Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 4, Rolls 1-5 (hm-sheff_0089)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 4, Rolls 1-5 (hm-sheff_0089)
Sheffield, Frank, 1900?-1994
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Amateur films--Georgia--Americus
Europe--Description and travel
Family vacations--Europe
Germany--Description and travel
Family vacations--Germany
London (England)--Description and travel
Family vacations--England--London
England--Description and travel
Family vacations--England
Washington (D.C.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Washington (D.C.)
Goodyear International Corporation
Boats and boating
Spanish moss
Sepulchral monuments
Cities and towns
England--Buildings, structures, etc.
Stores, Retail
Aircraft carriers
Europe--Buildings, structures, etc.
Lost architecture
Baby carriages
Carriages and carts
Monarchy--Great Britain
Zoo animals
Stone walls
Architecture, Domestic
Big Ben (Tower clock)
Westminster Palace (London, England)
Thames River (England)
Pipe smoking
Railroad trains
Railroad tracks
Bodies of water
Signs and signboards
Tower clocks
United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)
African American women
Wedding attendants
Flower girls
African American men
Dinners and dining
Chicago (Ill.)--Description and travel
Century of Progress International Exposition (1933-1934 : Chicago, Ill.)
United States, Georgia, Sumter County, Americus, 32.0723862, -84.2326876
United States, 37.09024, -95.712891
Europe, 54.5260, 15.2551
England, 52.3555, -1.1743
England, London, 51.5074, -0.1278
Great Britain, 55.3781, 3.4360
Germany, 51.1657, -10.4515
United States, District of Columbia, Washington, 38.907192, -77.036871
United States, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago, 41.850033, -87.6500523
Moving images
Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: The beach, 0:11. A woman walks along the beach toward crashing waves. She runs back when the waves reach shore. The waves crash into a wall repeatedly. The waves break over on the other side of the wall. Segment two: Blimp, 0:48. A Good Year blimp flies in the air. People on the ground race toward the blimp to grad the ropes for a landing. It is called "DEFENDER." People stand waiting for a turn. The camera films from inside the blimp. Segment three: Fun, 1:26. Seven people form a pyramid on the side of a river by a bridge. They play leapfrog. Two women take a ride in a canoe. A man lounges in a boat while a woman walks through the water. The sun shines behind clouds. Segment four: Home, 2:13. A dirt road is blocked by a gate. A house with large trees with Spanish moss hanging from them has cars parked outside. A man swings a golf club. Women walk beneath the trees with Spanish moss. Some men join them. A man climbs a tree, but looks stuck. A man points a gun and shoots it at a lake. Gravestone: "ELIZABETH RANDALL SECOND WIFE OF WEST SHEFFIELD BORN FEB. 16, 1770 DIED JAN. 12, 1808." Gravestone: "WEST SHEFFIELD BORN DEC. 13, 1747 DIED SEPT. 22, 1830." A path in the woods. Segment five: Chicago Century of Progress Expo and European vacation, 3:40. Benches and tables are set up on a large lawn that is lined with pine trees. It is right next to the beach and the water. The city of Chicago can be seen around the water. From the inside of a building, a large round globe is turning. Engines and machines run inside a building. Women walk around outside. This is followed by scenes from the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition. Outside of a colonial building, people in colonial outfits march and beat drums. They form in the courtyard and march across the grass. Children in period dress dance around with a maypole as a crowd watches. A castle flies flags, including an American flag and a British flag. This is part of the "Merrie England" section of the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition. People sit at tables below the castle. Crowds gather to watch people put on historical shows. A building has words painted on the side "The Old Curiosity Shop immortalized by Charles Dickens FIRST EDITIONS CURIOS AND ANTIQUES." The camera pans along a shot of the city of Chicago on the water. Two women walk in a garden toward an archway created by bushes. There is a fountain. A path lined by trees. A statue of a woman in the garden. A building is covered partially by plants. A blimp flies by. The two women explore the garden together. A man joins one of them, and they walk together. They walk over a tall and steep bridge over a bond. A path covered by trees. The women walk through the garden. People sit on a boat together. They sail and look at other ships. A rope connects them to a person scuba diving. The person climbs onto the boat. They sail through the harbor. People sit on a tour boat together called "ST. NICHOLAS II." Two boys play in a pool with a raft. Some older men join them. They swim in the pool. A woman walks beside the pool into the grass. Black slug. An airplane sits on a boat. People have cameras to film it take off. The plane flies around before landing. Once it is done the crowd scatters. The letters B-R-E-M-E-N are shown up close in a row. The camera films a woman standing beside the water. People wave at a large ship as it departs. Ruins of a fort, castle, or church. There are arches that suggest it could be a church. "NEW INN." A car sits in the courtyard area of a building. A car sits on a road with a tower on the side. People stand pointing and looking at the tower and the ruined building it is connected to. There is a green hillside behind it. A woman pushes a baby carriage down a street with townhomes on it. Some of them have intricate wood designs. The castle ruins stand beside a pond with a duck in it. People walk among the ruins between two towers. Two swans are in the water. The camera pans along the castle and the city. The sun shines over the hills. The city is viewed from the top of the castle. The castle is silhouetted against the sun. Plants have grown up the side of the castle. A man walks around. Boats sit on a river. A group of people look at a cottage. A castle blocks the sun. A group walks out of the castle. It has walls like a fort. They film the nearby river from the castle's window. It is a long and large castle. The camera pans along the outside of it. Views of the castle from further away. A car is parked outside the gate leading to the castle. A British soldier walks back and forth at attention. People walk along the street. Family members pose in front of an impressive building with a small dome on top in the middle. Lots of people are walking around. A guard walks back and forth, another sits on a horse. People crowd forward to watch the soldiers on horses. The camera pans along a long building that looks like a castle. Two women and a man walk down a street together toward the camera. They are by a river. A boat flows down the river. At a park, people walk around a pond. Couples stand by the iron fence looking at the water. An older couple walks through a garden together. They pose for the camera. Another couple walks and pretends to fall asleep and get shorter. Two men swing a woman like they are going to throw her. They all play around in the garden. An older woman tends to a bush as another woman walks up to her. A man gives the woman a kiss and shakes her hand. They chat. People walk around a bazaar area where people are selling items like in a flea market. Women stop and look at objects. A crowd of people completely fill a staircase below a tower with a statue of a man. British soldiers block the crowd from the street as a lot of guards on horses and a carriage ride by quickly. More guards and soldiers on horses ride by and a second carriage holding what are presumably members of the Royal Family rides by slowly. The camera pans along a large building with tall columns and statues on top. A tugboat cruises in the river. Horses pull carts on the side of the road as cars zoom past. Cars and double-decker buses zoom past in a square with towers and statues. There are churches and townhomes in the background. Sign: BAKER ST. STATION." The camera films a specific house. Boats sit in a canal. A woman waves from the passenger seat of a car on the road by a canal. Swans float in the river. Snow covers a field and buildings in a light layer. There is snow on a ledge overlooking railroad tracks. Snow is covering everything, including the ground, trees, and houses. The camera films various scenes of the snow. A woman walks out of a house with an 8 above the door. A lion sits on a box made of twigs while another lion sits on the ground behind it. A bear stands at the front of a cage, observing and interacting with humans. A person feeds a bear honey off a stick. Wolves lay on the ground in a wooded cage. Men in uniforms walk around rows of motorcycles. One is called "MISS ENGLAND III." A man in a car waves at the camera. The camera pans up the house. People walk through a garden with tall stone walls behind them. The camera films buildings with elaborate architectural details. Black slug. Birds hop around outside a shed. Three men walk through the woods together. The camera pans across a wooded area with a pond. There are swans in the pond. A tower like a pagoda is in the distance. People ride down a hill together on tandem bicycles and normal bicycles. The camera talks to a man on the side of the road. A dog looks at the camera and a man goes to pet it. A man walks through a gate to a blocked off old stone bridge. People sit together in their heavy coats on a boat and float past Big Ben and Westminster Palace. The camera films people walking along the shore by the Thames River. A small boat floats past them. A large crowd of people are gathered together, with a bus holding a sign: "NEWS WORLD." People stand on trucks with cameras to film the crowd. Sign: "WATNEY'S MALTHOUSE." The crowd is outside the malt house. People are crowded onto large boats next to the shore. People row a boat down the river, in what is likely a race. Boats carry groups of people behind them to watch. Others just float in place. A man smoking a pipe plays the piano. A family walks outside together to play soccer in the yard. The adults play with less energy than the boy. People walk down a road with an archway leading to a castle. There are giant stone walls. The camera pans along the castle. A boat speeds along the water in the ocean. Men stand on a dock watching as the waves flow up around them. Two men sit nearby eating a picnic lunch. A man tries to climb a wall. The camera films the ground from and airplane and its propeller in mid-flight. A train chugs by below. There are great hills beside the water. A castle sits atop a hill in the distance. Other boats are in the river with them. A train moves quickly along on shore. The castle on the hill is closer. They ride past a statue on land of a man on a horse. The town lines the water. People walk across a bridge. There is another castle on a hill beside the river, and another. The town they are passing through has a large church. There are buildings everywhere on the sides of the river. Steps up to a castle are shown. The camera zooms in on the castles on the hilltops. It watches a train disappear into a tunnel. Another castle on a hill top. They film more castles and abandoned structures. On a train ride, the camera films the tracks they have just passed over. There are trees blocking buildings from the tracks. They have just left a town. Water flows quickly into the river. There are huge crashing waves and mist. Water crashes over rocks below a castle. A train goes by on a bridge over a dam. Light glints off the water. Water cascades over water falls and rocks. The camera films the city from above it as a couple walks by. A few couples ride on a boat together and look up at the snow-capped mountains. They go up a hill and find a castle down below. They are in a mountain range with many taller mountains. A building with snow in front of it has "HOTEL - RIGI -KULM" painted on the front. Snow covers a railroad track. They stand on the summit of a snowcapped mountain. A man throws snow at the camera. They film more snowy scenes. A group of people walk alongside the railroad tracks. In the grass where there isn't snow, there are flowers. The horizon is filled with mountains and a lake. Couples sit at a nice table atop a mountain. A small train pulls two cars of people. People walk along a small town below snow-capped mountains. Sign: "LANGEN." A small creek flows swiftly through the city. More snowy mountains. The shadow of an aerial tram bucket can be seen. The camera films the aerial tramway. More snowy mountains up close. The mountains are very rocky. A woman in a dress walks through the snow with a man who gets stuck in it. There are lawn chairs laid out in the snow. They play in the snow. They walk along a trail in the snow that is more manageable than elsewhere. A bird walks along the room of a shed. The camera scares off birds. People walk along a trail in the snow on the top of the mountain. Black slug. A large clock on the outside of a building is filmed just before the hour. Water flows in a river. There is a large garden outside of a building. Cars drive through the streets. People walk around in front of a building that looks like a palace. People walk and observe buildings everywhere. A schooner or other type of sailing ship floats on the water next to the boat the camera is on. They quickly overtake it. People on a passing ship wave their hats at the camera. People on the ship wave to the camera. A life preserver has "KARLSRUHE BREMEN" painted on it. A man sits on the railing above it. They pass by a fort on land. The masts of the ship can be seen with the town in the distance. Lots of buildings line the water. A fort flies five flags over it. They stand on the seawall beside the water. An elaborate staircase winds around a tower in some trees. People sit outside in a garden area with palm trees. There is a white building that looks like the U.S. Capitol. People walk along the streets. A seaplane with "PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS SYSTEM" painted on the side sits in the water. They view the city from inside the seaplane. Black slug. Segment six: Wedding, 48:22. Two girls stand on steps with flowers in their hands. A woman in a white dress carries flowers and walks down the stairs. A woman walks toward the camera. The bridal party makes their way down the stairs and a sidewalk. A couple of African American women hold the train of the dress. People run up to them to throw rice on them. More people come outside after the ceremony. People sit on a porch talking. The girls walk around with their flowers. They pose for the camera. People walk in and out of the house. Women stand on the porch and steps. Women walk around. The bride and groom come out of the house together and the bridal party follows. They walk outside. They come out of a different door and people throw rice at them. The little flower girls follow behind slower. A large group of people file out the door after them. There are many African American women attending the wedding. People gather on the steps of the home to take a picture. A couple stands outside holding a present. Segment seven: Vacation, 52:23. Three boys ride on cows. A younger boy tries to jump onto a small cow, but doesn't succeed. There is a whole group of the boys who are riding around on cows on a dirt road. A woman stands by a scenic overlook of mountains with a river below. The camera films the scenes of the mountains and the river. A man climbs down below the road. The river flows through the mountains. A dirt road winds through the mountains. Light reflects off the headlight of the car as they sit and look out over the water. They picnic and look at the scenery more. The car is parked on one side of a long bridge over the river. A woman sits outside a small house. There is a town in the distance settled into the hills. A woman walks out of a small house surrounded by plants. A dog follows her. The couple rides on a boat in the water together. The camera films the back of the boat and the water behind them. The women look out over the lake. The boat is tied to a dock. A person is swimming in the lake. There is no beach, the water just flows to the rocks and trees. Segment eight: House, 57:30. People, mostly African American men, dig a pit in front of a house. A white man surveys their progress. Women walk across the street. The camera pans across a partially built house. People stand looking at it. There are pieces of wood and bricks everywhere. Some women take a child down off the porch. The women look at the building. Two children play in a pile of sand. A car drives down the road through the neighborhood. Most of the house is finished, and there are trees in the yard. A woman waters the yard as a few men finish up the details. A man stands on the front porch with a sign: "NO ADMITTANCE INTERIOR WORK" over the front door. A man walks outside with a pipe in his mouth. There is a small fountain and tiny pond in the yard. A man water plants with a watering can. He walks around the small area. The camera pans across the yard to the porch and the house. There are columns on the small front porch. A woman holds open the front door to people walking into the house. They walk into a room with a piano and sit to relax together. There is a painting above the fire place. She shows them to the table for a meal. They eat and talk together. Three small children have a small table of their own. A woman brings them food. A child gets on her knees to pray quickly before climbing into bed to go to sleep. Another little girl runs over to a candle in between two unmade beds and blows it out.
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Frank Sheffield home movie collection, 1925-1965
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection