Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-62 to HM-69 (hm-bla_0033)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-62 to HM-69 (hm-bla_0033)
Blankenship, H. C.
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Blankenship, H. C.
Blankenship family
Central business districts
African Americans
Birthday parties
Abandoned buildings
Passenger trains
Marching bands
Cub Scouts
Football players
Amateur films--Georgia
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
Moving images
Descriptive information on file: 0800-20-62, Carol, Aunt Dess, Winkle, X-ray at PO / 0800-20-63, Baby Cheryl, Easter / 0800-20-64, Cheryl's Birthday Party, 6 old school / 0800-20-65, Snow (bad) / 0800-20-66, Centenial and Cane Mill / 0800-20-67, Granny's Flowers, Stuart, Bessie, Hert, Cordbell, Mammie and Hamp / 0800-20-68, Snow card, Parade (drum and bugle) / 0800-20-69, Carol 6th Birthday, Camellias
Black slug. Segment one: Family at home, 0:05. Family is sitting together in the family room on couches, while a boy plays with a dog. They have moved slightly and not the dad and the boy are playing with the dog. An older woman holds the dog. Segment Two: Around town, 0:59. People are walking around a parking lot next to some buildings. Occasionally cars drive by. A woman in a long skirt meets another woman getting out of her car and they walk over to a work man and a trailer. The women go inside the trailer. A flagpole by some other buildings is shown by a yellow stop sign. The women are still by the trailer. Cars drive down the street and park by a brick building that may be the post office. A group of African American people are dressed up and parked together by some building downtown. Black slug. Segment three: At home, 2:54. Two men walk around the woods by the house. Other family members look at all of the beautiful flowers in the garden. A young boy is dressed up and outside with the rest of the family. He poses outside with an Easter basket full of eggs. His mom takes pictures of him. Everyone is outside watching him count his eggs and taking pictures in front of trees. A woman holds a very young baby and poses for pictures while the boy plays around. People play with the pets before going into the house. Black slug. Segment four: Baby, 5:08. A baby girl lies in a crib propped up on pillows. A boy, presumably her brother, plays with her while on a couch. Black slug. Segment five: Birthday party, 5:54. Children are gathered around a table where a girl is opening birthday presents. On the table there is a bowl of punch, a cake, and other decorations and dishes. After she finished they all lounge around the room drinking the punch. Her presents are spread out on the table. Segment six: Abandoned building, 7:21. The camera explores an abandoned brick building. A red truck is parked nearby, although no people are visible. Segment seven: Television, 7:45. The screen is primarily black, but a television screen can be seen intermittently. People are sitting on a couch watching and walking around. Segment eight: Family pets, 8:24. A dachshund runs around the yard. Two dogs chase each other around the house. Black slug. Segment nine: Outside, 8:54. The camera view is blurry, but a lot of trees can be made out and a plain building that looks like a church. In a different area, with the blurry view, trees can be seen lining a road. Somewhere along the road there is a house and a stop sign. Black slug. Segment ten: Transportation, 10:35. There is a train, number 349 that has two flags on the front of the engine. A couple of people stand looking into cars on the road. On a farm, a horse turns a machine which slices bamboo. There is a fire that is being used to do something in the woods. People gather around and drink. Black slug. Segment eleven: Flowers, 12:16. An older woman sits by a pink flower bush. Flower bushes along the side of a house are shown. Neighbor children walk their dog down the street. More flowerbeds are shown. Some visiting family go outside to leave and stand petting the dog. Visitors walk down the stairs of the house and walk together outside. They pet a dog and talk. A close up of a flower is shown. Black slug. Segment twelve: Visitors, 14:04. Men and women stand outside talking together and doing something in the shadows. A boy plays with the dog. Black slug. Segment thirteen: Snow, 15:20. Although the view from the camera is not good, snow can be made out on the ground in between cars. A boy rolls around and slides in the snow. Another one shows the camera snowball. Many different wintry scenes, especially children playing in the snow, are shown. All of the people are very bundled up. Cars are covered in snow. Segment fourteen: Parade, 16:48. Cars drive down the street with people in them. People march down the road. Horses pull carts in the parade. A band with drums and marchers leads the way. There is also a sign: "Cub Scouts" on a car ahead of the local cub scouts. Football players run down the road with their helmets on. Horses prance. Girls with batons walk down the road. It gets difficult to see what else is happening in the parade. Black slug. Segment fifteen: Birthday party, 18:26. A boy sits behind a table with a cake on it. He is trying to blow out the last candle and laughs when he cannot. A light is on the table so that they can get good pictures. He then goes outside and is dressed up in a suit playing with a dachshund. Lots of different flowers and plants are shown. Some are displayed by an older lady. A group walks through the garden area. The boy holds some of the flowers in his hands. A large group of people who are dressed up walk around the flowers. Black slug.
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H.C. Blankenship and John Scott home movie collection, circa 1936-1967
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection