Old Fitzgerald story

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Old Fitzgerald story
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Fitzgerald (Ga.)
Fitzgerald (Ga.)--History--20th century
Documentaries and factual works
Fire fighters--Georgia--Fitzgerald
United States. Work Projects Administration
Clothing trade--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Newspaper employees--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Newspaper presses--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Church buildings--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Farmers' markets--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Railroad trains--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Baseball players--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Signs and signboards--Georgia--Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald (Ga.)--Social life and customs--20th century
African Americans--Georgia--Fitzgerald
United States, Georgia, Ben Hill County, Fitzgerald, 31.7149082, -83.2526545
Moving images
Segment one: Townspeople, 0:00. Sign: "-Fitzgerald- The Colony City Center of South Georgia" strung up across the street. People shown on sidewalk: toddler, woman, and man and sign: "Coca-Cola." Leaves are being raked in the town square and sign: "Texaco gas" in background. Child standing by yard with parents. Camera pans to individual citizens smiling for the camera. African American women sit with children on grass by the sidewalk. Women standing in front of a car with a child in it. African American women sit babysitting babies and children. Children smiling for the camera. Man riding donkey down the street. Man walking by. Child in stroller. Women smiling for the camera. Woman walking across street with toddler. . Police standing in front of building. Fire engines with riders on them. Segment two: School Activities, 3:06. Sign: "School Activities." Boys working with wood in a class, making chairs, etc. Students and teachers standing outside of the school for the camera, close-ups on groups of teachers and students. Scene of the American flag and the Georgia flag on a flagpole behind a school. Students driving by school and walking out of it. Children dressed up with paper hats and holding American flags. Students running out of school. Segment three: Work in Fitzgerald, 7:14. Powerlines. Men work on fixing the cables on a powerline. Sign: "A WPA Project" is improving the water system of Fitzgerald. Men digging on a road. Holes are being filled. Men digging a trench. A horse pulls a carriage down a road that has U.S. Mail City Delivery No.3 painted on the side. A man stands by a car. A child smiles for the camera. Segment four: Buildings of the Town, 8:39. A building is shown. People ride bicycles down the road in front of a church. People stand in front of a large building. Main street is busy with many buildings, cars, and people. Neighborhood streets are shown. A man rides a horse down a back alley. Segment five: School Part Two, 9:18. Children and teachers pose for the camera outside of school. Students pour down the school steps. Students dressed up in front of a window prop, smiling for the camera. Segment six: Industries, 11:06. Sign: "Industries." Sign: "Fitzgerald Cotton Mills Office." Men outside of their work, not working. Men sitting on railroad ties. Women and a few men leaving work down the front steps. Cars driving away from parking places by railroad ties. Sign: "Perfect Pants MFG. Co. Inc. Entrance." Women sewing the Perfect Pants factory store. Herald Pryor Bros Painting Co. painted on a store window. Man reading newspaper in office with box labeled Fitzgerald Motor Supply Co. Men working with printing press machinery. Window painted The Leader Enterprise and Press with an American flag behind it. Women and men working on a newspaper and printing machines. Large printing press. Man with typewriter typing up story. Segment seven: Civic Organizations, 13:28. Dressed up men sitting at a fancy dinner with a Rotary Club symbol on the table, with food served by an African American. Women in nice dress and hats outside a building, focuses on some smiling for the camera. Segment eight: Nite-Life, 15:09. Sign: "Nite-Life." Men dressed in western-wear playing music as a band, mostly guitars. Women and men dancing in a dance hall, focuses on some couples. Women and men sit at a table playing cards. The Martin Theatre is shown with its lights lighting up. People are shown in the theatre watching a movie. Segment nine: Town Life, 16:41. An African American man guides his horse and buggy down a dirt road. A large building is shown. A man displays his horse. Children ride bicycles down the road and in front of a building, they also display a bicycle for the camera. Building shown. Citizen smoking next to street. Cattle pulls cart down a road in front of a church. Little boy in peddle car. Church building shown. Large building shown from across grassy quad. Women stand in front of window painted Rural-Urban Farmer's Market Open Tuesdays-Thursday-Saturdays with a poster for the American Red Cross in the corner of the window. Women and children gather at the theater. Women show off their babies and toddlers to the camera. Children, mostly toddlers, pose with other children, their parents, and a dog. Segment ten: Locomotives, 20:00. AB&C painted in a diamond on the side of a train. Man cleaning the top of a train, labelled Dixie Flagler, in a train yard with other trains. Men pose in from of the trains and with engineers. A train turns on a turntable. Workers eat lunch. Segment eleven: People Around Town, 21:16. Woman shows off her baby. Women pose in front of a window store with shirts. People drive in cars down the main street. A baseball team, Fleet Winds, poses on the diamond, then shows them practicing. A woman and her children walk down their house's stairs. A church is shown from across the street. Families are shown walking out of the church. Black slug.
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