Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reel 9 (hm-kalis_0050)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reel 9 (hm-kalis_0050)
Kaliska, William
Greenblatt, Sidney
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Atlanta
Football stadiums--Georgia--Athens
University of Georgia
Broad jump
Discus throwing
Goodyear International Corporation
Dinners and dining--Georgia--Atlanta
African American women
African American infants
Architecture, Domestic
Older African Americans
Pipe smoking
Older men
Rocking chairs
Cumberland Gap (Tenn.)
Signs and signboards
Signs and signboards--Kentucky
Signs and signboards--Virginia
Lincoln Memorial University
Excavations (Archaeology)--Tennessee
Parade floats--Georgia--Atlanta
Jones, Bobby, 1902-1971
Fire engines--Georgia--Atlanta
Georgia Power Company
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.7489954, -84.3879824
United States, Georgia, Clarke County, Athens, 33.960948, -83.3779358
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Virginia, 37.431573, -78.656894
United States, Kentucky, 37.839333, -84.270018
United States, Tennessee, Claiborne County, Harrogate, 36.5823, -83.6569
Moving images
Descriptive information written on can: Jack English "Black & White", Tape #1, TC:1, 10-04-07 D#, HD 1080i 59.94, film transfer from 16mm b&w print 24fps [I believe this was Atlanta Airport footage from the Kaliska collection. --MC]
Black slug. Segment one: Sports, 0:03. A man in a "GEORGIA" sweatshirt runs across the field in Sanford Stadium at the University of Georgia with the scoreboard in the background. A man in a tank top poses for the camera. Many people stand in the stands watching a discus event. A number of men partake in a long-jump event. A woman sits on a bench talking to the camera. Segment two: Air vehicles, 1:40. An airplane flies in the sky. A Good Year blimp is shown barely off the ground. It gets higher and higher. A building with "ATLANTA AIRPORT" painted on the roof is in the background across a field in which a crowd of people are walking around. Men stand holding a blimp so that passengers can board it. A fin of the blimp has "DEFENDER MIAMI NC-12A" on it. The men let go as the blimp starts rising into the air. An airplane takes off from a runway. They are still holding the blimp. The blimp takes off. A woman stands talking to a man on the ground. People pose for the camera on a field. The blimp comes back down to land. It is held still while more people get on it, and some get off. Men in suits watch the whole operation. The camera shows views from the blimp, mostly fields down below. The captain eats a sandwich. People look out the window and smile for the camera. A man takes pictures of the blimp. People walk off the blimp after the ride. Segment three: Garden, 6:06. A woman walks through a beautiful garden with a pond ahead of her. She stops and picks a flower. A couple comes up behind her and run up to hug her. She shakes hands with the two other people who come up behind. They act like they will jump in the pond. An African American woman stands talking to another woman who plays with the African American woman's baby. People stand in the gardens. A woman talks to the camera up close. A man and his daughter walk together. A man smiles and poses for the camera. Segment four: Buildings, 8:07. A doorway is roped off. A stone building with columns is shown. It is shown from the bottom of a staircase. There is a little spring with a sign above it. The camera pans along a two-story house with many windows. It shows the front door up close. There is an old well, which is outside of a smaller one-story building. An old African American man with a pipe is dressed in a suit and poses for the camera. People pose in a courtyard area. Two people pose with an old dresser that has dog trinkets on top of it. Segment five: Cumberland Gap, 10:38. A man sits in a rocking chair on a porch waving around a newspaper. A mountain view is shown from up high with the valley below. There is a river down below. Trees block some of the views. There is a large rocky wall forming a cliff. The valley below is mostly cleared land. There are a lot of buildings below and trees up high. A large upright rock is shown. A man stands and gestures behind a sign: "KENTUCKY" nailed on a tree. There is a sign: "CIVIL WAR BREAST WORKS" on a trail. A couple holds hands on either side of a sign: "VIRGINIA." Another couple does the same by the Kentucky sign. Something is carved into a rock from the year 1863. A sign: "LINCOLN MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY" points to the right. More scenes of the valley. People stand by a bench looking at something in their hands. A woman climbs a large hill with ruins. A man and a girl stand on a tower, which he takes a video of. Segment six: Parade for Bobby Jones, 14:24. People like the street, which is covered in confetti. It is blowing down out of the air everywhere. Police on motorcycles are followed by horses which are followed by a band. There are people marching in the parade and old cars as well. A banner says "WELCOME BOBBY JONES." Men in uniforms march. There is an old fire truck. Another banner advertises for Bobby Jones. Most of the vehicles and floats have a banner welcoming Bobby Jones. Some of the organizations include the Women's Association, Atlanta Coach Co., and the Georgia Power Company. Many African American citizens walk together as an association as well. Jones's trophy is carried in the bed of a truck. More streamers fall to the ground as the car carrying Bobby Jones passes by. People instantly start walking around once the parade is over. Four women pose together in front of a building and then in front of a car. Black slug.
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Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, circa 1923-1937
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection