Funeral program for Reverend Lee Jones

Jtt JUmfUtg. Mmimg.
Cele&udian of. tfie fife
Slevenend fee ^JeneA
Jfiwti>da^, June 5, 2CC8
hCC 9M
[Pittman [Pwth United Methadidt Qhwtch
StatedBrna, Qeofigia
[fteoexend Jimm^ Ga^oU) p^eaiding^
Steumend fodepfi Jla&e^an, CuEaght
Jmuaaiem [Baptidt GAwieh Gemetmg, Qxcweland, Oemaia
Steinexead M>c. ee umi> 6mn C)cto&m 6, 1926 in tuam County-, (SiMville-)
Qeangia, and woo the second child of okc chilcUen to the late Qhe>it QJB ^aneo
and &zia tHuUo Joneo. Me entened into- eternal neot on June 2, 2CC8 in StateoOoHO
QeoJtgia at the, Ogeechee Cbtea Moopice.
ee attended the puMic ochoola and graduated piom. Cvano County- Migh School.
Me attended Savannah. Jech whene He utao certified ao an electddan; lecewed a
SiacheloH. of Science in Cmminal Justice ptont Saoannah State UnuteHoity and a
Maoten of divinity ptont Cmwiy liniveftaity in Cltlanta, Qeoftgia. Me woo a memhen-
of Stolen United Methodiot Chwtch in Savannah. Me aetoed in the US Chany
ov&ioeei in the Monean Wan.. ee umo costive in the CBlach. Methodist pvt Chiuteh
Menewal organization (fBMClPM) where he teceived numerous awards. Me was a
charted memher of the Qladiators where he served as president for many gears.
ee was also a Mason.
Me was licensed as a United Methodist minister in 1971 and ordained as an Elder
in the United Methodist Church in 1978. CDuriny his ministerial career he served the
following churches: Meidsville Circuit, St. (IndrewsfMorse Creeh, Speedwell
UMC, Savannah, Stateshoro Circuit, and JVepseyfWarren. or five gears he
served as chaplain at the CDuMin V.CL Medical Center. 3n 1990 Steverend Jones
was appointed By Mishap Stichard C. Cooney as the first dfrican-dmerican
CDistrict Superintendent in the South Qeorgia Conference. Me served faithfully for
six gears as ^District Superintendent of the StatesBoro ^District.
Me was preceded in death By his wife of 48 gears, Wilma MoMey Jones, two
Brothers Steverend Cloyd Jones and Slohert Jones cuuL one sister Jaunita
Menjamin. Me is survived By his wife Mary Couise Jones, and three daughters
Sage Metch, Uugusta, (JU, Sreddie Maldridge (Stivers), Cleveland, (Phio, and
Stohin (Sorre) S)avis of Elhridge, MS) one son StoBert [Moh&y] (Wcutda) Jones
of S)oaglasville, Sle was also Blessed with children Slecia (CJary) Mosley,
S)arjgl Cewis Mosley (JVchhi), Steuhen (JVcuxirdia) Cewis 333.
ee lecwes a Beloved spouse, Mrs. Mary Couise Jones of Collins, Qd; two sisters,
Curetha Sillmcui and JVita M. Maher Both of Claxton, (Jd and sister in Icuv
Shelma Jones of Macon, QQ-; one Brother Steverend loyd Jones of S)uMm, Qd
sister-in-law Memice (Steverend J.S). Upshaw), of Columhus Qd, two
goddaughters, dudrey Cewis (CSuelman), Satricia Seeples (daron), nine
grandchildren, seventeen great grandchildren, and a host of nieces, nephews, and
other relatives and friends.
Ofidm of S&atice
JHeiude. S'ianiit
3Haceiaiomd She Scutiil^
(9pening. Mgmn: "Gma/zing. Qtace* She Congregation
#378 St. OndremolMoroe Creek
Wordo of. Qrace Steoerend Jimmg Caoon
Gfprmation o^ Saitk CLpootlei Creed #881 Sieverend Mike Muting
Moot Saotor
Scripture Sleadingo
Old ffeotament:
JVem Seotament:
Stager of. Comfort
Mgmn 0 Mom J ooe ]eouo
* Jnterment
Jeruoalem Siaptiot Church Cemeterg Qrooeland, Qeorgia
Sianiot Mr. dmin ooett
Sallhearero Monorarg Salthearero Slower Siearero
JVephemo South Georgia Saotoro Stiendo
Steoerend Marohatt Sfowell
Steoerend Cart Janteo
Steoerend enton Sowett
Mro. Carol Stunt, Saten UMC
Steoerend Cteo Conawag
Steoerend Shomao .Norman
Speedwell United Metkodiot
Steoerend Jooeph Sto&eroon
(Sleaoe read oilentlg)
Steoerend Cooie Simmono
Saotor, CCergg, familg
fDeaM Jd .fT/ie ^aleuta^ Sa tema l^
S)eatA ii jail cmotAm dtep along, changing utag
Afo mm& than judt a gatewag to a nem and hetten, dag.
Und pading pcom owt ioved on&> b much eaiiex to hewt.
When ate hnoia that theg cute waiting foH. U6 to join them thefie.
S'ox itb on the wingi of. death that the twing 6oui taheo flight
Jnto the ptontbed land of Qod whene thene ikall he no night.
So death b juot a natural thing, lihe the dooUtg of a doox
(h we itant upon a jowtneg to a new and distant dhone.
Gnd none need mahe thb joumeg undUeeted oh. alone
3'OH Qod pxombed uo iofe pondage to thb vaot and gneat unhnown.
So, let gouH gnief he doftened and gieCd not to de^pain,
you have onlg placed gouH loved in, the loving 3-atheHi* cane.
She familg of Steoenend See Jones wbhes to eaptess its sinceHC special thanhs and
appHeciation to the Sastons of the South Qeongia SonfeHence, the Stevenend MoMie
Sapleg, last Qeongia Slegional Slaspital staff, Ggeeehee Qjiea Siospice staff,
(Pgeechee Slome Stealth Cate staff.
We owe sUtceHelg gnateful fan all the ptagens, cands, flowens, gifts and hind
eacptessUms of sgmpathg.
Mag Qod fcHeven Mess and keep goa all.
Sooinglg suhmitted
She Samilg
Professional ServicBS Entrusted to
King 5 Son Funeral Home
5D8 Martin Luther King Cr GlEnnville, Georgia 3D427
Mission Statement
Dur idea is to serve \eII and trade fairly. To profit not alone in dollars but in good will of those whom wa serve.
To correct nor errors, to improve our opportunities and to rear from our daily work a structure which
shall he known for all that is best in our chosen profession.