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[Cordele town film, 1936]
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Kunkleman, H. C.
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Cordele Banking Company (Cordele, Ga.)
LeRoy's Cafe (Cordele, Ga.)
Bob's Place (Cordele, Ga.)
O'Neal Grade School (Cordele, Ga.)
Northern Heights School (Cordele, Ga.)
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Cordele
Banks and banking--Georgia--Cordele
Elementary schools--Georgia--Cordele
Cordele (Ga.)
Documentaries and factual works
Cordele (Ga.)--Social life and customs--20th century
Lumber trade--Georgia--Cordele
Coca Cola (Trademark);Automobiles--Maintenance and repair
Shoe stores--Georgia--Cordele
Funeral homes--Georgia--Cordele
Dry cleaning industry--Georgia--Cordele
Beauty shops--Georgia--Cordele
Service stations--Georgia--Cordele
Letter carriers--Georgia--Cordele
Grocery trade--Georgia--Cordele
Junior high schools--Georgia--Cordele
Junior high school students--Georgia--Cordele
Ice industry--Georgia--Cordele
Automobile industry and trade--Georgia--Cordele
Flower vending--Georgia--Cordele
Lions International
Rotary International
African Americans--Georgia--Cordele
United States, Georgia, Crisp County, Cordele, 31.963507, -83.782394
Moving images
Film made in 1936 about Cordele, Georgia, plus outtakes. It and others like it were made by itinerant filmmakers, a niche market in filmmaking from the 1920s through the 1950s. These men traveled various regions of the country with camera and film, usually partnering with Chambers of Commerce to photograph people and businesses in town, then to show the film at the local movie theater where townsfolk flocked to pay to see themselves on the screen. This film in particular was made by itinerant photographer H.C. Kunkleman for his company, Pacific Film Productions, based in Erie, Pennsylvania. Included are scenes of the town of Cordele and its citizens (police officers, barbers, etc), local schools and students (O'neal Grade School and Northern Heights School), and local businesses (a cinema, Cordele Banking Company, LeRoys Cafe, a barber shop, Bob's Place).

Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: Chamber of Commerce Members, 1:23. Sign: "The Chamber of Commerce Members." Members of the Chamber of Commerce are shown outside the Crisp Co. Chamber of Commerce in their suits. Men walk into a building and shake hands. Segment 2: Industries and Jobs, 2:45. Sign: "Cordele Sash-Door & Lumber Co." A man works in a saw mill where logs are stacked and machines move them. A horse carries logs on a cart. At the lumber yard, an African American man cuts the logs into planks of wood on machines. African American employees pose at the lumber yard for the camera. Women pose with children. Segment three: Le Roy's Restaurant, 5:07. Sign: "Excellent Food....appetizingly served in a clean and pleasant environment....Le Roy's." Le Roy's Cafe store front is shown with waitresses in the windows. The restaurant is full of patrons eating in a nice, clean environment. People are working in the kitchen preparing food. Segment four: J.D. Ryals Drug Store, 6:22. Sign: "Just a good Drug Store! J.D. Ryals." The drug store is located on a street corner with advertisements for Coca-Cola. Inside is a soda bar, with candy and ice cream as well. The drug store is full of patrons. Segment five: City Beauty & Barber Shop, 6:53. Sign: "It pays to look well City Beauty & Barber Shop." People receive haircuts and get their hair washed in the barber shop. Workers cut hair and repair anything needing work. Segment six: Hudson Terraplane Sales and Service, 7:10. Sign: "Fountain Motor at Hudson Terraplane Sales and Service-Drive one and be convinced." Cars drive out of a garage underneath a sign: "Terraplane Hudson Sales & Service Garage." Men stand watching the cars drive out making sure everything goes smoothly. Next door is an advertisement for the First National Bank. The garage also has a stock of parts and accessories. Businessmen walk out of a house to inspect a new car parked in front of it. One man hands the other one, a car salesman, a check and then gets in the car. A mechanic and another man inspect a car in a car garage, while other men get into the other cars. Segment seven: Cordele's Oldest and Leading Drug Store, 8:48. Sign: "Cordele's oldest and leading drug store "Come Across" Jenning's." On a corner, a drug store with a sign: "Soda." and signs: "Come Across Jennings." at the top of the store front has people coming out all three of its doors. The clerk in the store pours medicine into a cup then a bottle, while a large number of medicine bottles are stacked in a pyramid on a medicine counter. On the other side of the counter, a patron watches as waiters bring soda out to seated patrons. Patrons sit and stand inside the drug store sipping on sodas. Segment eight: A Business Firm You All Know, 9:44. Sign: "A business firm you all know." Cars are parked outside of a few food stands with a sign: "Menu." and a sign: "Ice Cream." Families stand by the food stand ordering food as waiters bring out a tray with food and drink on it to parked cars. A chef prepares meat on an outside spit. A family enjoys their food and posing for the camera. Segment nine: The Lions Club, 10:52. Sign: "Our Lions Club." Business men and woman dressed in suits pose for the camera in front of a large building. Segment ten: Evans Shoe Shop, 11:27. Sign: "Your feet appreciate it when Evans shoe shop rebuilds them!" There is a shoe shop with glass shelving and numerous shoe building tools, and shoemakers work on shoes. A shoemaker in the shop poses for the camera with different pairs of repaired shoes. The shoemakers work on repairing shoes and show a comparison between one that has been repaired and one that hasn't. Segment eleven: Southwell Service Station, 12:04. Sign: "Expert washing and great a specialty Southwell Service Station." A car is parked at a gas station with three gas pumps and a sign: "Texaco Motor Oil." There are also cars on lifts to be repaired outside the station next to a building that has "Certified Lubrication Texaco" painted on the side. Two mechanics service a car on the ground next to a car on a lift. Texaco workers pose for the camera in front of the station. Segment twelve: Bob's Place, 12:58. Sign: "Bob's Place a friendly place to go after the show for truly REAL Bar-B-Q's!." A restaurant in a little white house as well as the building next to it has a sign: "Bob's Place" on it as well as advertisements for Coca-Cola and barbecue. Waiters run between the cars outside and the building, taking orders from customers. Another sign: "Bob's Place Sea Foods." Bob's Place is three or so buildings next to each other. Segment thirteen: The Rotary Club, 13:36. Sign: "Our Rotary Club." Rotary Club members stand dressed in suits posing for the camera in front of a wall. Segment fourteen: Rosamond Cafe, 14:41. Sign: ""a friendly eating place catering to your taste" Rosamond Cafe." Store front of Rosamond Cafe is shown with "Rosamond Cafe" painted on the windows. The inside of the cafe is filled with customers, and waitresses are waiting on tables that are covered in table cloths. Segment fifteen: M'Dorman Funeral Home, 15:25. Sign: "Prompt courteous Ambulance service by trained attendants M'Dorman Funeral Home." A man walks out of a nice home to a vehicle in front of it, likely an ambulance, which drives off. Employees of the funeral home pose in suits for the camera. Segment sixteen: Arrington's Inc., 15:52. Sign: ""Our business is making washdays a pleasure" Arrington's Inc." A washman throws bags into a machine in a room of machines, some of which have steam coming out of them. African American men are cleaning clothes in large washers, with clothes piled on a table, as a worker uses bottled liquids. Women fold large sheets at a table. A man walks out of sign: "Arrington's laundry drycleaners." to a car with "Arrington's" on the window, with a bag of cleaned clothes. Segment seventeen: Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe, 16:49. Sign: "Every operation in modern beauty culture Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe." A worker is doing a young girl's nails while other women sit around talking. Workers and patrons pose for the camera. Women beauticians work on girls' hair, putting in curlers and other styles. Segment eighteen: Wall Street Service Station, 17:27. Sign: ""Drive in and try our prompt and courteous service" Wall Street Service Station Texaco Products." Sign: "Texaco Motor Oil." Sign: "Texaco Certified Service." A car is parked under and overhang that has Texaco car products outside and gas pumps. A service station employee poses for the camera in his Texaco uniform. Segment nineteen: Postal Employees, 17:59. Sign: "Dispensers of joy and sadness our postal employees." Postal employees pose for the camera in their uniforms. Segment twenty: The Wall Street Grocery, 18:31. Sign: ""The finest in things for your table" Wall Street Grocery." Shoppers walk out of a building with "Cold Meats" painted on the window. Inside the grocery store, people stand in line with their children to buy food. Behind the counter are rows and rows of canned food among other food products. Segment twenty one: The Texas Company, 19:11. Sign: "McD. Hopkins agent The Texas Company." A businessman stands outside posing for the camera. A Texaco truck is parked and filled with large containers of something. Large Texaco containers hold something, probably oil, as the truck drives away. Sign: "The Texas Company U.S.A." Segment twenty two: Junior High School, 19:49. Sign: "Junior High School." Junior high school students pose for the camera in front of their school. Segment twenty three: Atlantic Ice & Coal Co., 21:29. Sign: "Serving the public for 25 years! Atlantic Ice & Coal Co." Inside of a building, ice boxes are shown. Men load trucks for the Atlantic Ice & Coal Co. with boxes. Businessmen and workmen of the company pose for the camera. Segment twenty four: Standard Bakery, 22:19. Sign: ""Making your daily bread! It's good fluffy fresh snowy white Standard Bakery." A baker works kneading and cutting dough while another folds dough as it comes out of a machine. Some workers pour bread out of molds as other put them where they belong. Segment twenty five: Gleaton's Service Station, 23:12. Sign: "Your business is always appreciated at Gleaton's Service Station." A gas service station with a sign: "Sinclair." and a sign: "Good Year." and gas pumps outside. On the road, is a sign: "18 cents" denoting the cost of gas and service. Inside a garage labelled "Washing & Lubrication," cars are put on lifts and serviced. Segment twenty six: S. L. Ryals, 23:42. Sign: "S.L. Ryals Buick Pontiac & Oldsmobile Distributor "sales and services"." People walk down the street on a main street in front of a long store front. Inside the building, a salesman surveys the engine of a car, as another one encourages a customer to get in a car. In front of the window outside, employees, mechanics and salesmen among others, pose for the camera. Segment twenty seven: Ingram Floral Shoppe, 25:01. Sign: "A gift of flowers is always in good taste Ingram Floral Shoppe." Inside the flower shop, a woman shows a couple a case of flowers near some rocking chairs and a carpet. Black slug.
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