Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 7, Roll 13 (hm-sheff_0092)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 7, Roll 13 (hm-sheff_0092)
Sheffield, Frank, 1900?-1994
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Americus
Horses--United States
Girls--United States
Women--United States
Drinking behavior--United States
Boys--United States
Picnics--United States
Dogs--United States
Pets--United States
Forests and forestry--United States
Men--United States
Uniforms--United States
United States, Georgia, Sumter County, Americus, 32.0723862, -84.2326876
United States, 37.09024, -95.712891
Moving images
Black slug. Segment one: Riding horses, 0:05. A young girl rides a horse. She smiles happily at the camera. The horse walks around a field outside. A woman and a girl ride their horses down a dirt road together. They ride through a dirt lane on a field. The girl pulls the horse around to face the camera. They explore trails together on their horses. They walk up a small hill. The girl leads the way on her horse. They come around a curve. A couple of horses without riders follow. They drink water from the river. A boy is riding with the girl now. The horses run across a field. Two more horses join them. The boy and girl walk their horses down a dirt path. People stand by horse and hold onto them. A few girls are sitting on the ground drinking and having a picnic. Their horses are by the tree line nearby. A girl's horse bucks, and she quickly gets off of it. People in uniforms ride horses next to a reflection pond. A teenage girl leads her horse, then gets on to ride it. They ride off. She rides around the field by the house. Other girls join her. There are dogs barking and running around. The group of girls rides their horses on a dirt trail through a hilly area. They go up and down hills. In the woods, they jump over fallen trees. A girl and a man stand by their horses and pet them. They get on them to go for a ride. They ride down the sidewalk. The dogs follow and run with them. A house. A girl leads a horse through a field, then climbs on it. She waves to the camera. Some young men ride horses with young women. They start right behind the house, but move onto the woods. A dog follows. They race through the trails. One of the young boys is in a uniform. They walk through the woods slowly. They ride their horses slowly through an open field. One of the horses seems anxious. They ride around through the field. Black slug.
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Original Collection:
Frank Sheffield home movie collection, 1925-1965
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection