Ethridge home movie collection, Ethridge Wedding, 1944 (hm-ethrg_0041); Chaisson (Ethridge) Family Home Movies -- Ethridge Wedding, 1944

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Ethridge home movie collection, Ethridge Wedding, 1944 (hm-ethrg_0041); Chaisson (Ethridge) Family Home Movies -- Ethridge Wedding, 1944
Ethridge, Ira Lanis, 1899-1970
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Etheridge family
Amateur films--Georgia--Jefferson
Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm (Jefferson, Ga.)
Farm life--Georgia--Jefferson
Historic sites--Georgia--Jefferson
Historic farms--Georgia--Jefferson
Carriages and carts
African American farmers--Georgia--Jefferson
African American men
Parade floats--Florida--Fort Myers
Parades--Florida--Fort Myers
Church buildings
African American girls
Parks--North Carolina--Franklin
Nantahala National Forest (N.C.)
Easter Bunny
African American boys
Caricatures and cartoons
Agricultural laborers--Georgia--Jefferson
Dinners and dining
Everglades (Fla.)
Boats and boating
Fruit trade--Georgia--Jefferson
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Georgia, Jackson County, Jefferson, 34.1171, -83.5724
United States, Florida, Lee County, Fort Myers, 26.6406, -81.8723
United States, North Carolina, Macon County, Franklin, 35.1823, -83.3815
United States, Florida, 27.664827, -81.515754
United States, Georgia, Jefferson County, Louisville, 33.0015407, -82.4112377
Moving images
Black slug. Segment one: Title screen, 0:05. "National Film Preservation Foundation." Segment two: Tulips, 0:19. The movie starts with footage of tulips growing in a garden. Segment three: Sign, 0:50. A neon sign that reads "Hi-de-Ho steaks and chops." is shown. Segment four: Wedding, 0:58. Men and women are seen dancing. The bride walks up to the altar. The flower girl and bride are brought in with a horse and carriage. The wedding guests dance around the Maypole. Segment five: House, 2:10. The camera pans across a one-story white home. Segment six: Tractor, 2:21. Three African American men ride a tractor through a field. The men load bales onto a truck. Segment seven: Sunset, 3:05. A sunset is filmed. Segment eight: Black automobile, 3:12. A woman and man are seen entering a black automobile. An African American man stands next to the automobile. Two women and a man are seen walking towards another automobile. Segment nine: Highway, 3:43. Cars drive on the highway. Segment ten: Floats, 3:55. Painted parade floats are seen. One of the floats says "Sears Fort Myers." Segment eleven: Bridge, 4:21. A group of people stand on a bridge. A man and woman talk to the camera, but the audio is silent. Segment twelve: Tractors, 4:56. Large tractors are filmed. Segment thirteen: Some women pick flowers off a tree. Segment fourteen: Title screen, 5:20. "Jefferson Christian Church Sunday School. A.F. Hood, Superintendent, October, 1941." Segment fifteen: Black bear, 5:29. A black bear walks. Segment sixteen: Church, 5:31. People are seen walking out of a church building down the steps. Families are shown getting into their cars. An African American girl is seen walking with a group of girls. Segment seventeen: People are shown entering a blue car and waving at the camera. Segment eighteen: Park, 6:44. There is a pond. Sign: "Arrowwood Glade This picnic area developed and maintained by the U.S. Forest Service Dept. of Agriculture Nantahala National Forest." Sign: "Wayah Bald Elevation 5336." Sign: "Wayah Bald This scenic point developed and maintained by the U.S. Forest Service Dept. of Agriculture Nantahala National Forest." Cars are seen driving. The camera pans across the mountains. There is a lighthouse. Segment nineteen: Home, 8:01. A man and woman leave the house. A young girl is seen feeding chickens. The young girl plays with clothes hanging on a clothesline. An African American man pushes a young girl and a dog in a wheel barrow. A young girl plays with a gray cat. A young girl plays on a wagon. A young girl pretends to drive a tractor. African American men drive tractors. A man drives a tractor with a young girl sitting on his lap. Three women and a young girl leave the house and walk towards a black automobile. A young girl plays in a wash tub. An African American man drives a horse and carriage with the young girl riding in the carriage. Segment twenty: Easter, 15:45. A person dressed in an Easter bunny costume entertains the children. An African American man looks into the camera as he holds a young boy. An African American man dances. A man and young children practice doing handstands. The older man picks up a young African American boy. Segment twenty-one: Night, 20:07. The camera films a city at night. Sign: "Regal." Segment twenty-two: Neighborhood, 21:10. A woman and young girl sit outside and talk. People walk down the street and talk. Segment twenty-three: Field, 21:51. A man drives a tractor across a field. Segment twenty-four: Parade, 22:34. People walk through the street parade. Cars with floats drive by. A group of African American children walks down the street. A marching band and its dancers march through. Segment twenty-five: Home, 22:58. Footage of people walking up towards a house. The people play with dogs. Cats play with each other. Segment twenty-six: Cartoon, 26:35. There is footage of what appears to be a cartoon. The words "Help" appear on the screen. It then says "Get that guy!!" Segment twenty-seven: Truck, 27:23. Men load a truck with bales. Segment twenty-eight: Woman and child, 29:01. A woman walks holding a young boy's hand. Segment twenty-nine: Family, 30:00. A man, woman, and boy stand in front of the camera with a cat. Segment thirty: Young boy, 31:16. A young African American boy eats an apple. Segment thirty-one: Lake, 31:39. The camera pans across a lake with mountains in the background. Segment thirty-two: Dirt road, 32:32. Three women walk down a dirt road by a black automobile. A man and a woman dance in the road. A truck drives down the road with a boy sitting in the back. Segment thirty-three: Woman carrying logs, 33:06. A woman walks out of a house carrying logs. Segment thirty-four: Field, 33:12. African Americans are standing in a field. Segment thirty-five: Dog, 33:45. A dog walks down the street and barks. Segment thirty-six: Tractor, 33:55. A man rides a tractor. Segment thirty-seven: Land, 33:26. The camera pans across some land showing a two-story white house and a cottage. Three African Americans boys play together. Segment thirty-eight: Beach, 36:07. The camera pans across a beach. A man and woman walk towards a car. People begin arriving at a house and greeting each other. People are canoeing in the water. There are tulips growing in a field. The camera pans across the water. Segment thirty-nine: Dinner, 38:06. A group of people are sitting outside at long tables. The people begin serving food. A young girl plays with a swing. Two men touch the coconuts growing on a tree. The camera films palm trees. Segment forty: River, 29:57. A ship is on the river. Segment forty: Trip, 39:40. A car travels down the road. A group of people get out of the car and walk down to a park. The group walks through and looks at flowers. The group continues to look at various flowers. There is a bird. Signs: "Everglades Nursery." Segment forty-two: Ships, 41:17. The camera films docked boats. Segment forty-three: Train, 41:41. There is a train moving along the track. The train says "Dowling and Camp" on the side. Segment forty-four: Night drive, 41:57. The car travels down the road. Sign: "Sears." Segment forty-five: Camping, 42:03. A girl stands outside of a camper and hangs clothes. A woman playfully hits a man with a broom. Segment forty-six: Tree, 43:18. Men pick fruit off trees. Segment forty-seven: Highway, 4:32. A car travels across a bridge and films a boat moving across the water. Segment forty-eight: Fish, 43:55. Men pose with the fish they caught. Sign: "River's Edge Trailers Cottages." A group of girls carry a large fish. The group poses with their catches by the sign. Segment forty-nine: Native American village, 49:12. Men talk with a Native American woman and child. Sign: "Indian village." Sign: "Only Original Slave Market Built 1758." Sign: "Louisville Fertilizer & Gin Co."
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Ethridge home movie collection, 1939-1966, (bulk 1939-1959)
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection