Cherokee Indian relocation records, 1815-1837

Cherokee Indians Relocation Papers
Cherokee Indian relocation records, 1815-1837
Abrams, Harvey Dan, 1930-1999
Cherokee Indians relocation papers, MS 927, Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Georgia.
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Cherokee Indians--Government relations
Cherokee Indians--Relocation
Cherokee Nation
Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870
United States, Georgia, 32.75042, -83.50018
powers of attorney
letters (correspondence)
Power of Attorney, James Monroe, Secretary of War, to George Graham. War Office, Washington, 1815 March 13, Power to receipt for dividends and interest on all stocks in name of President in trust for Seneca Indians. Signed by James Monroe; War Office seal -- Joseph McMinn to John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War. Knoxville, 1818 January 28, Regarding the removal of Native Americans to Arkansas and to the Agency; condition of the country; mentions Colonel Return J. Meigs -- Joseph McMinn to John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War. Cherokee Agency, 1824 July 21, Nominating sites to Attract Merchants; description of the county and history of the towns. -- Statement of The Rising Fawn, a full-blood Cherokee. Cherokee Nation, Hightower Etowah River, 1829 December 12, Regarding the line between Creeks and Cherokees. Statement made to General Coffee in Cherokee language; interpreted by John Wright, his mark; witnessed by Robert D. Harris. -- Statement of The Flute, or Old Turkey, a Cherokee. Head of Coosa, 1829, Delineates the line between Creeks and Cherokees agreed upon at "old treaty ground" in presence of U.S. Commissioners. Signed "Old Turkey, his Mark;" witness and signed by John Ridge, Clerk to the National Council, Cherokee Nation. -- John Coffee to John H. Eaton, Secretary of War. Florence, Alabama, 1830 January 2, Marked Confidential. Regarding boundary line between Georgia and the Cherokees. Mentions Colonel Wales, the Agent for Georgia, Richard Rowe, Alexander Sanders, Moses Alberty, Robert Rogers, Avery and Clem Vann; General Chief McIntosh; comments on character of some of them; outrageous intrusions on Native American territory and Native American rights on the frontier. -- Wilson Lumpkin to Mr. Chace. New Echota, 1836 September 11, Withdrawing his name as candidate for Electors of President and Vice-President; cannot serve as Elector while holding Office of Commissioner for settling claims under Cherokee treaty; in favor of Van Buren and Colonel Johnson as President and Vice-President of United States. -- John Ridge to General Nat. Smith, Superintendent of Internal Revenue. New Echota, 1837 February 1, Certifies that Samuel McCammar is capable of managing his own affairs.
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Georgia Historical Society
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