Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reels A and 1 only (hm-kalis_0053)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reels A and 1 only (hm-kalis_0053)
Kaliska, William
Greenblatt, Sidney
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Atlanta
Woodruff family
Tap dancing--Georgia--Atlanta
Rocking chairs--Georgia--Atlanta
Architecture, Domestic--Georgia--Atlanta
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.7489954, -84.3879824
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
Moving images
Segment one: Woodruff party, 0:01. A boy is dressed up posing for the camera and making faces. The view is blurry. A woman wearing a hat and scarf speaks to the camera. A man and his son pose for the camera. The father picks up the boy. The man speaks to the camera. The woman walks with the boy. A woman talks to the camera and makes faces. She holds a puppy. The boy walks around with the puppy in his wagon. Another woman talks to the camera. A woman and a girl talk to the camera and smile at each other. More people pose for the camera. Two boys roughhouse with each other. A girl in a hat laughs and walks by. She poses with a boy. They kiss and his hat falls off. The boy talks to the camera. A group of boys pose together and mess with each other. Segment two: Home, 3:46. A man gets something out of the trunk of his car. Two men stuff clothes into a large bag. They then pose for the camera and talk to each other. A woman poses at a doorway while smoking a cigarette. She walks over toward the car. Then, a man joins her in front of the door. They talk to each other and look at the camera. An African American maid helps get the car ready. A group of people walk out of the house with heavy jackets and approach the car. They wave at the camera. Segment three: Sports, 5:58. A man swings a golf club. People walk down a hill in the distance. Many men practice their shots on a golf course. They pose together when they're done and mess with a friend's hat. One swings for the camera. A man poses for the camera and speaks to his wife. A boy looks at the camera and talks with someone to the side. A man putts. A car drives in toward the club house. A man smiles for the camera. People ride horses across a field playing polo. Women watch from near their cars. Segment four: Home, 8:30. A boy in shorts and a jacket walks toward the camera. He stands and twirls his hat around. Another boy a little bit younger than him stands with him. A woman tap dances in the driveway. Women walk up a sidewalk in a neighborhood area. They play around with each other. Their coats blow in the wind. A boy sits along smiling for the camera. A woman sits on a swing and smiles for the camera. Boys and girls sit on the swing hitting each other. The number narrows down from five to three. The two who were fighting the most dance together in front of the swing. Couples sit in rocking chairs together in front of a building. There is a chain link rope in front of them. They chat with each other. Three young children dressed up stand outside. One of the boys is dressed like a cowboy. He takes his hat off and waves it at the camera. The children pose together. A woman and her daughter laugh and pose together on the porch. They shake hands. A man stands alone posing for the camera. The women and young boys stand together and pose for the camera. They put gloves on the boys and situate them properly. Everyone is standing at the front door of a large house talking. The camera is on the far side of the yard capturing the house and landscaping, as well as the family. Black slug.
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Original Collection:
Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, circa 1923-1937
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection