Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, HM 10, HM 11 (hm-ross_0020)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, HM 10, HM 11 (hm-ross_0020)
Rossiter, Joseph
Rossiter, Marion
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Savannah
Delta Air Lines
Paris (France)--Description and travel
Family vacations--France--Paris
Arc de Triomphe (Paris, France)
Tour Eiffel (Paris, France)
Carriages and carts
Tour guides (Persons
Notre-Dame de Paris (Cathedral)
Boats and boating
Automobile driving
Versailles (France)--Description and travel
Family vacations--France--Versailles
Château de Versailles (Versailles, France)
Bodies of water
France--Description and travel
Family vacations--France
Cargo ships
Dinners and dining
France--Buildings, structures, etc.
Passenger trains
United States, Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, 32.0835407, -81.0998342
France, Paris, 48.8566, -2.3522
France, Versailles, 48.8014, -2.1301
France, 46.2276, -2.2137
Moving images
Test screen. Segment one: Airport, 0:07. A family sits in the airport. They walk around outside. Some of them are carrying bags. The family boards a "Delta" airplane. A sign on the airport says "Welcome to Savannah." The family waves as some of the family members board the airplane. Segment two: Boat ride in Paris, 1:58. The camera films sights from the boat ride. A statue can be seen. The camera films the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The camera pans across the city street and films people walking. Segment three: Paris, France, 2:34. There are horses pulling carriages. The camera films the Eiffel Tower. The camera films flower bushes. A group of people ride a boat across the river. The camera films a large boat passing by. A tour guide is speaking into a microphone during the boat tour. The camera continues filming sights along the boat tour. Sign: "Vedettes de Paris Depart." Segment four: Notre Dame Cathedral, 5:20. The camera films the Notre Dame Cathedral. Several people wait outside on the sidewalk for a tour the inside. The camera films another cathedral and its surrounding garden. Segment five: Driving in Paris, 5:53. The camera films cars driving down the street at night. Segment six: Sightseeing in Paris, 6:04. People are seen walking out of a building and down the stairs. The people walk around the city streets of France. The people walk under the Eiffel Tower and across a bridge. The camera films a train going across the tracks. The women go up the Eiffel Tower to see an aerial view of Paris. The camera films through a car window as it drives around Paris. Segment seven: Versailles, 7:55. The camera films the Gardens at Versailles. Tourists stand outside and look around taking in the sights. Segment eight: Inside the cathedral, 8:46. The camera films the inside of a cathedral. It films rose windows and mosaics. The camera also films the interior design of the cathedral. Segment nine: More sightseeing in Paris, 10:33. The camera films train tracks. People walk down stairs. The camera films out a car window again as it drives down the road. Signs: "St. Germain Mantes." "Bougival." People walk around two large ponds. The camera films some flowers. The bus drives through the city at night. People light sparklers. The camera shows people canoeing down the river. The camera films another boat ride tour. A woman falls asleep on the boat. Segment ten: Cargo ships, 16:36. The camera films large cargo ships at their port. Segment eleven: Walking tourists, 20:15. The camera films women walking through city streets and looking at the shops. The camera films a fountain. Segment twelve: Countryside, 21:19. The camera films an open field in the countryside. The camera films large homes through the bus window as the bus drives down the road. Ships can be seen in the ocean as the bus drives by on the road. Segment thirteen: Boarding a ship, 24:03. A group of people stand in line and wait to board a ship. The camera films the mountain range in the distance during the boat tour. The boat has large windows for the tourists to look out of during the ride. The people sit at tables on the boat to eat and drink during the ride. A castle on a hill can be seen in the distance. A woman is seen standing on a boat hanging clothes on a clothesline. The camera continues showing views of the countryside. Black slug. Segment fourteen: Bus ride through countryside, 31:39. A bus drives through the countryside. There is a gray cylindrical tower. The bus drives through village streets. People walk down cobblestone streets. The camera films an olive green building with a sign that reads "Marien-Apotheke." Segment fifteen: Wedding, 35:41. The camera films a bride and groom. The camera films a castle. A man drives a horse pulling a carriage. The bride and groom get into a white carriage with red seats. Segment sixteen: Gardens at Versailles, 38:18. People stand around in a garden. Women pose in front of the flowers. The camera films an overhead shot of the gardens. The camera films the palace. Segment seventeen: Iron statues, 43:49. The camera films iron statues. One statue depicts a young child riding a horse. Another shows a woman posing. Segment eighteen: Sights, 44:03. The camera film more sights around the city. The camera films a view large statues in a fountain. The camera zooms in on the statues which include a cupid and women. Segment nineteen: Train ride, 46:16. The camera shows people riding another train through the mountains. The train rides along next to a body of water. The train passes by houses with straw roofs. Sign: "Anais." Children ride a carnival ride. Segment twenty: Boat ride, 55:01. More mountains can be seen from the boat ride. Segment twenty-one: Bridge and tunnel, 56:06. The bus drives across a bridge and through a tunnel. More cars drive across the bridge. Segment twenty-two: Lights, 57:37. The camera films some lights. Segment twenty-three: Monuments, 58:00. The camera continues to film French monuments. Segment twenty-four: Market, 59:45. People walk through a street market. Segment twenty-four: Cathedral, 1:00:09. The camera films inside a dark cathedral. It films the windows and pans around the room. The camera also films the cathedral's exterior. Black slug.
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Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, circa 1961-1980
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection