Allen, Ivan, Sr.

Allen Family Photographs, 1840-1990, undated
Allen, Ivan, Sr.
Bradley & Newell
Allen Family Photographs, Atlanta History Center
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Office equipment and supplies industry--Georgia--Atlanta
Ivan Allen Marshall Company (Atlanta, Ga.)
Allen, Ivan, 1877-1968
McKenney, Unknown
Walters, Dick
McGill, Tom
Long, Chester
Bazemore, Carolyn
Baylis, A. P.
Tecow, Unknown
Clarke, Stan
Murdock, Jo
Gilbert, Marianna
Stacy, Unknown
Crane, Betty
Thomas, E. E.
Barham, Betty
Carrington, Kathleen
Moore, Estelle
Owens, Calvin
Blair, Bill
Lacy, Bill
Bardegree, Katherine
Haislip, Eddie
Garret, Red
Lowe, Bill
Jones, Hayden
Carmichael, Unknown
Owens, Billy
Ball, James
Waddell, George
Richardson, Walter
Bell, Wade
Crisner, Dallas
West, Irene
Dunn, Grace
Sutton, Jessie
Marler, Johnnie
Estes, Charlotte
Farglen, Unknown, Mrs.
Martin, Dot
Cohen, Ann
Wells, Nancy
Smith, Helen
Scoggins, Robbie
Hasty, Ella
Rayburn, Evelyn
Harwell, Edna
Brown, Margaret
Loden, Vernon
Davis, Willie
Phillips, Unknown, Mrs.
Sistrunk, Arlene
Holt, Bill
Camp, Glenn
Carnes, John
Harris, Bill
Aikens, C. H.
Pettes, Tom
Tatum, John
Floyd, Bill
Allison, Jack
Allen, Ivan, 1911-
Abli, Charlie
Ball, Fred
Winslow, Ed
Ball, Jack
Dodd, Jean
Sharpton, Gordon
Stalker, Ian
Dickerson, Elmer
Groover, Horace
Abbott, Jack
Hampton, James
Ruthruff, Bill
Steel, Parker
Durham, Claude
Freestone, Lloyd
Sharpton, Felix
Ownby, Gene
Crouch, Charlie
Smith, John
Moring, Charles
Campbell, Jim
Henden, Jack
Shelton, Mary
Butler, Ruth
Fuller, Unknown
Brumbelow, Morris
Lillie, Unknown
Milligan, Jeanne
Wilson, Sam
Fletcher, Louis
Snellings, Arnold
Turner, Aldora
Buice, Harry
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.749, -84.38798
Portrait of the Ivan Allen-Marshall Company employees, including Ivan Allen Sr. (seated on the floor, center front) during the company Christmas party. From left to right, front to back: Mr. Mckenney, Dick Walters , Tom McGill, Chester Long, Carolyn Bazemore, A. P. Baylis, Tecow, Stan Clarke, Jo Murdock, Ivan Allen Sr., Marianna Gilbert, Mr. Stacy, Betty Crane, E. E. Thomas, Betty Barham, Kathleen Carrington, Estelle Moore, Calvin Owens, Bill Blair, Bill Lacy, Katherine Hardegree, Eddie Haislip, Red Garrett, Bill Lowe, Hayden Jones, Mr. Carmichael, Billy Owens, James Ball, George Waddell, Walter Richardson, Wade Bell, Dallas Crisner, Irene West, Grace Dunn, Jessie Sutton, Johnnie Marler, Charlotte Estes, Mrs. Farglen, Dot Martin, Ann Cohen, Nancy Wells, Helen Smith, Robbie Scoggins, Ella Hasty, Evelyn Rayburn, Edna Harwell, Margret Brown, Vernon Loden, Willie Davis, Mrs. Phillips, Arlene Sistrunk, Bill Holt, Glenn Camp, John Carnes, Bill Harris, C. H. Aikens, Tom Pettes, John Tatum, Bill Floyd, Jack Allison, Ivan Allen, Jr.; Charlie Abli, Fred Ball, Jean Dodd, Gordon Sharpton, Ian Stalker, Elmer Dickerson, Horace Groover, Jack Abbott, James Hampton, Bill Ruthruff, Parker Steel, Claude Durham, unknown, Lloyd Freeston, Felix Sharpton, Gene Ownby, Charlie Crouch, John Smith, Charles Moring, Jim Campbell, Jack Henden, Mary Shelton, Ruth Butler, Mr. Fuller, Morris Brumbelow, Mr. Lillie, Jeanne Milligan, Sam Wilson, Louis Fletcher, Arnold Snellings, Aldora Turner, Harry Buice.
Ivan Earnest Allen (1876-1968) was co founder of an office supply company with James Fielder. In 1919 the company changed owners and became the Ivan Allen-Marshall Company, and the later just the Ivan Allen Company.
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