Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-30 to HM-37 (hm-bla_0029)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-30 to HM-37 (hm-bla_0029)
Blankenship, H. C.
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Blankenship, H. C.--Travel
Blankenship family
Central business districts
Passenger trains
Swimming pools
Toy guns
School buildings
Domestic animals
Automobile drivers
Atlanta Zoo
Zoo animals--Georgia--Atlanta
Schools--Georgia--Wilkinson County
Rock Eagle 4-H Center (Ga.)
Birthday parties
Sandcastles--Georgia--Jekyll Island
Beds (Gardens)
Petting zoos
Family vacations
Amateur films--Georgia
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Georgia, Putnam County, 33.3217674, -83.3728414
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.7489954, -84.3879824
United States, Georgia, Wilkinson County, 32.8025, -83.1649
United States, Georgia, Glynn County, Jekyll Island, 31.0685662, -81.4134297;
Moving images
Descriptive information on file: 0800-20-30, School trip on Nancy, school house, Daryle Parade, Cheryl Recital / 0800-20-31, Cheryl, Chuck, Angie, Flowers, Moon Lilly Cows, Bibleschool, Swimming pool, Byron's Flowers. / 0800-20-32, Snake and Cat / 0800-20-33, JYK #2 Fair scenes Holloways / 0800-20-34, Picnic, Swimming Pool / 0800-20-35, Rock Eagle, Swimming Pool, Carol's Plant / 0800-20-36, Holloway's Jekyll / 0800-20-37, Flowers,Beasleys,Byron's Hotel, Susie and Bird
Segment one: Downtown, 0:02. Kids are climbing on and off a train. A train comes down the tracks toward the camera. People run to board a train. The train departs. Children play around in a field outside of a school. Segment two: Home, 1:28. A woman lounges comfortably in a chair. Someone plays with a kitten. A man jumps and plays basketball. A young girl is dressed up and walks to a piano to play it. She plays and smiles for the camera. Black slug. Segment three: Summer, 3:04. The camera pans across an empty pool. Young people jump and play in the pool. A baby is shown up close. People jump and dive off the diving board. A young boy plays outside with a toy gun. Many different types of flowers are shown. Segment four: Home, 4:43. A house in summer. Cows roam around outside. Some of the calves run around. Segment five: School, Students are lined up with teachers outside of school. Black slug. Segment six: Family interactions, 6:09. A snake slithers across the ground, and then is picked up. A dog looks at the camera. Leaves from plants in the yard. A woman and a girl take care of the plants outside. A girl plays with leaves that are as big as her. A cat pounces on and pats at the snake. A dog runs around the bush. The family eats snacks outside in the trees. A girl models her school outfit and books while petting her dog. The cat lounges on a chair and plays with the girl. A woman laughs at the camera. Black slug. More leaves are shown. Black slug. A man brushes his daughter's hair. People lounge around the house. Segment seven: Driving, 9:25. The cameraman drives down a neighborhood road with houses on both sides. Then he drives alongside the beach. On the opposite side of the road from the beach there is a golf course. The driver drives through town where we see buildings and car lots and flagpoles. Segment eight: The beach, 10:27. A kite soars high over the beach. People walk into the water and sit on trees. The family walks around together on the beach. Storm clouds have sunlight peeking out the edges. Waves crash. A toddler plays in the waves. Black slug. Segment nine: The Atlanta Zoo, 12:09. Bears move around a cage. Monkeys sit on branches. Gorillas comb each other for bugs. Monkeys chase each other and swing on bars. Sign: "CHIMPANZEE (PAN SATYRUS) HABITAT, WEST AFRICA, LIBERIA TO CONGO." Sign: "CAPUCHIN (CEBUS CAPUCINUS) HABITAT, SOUTH AMERICA." Sign: "WILLIE B. II born APRIL 1959 wgt. 210 lbs." "GORILLA (GORILLA GORILLA) HABITAT, AFRICA AND BELGIAN CONGO." A lion eats raw meat in a cage. Deer walk in a field. Elephants group together in the middle of their habitat. Segment ten: Family get together, 13:35. A girl rides her bike down the dirt driveway towards the house. A large table has food and drinks laid out on it, while the family all gathers and lounges around. People hang out and talk to each other over food. Many lawn chairs are set up. Black slug. Segment eleven: Field Trip, 15:08. Women gather around cars in a parking lot with a bus that say "WILKINSON COUNTY SCHOOLS." Some of them have luggage. Slowly they fill the bus. A girl on the bus cries. Sign: "ROCK EAGLE 4-H CAMP." Sign: "4-H Center." A stone table is in front of some trees by a lake. A vehicle drives into Rock Eagle. Segment twelve: Summer Activities, 16:38. People play in the pool. A man tinkers with a model airplane. A dog eats the grass. People walk down the street. Children gather around opening presents at a birthday party. The birthday cake is shown up close with the year 1965 written in the icing. The birthday girl blows out the candles. Black slug. Segment thirteen: Vacation, 18:16. Gates with a sign: "JEKYLL ISLAND." across the top of them. A building sits in some trees. A girl runs around and plays on the beach, drawing in the sand. She wrote "sand castle" next to where she builds one with her dad. Other things were written and drawn. People walk out of a building. A nicely landscaped flowerbed. People are all looking at something together. Families walk outside by cars. Children eat candy together. Nicely landscaped flowerbeds with someone working in them and two dogs running around. Black slug. Segment fourteen: Outdoor scenes, 21:13. Leaves on a tree. Flowers in a flowerbed. Various kinds of flowers and plants. A family gets into their car. Women walk out of their house towards the car. A man is cooking on a grill in the yard outside the house. A cat walks around and gets in the way. There are trains on the tracks in front of a big house with a wrap-around porch. A cat sits outside and is taunted by a bird. Segment fifteen: Petting Zoo, 23:02. A family with strollers walks by a gate and building. A family goes to the park. Rabbits sit in a doorway. Children pet a donkey from the other side of a fence. A baby bear runs back and forth in a small cage. Donkeys stand while being pet. Sign: "Coatimundi." which run around a cage and sniff at the camera. Two boys play on a water wheel. Water animals, such as turtles and birds, are in a pond. Black slug.
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H.C. Blankenship and John Scott home movie collection, circa 1936-1967
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection