, Broad cor N Jefferson
United States Rubber Co R C Winn mgr 316 N Jackson Urbanneck Edw W (Pauline) sec-treas Brown Guano Co
and Shackeyard-Brown Co h416 Broad
USBORNE E GILBERT (Blanche), Pres Consolidated Mo tor Co, hl06 S Monroe, Phone 1217
Usher John r310 Pine Vaison Annie M lndrs r625 Broad Valentine Alexander tchr Ga Normal & Agrl Sch Vanhousten Carl elk Robinson Drug Co r619 Commerce VanHouten C Elmer (The Magneto Shop) r619 Commerce VanHouten Florence slsldy R L Jones Co r619 Commerce VanHouten Ida (wid Wm) h619 Commerce Vanleise Wm M (Winnifred F) sec-treas The Albany
Peach & Pecan Co h420 Society
VANNUCI VIOLA MRS (Albany Undertaking Co), rl25% N Jackson, Phone 97
Varner John E formn Va-Car Chem Co r411 Flint Varner Wm C (Willie L) elk Va-Car Chem Co h411 Flint Varner Wm C (Louise) sawmill h306 4th Varns Mittie maid r406 S Jackson Vason A Pope (Kath) pres Albany Trust & Banking Co
and Albany Warehouse Co h405 N Monroe Vassar Brinker S cashr r Y M C A Vaughan Chas N (Louise) bkpr r418 Residence Vaughan Martha sten r418 Residence Vaughan Mittie L r418 Residence Vaughan Norman H (Mattie) ins 205 Davis Exchange
Bank bldg h418 Residence Veal John L (Ethel) slsmn Empire Smelting Co r215 2d Ventulett Building 109 y2 N Washington Ventulett Jake (Hazel P) sec-treas Vick's Medicine Co b



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Ventulett Julia P student r533 Pine
Ventulett Thos W (Davie; Ventulett & Bates) and v-pres Albany Loan & Finance Co h533 Pine
Ventulett Thos W jr student r533 Pine

VENTULETT & BATES (T W Ventulett, F H Bates), Gen eral Insurance 148 Broad, Plione 348
Vestal Layton A (Marie) tel opr h206 4th Vickers Isaac (Ida) hlOO Wilson Vickers Oscar trucker C of Ga
Vicks Jerry (Viola) barber Thomas Wakefield r412 Pat terson la
Vicks Medicine Co (Inc) W P Vicks pres Jake Ventulett sec-treas 310 N Washington
Vicks Wm P (Effie) pres Vicks Medicine Co h407 Com merce
Vills J H steward New Albany Hotel r do Vincent Jane r206 Marshall
Vincent Virgil (Mary L) pharm Eureka Drug Co h309 S Monroe
Vining Hoyt opr Gortatowsky Bros r816 N Jackson Vining Jas H (Bessie M) film opr r816 N Jackson Vining Walter D (Daisy) formn Albany Coca-Cola Bottling
Co h816 N Jackson
Vinson Jack (Minnie) porter h518 Residence Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co R O Ferrell div mgr 209
Davis Exchange Bank bldg and 649 Flint VonWeller Harold J (Charlotte; Electric Service Co) h522
Broad VonWeller Philip r522 Broad
Waddell Oliver E (Esther) sec-treas Georgia Cotton Co h 516 N Monroe

WADDELL JOHN B (Ruby R), Sec-Treas Hotel Gordon Co, r do, Phone 1382
Waddell John M student r Hotel Gordon Waddell Martha R student r Hotel Gordon Waddell Thos C student r Hotel Gordon Wade Emil (Pearl) cook r308 S Jackson Wade Fess (Luella) lab r608 Crugers al Wade Fred (Essie Mae) lab h311 South al Wade Jesse cotton grader hl21 Highland av Wade Nellie Mrs sten r344 Broad Wadkins Richd W (Estelle) carrier P 0 h316 S Jackson Wagenseller Kirk credit mgr Swift & Co Fertilizing Wks
r309 Pine
Wagner Alex (Callie) lab h S Madison Wagner Clarence L (Service Grocery Co) h302 4th Wakefield Georgia Indrs hll2 Old Blue Springs rd Wakefield Thos (Rachel) barber 326 N Jackson h405 N
Wakeford Beulah (wid Frances M) bkpr Southern Spec ialty Co r527 Flint







Walden Alla r600 2d Walden Annie E (wid John) h619 Pine Walden John A (Ada) elk Wm A McLarty hl09 Old Blue
Springs rd Walden Spencer C (Harriett) hlpr Brannon & LeGreve r
600 2d Walden Spencer C jr student r600 2d Walker Amelia r522 Mercer Walker Annie M cook h218 Old Blue Springs rd Walker Buna rl35 N Broadway Walker Chas lab h605-7 Flint al Walker Chollie M student r411 Cotton Walker Clara P (wid John M) r510 N Jefferson Walker Dora cook r321 Flint al Walker Edwin (Matilda) lab h513 S Jefferson Walker Elijah (Georgeanna) lab W A Stokes h654 Flint Walker Emma Indrs h River rd Walker Enoch rl24 S Front Walker Enoch (Eliza) taxi driver h402 Corn Walker Essie M dom b.314 Water Walker Geo (Sallie) lab h523 Ball Park av Walker Hettie Indrs h407 Planters Walker Jas (Frances) lab h400 Water Walker Jas I gro 303 South h do Walker Jefferson cook r404 S Washington Walker Jessie fish mkt 214 S Washington h do Walker Jimmie Indrs r516 South Walker John (Minor) lab h526 Cotton Walker John (Mathie) lab h313 Mercer al Walker John (Alice) lab r609 Standard Oil al Walker John (Julia) lab h318 S Washington Walker John L (Beulah) cook r406 Grady Walker John M (Julia B) rector Saint Pauls Episcopal
Ch h510 N Jefferson Walker John W (Nicey) lab h311 Mercer Walker Jos lab h611 Society Walker Littleton (Helen) carp h411 Cotton Walker Louisa emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Walker Madona tchr Ga Normal & Agrl Sch Walker Mahala dom r Thos Jeffers River rd Walker Pearl r214 S Washington Walker Raymond C (Eliz) Ibr inspr h913 N Washington
Walker Rosa E emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Walker Sami D (Luella) meats 1171/2 Broad h418 High
land av WALKER SAMUEL J (Florence; White & Walker), h909
N Monroe, Phone 1198 Walker Vassar (Louise) lab r824 Broad Walker Walter (Hattie) gro 208 S Jackson h635 Com
merce Walker Walter (Eula) lab h410 North al


Classified Business Lists





(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Wall Lee W (Mamie) garage 837 Pine h835 do Wall Mamie slsldy The Undersellers r835 Pine Wallace see also Wallis Wallace Carrie rll5 Grady Wallace Eliz cook r602 S Washington Wallace Eliz tchr r505 Planters Wallace Emily lndrs r605 Grady Wallace Esther M student r627 Pine Wallace Fletcher A (Gertrude) gro h222 4th Wallace Geo W (Willie) gro 705 Pine h627 do Wallace Jas (Mattie) farmer h409 Corn Wallace Jas (Lucy lab hll5 Grady Wallace Jeannette lndrs hl03 S Davis Wallace J D slsmn Chero-Cola Bottling Co h505y2 N
Wallace Lora A sten National Pecan Growers Exchange r421 Flint
Wallace Mary cook h416 Pine al
Wallace Matilda lndrs r302 S Jefferson Wallace Missouri lndrs r302 S Jefferson
Wallace Monroe (Johnnie) lab h601 Crugers av Wallace Monroe (Jennie) lab r509 N Madison Wallace Robt S (Celia) chief of police h421 Flint Waller Geo (Mendell) waiter h614 Broad Wallis see also Wallace Wallis Jas driver St Nicholas Hotel
WALLIS ROBERT S (Celia), Chief of Police City of Al bany, h421 Flint, Phone 152
Walls Henry plstr r513 Mercer
'alrath Stella M (wid Frank) music tchr 316 N Jefferson r do
Walters J Frank (Mattie M) scalesmn h517 North Walters Minnie D (wid J W) h217 Tift
Walters Thos eng carp hl271/2 Broad Walters Willie r217 Tift Walton Cap barber Sami Fleisher r E Albany Walton Cora cook h618 S Monroe Walton Jos (Maria) hll9 South
Wamble Bernice S nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hosp r430 3d
Ward Emmett (Eliz) r408 S Madison Ward John trav slsmn r405 N Jackson
Ward Jos Q swtchmn A C L r Sylvester rd Ward M L formn Haley Motor Co
Ward Pearl M sten Ventulett & Bates r418 Society Ward Sami (Carrie) porter Rosenberg Bros h421 Cotton
Warde Gid G (Blanche; Warde-Harper Horse & Mule Co) h511 Broad
Warde-Harper Horse & Mule Co (G G Warde H D Harper) 130 Broad
Ware Della lndrs h640 Highland av




Warren Alfred (Anna) lab h803 N Madison Warren Benj (Lucy) barber 113 S Jackson h503 Cherry Warren Benj J (Luby) elk rll9 Oak Warren Charlie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Warren Eli H (Leila) eng h417 2d Warren Geo r Burton Hotel Warren John pntr h315 S Davis Warren Louise lndrs h415 N Madison Warren Mary cook r315 S Davis
Warren Nell technician Dr J M Barnett r425 Pine Warren Rachael nurse h530 Mercer Warren Robt H (Emma M; R H Warren & Son) h430
Warren Robt H jr (Kate L; R H Warren & Son) h500 N Monroe
WARREN R H & SON (R H Warren, R H Warren Jr), General Insurance, Rents, Real Estate and Loans 128 Court av, Plione 414
Warren Roy H (Berta) cond r910 N Jefferson Warren Sarah r430 Tift
Warren S A (Delia) prsmn Bosworth Printing Co h713 N Madison
Warren Wm L (Ellen) elk opr ACL Ry r Sylvester rd Warrick Wm (Ada) gro 807 Newton rd Washington Albert (Martha) lab h502 Cherry Washington Alice mill hd h427 Flint al Washington Alonzo (Cora) plstr h520 Odon (Ragsdale) Washington Anna h217 South Washington Anna dom h504 Holloway
Washington Bennie lndrs r Fannie Morris River rd Washington Boisy (Gertrude) porter r704 Tift Washington Booker emp J H Macklin Peanut Co
Washington Chas lab h326 Eureka al Washington Corinne elk Eureka Drug Co r514 South Washington Dock (Callie) lab h221 Highland av Washington Eliz dom h S Jefferson Washington Eliz lndrs r514 1st
Washington Fleamon (Massie) lab r626 Highland av Washington Flora lndrs h629 First Washington Garfield drymn r501 Corn
Washington Geo (Elle M) carp hill (207) Church Washington Jacob (Rosalie) lab J T Bobbitt Roofing Co
h423 South al
Washington Jesse hlpr Albany Coca Cola Bottling Co r326 Eureka al
Washington Jordan W (Nannie) restr 206 E Broad h227 Old Blue Springs rd
Washington Jos elk Eureka Drug Co r514 South Washington Jos T lab h615% Flint
Washington Josie emp J H Macklin Peanut Co Washington Kath lndrs h629 Residence

Washington Katie dom h614 Pine al Washington King C (Marie) porter Albany Produce Co h
309 Flint al
Washington Lewis student r629 First Washington Mary nurse h514 South Washington Merline lndrs r520 Odon (Ragsdale) Washington Mollie r600 S Washington Washington Pieman lab W A Stokes r626 Highland av Washington Ruth tchr r514 South Washington Shiven blmn r514 South Washington Willie C lndrs h405 South
Waters Ethel cook r209 6th Waters Fannie rll8 Highland av Waters Henrietta dom h415 Odon (Ragsdale) Waters Ira (Rosa L) lab rl20 Commerce Waters John lab h Cutliff Addition Waters J F slsmn Albany Warehouse Co r517 North Waters Monroe (India) h212 S Washington Waters Robie cook rll8 Highland av Waters Susie r616 Highland av Waters Susie lndrs h612 Society Waters Theo E photographer 503 S Jefferson r do Waters Wm T (Mamie) elk Rialto Saloon Co h218 Com-
r Broad
Watkins Edgar E (Carrie) saw mill h300 4th Watkins Edw (Annie) carp h308 S Jackson Watkins E L ship elk Flint Drug Co r207 S Jefferson Watkins Jacob (Mattie) plmbr h Newton rd Watkins Richd W (Estella) carrier h316 S Jackson Watkins Walter porter Davis Exchange Bank bldg r Broad Watkins Wm A (Lucy; Lasca Cigar Co) h431 Broad
Watson Angie rl02 Highland av Watson Annie W hemstitcher Singer S M Co r422 High
land av
Watson Clarence J lab r Florence Watson Watson Carrie E undertkr 324 South r406 S Jefferson Watson Daisy sten elk U S Dept Agriculural Watson Elton elk S L Fitzgerald r603 N Washington Watson Elvie D nurse Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital r
430 3d
Watson Estella r601 N Washington Watson Fletcher (Lulu) lab City h220 Holly Watson Florence lndrs h 4th av Cutliff Addn Watson Geo W (Annie W) slsmn Churchwells h422 High
land av
Watson Jas J mgr Georgia Peanut Growers Cooperative Assn r525 Broad

Albany Exchange National Bank

^RSSSt ,,

-- P. J. BROWN, President

Capital and Surplus, $300,000.00 g; *


H. E. DAVIS, V.-Pres,-Cashier



Watson Jos H (Carrie E) mgr Supreme Circle Pub Co h 406 S Jefferson
Watson Rosabelle cook r616 Highland av Watson Wm (Mary F) lab hG28 Standard Oil al Watt Jas W (Alice) slsmn h306 Pine Watts Hilliard (Maggie) baker hl20 Mooneys al Waugh Agnes (wid John) r604 2d Watts Mamie L cook h624 C M E al Waugh Richd G student r604 2d Weary Wm (Lucia) lab r305 Water Weatherly Fielding E (Allie M) trav slsmn h301 N Mon
Weaver Annie W nurse 514 Pine Weaver Emma lndrs hll5 Decatur Weaver Rosa dom h406 Eureka al Weaver Simpkins (Mattie L) lab r513 S Front Weaver Walter M (Anna) carp h814 N Washington Weaver Wm (Lula) restr 224 South h306 S Madison Webb Eliz dom h309 Wilson Webster Anna h515 Broad al Welburn Lucy maid r612 Broad Welch Building 201% Broad
Welch Fanny bindery Albany Herald rll7 N Broadway Welch Geo W (Hattie) formn h217 1st Welch Leonard E (Frances) phys 201% Broad h406 N
Welch O Modt prop Dixie Highway Garage h do Welch W Arth (Minnie) hll7 N Broadway Weld Jos D (Ida) mgr Daugherty Hdw & Mill Supply h
317 Flint Weldon Dollie slsldy r304 N Jackson Weldon Jeanette E elk J C Moore's r Box 382 Weldon Lent S police City of Albany r304 N Jackson Weldon Sallie elk Crescent 10c Store r304 N Jackson Wells see also Wills Wells Benj T (Isabella) h414 8th Wells Caraway r215 Society
Wells Cath cashr Met Life Ins Co r423 Broad Wells Chas E (Jennie) eng h215 Society Wells Francis sten r215 Society Wells Marie cook r612 C M E al
Wells Robt S (Mary S) emp Met Life Ins Co h423 Broad Wenzel O J supt Albany District Pecan Exchange r Blue
Springs rd
Werden Lumber Co Raymond Werden pres F B Mattox sec-treas 145% Pine
Werden Raymond W (Helen M) pres Werden Lumber Co h507 Broad
Wesley Wm (Rosa) h413 Cotton Weslosky Julia (wid Morris) r600 Commerce West Dock (Brinnie) carp h428 Cedar


McLendon commercial college
A Modern School of Commercial Arts
O. H. MoDEN'DON, B. O. S., /Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street, Albany, Ga. I


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

West Emmett R sec-treas S B Brown Co hl09 N Jefferson
West Hettie r508 Planters West Ida cook r218 N Davis West John J (Lura) representing New York Life Ins Co h
825 Highland av West Lee lab h830 Broad West Luther R (Eliz; Pure Food Meat Market) h215 North West L Edna sec Dr A W Wood r808 N Jefferson West Richd (Mary) lab h404 Water West Thos A (Lillian) eng h808 N Jefferson
Westbrook Building 242% Broad Westbrook Cruger (Westbrook & Martin) r401 Broad
Westbrook Kelly r207 S Davis Westbrook Leo (Maria) carp hl26 S Front Westbrook Leon C (Mary) mgr Palm Billiard Hall h201
Commerce Westbrook & Martin (Cruger Westbrook W G Martin)
lawyers 242% Broad Westbrook Bazeline slsldy S H Kress & Co Westbrooks Jas (Eddie) carp h411 S Jefferson Western Isaac (Pinkie) lab h519 (500) 7th WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO, Homer Cliette Mgr,
205 Pine, Phone 942 WESTON JESSE D (Paul), Specialty Building Material,
312 Davis Exchange Bank Bldg, Phone 271, h527
Commerce, Phone 1166 Weston Jessie D jr genl agt Georgia-Northern Railway r
527 Commerce Weston Jos E (Myrtle) rd bldr r315 N Broadway WETHERBEE ERNEST E, Yice-Pres Georgia National
Bank of Albany and Yice-Pres and Mgr Flint River Cotton Mills, hG Madison ter apts, Phone 1266 Wetherbee Ernest E jr student rG Madison Terrace pats
Wetherbee Frances P student rG Madison Terrace apts Wetherbee Harold B rG Madison Terrace apts Wetherbee J R mgr Flint River Cotton Mill res Putney
Ga Whalen Andrew J (Kate W) stamp elk P O h202 Commerce
Whalen Nettie Mrs (wid Bryan) r421 Pine Whaley Neppie sten Bobs Candy Co r426 Pine Whaley Wm firemn City Whaling B H proof rdr Albany Hearld r421 Pine Whalley Maurice porter Georgia Commission Co r605 S
Jefferson Wheeler Adeline lndrs h621 Residence Wheeler Alice cook 901 N Washington Wheeler Dee (Mittie) plstr r315 South al
Wheeler Essie M dom r643 Pine al Wheeler Robt (Abbie) sack sewer h623 Residence Wheeler Tillman (Elmira) pecan wkr h703 S Jackson
Wheels Janie maid r308 Mercer al

A^nafairal by-product of the Directory business is the compilation of Mailing lists. If interested, ask for our Free "List of Mailing Lists." R. l. POLK & CO., Detroit



Wheel V D slsmn W E Hickey Co Inc Whidby LeRoy r307 S Madison

Whidby R Lee (Sarah) gro 106 S Jackson h307 S Madison Whire Frances (wid David) r416 2d
Whire John J (Mattie D) h209 Society Whire John J jr r209 Society

Whitaker Cann W Rev (Mittie) pastor h S Jefferson White Alberta cook h625 Broad al White Alex (Bertha) lab h704 Broad White Arth B night formn A C L Ry r310 Pine

WHITJ-ift, 4P,UhoSTnIe]V85G2 (Flora; White & Walker), h2m7ON, B. CL S., Pres., Brown Building, Washington Street, Albany. G*.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

COMMERCE--Contd 507 R B Mercer
Buford Blalock 510 J P Sapp 511 Rev E. A Landau 512 J A Gillis 515 Sami Reich 517 R E Champion 518 Vacant rear Lula Hamilton 519 L M Jarrard 523 J W Armstrong 524 B W Simon 525 Edwin Farkas 526 G W Farkas 527 J D Weston 530 W B Neal 531 R E Johnson
S Madison X 600 C H Marks 601 Lena M Kendall 607 Harry Prisant 609 S W Rubin 610 Mrs Susie Jarvis 611 R L Pitts 615 M G Murray 617 Mrs Lula Palmer 618 Pauline D Hall 619 Mrs Ida VanHouten 620 Mrs Jessie Miller 622 Mrs Ada Denson 623 J B Hammock 624 Prima_s Pittman 625 Jacob Polstein 627 Irene Lewis 631 Lula Davis 700 (634) Chas Paton 635 Walter Walker
8 Davis X 637 Ezekiel Tarver 702 (638) Susan Shortie 639 Solomon Butler 704 (640) L H Whitehead 644 Vacant 645 Vacant 676 C J Boyd 706 Wm Lewis 708 Vacant 710 Isabella Farmer
COMMERCE AL--From Front w, 1 s of Commerce (See Fleisher's al)
COMPRESS AL--From N Front w 1 block 1 n of Flint
110 Revel Willis 112 Neal White 114 E A Rich 126 Marie Coleman 1 rr 126 John Moore 2 rr 126 Minnie Givens 130 A L Jones 1 rr 130 H M Gevens 2 rr 130 Eliz Johnson

132 Rosa Jordan rear Rosa Jordan
134 Charlotte Willis rr 134 Peter Eillis 138 Frances Grosser 1 rr 138 Benj Black 2 rr Evelyn Garner 140 Austin Freeman
1 rr 140 Samantha Smith 2 rr 140 Sami Grant
142 Vacant

CORN (Ragsdale)--From 807 S Jefferson W, 2 s of Planters 400 Joshua Hill 402 Enoch Walker 405 Emmaline Dowling 405% E Dowling gro 406 Henry Lundy 407 Mack Bryant 408 Alice Rogers 409 Jas Wallace 410 Jos Williams 412 Rona Frankiln 417 Mattie Colbert 419 Margaret Rogers 421 Ella Tucker 422 Ruth Smith 423 Dora Stuckey 424 Priscilla Armour 425 Emma Hawkins 427 M D Hawkins 429 Susie Black 430 Danl Jordan 431 Patsie Miller 433 Rebecca Cagle 435 Alonza Holtz 437 Vacant 501 Norman Banks 502 Thos Jones

COTTON (Ragsdale)--From Jackson w, 7 s of Broad

400 Shelly Pouncy gro 402 Alonzo King 404 E L Carter

404% Mattie Brown

406 Lucinda Johnson 408 David Gay 409 Vacant

410 Nemiah Smith

411 Littleton Walker 412 John Hicks 413 Wm Wesley 414 John Smith 415 Neal Randall 416 Ida Childs 418 Wm Liferidge 419 Scott Johnson

421 Sami Ward Newton rd X

422 Alonzo Ming 423 Oscar Hicks

8 Monroe X

424 Oscar Hammock

More goods are bought and sold through tho
Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.



428 Ernest B Bell
428% Jos Brown shoe repr 508 Jas Hall 511 Alex Lundy 512 Thos Lewis 513 Jack Janies 515 LeRoy Porter 517 Bunie Davis 521 Peter Jackson 513 Lucy Kent 524 Lula Johnson 526 John Walker 527 A M E Church 528 Emanuel Threatts 625 Monroe Gaines
COURT AY--From 227 Broad N to Pine 1 w of Washington
101 John Taylor Austin Hicks Dock Brown
103 Beverly Gordon 107 Son Miller 109 Sarah Patterson 111 Henry Jones 113 S E Scrutchin 115 Carrie Edwards 117 Home Supply Co 119 E L Edge 120 Union Plmlbg Co 121 Standard Pressing Club 122 M M Dreggers 123 R H Warren & Son 124 Vacant 125 Vacant 126 Dougherty Electric Co 127 B F Smith 128 Vacant 129 Natl Casualty Co 131 J W Joiner
CRUGER'S AY--From 510 It Ma dison west to Davis 601 Monroe Wallace 602 Julius Bond
603 Henry Ehelman 604 John Shelman 605 Rosa Bell 606 L M Coleman 607 Albert Williams 608 Mollie Bivens 610 John Redden 612 Jas Jackson 614 Mary Holloway 616 Vacant 618 S L Davis 620 Parilee Young 624 E B Daniel 626 Chas Sheffield 628 Wm Davis wood 630 Lizzie King 632 Eliza Green 634 Angeline Seabrooks 636 Hurley Carter 638 Lanie Nelson

CRUGER'S AL--From 607 It Ma dison west to Davis 603 Amy Sawyero 605 Lula Smith 607 Mattie Jackson 608 Ada Beasley
609 Mary Rivers 610 Jasper Ford 611 Beulah Davis 612 Irene Johnson 613 Thos Perkins 614 Vacant 615 Virginia Ford 618 Mattie Harris 620 Mary Franklin 622 Etta Lewis 624 Phil Johnson 626 Danl Woodfolk 630 Katie Blackshear 632 Clifford Wilson 634 Robt Sheffield
Davis X
DAVIS N--From Broad n, 7 vr of Flint River
106 Chas Smith 107 Darling McKinney 108 Howard Ellis 109 David Barnes 110 Frank Carroll 111 Elijah McKinney 112 J L Long 114 Odell Dekle 210 Rev J W Oates 212 Edwin Griffin 214 Tiny Smith 216 Walter Barber 218 Hattie Brown 220 Mollie Moultrie 222 Andrew Chappell 506 J S Wilson 507 Wm Adams
Calvin McSimmons John Arteson 509 Sylvia Turner 511 Adam Scroggins 513 Pieman James 515 Chas Robinson 517 Geo Jackson 519 Henry Phillips 521 Cleve Jackson 523 Vacant
DAYIS S--From Broad 7 w of Flint
102 Wallace Bynum 103 Jeannette Wallace 104 Jas Mann
Commerce X 205 Mattie Thomas 207 Albert Lee 208 Mary Riley 209 Chas Hart

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

DAVIS S--Contd

211 Jas Dublin

212 Essie B Allen

213 Henry Scott

214 Mrs Ida Anderson

215 Vacant

Highland av X

30? Julia Wiggins

3li Marind Jones

315 John Warren

317 Adelaid Tyson

319 A S Johnson

321 Kent Lunsford

South X Tift

Dawson Road

J J Harris

C A Bransford

C D Mayfield

DECATUR -- From Front w to Washington, 1 s of Planters
103 W B Gordon 105 Wm Horns 107 Henry Jordan 111 Wm Mattox 113 Clara Hammonds 115 Emma Weaver

DEWET--From 729 E Broad w

DIVISION AL (See Broad al)

DORSET (Ragsdale)--From Ri ver rd w to Newton rd
420 Sebe Chapman 425 Benj Mims 427 Taylor King 429 David Mitchell 430 Ned Howard 431 Louise Williams 510 Jos Barber 513 Edw Jackson 515 Glassie Hodges 521 Ophelia White 523 Wiley Tolbert 524 Raymond Wright 525 Chas Pennington 527 Vacant 529 Garrison Hayes

EIGHTH--From Jefferson w, 14 n of Broad

nw cor Fair Grounds 100 Mrs Jennie Reddick 102 Mrs Louise Crosby 104 Henry Hardin 106 Domingo Clipstein 408 D L Jones 412 Z E McCurdy 414 B T Wells

418 Vacant

Monroe X

510 J W McCook
Madison X

ELEVENTH--From Jefferson w, 17 n of Broad
end Monroe Flint River Cotton Mills
602 Flint River Cotton Mills School

ELIZABETH AV (E Albany)--1 n of Broad

ELLIOTTS AL (See Mercer al)

EUREKA AL--A continuation of Mooneys al
304 Norman Jones 306 Vacant 307 Susie Foster 311 Ceola Williams 312 Richd Payne 313 Josie Johnson 315 Washington Brown
317 Richd Davis 321 John Robertson
323 Virginia Jones 326 Chas Washington 402 Annie Butts 404 General Longstreet
406 Rosa Weaver 408 Wm Mitchell 410 Henry Bowie
Westbrook av X
501 Warren Kernigan 502 Lucy Judkins 505 Lula Stephens

FARKAS AL--(See Broad Al)

FIFTH--From Front w, 11 n of Broad

202 B L Snider

207 Carolina Spears

208 O N Snider 209 Wm Orse

210 Vacant 212 Emmett Sanders

214 Vacant

217 G A Chancy 219 R L Bradford

221 L R Hester

224 Vacant
301 W E Flanagan 303 Vacant

Jackson X

305 A M Pruvis 307 J T W L Davis 313 H G Browning 412 G E Reynolds

FIFTH AL--From Washington w, 1 n of Fifth
202 Shelly Mitchell 204 A McDonald 206 Clarence Alexander 208 Patsy Harris

V. R. BUSH & CO.
Field Seed--Oats, Rye, Vetch, Austrian Winter Peas, Cotton Seed, Corn, Velvet Beans and Cow Peas, Grain and Hay



FIRST--From Front w, 7 n of Broad 114 M P Simmons N Washington X
205-7 W H Miller monuments 209 W J Collins
W V Kimbrell 210 W B Halstead 211 J D Holt 212 C E Hysler 213 J M Murdock 215 D V Holt 216 H B Roberts 217 G W Welch 219 Mrs M M Perry 221 A D Galt
Jackson X 418 J D Moseley 421 G W Jones 423 E F Jones
Monroe X 501 P W Jones 509 Sarah Axum 511 Sarah Ashley 513 Bertha Carter 514 Lewis Wolbright 515 Corinne Clark 517 Pinkie Street 521 Maggie Jackson 525 Thaddeus Mercer 527 Rev H F Nelson
Madison X 604 Ernest Williams 610 Emma Duncan 613 Saul Stillman 614 Riohd Nelson 615 Welch Spruell gro 616 Thos Robinson 617 Jas Wilson 620 Robt Clark 621 John Phillips 623 Sarah Jackson 625 Rudolph Brown 627 Henry Tyson 629 Flora Washington 630 Ellen Ridley 631 Ella Thomas 632 Myra Hill 634 Henrietta Hall 640 Wash Jones 641 Ella Gatewood 642 Corrie Myers
Davis X 705 E J McCook
707 Mrs N P McDonald
FIRST AL--From Washington w, 1 n of First
111 Neal Mathews 113 Stella Hooks 115 Lilia Terrell 117 Edw McGee
X Washington X 508 James Alls 515 Vacant

517 Rev P P Reid 518 Shelley Pouncy 519 Silas White 522 John Thomas 523 Alberta Raley
FLEISHER'S AL--From Front w, 1 s of Commerce
103 Wm Dismuth 105 J H Smith 106 Adella Sullivan 107 Carrie Scott 109 Vacant 111 Alonzo Gurley 113 Rosa L Johnson 115 Vacant 116 John Flanders 117 Vacant 118 Ira Jones 119 Lula Smith 120 Chas Robie 121 Lillian Reddick 122 Ida Tumlin 123 Felix Carr 124 Betty Boyd 126 Mollie Johnson 128 Fannie Young 130 Robt Bradley
S Washington X 308 John Anthony 310 Carilla Green 314 Chas Lewis
S Jefferson X
FLINT 101 Susie Day 105 Andrew Berry 109 Winnie Cooper 111 Dempsey Coley 113 Daisy Lias 115 Curley Mitchell 117 Eula Henry 1 rr 117 Vonia Freeman 2 rr 117 Carrie Jones 119 Robt Charrob 133 Ada Davis 135 Maxie Ross 143 Vacant
N Washington X nw cor Lambs Auto Serv Co 217 Carter Coal Co
221 S A L Ry frt office
G S W & G R R genl office G S W & G R R frt office 230 Mrs S M Harrington 235 Union Gro Co V R Bush & Co seed 236 Mrs W C Dykes 237 Mrs Roxie White
Jackson X 305 Rev J N Peacock 308 M F Turnipseed 309 E W Wood 310 J M Morton
C TI Fuller






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

FLINT--Contd 310 y2 J D Plant 311 Richd Pattison 312 W S Cook 313 R B Brown H F Wimbish 314 Mrs Effie Marshall 316 R A Howell 317 J D Weld 319 J H Osteen 323 Carrie Shook
Jefferson X
sw cor Smith Bros Service Sta 401 Mrs D V Conoly 405 W A Johnson 407 D I Howe 409 J C Findley F W Nicholson 411 W C Varner 412 M M Reames 413 Mrs Maggie Goss 415 Mrs A B Greer 416 J P Morgan 417 J H Coffey G D Myrick 418 C R Ammons T L Knighton 419 C C Hill 420 Vacant 421 R S Wallace 423 T O Mgrris W E Bacon 425 W S Hancock 426 J H Lee 427 J W Hull 429 Lula (Sheffield 430 Eliz Griffin 431 Mrs T V Phillips
Monroe X
500 R L Culbreth F J Morris
503 Vacant 504 Mrs S C Fussell 505 V B Oliver
J N Owens
506 Rev A E Hancock 507 P W Jones 508 B W King 509 W L McMillin 511 T E Ross 515 Vacant 516 Mrs M W Smith 520 W L Heindell 521 W N Ticknor 522 Harry Metcalf 524 H W Lancaster 527 Mrs A M Brown 528 C C Smith 529 C J Kitchens 531 Mrs Fannie Edwards
Madison X
603 Flint St School 604 Shedrick Bridges

606 Mose Cothran 608 Walter Reynolds 611 Wm Sheldon 6i3 Annie Thomas 615 Jas Jackson 615% J T Washington 617 Moses Williams 619 Wm TWiggs
621 Tena Byrd 623 Jessie Lemon 625 Elias Williams 626 Lula Peterson 627 Bertha Nichols 629 Martha Billingsly 633 (627) Susie Freeman 635 (623) Pearl Smith 639 Heyward Keigler 643 Cyril McDaniel
Davis X
649 Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co
651 J H Merritt 652 John Green 654 Elijah Walker 673 Hawk Lovett 675 Wm Brown 679 Mattie Byrd
FLINT AL--From Front w, 1 n of Flint
2 w N Washington G A Corns Co Sigman Sterns Ins
305 Mildred Stubbs 306 Allen Bivins 307 Ola Leonard 308 M L Jackson 309 King Washington
316 Geo Reese 317 Robt Davis 320 Stella Perkins 321 Emma Briggs
421 Hattie Davis 423 (Sallie Hardin 425 Jas Jackson 427 Alice Washington 429 Melvin Rowan 431 C C Burch 433 Tempie Scott
504 Vacant 514 Vacant
605-7 Chas Walker 616 Dempsey Plummer 616%. Ella Mayo 618 Clussie Clay
620 Pernice Himes 624 Lilia Porter 626 Thos Mayo 638 Robt Givens 639 Jennie Jones 640 John Wilson 654 Annie Brown 700 Dollie Ramsey







FOURTH--From Front w, 10 n of FRONT S--From Broad s, 1 w of


Flint River

204 V 0 Hall 205 Mrs Ella Sheppard 206 L A Vestal

92 Robt Claret 96 Walter Mitchell 97 Rebecca Jones

207 W U Curtis 210 J C Davis

102 Ella Harris 104 Mrs J G Bolton blksmith

211 L B Moore


H M Gammage

114 Carter & Swain restr

211% A H Kingsley

116 Bessie Bell

212 T C Akins
213 Mrs Ella Barbre A H Kingsley

118 Eug Robertson 120 Ida Barlow 122 Emima White

214 G A Gaissert

124 Sylvia Brown

216 C F Johnson

126 Leo Westbrook

217 J A Ramsey


218 Nathan Burnett

205 Eliz Booker

222 F A Wallace

Maggie Bright

223 Mrs Fannie Bass

205% Louise Carter gro

300 E E Watkins 302 F T Coleman 304 N D Adcock 306 Allis Varner 307 C O Bales 308 E D Friedsam 310 Z T Rabun 312 Walter Sheets 314 Alva Johnson 408 W A Erwin 516 C Q Wright 517 Ray Pinkston. 520 J R Henderson 526 A C Knight 527 C S Tarpley

Jackson X

207 Isaac Williams Chas Pittman
209 Sylvester Pierce 211 John Orr 213 Millie Holmes
215 Jas Matthews 217 Miles Jones 416 David Richardson 418 Mary Harris
Fleisher's al X 500 Jos Johnson 513 Henry Bell
515 Wm Rush 517 W JM Hicks 519 Stephen Daniel
521 Moses Mansfield

528 J E Haganwald


FOURTH AL--From Washington

Pine southwest

w, 1 n of 4th

GRADY--From South s, 1 w of


FRONT N--From Broad n, 1 w of Flint River

113 Frank Rutherford 115 Jas Wallace

100 W J Bragel auto repr

117 Josephine Covey

112-14 Empire Smithing Co

406 Major Miller

116 Clyde Williams

407 Harriet Hitch

117 L M Floyd auto repr

410 Wm Cato

118 W F Sallerwhite blksmith

412 Wm Jackson

119 Mollie Mansfield lunch

414 Sarah Bob

120 R B Cheevers auto repr

418 Sebe Jones

Pine X 415 Fannie Sampson gro

200 G C Toliver veterinary

418 Henry Tarver

208 Vacant 303 Hattie Smith

500 Roxie Milton


315 Wortman The Welder

502 Wm Morris

Divine's Machine Wks

503 Oscar Randall

405-07 M W Tift Gro Co

504 Stephen Reddick

foot Albany Pass Terminal Sta

505 Robt Lee

Albany Pass Terminal Co

506 Chas Swain

ACL Ticket Office

508 Geo Jackson

C of Ga Ticket Office

509 Mary Reddick

G N Ry Ticket Office

510 Augustus Potts

G S W & G Ticket Office

511 Arth Johnson

SAL Ticket Office

512 Lou Black

The Union News Co

I 513 Rufus Lang

Automobile owners are select prospects for

many binds of merchandise. Send to Headquar

ters for all kinds of Automobile Lists. Our new

Catalog; contains much valuable data. Ask for




(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

GRADY--Contd 514 Arth Hall 600 Benj Jones 601 Annie R Jones 603 Sallie White 604 Jos Haines 605 Mary J Ellison 606 Daniel Mattox
607 Edw Francis 608 ffm Smith 609 Wm Bell 611 W M Henderson


west, 2 south of Broad

102 Mary Williams

103 Sallie Williams

104 Henry Mason

105 Mrs Georgia Faircloth

106 Judge Thomas

107 Jefferson Clark

108 Nealie Cooper

109 Erwin Stephenson

110 Mattie Cottrell

111 Fred Halliburton

112 Lizzie Ellis

113 Sami Himes

114 Edw Motley

115 Mariah Jones

116 Ohas Durham

117 Frank Davis

118 Wm Griffith

119 Isaac Reeder

121 Jesse Wade

123 Camilla Hazel

125 Edw Hines

127 Jacob Flagg gro S Washington X

200 Lilia Lewis

202 Reuben Williams

204 Carrie Hudson

205 Jos Odom

206 Pattie Lofton

207 Fudge Osborne

208 Luella McCoy

209 Della Williams

211 Carrie Williams

212 Sarah Perry

213 Ella Turner

215 Carrie Jefferson

216 David Hammock

217 Josephine Singleton

218 Josephine Blount

219 Evalyn Henderson

220 Temple Mack

221 Dock Washington

224 Wm Gayle

S Jackson X

303 Andrew Hazel

305 Lula Martin

307 E W Williams

309 Henry Sanders

310 Sidney Arnold

311 Evalina Scott

312 Rena King

313 Winter Owens Estelle Jones Leonard Lockett Jas Montgomery
314 Richd Barbre 315 Cleveland Lovett 316 Fred Williams 316% Vacant 317 Nora Bragg 318 Geo Thomas 319 Essie Jackson 320 Clara Lester 321 Sami Malone 322 Homer Burch
S Jefferson X 402 Sami Joseph 403 J S Etheredge 404 S F Huston 406 Mrs Hennie Blattner 408 G W Saye 409 Mrs Willie B Camp 4(10 A H Freeman 411 H V Buntin 412 W C Dozie;
Harry Holland 413 W A Reid 416 O B Miller 418 S D Walker -419 S F Price 420 Golden Slappery *-^ 421 B C Adams
422 G W Watson---*"'--"*t 423 J A Edge 424 T W Jones
M O Creswell 425 W A King 426 C E Hill 428 J H Lynch
S Monroe X 500 Mrs Jessie McMath 502 LeRoy Buckhalt 504 W R Wolf 506 Vacant 508 J C Ingram 510 J J Bradley 514 Isadore Gusick 517 tS K Simon 518 Vacant 519 Louis Berman 521 Martin Prisant 522 Morris Ginsberg 524 Jackson Grove Baptist Ch 525 J M Cox 526 Toney Lee 528 Henry Harris 530 Thos Floyd
S Madison X 604 Martin Goldsmith 605 Rosa Stephens 606 Vacant 610 Alf Dobison 614 Charlotte Thomas 616 Wm Keaton 620 Chas Lawrence




PHONES 28-1038



622 Chas Caldwell 624 Jesse Norwood 624% Clyde Humphrey 625 Adeline Overstreet 626 Julia Strong 627 Emma, Ransom
S Davis X
632 Buster Tarver 636 Vacant 638 Sallie Jackson 639 Wm Thomas 639% David Overstreet
640 Della Ware 641 Nellie Smith 641% Martha Overstreet 642 Crate Kearce 729 Thos O'Connor
800 R E Brooks 804 R E Scott 805 T S Matthews 809 P J Clark 812 Emmett Duke 813 Paul Reynolds 816 G L Bunch 817 G C Toliver
820 M M Wiggins 821 W F Jefferson 824 A S Perry 825 J J West 827 H S Kirby
830 Roy Geoghegan 831 D L Beatie

HOBSON--From 800 E north
209 Jas Crawford 210 Jos Riley 315 Lotrick Shaw


HOLLOWAY (Ragsdale)--From S Jackson w to Newton rd
300 Vacant 305 Wm Tarver 407 Vacant 408 Lloyd Wiggins
411 Simon Jackson 412 Vacant 413 iSilas Williams 415 Benj McClendon 419 Margt Oliver 420 Corine Early 424 Vacant
503 David Mack 504 Anna Washington 507 Annie Bell 516 Wm Turner 519 Jefferson Jones 521 Elijah Barrett 525 Rollings Perry 526 Geo Richardson 527 Beulah Johnson 530 Jas Billingsley

HOLLY (E Albany)--From 700
Broad north 106 Lewis Jackson 108 Anna Cheaver
113 Hattie Napper 115 Aaron Johnson
117 L G Jackson 123 David Nixon 208 Adeline Johnson 212 Mrs Susan Morgan 216 Silas Howard 220 Fletcher Watson
226 V Porter 236 Lewis Jordan


ISABELLA RD--Changed to E Broad

JACKSON N--From Broad n, 3

w of Flint River

Broad X

106 Service Grocery Co

107 Marshall Ice Cream Co

108 Joe L Ton

109 Neundorfer Drug & Seed Co

110 Bush & Jarrard gro

111 NuGrape Bottling Co

111% Kiwanis Clinic

112 B F Barbee Albany Hat Co

113 Electric Service Co

113% European Hotel

114 Vacant 115 Vacant

rear Supreme Circle Pub Co

117 The Punch Bowl

119 J C Jackson vulcanizer

120 Vacant

121 W E Hickey Co Inc

122 Palace Billiard Parlor

Hale Sign Service

122% Burton Hotel

123 Mrs Hollie Pinson florist

124 Southern Bell Tel & Tel Co

125 Albany Undertaking Co

125% C W Thomas

J B Bragg 126 Newcomb Beauty Parlor

127 Vacant

128 Andrew Satoures confr

Pine X

nw cor Municipal Auditorium

215 Carnegie Free Library

217 Vacant

221 R C Eatman

rear Eatman Plbg Co

224 Rev L G Henderson

225 iS W Anderson

229 F W Godwin

se cor First Presbyterian Church

Flint X

nw cor Albany M E Ch South

300 Brannon Service Station



112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 676

Gas, OH and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on A11 Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

JACKSON N--Contd 304 E C Brown 311 W M Pryse
314 Georgia Mill Supply Co 315 Irah Dekle
316 United States Rubber Co O G Hall
318 Hodges Builders' Sup Co 319 Mrs Russell Bostwick
322 Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co 325 Mrs Vera Tift
Russell McLean 329 D F George
North X 402 Minnie Pate
404 Augustus Eddleman 405 D Owens 406 E L Leben 408 Haley Apts
G L Cross R L Boland Mrs J M Smith W E Odom 409 Mrs C B Jackson 411 W T Bowen
412 H C Malone
P G Fenn 413 J E Helms 414 L V Lowrey
Mrs Nevada Sandwich 415 P A Montgomery

Residence X 500% B L Rozier 501 J S Smith 502 E M Mooney 502% J M Chastain 503 M M McLaughlin 504 L B Bosworth 505 S L Williams 506 S M Thompson 507 J D Reynolds 508 H S Holland 509 J W Gillespie 510 S G Brannon 514 Mrs Felicia A Smith 515 L B Cannon

602 C W Rawson 603 C W Tift 606 W C Holman 608 Mrs Lillie Davis 613 C M Shackelford

Tift X

Society X 701 Byne Memorial Baptist Ch 707 E H Kalmon
708 Rev Jas Claxton C E Boynton
709 J W Parker 710 Mrs M B McLin 711 J I Amonette 712 W L Crawford 714 F K Freeman 715 Mrs Martha W Allen
J R Taylor

716 E S Killebrew

First X 801 Rev E M Altman

806 J J Colson

814 R H Bramlett

J L Cooper 816 W D Vining

901 R M Freeman

Second X

903 H S Cannon

904 Mrs Clyde Passmore Mrs E O Mason

905 Vacant 909 Hugh Haston

Third and Fourth X
Fifth X 1202 Vacant

1204 M L Clark

120i6 Nelson Cross

1208 Oliver Orse

1209 M I Jones

1210 Arcadia Baptist Ch

Sixth and Seventh X

JACKSON S--From Broad s, 3 vr of Flint River
106 Lee Whidby gro 107 R E Scott
108 W B McKellar gro 108% J O Golden 109 D M Harper tailor 110 Enterprise Market 111 Fleming & Cunningham 112 Lane Bros meats 113 Benj Warren barber 113% Georgia Mutual Ins Co
E S Portis phys Jas Cheever dentist Pilgrim Insurance Co Atlantic Mutual Ins Co R W Payne contr 114 J O Golden shoe mkr 115 Wm Johnson restr 115% S M Parks printer 116-118 Ruckers Bakery 117 Artesian Drug Co 120 Yacant 121 Arnold Jones clnr Henry Hill barber
121% Supreme Circle Bldg Union Aid of Benevolence Society W J Reese phys J H King phys V H Plummer atty Guaranty Life Ins Co Chatham Mutual Life & H Ins Co
122 J E Nunn
123 Natl Benefit Life Ins Co O P Franke
125 Claude Mosley restr 127 Arnold Clones
Commerce X

^ % vj' ' - -'




Classified - Business Lists





205 Danl Mayer

Commerce al X

208 Walter Walker

20.9 Putney Gin

210 Morrison & Collier

210% Manthy Haynes

212 Walter Adams

213 Elnora Moncrief

214 Kath MacCarthy

215 J B Hamm

State X

300 Vacant

300% L M Burks

301 J H Leversedge

302 Jessie Brooks

303 Jackson & Jemison

304 Minnie Hardy

306 Aaron Ogden

307 Eureka Baptist Churcli

308 Edw Watkins

309 Jackson Williams

310 Masonic Hall

Edw Smith

Sherman Jones

311 Pearl Williams

312 Hattie Zeigler

313 Elmer Benjamin

314 Wm Austin

315 Jos Woodson

316 Richd W Watkins

317 Leila Pittman

South X

402 Clarence Christie

403 Jessie Hayes

404 Eug Clenim

405 Willie Dezon

406 Riohd Draper

407 Charlotte Williams

408 Oakview Cemetery

409 A L Gary

411 Estelle White

413 Lillie Phillips

Mercer X

503 Malachi Scott

505 Effie Stewart

507 W L Orr

509 Malinda Jones

511 Elbert Wilson

511% John Jackson

Waters X

609 Jacob Williams

703 Tillman Wheeler

705 Lottie Gibson

707 R B Billingsly

709 E M Jackson

711 John Plagg

713 J W Jordan

801 Jessie Slinker

813 Mrs Minnie Bundrick

end Rosedale Floral Co

JEFFERSON N--From Broad n, 4 w of Flint River 109 E R West 206 A H Hilsman

207 H V lyilebrew
208 J M Tift 211 Mrs Felix Merritt 220 St Paul's Episcopal Ch
Flint X
301 J E Southerland 304 E R Jones 308 Mrs E H Rust 309 Mrs Ada Perry
310 C A Mott 311 Mrs Mabel George
313 C E Deese 316 J B Edings
North X

400 Mrs Lucy A Billingslea 401 Mrs D T Hudson 402 B B Ivey 403 J E Greene 405 F W Brannon
Sami Cohn 406 L E Welch 408 R B Bridges
W R Bragg 409 I C Lindsey 410 E H Muse 414 Mrs Annie T Muse 415 T L Pattison

Residence X 500 P J Nix 501 D L Gibson 501% W T McKinnon 503 Sutton Apts
H J Malone J F Bain L R Hughes E J Stallings 504 J B Turner 506 W B Haley 507 Palin Apts A W Palin J W Parham R L Godbee H H Erwin 509 Vacant 510 Rev J M Walker 520 W W Pace

603 C C Stiles 604 H A Holmes 607 J R Patterson 608 Alf Dees 611 W L Davis 612 G B Cowart
B F Slemibridge W C McDonald 614 W S Newton

Tift X Society X

709 C J Prevatte 711 G F White 712 McClure Apts
J C Patterson J C Johnson R R Cates R W Brooke

More goods are bought and sold through the Classified Business Lists of the Directory than any other medium on earth.


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

JEFFERSON N--Contd 713 T M Ticknor

714 R G Cutliff

First X

801 O B Freeman^

C C Mitchell J W Eddleman

P C Lindsay

802 J G Cutliff

803 J F Oliver

804 J H Wilbourne

A D Jester

808 T A Test

809 R M Thompson

810 J L Dann

811 C F Hadden

814 W E Hutchings Second X
901 Vacant

902 W M Tomlin

904 R D Kilcrease

905 J I Davis

906 H C Cameron

907 Wm C Smith

908 J B Wise

L C Smith 909 Simon Apts

T P Malone

R M Marbury

910 H H Threlkeld

912 J E McAdams

914 T E Oliver

Third X 1000 Albany High School

1001 Phoebe Putney Memorial


1013 J W Nesbitt

Fourth X

1100 Vacant

1101 A S Baton

1104 R R Arthur

1105 W H Burt

1114 L D Acker

Fifth X

1200 Vacant

ws Tift Park

Sixth X Seventh X Eighth X

JEFFERSON S--From Broad s, 4 w of Flint River
105 A P Fain 105% H O Fryer 106 L D Darden 107 W Y Faircloth 107% K M Dickson 108 H S Howell 109 W T Brown 111 John Mason 112 C E Smith 114 L S Jones 115 Walter Teague
Commerce X

200 Albany Hebrew Congrega tion
203 Mrs Winnie Fennell 205 J L Mathis 206 N H Kuttner 207 Mrs B R Cowart 208 A W Barrett 209 W E Fields 213 B F Smith 214 F F Middleton

215 Mrs Hattie Greenstone Highland av X
300 Artena Jones 302 Israel Starks 304 Thos Jackson 305 Brown Stephens
306 Annie Moore 307 J A Cheek gro 308 Minerva Crane 309 Mary Smith

310A Rosa Smith B Vacant C Victoria Solomon D Thos Knight

311 Simmon Clarke

312 Solomon Coachman

313 Minnie Green 315 Mary Jackson

South X

403 J S Perry 403% Henry King 404 Rev W J Jenkins 405 Mozelle Matthews 406 J H Watson 407 John Williams

408 J H Kimbrough 409 Madison Hardy 411 Jas Westbrook

415 J H King

Mercer X 501 Gertrude J Flake 502 Jesse Lawson gro 503 M E Miller
T E Waters photog 504 Emma Allen

505 Ella Harris 506 Eliz Grover

507 Sylvia Gaudin 508 Vacant 509 Eliz Porter

Mercer al X 510 H H Threlkeld gro

511 Jas Smith 512 Elliot Funeral Home

513 Rev S B Oates 514 Hanks Service Station rear Albert-Shepherd garage

515 T G Elliott 516 Lula Coleman 517 Wm Dukes

601 Julia Williams 603 Carrie Gillison 605 Eva Littleton

Planters X







607 Wm Sanders
609 Morris Glover gro Water X

702 Lloyd Hicks

704 Jas Garner 706 Coleman Anderson

708 Leon Glover

710 Jos Robertson

711 (611) Dewey Wingfield

717 (716) John Robertson

718 (618) W A Hanks gro

719 (.619) Eliz Smith

800 Ella Clarke 802 Beulah Baptist Church

804 Edw Perry

806 Eliz Duncan

807 Ky Reese gro

808 Jesse Russell 810 Sallie Ellison

812 Janie James

813 Wm Jones

Cherry X

900 Ulyses Stillman

902 Lmcinda Sherman

906 General McCoy

907 John Spurlock

Rev C W Whitaker

Eliz Washington

Dennis Smith

Wm Parrish

Benj O'Neal

Major Curry

W M Jackson

Susan Harris Mary Williams

J P Laster shoe repr

Nannie Bostick-Harris Mem

orial School

Beverly Gordon

Taffie Childs

Wm White

Dorsey X
Holloway X Corn X

JEFFERSON (Ragsdale)

JOE LEE AL--(See Pine Al)

JOHNSON AV--(E Albany)
301 J H McKinney 316 J E Hall 317 R V Cherry 400 Vann Horn 401 W R Johnson 405 John Stansell 409 J W Mallard 413 S G Roper 416 Mrs M E Spurlock 418 Ernest Richardson 420 T S Hatton 425 J L Fountain 426 W H Smith 429 R H Dismuke 440 John Frazier

442 LeRoy Holt 443 L H Johnson 453 Methodist Chapel
Church X
LEESBURG ltD--From 7th n, 1 e of Washington
206 Nancy Hudson 208 Vallie Chester 210 W D Armstrong 212 Helen King 214 Nasissa Brown 216 Vacant
MADISON N--From Broad n, 6 w of Flint River
101 W E Carter 103 D A Slappey 105 Jas Mollner
L R Turner 107 W C Howard
Pine X 207 D W Adams 209 T B Lundy
Mrs Hattie Bothwell 213 J B Banks
C A Godwin 215 G E Nelson
J E Commander Flint X
304 B W Henry 306 L R Newell
C D Carlton 309 Vacant 310 R B Wills 311 Kenneth Halsted 312 F J Morris gro
J C Moon meats North X
403 Isaac Taylor 404 Rev M A Davis 405 Thos Wakefield 406 Benj Irvin 407 Bush Brown 408 St Andrews C M E Ch 409 Horace Burk 410 P M Hollis 411 Etta Morris 412 Hettie Tucker 413 Sami Fain 414 Sallie Bell 415 Louise Warren 416 Edw Jones 417 Chess Anthony 419 Alice Barner
Residence X 500 Lawton Holley gro 501 St John's Episcopal Ch 503 Anna Jenkins 505 Carrie Page 507 Cleveland Page 508 Ethel Pitts 509 Mary Wilson



(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S


510 Nancy Stevens

511 John Clark

512 Ella Winn

513 Geo Davis

515 Chas Harris

Tift X

600 J C Morgan

601 Rev J D Davis

602 Chas Green

603 S E Hughes

604 Stella Bishop

605 Frank Gary

606 Wm Murphy

607 Luke Rollerson

607% Floyd Keene gro

Frank Gary soft drinks

:609 Sherry Williams

611 Lila Milo

613 Jas Fain

615 David Nicholson

617 Rev Irwin Brady

701 David Davis

702 Lige Foster

703 Ella Woodall

704 Edgar Rains

705 Belle Tyson

706 Saul Luton

708 Vacant

709 Bertha Copeland

710 Edw Thomas

712 Leila Hunter

Albert Petersen

712% Eliza Jackson
713 S A Warren

714 Vacant

715 Sidney Ellis

717 Vacant

First X

801 Louise Franklin

803 Alf Warren

808 Demal Reeves

C R Johnson jr

812 C R Johnson

900 J B Davis

Second X

906 R L Grace

907 I M Underwood

909 R H Ferrell

915 H E Davis

1005 J A Hamil

1006 Jos Hunter

1200 O D Culpepper

1205 I W Irvin

1207 J I Gilbert

C 0 Sanborn

Thirteenth X

MADISON S--From Broad s, 6
w of Flint River 111 Vacant
113 S A Price
Commerce X
208 J W Griffin
R E Strickland

209 L A McCrary 210 A W Bailey 215 H A Ainsworth
Highland av X 301 N B Schine 303 E E Raiford 304 Henry Jackson 305 Vacant 306 Wm Weaver 307 R L Whidby 311 W W Jones 315 J S Wooddy
South X 401 Festus Childs 402 I A Rosenberg 404 Hugo Robinson 405 R F Armstrong 408 Mrs Dolly Bull
Mercer X 503 O B Hines 506 Oscar P Frank 507 W F Satterwhifte 508 Walter Adams 512 Clifford Gaines 513 Eva H Henry 514 Squire Jones 515 J C Few
Planters X
MARSHALL -- From Dewey to Hobson E Albany
200 Rose Williams 201 Haywood Knighton 204 Selina Garner 206 John Hill
MERCER--From Front w, 4 s of Broad
120 Wm Leonard 300 Eug Glover
S Jackson X
301 Walter Wright 302 Carrie L Jones 303 Emma Lewis 304 Jas Stanley 305 Henry Harris 306 Chas Stevens 307 Olivia Thomas 308 Mamie Bolder 309 Sherman Leggett 310 Benj Cutts 311 J W Walker 312 Wm Butler 313 Albert Cutts 314 Louvenia Mitchell 315 Jos Ellis 316 Eliz Taylor 317 Janie Jones 318 Jessie Hayes 319 Maggie Jackson 320 C W King 322 Eliz Holliday 324 Annie L Harris 326 Thos Hogan

A ^ natural by-product of die Directory business is die compilation of Muffing Lists, if interested, ask for our Free "List of Mailing Lists." R. l. POLK & GO.. Detroit



328 David Harper S Jefferson X
404 Sami Brown 406 Rev T J Simpson 407 Eliz Singleton 408 J L Grace 409 Arnold Jones 410 Mercer iSt School 414 R B Jacobs 415 H C Cross 416 John Laster 417 Albert Williams 418 Georgia Jones 420 Elmira Beecher 422 Jas Grant 424 Annie Wooddille 426 Emma Hawkins 428 T M Harrell 430 S L Wood
S Monroe X 501 Jesse Toby 503 Eva Scott 504 Elsie H Jackson 505 Chas Bostick 506 Nathan Brown 507 T B Hill 508 W L Miller 509 Wm Person 510 Lula Owens 511 Tishie Jones 512 Henry Hall 513 Adeline Riggins 514 A J Ross 515 John Pittman 516 Jesse Crowley 517 Robt Brown 520 J S Montgomery 521 Rosa Brown 522 Wm D Brown 523 Edw Small 524 R D Tuggle 525 Aurelia Bentley 526 T M Harrell 527 A G Pearson 528 Son Miller 530 Rachael Warren 530% Mark Barber 532 Hattie Williams
S Madison X 611 W E Phillips 615 F A Peede 618 Mrs Margaret Humphrey 622 G T Hall
MERCER AL--From Jackson w to Davis, 1 s of Mercer
308 Hettie Jenkins 310 Henry Snipes 311 Roxie King 313 John Walker 325 Lucinda Bryer 327 Chas Campbell
S Jefferson X
406 Roosevelt Tarver

412 J W Wiggins 416 Mary Johnson 426 Wm Strong

MILL VILLAGE--From 11th te 14th, bet X Monroe and X Davis

MOXROE X--From Broad n, 5 nr

of Flint River

104 Henry Jones

108 F E Owens

109 E G Lamb

110 J C Cornell

111 L M Sterne

Ben Cohn

Pine X

111% C D Robinson

209 W T Law

Lees al X

210 A C Holmes

211 W W Green

Flint X

301 Hind Apts

F E Weatherly

J E Tomlin

J C Stanton

Mrs A A Myers

305 Mrs E M Wilkerson

Lewis Hammond

307 P A Keenon

309 A J Hill

310 Byrd Odum

311 H N Rushton

313 W A Stokes

315 T R Smith

317 A L Reynolds

Xorth X

405 A P Vason

406 Mrs B G Brooks

408 J N Grissett

J L Reeves

409 John Lowe

410 M J Anderson

412 Helen Rixey

413 Mrs M L Williams

414 Mrs Adelaide Cherry
Residence X

500 R H Warren

507 Mrs Margt Wiggins

509 W C McCamy

511 Henry Gaggstatter

cor Tift Monroe St School

515 O E Waddell

Tift X

605 Monroe St School
Society X

First X

cor Society Albany Grammar


606 W E Fields gro

Society X

706 Mrs Bessie Rood

706% John Jenkins

800 Jennie Tipton

801 F F Faulk

Classified Business Lists -in theCITY DIRECTORY_


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

MONROE N--Contd 802 M J Faber 804 J S Yager 816 Jodie Love 901 Vacant 903 Roy Glass
M G Murray 907 Vacant 908 Vacant 909 S J Walker 911 J T Bobbitt 913 J T Bobbitt 915 J N Sparling
1005 R E Davis

Third X
Fourth X Eighth X

MONROE S--From Broad s, 5 w

of Flint River

106 E G Usborne

107 Mrs C J Pinkston

108 S J Cook

109 G L Markey

110 Mrs S B Ellerbee

111 H S Gerst

Commerce X

205 W J Aldred

207 C H Brayman

208 J R Fitzgerald

209 Waddy Roberts

210 Sami Shulman

211 Vivian Slappey

212 Philip Feingold

213 Louis Prisant

214 Sol Lorig Highland av X

307 Vacant

Eureka X

309 Virgil Vincent

South X

401 Fremont Peppers

403 A B Hines

404 Moores Chapel

405 Vacant

407 Susan King

408 Monroe Street Sch

409 Ruth Johnson

411 Frank Summerfield

414 Old Folks Home

415 Jesse Tobin

Mercer X

Planters X

603 (500) Hazel Hall

605 Clark Hillery

606 J M Smith gro

607 Rev Geo Sanders

608 J M Smith

Water X

610 Fred Mitchell

612 Jas Willis

613 Wm Holmes

614 Abbie Harris

615 Aaron Stokes

616 Jesse Hayes

618 Cora Walton 620 Jesse Greer 621 Rev J H Franklin
Cotton X
622 Eliz Hooks end Eliz Harris
Julian Wright Clara Oates Jefferson Davis Alf Mattox

MOONEY'S AL--From S Front west 2 blks, 1 s of Highland ar
114 Vacant 115 Wm Livingston 116 Frank Harris 117 Vacant 118 Jas Cosby 119 Burl Polk 120 Hilliard Watts 121 Fannie Jones 123 Wm Gilford
S Washington X
206 Chas Jackson 208 Delia Young 221 Frances Williams
S Jackson X

MULBERRY (E Albany)--Broad way e, 2 n of E Broad

303 G T Hall 304 M F Coleman

3d8 Mattie Oxley 313 W A Hall 318 J H Kirksey
319 Z F King se Mulberry Street

West X

403 P H Ramsey 415 Mrs Clara Mallard
420 Mrs Lilia Bailey 423 J O Allen

NEWTON RD--From Boundary sw, 1 w of Jefferson
600 Esna Hunt 602 Geo Lee 603 Peter Jackson 604 Henry Collier 605 G H Broomfield 606 Shelby Owens 607 Anna Banks 608 Rosa Blocker 609 Oscar Pickens 611 Mary A Zachery 612 Ernest Johnson 613 Alonzo Lumpkins 614 Booker Thomas 616 W L Chambers 622 Coleman Anderson
Cotton X
807 Wm Warrick gro 809 Frank Tarver 810 Chas Richardson 811 Mattie Lyles

Dry Goods--Wholesale Hofmayer Dry Goods Co 131 Pine

*Dyers ALBANY LAUNDRY CO, 230-232 North (See back bone
and page 30)
Electrical Supplies Dougherty Electric Co 126 Court av Electric Service Co 113 N Jackson
Electricians Saye Stewart D 242^ Broad Standard Equipment Co 232 Broad
Embalmers IVEY FUNERAL HOME, 304 Broad (See front cover and
page 32)




Engineers Ittner A E Co (civil) 126% Pine Southern Engineering Corporation 206% Broad

Express Companies American Railway Express Co 238 Pine and 101 North
Farm Lands FARMERS LAND LOAN & TITLE CO, 230 Pine (See
front cover and page 31)
Farm Loans FARMERS LAND LOAN & TITLE CO, 230 Pine (See front
cover and page 31)
Feeds BUSH Y R & CO, 235 Flint (See right top lines and page

Fertilizers Brown Guano Co 102 Pine International Agrl Corp 604 Davis Exchange Bank bldg Swift & Co Fertilizer Works 509 Davis Exchange Bank
bldg Tennessee Chemical Co 404-6 Davis Exchange Bank bldg Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co 209 Davis Exchange Bank
bldg and 649 Flint
Fireplace Fixtures HODGES BUILDERS SUPPLY CO, 318 N Jackson (See
back cover and page 28)

Fish and Oysters Fish & Oyster Market 123-125 and 239% Broad Reese J T 323 N Washington
Reynolds Charles 113 Old Blue Springs rd Walker Jessie 214 S Washington

Five and Ten-Cent Stores Crescent 10c Store 213 Broad
Kress S H & Co 124 N Washington Woolworth F W Co 105-07 N Washington

Florists Pinson Hollie Mrs 123 N Jackson Rosedale Floral Co Inc A T Spier S Jackson
Flour--Wholesale Tri-State Milling Co 600 N Washington


Automobile owners are select prospects tor

many kinds of merchandise. Send to Headquar

ters for all kinds of Automobile Lists. Our new

Catalog contains much valuable data. Ask for




(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Fruits--Wholesale and Retail Albany Peach & Pecan Co The 420 Society Inman Fruit & Produce Co 516-518 N Washington
Manhattan Fruit Co 239 Broad Shackelford-Brown Co 102 Pine

Funeral Directors IVEY FUNERAL HOME, 304 Broad (See front cover and
page 32)

ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO, 226-228 Broad (See right center lines and page 29)
Edge EL (2d hd) 119 Court av Kingsley Furniture Co 146 Broad Morrow-Cook Furniture Co 202-4 Broad Steele Furniture Hardware Co 118-20 N Washington

Clark S D end Pine Dixie Highway Garage 105-7 Old Blue Springs rd Floyd L M 117 N Front Garretts Garage rear New Albany Hotel Reynolds Arthur A 504 North Wall L W 837 Pine WHITE & WALKER, 112-118 Pine (See left top lines and
page 26)

Gasoline Filling Stations
Adams Walter 212 S Jackson Brannon & LeGreve 300 N Jackson Burk's C E Newton rd Clark S D end Pine Denson J I end Pine Farkas Filling Station 309 Broad Hanks Service Station 514 S Jefferson Lamb Auto Service Co Flint nw cor Washington Ort Service Station 234 E Broad Rhodes J M 841 Pine Smith Bros sw cor Flint and N Jefferson Standard Oil Co 223 E Broad and 201 N Washington Texas Co The 1000 N Washington Wall L W 837 Pine

General Merchandise Brown S B Co 110-12-14 S Washington
Kieve I & Co 210 Broad New York Bargain House 131 Broad Rosenberg Marcus 141 Broad




PHONES 28-1038



*Grain and Hay BUSH Y B & CO, 235 Flint (See right top lines and page

* Gravel GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines
and page 30)


Atkinson Frank Newton rd

Bales C O 700 Pine Barbre J B 601 Tift Barbre Ray Leesburg rd

Boeman E M 1005 N Washington Bright Harry 832 Broad

Bright Lee 115 Old Blue Springs rd Brooks R E 301 E Broad

Bunch G L 149 E Broad Bunting ALE Pine

Burks Chas E Newton rd Bush & Jarrard 110 N Jackson

Cannon Jesse E 524 North

Carter Louis 205% Front

Cheek J A 307 S Jefferson

Crowley Jas 713% Broad Culbreth R Linton 500 Flint

Davis Alex 1001% E Broad

Davis David 701 N Madison

Davis Katie Newton rd

Denson Eula L Mrs 409 N Washington


Dowling Emmaline 405% Corn

Economy Grocery Co 111 Broad

Edge John A 300 Commerce

Fields W E 606 E Monroe

Fitzgerald S L 117 Broad Flagg Jacob 127 Highland av

Glass R J 218 S and 701 N Washington

Glover Morris 609 S Jefferson

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co 230 Broad and 322 N Jack-


Griggs C H gro 724 Broad

Gunnells M H 321 7th

Hamm Jas B 215 S Jackson

Hanks W A 718 618) S Jefferson

Harrell Floyd 226 South

Harrell T M 428 Mercer

Hayes Geo 500 S Washington Helms John E 241 Broad

Henderson B M Mrs end E Broad

Hill Janie 402 S Washington

Holley Lawton 500 N Madison

,'T f



112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 676

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes ot Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

Grocers--Retail--Contd Holly F H 107 Broad Holmes Geo 1013 E Broad Hopkins Eliza 1100 N Washington Horn Mollie 410 Water Howard Emanuel Newton rd Jackson Elsie H 504 Mercer Jackson Stella 624% South Johnson C R 812 N Madison Jones T W 206 Pine Joseph Sam 311 N Washington Keene Frank 607i/2 N Madison King Mary 832 Broad Lawson Jesse 502 S Jefferson Leary J D Pine and Broad McKellar W B 108 S Jackson Manhattan Fruit Co 239 Broad Mays T M 917 N Washington Merritt Jordan 807 E Broad Middleton W A ss 11th near Monroe Minchew Nathan 605 N Washington Morgan J C 600 N Madison Morris F J 312 N Madison Nassar Sami K 223 Broad Nicholson F W 300 South
Orse Oliver 121 Broad Orse Wm 1109 N Washington
Pace Edw 412 S Washington Palmer R L RFD B (River rd) Parker Patk H 531 North Peoples Grocery Co 113 Broad Perry L V 211 E Broad
Perry L V 211 E Broad Piggly Wiggly No 1 115 and 240 Broad Pone Jas A 400 S Washington Poole Thos 1201 N Washington Pouncy Shelley 400 Cotton
Powell Wm 1019 E Broad Progress Market 243-45 Broad
Reese Ky 807 S Jefferson Rhodes C C 701 Broad Rogers L W Co 249 Broad Sampson Fannie 415 Grady
Sanitary Market & Grocery 237 Broad Service Grocery Co 106 N Jackson Simmons Minnie Mrs Cutliff addn
Slappey V E 228 (226) South Smith A J 1101 N Washington
Smith J M 606 S Monroe Snow Roop 251 Broad Spears Mittie 1301 N Washington




Spruel Welch 615 1st Stephens Petro 231 Broad Thomas Booker 614 Newton rd Threlkeld H H 510 S Jefferson Timmons Maude 1217 N Washington U Save It Store 210 Pine Walker Jas I 303 South Walker Walter 208 S Jackson
Wallace G W 705 Pine Warrick Wm 807 Newton rd Whidby Lee 106 S Jackson Williams Wm 416 Odon Woodall Ella 703 N Madison Wright Annie B 612 Residence

Grocers--Wholesale Albany Grocery Co 117-121 Pine
Americus Grocery Co 333 N Washington Empire Produce Co 317 N Washington Inman Grocery Co 512-514 N Washington Tift M W Grocery Co 405-407 Front Union Grocery Co 235 Flint

Gunsmiths Smith B F 127 Court av

Hairdressers Newcomb Beauty Parlor 126 N Jackson

Hardware Albany Hardware and Mill Supply Co 135 Pine Daugherty Hardware & Mill Supply Co 135 Pine Morris Implement Co 214 N Washington Sapp Hardware Co 142-144 Broad Steele Furniture & Hardware Co 118-120 N Washington

Hat Cleaners Albany Hat Cleaning Co 218 Pine

Hats and Caps ROSENBERG I A & CO, 222-224 Broad (See page 28)

Hay and Grain--Wholesale and Retail Arthur Paul 319 N Washington Georgia Feed Co 321 N Washington
Hosiery ROSENBERG I A CO, 222-224 Broad (See page 28)


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Burton Hotel 122% N Jackson Crystal Hotel & Cafe 100-102 North European Hotel 113% N Jackson HOTEL GORDON, sw cor Pine and Brown av (See back
cover and page 29) New Albany Hotel 241 Pine St Nicholas Hotel 304 N Washington Tourists Hotel 127% Broad

House Furnishing Goods Home Supply Co 117 Court av Southern Specialty Co 104-106 Pine
House Furnishings ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO, 226-228 Broad (See
right center lines and page 29)

Ice Cream
Justice E L 236 Broad Marshall Ice Cream Co 107 N Jackson Purity Ice Cream Co 405 N Washington Royal Ice Cream Parlor 250 Pine

Ice Dealers Atlantic Ice & Coal Co 117 Society
Insurance FARMERS LAND LOAN & TITLE CO, 230 Pine (See
front cover and page 31)

Insurance Agents ALBANY INSURANCE AGENCY, 145 Pine (See front
cover and page 30) Allen Jas O (life) 224% Broad Dann Jesse L (life) 501 Davis Exchange Bank bldg GORTATOWSKY INSURANCE AGENCY, 242% Broad
(See page 3)
Hilsman & Tift 208 Pine Simon Saul K (genl) 132 Pine Sterne Sigmund Flint al 2 w N Washington TICKNOR T M REALTY CO, 501-502 Davis Exchange
Bank Bldg (See front cover) Vaughan Norman H (genl) 205 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
Ventulett & Bates (genl) 148 Broad Warren R H & Sons 123 Court av
Insurance Companies--Accident FIDELITY & CASUALTY CO, Albany Insurance Agency
Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover) NATIONAL CASUALTY CO, 129 Court av (See page 30)







^Insurance Companies--Casualty NATIONAL CASUALTY CO, 129 Court av (See page 30)

insurance Companies--Fire AETNA INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts,
145 Pine (See front cover and page 30) ATLAS ASSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts,
145 Pine (See front cover and page 30) BOSTON INSURANCE COMPANY, Albany Insurance Co
145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
CITIZENS INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
COMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE CO, Albany Insur ance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
GEORGIA HOME INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
GLOBE INDEMNITY CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
HOME INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
INSURANCE CO OF NORTH AMERICA, Albany Insur ance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
JERSEY FIRE UNDERWRITERS, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
LIVERPOOL, LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO, Al bany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
LONDON & LANCASHIRE INSURANCE CO, Albany In surance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)
ROYAL INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)

Insurance Companies--Life Atlanta Mutual Ins Co 113% S Jackson
Bankers Health & Life Ins Co 118 Eatman bldg Chatham Mutual Life & Health Ins Co 121 S Jackson
Equitable Life Assurance Society 504 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
Georgia Mutual Industrial Life & Health Ins Co 113% S Jackson
Guaranty Life Ins Co 121% S Jackson Industrial Life & Health 304% Broad
Life and Casualty Ins Co of Tenn 223% Broad
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co 308-9 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
National Benefit Life Ins Co 123 S Jackson

Classified Business Lists . in the CITY DIRECTORY,


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S______

Insurance Companies--Life--Contd National Life & Accident Ins Co 201-202 Davis Exchange
Bank bldg New York Life Ins Co 116 Eatman Penn Mutual Life Ins Co 200y2 Broad Pilgrim Health & Life Ins Co 113 V2 S Jackson Supreme Council of Benevolence 12iy2 S Jackson TRAVELERS INSURANCE CO, Albany Insurance Agency
Agts, 145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)

insurance Companies--Surety NATIONAL SURETY CO, Albany Insurance Agency Agts,
145 Pine (See front cover and page 30)

Jewelers Bell-McAfee Jewelry Co 123 N Washington
Cliett L C 326 N Washington Driggers M M 122 Court av Gaggstatter John W 129 N Washington
Joiner J W 131 Court av Prisant Louis 219 Broad

Junk Lanier Iron & Metal Co 518 North Mayer Danl 205 S Jackson

Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Munnerlyn Shop 310 Pine

Laundries ALBANY LAUNDRY CO, 230-232 North (See back bone
and page 30) Ton Jos L 108 N Jackson

*Leather Goods ROSENBERG I A & CO, 224 Broad (See page 28)

*Lime GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines
and page 30)

Lime, Cement and Plaster STOKES W A, 101-109 Pine (See page 3)

Live Stock Farkas Sami Estate of 102-120 Broad Holman J C & W C Mule Co 126-128 Broad Warde-Harper Horse & Mule Co 130 Broad
Livery and Sales Stables Holman J C & W C Mule Co 126-128 Broad Warde-Harper Horse & Mule Co 130 Broad




Loans Albany Loan & Finance Co 148 Broad
Georgia Agricultural Credit Corporation 211 Broad Jackson & Co 119% N Washington Spence R E L 230y2 Pine
Tarver Hardwell H 232% Broad Yorke & Co 238% Pine

Lumber Dealers STOKES W A, 101-109 Pine (See page 3)

GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines and page 30)

Lumber Manufacturers and Dealers Brown Lumber Co 143% Pine
GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines and page 30)
Werden Lumber Co 145% Pine

Machinists Divine's Machine Works 315 N Front Land Machine Co 137 E Broad Southern Machine Works Leesburg rd

Mantel and Tiles STOKES W A, 101-109 Pine (See page 3)

Manufacturers Agents Barber B F 112 N Jackson Hickey W E Co Inc 121 N Jackson Reynolds Julian 145% Pine Tomlin & Sponster 123 Pine

Meats--Retail Bunting ALE Pine Bunting Wm 119 Broad Curb Market 308 Commerce Enterprise Market 110 S Jackson Horton James M 109 Broad Lane Bros 112 S Jackson Moon J Charles 312 N Madison Nicholson F W 300 South Packing Co Market 1003 N Washington Progress Market 243-45 Broad Pure Food Market Co 315 N Washington Ragsdale Market Newton rd Rogers L W Co 249 Broad Sanitary Market & Grocery 237 Broad Scott Robt E 107 S Jackson


* Classified Business



CITY director^


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Meats--Retail--Contd Slappey V E 228 (226) South Thelkeld H H 510 S Jefferson
Walker Sami D 117 y2 Broad

Medicine Manufacturers
Buntin Medicine Co 217 E Broad Vicks Medcine Co 310 N Washington

Men's Furnishings ROSENBERG IA & CO, 222-224 Broad (See page 28) The Toggery 111 N Washington

Mercantile Agencies Bradstreet Co The 203 Davis Exchange Bank bldg

Mill Supplies Dougherty Hardware & Mill Supply Co 135 Pine Georgia Mill Supply Co 314 N Jackson

*Mill Work STOKES W A, 101-109 Pine (See page 3)

Coan Florence 123 N Washington Zucher Louis Millinery Co 140 Broad

Mineral Wells Coffey Well 203 Commerce

Monuments Miller Wm H 801 N Washington and 205-207 1st

Mortitians IVEY FUNERAL HOME, 304 Broad (See front cover and

page 32) MotionPicture^heatres

Cozy Theatre 127 N Jackson Liberty Theatre 242^ Broad_

Music Teachers

Rixey Helen 412 N Monroe Sterne Settie 606 Pine Walrath Stella M 316 N Jefferson Whiting Mertie M 224y2 Broad

Music and Musical Merchandise Lonsberg Charles 203 Broad



GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lmea

and page 30)




. T ,, ,, Naval Stores Manufacturers Davis J B & Co 203% Pine


Aiews sealers

Lonsberg Chares 203 Broad

Union News Co The Albany Passenger Station

ALBANY HERALD THE (Daily), 138 Pine (See page 2)




Jefferson Farms The 230% Pine

Bealle Annie 338 Broad ^Urses Dickinson Mattie 517 3d Dunford Marie 404 Broad Torbert Reba 430 Pine
Tounsley Lelia 422 Highland av Warren Nelly 425 Pine


right center lines and page 29) '

8 Brad (See

heel eTM c;?Jacta (see le(t top

Garritt Oil Co Leesburg rd lIS
Gulf Refining Co 448 E Broad Standard Oil Co 612 North


and Greases 112-118 PiTO (See

Gaggstatter J W 129 N Washington Mathis J L 208 Pine Optometrists

lihes and

Forehand David C 610 Darts'Kange Bank bldg

11 STOKES W A, 101-109 Pine (See page 3)

WHITE & WALKER s. j". walker


112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 676

Gas, Oil and Accessories

Authorized Ford Service

Workmanship Guaranteed on All Makes of Cars


(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S_

*Paints and Varnishes HODGES BUILDERS SUPPLY CO, 318 N Jackson (See
back cover and page 28)

Paper--Wholesale Albany Paper Co 234 North

Pawnbrokers Star Pawn Shop 135 Broad
Peanut Products Manufacturers American Peanut Products Co The 108 North

Peanuts Albany Peanut Co The 618 North Bain Peanut Co 7th nr N Washington Maclin John H Peanut Co 620 North

Pecans Flint River Pecan Co 223% Broad Georgia Paper Shell Jecan Co 242% Broad Pecan Sales Co 143% Pine Simon Saul K 132 Pine United Pecan Co 223% Broad
Penmanship McLENDON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, Davis-Brown Bldg
(See left top lines)

Photographers Hart Fred K 420 Pine Holland Studio 222% Broad Jones Studio 248% Pine Waters T E 503 S Jefferson

Bacon Albert S 301-2 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
Barnett J M 102-4-6 Eatman bldg
Benson N E 230% Pine \ Bryant Wm M 137% Broad
Cook W S 109% N Washington Davis Wm L 200% Broad Hilsman Agnew H 201% Broad Irwin Isham W 303-304 Davis Exchange Bank bldg Keaton Joan C 310 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
' .-King John H 121% S Jackson Lucas Isaac M 503 Davis Exchange Bank bldg
Newell C E 238% Pine yPortis Edwin S 113% S Jackson
Redfearn J A 108-114 Eatman bldg
Reese Wm J 121% S Jackson




Welch Leonard E 201% Broad ^Wood A W 238i/2 Pine

* Plaster GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines
and page 30)
Plastering Materials HODGES BUILDERS SUPPLY CO, 318 N Jackson (See
back cover and page 28)

Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters EATMAN PLUMBING CO, rear 221 N Jackson (See back
cover and page 31)
ELMORE PAUL, 126 S Washington (See back cover and page 31)
Standard Equipment Co 232 Broad Union Plumbing Co 120 Court av

Plumbers' Supplies EATMAN PLUMBING CO, rear 221 N Jackson (See back
cover and page 31)
ELMORE PAUL, 126 S Washington (See back cover and page 31)

Plumbing Contractors EATMAN PLUMBING CO, rear 221 N Jackson (See back
cover and page 31)
ELMORE PAUL, 126 S Washington (See back cover and page 31)

Power Companies Georgia-Alabama Power Co 221 Broad
South Georgia Public Service Co 221 Broad

Printers--Book and Job Acker L D Co 115 N Washington Bosworth Printing Co 115 N Washington
HERALD PUBLISHING CO, 138 Pine (See page 2) MELL PRINTING CO, Broad and Jackson (See left top
lines) Supreme Circle Publishing Co rear 115 N Jackson

Produce Albany Produce Co 218 W North
Inman Fruit and Produce Co 516-18 N Washington

Publishers HERALD PUBLISHING CO, 138 Pine (See page 2) POLK R L & CO, 431 Howard, Detroit, Mich






(1925) R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Atlantic Coast Line Ry Co 218 N Washington Central of Georgia Railway Co 207 Pine Georgia Southwestern & Gulf R R 221 Flint

Real Estate
Crawford Wm L 223% Broad
FARMERS LAND LOAN & TITLE CO, 230 Pine (See front cover and page 31)
Hilsman & Tift 208 Pine Palmyra Co 211 Pine Shemwell Dermot Co 223% Broad Southern Realty Co 302 N Washington Spence R E L 230% Pine Tarver Hartwell H 232% Broad
TICKNOR T M REALTY CO, 501-2 Davis Exchange Bank Bldg (See front cover)
Warren R H & Son 123 Court av

ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO, 226-228 Broad (See right center lines and page 29)

Brosnan Daniel J 242 Broad Burns Wm 109 S Washington Carter & Swain 114 S Front Charrob Robert 119 Flint Cook & Bulbos 322 N Washington Dukes Nettie 709 E Broad Edwards Carrie 115 Court av Elks Cafe 216 Pine Fields Samuel 222% South Horton James M 109 Broad Jackson Harriet 1303 N Washington Johnson Wm 115 S Jackson Jones Eva L 400 S Washington Jordan Rosa 132 Compress al Mansfield Mollie 119 N Front Metropolitan Cafe 236 Pine Mosley Claude 12 5S Jackson Patterson Sarah 109 Court av Perry John 210 S Washington Plaza Cafe 119 N Washington Royal Cafe 204 Pine Silver Moon Cafe 247 Broad Washington Jordan 206 E Broad
Weaver Wm 224 South

4L Classified ^Business Lists CITY DIRECTORY



Roofers Bobbitt J T Roofing Co 110 Pine
Riley & Mills 321 Broad

GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines and page 30)

^Roofing Materials
HODGES BUILDERS SUPPLY CO, 318 N Jackson (See back cover and page 28)

*Rulers HERALD PUBLISHING CO, 138 Pine (See page 2)

*Sand GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines
and page 30)

Sash, Doors and Blinds GENERAL LUMBER CO, Leesburg rd (See right top lines
and page 30)

*Sash and Doors HODGES BUILDERS SUPPLY CO, 318 N Jackson (See
back cover and page 28) STOKES W A, 101-109 Pine (See page 3)

Bldg (See left top lines)

Seeds RUSH V R & CO, 235 Flint (See right top lines and page

Sewing Machines Singer Sewing Machine Co 238 Broad

Shoe Repairers Brown Joseph 428% Cotton Byrd Wiley 615 Broad Golden Joseph O 114 S Jackson Gordon Beverly 103 Court av
Johnson Pando G 137 and 235 Broad Laster J P S Jefferson Smith Edward 310 S Jackson

Shoe Shine Albany Hat Cleaning Co 218 Pine



112-118 Pine Street

Telephone 676