Booth Williams home movie collection, Reels 9-11 (hm-will_0024)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Booth Williams home movie collection, Reels 9-11 (hm-will_0024)
Williams, Booth
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Monroe
Williams family
Saint Augustine (Fla.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Florida--Saint Augustine
Fountain of youth (Legendary place)
Asheville (N.C.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--North Carolina--Asheville
Hotels--North Carolina--Asheville
Grove Park Inn (Asheville, N.C.)
Keystone (S.D.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--South Dakota--Keystone
Idaho--Description and travel
Family vacations--Idaho
Montana--Description and travel
Family vacations--Montana
Wyoming--Description and travel
Family vacations--Wyoming
Oakridge (Or.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Oregon--Oakridge
California--Description and travel
Family vacations--California
San Francisco (Calif.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--California--San Francisco
Clark County (Nev.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Nevada--Clark County
Arizona--Descripton and travel
Family vacations--Arizona
Architecture, Domestic
Cities and towns
Fountains--Florida--Saint Augustine
Castillo de San Marcos (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Bodies of water
Monuments--Florida--Saint Augustine
Drawbridges--Florida--Saint Augustine
Moats--Florida--Saint Augustine
Carriages and carts
Boats and boating
Camp sites, facilities, etc.
Bathing suits
Chewing gum
Vacation homes
Sand dunes
Drinking behavior
Dinners and dining
Signs and signboards
Church buildings
Older women
Flags--United States
Canoes and canoeing
Chimney Rock (N.C. : Mountain)
Beach balls
Cigar smoking
Banks and banking
Indians of North America
Mount Rushmore National Memorial (S.D.)
Yellowstone National Park
Hot springs
Lone Star Geyser (Wyo.)
Old Faithful Geyser (Wyo.)
Quarries and quarrying
Trolley cars
Express highways
Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, Calif.)
Coit Memorial Tower (San Francisco, Calif.)
Buildings--California--San Francisco
San Francisco (Calif.)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Yosemite Falls (Calif.)
Yosemite Valley (Calif.)
Yosemite National Park (Calif.)
El Capitan (Calif.)
Half Dome (Calif.)
Bridalveil Fall (Calif.)
Hoover Dam (Ariz. and Nev.)
Grand Canyon (Ariz.)
Totem poles
Trees, Fossil
United States, Georgia, Walton County, Monroe, 33.7948364, -83.713229
United States, 37.09024, -95.712891
United States, Florida, Saint Johns County, Saint Augustine, 29.9012, 81.3124
United States, North Carolina, Buncombe County, Asheville, 35.5951, -82.5515
United States, North Carolina, Rutherford County, 35.4259, 81.9098
United States, South Dakota, Pennington County, Keystone, 43.8955, -103.4182
United States, Idaho, 44.0682, -114.7420
United States, Montana, 46.8797, -110.3626
United States, Wyoming, 43.0760, -107.2903
United States, Oregon, Lane County, Oakridge, 43.7465, 122.4617
United States, California, 36.7783, -119.4179
United States, California, San Francisco County, San Francisco, 37.7749, 122.4194
United States, Arizona, 34.0489, -111.0937
United States, Nevada, Clark County, 36.0796, -115.0940;
Moving images
Film screen. Black slug. Segment one: Children playing, 0:17. Girls gather around a large bag. They have blown it up into a large balloon. The children run around outside and play with it. A woman watches and helps them. It is primarily the older girls keeping it in the air. Segment two: Home, 1:08. A brick house with a small front porch. There appears to be a thin layer of snow on the grass. The street dead ends over a hill. Segment three: Town, 1:37. Three girls stand together and play with bubbles in the middle of a town square. People and cars pass by. Black slug. Segment four: Vacation in Saint Augustine, 2:24. Sign: "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH." The sign stands in front of some small bushes and a covering. A fountain flows in the middle of the bushes. There are large ceramic jugs. People walk around and look at the garden area. Some women stand with pamphlets. Birds sitting in a pond clean themselves. A monument made of stone. Three girls walk away from the monument while drinking out of small cups. A rundown wooden building. The Castillo de San Marcos sits on the water. Windswept trees. The girls and their mother stand on a drawbridge. The moat surrounding the fort. Windows and doorways inside the fort. People walk up to the top wall to look out. There are people walking around inside the fort and exploring. The American flag flies over the fort. People walk around. From the top of the fort, the city of St. Augustine. A horse pulls the three girls and their mother in a carriage. They walk alongside an old building with ivy on it and a sign: "OLDEST HOUSE." A street lined by stone walls. Alligators sleeping in a large pit together. Ostriches run around and poke at each other. A snake basks in the sun. The girls run in the ocean together. They walk on the beach in their clothes. There is a pier in the background. They run up the sand toward the camera before turning around and heading back into the waves. Black slug. Seagulls cover the beach. The girls blow bubbles together. Sign: "PIER." A group of people play volleyball in the sand. Looking into water in the dark. Small fish swim around. Small sharks swim along the ocean floor. Views from under the water in an aquarium. Lots of seaweed. A boat floats over the water. Palm trees and benches in the sand. A large group of people stand by a pier for a boat ride. A man stands in a bathing suit on a platform waiting to dive into the water. The boats follow the twist of the waterway. There is a greenhouse. A man and woman swim to a dock together. A boat has "JAY DEE" painted on the front. Women step onto the boat. Men in bathing suits stand on the side of the docks to jump in the water. A small monkey stands in a tree. The boat passes many more monkeys on the shore. They climb from tree to tree. They pass other boats going in the opposite direction. There are tents pitched between trees on the shore. People walk around the camp grounds. They are approaching the docks and other boats. Men are out swimming. The camera records a man swimming from underwater. There are a lot of fish below him. Trees line a lake. The shore is covered in red clay. A group of adults and children walk along the clay. Black slug. Quickly passing by trees. Segment five: Picnic, 13:21. Girls stand with dolls and baskets. They are dressed up in a costume. People sit around a table outside with a picnic table cloth on it. They turn to smile at the camera. One man works a fire. Women fix the table. A man drinks a woman's soda. Two girls blow bubble gum. Children talk to their father. A woman cooks. Children stand around the table. A woman puts meat on the grill. Segment six: Fun, 14:55. People mill about in a park. There are a lot of people by fountains. Some colorful flowers are planted in the corners. Children run around. A woman walks around with two girls and a boy. There are red and yellow tulips. The four of them look at the tulips, which also include white and multi-colored. A large white building is across the street. Sign: "FRITZ THE CLOWN CAMP." An empty swimming pool. Girls come out of a cabin. Four girls hold up a line of shells strung together. Segment seven: Vacation, 17:41. People swim in the ocean. One group is going out deep. They float and crash over the crests of the waves. An older girl and boy join the younger ones. Black slug. The boy leaves the girls in the water. They all run out of the water. A large pier with a sign: "SURF DECK." People stand in the water and on the sand. A building stands just off the beach. The clouds are very dark. A person rides a bicycle on the beach. A girl smiles for the camera. Two girls fly kites. A girl fishes in the ocean. A girl sitting on a pier pulls on a fishing line. She holds up a small fish proudly for the camera. Another girl uses a net to catch fish. The little boy stands in a captain's hat as the girls fish. They stand under the pier. A dolphin swims in the water. The boy and a girl pose together with a fish they caught. The family continues to fish. Black slug. Water flows swiftly in a marshy area. Some small boats float on the water. The girls show off another fish they caught. The little boy holds a fish, which the youngest girl pokes to make it jump around. The boy sits on his own and fishes. People go out into the water together. The waves are large. The boy smiles at the camera while playing in the sand. Family members walk in the sand together. They walk up to the ocean and slowly walk into the water. They stand in groups and chat. The girls pose for the camera. A woman swims in the waves. She swims with a boy. The sand dunes on the beach hide the houses behind them. Two boys play in the water together. The boys and adults play in the water. Black slug. Two boys pose in front of flowers. Other family members walk up to look at the flowers. A few start to pose, but they are too disorganized. A woman hugs her daughter. Bright red flowers with yellow centers. Deer walk around an enclosure together. There is a small fawn. Black slug. Segment eight: Home, 29:19. Two girls walk out of a house in their Sunday best. Their brother is with them, and all three are holding baskets with toys and eggs in them. Cows walk in a field. Children climb into a small boat together in a pond. The girls stand in it by the shore. A boy rows the boat for them while they ride. A group of children wade into a river together. They have their clothes tied up to keep it from getting wet. Black slug. White flowers stand out against green shrubbery. They are bunches of small flowers. A girl drinks a soda that exploded. The children all stand on a beach. The younger ones are standing in their underwear. People stand on sides of a large pond. The children are by a boat. Segment nine: Vacation, 33:20. There is red clay and grass around the edge of the water. A creek winds through trees. The four children stand drinking under the trees. A small house made completely of stones of different colors with a green roof. The boy runs over the camera then back to the girls. The house stands on the far side of the creek. A girl holds her sandwich up to her mouth. Another shows hers to the camera. White flowers like honeysuckle. A bee buzzes around the flowers. Children walk in pairs, with a few older children joining them. The first couple stops and poses for the camera. The others follow suit. They then walk as a group. Segment nine: Home again, 37:30. A man rows the children in a boat around the pond. People sit under the shade of a tree and watch. A young girl paddles the boat by herself. A man plays in the grass with the children. He poses for the camera. The family members sit in the shade together. Two children run along the edge of the water. Segment ten: Lakeside vacation, 38:58. Small buildings sit on the side of a lake. The water is muddy. There are a lot of trees covering the hillside. Black slug. People stand in a crowd around some parked cars. Three boys stand outside of a large cabin building. They unload their cars. They walk in groups up to the building. People stand in a crowd in a field. Sign: "CAMP ADVENTURE." The upstairs windows are open. People ride horses around a field under a man's guidance. A crowd stands around the outside of the ring to watch them. They gradually pick up speed. People ride paddle boats on a small lake. Two boys play under a tree with bright yellow leaves. There is a white iron fence around the tree trunk. The houses around the yellow tree are in a neighborhood. A brick house next to the yellow tree. A brick house with a small front porch. A large white building with crosses on top of it. There are older buildings that are much smaller next to it. There is a lot of dirt and a long concrete building without a roof. Segment eleven: Lake, 44:28. A boat moves quickly through the water. As the boat turns, the children in it wave at the camera. The boat heads toward the camera. Some of the children wave. Someone walks on the shore by the small lake. Heads bob above the surface of the water. Two people take the boat out for a spin alone. They wave. The woman starts the boat and takes an older woman on a gentle ride. They head toward the camera on shore. From the boat, the wake. The people swim by a dock in the water. They swim for the camera. Black slug. A man swims in the water. A boy stands on the dock. A boy climbs out of the water onto the dock as the girls continue swimming. Two boys get in the boat with the woman. The man floats on his back. They continue swimming in the water. The woman helps the two boys from the boat onto the shore. People stand by a car. Everyone is in the water together. Segment twelve: North Carolina vacation, 49:56. From the bottom of a hill, the large building of the Grove Park Inn. A large house across a field. large building with a large American flag over it. A group of white houses. A building and an American flag. White building with large columns and a red roof. People in canoes row in a lake. A sign: "LAKE SUSAN" on a stone bridge connected to a building. The women row an orange canoe quickly. The canoe of girls floats slowly in a circle. A cloudy sky. Large rocks. A path through the rocks with steps and bridges. The view of rivers and streams down below. There are a lot of trees on the land below. Men and women stand on the rocks for a better view. The trail zigzags up the mountain. A man looks through a long telescope. There are low clouds in the valley, making the view hard to see. A flagpole without a flag stands on top of the tallest rock, called Chimney Rock. A man climbs down the stairs sideways. Outside of a cabin, a man and woman sit in rocking chairs as another woman plays with a boy. Segment thirteen: Playing at the lake, 54:06. A boy and girl sit in a boat on shore to catch fish. She holds up their catch. The water in the pond reflects the land around them. They pretend to row the boat. On the grass, some kittens walk around and play. Segment fourteen: Beach, 55:03. On the beach, a man stands in the waves to ready his fishing rod. He launches it into the ocean. A group of small sailboats sail in the water together. Black slug. Some larger sailboats all sail out of a cove together. They appear to be racing. There are boats along the way sitting still to watch them. People sit on shore watching them. There is a much larger ship on the water with them. The family plays with a beach ball on the beach. They try to keep the ball from the younger boys. A dog watches the ball happily. A girl does a hand stand and other tricks. A boy stands on two girls in a pyramid. He plays with the dog. The women sit on towels laid out on the sand. A girl plays alone in the sand. A man stands in the ocean with a towel wrapped around him. The man fishing is smoking a cigar. A few girls jump in the waves. Two women join them. They swim around then the waves are not crashing on them. A boy swims with flotation devices. He walks slowly into the ocean. The man fishing is pulling in his reel to recast it. Black slug. Segment fifteen: Vacation in Chattanooga, 1:00:12. Quilts hang on a line outside. They have colorful designs on them. There other fabric pieces outside as well. Some of the quilts have peacocks in the design. A car is parked on a dirt road in a field. At the end of the dirt road, is a large stone monument with brass soldiers on it. There is a stone monument under some trees with "C.S.A." carved on the top of it. A small log cabin sits in a field. Sign: "KELLY HOUSE." The Kelly House, a log cabin, is shown. Views of a river and the Chattanooga area. Sign: "POINT PARK." People sit at tables drinking sodas and talking. Sign: "Special Today TUTTI FRUTTI SUNDAE." In a city with cars cruising down the street. Sign: "WOODMEN OF THE WORLD." A cable car slows down traffic. Sign: "FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA." Sign: "OLD THOMPSON." Flowers grow in a small city park. Fields and grassland fill the horizon. Women walk in a field on the side of a road. A large truck hauling an enormous trailer passes them on the road. There are a few buildings in the distance. Painted on the side of a building "DACOTAH HOTEL." Sign: "KERLINS FOOD MARKET." Cars are parked on slow downtown street. Large cliffs and rocks. Women try to climb up the side of the large rock formations. There is barren land surrounding the rocks. There are small houses off a road. Sign: "CEDAR PASS LODGE CABINS SOUVENIRS." Sign: "AAA." A Native American man and woman stand outside of a teepee with a woman from the family. They sway and dance together. They pose for pictures and talk to the other people standing around. A cloud darkens the rocks. Black slug. Segment sixteen: Vacation at Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park, 1:08:29. From higher up, looking out over the rocky cliffs. A woman sitting on a bucking horse statue. Woman pose with a stuffed buffalo. Mount Rushmore towers above them. There is a lot of crushed rock at the base of the presidents. The mountain is in the shadows. A building and the mountains nearby. A couple of deer walk around as children play in the grass. Rock formations stand tall above the ground. Some are covered in green, while others remain grey. A path winds through two tall formations. A vehicle travels quickly. A small creek turns into a raging waterfall, crashing into a small pool below. Rocks on top of a hill. Rocks jut out of hills but are dwarfed by taller mountains. Rocky cliffs leading to a river. Water shooting into the river. Rocks dot their way along the river. Further from the shooting water, it is calm. A bus and other cars drive along a road. Mountains in the distance. Trees reflecting in water. Looking out above the trees at rivers and mountains in the distance. Looking down a cliff toward the water with steam rolling up it. A road below winding by the river as steam rolls upward. Mountains across the water. Two bears play under the trees by the roadside where cars are parked. People stand on the road to take pictures. Women stand by a hot spring that has steam coming out of it. There is so much steam that you cannot see the trees behind. There are a lot of hot springs on the group around them. A bear stands on the road as cars drive by. It almost gets hit by a car. A black bear climbs down a tree. Sign: "LONE STAR GEYSER." A rock stands above the ground, likely where there is a geyser. Black slug. Sign: "KEPLER CASCADES." Water flows over the cascades at many different levels. Trees block the view of the cascades. The water is white as it cascades downward. It flows over many rocks on the water. Three woman sit on a fallen branch together in front of a parking lot at a large lodge, likely the Old Faithful Lodge. They are facing a geyser, which looks to be Old Faithful. A lot of other people are gathered on the log benches and around. Steam comes out of the geyser. It gradually gets taller and becomes a large stream of water. People stand close by to watch. Black slug. A large hot spring with steam coming off of it. Sign: "RAINBOW POOL." Steam clouds the view of Rainbow Pool. Some men walk on a boardwalk around the springs. Looking out over many springs and mountains in the distance. A car drives by on the road. There looks to be a white substance covering a hot spring. A geyser bubbles into the air. People walk on boardwalks near it. The camera films a geyser from up close, as other people watch as well. Segment seventeen: Vacation at Salt Creek Falls and Oregon, 1:23:14. A waterfall in a rocky mountainous area. Looking out over barren land with hot springs. There are cliffs leading down into the valley. In the distance there are buildings. Many rocks and trees. What looks like snow covers the ground in some places. Sun shines on the mountains and cliffs. People get out of a car to enjoy the view. Too dark to see. Women walk up a trail toward a stone or petrified tree that stands inside a fence. A tall waterfall flows into a pool. Carved rock formations. A river flowing through mountains. A large waterfall crashing down into a river. A lot of evergreen trees on top of a rocky cliff. Black slug. Animals walk in the distance across a grassy field. Bright flowers add color to a grassy yard in front of a large house or lodge. A car drives down the driveway. The yard is well-manicured. People walk through the garden. A waterfall over a cliff. A large pool of water at the bottom. Sign: "SALT CREEK FALLS HEIGHT 286 FEET." Sign: "TRAIL TO FALLS PICNIC AREA." Across a body of water stand cliffs and a mountain. Clouds and the sky reflected in the water. A hill reflected in the water. A woman sits in snow on the shore and throws snowballs at the camera. On the hillside, there are more patches of snow. Mountains in the distance. Snow on the mountainside. Cliffs drop off into a large body of water. A boat is traveling across the water. The water is so clear that it reflects everything perfectly. A chipmunk scampers across the ground. A bird sits on a sign: "DO NOT VENTURE OVER CRATER WALL." A man sits by the sign as birds flutter around him. Sign: "CRATER WALL TRAIL." The blue water reflects the mountain on the far side. A road dives through mountains with a snowcapped mountain in the distance. Segment eighteen: Vacation in California, 1:33:12. Three women stand behind a sign: "CALIFORNIA STATE LINE." They wave at the camera. Brown water sits below a gravel ground in a quarry area. A young woman poses by a large tree. The three women hold hands and are still not wider than the tree. The camera pans up the tree. Sign: "FOUNDERS TREE." Light can barely be seen through the canopy as the camera pans up a tree. A steep road with room for street cars. Sign: "SLIPPERY WHEN WET." A trolley goes down the road. Sign: "COSGRAVES." There are a lot of people out and about in the streets. Sign: "HOTEL PASADENA." A trolley with "WASHINGTON & JACKSON" on the side of it. People hop on as it turns around. There are tall buildings along the steep streets. Cars and trolleys drive on them. Driving on an interstate with a city in the distance. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. Overlooking San Francisco. There are buildings everywhere. There are some obvious streets, but mostly just a mass of buildings. Coit Tower up on a hill. A lot of sailboats sitting in a marina at the pier. Other boats sitting in a marina, including tugboats. Men sit on a pier to fish. Coit Tower stands atop a hill towering over everything below. Men work on a construction site. Families walk around a park together. A statue on top of a monument. People sitting in the grass and walking on the sidewalks. Cars drive down busy streets. A deer walks across a road. Tall granite cliffs. Tall trees. Cars parked outside a small hotel. Looking up at tall granite cliffs. Yosemite Falls with no water visible in the waterfall. A deer stands at attention in a road as cars stop to look. It has large antlers. A view of Yosemite Valley from the tunnel view, starting with the north face of El Capitan and sliding toward Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls. A car drives through a tunnel in a redwood tree. There are tall redwoods everywhere. The camera pans up some of the taller trees. A woman easily fits into a groove in the trunk of a tree. Grapes lie on the ground in a grove. Large stone buildings, one with an engraving in the top "THE BUILDER'S CREED. There is a statue of children at the bottom. Off to the side is the statue of a man with children. Many cars are parked in the parking lot outside. There is a tall turret on the building. A statue of a tall, naked man thinking. People admire the statue. The top half of the statue up close. More white marble statues around the sides. One is of people climbing on each other called "THE MYSTERY OF LIFE." Some flowers dot the ground in a small cemetery. There is a large sculpture of a book. Birds float on a pond with water shooting out of fountains. Sign: “BEL-AIR RD." A large house with red flowers and giant staircases in front of it. People ice skate on a rink inside. A building made of bricks with large archways. Staircases leading to more large buildings. People lie in the sand on the beach. An amphitheater with lots of seats and mountains in the background. People drive down a street with a cable car in the middle. A woman waves from her car and talks to the camera. A hotel with cars parked outside. An old wagon with "ON TO THE GOLD RUSH" painted on the outside. An old building. Segment nineteen: Vacation in Nevada, 1:47:45. Overlooking a large body of water and islands from atop a cliff or mountain. The water is a very deep blue. Looking at the Hoover Dam up close. There are tall mountains in the background. Straight down are structures and the water. There are roads through the cliff sides up to the dam. A truck with a large metal piece that is being lifted off by a pulley system. They lower it to the work area at the base of the dam. View straight down the side of the dam and across the bottom. Deep blue water and barren brown rocks. The camera pans around the dam facilities and the surrounding mountainside. A group of people walk up to a monument. A woman points to some of the words. The American flag flies overhead. Water and the top side of the dam. A group of small houses on the side of a road that are hardly taller than an adult. A small house with a red and white striped roof. Three young girls stand in front of a car. Segment twenty: Vacation at the Grand Canyon, 1:52:08. Overlooking cliffs and canyons, likely the Grand Canyon. Canyons as far as the eye can see. A tall mountain in the distance and cliffs up close. There is a small town on the cliffs. More multi-colored canyons. A cliff with green all over it. Three women walk down stone steps. The Grand Canyon. They walk on a trail along the edge of the canyon that has a beautiful view. Black slug. More views of the canyons. There are clouds casting shadows on the sides of the canyons. Looking down over cliffs. Lots of rocky cliffs up close. The sky is hazy, and the canyons are hard to see. A river runs at the bottom of the canyon. The walls climb into the distance. Some of the walls have plants growing on them. Two women walk down stone steps from a tower. They look over the far side. The young woman remains sitting on the steps. The tall stone tower sits among desert shrubbery. A small mud hut on the barren landscape. A woman stands next to a rock with rocks left on it. Petrified wood lays on the ground like fallen trees. It sits in a barren landscape. Two women walk nearby. Black slug. There is more petrified wood on the ground by the road. Zooming in on petrified wood. A totem pole painted to look like a woman beneath a canopy where petrified wood is lined up. Stone buildings stand nearby. A large houseboat floats on the river. There is also a large military ship on it. Some tugboats are on the land. There is a red car parked on the ramp to the water. A large stone mountain. Black slug.
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Booth Williams home movie collection, circa 1942-1960
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection