Ethridge Home Movie Collection, 8mm compilation | hm-ethrg_0037

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Ethridge Home Movie Collection, 8mm compilation | hm-ethrg_0037
Ethridge, Ira Lanis, 1899-1970
Date of Original:
Etheridge family
Amateur films--Georgia--Jefferson
Dinners and dining
Birthday parties
Birthday cakes
Wooden-frame buildings
Tallulah Falls (Ga.)
Balls (Sporting goods)
Bodies of water
Diving boards
Vacation homes
Boats and boating
United States, Georgia, Jackson County, Jefferson, 34.1171, -83.5724
United States, Georgia, Rabun County, Tallulah Falls, 34.7306, -83.3943;
Moving images
Black slug. Segment one: Potluck, 0:09. People sit together outside in the shade. There are mostly adults, but a few children. There is food laid out on the tables. People crowd around the tables of food as they get some to eat. They stand and eat the food while they talk to each other. They pose together in a few long rows. Black slug. A group of people sit in chairs outside listening to a man talk. Segment two: Travel, 2:47. A woman leans on a tree as she looks out at a view of mountains. There is a valley full of trees down below and a mountain in the distance. The camera pans along the valley. Two women get in a car and drive off. Tall mountain range on the horizon. People walk on a road. Mountains covered in light and shade. A streak of light coming down from the sky, likely a rainbow. Women pose on the side of a road by their car. Segment three: Birthday, 4:09. A young girl sits at a table and plays with a cake. They put her in front of the car where she blows out a candle. A woman helps her cut into the cake. She happily eats a piece. Black slug. Segment four: Gathering, 4:44. A man helps a little girl stand. People stand around a table in the woods with cloth on it for a picnic. There is a wooden building nearby. While mostly adults, there are a few children and a baby. They stand along the edge of the tables with plates. Black slug. Segment five: Summer at Tallulah Falls, 5:23. Title: "PHOTOGRAPHER: AMATEUR, LANIS ETHRIDGE DATE: LATE SUMMER 1939." Black slug. Sign: "FAMILY INSPECTS NEW PONTIAC. NEW BRIDGE AT TALLULAH FALLS." Black slug. People lounge on the beach as some women throw a ball back and forth. Cars are parked along the beach. They bounce the ball and drop it in the water. Black slug. A pond with a diving board and a dock on it for the houses surrounding it. Some women sunbathe on the top of the dock. A woman walks toward a car. A black bear on the side of a road walks into the woods. Tall and thin trees. A long bridge crosses a wide brown river. There are buildings on the shore taller than the trees. A woman walks across a bridge to the camera. She walks up to the camera and speaks. Sign: "SALESPERSON." A woman with a bow and arrow lines up a shot as a man stands behind her. Dense trees and bushes. A woman and man walk together and smile at the camera. Mountains covered by fog and clouds. A lot of cars are parked at a scenic overlook where people can view the mountains. Many low clouds cover the mountains. A man is climbing a hill beside the road. A man walks up to the camera. A man and woman pick weeds from the ground. Trees above them. A woman picks her way gingerly across rocks after taking her shoes off. A man helps her before wading into the water on his own. She cleans her feet off. Black slug. Sign: "MOUNTAIN VIEW HOTEL MODERN." A lodge is obscured by trees. A woman walks down the front steps toward the parking lot. Segment six: Snow, 10:24. Snow falls rapidly to the ground as a man in a heavy jacket walks by the camera. The camera pans around outside to show the snow coming down everywhere. Black slug. Segment seven: Picnic outing, 10:59. A woman holding fabric and a basket talks to the camera. Two women and their daughters carry things for a picnic. They walk slowly down the sidewalk toward the camera. The girls have sombreros. A girl rides on a bicycle behind one of the pairs. A girl skips down the sidewalk. A woman poses by her stairs with her dog. She tries to make it sit. The two girls and a woman come out of the house again. The girls skip down the sidewalk. A woman walks through a garden and stands on a fence. She walks to a car where she waves to the camera. At a picnic site, the women and girls sit at a picnic table. They wave at the camera. There is a pond with docks on it and rolling hills. They take come sticks down to the water to go fishing. There is a boat on the pond. Two of the women stand at the edge of the water to fish. The girls join them. There are people in the trees at the picnic tables. There is a boat on the water and people on the hills. A woman and man talk beneath the trees. There are many parked cars nearby. Women stand together to talk. The girls are still fishing with the two women. In the trees, more people get ready to fish. A man and woman carry a small table down the hill. It is dark. People walk on the edge of the water. Women and men climb on a boat that is tied to a dock. More people join them. A man stands on the dock. A motorboat on the water. There are boats tied up at docks, while others are on the water. Two women stand at the back of the boat as it remains tied to the dock. They walk around and relax. The camera is on a boat moving on the water. A larger boat goes by them quickly. There is a hill with a lot of people on it and a beach. A sailboat on the water. The flag on the back of the boat flies in the wind. More sailboats. There are more boats on the water with them. The sky. More boats on the water. A small boat with three men passes them right before a larger one does the same. A woman on the other boat waves. The boat is called "THE FOLLEY ATLANTA." A man is standing on the front of the boat as everyone else relaxes on the back. Segment eight: Travel, 20:35. A woman walks outside of a hotel with her hands full. There are tall mountains nearby and a sign: "SKYWAY MOTEL." A small town is by the motel. There are cars parked at the motel with women standing in front of them. Women get into a yellow car slowly. A woman runs over to a large map of a mountain. There is a tunnel through the mountain on the road. She and another woman stand on the edge of an overlook looking at a mountain range. There are bushes of white flowers that two women look at. The women get into the car on the side of the road.
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Ethridge home movie collection, 1939-1966, (bulk 1939-1959)
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection