Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reel 9 (hm-kalis_0060)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reel 9 (hm-kalis_0060)
Kaliska, William
Greenblatt, Sidney
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Atlanta
Pet owners
Pipe smoking
Parking lots
Swimming pools
Diving boards
Dinners and dining
Athletic fields
Carriages and carts
Boats and boating
Rocking chairs
Signs and signboards
Coca Cola (Trademark)
Carbonated beverages
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.7489954, -84.3879824
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
Moving images
Descriptive information written on can: Kaliska-Greenblat Home Movie Collection "Can #7: Family, Dogs, Games, Coca-Cola plant, Drivers w/ Cokes"" Transfer of 16mm B&W Dupe. Negative, NDF TC@ HR 01, Time- 14;38, WO# 34052, BCSP, 6/22/05
Segment one: Home, 0:00. A man plays with a dog in the yard, likely a spaniel of some kind. The area is penned in with chairs in it. The man is wearing a suit. He waves at the camera. There is a woman in a dress and another man in a suit with him, too. The dog gets a bone and chews on it. There are cars behind the person with the camera. A few of the people pose individually in front of the cars and the house. A close up of a man smoking a cigarette in front of the trees. The house is a large white house with a chimney and a covered porch area. It is at least two stories tall. There are a lot of trees and bushes in the front yard. The landscaping is elaborate. There is a striped awning on the porch area. The people are walking outside by the cars. A man talks to the camera while in front of the fence. They sit in the grass. One of the women takes off her shoes. A man smokes on a pipe. They are all shown individually talking. One of the men tousles a woman's hair; she walks away. Segment two: Vacation, 3:38. Three people walk toward the camera from a parking lot. They walk to a building made of stone that has a large group of people outside of it. There are people on the grounds and also at the beach right next door. Inside of a courtyard area, there is a large pool that has many people swimming in it. There are balconies with people on them. There is a diving board with flags, which is shown up close. People sit at tables dining on food. The outside area by the beach is shown again. There are many buildings connected together. A lot of people walk around and sit on the beach, although it does not appear that anyone is in the water. People walk next to the pool. There are courts and fields for people to play sports on, likely tennis. There is also a boardwalk area with a little cart to push people in. A woman with a hat on is shown up close, as is a man in a suit. Children hop around in a circle on one foot in a field. There are teepees in the field with animals on the sides. The children all fall down in a circle. Segment three: Dogs, 7:21. A woman and a man stand in heavy coats outside of a dog cage petting a dog. The dogs are jumping up on the cage at them. The caged area is an outside area that is connected to a building with many doors for the dogs to go in. The dogs run around and bark. There is a fenced off portion of the hill for the dogs. The woman and man pose in front of a hill where the dogs are penned, then shake hands jokingly. Segment four: Family, 8:34. Two couples pose together and smile. The men take off their hats. One of the women laughs at the camera when it gets up close. They play around and laugh. Segment five: Vacation, 9:15. A woman stands in the ocean between the shore and a boat. She walks out of the ocean and up the beach. A dog climbs up on a woman and plays with rope. There is a sailboat on the water. A couple of people stand in the water together. Two women walk out of a house toward another woman in a rocking chair. A woman waves at the camera. The dog stands and barks at the camera. A woman relaxes in a chair. A man comes out of the house and looks around. He throws something. Segment six: Jobs, 10:59. A man in a mechanic's outfit looks at a car engine. He smiles for the camera. A man in a white suit stands in front of a sign: "Coca-Cola" while opening a bottle of soda. He talks to the camera and smiles. Another man dressed the same way does the same. There is a vehicle with "Coca-Cola" painted on the side. There are many men dressed the same and opening Cokes. The four men stand together at the end. A man stands inside with a "Coca-Cola" hat on. A man walks by a couple of cars. A man in a suit poses in front of a car. A man stands in front of a car. Two boys roughhouse by the cars. The same men from early unload bottles of Coke from a truck. One plays with an oil can. They walk around and talk to each other. Sign: "DRINK Coca-Cola DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING." A man talks with a cloth in his hands by a car. Men in suits talk to each other and the camera. They are messing around with each other as they talk. The same men stand in front of a car and talk to the camera. A man in a long coat stands while someone else jumps in a Coca-Cola truck. A man in a Coca-Cola truck talks to the camera. Black slug.
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Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, circa 1923-1937
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection