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Fitzgerald GA
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Rotary Club (Fitzgerald, Ga.)
Allen's Super Market (Fitzgerald, Ga.)
Fletcher Buick (Automobile dealer : Fitzgerald, Ga.)
Lile Bros. Dairy Products (Fitzgerald, Ga.)
Central United Methodist Church (Fitzgerald, Ga.)
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Fitzgerald (Ga.)
Fitzgerald (Ga.)--History--20th century
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Fitzgerald (Ga.)--Social life and customs--20th century
African Americans--Georgia--Fitzgerald
United States, Georgia, Ben Hill County, Fitzgerald, 31.7149082, -83.2526545
Moving images
Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: Fitzgerald Car Shops, 1:27. Sign: "Fitzgerald Auto Supply Company" one woman, an African American mechanic, and many businessmen standing in front of the Fitzgerald Auto Supply Co. dressed primarily in suits. Men at counters inside an auto supply shop. Sign: "Williams & Company, Inc." Sign: "Chevrolet" cars parked and driving by Williams & Company, Inc. with people outside. Zooms in on crowd of nine men and one woman outside Williams & Company, Inc. Dog runs down sidewalk. Inside of car garage with car being fixed. Inside of car garage with car being put on a jack. Inside of car garage with car being polished. Inside car shop with men at the counter. Segment two: Fitzgerald Food Stores, 2:07. Advertisement for Allen's Super Market. People checking out at cash registers and their items being bagged. Boy holding up fish behind a counter. Man holding up a slab of meat behind a counter. Man in the grocery store waving hello. Milk truck advertising Liles Bros. Dairy products. Three women and four men pose in from of Liles Bros. Dairy Products store front. Two men working at milk bottling machinery. Man holding spout of machinery. Cows outside behind a fence in a pasture. Cows inside are being fed or milked. Segment three: Fitzgerald Car Shops Part Two, 3:08. Sign: "Motor & Imp. Co." Girl and woman inside of car shop with many car parts on display. Car shop with parts and tires on display. Sign: "1947 Studebaker Exclusive Rear Adjusting Hydraulic Brakes." Sign: "B.F. Goodrich." Possible car salesman standing by new car. Mechanics and other car shop employees standing in front of store. Sign: "B.F. Goodrich." Sign: "Used Car Bargains" behind parked cars and cars drive by building painted with M.M. Fletcher! Buick Sales and Service on it. Salesmen stand in front of cars in front of sign: "Used Car Bargains. Easy Gmac Terms." Employees stand in from of Western Auto Associate Store. Two men stand in from of Western Auto Associate Store. People walking around inside of Western Auto Associate Store with parts and pieces on display. Segment four: Rotary Club, 4:28. Advertisement for C.O. Walker Westinghouse refrigerators, ranges, radios, appliances, Sinclair gas, and oil. Advertisement for Rotary Club. Panning along line of men in suits, while voiceover talks about their good deeds as a club. Two men shaking hands in front of other men. Panning along line of men in suits. Man writes on clipboard. Segment five: Schools, 5:20. Parents walking out of a school with their children, voiceover about their schools. Teenage students walking out of school with their books. Different students are shown gathering and talking with friends. Younger students run down the stairs of their school until teachers end the line by walking down the stairs. Children run in a mass across a field. Children lined up in front of the school. Children disperse in front of school, then teachers walk out of school. Young children walk out of school, then teachers follow at the end. Advertisement for Fitzgerald high school band and football squad. Students in a room with music stands and instruments. Band instructor in front of band students with instruments. Football players posing and throwing football. Coaches with football in front of players. Football players scrimmaging on field in front of houses. Segment six: Churches and Other Structures, 8:56. Sign: "Central Methodist Church" advertising church school and service times. Sign: "The Central Methodist Church" with the church history. Views from across the street of a church. Dressed up families leaving church. Church minister shaking hands with churchgoers. Women standing outside of a house, while voiceover talks about thanking soldiers for their sacrifices during World War II. Women in front of Sign: "Central Methodist Church." Sign: "First Baptist Church" showing worship times. Across the street from a church. Families leaving church. People standing on stairs outside of home, while voiceover talks about applying sciences we have learned. Voiceover continues while showing a theatre. Sign: "She-Wolf of London" movie poster under theatre awning. People standing outside of theatre with same sign. Moviegoers stand at a machine outside of the theatre. Sign: "Strange Voyage Eddie Albert" under sign: "Pine" under sign: "Theatre." The End screen.
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