Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, HM3, HM4 (hm-ross_0016)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, HM3, HM4 (hm-ross_0016)
Rossiter, Joseph
Rossiter, Marion
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Savannah
Saint Patrick's Day--Georgia--Savannah
Camp sites, facilities, etc.
Mountains--Georgia--Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain Memorial (Ga.)
Aerial tramways--Georgia--Stone Mountain
Boats and boating
Amusement parks
Swimming pools
Petting zoos
Zoo animals
Animal trainers
Life jackets
Dinners and dining
Older women
Great Britain--Description and travel
Family vacations--Great Britain
Big Ben (Tower clock)
Buckingham Palace (London, England)
Buildings--Great Britain
Great Britain--Buildings, structures, etc. Fountains
Tour guides (Persons)
Berlin (Germany)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Germany--Berlin
Berlin (Germany)--Buildings, structures, etc.
United States, Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, 32.0835407, -81.0998342
Great Britain, 55.378051, -3.435973
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Georgia, DeKalb County, Stone Mountain, 33.8081608, -84.170196
Germany, Berlin, 52.5200, -13.4050
Moving images
Segment one: Christmas, 0:11. A family gathers to celebrate Christmas. The camera pans across the room to show the Christmas decorations. A group of kids are dancing. A woman plays the piano while a group of young girls stand around the piano. Segment two: Parade, 3:45. The camera films cars driving in a parade. A woman dances while she watches the parade. A group of baton twirlers walk through the parade. Men wearing uniforms walk through the parade. A group of boys carrying Irish flags walk through the parade. Segment three: Campground, 5:00. A group of people sit outside in lawn chairs. A child and woman walk across a dock on the lake. A child does cartwheels. Segment four: St. Patrick's Day parade, 7:58. A white convertible drives through a parade. Sign: "St.Patrick's Day." A group of dancers marches through the parade. Men in uniforms march through the parade. Segment five: Beach, 10:00. Two children play in the sand. The boy is covering the girl's legs with sand to make her resemble a mermaid. Children take turns getting their legs buried in the sand. Segment six: Stone Mountain, 11:15. The camera pans across Stone Mountain showing the carvings on its side. There are four figures carved into the mountain. Segment seven: Buildings, 11:48. The camera pans across a few buildings. A group of people walk around the buildings. Segment eight: Cable cars, 12:34. The camera films an aerial view from the inside of a cable car. Segment nine: Boats, 12:50. Three children sit in a fish-shaped motorized boat on the lake. A few other motorized boats are also out on the lake. A ferry boat rides on the lake. People are standing behind the railing of the boat. Segment ten: Amusement park, 13:44. The camera films people walking through a turnstile at an amusement park. The camera films a fountain. A group of children stand in front of the fountain. Two groups of people slide down a large waterslide. The camera films people riding in cable cars. Segment eleven: Animals, 14:41. There are animals in what appears to be a petting zoo area. The camera then films people riding another amusement park ride. Segment twelve: Pool, 16:42. People swim in a pool. A young girl swims with an inflatable float. A man sits poolside in a lawn chair reading a newspaper. Segment thirteen: Whale show, 17:39. The camera films a whale show. A trainer can be seen standing above the large pool signaling to the whale. Two whales jump out of the water to grab treats from the trainer. There are six whales seen throughout the show as they swim in the pool. The trainer throws a ball and a whale catches the ball in its mouth. Segment fourteen: Pool, 19:24. A young girl wearing a lifejacket jumps into a pool. A few other people also swim in the pool. Segment fifteen: Home, 20:53. A man sits at the table eating a cookie with a young girl. The camera films a birdcage with a small light blue bird inside. The man washes dishes. A girl sits on the floor and plays with a cat. Segment sixteen: Young girl, 22:21. A young girl dances. The girl does somersaults and cartwheels towards the camera. Segment seventeen: Running, 24:04. A young girl runs toward the camera. Segment eighteen: Snow, 24:59. A man walks out of a garage into the snow. The camera pans across the snow covered backyard. Segment nineteen: Airport, 27:21. A woman stands in the airport drinking a coffee. The camera films the group waiting to board a plane. Sign: "Airlines." The group of women wave at the camera. Segment twenty: Outside, 28:37. A group of people stand and dance outside for the camera. Segment twenty-one: England, 29:08. The camera films a double decker bus driving down the street. Sign: "Diamond Jubilee." The camera films a large brick building. The camera films the city as the bus drives around the city. The camera goes over a bridge. A man is seen painting. A boat goes across the river. The camera films the group riding on a double decker bus. The camera films Big Ben. The camera films Buckingham Palace and its guards. The guards march. The camera films a fountain. Segment twenty-two: Garden, 37:13. A group of women stand in a garden. The camera films the fountains. There are yellow tulips in the garden. Segment twenty-three: Restaurant, 40:32. People eat in a restaurant. Segment twenty-four: Garden, 41:39. A group of people walk through a garden. Ducks are seen walking. Segment twenty-five: Countryside, 42:34. The camera films from a car driving through the countryside. A tour guide describes the sights using a microphone. Segment twenty-six: Berlin, 42:59. The car films several buildings that are on the bus tour of East and West Berlin. Sign: "You are now leaving the American sector." Segment twenty-seven: Bus tour, 47:22. The camera pans across the bus filming all the passengers. Segment twenty-eight: Swim meet, 50:40. There is a swim meet being held at a public pool. Segment twenty-nine: Walking around Berlin, 51:19. The camera films tourists walking around the sights of Berlin. Shots of buildings across the city are interspersed throughout the scene.
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Joseph and Marion Rossiter home movie collection, circa 1961-1980
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection