Joel A. Weir: film of Athens (1947)

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Joel A. Weir: film of Athens (1947)
Weir, Joel A.
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Athens Chamber of Commerce (Athens, Ga.)
Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America
Athens Ben-Epps Airport (Ga.)
University of Georgia
Garden Club of Georgia
Athens General Hospital (Athens, Ga.)
Rodgers Hosiery Company (Athens, Ga.)
African American neighborhoods--Georgia--Athens
Public housing--Georgia--Athens
Golf courses--Georgia--Athens
Athens (Ga.)--Social life and customs--20th century
College campuses--Georgia--Athens
Kiwanis International
City halls--Georgia--Athens
Fire fighters--Georgia--Athens
Coffee shops--Georgia--Athens
Coca Cola (Trademark)
Athens (Ga.)--Aerial film and video footage
Signs and signboards--Georgia--Athens
Banks and banking--Georgia--Athens
Architecture, Domestic--Georgia--Athens
Greek letter societies--Georgia--Athens
Church buildings--Georgia--Athens
Motion picture theaters--Georgia--Athens
Post office stations and branches--Georgia--Athens
African Americans--Georgia--Athens
United States, Georgia, Clarke County, Athens, 33.960948, -83.3779358
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Because of its business and housing content, we believe this 16mm color amateur film of scenes in and around Athens was made by Joel A. Weir. We date the original film to 1947 because the films screening at the downtown theaters - the Ritz, the Georgia, and the Palace - are "The Dark Corner" (released in April 1946), "The Jolson Story" (released in October 1946), "The Razor's Edge" (released in December 1946), and "Valley of Fear" (released in February 1947). The two earlier films may have taken some time to get to Athens after their initial New York and Los Angeles premieres. The more striking aspects of the footage are the extreme differences shown between the houses along Milledge and Prince Avenues, and the African American neighborhoods, as well as the then fairly new public housing and apartments along Broad Street. These neighborhoods have been identified as "Tip Toe Alley" (between Finley and Newton Streets at Baxter Street) and "Linden Town" (Lumpkin near Baxter), both of which were razed for public housing and for University of Georgia expansion. Also included is footage of local service organization members (Kiwanis, Pilot Club) gathering for lunch downtown, local bankers and businessmen outside their buildings, a scene of the Chamber of Commerce building, aerial views of Athens, a livestock auction at the Northeast Georgia Livestock Association building, a Shriners parade downtown, the airport, UGA campus scenes, the Garden Club of Georgia's Founders Garden, a golf course, Athens General Hospital, and the Rodgers Hosiery Company.

Test pattern. Seal of the City of Athens. Segment one: Athens Town and People, 1:05. North Campus of the University of Georgia is shown from above, including Herty Field, Moore College, and a crowded downtown. City Hall is shown from an aerial view, but not above. Businessmen congregate outside of a building. Policemen stand in uniform outside of a building. A fireman in uniform poses in front of a fire engine. Men walk out of a large building with grand columns and pose outside. Downtown, men walk along the sidewalk with buttons on their jackets and walk into a barber shop. A building downtown is shown with a sign: "Coffee Shop." and a sign: "Hotel Georgia." Men walk on the sidewalk in front of the Georgia Hotel with a sign: "Georgian Hotel." Men talk in front of the barber shop downtown. Segment two: People's Groups, 4:27. The Kiwanis International symbol is shown. Men, presumably of the Kiwanis Club, enter a building in downtown Athens. A group of men in suits leave the barber shop downtown. A group of men walks down the sidewalk toward the Georgian Hotel. In downtown Athens, a group of people walk in front of stores, where there is a sign: "Coca-Cola." A shield is shown, then some men. A shield for Pilot's International is help by two women, then more women walk outside a building. Segment three: Views of Athens, 6:58. Aerial views of downtown Athens are shown, including Broad Street. Views of the University of Georgia campus are also shown, mostly of North Campus. In addition to the University of Georgia campus and downtown Athens, other sites in Athens are shown showing homes and industrial buildings, as well as roads and train tracks. Once again, there is a view of City Hall. Segment four: Downtown Athens Shriners Celebration, 8:03. The main street in downtown Athens is shown extremely full of people in preparation for what looks to be a celebration, with streamers on telephone poles and people wearing Shriners Fez hats. Sign: "Tuck's Shoe Shop." Sign: "Broad Fruit Stand." A Confederate monument in the middle of Broad Street is shown as cars drive by it. Sign: "N and N Cafeteria." Sign: "Tony's Cafe." People stand in a crowd outside the Chamber of Commerce, some dressed in Shriners uniforms. A Shriners band plays for assembled listeners. Sign: "J.B. White's Appliances." People line the streets in downtown Athens as the Shriners put on a parade, including a marching band and animals. Segment five: Banks and Businesses in Athens, 10:37. A man stands in front of "Hubbert Bank" smoking a pipe. A business man walks out of a building downtown, and then poses by the sign: "The National Bank of Athens Safe Deposit Boxes." A window is shown with "The Citizens and Southern National Bank on it. Two men, wearing straw boater hats, stand outside the Chamber of Commerce. Segment six: Residences, 11:22. A residence in Athens with nice landscaping and pansies in front of the house. A large residence with columns in the Greek style. A small residence with a brick gate and walkway leading up to the house. A woman walks partially up the brick walkway to a small house with small white columns on the outside. A large white house with two story columns at the front door with a row of hedges in front of the driveway. A smaller white house with three gables stands behind many thin and tall trees. A small white cottage with a green door and window shutters. A small brick house with the walkway to the front door lined with small shrubs. A brick house is completely covered in ivy with a small front porch and columns. A person walks down a road with many different colorful trees between him or her and the camera. A girl plays tennis in front of a large blooming tree. A couple of the previously mentioned residences are next to each other on a sidewalk lined road. A Greek style house with white columns and stairs leading up to it, with trees blooming in the front yard. A car drives down a neighborhood street with trees blooming in front of houses. Two women walk down the sidewalk next to blooming trees. Large columned houses with blooming trees in the front yard. Bushes are blooming with pink flowers. A toddler is pulled in a stroller in front of a yellow stuccoed house with a green roof and green trim around the windows and door. A man walks up to a large brick house with porches around it with columns. A craftsman style house has lots of blooming trees and bushes in the front yard. A white house with trees in the yard. Young women walk in a garden, probably the Founder's Garden, with lots of blooming flowers. Segment seven: The University of Georgia Campus, 14:54. North Campus is shown from an aerial view with Moore College and Herty Field at the top of the view. Students walk past Park Hall. Students stand in front of the Fine Arts Building. A close up of the decorations on the Fine Arts Building. Students walk in front of buildings on campus. Segment eight: Large Houses, 15:27. Students mingle on the front steps of a large, grand house with columns and two chimneys. Male students walk down the front steps of a large house mostly obscured by trees. Male students sit on the front steps of a large house, mingling. A flower on a magnolia tree. A person walks into a large brick house with cars parked outside and columns on the front porch. A large brick house has a long front porch with six columns and rocking chairs. Segment nine: The University of Georgia Campus Part Two, 16:23. People walk in front of the Chapel on north campus. Students walk in front of what is now the Hunter-Holmes Academic Building. Students walk on a sidewalk in north campus with the arch and downtown behind them. Students walk out of Park Hall on north campus. Students walk in front of a large building with columns on it. Students walk and mingle outside of various buildings on north campus on a sidewalk that leads to downtown Athens. The fence separating campus and downtown has students behind it walking on campus in front of what is now the Hunter-Holmes Academic Building. Segment ten: Sorority Houses, 17:25. The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house. The Delta Delta Delta sorority house. Segment eleven: Churches, 17:36. An aerial view of a few blocks of Athens with a church and some large houses. People pour out of a church after the service ends. Close ups of some of the churchgoers. Sign: "Georgia U.S. 129 Jefferson Gainesville." Two men shake hands on the porch of a church with "Christian Church" engraved in the stone above the door. A large church with many columns in the front is shown from a couple of views. A large white church with a red roof and large stained glass windows. A large brick church with stained glass windows. A large white building with columns and a red roof where cars are parked in front of it. A stone church with a bell tower on the side. A stained glass window showing three people on the side of the stone church. Segment twelve: School, 18:55. Children play in a grassy field in front of their school. Girls hold hands while running in a circle. Children completely cover a jungle gym. Children run in a mass away from the jungle gym where they previously all were. Students watch as some boys play a game of baseball. Boys race across a field. Boys run past the camera in a line. Baseball practice where young boys are taught how to throw and hit the ball. Segment twelve: Downtown Movie Theatres, 20:23. Sign: "Ritz." Sign: "William Bendix in "Dark Corner" with Lucille Ball." A movie theater in the strip of buildings downtown. Sign: "Georgia Theater." The Georgia Theater is shown from an aerial view with cars parked along the street. A strip of buildings downtown with many signs and advertisements, as well as parked cars. Sign: "Southern Shoes." Sign: "Graham Hotel Coca-Cola." Sign: "Johnny Mack Brown in "Valley of Fear" Son of the Guardsman Chap 2." More movie theaters. Sign: "Palace." Sign: "Larry Parks and Evelyn Keyes in "The Jolson Story" in Technicolor." Sign: "Sears. Roebuck & Co." Families walk past stores in downtown Athens. Sign: "Moon-Winn Drug Co." People stand in a long line to see The Jolson Story at the Palace Theatre. Sign: "Benson's Bread." People buy tickets at the entrance to the theater to see Larry Parks and Evelyn Keyes in "The Jolson Story" in Technicolor. Sign: "The Georgia Theatre, Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney "The Razor's Edge"." The Georgia Theatre and a church are in a view of downtown. Segment thirteen: Golf, 21:17. A golf course is shown from above. Men play golf and practice their putting while socializing. Men trot down a golf course toward their ball or the next hole. A golf course with trees, a water feature, and people on it. Women stroll along a golf course. A golf course is shown from an aerial view. Segment fourteen: Important Buildings, 22:15. Buildings are shown from a rooftop. The camera pans along a building with "United States Post Office" engraved in it. A large brick building with many windows. A large white building with "Athens General Hospital" above the porch with people walking out of it. Segment fifteen: Airplanes, 22:54. A smiling woman stands in front of an airplane. Two pilots approach and get in an airplane in a field of planes. Various buildings and structures at the airport that are necessary for flight. A man spins a propeller before taking off. Views of Athens are shown from overhead, buildings along a river and fields. Segment sixteen: Cows and Cattle, 24:25. Women sit under a tree in the shade. Sign: "Rodgers Hosiery Compound." Cows eating grass in a field. Sign: "N.E. Georgia Livestock Association Auction Barn Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, Etc." Cars parked outside of a barn for a cattle auction. Men inspecting cattle at the auction. Segment seventeen: Small Houses, 25:51. Cars parked in front of small houses with an advertisement for Coca-Cola and a sign: "Eat." The camera pans along trees. Small wooden houses in a line. A creek by the houses. Sign: "B.C. Kinney Coca-Cola." Depressed housing area in a valley below a cliff with nicer houses on it. Row of wooden houses in depressed area with clothes and belongings outside. Smoke billows from a fire behind a house. African American women attending to chores. African American children play and walk around their house area. More houses. Sign: "Railroad Crossing." Segment eighteen: Housing Complexes, 33:52. Aerial views of Athens. Combined housing across the street from a school. Children play in front of duplexes. African American schoolchildren walk down the sidewalk and form a ring and walk in a circle around one child. A house with a large flower bush. An apartment complex with bushes. Children swing on swings. Children walk and run around the field at an apartment complex. Children play. Segment nineteen: Garden, 35:58. A garden with flowers lining walls and a pond. People walk into a garden and observe the flowers. The Founder's Garden. Women closely look at the flower beds. Two women walk under the arch towards downtown. Black slug.
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