Sheffield home movie collection, Reels HM1-HM13 (hm-sheff_0098)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Sheffield home movie collection, Reels HM1-HM13 (hm-sheff_0098)
Sheffield, Frank, 1900?-1994
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Americus
Hunting dogs
Cigar smoking
Sun--Rising and setting
New York (N.Y.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--New York (State)--New York
Columbia University
Columbia University. Library
Columbia University--Buildings
Streets--New York (State)--New York
Madison Square Garden (New York, N.Y.)
Central Park (New York, N.Y.)
Bodies of water
Automobile driving
Dinners and dining
Fur garments
Signing ceremonies
Music teachers
Musical instruments
Bodies of water--Georgia--Darien
Canoes and canoeing--Georgia--Darien
Boats and boating--Georgia--Darien
Architecture, Domestic
Sand--United States
Boats and boating
Canoes and canoeing
Daytona Beach (Fla.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Florida--Daytona Beach
African American men
Runways (Aeronautics)--Texas--Dallas
Aviation mechanics (Persons)--Texas--Dallas
Sepulchral monuments
Aerial videography
Dalmatian dog
Missions, Spanish
Saint Marys (Ga.)--Antiquities
Spanish moss
Americus (Ga.)--Aerial film and video footage
Golf courses
United States, Georgia, Sumter County, Americus, 32.0723862, -84.2326876
United States, New York, New York County, New York, 40.7142691, -74.0059729
United States, Florida, Volusia County, Daytona Beach, 29.2108, -81.0228
United States, Georgia, Camden County, Saint Marys, 30.730514, -81.5464851
United States, Texas, Dallas County, Dallas, 32.7767, -96.7970
United States, Mississippi, Warren County, Vicksburg, 32.3526, -90.8779
United States, 37.09024, -95.712891
United States, New York, Franklin County, Tupper Lake, 44.2504, -74.4531
United States, Georgia, McIntosh County, Darien, 31.3702, -81.4340
Moving images
Test screen. Segment one, Sheffield Home Movie Collection Duck Hunting and Fishing Duplicate, 1:06. Title: "Sheffield Home Movie Collection Duck Hunting & Fishing Duplicate." Two men carry a boat towards the water. One man lifts the motor to put onto the back of the boat. A dog runs around near the river. The men ride in the boat on the river. A man lifts up two dead ducks they caught. The dog holds a dead duck in its mouth and brings it to one of the men. The camera films another boat full of men hunting for duck and fish. Some of the men aim hunting rifles at the sky. A boy fires his hunting rifle. A man catches a small fish and holds it up to show the other people riding in the boat. Another man catches a large fish and holds it up to the camera. A man sits in the boat and smokes a cigar. The camera films the two boats riding on the water. The camera films several birds flopping on the shore. The men use nets to catch fish in the ocean. The camera films the fish the men caught. People sit in the boat and cast their fishing rods into the ocean. A fish is seen biting a hook. The camera films the sun setting on the water. Segment two: New York City, 5:11. Title: "Sheffield Home Movie Collection New York City, Columbia, Riverside Drive, Central Park." A man and woman are seen standing in a boat looking out on the water. A large ship is seen on the water as well. Segment three: New York streets, 5:32. Cars drive down the busy New York City streets. The camera films a columned building. Segment four: Columbia University, 5:48. The sign on the columned building says "The Library of Columbia." Segment five: Madison Square Garden, 5:57. People walk around New York City. Sign: "Soubb's Dental Cream." Sign: "Camelot." Sign: "Madison Square Garden." People feed birds on the street. Segment six: Central Park, 6:32. People ride horses through Central Park. Several cars drive down the road. A group of people pose in front of water flowing off of rocks. Segment seven: Driving, 6:59. A car is parked on the side of a winding road. Segment eight: River, 7:07. A steamboat is moving down the river. A group of people stand on a balcony and look down at the river. Segment nine: Dinner, 7:25. A man and woman sit at the dinner table. The man pours the woman some tea out of a kettle. Black slug. Segment ten: Women in fur coats, 7:32. A group of women in fur coats walk out of a house. A group of women and men pose in front of a building. A woman walks down the stairs of a house and waves at the camera. More people walk down the steps and look into the camera. Black slug. Segment ten: Rhythm and Signing Ceremony, 10:54. Title: "Rhythm and Signing Ceremony." Segment eleven: Hunting, 11:06. People ride in a boat on the water. Two other dogs walk through the woods sniffing the ground. A man walks alongside the dogs carrying a hunting rifle. Segment twelve: Music, 11:18. Children sit in a room playing instruments as they read sheet music. Children play tambourines, drums, and triangles. The music teacher conducts the children as they play through the song. A few children play the piano as the teacher helps them read the sheet music. Segment thirteen: Meeting, 12:52. A group of women are attending a meeting. A woman holds up a bronze shield. The women raise their right hand and repeat the oath that a woman is reciting to them. The women sign their names on a sheet of paper. Black slug. Title: "Darien, Georgia, Fishing." Segment fourteen: Lake, 15:19. A man swims in a lake. The man stands next to a horse. The man feeds the horse. Segment fifteen: Boat, 15:39. Men are working on a fishing boat. The other boat is docked in a port. The fishing boat moves along the water. Two canoes are pulled by the fishing boat. Segment sixteen: Columned building, 16:34. A man stands on the steps of a columned building. There is a fountain in the building with a marble statue of a woman. The camera films another statue of a nude woman. Segment seventeen: Sand, 16:55. The camera pans across the sand. The camera also films a field of tall grass. Segment eighteen: House, 17:08. Two men walk towards what appears to be a vacant house. There are several vines and shrubbery. Segment nineteen: Boat, 17:25. Three men sit on a dock at a table next to the fishing boat. An African American man serves the men sitting at the table. The three men sit at the table and share the meal. There are men sitting at other tables also eating. Segment twenty: Beach, 18:10. A group of men stand next to a beach. The camera pans across the beach. Segment twenty-one: Boat ride, 18:27. The camera films a family riding in a canoe down the river. Two men are fishing as they sit in a canoe. Black slug. Segment twenty-two: Mary Sue Allen & Peggy Leonard, Infants, 1934, 19:41. Title: "Mary Sue Allen & Peggy Leonard, Infants, 1934." Black slug. A woman sits on the floor and plays with a baby girl. The woman hands the baby a toy. The baby sits on a blanket in the grass and plays with a toy. A woman and baby play in the mirror. A woman gives the baby a bath in a small washtub. The baby plays in the washtub. Black slug. Segment twenty-three: Daytona Beach, Bonbrights, 22:38. Title: "Daytona Beach, Bonbrights." Black slug. A family rides on a bicycle with three seats. Other families ride around the beach on bicycles. Several seagulls flock to the shore. A couple and their small children feed the birds. A man and children play with the sand and fill baskets with sand. A family sits in the sand together. An airplane spells "AIRS" in the sky. Black slug. Segment twenty-four: Bird Hunting Dogs-Wagon, 28:30. Title: "Bird Hunting Dogs-Wagon." Dogs roam around the field looking for birds. One of the dogs catches a bird in its mouth and brings it to a man. Two men walk along the field with hunting rifles alongside the dogs. An African American man drives a wagon. The two men put birds in cages in the back of the wagon. The men sit in the food as one of them prepares food in a skillet over an open fire. The men continue walking through the fields with their rifles as the dogs run looking for birds. Black slug. Segment twenty-five: Children Playing, Kate Landis, Children Swinging, Native American Dance , 33:06. Title: "Children Playing, Kate Landis, Children Swinging, Indian Dance." A group of children play on a swing set. Some children go down a slide. A group of people play in the yard. A group of boys pull girls around in a wagon. Some children drive around in toy cars. A group of children walk out of a house carrying dolls. A group of children are dressed as Native Americans and dance around a teepee. One of the children keeps the beat on a drum. Black slug. Segment twenty-six: Dallas and Flight to Vicksburg, 36:36. Title: "Dallas and Flight to Vicksburg." A plane drives down a runway. The plane flies through the sky. Two men get into a plane and the plane flies into the sky. The camera films other planes sitting in a field. Men are seen working on airplanes. The camera films an aerial view as it is flying. Segment twenty-seven: Cemetery, 39:26. The camera films a field with an old cannon. There are tombstones scattered throughout the field. A man stands next to a cannon. The camera films a cylindrical tower with multiple levels. The camera also films another tower monument. Men walk down the spiral staircase of the cylindrical tower. The camera pans up the tower to give a closer look of the tower. Black slug. Segment twenty-eight: Leigh, Two Years Old, 41:29. Title: "Leigh, Two Years Old." A young girl plays with a doll by pushing it in a stroller. The young girl plays in the sand. The young girl plays outside near a fountain. Segment twenty-nine: Deer Hunting at Tupper Lake with Major, 43:24. Title: "Deer Hunting at Tupper Lake with Major." A plane flies across a lake. There are mountains surrounding the lake. There are wild animals hanging from trees. Two men tie a dead deer to the hood of a car. The men are walking through the woods looking for animals to hunt. Segment thirty: Plane ride, 46:21. The camera films an aerial view from a plane. Segment thirty-one: House, 46:29. A man walks out of a black and gray house. Segment thirty-two: Lake, 46:36. A man gets out of a blue car and walks toward a man-made lake in a field. Segment thirty-three: Park, 46:54. The camera films a park. Segment thirty-four: People sitting, 47:07. A group of people are sitting in a field. There are several planes lined up in the field. Segment thirty-five: St. Mary's Cumberland Island (Dungeness), 47:28. Title: "St. Mary's Cumberland Island (Dungeness)." A woman walks through Cumberland Island with a Dalmatian. The camera films white houses on the island. There are cows roaming the fields. The camera films additional houses. Men walk around near the houses. Segment thirty-six: Beach, 48:57. A seagull flies through the sky. The camera pans across the ocean. Men walk around in the sand. There is a plane on the sand. Sign: "Spanish-Mission." Segment thirty-seven: Spanish ruins, 49:27. The camera films what appear to be ancient ruins. Sign: "Welcome Crooked River State Park." The camera films the state park. There is an old white building resembling a church or schoolhouse. The camera films a row of old white houses. The camera films Spanish moss hanging from a tree. Segment thirty-eight: Air Views of Americus, 51:30. Title: "Air Views of Americus." A plane flies over Americus. The camera provides aerial views of buildings, trees, and bodies of water. The camera filmed several large homes that were surrounded by many acres of land. One of the houses had a golf course in its backyard. A man pushes an airplane. A man hops into the airplane and starts the engine. The man waves at the camera. Black slug.
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Frank Sheffield home movie collection, 1925-1965
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection