Booth Williams Home Movie Collection, Reels 4-7 | hm-will_0023

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Booth Williams Home Movie Collection, Reels 4-7 | hm-will_0023
Williams, Booth
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Monroe
Williams family
Chicago (Ill.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Illinois--Chicago
Cherokee (N.C.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--North Carolina--Cherokee
Gatlinburg (Tenn.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Tennessee--Gatlinburg
Great Smoky Mountains National Park (N.C. and Tenn.)
Christmas stockings
Christmas trees
Toy guns
Dinners and dining
African American women
African American household employees
Architecture, Domestic
Submarines (Ships)
Easter egg hunts
Flags--United States
Jeep automobile
Boy Scouts
Marching bands
Signs and signboards
Coca Cola (Trademark)
Pabst Brewing Company (1938- )
Boats and boating
Chicago (Ill.)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America
Agricultural machinery
Bodies of water
Birthday parties
Birthday cake
Service stations
Standard Oil Company
Ice cream, ices, etc.
Bathing suits
Christmas decorations
Zoo animals
Vacation homes
Horseshoe pitching
African American boys
Mills and mill-work
Indians of North America
Totem poles
Postal service--North Carolina--Cherokee
Drinking behavior
Tubing (Aquatic sports)
Irises (Plants)
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Georgia, Walton County, Monroe, 33.7948364, -83.713229
United States, Tennessee, Sevier County, Gatlinburg, 35.7143, -83.5102
United States, North Carolina, Swain County, Cherokee, 35.4771, -83.3206
United States, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago, 41.850033, -87.6500523
Moving images
Black slug. Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: Family together at Christmas, 1:05. People walk around outside and stand by the car. Children follow their parents. They walk in a group down the sidewalk. A young girl with a stick stands in the doorway next to a man. A man bends over as he talks to two girls, his son also bends over. A woman squats by a toddler as older children run around outside. They all walk around. The toddler pulls a cart. Black slug. Four girls play on a playground set as a mother helps the toddler play too. He walks around with something in his hands. The girls run down a hill. The boy is still walking around with the object in his hand as they run down the hill. One of the girls stops playing to hug him and pay attention to him. The mother holds his hand as he walks around. She fixes his hat. A boy holds two large dogs by their collars so the girls and the toddler can pet them. A small dog walks around freely and sits in their laps as they pet him. Inside in their pajamas, the children all hang stockings up on the fireplace. The mother helps the little boy. She sits down with a book, which she reads to them. The boy pays some attention, but also walks around. They place presents under the tree. The boy carries the book. The three siblings dance around in a circle. The camera films the presents and the tree with lights and tinsel. The boy rocks a toy crib with a doll in it. There are new toys and presents under the tree all over the floor. The younger girl plays with her toys. The mother helps get toys and fruits out of a stocking. She opens a present. They open the stockings and put toys into a wagon. The boy plays with a toy gun. The younger girl beats on a drum. They all hold different toys and play with them. The boy stays at the wagon while the older girls move on to other toys. The oldest is dressing a doll. She starts to pick him up. They all sit by the doll set. The boy plays with blocks as the oldest girl plays the drum. Everyone is dressed in nice clothes to sit under the tree. More family members have joined to open the remaining presents. It is very dark. The children are on the floor, mostly playing with toys. The adults have presents. They sit around two separate tables and pray. Once done, they pass the trays with food around. A parent goes over to the children's table to give them food. They pass their plates, as well. Once their plates are full, everyone eats. A woman holds up corn on the cob. The children are in the background. The camera films the food on everyone's plates as they eat. Some people stop eating to smile. They happily eat their food. Rolls get passed around by an African American maid. The table is cleared and they have glasses of water and dessert. The adults laugh as they talk with each other. A girl talks to some of the adults. They look at a large pamphlet. Segment two: Playing outside, 13:04. Outside, the children play with some of their toys. The little boy walks around pulling a wagon. One of the girls has a toy gun. One girl sits in his wagon and he can no longer pull it. A girl pulls the wagon with one daughter, the boy, and the mother in it. The view of the house from the street with children playing in the yard. The boy tries to climb on a rocking horse until his mother lifts him up. His sister rocks him until he pushes her away. He climbs off on his own, then climbs back on. The mother stands over him and picks him up, which he is not happy about. Two girls dance through the yard with their skirts twirling. They pull each other down and roll around in the grass before crawling toward the camera. One girl pretends to kill the other. Segment three: Submarine on truck, 15:45. A large group of people are gathered in town where a truck sits beneath a cluster of trees. It appears to have a submarine on the back of the truck. People crowd around to look at the monstrous piece of machinery. The camera pans back and forth to show the crowd. People line the streets as the truck carrying the submarine drives away. Segment four: Easter, 16:58. The little boy walks around the yard with a white basket. The girls have larger baskets and pick up the bright colored eggs as they find them. The boy pull small objects out of the grass and puts them in his basket. Segment four: Parade, 17:31. A group of children in uniforms stand around as a flag is raised. They stand at attention. The flag waves in the wind. Children in school groups are dressed up in costumes as they march through the streets in a parade. Parents line the streets. A man dressed like Uncle Sam rides a horse. A Jeep. A group of Boy Scouts. A school group as pioneers and one as vegetable seed packets. Some wear sashes or paper hats as they march. More Boy Scouts. A group of girls in paper hats, two of whom are holding rabbits. Men in uniforms march in unison. Women in uniforms marching in unison. Sign: "AIR RAID GROUP." The women are holding more signs. There is a marching band. More students walk in a group. Some are dressed up as people from other countries. Sign: "FREEDOM." Sign: "RELIGION." A group of girls carrying bibles. Sign: "SPEECH." They carry newspapers behind the sign. Sign: "FEAR." Sign: "FREEDOM." Black slug. People walk around the streets and disperse after the parade ends. There are people everywhere. Segment six: Flowers, 20:33. Women and children pick wildflowers by the street. The flowers are as tall as the little boy. A man in a Marine Corps uniform is smoking nearby. Some of the girls and women are holding bouquets of flowers. The man brings the boy over to the camera to pose. He walks into the flowers and stands behind the elderly woman. They walk as a group down the hill and out of the flowers. A man in a suit walks the little boy up a grassy hill. At the top, they stop holding hands. The man in the Marine Corps uniform talks to the little boy, who looks upset. Segment seven: Playing, 22:13. A man bends over a toy car on a sidewalk, fixing some of the broken parts. It sits on the sidewalk. Children and women stand behind a fence to watch. The two little boys are enraptured. The car speeds around the track. One of the boys hugs the other. They keep staring at it as it speeds past. Little toy cars sitting on the ground. A man in uniform stands with the women and children as they watch. He tries to pull a girl over to the camera. They walk across a field. He shakes hands with one of the women. They all walk up a grassy hill to the sidewalk, some more slowly than others. Black slug. A group is gathered around a racetrack where toy cars are being raced. A girl pumps her legs as she swings. A boy in striped overalls walks around by a little girl his age. A woman plays with them. They squeeze onto a chair. He rolls around a wheelbarrow. A man and woman help them feed chickens. The woman quickly leaves. He holds a chicken up to the children, which they pet. They keep playing in the chicken pen. Segment eight: Vacation in Chicago, 26:22. A boat slows to a stop near a marina where sailboats and other motor boats are anchored. They float calmly in the water. Buildings rise behind a park and a street. Sign: "Mobilgas." Many of the buildings are very tall. Sign: "Pabst Blue Ribbon BEER." The city of Chicago continues on. Cars in traffic rush down the streets. Men in Yaarab Shriner's hats stand around talking to each other. They stand on a sidewalk together. People walk in massive crowds. The camera pans up the height of the tall buildings. There are people, cars, and buildings everywhere. A woman stands at the base of a domed building. A large barge on the water emitting black smoke. A white building with columns. A group of men marching in unison. People approach a flagpole in front of a large and imposing stone building with columns. The skyline of Chicago can be seen in the distance. Water shoots into the air at the top of a giant fountain. There is a rainbow created because of the spray. A city street with cars and people dwarfed by buildings. Sign: "Coca-Cola." Sign: "Pabst Blue Ribbon BEER FULL FLAVOR BLENDED." Cars drive down a street. American flags fly on the side of buildings. A car drives down a street with farmland on the side. There are some large buildings. Machinery in the fields cuts grain. A large plantation house. The mother with her three daughters and young son walk in a pool of water. The boy stares at the camera. They walk across the water toward some small cataracts (waterfalls). Segment nine: Birthday party, 32:17. The children are all dressed up standing around a short table with a cake and a stuffed animal on it. The boy tries to blow out the candles. A little girl and woman are with them. He sticks his fingers in the icing and eats it. The little girl and one of his sisters joins him. He plays with his toy dog with them. The two toddlers bend over on the ground. He puts cake in his mouth, but spits it out. The girls eat some of the cake. Segment ten: School, 33:59. The children walk out of the house in nice clothes. The oldest girl has books in her hands. The boy holds his sister's hand as he cries and pouts. The other sister carries books. Black slug. Segment eleven: Outside, 34:19. People play with a small dog and its toy, lifting it off the ground. The little boy pulls his tricycle out to ride. A girl walks out of the house down the brick walkway. She slowly raises her hands as she approaches. Another one of the girls walks slowly down the walkway until she reaches the camera. An older boy holds two large dogs by their collars and walks them around. The little boy walks around. The four siblings swing on a glider together. They wave at the camera. On the ground, one of the girls holds a kitten who struggles to get away. It finally lies down for them to pet. She swings the kitten in the air and moves it around. They stand up holding and petting the kitten. The boy lies on his stomach in the grass. The youngest girl does a somersault. The boy hangs down from the glider over a man. One at a time the girls ride a tricycle. Other children join them as they run around outside. There are two other toddlers and another boy. A woman watches them. Women and older children stand behind her as they all run around. The mothers are holding dolls. The adults watch as the children keep running down the hill. A toy firetruck rolls down the hill. The boy holds onto the ladder to push it down. They run down the hill more. A girl plays with the detached ladder. The boy rides on a small tricycle. One of his sisters is riding with him. A girl moves a board that covers a hole in the ground, which is an entrance to a fort. They climb in, then climb out. Two girls stand on the thin branches of a tree. A woman stands on a porch. A girl brings a little girl over to a wagon. A man smoking a cigarette walks in front of the camera. The boy rides on his tricycle. A woman laughs and talks to the camera. The children stand with a stick toy. A woman walks out of the house and picks up the toy. The children walk around outside. Segment twelve: Town, 42:13. People stand in a crowd around an old broken airplane sitting on a truck in the middle of the street. There are people climbing on cars in order to see over everyone. A man addresses the crowd. Men in uniform stand on a trailer together. People are climbing on and around the broken airplane. A bus has "U.S. ARMY RECRUITING SERVICE" painted on the side. Sign: "HOTEL MONROE." There is a statue of a man on a monument among the trees. A clock tower. Trees around the street. There are cars parked nearby. Buildings line the street that some cars are driving down. Sign: "SERVICE STATION." Sign: "STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS." A large building with columns out front behind trees. Cars parked under the trees. Sign: "PURE." The trees and plants all look white although there is no snow. Segment thirteen: Another birthday party, 45:56. A group of children stand together inside a house. A girl flips through a book. She opens different presents and stops to look at them. Adults help put party hats on the children. They hold hands and walk in a circle around the birthday girl as she sits on a chair. A cake sits in the middle of a table set with desserts for the children. They look up at the camera as they walk around the table. The birthday girl blows out the candles on the cake. An African American woman stands in the background as the birthday girl eats ice cream. She puts on a party hat too. The children eat their desserts. The cake has "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written on it in icing. Someone puts a party hat on the little boy, which he immediately takes off. They all keep eating their ice cream and cupcakes. Segment fourteen: Outdoor recreation, 50:05. A girl in a bathing suit and a girl in her underwear slides along a rock on a natural rock slide. There are other children running around the pools of water. The boy runs from land into a shallow pool. Three girls slide along the rock. They walk across the slippery area with their mother. They smile at the camera. In their bathing suits, the girls swim and splash in a deep pool. Black slug. The boy lays on his stomach in shallow water. They crawl and splash through the water. It flows swiftly over the rocks. The boy sits in the sand. He builds a sandcastle. A girl floats in the ocean on an inflated pillow. Three girls play and flop on it. A mother helps the little boys play on a smaller one. They have trouble staying on it. They play with it instead of floating on it. A woman stands with a girl in the water. Three girls and a boy play on the inflatable in deeper water. They sit and splash together. They lay on their stomachs in the shallow water. A woman sits in the sand at the edge of the waves. A little boys paces around the sand. The other boy builds a sandcastle with a woman. He stands in the water next to a woman. A girl rolls through the water. He hugs the woman. He cases the smaller inflatable as it blows across the sand and carries it. He drops it and the other boy kicks it to make it roll. They play with it together. Black slug. A woman tries to sit on the larger inflatable. The children play and dig in the sand together. A house with a small porch stands on stilts. Waves crash on the beach. The family walks down the front stairs to a boardwalk. A mother walks out with a boy and girl. The two boys pose on the bottom step together until they get distracted. A girl stands alone on the steps and poses. One of the boys sits up above her and makes faces. They sit in the doorway together. The children sit in the shallow water where the waves break. One boy is sitting on a log. The girls pull themselves along on their arms. The waves splash them. They happily play together in the water. The girls try to ride the waves, but end up underwater. They dive over them as the break. The girls splash around and play. Black slug. A bird flies in the sky over the water. In the distance, there are three birds. A mother goes into the deeper water with two of the girls. A grandmother stays with a boy. A father and two more girls join in the deeper water. They jump into waves. Another mother has joined them in the waves. A covered pavilion with a sign: "MEALS SERVED" "DINNER AND DANCING." Family members walk across the sand away from the pavilion. The boy drinks from a bottle of Coca-Cola. Waves crash on the beach. A blimp floats through the sky. Two girls stand on a pier with a fish they caught on fishing line. A pier stands far into the water. People rush along the beach and stand in the water. Parents and children stand together in the sand at the edge of the water. A girl is holding a basket. Children run around and play. There are people at the edge of the water along the beach. Black slug. A blimp floats over palm trees. It turns around in the sky over the ocean. Wind blows the plants. A pathway through the dunes to the ocean. The blimp in the sky. Segment fifteen: Christmas, 1:05:58. Belongings and toys sit all over the floor as the camera pans around the room. A Christmas tree with lights and tinsel. There are wrapped presents under the tree. Many dolls and related toys. A tricycle and scooter and many other toys. The camera pans up the tree. The light glints off a few ornaments. Stockings hand above the fireplace. The tree reflects in a mirror on the mantle. The rest of the room seems empty where there are not toys. Black slug. Two girls stand together in robes. A boy bangs on a drum hanging around his neck. Another boy joins him. A girl sits on the ground playing with doll clothes. Her mother piles dolls into her lap. A boy holds a toy gun. The other has a kaleidoscope. They stand across the room playing with their toy guns. A mother puts a new bracelet on her wrist. A different mother opens a present on the couch. A woman sits with a pile of presents. A girl and a mother sit on the floor in the pile of presents and toys. A girl gets a recorder, which she immediately starts playing. More presents. Black slug. Segment sixteen: Zoo, 1:10:20. A lot of birds sit on the edge of a pond or float in the water. There are pelicans, swans, and other kinds. The camera films some of the animals on land up close. An elephant moves around. There are people just on the other side of the fence. A large white building with an American flag out front. People walk around on the sidewalks below. Red flowers. Children pose in front of the flowers. A red flower up close. Many red flowers. Black slug. Two girls sit at the bottom of a slide. Segment seventeen: Adventures, 1:12:35. A young woman walks across the yard with a flower on her shirt. A group of children walk up to her. A dog is with them. A boy pets the dog. The young woman moves the children to pose. They all stand around and mess with toys and the dog. A second dog joins them. They stand in the yard. Everyone walks over to pet the dogs. The young woman picks the boy up against his will. Another young woman joins them and the two talk. They all move toward the camera and look at it. A woman and her four children walk down a rocky slope. There are trees around the path. The three girls are all in matching dresses. Higher up the trail, they can look out at land over the horizon. The boy climbs ahead. There is writing carved into the rocks. Other people are on the top of the trail, and are climbing down past them. People stand at the edge to see the view, which is mostly trees. The four children pose together. There is a beacon on top of the mountain. They walk around barefoot. They walk over to the fenced in beacon. Black slug. An airplane flies in the sky overhead. A wooden cabin sits by a wide river. People sit at picnic tables by the cabin. A few people are on the beach playing horseshoe. There is a girl down by the water. Some people are in the water off in the distance. There are more cabins in a row and people along the beach area. Children walk on the docks. People relax everywhere. There are a lot of trees on the far side of the water. A dock in the middle of the water. Someone swims. A lot of people are in the water by the small docks where a few women are standing. There are more children on the docks. Girls swim through the brown water. The girls in the water smile at the camera. They swim back and forth. There is a large crowd of people watching them. There are a group of children sitting on the side of the dock. A new group of girls jump and dive in. Black slug. Small children splash around in the shallow water by the beach. An adult sits on the dock and watches them. Older children swim and practice their strokes. Some other girls dive off a diving board. Women in uniforms stand on the beach. Men and women stand on a dock. A man holds a fishing line with a fish at the bottom. A woman walks around with a book. Two girls try to get water from a water fountain. The girls are in blue uniforms. A little girl tries to get water, but cannot reach the fountain. Segment eighteen: The beach, 1:22:49. A group of houses sit along the beach. Many of the houses are white. They stretch along the length of the beach. There are two people sitting in the sand. Two boys walk in the shallow water. An African American woman stands in the shallow water by a large group of children. Some of them float in inflatable tubes. The two boys stand in the sand and smile and wave for the camera. One runs away. A group of family members sit and stand on the beach together. Some of them lay down on towels, mostly adults. A girl has sunscreen reapplied. The children are walking around and playing. Black slug. In the water, the little boy moves around while adults fiddle with an inflatable. A large group of the family members are out floating in the water together. A girl floats in a tube. A different girl dives under waves. The children swim. An African American boy is swimming with them. The younger boys are in the shallow water. A mother stands in the water. The group of family members continues to play in the water. The two little boys continue to play in the shallow water while everyone is further out. Segment nineteen: Vacation in the Smoky Mountains, 1:27:02. A small mill sits beside a river with small waterfalls. A bridge crosses the wide river at the base of a mountain. The water flows swiftly down the river, bouncing over rocks. A mountain cabin with a lot of advertisements for "CABINS" "MAGAZINES" and "NOVELTIES." A man dressed as a Native American stands outside. He walks around with a large headdress on and mismatched clothes. There is a tall totem pole by the building. People walk across the street. Two women pose with the Native American man. Black slug. A stuffed bear roars at people. Sign: "U.S. Post Office Cherokee, N.C." Trees cover every inch of a mountain except the winding road. The crests and rises of mountains continue into the fog. Sign: "GATLINBURG 17 SEVIERVILLE 31 KNOXVILLE 55." A stone overlook for people to see the mountains. People are walking around and children running up the stairs. Pink flowers. Women drink from a fountain at the stone. Sign: "FOR THE PERMANENT ENJOYMENT OF THE PEOPLE." A sign for hiking trails. A group of three walks back across the road toward the cars. Two men point. Trees partially obscure the view of the mountains. Ferns in the shade of the trees. A street in a small town with a few businesses and houses on it. Sign: "The NEW GATLINBURG INN." The inn is stone on the bottom and cabin on top. A pink flower. A yellow and orange flower. Red flowers mixed with pink flowers. The flowers are mixed in the bushes. A large stone building at the base of a mountain. A mountain stream with a lot of rocks. A group of girls ride past on horses. Across a field sits a house. Black slug. In a river a group of people swim and sit on rocks. An overpass in the woods. The road below the camera with a car on it. A small group of white flowers. Fish swimming in a small enclosed area. A very wide river with trees on the bank. Water flows swiftly through a river under a bridge. Women walk across a shaky rope bridge. Fields that are both planted and not planted in a valley. Children run through a small pond. Girls slide down rocks through water into a shallow pool. A girl swims in an inflatable tube. They slide along the rocks more. The four siblings slide together. The pool at the bottom is deep enough for swimming, which two of the girls are doing. Two children run on the rocks and fall. A woman walks across the top of the rock slide very carefully. Black slug. More of the children are swimming in the pool together. All of the siblings are in it together. The boy points out where he wants to go, which is out of the pool. He sits down in the shallow water on the edge. He slowly crawls farther in and picks up mud. Two women carefullly cross at the top. They stand on the edge by the group of girls sliding down the rocks. A woman stands by the cars as a man walks toward her. One of the mothers flows down the rock slide. The other follows behind with two of the girls. They go again. Some of the girls go down on their stomachs. The boy keeps playing alone on the edge. Segment twenty: Flowers, 1:39:25. Pink flowers cover a bush. Light pink blossoms at the edge of branches. Small pink flowers wilt toward the ground. Red flowers in green bushes. Pink blossoms on branches of a small bush wave quickly in the wind. White blossoms on a small tree do the same. Black slug. Purple irises stand tall. Small yellow flowers are snuggled closely into leaves. More purple irises. There are irises mixed with yellow flowers on the ground, but mostly irises. Yellow flowers shaped like stars. Pale pink roses on a bush with thorns. Buildings and stones in the background. Brighter pink roses. Black slug.
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Booth Williams home movie collection, circa 1942-1960
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection