Pebble Hill Plantation film collection, Item 126 (pebbhill_0126)

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Pebble Hill Plantation film collection, Item 126 (pebbhill_0126)
Newell, David McCheyne, 1898-1986
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Sportsman's club (Television program)
Sports television programs
Dogs--Breeding--United States
Fox hunting--Georgia
African American men--Georgia
Jeep automobile--Georgia
Automobile drivers--Georgia
Animal specialists--Georgia
United States, Georgia, Thomas County, Thomasville, 30.8365815, -83.9787808
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, 37.09024, -95.712891
Moving images
Descriptive information on file: Barclay Productions "Georgia Foxhound" Show 21 (73)
Title screen. Segment one: The Sportsmans Club , 0:05. Sign: "THE Sportsmans Club." The camera slides over to the cabin next door. A man named Len Stokes opens the door and talks with Dave Newell, an author and sportsman, and Gail Borden. He sets up the show. Black slug. One of the men draws a running fox. The host asks them a question about foxes, which the other men answer. The man drawing adds a hound to be the picture. They discuss fox hounds, Georgia Washington, and Lafayette. Outside, two men are walking by the kennels of Walker hounds. An African American man feeds the dogs. The dogs look at the camera and wag their tails. They show off "Possum Face." The African American man blows on a horn and the dogs all bark. Back in the cabin, two of the men are talking to each other more about the hunting. Outside, they take some of the dogs in a truck with cages and Herbert, the African American man, followed the dogs on foot. Dave followed in a jeep. They let the dogs go on the edge of a field. An African American man drives the jeep as another keeps watch. The dogs are barking. A fox up close. The dogs go crazy as they smell the trail of a fox. Herbert runs along and follows them. The jeep drives behind until stopping so they can get out. The African American man driving lets out a yell before pointing and getting back in the jeep to follow. The pack of dogs chase the fox clear across a field. Herbert runs behind slowly. The jeep follows behind as well. Back in the cabin, they talk about it more. In the end, the fox did not get caught. They break for the sponsor. Black slug. Len closes out the show by thanking viewers and asking you to watch again. All three say goodbye. End credits: "Directed by JAMES L. BAKER Written by DAVID M. NEWELL Photographed by SAMUEL R. SAPPO Sound Recorded By AUGUST A. BORGEN WILLIAM A. STONE Edited By JOHN H. WARE Produced By MODE-ART Pictures, Inc." Black slug.
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Pebble Hill Plantation film collection, circa 1917-1976
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection
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