Faculty minutes

Second volume
as transcribed by
Dana L. Beth Records ManagementUniversity of Georgia1978
Notes: Spelling, punctuation, and grammar have been transcribed directly from the original copy whenever practicable. Where exact spelling was indecipherable, the modern form was used.
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of the Faculty of Franklin College Athens Aug 4th 1836
Aug 14th 1836
The Faculty admitted on examination to the Freshman class
B. Bonner T. Bonner Dawson Footman Graham Holland Buckner Daaring Goneke Lumpkin Jones Phinizy & Williams, requiring however three of these Jones Footman & Holland to read Graeca Minora in the ensuing vacation; To the sophomore class were admitted Kirk Lewis Renwick Spear & Trippe; as irregulars Dearing Jackson & McGehee were admitted
Aug 23 Cunningham of the Junior class & Kirk & Pope of the sophomore & T. Whaley also of the Sophomore were called before the Faculty for injuring some private property a few nights since. Kirk as he had just been admitted to college & appeared to be the ringleader of the company was dismissed & the others fined each five dollars. Smith & S. Cox were restored to their class having this term given them, together with the approaching vacation to make up those studies on which they had been deficient at the preceding examination Aug 31 Cobb was admitted to the Junior class being probationed on French & Conics Sept 17 Messrs Cobb Cumming Donald Hartridge Lowry Nisbit Mathews Phinizy Rumson Rolin Sanford Sharpe & Way were fined each one dollar for absenting themselves as a class from recitation. Sep 24th Junes was fined one dollar for disrespectful noise in the chapel & E. Cox was put on probation for the remainder of this term for carrying a large stone into the college buildings at night apparently for the purpose of throwing it down the stairsteps.
January 16th. The Faculty met for the purpose of arranging the studies of the new Term. Present President Church, & all the Professors but Mr. Lehman. The meeting was opened with prayer by the President. The following persons were, on examination, admitted as members of College viz. Benj. M. Palmer of S.C. to the Junior Class, Dabney & Moore & Whetner to the Sophomore, & to the Freshman, Ware, Gray, McGehee, Battle Stevens, Greene, Perdue, Yarborough, A. Crawford, & W. Crawford, Whaley, Demere, Dunham & Baxter, together with the following as irregular. viz. Huggins, Saunders, & Rutherford of the above were probationed, Palmer, on French Conicks & Botany, Moore, on Greek, French & History, Dabney on Algebra, W. Crawford on Geography, Ware on the same. The following resolution was passed, Resolved that no officer of the Faculty be permitted to hear private recitations in the College buildings. February 23rd. The Faculty took up the subject of the illumination of College last Evening, & Resolved that the following persons occupying Rooms illuminated, be fined Two dollars, each. viz. Bullock, Cuyler, Vason, Jno A. Jones, Sandford, Wingfield, J. R. Cunningham, Lewis, Mosely, Shields, McGehee, L. Anderson, Cobb, Donnald Lowry, J. Cunningham, Sharpe, A. Crawford W. Crawford, Yarborough., Saunders, Mathews & Rolin Carey & Love & Jan es, W. Lewis, Whitner Footman, E. Cox, S. Cox, M. Cox, Smith, Pope
M. Mitchell
March 3rd. John Cunningham was relieved from the fine imposed by the Faculty, on account of the illumination.
March 4th E. Whaley was called before the Faculty for having made a noise in the College building the evening before, while in a state of intoxication. Acknowledging the charge & offering nothing in extenuation, he was dismissed
March 5th A. Mitchell (Sophomore) having been with drawn from College, received a regular dismission.
March 14th John S. Phinizy (Freshman) having been repeatedly & incorrigibly negligent in attendance on his College duties, his father was requested to remove him from College, & on the week following he did so.
March 24th. A. Dearing & B. Bonner (of the Freshman) were reported by Mr. Dod (Tutor) for very improper behavior immediately before & during recitation, The Faculty directed that their parents should be informed of the circumstances & that they be put on probation until the next Commencement.
April 1 Mssrs.Rolin Sharpe & Cunningham of the Junior class were called before the Faculty for having been found with cards in college. It appeared that Mr. Rolin had found the cards in the room belonging to the other two & had commenced showing them how to play the game called solitaire. This being rather a trick at cards than a game they supposed it, as they said, innocent & not forbidden by the laws. It was not explained how the cards were brought into the room nor to whom they belonged. The faculty fined Rolin five dollars & put him on probation until commencement. The others were fined two dollars each. Denisre & Dunham admitted to College, to Freshman

April 16th Mr. Brock was called before the faculty for having gone, on the previous saturday, into the grocery of Mr. Tate contrary to the laws. He was put on probation & it was directed by the Faculty that that special notice should be given to his guardian.
May 2nd The following students were reported as having absented themselves from College duties either wholly or in part, on yesterday afternoon, for the purpose of attending a May party, & were therefore fined five dollars each. viz. Kendrick, Shields, Mitchell, Smith, Spears, Love, McGehee, Lumpkin. Albert Bowdre admitted to the Freshman Class.
May 10th. A large number of students were reported by the Tutors as having attended the Circus, in direct violation of a special warning from the President the day before. It was ordered that they each be fined ten dollars, & that their parents or guardians be duly notified by the Secretary.
15th The Faculty passed the following Resolution viz.
Resolved, that the fine of ten dollars, each, recently imposed by this body upon certain students for having gone to the Circus, be & the same is remitted, but that Emphatic notice be now given that, hereafter, every student who shall visit any such place of low & vulgar amusement either after night or in study hours, shall be fined tendollars. June 1st Edward Cox & Smesson Cox, of the Sophomore Class, with consent of their parents received regular dismissions, as did also, Absalom H. Ware of the Freshman Class. Rendu admitted irregular, with a view to assuming a regular standing his class.
June 21st. Resolved that Mr Cary, of the Sophomore Class, for having been found out of his room at a late hour of the night Engaged in im. proper & disorderly conduct, & for having, during the same evening visited a grocery, into which he was forbidden, by the laws & by the explicit direction & warning of the President from time to time, to Enter; & for having been, as the Faculty have good reasons to believe, under the influence of intoxicating liquors, in consequence, be & he is hereby suspended from College until the beginning of the next January Term.
Resolved, 2ndly, That Mr. Brock, of the Sophomore Class, for having been Engaged in the same disorderly behaviour at night, for having failed to give a satisfactory account of his employment, while absent from his room, for having made various misstatements before the Faculty, & for having done all this while under the strictest probation (see April 16th) be & he is hereby dismissed from College.
3rd, And whereas, although, Mr. W. H. Dabney has been guilty of the same offence as Mr. Brock, yet, as he has always conducted to the
satisfaction of the Faculty, not having been put on probation nor subjected in any way to College discipline, therefore, resolved, that
he be placed on the strictest probation till the beginning of the January Term.
4th Resolved that Mr. Cunningham of the Junior Class, for having been
out of his Room at the same late hour, for having been Engaged in the
same disorderly Conduct, & for having failed to give Complete
Satisfaction as to his conduct while out of his Room, be put on
Probation till Commencement.

June 22nd A letter was received from A. J. Clayton Chas Dougherty,
J. A. Cobb, Thomas N. Hamilton & Asbury Hull Esqs intercessors in behalf of John J. Carey, who was yesterday suspended. The Faculty Resolved That Jno. J. Carey be restored to his standing in college upon the pledge made both by himself & his friends for him that he will henceforward so long as he is connected with the Institution, most strictly conform to all the laws of college with respect to the use of intoxicating drinks & further Resolved that he be put on the strictest probation till the 15th of January next.
June 29 Mr. E. B. Harris of the sophomore class being called before the Faculty for disrespectful language to Mr. Dod fully justified his own conduct & declared his determination to act the same way shd similar circumstances occur again Therefore Resolved That he be dismissed from college.
June 30 Mr. J. Rolin of the Junior class was dismissed from college by virtue of a rule of the Faculty which limits the number of absences from college duties. Explicit warning had been given through four successive fortnights of the ultimate steps of the Faculty. He had already been indulged two fortnights longer than the rule permitted, one on the plea of sickness the other through the hope that leniency would yet reform him. The desired effect not being produced he was privately dismissed. July 1 The Faculty met to dispose of the honors of the Senior class. A letter was read from the committee who had attended the final examination, recommending the class, except in the case of J. R. Cunningham, to the first degree in the arts.
Resolved by the Faculty
That Messrs. Banks Bullock Cooper Cuyler Jackson Janes Lewis McCoy
Milner Mitchell Prissley Shorter Vason Willia.ms & Wingfield be
recommended to the degree of A.B.
Resd 2 That Mr. J. R. Cunningham's case be referred to the Board of Trustees with all the attending circumstances, as he is not a good scholar & has not been examined regularly on all the studies of the College course.
Resd 3 That Messrs Williams & Janes shall receive the first honor. Resd 4 That Messrs Banks Jackson Lewis Prissley Shorter & Wingfield shall receive the 2d honor. Resd 5 That Messrs Cuyler & Vason be directed to prepare orations for commencement.
The Faculty having been notified that the societies would not select Junior orators from the nominees of the Faculty, an election was entered into for this purpose of choosing them without the assistance of the societies. Messrs Hall Irvin LeConte Cunningham Wims Palmer Harrison Giles & Sanford were then unanimously elected.
July 15 Mr. Cuyler was excused, on account of ill health, from speaking at commencement. July 24th The Faculty met to consider some misconduct of Mr. Simmes. The following resolution was passed unanimously;
Resd That Mr. J. R, Simmes of the Junior class, for having indulged in the use of intoxicating liquors, for having been out late at night engaged in disturbing the peace of the village, for having drawn & used deadly weapons, for having addressed disrespectful

language to the officers of college, & for having been guilty of the grossest blasphemy & profanity, be & he hereby is expelled from college.
July 29th The following persons were admitted to college upon examination viz Martin Turpin Evans Adams Cobb Nabers Baykin, J, Newton W. Newton, Puryear & McGehee to the Freshman class & Be.ykin Greenwood & Jones to the sophomore class & Pope & Crowell were admitted irregular
31st Echols & Borders were admitted to the sophomore class Aug 1 Bible was admitted to the Freshman class & Brownlee to the sophomore, the latter having been put on probation in Algebra
Aug 3 Grimes Cone Ring & Simmons were admitted to the Freshman class. The Faculty also had a meeting to examine into the misconduct of Mr. Cuyler of the Senior class, whereupon the following resolution was passed unanimously. Resolved That Telamon Cuyler of the graduating class having grossly insulted one of the officers of College & when called before the Faculty having acknowledged his intention so to do & having behaved before them in a manner highly improper & even renewed insulting language to the same officer in the presence of the faculty, be reported to the Board of Trustees & that the Board be requested to withhold from him his Diploma. Aug 9th The Faculty met to arrange the studies of the new term, Glenn & Carr were admitted to the Freshman class. It was ordered that the following paper which had been laid before the trustees in the case of Tela.man Cuyler, be entered on the minutes viz.

To the President & Board of Trustees
Understanding that the Faculty have determined that my Diploma be withheld on account of my conduct to Mr. Dod & the Faculty I beg leave to assure the board & the Faculty that I regret very much having said or done anything improper in the view of the Faculty & that the act was done under momentary irritation & no one can deplore the occurrence more than the undersigned himself
signed. Telamon Cuyler
The Faculty farther resolved That Arithmetic & Geography be subjects of examination during every term of the College course.
August 16 The Faculty admitted A. Baldwin W. Baldwin Greenewood Kendall & White to the Sophomore class & Carr Gibert Glenn Hamilton Harrison Lefils Lowe & Shorter to the Freshman class & Blanton was admitted as an irregular. A resolution of the Board of Trustees permitting students to lodge out of the college under such conditions as the Faculty might prescribe, having been laid before the Faculty, Profs. Waddel & Jackson were appointed a committee to propose suitable regulations
Aug 18. Messrs. Waddel & Jackson, reported the following Resolution
Resolved That no student shall be permitted to lodge out of the College buildings without a written request from his guardian or parent made after securing the following notice from the secretary of the Faculty. viz.
Dear Sir
Your son (or ward} informs us that it is your request that he should be permitted to lodge out of the College buildings.

The Board of Trustees have granted such permission to parents & guardians if af'ter consulting the Faculty they shall still desire it. We feel it however our duty to say to you, that tho' there may be reasons on the part of parents desiring this course, there are others in our opinion still stronger, for preferring that in most cases they should remain in college. As far as we can
judge from experience as well as from the long established
usages of colleges, we have reason to believe that young men will study better & be less liable to temptations if residing in College than if thrown from under the eye of any of the Faculty. If however you still desire his lodging out it must be on the following conditions 1st That at any time when it may be in the opinion of the Faculty for his advantage or for the good of the College, he shall be required to lodge within the College buildings
2 That he shall not be permitted to lodge in any public house, or in any building in which a private family does not reside & with whom he does not board
3 That if he should not conduct himself in such a manner as you may approve or as may be consistant with the rules of the Institution, you will not consider the blame in any respect resting upon the Faculty in as much as they cannot superintend his moral conduct unless he reside within the College buildings
This report of the committee was finally adopted unanimously. 21st Aug. Footman of the Freshman class was brought before the Faculty on account of his being in very suspicious circumstances with regard to some disorder in College. He was admonished by the

Prest. & his mother was notified of the case together with the
fact that he was idle & mischeivous in his general character.
22 Aug. It was ordered by the Faculty that the Senior class pronounce original orations in two divisions, in the latter part of the term.
Sept. 1 Most of the Sophomore class were reported by Tutor Dod as absentees from Recitation apparently by design & conspiracy; & it was resolved that a fine of two dollars be imposed on A. Baldwin Baxter, B. & T. Bonner, W. Crawford Crowell, Dearing, Demere & Goneke & that their parents be notified of this decision.
Sept 2d Rolin was restored to college, the President being directed to admonish him of the necessity of strict regularity
Sep 4th Battle & Rinder secured dismission at the request of their parents.
Sept 26 A petition was presented by the two societies concerning the Junior orators, whereupon the following preamble & resolutions were adopted by the Faculty.
A committee from the two literary societies connected with college having appeared before the Faculty requesting our concurrence in their petition to the Board of Trustees to restore them the privilege of electing Junior orators; and Whereas This committee have brought forward several reasons for this concurrence in some of which the Faculty fully agree tho' they do not in all; therefore Resolved by the Faculty,

1st That we are fully sensible of the advantages afforded by the societies, in the improvement of their members, in the cultivation of kind & friendly feelings--in exciting additional interest in the life of a student & in promoting the general prosperity of College 2d That we are sincerely anxious to support these societies as far as we do it consistently with other higher & more important duties connected with the discipline of the University 3 That the suppression of party strife tho' desireable in some points of view has had little or no influence in our opposition to the transfer of the power of election to the Societies 4 That our concurrence in the prayer of the petitioners will depend on the nature of those pledges which the connnittee informed us would be made by the societies for the suppression of those evil effects on the character & standing of the college which the students as well as ourselves have seen in our past experience to be connected with elections by the societies.
Oct 2 The societies reported that they were every way willing to make such arrangements as would satisfy the Faculty but were hindered by the lateness in the session whereupon Resolved That the Faculty adhere to their 4th Resolution
Oct 10th A letter was directed to be written to the guardian of Shorter of the Freshman class reporting his general attention to the duties of College & giving him notice that he could not be permitted to return the next session unless upon the most explicit assurances of his correct deportment.

Oct 30 Resolved by the Faculty that it be recommended to the trustees to raise the requisites for admission so as to make algebra as far as simple equations, & Lallust & Latin Prosody, necessary for admission into the Freshman class.
Jan 16th 1838 The Faculty met & commenced the business of the new year. All the professors were present & Mr. Schinck the new tutor took his seat with the Faculty. After the division of the studies among the different officers, the following young gentlemen were admitted as members of college viz. Baker J. L. Dtrnha.m Pope Quarterman T. S. Stevens Thomson & Vernon into the Sophomore class & Barnard Culverson J. LeConte L. Leconte Phinizy & Strong into the Freshman class & Moseley Whatley & J. M. White were admitted as irregulars. Adams Baldwin u pin & King were reexamined on Arithmetic & they were notified that unless they should be found well acquainted with this subject in the course of six
weeks they should no longer be members of college.
Jan 24th A proposition was brought forward to make an attempt to restrain extravagance in the use of money on the part of the students. The plan consisted in procuring from the Merchants & Traders of the village a pledge that they would not trust any one whose parent should forbid it & pledge themselves to the Faculty that they would neither pay nor cause to be paid any debts that were contracted contrary to this prohibition. It was postponed for more mature consideration. Jan 31st. The Secretary having procured the requisite pledge from most of the merchants & traders of the village the Faculty adopted the proposal & directed a circular to be written to the parents requesting their cooperation.

Feb 8th The circular was this day printed & ordered to be sent to the parents & guardians of each of the students. It detailed the evils of the present arrangement & requested the parent either to allow his son no credit at all at the stores or else to limit it to such a definite amount as he might think necessary & proper, All who acquiesced in the plan proposed were requested to return the circular with their names attached to a pledge that they would not pay any debts of their sons or wards unless they had previously authorised them.
Feb 10th It was ordered by the Faculty that two copies of the catalogue of the students be published for sale to the students & for distribution by the Faculty.
March 5th Mr. Schinck having giving notice to the Faculty that he desired to resign his tutorship on the 1st of April, it was directed by the Prudential committee that the Faculty should elect some one to fill the vacancy. Mr. Hutchinson of Princeton was in consequence elected.
March 20th Notice was directed to be given to the Merchants & traders of the village that 39 out of the 76 parents who had been written to had assented to the measure proposed to them for limiting the expenditure of money by their sons. April 2d Dr. Ward was this day authorized by the Faculty to take the Senior class on a Botanical & mineralogical excursion to the mountains & leave of absence was granted for ten days. April 3d Notice was to day given to the Merchants in the Village that 7 more of the parents had assented to our circular

April 16th The examinations of the term were this day finished &
Adams & Baldwin of the Freshman class were directed to leave
college on account of gross neglect of their college studies.
Mr. Hutchinson having arrived commenced his duties as tutor.
May 1st. 1838 9 o'clock A.M.
The Faculty met to investigate the particulars of an affray said to have occurred, on yesterday Evening, at the Georgia Factory between some of the students of College, & the overseer of Mr. Moore. Messrs Waddel & McCay were directed to visit the Factory, & examine those who had witnessed the fracas, and obtain such other authentic information as might aid in a full investigation of the affair. Adjourned to meet in the Afternoon.
5 O'Clock, P.M.
Faculty met & heard the report of the examining Committee.
Messrs Jones, J. H. Dunham, Demere & J. White of the Sophomore Class
were called before the Faculty. Their several statements agreed, for
the most part, with those of the other party, and of the bye-standers
generally, &, in substance, was as follows, viz.
That Demere & Jones, on their return from Watkinsville, (at which place they had attended, in compliance of a requisition of the Governor for a draft of Soldiers for the Cherokee Service) had driven their buggy in such a manner as to oust Mr. Yarboro' (the aforesaid overseer) & his horse from the middle of the Road. In this point the statements disagreed, the Students averring that they did not touch Mr. Y's horse, but that of one who rode beside him, while Yarboro' declared that his own horse was rubbed by the wheels of the buggy.
Mr. Yarboro, being considerably intoxicated, asked them what they
meant by such conduct. To which Jones replied "To run over you, or
any other fool who would act in the same manner." The transition from
this to oaths and abusive curses was Easy, and each party accuses the
other of violent & abusive language. Yarboro' dared any of them to fight him, saying that he Could whip the whole of them; and, very
soon, both parties were on their feet, ready for battle. Yarboro',
however, rather frightened at the formidable array of Canes, and, (as he says) of dirks, refused to fight, unless they would lay aside their weapons; this they declined doing, saying that they did not fight black-guards with their fists. The horseman then remounted, swearing vengeance, and rode on ahead. When he reached his own house, he dismounted & threw two or three stones with violence, at the two young men, as they passed in their buggy. One of these missiles struck Demere on the side, and another hit his cane. They leaped out & pursued the assailant into his house. The door being immediately locked, they were prevented from entering. They then threw stones at the house, broke the windows & came near striking the wife of Mr. Yarborough. He called for his gun & threatened to kill the aaaailants & James H. Dunham, (who had now joined his fellow-students) endeavoured to borrow a gun from one of the bye-standers that he might be equal with their adversary. Dunham was endangered next by another stone, which was thrown from the back of the House, he having first declared to Yarborough, that, though not concerned in the difficulty at first, he would see his friends safely through. In the course of Five or Ten minutes quite a crowd had collected around the house, & while Dunham & Jones were beating down the door with an axe, White joined

the company, to aid them & as he said, to see that they received no harm. Demere had dissuaded the rest from breaking down the door, but when it had been demolished he joined the rest in searching for Yarboro'. Not readily finding him, they passed through the dwelling, into an out house in the Rear, the four students already named being nearly together in pursuit. White & Jones ascended first into the loft of the outhouse--the wife & Demere followed, Dunham being close behind, White seized Yarboro' first, & having disarmed him, in the first place, of a Butcher-Knife, assisted Jones in dragging him from his hiding place. By this time ;IDemere had got up, & Struck Y. over the head with his cane. Jones, Demer., & Dunham each belaboured him with their canes, for some moments; The woman all the while shreiking & praying them to spa.re the life of her husband, which entreaties, in consequence of the noise & their excited feelings, were either unheard or disregarded. Demere appears to have been the first who noticed them, & immediately urged the rest to stop, which, according to their own account, they did, so soon as they heard the woman's appeal to them for her husband. Jones, according to his own acknowledgement to the Faculty, had previously remarked to the wife, "This is no place for a Female," & therefore, so far as he was concerned, knowingly committed the outrage in Mrs. Yarboro's presence. White did not strike the man at all, having gone, as he said, to see that his friends received no injury.
The Faculty considered, 1st, that all of the parties were guilty of a riot. 2nd, that entering the house, in the violent manner, detailed, with intent to take revenge for their supposed injuries, was Burglary, at least so far as Dunham & Jones were concerned, &

that tho' Demere dissuaded from the act, & tho' White did not Come up till just as it was completed, yet as they availed themselves of the wrong committed by the first two, & entered the House with the same intent, they, thereby became "Pa.rticipes criminis.
3rdly. That in disarming the man, in dragging him from his hiding place, and beating him violently in his own house, & in presence of his family, they were guilty of assault & Battery of the most aggravated character.
Adjourned to 9 O'Clock tomorrow.
Faculty met to decide on the punishment of the offenders in the affr.ay of Monday Evening. It was first unanimously resolved, that Jones & Dunham be expelled. In regard to Demere, although he had dissuaded the rest from breaking down the door & had finally stopped the others from beating the man, yet, inasmuch as he w.s the first to strike the man in his own house, & in presence of his own family, the Faculty
passed the same sentence on him. So also with White. Altha' he did the man no harm, yet as he was so far active as to drag him from his place of concealment, & take from him his means of Defence; and as he
was in College on terms of probation (he having been expelled from
this institution, some years since) the Faculty though him worthy of
the same punishment.
It was, therefore,
That James H. Dunham, Thomas Jones, John Demere &
Joseph M. White, of the Sophomore Class, for having been guilty of
conduct, which exposes them, under the Laws of the State, to an
infamous punishment, be expelled from College.

Charles F. McCay
Sec'y of the Faculty. Monday, May 8th 1838.
Faculty met and reconsidered the cases of Demer. & White, who had been recently expelled from College. This review of their acts was predicated of a very respectful petition from the abovementioned. On maturely weighing the circumstances developed since their expulsion, The Faculty reversed their sentence, and readmitted said Joseph M. White & John Demer. to all the privileges of College Students, upon the strictest terms of probation.
May 22nd Paul Johnston was admitted to the Junior class, with the understanding, that he should be prepared to sustain a rigid examination on his deficiencies at the End of the Term; he being foillld very illy prepared.
May 26th, The Faculty proceeded to the Election of Junior orators. Alexander Atkinson, Mathew J. Cox, William H. Dabney, Jesse Felder, Joseph B. Jones, Alexander Speer, Robert P. Trippe & Benjamin F. Whitner were appointed.
May 22nd Wm. Baldwin, & Joseph H. Echol, regular members of the
Sophomore class, & William Blanton of the Irregulars, Joined a corps of Volunteers on their way to the Cherokee nation, without leave or
approbation of the Faculty.
May 28th 1838. Mr. Sylvander Hutchinson, (Classical Tutor) being unable, through

increased indisposition to attend to his duties; Mr. Wm. A. Irwing, was appointed, ad interim, by the Faculty to discharge the duties of Latin Tutor, and also, to reside in College. Upon which duties Mr. Irwing entered on the 29th May.
" 29th Mr. Prof McCay having leave or absence till Conunencement, Mr. Nahurn H. Wood, was employed ad interim, to reside in College, & to instruct the Freshman Class in Algebra, which duties he proceeded to fulfil on 29th May.
June 13th John Demere, of the Sophomore Class, and one of those who, having been engaged in a gross violation of the College Law, had been received into their former standing, on the strictest probation, was called before the Faculty for having been absent from College duties too frequently during the last fortnight. Being reminded very seriously of his especial responsibility, & promising amendment, he was dismissed.
" 15th The death of Mr. Tutor Hutchinson having been announced, the faculty & students proceeded to his late lodgings, & attended his
remains to the Cemetery, at 5 O'Clock, P,M,
June 25th The Examination of the Senior class for degrees, conunenced this day. Present as Visitors, Rev'd Francis Bowman, Maj. Javee,
A. Meriwether, M. W. Dobbins, Esq., Ebenezer Newton, Esq., Junius Hillyer Esq., J. E. Thompson Esq., & Gen B. Graves.
30th Faculty met, when the f'ollowing orders were passed.
1 That the whole class be reconunended f'or graduation.
2nd That the Honours be distributed as follows, Viz.

To Messrs Hull
Palmer &
Sanford, be awarded the 1st
To Messrs. Leconte &
Winn the 2nd,
To Mr Harrison the 3rd,
To Mr Bradley, an oration on Moral Science II " Giles on Natural History " IISharpe on Physical Science II IIShields on Classical literature

To Messrs Bacon, Clayton, Hall, Jones, & Kendrick were assigned orations upon subjects of their own choice.
(3) It was also resolved that there should be two exhibitions of the Seniors; & that the Junior Exhibition should take place by Candlelight on Tuesday July 31st.
July 9th, Mr. Kendrick applied to the Faculty for Exemption from Commencement duties. Permission to be absent was given him, on condition of his presenting a written request from his father to that effect.
July 12th Secretary directed to address Wm. H. Carr Esq. informing him that his son had been absent six times from recitation alone during the fortnight ending 9th inst.
Echols, Baldwin, & Blanton, having returned from the Cherokee
Campaign, applied to be readmitted to their respective standings in
College. It was resolved that their petition be granted, but upon

the condition that they be rigidly examined upon those portions of their studies, lost by their absence. And also, that they be examined with their class regularly, & be put on probation for their future good behaviour.
July 26th. Under the authority of a resolution of the Board of Trustees, passed at their annual session, 1837, The Faculty resolved, that an invitation should be sent to the Madison Band of Musicians, requesting their attendance during the Ensuing Commencement Week, & offering them, in addition to the amount contributed by the Speakers, one hundred & fifty dollars, as compensation.
tt 11
A letter was received from Jones Kendrick Jr containing the request alluded to in the minute of 9th inst.
July 28th 1838 The Faculty proceeded to the Examination of Candidates for college. When the following Young gentlemen were admitted, under the several conditions annexed, as will appear on the following page.

Name Address Remarks
Henry Hull. *A. Hull, * Athens, Geo * Freshman Class. ** II II
Geo. R, Bibb, B. S. Bibb * Montgomery, Ala.
*" " * II II " "
J. L. D. Bibb *
W. C. Bibb * J. D. Bibb * Columbus, Miss * Soph. Def't on Greek & Algebra
A. Felder *A. Felder * Montgomery A. *Freshman
J, K. Chisolm * W. Chisolm * II II * II * * "
G. Hancock * Athens Geo.
D. Thomas *Geo. Thomas * Jefferson, Geo * II Camden Co
*"" * II II *
R. Thomas
Julius Fleming * Fleming * Athens *
Jacob Phinizy * J. Phinizy * II II * II ** II " *"
W. A. Winstead Mrs Winstead
W. Felton *Capt. Felton *" " * Irregular on11
A. Lamar *Capt. Robertson * II II *"
James Camak * J, S. Camak Esq * *Soph (defi't Algebra)
Thomas Harris *Mrs S, Harris * * Freshman
II *
" "
Alfred Dearing *Wm. Dearing Esq
II II ,,
Peyton Moore * Alsa Moore * *
Wm Evans * Rev'd C. Evans * II *
D. Tinsley * J, Tinsley M.D. * it irregular on
Lat & Greek (view to Engineering)
T. Poullain * T. N. Poullain * Poullain's Bridge, * Green Co.
Phil. Barber * R. Barber * Athens, Geo, * irreg Lat & Greek.

W. Pope * Henry Pope * * irregular on Greek
Jno. Baldwin * S . Baldwin Esq * " II * on strictest probation liable to be sent off at short notice,
R Chisolm * w. Chisolm * Montgomery A. * irreg. Lat. & Greek
" " II

L. Felder *A.Felder * *
C. Pope * Gen B. Pope * Athens Geo * Fresh--probation,Arith ready latin & Greek. Soph. as he may.
Jona. Williams * Jno Williams * McDonough abbevill * Soph.

George McCalla * John Mccalla * Cherokee Heights, * prob. Alg & arith

Z. P. Walker * Ed. Walker * Madison Morgan * Irregular
Dan 1 1 Roberts. * J. G. Roberts * Crawfordville * lr0Jbh. Alg . & Lat .
The following orders were then passed, viz. The following persons were deemed unfit to rise with their respective classes: namely Albert R. Bowdn, Anderson Crawford, & James Fulton, of the Sophomore Class, & Thomas W, Carr & Elisha Strong, of the Freshman Class, who remain in college, only on condition of resuming their studies, the first named three with the next Sophomore & the Last two with the newly formed Freshman.
It was also resolved that the following named be warned that unless their attention to their respective Studies, college duties generally be altered for the better before the Close of the Fall Term, they will be obliged to leave their present rank in their classes. viz. Demer.,

Dunham, & Mosely of the Sophomore Class, & Barnard & Culberson of the Freshman Class.
Also that the Secretary address a letter to the Father of Paul Johnston, of the Junior Class, adv'ising him of the Specific terms under which he was admitted to College, & informing him that he must make up all deficiencies before the 15th of January 1839, or he will not be permitted to graduate with his class Resolved, That the Father of Edward Whately, an irregular, be advised to remove his son from College, as he is doing no good for himself, & is the Source of Evil to others. Resolved that Joseph Echols, Wm Baldwin, Regulars, & Wm Blanton, an irregular of the Sophomore Class, be examined rigidly on their Mathematics, & other Studies, in which they fell short by their voluntary absence, in the Cherokee Expedition.
adjourned to meet on Monday morning next. Thursday August 2nd. Faculty met, and, having passed the classes (with the Exception of Bowd., Crawford & Fulton of the Sophomore, & Carr & Strong of the Freshman Class,) proceeded to assign rooms to the Students. A dismission was granted to Abner McGehee, of the new Junior Class.
The following resolution was passed, & the President was requested to read it from the Pulpit. viz.
Resolved, that the Students be informed that the practice of bringing sticks or walking canes of any kind into the chapel, or into any recitation Room is improper & must in future be dispensed with.

2nd Term--1838-1839,

5th Jany Benjamin & Furman Chaires, of Tallahassee, Florida, were examined & admitted to the Freshman Class, being advised to make up their deficiencies on Greek.
12th " J. N. West, of Darien, C. B. Jones, A. Anderson of Liberty, were admitted to Sophomore, Probationed on Mathematics. Knox of Jackson, also, to the Sophomore. 14th. Examined Allen of Abbeville, S.C. & Wagner of Charleston, S.C. & Byne of Burke Co. & admitted them to the Freshman: also Mallard & Winn of Liberty, for Sophomore, admitted: also Habersham of Habersham was admitted as an irregular. 15th The Faculty met, & opened the business of the Term by prayer: all present but Prof. Jackson. Examined & admitted Nisbet of Athens, to the Senior, Saffold to the Junior, & Garlington & Schley to the Freshman, Mr Wood, Tutor Elect, took his seat. 16th Admitted Tucker of S. Caro. to the Sophomore, & Wafford to the Freshman. Faculty were engaged in Examining probationers from last Term. The examinations of Louis Felder & Jacob Phinizy were not sustained. (These were however re.exa.mined & re-admitted a few days afterward) 23rd Examined Walton & admitted him (on probation generally) to the Freshman Class. also B. Chaires Sen. for Freshman. 28th J. P. Waddel was elected Secretary of the Faculty, vice C. F. McCay resigned February 5th. Examined Anderson of S.C. for Freshman, probationed generally.

12th Examined Cook of Columbus, and admitted him to the Freshman Class probationed on Mathematics. 18th Death of Samuel Lumpkin of the Junior class announced; The funeral was attended by Faculty & Students on 19th at 3 P.M.
February 28th Having heard that an itinerant Circus Company were to perform to-night, Resolved that the Faculty attend, a part of them this & a part tomorrow night. Turpin & John T. Phinizy fined ten
March 6th Examined M. Carter & admitted him to the Freshman, probationed on algebra. 8th Augustin Baldwin & James Boykin were before the Faculty, for having been engaged in shooting a rifle in study hours, & for having the same in College. They were fined, the former Two and the latter one dollar. 10th Mr. McCay, & the Secretary were appointed to digest a plan fot' apportioning the Rooms in College, among the Students. Wagner was up for neglecting, entirely, his French Reciation, warned. 13th Hamilton of the Sophomore, Jacob Phinizy, Fleming, & Thomas of the Freshman, were before the Faculty to account for the fact that a pack of cards (playing) were found in Phinizy's Room, he being absent, but the other three present. The Secretary was directed to address their parents & Guardian on the subject. 14th The following Resolution was passed unanimously. Resolved
"That no permission shall hereafter be given to Students who room in town to visit College during study hours, except for the purposes of Recitation, and any student who may

arrive from home before the bell rings, shall proceed immediately to his recitation room, or, if that shall be closed, to the recitation room of some other class, where he shall stay till the recitation hour arrives"
15th Hamilton, Strong & Brown fined one dollar each for a breach of the Rule of 14th inst.
20th Mallette of Effingham was admitted to the Sophomore, probationed on Greek, & Geometry. Also a dismission from the Junior Class, was granted to F. B. White of Elbert County, & a dismission from the Freshman Class to John Simmons of Lincoln. March 26 a dismission was ordered to be sent to W. N. Walton, of Lincoln, a probationary member of the Freshmen Class. " Brown of the senior class, & Hancock of the Freshman, fined, the former one Dollar for having been seen in College contrary to the resolution of March 14th & the latter, for two violations of the same was fined two dollars.
27th A respectful memorial was rec'd from the Senior class, praying
a short respite from College duties, immediately before the commence
ment of their final Review: Leave was granted for ten days from &
after the completion of their course, on condition that no member of
the class shall remain in Athens during that period

.A.pril 2nd. Ad.mission was granted to Robert Thomas of the Freshman
Class, at request of his Guardian.

April 3rd Faculty examined & admitted to full standing in the
Freshman Class, with the exception of French 1 the following persons
viz. David H. Hadden, address Abraham Hadden, Due West, S.C, John C.

Willia.ms, " Liddell Williams, Due West, P.O. Abbeville S.C, John 0.

April 3rd (Continued) Pope of the Junior Class, & Martin & LeFils of the Sophomore Class for having again exceeded the limitation in absences from College duty, were called before the Faculty, & warned that their next transgression would be followed by dismission.
Wagner, Hancock, & Puryear were fined one dollar each, & Lamar & Felton were fined two dollars each for a breach of the order published March 14th, 1839, April 8th Fleming, of the Freshman class, was detained to answer for gross inattention to his studies, On Examination he displayed a disposition to prevaricate. The Faculty ordered that he retire from College & report himself to the Grammar School. April 9th. Faculty reconsidered the case of Fleming, & placed him under strict probation. A dismission was granted to Wm C. Bibb at his father's request. April 19th Wagner & Fleming were again before the Faculty for gross inattention to College duties, & the latter for disrespect to his Instructor Mr. Tutor Wood. Faculty directed that the parents of both be addrest, requesting that the above two youths be removed immediately from College. The Secretary was directed to address the Father of LeFils of the Sophomore Class, informing him of the continued deterioration of his son's standing, & suggesting to him the propriety of his removal from College, before something worse might transpire which should cause his dismissal, said letter written & sent severally on Monday 22nd April. April 22nd Faculty granted a dismission to Washington Evans, Freshman class, at request of his father.

May 2nd. Wagner of the Freshman class, was detained by the Faculty, for gross inattention particularly to his recitation in Greek. As repeated complaints of a similar character had been made, & repeated promises of amendment broken, and as The Faculty had rec'd no answer to their letter to his father of 20th ult. it was Resolved that "Wagner of the Freshman Class, be & he is hereby dismissed from College." It was deemed advisable, on after thought that he be detained before the Faculty on tomorrow at 9 A.M.
May 3rd Wagner, Hancock, & Fleming were summoned before the Faculty, in consequence of information which had been received by an officer, based upon undoubted evidence. The charges were 1st that they had been in the habit of frequenting a notorious dr8Jll-shop, & Billiard room, in a remote part of Town, during study hours. 2nd that they had been to the Circus contrary to express law & in disguise,
(masqued or blacked) to avoid detection, & 3rd that they had been in the habit of leaving their rooms at night & annoying peaceful citizens, by the injury of their property.
On being questioned, Fleming acknowledged nearly every thing alleged against him. Hancock, neither acknowledged nor denied, & Wagner denied every thing. The Faculty directed the secretary to inform Wagner that he must leave college forthwith on pain of higher punishment, & that his father be written to with a statement of the facts. Monday, May 6th. Faculty met to consider the case of Hancock & Fleming. After some conversation, it was resolved to postpone the further consideration of the case till this evening after prayers.
John Phinizy of the Senior Class, was SUlIIIlloned before the

Faculty for disrespectful demeanour toward Mr. Irving, one of the Tutors. It was Thereupon resolved, "That John Phinizy of the Senior Class, be put upon the strictest probation for the remainder of his college course & that for the very first breach of the laws, he shall be sent from college.
In the Case of Johns. Phinizy, J. D. Pope, & Thomson who were detained before the Faculty on the Evening of the 1st Inst. for having exceeded repeatedly, the limited number of absencea from College duty. The Faculty resolved, in the Case of the first, That when a Student is too unwell to perform College duty, he must confine himself to his lodgings. That they wish to have nothing to do with physicians certificates & that he must be more regular in future. In the matter of Thompson the Secretary was directed to inform his mother that another instance of irregularity would exclude her son from College. On examination, it appeared that Pope was indisposed, often enough to reduce his defalcations to. times but the Faculty determined that nine absences, so palpably without apology, were too much to be overlooked, and accordingly placed Mr. Pope under the same Category as Phinizy & Thomson In the case of Hancock & Fleming, it appeared that the latter had left town for home at his father's desire, a.11 further proceedings in reference to him were consequently stayed. A petition was presented from Hancock, couched in very respectful & Contrite terms, & throwing himself upon the clemency of the Faculty, whereupon it was resolved, That George Hancock is restored to his station in College, & relieved from the jeopardy in which he has been placed, but that he is to consider himself under the strictest probation in every respect.

May 8th Faculty Examined Dunwoody, of Darien for Freshman & admitted him. " 10th Faculty examined Spalding of Darien for Freshman, & admitted him, with a strict charge to make up his deficiencies, especially in Latin & Greek.
13th Tinsley of the Freshman class was detained before the Faculty for insolence to Mr. Wood in the recitation room. It was resolved that he should present an ample & written apology to be read before the class, which was Done to Mr. Wood's satisfaction.
16th John S. Phinizy was detained before the Faculty, for having been absent oftener than 8 times during the fortnight (see minute of May 6th) His apologies were, with much difficulty, sustained by the Faculty, & it was resolved, that he be informed by the Secretary, that a recurrence of the same or similar failures in duty (beginning from Monday 13th inst.) will be followed by instant dismission. May 20th The President communicated, to the Faculty a letter from the Executive of the State, containing a list of those gentlemen who had been appointed to attend the Examination of the Graduating Class. The Secretary was instructed to apprise each of the persons named, that the Examination would Commence on Monday, June 24th Prox. 0 May 28th The cases of Thompson & Phinizy were again before the Faculty. (see minutes of May 6th) Thompson was reported over the mark, &, accordingly, it was resolved that he be directed to leave
College. In case of Phinizy of Sophomore Class: he was reported as

more punctual in attendance on recitations but, as never knowing any thing of his lessons when he did attend. It was resolved that his father be requested to remove him.

" 30th The faculty, on occasion of a request from Mrs Susan Thompson, on behalf of her son, reconsidered their sentence of 28th Inst. & agreed to allow him one more trial. The same indulgence was extended to Phinizy.
June 4th Faculty elected the following ten members of the Junior class as orators for the Day before Commencement, viz, Wm. Baldwin,
A. L. Borders, S. W, Baker, A. Dearing, J. H. Echols, A. M. Graham,
J. Kendall, W. J. Perdue, J. Quartermarin & Wm Williams.
June 3rd It having been intimated to the Faculty that a Bar, for the purpose of furnishing wines & liquors, was kept in a very open manner, & that several students had commenced boarding at the Central Hotel, when said bar was kept, it was resolved that the rule of the Trustees in reference to this subject be rigidly enforced, & that such students as had commenced boarding there, should be requested, at once to obtain boarding at some other place.
"4th The spirit of the last resolution, was modified so as to allow those who are now boarding at the Central Hotel, to remain there till
June 6th Mr. Tutor Wood reported to the Faculty, a.n occurrence in
which Joseph D. Bibb of the Freshman Class, & William J. Bibb of the
Sophomore Class, were engaged, the details of which are as follow.
It appeared that J. D. Bibb had been frequently in the habit of writing cutting capital letters & otherwise, trifling with his slate during the recitation. Mr. Wood had requested him to abstain from so doing as many as four or five different times, more especially as he was, generally, very illy prepared upon his recita.ions.

On the morning of the 5th Inst. Mr. Wood observed him engaged,

as usual, in trifling with his slate, instead of attending to his recitation. He again spoke to him on the subject, reminded him how frequently he had been warned, remarked that "such conduct was ungentlemanly, and that he appeared to be less of a gentleman than any one in the class." To this Bibb replied that he was as "much of a gentleman as any one else," and continued to write on his slate. Mr. Wood then requested him to leave the room, which he flatly refused to do. Mr Wood then remarked that he might "do as he pleased he might leave the room, or leave the College." He then requested him to lay aside his slate, which he did.
At about 8 o I clock on the same morning the above-named J. D. & W, J. Bibb, his cousin, of the Sophomore class, knocked at the door of Mr Wood's private apartment, on being desired to enter, they came
in, each armed with a cane, & J. D. in front. The latter remarked,
"I have come to tell you what I think of you." Mr Wood then advanced toward them, upon which J. D. Bibb put his hand to his left breast & said "you are no gentleman," or words to that effect. Mr Wood then asked W. J. Bibb, who stood near the threshold of the door, "what interest he had in the matter," he replied that his "cousin had been insulted, & that, consequently He considered himself, also, & Therefore, he resented it as coming from a nasty dirty Tutor." adding a good deal more of grossly insulting language. Upon this J. D. Bibb Ex.claimed "I consider you a damned rascal, damned villain, & no gentleman" Mr Wood then requested all who were collected in the passage, and who were not concerned in the matter, to retire, which they did generally. W. J. Bibb then remarked to his cousin," Let us

you have said what you had to say to the nasty dirty Tutor. 11
Upon this statement J. D, Bibb was detained before the Faculty and, upon being questioned, acceded, generally, to its correctness.
W. J. Bibb was also called before the Faculty, & acknowledged every thing as relating to the part which he ha.d sustained in the Transaction.
The Faculty, after due deliberation, adopted the following resolutions, viz,

"Resolved, that Joseph Dubose Bibb, of the Freshman class, for grossly insulting & profane Language to an officer of College, be Expelled from this institution, & further,
Resolved, that William Joseph Bibb, of the Sophomore class, for very disrespectful language to an officer, as well as for having, upon his own statement, urged and aided the a.bovementioned J, D. Bibb in the course pursued by him, be expelled from this institution."
June 8th 5 P.M. The Faculty met. A letter was received from A. Hull Esq. enquiring whether any steps could be taken for the restoration of
W. J. & J. D. Bibb to their late standing in College, and also intimating the opinion that the Bibbs had wholly misapprehended Mr. Wood; Whereupon, the Faculty enquired of Mr Wood, what was his intention in using the Epithets which occasioned the improper conduct on part of the Bibbs; and were assured by him that he intended nothing more than a severe reproof for a dereliction of duty on part of J. D. Bibb; & that he had not the slightest intention of alluding to his Character in any other respect, and that, if he was understood,

as having reference to any thing disconnected with the simple conduct of J. D. with respect to his duty in the recitation room, he was totally misapprehended, It was therefore "Resolved that Mr Hull be informed that as the conduct of the young men, however, exceptionable in itself, was predicated of a mistake, they can be restored, provided they are willing to make such an apology, as, it would seem, that any one, on the discovery of his mistake, would be not only willing but anxious to make. "
Monday June 11th 8 1/2 A.M.
Faculty met. Wm. J. & J. D. Bibb appeared before them; and, after hearing the record of the meeting of Saturday read, & having made a verbal retraction & acknowledgement of their error, retired, after being directed to call upon the secretary for the purpose of signing such terms & obligations as the Faculty might deem suitable. Faculty then adopted the annexed form for that purpose, to be signed & read before the students in the chapel as a condition of their restoration, viz.
11 We, each of us, are now convinced that we misapprehended Mr Wood, in the use of the Epithets adopted by him, on the morning of 5th Inst., & which occasioned the improper conduct on our part. We more over, express our regret for the language which we used to Mr Wood, acknowledge that it was improper, and pledge ourselves, that if restored to College, we will, in future, endeavour to avoid all similar Conduct." Whereupon Faculty adjourned.

Wm. J. Bibb upon reflecting on the above form of acknowledgement declined signing it. J. D. Bibb came forward & signed it, & was restored to College publicly on the morning of the 12th June.
June 10th A request was received from Mrs Sarah Harris, of Athens, requesting leave to withdraw her son Thomas, of the Freshman Class, until Commencement. Leave was granted, & Secretary authorised to grant Dismission in form, if it should be applied for.
11th A petition from the senior class to be releived from Calculus at their approaching Final Examination, was laid over for further consideration.
June 12th John J. Phinizy was before the Faculty for having been reported as again over the mark, not Excusing himself, the Faculty resolved that he be privately dismissed from College. See minutes of Mey 16th " 28th " & 30th, et passive pendant son sejour.
June 24th The Final Examination of the Senior Class for Degrees,
Commenced in the presence of the following gentlemen Composing Board
of Visitors. Viz. Hon Turner H. Trippe of Habersham
" Hopkins Holsey "Athens
Rev' d Whiliford Smith " II
Dr A. S. Hill

" II
Dr R. D. Moore
Rev'd J. w. Waddel, Walker Co.
C. D. Davis Esq Walton II Rev'd s. G. Hillyer Milledgeville Rev'd A. Mitchell Emory College
A. L. Alexander Wilkes
B. F. Hardeman Oglethorpe Rev'd F. Goulding June 26th Examination closed.

28th the Faculty made the following award of Honours, first resolving that Each member of the class should graduate. 1st Hon Messrs Atkinson & Trippe
11 "
2nd Jones & Whitner.
11 II
3rd Felder & Speer.
11 II

4th Cox & Dabney. Messrs Harris & Nisbit to have speeches.
Class were then Dismissed with the customary instructions & restrictions.
28th A. J. Lamar was withdrawn from College by his guardian. July 2nd A dismission was granted to J. D. & G. G. R. Bibb, of the Freshman class, at request of Guardian & father.
" "
Mr W. H. Dabney was Excused from performance of Comm & Duties by reason of pressing business.
July 11th Thomas Baynard, of S.C. applied for Examination, as a candidate for the Freshman Class, & was admitted,
" 11th A petition from the sophomore class to be releived from speaking for the remainder of the term was granted.
" 27-th Archibald Riddle, of Wilkes County was Examined for the Freshman class, at its Formation in August, & his Examination was sustained.
" 29 The Committee appointed to report a plan for apportioning the Rooms among the students made a Report, which was ordered to be engrossed, & laid before the Board of Trustees.
August 3rd. At the Examination of applicants for admission to College the following were sustained, and admitted to their several classes,

as follows.
Thome.s Harris. (F.) on General probation Robert Watkins. (F.) badly prepared but try him Sam1 1 Hall. (Jun) re-ex'd on Mathematics
Tho's Harris, (of S.W.) (F.) admitted full standing
J. Jones (S.) prob'd on Ratio prop Ex'd end of long vacation
J. L. Byrd (F) admitted on the gen'l probation of new stud's

L. H. Stevens (F)
James Tribble (S.) admitted on prob. (Alg. & arith.)
II ti II " II

James Trippe (S) ( LaFayette La.mar (F) admitted, on usual probation
" "
Anderson Riddle (F) II II
" "


J. H. Harper (s) II
II II " "

J. w. Carr (S)
" " II

Anderson (F) II

" " II

N. Flemming (F) II
D. Remsen (S) probationed on algebra & ar.

" II "

J. Curry (s) II
Jaber Curry (F) II Generally Meigs Hunt (F) irregular on Greek till January August 8th
Faculty met at morning prayers. The Examination of the three lower classes was sustained & all permitted to rise in order the following excepted: viz .
B. A. Baldwin &
Benj Bonner of the Junior. Daniel Roberts or the-Sophomore.

& Wm H. Byne of the Freshman. The Rooms were then apportioned by lot according to the newly adopted regulations of the Trustees.
First Term, 1839-40 August 15th 1839. Faculty met, all being present. The following orders were passed viz.
In the case of Bonner (lately turned back from the present Senior Class,) Faculty will not alter their resolution, but he may be reexamined in presence of his father, on all the studies of the past
Hall, admitted to Junior, probationed on Day's Mathematics, may have till Monday to prepare for Examination, but will not be permitted to recite with class till then. Faculty arranged order of studies for the present Term, &
August 16th 1839 Wm Daniel was admitted, irregular into college to recite with the Sophomore & Freshman Classes as occasion should require.
S. Hall, (probationed at Examination, for Junior, on Trigonometry) was examined this morning, & sustained with a general caution as to industry. John C. Smith was examined for Freshman & admitted, being cautioned to revise his arithmetic, on which he was especially deficient.


Wm. Y. Stokes, of Morgan Co. was examined for Freshman, in presence of the President & Prof Waddel & sustained
Aug 21st Wing, Strong, Garlington, Pope, & Hancock were detained by the Faculty for misconduct in the Methodist Church, & warned of the consequences of a repetition of such conduct.
22nd John Tucker, Junior Class, rec'd a dismission. Secretary was directed to write to Evan's (Jun) father on subject of his rooming out of College.
23rd Wesley Evans, of Athens, was partially ex' d for freshman and allowed to go on with the class.

John B. Kendall of Upson Co. was admitted Sophomore, required to make up algebra by fall Examination, & the whole Greek course of the Freshman year, to be ex'd in January next.

Robert Taylor, of Cassville, was admitted to the Freshman Class, on
the usual probation.
28th Washington Evans, of Athens, & late a member of the Freshman Class, applied for permission to rejoin his class, (having lost the studies of the last Freshman Term): he was permitted to recite with the sophomore under the condition of making up all deficiencies before January 15th 1839,


Mr Tutor Irving detained Thomas Harris, of the Freshman Class, upon the charges of misconduct, direct disobedience to orders, violence and insolent language to an officer in the discharge of his duty. Therefore
Resolved, that Thomas Harris, be, & he is hereby publicly dismissed from this Institution. The case of Bonner was again laid before the Faculty by himself in person; The Faculty, in consideration of his very modest & respectful demeanour allowed him to recite with the Senior Class, in all their studies, & enjoined upon him the duty of making up, & being examined upon those branches of his Junior Year in which he was grossly deficient, so early as the Fall Examination, if possible, or if not, at the first of the January Term 1840. Angus Martin made application for re-admission to college. In consideration of his general deportment as well as some special instances which were mentioned, and the fact of his having said that he was only induced to return from fear of sickness in Augusta, the Faculty refused to receive him.
Sept. 2nd. Alexander Martin, who had been irregularly admitted irregular, but had not produced a certificate of dismission from the Oglethorpe University, of which he was last a member, was reported as having been seen drunk, on Sunday Evening, & requested to leave college.
Sept. 9th
Gonek. & Mosely, of the Senior Class, were detained before the Faculty for having had a fight on thursday 5th Inst. The circumstances which

led to it having originated in the Recitation room, & Goneke, by his own acknowledgement, having been the aggressor, The Faci.llty acquitted M:lsely of all bl8llle, except the part which he bore in the Correspondence during recitation, & Resolved that Louis Goneke of the Senior Class be put on probation, & that his father be informed of the same. Also that Mr Goneke be informed that his son must attend Church.
Angus Martin late a member of the Sophomore class, which rose to Junior at the last Commencement, applied for a Dismission, which was granted on the usual terms, viz. a letter from his father, & that the dismission be not certified till all arrearages are paid & the person have left Town.
It having been suggested to the Faculty that Prof. Jackson had received intelligence from his family in Alabama of the most melancholy nature, The Faculty very promptly resolved to assume or so re-arrange his duties, as to allow him immediately to visit his home, to rem.a.in if necessary, till January Term.
Sept 10th
Le Fils was detained before the Faculty for continued neglect in handing in Com.position. He was very severely censured before The Faculty for this as well as for general neglect of his Studies & dismissed to his duties.
Sept 30th
At a called meeting of the President & Professors, it was resolved the following statement be submitted to the Prudential Committee of the Trustees, at their next meeting viz.
The Faculty have witnessed, with regret, the culpable negligence
evinced for some time past by the present Tutors, in the discharge of

their duties. A very prominent to the appointment of these officers, was, obviously the accurate and due performance of Police duties, especially at night. Hence they have always been required to lodge in the Co.lege buildings. The Faculty regret to say that this object has, since the accession of the present incumbents, been, in a great measure defeated.
Symptoms of negligence had begun to evince themselves before Commencement, in the fact of the repeated absences of Messrs Wood & Irving from college, after the ringing of the Evening Bell, which was too frequently indicated by the increased noise & Confusion in the college buildings after night-fall. As the gentlest measure suggested, they were kindly, but firmly admonished, by the President, in the presence, and at the request of the Faculty. This, with kindly remonstrances in private, from different individuals of the Faculty, seemed to produce no lasting effect.
The Faculty are constrained to say that this state of things has been growing worse since Commencement. Neither of these officers has attended chapel excercises a majority of the time, Mr Irving scarcely a fourth part of it. The latter gentleman has slept out of College for the better part of the past three weeks, leaving his night duties to be performed by the courtesy of a Professor. It is but just to remark that Mr Wood's defalcations have not been nearly so extensive as those of the other. As the immediate Curators of the College, the Faculty would be justly blamed, did they not lay these facts before the Committee; at the same time, suggesting, that more & minute information may be obtained sh'd it be deemed necessary.

The above memorial was handed to the Prudential Committee at their meeting on Wednesday 2nd October 1839.

Oct 4th A dismission was granted to Wm Thomson, of the Senior Class, at the request of his mother without censure.
Oct 8th

The Faculty met at the Library. After considerable discussion with Mr Tutor Wood, on the subject of the Faculty's memorial to the Prudential Committee, which was left indefinite, The Faculty took
up the subject of the outrage Committed, on the night of Thursday last, upon the furniture, Books, &c of Prof McCay, during his absence. Several incidental circumstances, combined to make the Faculty suspect that Jacob Phinizy & Alfred Dearing were engaged with others in the perpetration of this foul act. Wherefore it was resolved, that
A Committee be appointed to wait on Messrs Dearing & Phinizy and notify them that the Faculty, believing that they have sufficient ground for instituting a civil process against their sons for participating in the outrage Committed upon Prof McCay's room & Property on the night of Thursday last, are prepared to say that if the young men will come before them, disclose the names of tll persons engaged, & secure the payment of the damages, they shall merely be subject to such College Censure as shall be deemed Commensurate with the offence, but if not, that the prosecution shall go on, & further, that these gentlemen be invited to attend a meeting of the Faculty, this afternoon, at 5 P.M. at the President's Room.
Whereupon Messrs Hull & Waddel were appointed of that Committee.
and the Faculty adjourned.
Oct 9th 9 A.M.
Faculty met. Committee reported that Mr Dearing was satisfied of his boy's innocence, and that Mr Phinizy merely stated that his boy denied all hand in it. It was therefore determined, that a declaration should be filed against Phinizy before a magistrate, That Junius B. Hillyer Esq be retained to manage the case. Mr Prof McCay was made Prosecutor, Messrs Ward & Waddel, a committee of counsel. An attempt was made by the last named persons to get the co-operation of Judge Dougherty, he declined as being a Trustee; The faculty were advised to await a meeting of the Prudential Committee to be held at an early period. and adjd
Evening Session.
Hancock of Sophs was detained to answer for certain contumelious conduct & language toward Prof McCay on Saturday night last, received the necessary reproof for his improper behaviour, & was dismissed to his duties.
Oct 10th
Messrs Ward, Waddel, & McCay reported that they had waited on the Prudential Committee, at 9 O'Clock this morning, at the request of the Committee & after making such statements as appear above, were advised by the Committee to proceed in the prosecution of the persons implicated, as they could obtain information to identify them sufficiently.
Oct 11th
The prosecutor (Prof McCay) reported that no Executive officer could
be found, & that consequently no proceedings in the above case were
had this day.

Oct 12th

Messrs James Tinsley & Jacob Phinizy, waited on certain members of the Faculty this morning, requesting stay of legal proceedings, as their sons had confessed being implicated in the outrage of 3rd inst. On consultation, the Faculty determined to call the Prudential Committee together, a meeting of whom was held at 9 1/2 A.M. & after careful deliberation the Faculty received the following suggestion, from them. viz. That the Faculty be recommended to Suspend the proposed prosecution under the condition that the perpetrators indemnify the College & the Individual injured to the amount of the pecuniary loss,
& that they submit themselves, with due subordination to the Judgement of the Faculty, & provided also, that they shall maintain a decorous & orderly course toward the Faculty, & a.11 others, after the sentence of the Faculty shall have been pronounced, whatever that may
Immediately on adjournment of the Committee, the Faculty were organized, & the decision of the Trustees being made known to Messrs Tinsley & Phinizy, David P, Tinsley & Jacob Phinizy of the Sophomore Class were called before the Faculty, & acknowledged that on the night of the 3rd Inst. they, aided & abetted by Isham Jones of Jackson County, & who is at this date at home, entered the Room of Prof McCay, & took thence, Jones & Phinizy, two armfuls of books each, & Phinizy & Tinsley one armful each, that Tinsley retired after the first turn of books was fired (by means of a match which Tinsley applied) & that the other two, bringing down, as above two armloads of books, also took the bedding & set the whole on fire at the back of the old college. It was also in Evidence that Phinizy was drunk, or considerably under

the influence of ardent spirits. Several other persons were mentioned by them as having been present, either attempting to save the property or as spectators. Tinsley & Phinizey were then permitted to retire & the Faculty adjourned for dinner.
P.M. 2 o'Clock
J. Anderson, Habersham & Barnard, appeared before the Faculty & being questioned, corroborated, generally, the statement above made. Phinizy & Jones were abusive, & Phinizy & Habersham had a fight growing out of the efforts made by the latter to rescue the burning books. On their retiring, the Faculty Resolved that David P. Tinsley & Jacob Phinizy, be & they are hereby expelled from College, & that the legal process be suspended only till they have complied, in full, with the above requisitions of the Prudential Committee.
Resolved, that the damages be assessed, & each of those parents be informed of their proportion of the same, & that an attempt be made to adjust the remaining third part with Wm E. Jones (brother of the above Isham) & if unsuccessful that an officer be employed to collect it at or near his residence. The Secretary was also instructed to address a note to Wm Dearing Esq. stating that the Faculty exculpated his son,
Oct 19th
A dismission was ordered Granted to Wm H. Turpin of the Junior class,
at request of his father.
Dec'r 2nd
A dismission was granted to Randolph Spalding at request of his father.
Jany 3rd 1840
A dismission was granted to Adam Felder at request of his father.

Jany 7th Dismissions were granted to Ja's N. West & W. Dunwoody at request of their parents.

A dismission was granted to John C. Williams of the Sophomore class at his father's request.
January 14

Dismissions were granted to Albyn & Alfred Dearing at their father's request.
January 16

John Y.Nesbitt, was admitted to the Freshman class on the ususal probation. As also were Andrew P. Wiley & Ja's H. Anderson. John M. White was admitted to the Sophomore. Joel L. Turner was admitted to the Freshman as above. Thomas Harris, who had been publickly dismissed on the 29th of August last, was, on application, Examined, & re-admitted to his class, conditionally that he should not room nor stay in College, & that he sh'd read an apology before his class for his former misconduct. Oliver Prince, Wm Curry, Ja's LaRoche & Rich'd LaRoche were admitted to Freshman the first two on strict Probation as to all their Studies. Stephen Harris was admitted to the Sophomore class.
R. F. Chains (who had been required to stay away from College the last Term) was re-admitted to his class, on the strictest probation as to behaviour.
January 20th Geo W. Allen was admitted to the Freshman class, on the customary probation, as was also David Rich.

Prince, admitted, on probation to the Freshman class, on 17th applied for a reconsideration of his case by the Faculty, wishing to enter the Sophomore, which request (on 2nd trial) was refused.
March 23d Harper was fined one dollar for reading in church, & Hancock & Sophomore Anderson were each fined to the same amount for laughing in church
C. F. McCay
Secy. of the Facy.
April 2d Mann was admitted to recite irregularly with the sophomore class.
April 16 J. Lumpkin was admitted as a regular member of the Freshman class.
May 19th Riddle was dismissed at the request of his guardian. May 28th T. Harris & Smith of the Freshman class were this evening fined $1.00 for whispering & laughing during prayers. June 1st W. Pope of the Sophomore class was fined $1.00 for reading a newspaper in church. June 9th The Faculty ballotted this evening for Junior orators for conunencement & the following persons were elected viz
Cobb McCalla
Gibert Nabers
Glenn H. Newton
Hall & Williams
J. Leconte

June 27th The Faculty having closed the final examination of the Senior class, recommended all for degrees.

Baker Mosely
Bonner Perdue
Borders Pope
Brownlet Quarterman
Echols Saffold
Goneke Stevens
Graham Vernon
Grall Williams
Greene Winn
Kendall & Baxter

The 1st honor was awarded to Kendall Perdue Quarterman & Williams The 2d to
Borders The 3d to
Graham & Green The 4th to
The following were also appointed speakers for commencement Mosely Echols Vernon & Stevens

July 6th Walkins of the Freshman class was called before the Faculty for having refused to turn to his grammar in the recitation room & look out the rules for his scanning. He represented to the Faculty that the requisition was not authorised by the laws & that he would repeat the same conduct in similar circumstances.

The Faculty directed he should be sent to the Grammar school.

July 8th Watkins presented a petition for restoration to college, in which he acknowledged his error & promised to do right hereafter. The Faculty directed that he should read his recantation before the class & that he should then be restored to his regular standing in college,
July 9th The conditions having been complied with to day, Walkins was fully restored.
20th Wright was examined & admitted into the Freshman class. 29th Riddle & Norton were to day examined and admitted to the new Freshman class to be formed at connnencement.
30th Tutor Wood reported Mr. Green of the Senior class as having used improper & disrespectful language to him while he was repressing some loud talking in the college buildings. When the company was required to be silent, Green replied that he would talk as long as he pleased. Green being heard, the Faculty required him to make a written apology for his misbehavior--& then adjourned
31st The following apology was to day handed in by Mr. Green & accepted by the Faculty
".o the Faculty
I acknowledge that my reply to Mr. Wood on a late occasion "that I would talk as long as I pleased" was highly improper--that I sincerely regret having made it--and that I hope you will accept this acknowledgement as my apology
Very respectfully James W. Greene"

The Faculty ordered that this be regarded as satisfactory.
The examinations of all the classes were finished to day-and all were permitted to rise excepting only smith of the Freshman class. Mann was permitted to rise with the sophomore class, it being required of him that he be yet examined on Algebra & French. Lumpkins father was directed to be informed that his son could not recite with the new sophomore class with advan.age to himself or the college.

Aug 1st Cobb, F Daniel, M Daniel & Grant were examined to day for the Freshman class. They were admitted on condition that they prepare themselves better on Arithmetic & that they read Graeca Minora so as to be examined on it in January.
Aug. 13. The Faculty met to divide the studies for the ensuing term. The Senior class was divided among the Faculty as follows Dr. Hall & Dr. Church to take one division each afternoon Dr. Church & Prof. Jackson the whole class alternately at 11 A.M. Dr. Ward & Prof. McCay each division in the morning, The Junior class was divided as follows; Prof. Jackson whole class every afternoon. Dr. Hall & Prof. McCay one division each day at 11 A.M. Dr. Hall & Prof. Waddel one division each morning. The Sophomore class was divided as follows: Prof. Lehmann & Mr. Wood one division each afternoon Prof. Waddell & Dr. Ward one division each day at 11 A.M. Prof. Jackson & Mr, Wood one division each morning The freshman class was divided as follows: Prof, Lehman in the morning & at 11 Prof. McCay at 4.

It was farther directed that Prof. McCay & Lehman interchange the Freshman & senior classes two recitations in the week; so that the Freshmen might recite Arithmetic & the Juniors Greek.
Aug 20th The Facillty have examined & admitted Vason to the Junior class; Henderson Rucker Prather & Wright to the Sophomore class & Carr Gray Norton Riddle & Winn to the Freshman class. Pottle & R. Bird were admitted as sophomores but probationed on Algebra & Jordan & Price were admitted Freshmen but probationed on Greek as Cobb &c admitted last week. Abercrombie was also admitted as a Freshman
Sept'r. 3d Branch was admitted to the sophomore class & Graves entered the J1lllior as irregular not being sustained on Nat'l.
Phil'y & Mathematics
Sep'r 12 Hancock asked for a dismission which was granted.
Jan 16th 1841 Faculty met to divide the studies of the next term, the arrangements to be consummated as soon as Prof. Jackson should return. The Senior class are to recite In the afternoon to Dr. Hall &
Prof. McCay, one division each afternoon. At noon the whole class to Dr Church In the morning, one division to Dr. Ward & the other to Dr. Church.
The J1lllior class were divided, as follows:
In the afternoon, both divisions will recite to Prof. Waddel At noon one division to Prof. Jackson & one to Mr. Lehman
In the Morning one division to Dr. Hall & the other to Prof. McCay

The Sophomore class are to recite as follows: In the afternoon one division to Mr. Lehman & one to Mr. Wood At noon one division to Mr. Waddel & one to Mr. Wood In the morning one division to Mr Waddell & one to Mr. Wood.
The Freshman class as follows
In the a:rternoon one to Dr. Church & the other to Prof. Jackson At noon the whole class to Prof. McCay
In the morning one division to Mr. Jackson & one to Mr. Lehmann.
7 Seniors Dr. Church Dr. Wood
11 Dr. Church
4 Dr. Hull Prof. Mc Cay
7 Dr. Hall Prof, McCay
11 Prof. Jackson Prof, Lehman
4 Prof, Waddell
7 Prof. Waddell Mr, Wood
11 Mr. Wood Prof. Waddell
4 Mr. Lehamnn Mr, Wood
7 Prof. Lehman Prof'r. Jackson
11 Prof. McCay
4 Dr. Church Prof. Jackson
The following students have been admitted to the Sophomore class

viz. Gartrell Gibson McElry McIntosh McNeil, & Scriven, McNeil being probationed on Algebra. There were admitted also into the Freshman

class Alexander Baron Bartlett Berry Billups Boyle Fannin Glover Holland Jones Love Orr Pope Scott Thippen & Wells. Besides these there were admitted as irregulars Croome Colson Witherspoon & Cutlip. March 20 Wright of the Sophomore class being charged with immoral practices, his father was requested to withdraw him from college. April 17th The Faculty met to arrange the studies of the next term.
The Juniors were assigned as follows:

One division of the Juniors to Dr. Church & one to Mr. Waddell every morning after prayers.
one division to Mr. Jackson & one to Mr McCay at 11 A.M. one division to Mr. McCay & one to Mr. Jackson at 4 P.M.
The Sophomores were assigned as follows.
one division of the sophomores to Dr. Ward & one to Mr Lehman
af'ter Morning prayers. one division to Dr. Hull & one to Mr Waddell at 11 A.M one division to Mr Waddell & one to Dr Hall at 4 P.M.
The Freshmen were assigned as follows; Af'ter morning prayers to Mr. McCay & Mr Jackson At 11 A.M. to Mr Wood & Mr. Lehmann
At 4 P.M. to Mr. Lehmann & Mr. Wood.
7 Dr. Church & Mr. Waddell 11 Mr. McCay & Mr. Jackson 4 Mr Jackson & Mr McCay


7 Dr. Wood & Mr. Lehmann 11 Dr. Hull & Mr, Waddell 4 Dr. Hull & Mr. Waddell

7 Mr. McCay & Mr. Jackson 11 Mr. Wood & Mr. Lehman 4 Mr. Lehmann & Mr. Wood
The review of the seniors was divided as follows Dr. Church 50 recitations
Mr. Jackson 20
Dr. Hull 20 Dr. Ward 15 II
Mr. Lehman 5

Mr. Waddell 20 Mr. McCay 20 II April 19th King was admitted into the Sophomore class in full
standing May 31 Morrow was admitted as a sophomore June 10 The following students were appointed Junior orators.
Cook Garlington Hamilton Harper Hull Mccarter Vason Wafford & White

June 28th The examination of the Senior class being completed the Faculty this day recommended all the class to the degree of A.B. They assigned
The 1st Honor to Cobb
2d to Glenn & Mallette

the 3d to J. Leconte & Williams
the 4th to Nabers. They also appointed Gibert Hall L. LeConte H. Newton Norman & Winn as commencement speakers.

July 30 The Faculty directed that aach member of the several classes should rise to the next class, exce,pting only those who are not sustained in the circular book. They were permitted to recite as usual with their classes, but were declared irregular until they were examined & sustained on the studies on which they are dificient. Aug 2 The decision of July 30th was reversed with regard to T. Harris
& W. Harris of the Sophomore class who were required to retire
to the new Sophomore class. W. Curry retired voluntarily.
Aug 12 The Faculty met to arrange the studies of the present session & they were divided as follows
Seniors At 6 To Mr. McCay & Dr. Hull
11 Dr Church
4 Mr. Jackson & Dr. Ward Juniors at 6 To Mr. Jackson & Mr. Waddell
11 Dr. Hull & Mr. Jackson II " 4 Dr. Hull & Mr. Mccay Sophomores at 6 To Dr. Ward & Mr. Wood "

"11 To Dr. Ward & Mr. Waddell
" 4 To Mr. Wood & Mr, Waddell
Freshmen 6 To Dr. Church

11 To Mr. Mccay 4 To Dr Church

no recitations being assigned to Mr. Lehmann on account of his absence in Europe.
Aug 19 The following new students have been admitted to college Kirkpatrick to the Junior class Bowen Hill Holt Russel Taylor & (Wright on probation) to the Sophomore class Andrews Bailey Branch Dunn Gaines Graham Hill Lamar Phinizy Pope & Taylor to the Freshman class. Sept. 1 Branch of the Junior class was dismissed for disrespectful language to one of the officers of college--Being found in college he was told that it was the duty of the officer to report him & fine him. He replied that he would come up to college when he pleased & that he would never pay any fine for it either. When called before the Faculty he justified his conduct & was otherwise disrespectful.
The Faculty directed the sentence of dismission to be read by the Prest. in the chapel.
Sept 16th Wells & Lamar of the Junior class were fined five dollars for going to camp-meeting contrary to their promise to the Prest. who had given them leave to be absent from college
Oct 3d Anderson Baynard Garlington Harper & Mann of the Senior class & Gibson Henderson & LaRoche of the Junior class were each fined ten dollars for having been engaged in riotous noisy & disorderly conduct on Friday night last. The Faculty directed they should be placed on the strictest probation & that their parents
should be informed of all the particulars of the offence & its punishment. McIntosh was also punished in the same manner for having been in a state of intoxication on Saturday.
Jan 15th 1842
Faculty met to arrange the studies of the new term & to examine the new students--Mr. Lehmann having returned all were present with the new Tutor Mr. Lee.
The senior class was disposed of as follows At sunrise to Dr. Hull & Dr. Church
11 to Dr. Church
4 to Dr Ward & Mr. McCay
The juniors
At sunrise to Mr. Lehman & Mr. Waddell 11 to Mr. Waddel & Mr. Mccay 4 to Mr. Jackson & Dr. Hull

The sophomores At sunrise to Mr. Wood & Mr. McCay
11 to Mr. Wood & Mr, Jackson
4 to Mr. Lehman & Mr. Waddel
The Freshmen

At sunrise to Mr. Jackson & Mr Lee 11 to Mr. Lehman & Mr Lee
4 to Mr. Wood & Mr. Lee

Jan 21st The following new students have been admitted viz Borders
& Lundy to the Junior class Ashley
Harrison & Way to the sophomore class & Warren as an irregular
& J, A. Billups
J. P. Billups Elston
E. B. Fort Q, W. Fort Hall
Harris Headen Hunt Long Montgomery
R. E. Moore
G. W. Moore Saunders
& Whatley to the Freshman class.
Feb 10 McElroy was admitted to the Fresh.man class.
March 9 Graham of the Freshman class having been very remiss in his college duties & his guardian having already been notified of his deficiencies, it was resolved that he should be advised to leave college & that his guardian be made acquainted with this resolution.
March 10 In consequence of the resolution passed yesterday the Faculty were i.formed Graham had left college. Wells was reported to the Faculty as having been one of a company that had been out disturbing the town with a serenade on trumpets & tin pans--he was fined five dollars put on probation & his guardian informed of the punishment.
April 1 All the classes this morning having absented themselves from prayers & recitation excepting only the Fresh.man class--they were in consequence fined one dollar each. From this decision Moore Mccarter Hull Hamilton & Felton of the Senior class & Lumpkin & Gray were excepted as not having violated the law.
April 4 Garlington & Vason were reported to the Faculty as haying been intoxicated on last Saturday night & Vason also for swearing in the presence of the officer. W. Curey was reported also for a similar offence with vason. As Garlington & vason were excellent students members of the senior class regular & diligent in their studies the Faculty trusted to their promise of good

behaviour for the future & fined the first ten dollars & the
latter fifteen, & put them both on the strictest probation.
Curry having been very irregular in his attendance upon college
duties, having neglected very much some of his studies, & the
Faculty having very little confidence in his promises of
amendment was dismissed.

April 27, Faculty met to inquire into a report in town against the character of Harper of the Senior Class. It was rumored that he had handed to a servant of Mr. Hunt's a number of obscene & lascivious plates to be exhibited to the young ladies of the Female academy, that they had actually been exhibited--that the servant when whipped had given the nrune of Mr. Harper as the person whom she was told handed them to her--and the Faculty met at the request of Mr. Harper to inquire into these rumors & to find out if possible who were the persons actually guilty.
Mr. Harper delivered to the Faculty the pictures supposed to have been exhibited--these agreed with the description given of them by the persons who had seen them at the Female Academy & were further identified by a piece of newspaper which had been pasted on the back of one that had been torn by the servant. Their identity was not indeed called into question in all the investigation which followed.
Harper had obtained these plates from Grant of the Sophomore

class a day or two since & had gotten them merely for the sake of aiding him in investigating the report against him. Grant on being called said that he had borrowed them from Gray of the Sophomore Class, that since he had received them, tho, they had been exhibited to his fellow students, they had not been out of his hands, but that he had
borrowed them only about 3 weeks since, which was subsequent to the time when they had been exhibited at the Fems.le Academy.
Grant however a:fterwards acknowledged that some of the pictures had been out of his possession a part of the time, but still this was two or three weeks a:rter their exhibition,
Gray on being called on stated that the pictures were his--that he had had them for a year or so past--but that he had parted with them on the 16th of March last to a fellow student who said he wanted them for a particular purpose, & that until that time they had not been out of his possession. When asked how he could fix the time so accurately, he replied that the person who borrowed them lent him his horse to go over home for them, that on his way from home he met Mr. Wood going over to his aunt's to dinner, & that he had inquired of his annt the time & it was fixed by her on the 16th. Gray further said that they were out of his hands several days, that he gave them to this person in the presence of several of his fellow students, that he had received them back in the presence of Taylor & others, that they were not torn when he lent them but when he received them, the person to whom he had lent them remarked that the girl had torn one of them & pasted a peice of newspaper on the back, & that since he had gotten them, they were in his possession until he had loaned them to Grant.
As the time of exhibiting them at the Academy was about the middle of March & as Mr. Hunt beleived it was between the night of the 16th & the night of the 17th Harper was told he could not be cleared until the time they were out of Gray's hands shd be accounted for.

Harper said he knew to whom Gray had lent them, but was unwilling to name him, for if he did the person could only clear himself by getting into a difficulty equally bad, viz. that of having given them to a servant girl for the purpose of showing them to her young mistress.
He was satisfied however this was not the same case as the one now before the Faculty, since he had gone with this person to the girl, & she had confirmed in their presence the story, that had been told him by this person. He did not wish therefore to involve him in a new difficulty having no connexion with the one in which he himself was interested, & which the Faculty were now investigating. He & Gray each went out to consult this person, but on their being unwilling then to expose him, the Faculty adjourned until afternoon. April 27th Afternoon
When the Faculty met Lumpkin of the Junior Class came with Harper, Gray, & Grant. They then informed us that Lumpkin was the person who had borrowed them & returned them to Gray at the time referred to in Gray's testimony--he acknowledged that this was true, & that he had had them for two days, tho' he could not be sure that this was the exact time he had had them in his possession. He was however unwilling to state to whom he had delivered them, as he could not do it without inculpating others. When pressed to do this & when told that he would be held responsible for the pictures unless he gave up the guilty ones, he declined doing it, & insisted on knowing why he was brought before the Faculty, what were the charges against him, what the evidence, & who the accusers. He was told that the Faculty had not charged him with any thing, that he had come voluntarily forward to exculpate Harper, & confessed to us that he had borrowed the pictures & before his returning them to the owner they had been exhibited in town. The
Faculty adjourned to give Lumpkin time to decide what he would do, & to afford an opportunity to some member of the Faculty to explain to Gov. Lumpkin the situation of his son. April 28th Faculty met & Lumpkin was found unwilling to give up the names of those to whom he said he had given the pictures. He assured the Faculty that Mr. Harper could not by any possible way have had the pictures during the time they were lent to him, he declared also that he had nothing to do with their exhibition at the Female academy, whereupon the Faculty passed the following resolutions
Resolved That Grant of the sophomore class for exhibiting to his fellow students a series of obscene & lascivious pictures & for prevaricating in regard to them be dismissed from college
Resolved that Gray of the sophomore class for owning & exhibiting to his fellow students the same pictures be dismissed from college
Resolved that Lumpkin an irregular member of college for making himself responsible for the possession of these pictures during the time when they were exhibited in town be dismissed from college.
The following is the arrangement of the studies for the present term.
The review of the senior class is aasigned as follows
Dr. Church 50 recitations
Prof. Jackson 20 II
Hull 20
Ward 14
11 II
Lehman 8
II Waddell 20 II
II McCay 18 Mr. Jackson & Dr, Ward began before breakfast & Dr, Church took the

whole class at 11 & Prof. Hull & McCay at 4.
Profs. McCay & Waddel at sunrise " 11 Jackson at 11
& Dr. Church & Prof. Jackson on alternate days at 4 Sophomores Profs. Hull & Lehman at sunrise
II Hull & Waddell at 11
Lehman & Ward 4 Freshmen
Mr Lee & Mr Wood at sunrise
Mr Lee & Prof. Lehman 11 11
Mr Lee & Mr Wood "4
May 5th Wiley & Anderson of the Senior class were brought before the Faculty for having been engaged in a quarrel which led to blows. It appeared that in the heat of debate Wiley had spoken of some opinions of Anderson as false statements, whereupon Anderson had asked if Wiley disputed his word. Wiley had in reply evaded Andersons question & repeated his former remarks. Anderson had then struck him a blow but the affray was hindered from proceeding further by the interference of bystanders. The Faculty not being able to decide where exactly the blame of beginning the affray had commenced, resolved to proceed no further in the investigation especially as the parties had made friends simply by mutual explanations. May 9th The Faculty met this morning to inquire into a very serious disturbance on Saturday night last in which the college had been
disturbed for nearly two hours with loud & disorderly noise, with music on drums & violins in the campus, with drinking dancing & swearing by a large number of the students, & finally with the throwing of stones at the officer who had attempted to restrain the riot.
A large number of the students were called before the Faculty & a:fter examining into the matter through both forenoon & af'ternoon, the faculty adjourned till tomorrow. May 10th The Faculty continued the investigation commenced yesterday.
It was discovered that Anderson of the senior class who was already on Probation had made some of the noise & had been drummer much of the time during the disturbance, he therefore was dismissed.
Bartlett of the sophomore class was found to have been one of the disturbers, had made some noise, had probably joined in the swearing & dancing & had drunk so freely of the spirits that he was dangerously sick during the night--whereupon he also was dismissed.
Russell of the sophomore class had drunk very freely, had joined in the noise & in the swearing & had played on a small drum part of the time--whereupon he also was dismissed.
Wiley of the Junior class denied having made any noise or having carted any of the liquor, but as he was in the riot from beginning to end, had known beforehand of the intention of buying some spirits, had been a prominent talker & actor in the excitement which had preceeded the disturbance, the Faculty resolved that his guardian should be requested to withdraw him from college. The Faculty then adjourned till to morrow
May 11 When the Faculty were proceeding to consider the cases of

others who had been engaged in the riot on Saturday, Judge Dougherty
one of the Prudential committee, called on the President & enquired
if he or the Faculty would regard it as any interference with their
duties if the citizens of town would present a petition to them in
regard to the rioters on Saturday. He was told that it would not be
regarded as an interference & the Faculty then adjourned till to
May 12 The petition of several members of the Prudential committee was presented this morning. It expressed the opinion that order would be restored to the college, & that good feeling would be excited in the students if the Faculty would suspend their action on the remaining offenders on Saturday--& requested the Faculty, if they did not think the interests of the college would suffer by the course proposed, to grant a general amnesty to the rest
of the offenders.
Whereupon The Faculty resolved that altho the petitioners professed to come before the Faculty only as citizens of the
town yet as they were all Trustees of the college & bound therefore to consult its best interests they ought to command from the Faculty much respect to their opinions And whereas the most guilty of the rioters have already been punished--Therefore Resolved that we proceed no further at present in the examination & punishment of the offenders in the riot of Saturday night last.
May 27th Mr. La.Roche of the Junior class was reported to the Faculty for having made a noise in college by throwing about some chairs in the passage, but as he disclaimed having any intention of producing any disturbance he was only admonished to be more careful for the future

28th Mr. Lee having resigned his place in the Faculty it became necessary to distrubute his classes among the rest of the Faculty. Whereupon, His Latin recitation was transferred to Prof. McCay & his two Greek recitations to Prof. Lehman Prof Jackson & Prof. Waddel having each taken one of Prof, Lehmans recitations.
June 3d Bartlett applied for readmission to college, but his application after some time spent in considering the matter was laid on the table
June 8th .Anderson applied by a letter from his father to be restored again to college but he was not received June 12th The following members of the Junior class were appointed to speak at commencement.
.Anderson LaRoche Wiley
Bird Lundy Borders
Curry Stephens Lamar
Kirkpatrick White & Gibson

June 21 The Senior examination commenced to day in the presence of the examining committee June 25th The Faculty resolved to recommend all the senior class to the degree of A.B. The honors were divided as follows:
Garlington & Vason 1st Honor Mccarter Hull & Harper 2d Honor Wafford 3d Honor
The following were appointed to the place of speakers Cook Buckner Felton Hamilton Moore & White
June 15 Anderson of the senior class was this r.stored to his class

August 11 The following persons were admitted to the several classes. Rucker to the Junior class Grant restored to the Junior class King to the Sophomore class
Norris II Palmer ti
Howard Barnet to the Freshman class Dawson II
Carlton n
Hoyt Jones II
Law It
Mays II
Sept 25 Bird & LaRoche were brought before the Faculty for noise at night & for having taken too freely of ardent spirits. They confessed the charges against them & promised very strongly that
their conduct hereafter should be irreproachable. The Faculty directed a letter sho.uld be sent to their parents informing them of the particulars of the occurrence & that they should be informed they were put on the strictest probation.
Jan 20 The faculty have admitted the following persons to the several classes. Mosely to the Senior class
& Towns Ashley to the sophomore class Fleuellen II Gorman II
Jones II
Pond II
Varnedon II
& Way II
Allen to the Freshman class
Bailey II
Harris II
& Wingfield II
Collin13 as irregular sophomore

" II
& Neal
H. Bailey II Freshman
& Lampkin

April 1 Copper & Philips were admitted to the Freshman class Philips to be yet examined in Algebra.
April 12 Hoyt & Wingfield were brought before the Faculty for having thrown some stones against the Windows of a recitation room while the class was reciting--they were put on probation & notice given to their parents that they were mischievous & disorderly & needed very much the influence of their parents to restrain them.

April 15 The order of the studies for the next term was arranged as follows.

McCay & Waddel At sunrise
Dr. Church At 11 Profs. Jackson & Hull At 4
Juniors Mccay & Waddel At sunrise { McCay At 11 Dr. Church & Prof. Jackson At 4
Dr. Church & Hull At sunrise Profs Jackson & Hull At 11 Prof Waddell At 4 Freshmen Prof Jackson & Mr. Wood At sunrise
. Prof. Waddel At 11 Prof. Mccay & Mr Wood At 4
The Sophomores being divided at sunrise & at 11 the Freshmen at sunrise & at 4. The labor of each officer is in reci.ations
Seniors other classes Dr. Church 50 120 Prof. Jackson 25 200 Prof. Hull 25 160
Waddell 25 200 II Mccay 25 200
Mr. Wood 160
The time attended by each class is On Dr Church is 130 hours
Prof. Jackson 165

" It
Hull 105
" "
Waddell 225
" "
McCay 185
Mr Wood Bo

May 1 Hoyt of the Freshman class being called before the Faculty for throwing some cherry stones in the chapel during the Religious exercises the Faculty directed that his Father be informed of the circumstances & of the particulars of his former conduct on April 12th.
June 5 The following persons were elected Junior orators Alexander Ashley Bacon
Hill Holland Holt Love Moseley Orr Rucker Wright

June 12 Love was excused from speaking at the Junior exhibition.
June 26 The examination of the Senior class having been finished The Faculty recommended all the class to the degree of A.B. & gave The 1st Honor to Stevens
" 2d " to White
" 11 3d 4th II II " " McEloy & Kirkpatrick Lamar & Anderson

& appointed as speakers Curry Bird

LaRoche & Lundy

June 29 Bird was excused from speaking at commencement on account of ill health
July 6 Mosely was excused from speaking at the Junior exhibition
July 29 The Faculty were called together on account of an outrage committed last night on Prof. McCay & the President. Some disorder having occurred early in the evening, the President had gone out to suppress it but was driven back by stones & brickbats--the noise having increased towards 11 or 12 oclock--the President sent for Prof. McCay & on his coming up to college they went out to find some of the rioters. Hearing some one in the entry of the old college Prof. M. went to the door & as he was rising the steps he was struck in the face by a brickbat. He was knocked down the steps & as he rose he was surrounded with four other students who assaulted him with stones. He was struck in the body by one of these but only by one, & all then retreated to the woods. The person who had first struck Prof. M. ran back to the other end of the entry & there met Dr. Church. As he ran against him both fell together but the student escaped from the Drs. hold & got off. The rooms were now visited & seven persons were found out--Alexander Fannin Love Moseley Orr & Wright of the Junior class & Norris of the Sophomore class. Alexander immediately g&ve an account of himself--But on calling the rest up they stated that they had gone to bathe & knew nothing of the affray. Faculty adjourned,


Sunday July 31 Faculty met & af'ter examining carefully into the account of the young men who were cal.led before us on Saturday decided that their story was improbable, inconsistent with itself, inconsistent with the facts & circumstance of the case & utterly incredible. It was therefore unanimously resolved that Fannin
Love Mosely Orr Wright & Norris be dismissed from college.

Aug 3 The Faculty met to consider a recommendation of the Trustees relating to the six dismissed students. They were recommended by a resolution of the Board to reconsider their decision & to restore the yoilllg men if they thought the interests of the college wd not suffer thereby. The Faculty resolved that nothing had occurred wh had in the least changed their opinion of what was proper to be done & they therefore reaffirmed their former judgement. Aug 10 Faculty met to examine Candidates for admission & to arrange the studies for the present term.
Aug 14 The following students have been admitted to the

Freshman class Bradford
to the Sophomore class Baxter
H. Dunwoody

to the Junior class Barnet to the Senior class Walker
all of the class were also permitted to rise to one higher excepting only Varnedoe of the Sophomore class.
Aug 18 Lumpkin whis day received a dismission his father having been advised to withdraw him
1844 Jan 16 Faculty met to arrange the studies of the session, Dr. Stevens the new Prof'r. of Belles Lettres being present with us. The following persons were admitted to the Freshman class.
Anderson Briscol Howard
A. Jones
W. Jones
Lumpkin Vason
& Watkins to the Sophomore class Bacot Colquir
B. Scriven
The following were admitted as irregulars McCay Lumpkin McDonald La.mar

An honorable dismission was given to Flewellen of the Sophomore

March 3 Pope of the Junior class was directed to leave college on account of continued neglect of college duties after the repeated admonitions of the Faculty.
Ap. 1. Way of the Senior class received a dismission-a regular & honorable one. So also Brown of the sophomore class.
Ap 25 The Faculty met to investigate the origin of some noise in and about the college buildings. Resolved that D. Dunwoody's guardian be advised to withdraw him for idleness, inattention to college duties. low standing in his class. The guardians & parents of Foster & R. Moore were advised to do the same & for the same reasons. Shannon was advised to leave at once for neglect of his studies and for inability to sustain himself in the class to which he had recently been admitted on probation. May 3 The Father of Foster came up and asked us to continue his son a while longer in college & promised he shd be regular diligent & examplary in his behavior. May 17 Foster being found very irregular was admonished to be very punctual or he wd fall under the censure of the Faculty. May 25 Foster being still irregular was dismissed. June 3 Moore's father not having withdrawn him as requested, he was dismissed. June 24 Clinch of the sophomore class was called before the Faculty for throwing a cracker into the recitation room of Prof. Waddel just as his class was collecting & as he was inattentive & disorderly he was at once dismissed,

Jan 25 The following persons were appointed Junior orators Bailey
Long Palmer Phinizy Pond
Whatley June 29 The following distribution of honors & appointments was made for co!IDllencement. All the members of the senior class were reco!IDllended to the Trustees for graduation
The 1st honor was given to Hill
The 2d II II to Alexander
& Walker The 3d to Ashley & Rucker
The 4th to Towns
The following persons were appointed speakers Billups
Jones McElroy & Scriven The Latin Salutatory was assigned to Alexander.

July 5th Bailey & Long were excused from speaking
July 11 The following persons were selected from the Sophomore class
to declaim at commencement.
Blake Copper Dawson
Eugene. Harris J, Hunt
T. Hunt Law Rogers
J, Scriven Warren
July 22 Law of the sophomore class was called before the Faculty for having been intoxicated & noisy on Friday night last. He was dismissed.
July 24 A petition was received from the students & from Law asking that he be restored & making the strongest pledges for the future for his good behavior. As his conduct had been hitherto very good the Faculty resolved to pardon him for the offence & restore him to his class.
Aug 3 The following persons were admitted to the new Freshman class Bancroft
W'd. Lumpkin W'm. Lumpkin Harder Jackson

Moody Pringle Merriwether
& Stroud
& to the new Sophomore class Maxwell & Lockherst

Aug 18 The following additional members have been admitted to the Sophomore class Smith & Wright & to the Freshman class Bryan Williamson & Tinnnons
J. Fort received an honorable dismission to day.
The following is the arrangement of the studies for this term

Seniors Prof, Hull & McCay alter Dr. Church Prof Jackson
Juniors Dr. Stevens Prof McCay Dr. Hull
Sophomores Freshmen Prof Jackson Mr. Wood Prof Waddel Mr Wood Prof Waddel Prof. Mc Cay

Oct 31 Ai'ter the Examinations the Faculty resolved to inform the parents of Mr. J. Scriven & Edw'd Thomas that they could not return to college the next Session. Watkins father was recommended to retain his son at home. Stevens received an honorable dismission. 1845
Jan 16. The following persons were admitted to college To the Junior class Bassinger Deloney Burke To the Sophomore Bacon Dupree Kern To the Freshman G. Allen Chisolm Dunwoody Grant Hart C, Holt King LaRoche Milner Moss Moseley Steadman Tarver
J. Walker
N. Walker
As irregulars Rutherford Timrod
& L. Holt
Feb 11 The Faculty have admitted to the Freshman class Singleton & Newsom Arrangement of the studies this term

Seniors Prof Jackson & Hull
Dr Church
Prof Jackson & McCay
Juniors Dr Hull & Prof Waddell
Prof McCay
Dr Stevens
Sophomores Prof Waddel & Jackson
Prof. Hull
Prof. Waddel & Jackson
Freshmen (divided) Mr. Wood & Perdue
Mr Jackson & Perdue
Mr. Wood & Perdue

March 1, Bradford of the sophomore class for having a quarrel in town
was dismissed from College
Ap 2 G. Hunt of the Junior class was withdrawn from college at the request of the Faculty
Ap 16 Crawford was admitted to the Soph. class.

{Several pages blank]
Aug 11th The Faculty have admitted
Grier & Jackson to the Junior class Phinizy & Rogers to the Sophomore class
& Anderson, Armistead Blount, Cone King, Lumpkin Sayre, Singleton Taylor & Waddel to the Freshman class, Jackson being restored
on probation. A report was made against Park of the Junior class as having been intoxicated on Wednesday night & as he acknowledged having taken some brandy & as his conduct was noisy & disorderly he was dismissed Aug 16 Harris of the Junior class applied to become irregular, but
that being against the law was refused. The Faculty however permitted him to recite with the Junior & Senior Classes with the understanding that he was to study & be examined on all the text books of both classes & as he had at school studied several of these the Faculty thought it possible for him to go thro' the two years in one
Aug 17 Moore was admitted to the Soph class
22nd The secretary was directed to write a letter to Gen. Taylor complaining of his son for laughing & making other noise in Church after having been admonished for the same offences committed in the chapel,
24 Russler was admitted as an irregular

Sept. 8th The Faculty have met from day to day during this week to consider the circumstances of an affray between Gunahl & Ferrill of the Senior class in which several others also were engaged. Gunahl having used insulting language of Ferrill on account of some previous misunderstanding Ferril on Monday at noon asked him to come down to the Campus & there demanded a retraction of the offensive language. Gunahl refused to do this & Ferrill raised his cane to strike Gunahl drew a pistol & Ferrill before Gunahl could snap it struck him a heavy blow on the head & siezed him by the side or back. Gunahl managed then to snap the revolver two or three times but as it was unloaded it did no harm. The fight was continued till the Faculty interfered. Both these parties were expelled. Frank Gunahl of the Sophomore Class seeing at one time his brother attacked by more than one--by several he says--stabbed Ferrill with a bowie knife. He also was expelled. Reynolds struck Frank Gunahl a blow with a loaded cane & pursued him off the ground, and as he was on probation, the Faculty resolved he should be dismissed. Kendrick, Brown & Lewis of the Junior class Rogers of the Senior & Rogers of the Freshman class were put on probation for their interference & connexion with this affray. 1849 Jan 18 The Faculty have admitted to the Junior class Field & Lary to the Sophomore class Ashley Atkinson Bacon Barnard Hilliard Merriwether Park Pon Rowland and Slaughter to the Freshman class Coley Far Garvin Heard Hill Hall Jennings Johnston Mitchell Reece Respass Rucker Singleton Turman Willes & Young.

The following were admitted as irregulars Hunter G. Jordan &
J. Moon. Cumming who had been advised to leave college last fall on account of intoxication was restored on probation af'ter giving pledges that he wd be strictly abstinent hereaf'ter.
J. Gunahl was restored to the Senior class & F Gunahl to the Sophomore on the strictest probation.
April 1st Ticklin formerly from Pinfield College was admitted on

probation. June 29 The following persons have been appointed Sophomore speakers
for commencement Bacon Barnard Baykin Gunahl Hardin Hilliard
Nickols Pon Quarterman Rowland Slaughter Snider Thomas
The following were nominated as Junior orators to the Demosthenian Society Cooper Cumming Frederick Ridd Reid & Rider & to the Phi Kappa Society T. Anderson Barnard Green Howard Lacy & Mallard. Of these the societies elected Cumming Frederick Ridd & Reid, & T. Anderson Barnard Howard & Mallard. The distribution of Honors among the Senior class was as follows:

Hall Norman & Riley 1st Honor
Gunahl 2nd
Dubose 3d
Church & B. Poss 4th

& as speakers Bolton Casey Callaway Dawson Harris J Hill W. Hill
Means Nuckold Oliver S Oliver & F. Pope were appointed 6th July An affray occurred this morning between Cumming of the Junior class & Rowland of the Sophomore in which pistols were used & four or five shots fired on each side though no serious injury was done by either party. Rowland had spoken some offensive words of

87 \
Cumming who then went to Rowlands room & insulted him by slapping his face & using insulting language towards Rowland. This had occurred on the night of the 4th of July. This morning Rowland attacked Cumming in the street fired at him tho' surrounded by several students & Cumming drew a pistol & returned the fire wounding Rowland in the neck. Cumming was not injured & Rowlands wound was only skin deep. No other person was harmed. The Faculty decided that both Cumming & Rowland shd be expelled. July 9 The Faculty met to consider the case of Merriwether who had been called before them on the 6th of July to defend himself against a charge of intoxication. It had appeared at the previous meeting that the accused had been intoxicated, had carried ardent spirits to College, had invited his fellow students to drink with him, & had made a boisterous & disorderly noise in the campus. The matter had been postponed on Friday & it was now resumed. The Faculty directed that he sh'd be dismissed from college & his father notified of the circumstances. July 30 All the classes were permitted to rise except R. Taylor of
the Junior class who is to be told that unless he manifests a decided improvement in his studies he can not be sustained in his class.
Entries in this Book ceased here. No Minutes have been missed from this volume Sec.
[More than half the original volume had been removed]