Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, HM5, HM6 (hm-ross_0017)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, HM5, HM6 (hm-ross_0017)
Rossiter, Joseph
Rossiter, Marion
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Savannah
Venice (Italy)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Italy--Venice
Venice (Italy)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Lost architecture
Clocks and watches
Rome (Italy)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Italy--Rome
Souvenirs (Keepsakes
Vatican City--Description and travel
Family vacations--Vatican City
Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano
Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
Arch of Constantine (Rome, Italy)
Rome (Italy)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Fontana di Trevi (Rome, Italy)
Street vendors
Lucerne (Switzerland)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Switzerland--Lucerne
Bodies of water
Paris (France)--Description and travel
Family vacations--France--Paris
Arc de Triomphe (Paris, France)
Tour Eiffel (Paris, France)
Tour guides (Persons)
Older women
Saint Patrick's Day
Flags--United States
Dinners and dining
Canoes and canoeing
Ocean waves
Older men
United States, Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, 32.0835407, -81.0998342
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
Italy, Venice, 45.4408, -12.3155
Italy, Rome, 41.9028, -12.4964
Vatican City, 41.9029, -12.4534
Switzerland, Lucerne, 47.0502, -8.3093
France, Paris, 48.8566, -2.3522
Moving images
"University of Georgia Margaret Hale Collection CR# HM5, HM6 Super-8 Color Positive Transferred @ 18 fps TRT-49:35 12/12/07." Black slug. Segment one: European vacation, 0:11. There is a large fountain in the middle of a street with tall buildings. Black slug. A group walks toward the camera, and a man jokingly walks away when he realizes it's on him. An old building that is falling apart is shown. The side of a building with a lot of intricate work is shown up close. The person with the camera is on a boat in a canal, with another boat beside them. They go by a domed building with many statues. They go into more open water. The boat floats through the city, likely Venice, Italy, and takes in many sites. People walk by buildings. A canal with many arches is shown. A plaza is full of many people. People sightsee while surrounded by pigeons. Many of the buildings are lined with statues. Many buildings are shown, most of them extremely intricately decorated. Black slug. People walk through the streets looking at buildings. Many statues are shown up close. It is dark, but it appears the inside of a building is shown. There are old clocks and paintings. Back outside, most of the film includes more statues and buildings. Black slug. People walk around a plaza. A building with a large bell on top is shown. Pigeons are flying everywhere. A man paddles a gondola. They are in a gondola taking in sightseeing from the water. Many gondolas go by. Canals and boats and buildings on the water are primarily shown. The man directing the gondola speaks to the camera. Some buildings and bridges are shown. Back on land in a car, they drive past more antique buildings with statues. A long line of people waits to go in an old building. Sign: "TAXI." Sign: "SOUVENIRS." Sign: "ART REPRODUCTIONS." Sign: "VATICAN STAMPS." A lot of cars are parked behind a fountain. A building with religious statues on top is shown, likely the Vatican. The camera follows the group into the building. Black slug. The changing of the guard occurs between the Swiss Guards. Tour buses and cars fill St. Peter's Square. There are huge crowds of people with a police walking through. Views of the city are shown off in the distance. Sights are shown through the window as they drive by them, mostly buildings. They drive by the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. They walk through a garden. Cars drive by tall walls. The family tours the inside of the Colosseum. They drive through an area of the city that is primarily in ruins. There are men in military uniforms looking at it. The camera shows the bus "AUTOSERVIZI ROMA." They drive through a plaza with a large building with many statues around it. Black slug. They drive through a city and view mostly normal buildings, until they reach the Trevi Fountain and its many statues of animals and people. A group of the women walk up the stairs behind the fountain. There are people trying to sell paintings all over the stairs. Another fountain with statues. Up in the air, the camera shows the land down below, primarily farm land. Everything is green and brown. There is a river winding through a city with farmland on the outskirts. There are small towns amongst the farmland farther from the cities on the river. Black slug. In Lucerne, Switzerland, there is a carving of a dying lion carved into a mountainside. Above it is carved "HELVETIORUM FIDEI AC VIRTUTI." There are a lot of smaller words carved beneath it that illegible from the distance. People stand on a busy street corner as traffic goes by. There is a lake with a park beside it and boats on it. The buildings have a German look. Cars line the streets. A domed building and others can be seen across a lake. A swan swims through the water. Buildings and streets around the city are shown. There are mountains obscured by clouds. The swan dives into the water after something. There is a mural painted up the front side of a building. Sign: "HOTEL DES ALPES RESTAURANT." They ride past stores like "ELSA" and "RAOUL." There are many cars in the street. There is a traffic jam at a major intersection. Black slug. They drive by a park with bright red flowers and bright green grass. There are many stores and buildings with foreign names. The vehicle drives toward a large arch in the middle of an intersection with statues at the base of it. Cars surround a large building complex. They pass the back of a statue. A woman at the front of the bus is talking about the sites. Black slug. From across the park, the camera films the Eiffel Tower. It is too tall to get in one camera shot. They drive by another park. One of the older women stands on some stairs. The city is shown at night. A French flag flies over a long and tall building. There is a guarded gate in front of the building. They go over a bridge with many statues on it. While sitting in traffic, they view stores and monuments. A man directs traffic from above the street. They view more old buildings and sights from the road. Black slug. A couple carries a basket through a crowded street. Cars are parked in an alley. There is a golden statue of a knight on his horse. Old buildings are shown from across a park as they drive by. There is a large archway. French flags fly around the building. Small shops and restaurants with French names are filmed as they drive by. Two towers stand next to each other, one with an angel on top. More tourist sights are shown while driving. Statues line a green garden that boys run through. Black slug. An old building is shown. Black slug. On the side of a building are numerous religious statues. Some of the city is shown behind a bridge. A large pile of boxes lies in the street. Women jaywalk across the street toward a building with a sign: "CHOPE MORVANDELLE." They drive through the city. Black slug. Segment two: Dancing, 25:22. A young boy wearing a bright orange and yellow outfit shows off for the camera. There are other children to the side watching him. When he is done, they all clap. He walks around and dances. A girl and her mother get up and dance together. A younger boy shyly sways back and forth. He puts his hands in his pocket and walks around. They all clap. More children get up and dance together. They smile and laugh. The girl dances more than the younger boy. A young boy sits in his mother's lap and cries. Some people block the camera. Two boys dance at the same time. A woman hugs two boys in the same outfit. One of the younger boys falls while dancing and looks sad. Black slug. Segment three: St. Patrick's Day parade, 28:26. A couple of buildings and a tree are shown sideways. A car with shamrocks on the side and both an Irish and American flag on the front carries three men wearing green sashes. People like the streets to watch the parade. A woman shows her baby off to the camera as others watch. Almost everyone is wearing green. More cars drive by carrying waving people. A little boy has a green hat and another has a button. Men march along the parade route in suits. Some have their kids with them. School boys march in the parade with Irish and American flags. A horse pulls a cart with a boy and a girl on it. Men in uniforms march. Two little girls ride on the hood of a car. School girls march with American and Irish flags. An older woman in the family dances on the side of the street. Black slug. Children jump up and down and Irish dance on the side of the street. People in the parade wave. Family members walk toward the camera. Black slug. Segment four: Riverside, 32:51. The family gathers together in a park and talks. There is a large crown in the park and a stage set up. A chorus sings on the stage. A man stands on stage introducing the next act. The girls walk up a steep stone staircase. They get food from a cart by the river. The girls look out over the water, then smile and wave for the camera. An older woman waves at the camera and walks over to the water. Black slug. Segment five: Road trip, 35:00. A young girl looks over the door as she climbs into a car. She climbs back out and curtsies. Inside the car, she waves and smiles at the camera. Sign: "EXIT." Sign: "STANDARD." Another girl in the car smiles at the camera. An older woman smiles at her. The camera focuses on each of them in turns. Segment six: Family gathering, 36:06. Family members swim in the water together beside a dock. A few older members of the family join. A boy climbs out of the water and stands on the dock. The family walk along the dock to the shore. They set up under a gazebo in the trees. Boys climb out of the water and pose for the camera. A young girl wears an apron. They have a picnic table set up with food. The men have lawn chairs set up by a grill. They stand around the table and trees and talk. Their car is parked nearby under the trees with all of the doors open. Black slug. The boys sit by the table drinking soda and one of the girls eats with them. They all hang out and eat and walk around. The kids pile into a canoe on land and pretend they are in the water. They get out and run around. People stand around the table and dish up their plates. They eat in the lawn chairs and chat. There are many cars parked around them and lots of chairs set up. The two girls sit together on the dock. The boys play in the water, one diving off the other. They jump off the dock. The younger girl poses for the camera Segment seven: The beach, 42:24. A boy walks along the edge of the sand and the ocean. The girls and other boy walk among seaweed. They are not dressed for swimming; it looks cold. The youngest girl takes a photograph of the other three. They explore the beach. One of the boys and girls sit on a lifeguard stand. They all climb together on the lifeguard stand. Waves crash onto the walkway. It looks stormy. They walk along a grassy area next to a house. They stand by the wall the water is crashing over. It is extremely windy. They stand back and watch the waves. The sky is completely dark clouds. The children walk along a wall that blocks the water, then jump down onto the beach. They walk around and explore. Black slug. Segment eight: Hospital, 46:32. A young girl stands beside a man lying in a hospital bed. She waves at the camera. An older man sits in a chair beside him. She kisses the man in the bed. There is cake on a table. She kisses and hugs her grandmother. The man in the bed cuts the cake and opens a present. The family gathers around him and chats in the room. The girl picks at the cake. Her grandmother cuts into the cake. Black slug.
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Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, circa 1961-1980
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection