Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-74 (hm-bla_0036)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-74 (hm-bla_0036)
Blankenship, H. C.
Date of Original:
Blankenship, H. C.
Blankenship family
Railroad tracks--Georgia--Gordon
Passenger trains--Georgia--Gordon
Police vehicles--Georgia--Gordon
Railroad stations--Georgia--Gordon
Blue collar workers--Georgia--Gordon
Central business districts--Georgia--Gordon
Dinners and dining
Christmas trees
Birthday parties
Birthday cakes
Railroad stations
Central of Georgia Railway
Toy guns
Lawn care industry
Amateur films--Georgia
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Georgia, Wilkinson County, Gordon, 32.886191, -83.333588
Moving images
Descriptive information on file: 0800-20-74, Carol Train trip, Carol eating dark, old house, spiter lillies [sic], Christmas…
Segment one: Train ride, 0:01. A young boy and his father walk across a road by railroad tracks. They go back to their car and the mother joins them walking outside. The boy plays with a lock on a train. Hands are shown holding something. A police officer walks towards the camera in front of a police car with "City of Gordon Police" painted on the side. A train comes down the tracks toward them. The father and son climb on as the mother watches. The train then pulls away. At the train station some men load things on a cart. A woman walks in front of a brick building downtown. The police are shown at the train station again. Black slug. Segment two: Eating, 1:41. A boy sits at the table with his mother and is eating a meal. They have wall paper in their house. Segment three: Houses, 2:03. From the other side of the fence, an old wooden house and other houses are shown. A woman and man work in their garden to clean it up. Flowers from their garden are shown up close by the camera. Some other flowers are shown as well. Segment four: Christmas, 3:03. Family members sit around a Christmas tree with tinsel on it and open presents. A boy distributes the presents to everyone. The boy plays with a fire truck he received. The more presents they open, the less of the floor is visible. A couple kisses in front of the tree. The camera pans along many of the presents laid out in the room and the tree. The boy helps his grandmother decorate a tree. He sits on a couch opening presents that include a toy airplane and a toy Jeep. His mom presents him with a cake that looks like a circus tent and has "Happy Birthday Carol" written on the icing. The camera pans around rooms in the house and shows the cake up close. The boy, Carol, is now dressed up and standing behind the cake with his toy Jeep. He plays with it some. His parents stand with him looking at the cake. He poses for the camera with it. A girl joins him. Black slug. Segment five: Train station, 8:45. A crowd of people stand at the entrance to a train stopped at the train station. They slowly board the train. The train has "CENTRAL OF GEORGIA" written on it. A smaller group of people watch the train leave the station. Segment six: Around town, 9:10. The camera shows a store where the train pulling away is reflected in the window. A boy standing on the sidewalk pulls his toy guns out of their holsters. A family stands outside of their house while the father cuts the grass. Black slug.
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H.C. Blankenship and John Scott home movie collection, circa 1936-1967
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection